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Ideology of Pakistan

The term ‘ideology’ means science of ideas. It contains those ideas that a nation strives to
accomplish in order to bring stability to its nationhood.

Pakistani ideology is based on the fact that the Muslims are a separate nation, having their own
civilization, their own customs, their own culture, their own religion and a totally different way
of life from any other religion. The fact that theMuslim community of world maintain their
individuality by resisting all attempts by any society to absorb it. Muslims of South Asia believe
that Islam and Hinduism are not only two religions, but also two social orders that have given
birth to two distinct cultures with no similarities. This is one of the major factor that played its
important role in seperation of two nations that lived together for centuries without any severe

“Islam was in the hearts and not on the lips”

It does not need or call for any debate any more that Pakistan came into being on the basis of
Islam. It was only Islam, which galvanised Muslims and lined them up behind Muslim League.
But most probably Pakistan was “NOT” created for Islam in some sense, but to improve the
socio-economic lot of the down crushed Muslims of India. Islam was mostly used as motivation
force to collect all the muslims under one roof, which would have been impossible by any other
When muslims realized that their future in a 'Democratic India' will be dominated by Hindu
majority they felt unsafe, so they changed their demand to a separate state. The ideology of
Pakistan stemmed from the instinct of the Muslim community of South Asia to maintain
their individuality in the Hindu society.

It’s a fact that Islam was used extensively in uniting the Muslims of the sub-continent and to
develop the Two Nation Theory, nowhere did anyone witnessed any kind of religiosity in
the party and public meetings of All India Muslim League during the entire Pakistan
movement. Not a single meeting – party or public - ever started with what to talk of
recitation from holy Qura’n followed by a Na’at or Hamd even with the Bismillah ar
Rahman ur Rahim. At the most a poem of Hali, Hasrat Mohani or Iqbal appropriate to the
occasion was recited to start the proceedings.

The British won over the Muslim rulers due to the industrial and scientific developments and
modern war strategy. The War of Independence (1857) was a shattering setback to the
Indian Muslims who were held responsible for the rebellion by the British. The Muslims
were put into the backwardness with the help of Hindus. This was one of the outstanding
motivations that paved the way to declare the separate identity of nationalism, the Muslim
Nither Islam was in danger in united India nor the religious parties considered seperation of the
two nations. It’s a fact that it was then the need of time and people of that era who wanted a
separate land to compete with there rivals who went passed by them during british rule.

Did an accomplished and wise politician like Jinnah not know the power of the platform? Could
he not measure the damage they could cause and were actually doing to the League’s political
efforts by alienating them? Why did he not, therefore, try to draw them into the field of his
political struggle? The answer that comes to mind is simple i.e because he knew that once the
clerics were given some space in a political arena, how so ever small it may be, they would
expand it to its full. Once religion, more so Islam, is mentioned in any context no one would dare
say even a word remotely at variance with it. They (ulema) would succeed upon the innocent
masses in the name of Islam and dictate their objective to the extent that the religion will
overshadow the governance in its all spheres. And, he did not want theocracy in Pakistan about
which he had made his thoughts amply clear to all at many occasion.

• Therefore Pakistan was not named at that time as “Islamic state of Pakistan”, even

• Dr. Jugandar Nath Mandal was elected as law minister of an Islamic state being a non-
Muslim Hindu and that too of the lowest caste !

• Sir Zafar ullah Khan – a known Ahmadi – appointed as the Foreign Minister of the newly
born “Islamic” state of Pakistan, Did Quaid not know of the bias against the Ahmadis in
the Muslim world, particularly amongst the Muslim Arab countries.
• CE Gibbons – a Christian - elected as the Deputy Speaker of the Constituent assembly –
the constituent assembly that was to frame the constitution for the “Islamic” state of

• As the first President of the Constituent Assembly of sovereign Pakistan, The very first
thing that came to Quaids mind was Law & Order, next Corruption, then Black
Marketering & Hoarding, then Nepotism and Jobbery and finally a word of advice to all
those who had opposed Pakistan to accept it now that it had become a reality. Not a word
about Islam or anything Islamic in his entire speech of 45 minutes or so! This all could
not have been there just co-incidentally!

“From the above it is clear that Pakistan was neither created for Islam nor did the
founding fathers give it an Islamic Ideology for us to follow it blindly. Pakistan was,
however, certainly created in the name of Islam but for the amelioration of the
Musalmanan e Hind”

Moreover the islamic ideology of Pakistan was given by politicians to quite the crowd after all,
so that no one questions.

The End