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Republic of the Philippines FOUNDED 1907 Republic Act 9299


Dumaguete, Bais, Guihulngan, Mabinay, Pamplona, Siaton and Bayawan-Sta. Catalina

NORSU Bais Campuses I & II, Bais City



Final Exam in History 141

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I . True or False. write true if the statement is true and false if it is false.

1. In 1956, Senator Claro M. Recto filed a measure, which became the original Rizal Bill .
2. The 1950s was the time of peace.
3. The issuance of the bill was welcomed by various quarters.
4. Under the bill, it shall be obligatory for college and university students to study the life and works of Jose

Recto stood his ground and dared the Catholic Church to shut down their schools, knowing that this was only an
idle threat since the Catholic learning institutions were its major source of income.

II. Matching type. Match column A with column B. Write the letters only before each number.

_______1. To the Filipino Youth a. Essay for Diariong Tagalog

b. this one-act play was requested by the Jesuits

c. an entry in the Liceo Artistico Literario de manila in 1879

-----------2. “ Council of the Gods “ d. “ El Consejo de los Dioses”

_______3”. In the memory of My town “ e. Handsome hope of my motherland

f. a poem about Calamba

-----------4. “Junto Al Pasig”

-----------5”.Amor Patrio ( Love of Country)”

I. Multiple choice. circle the letter of the correct answer.

1. Who consented to the opening of a night school for women of Malolos ?
A. Teodoro Sandico B. Gov. Gen. Weyler C. Fr. F elipe Garcia
2. Why did Rizal cited the custom of Spartan woman ?
A. the Spartan woman is brave B.the
B. Spartan woman is healthy C. the Spartan woman is beautiful
3. Rizal wanted the women of Malolos to examine the teachings of
A. Christ Pharisees C. Spanish Friars
4. A Filipina should be educated
A. be delivered from servitude B. find the right man C. not ignorant
5. In the Philippines during the Spanish period, all faults , shortcomings ,and misdeeds are attributed to indolence.

The word indolence means A. workaholic B. tiresome C. lazy

6. Who tried to help a boy who was being punished by a tax collector?
A. Don Rafael Ibarra B. Capitan Tiago C. Pedro?
7. W ho was the boatman in the Noli ? A. Crispin B. Elias C. Linares
8. Why did Crisostomo Ibarra returned to the Philippines after seven years of study in Europe ?
A. To find out the truth about his father’s death B. To visit Maria Clara C. To meet Pilosopo Tasyo
9. Who became an opium addict ? A. guardia civil B . Basilio C. Capitan Tiago
10. The man whose line of thinking was different and advanced for generation ; thus to some , he is “lunatic”.
A. guardia civil B. The Alferez C. Pilosopo Tasyo
11. She was a rich girl –turned- poor after marrying Pedro.
A. Sinang B. Neneng C. Sisa
12. Character in El Filibusterismo , left the Philippines to avoid the Spanish arrest . He fled to Cuba carrying with him
all his wealth. A. Ben-Zayb B. Don Custodio C. Simoun
13. Who was the character of El Filibusterismo who offered a silent prayer for Simoun to have a pure conscience
and peaceful death ? A. Fr. Florentino B. Don Custodio C. Fr. Irene
14. In El Fili he is a victim of landgrabbing who is also Matanglawin in the novel.
A. Macaraig B. Placido Penitente C. Cabesang Tales
15. How is it that the Filipino people have given up its ancient habits of work, trade, navigation, etc. to the extent of
completely forgetting the past ?
A. They were taught to pray endlessly B. the defects of training C. all of these

16-25 Create a table of description ( 10 points. ) IDENTIFY AN ASPECT of the Philippine society. (trade)

Describe this during the ancient times Describe what happened to this Analyze what happened to the
aspect during the Spanish period Filipino native during the Spanish

Enumeration. List the changes demanded by the Filipino students in Spain mentioned in the essay On The indolence of
the Filipino People and Philippines a Century After .






31. Define” hero”

32.Define” Personality”

33-43 Give examples of the different factors which have influenced the shaping of Dr. Rizal’s heroic personality.










44.-50 Compare a person with a healthy personality and a person with an unhealthy personality.