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(PART A-1)
Only one out of four options is correct :

1. Vernier callipers has 20 divisions on its vernier scale which coincide with 19 divisions on the main scale.
Least count of the instrument is 0.1 mm. The main scale division is :
(A) 0.5 mm (B) 1 mm (C) 2 mm (D) 0.25 mm

2. L, M and N are mid points of sides AB, BC and CA of triangle ABC. If area of triangle ABC is 48 sq. units, the
area of triangle LMN will be :
(A) 6 units (B) 8 units (C) 12 units (D) 24 units

3. The expression (1 – tan A + sec A) (1 – cot A + cosec A) has value :

(A) – 1 (B) 0 (C) + 1 (D) + 2

4. When a sample of copper with impurity of zinc is to be purified by electrolysis, the appropriate electrodes
are :
Cathode Anode Cathode Anode
(A) pure zinc pure copper (B) impure sample pure copper
(C) impure zinc impure sample (D) pure copper impure sample

5. On mixing certain alkane with chlorine and irradiating with ultraviolet light, it forms only one
monochloroalkane. This alkane could be
(A) propane (B) pentane (C) isopentane (D) neopentane

6. Podocytes are exculsively located in :

(A) liver (B) heart (C) kidney (D) spleen

7. Testes descend down the scrotum through :

(A) outurator canal (B) inguinal canal (C) vertebral canal (D) vertebra arterial canal

8. Pteridophytes are characterized by ______ venation in their leaves.

(A) multicostate, reticulate divergent. (B) unicostate, parallel
(C) forked (D) unicostate, reticulate

9. The depth of ocean at any place can be measured (estimated) with the help of :
(A) X rays (B) ultrasonic waves (C) radio waves (D) ultraviolet rays

10. A certain force acting on a body of mass 2 kg increases its velocity from 6 m/s to 15 m/s in 2 s. The work
done by the force during this interval is
(A) 27 J (B) 3 J (C) 94.5 J (D) 189 J

11. A person on the top of a tower observes a scooter moving with uniform velocity towards the base of the tower.
He finds that the angle of depression changes from 30º to 60º in 18 minutes. The scooter will reach the base
of the tower in next :
(A) 9 minutes (B) 18 / ( 3 – 1) minutes

(C) 6 3 minutes (D) the time depends upon the height of the tower

12. Among the following factors the most important in making fluorine the strongest oxidizing agent is
(A) electron affinity (B) ionization energy (C) hydraion enthalpy (D) bond dissociation energy

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13. The ratio of amounts of H2S needed to precipitate all the metal ions from 100 ml of 1 M AgNO3 and 100 ml
of 1 M CuSO4 will be
(A) 1 : 2 (B) 2 : 1 (C) 1 : 1 (D) indefinite

14. 6.02 × 1020 molecules of urea are present in 100 ml of its solution . The concentration of urea solution is :

(A) 0.001 M (B) 0.01 M (C) 0.02 M (D) 0.1 M

15. P, Q and R are three natural numbers such that P and Q are primes and Q divides PR. Then out of the
following the correct statement is :
(A) Q divides R (B) P divides R (C) P divides QR (D) P divides PQ

16. An image of the size same as that of the object CANNOT be produced by :
(A) a plane mirror (B) a concave mirror (C) a convex mirror (D) a convex lens

17. Out of the following statements the one that is NOT true in case of lines of magnetic induction is
(A) these lines are closed curves
(B) they cannot be parallel
(C) these lines indicate the direction of magnetic field at a point
(D) these lines indicate the strength of magnetic field at a point

18. A cylinder of radius 6 cm and height h cm is filled with ice cream. The ice cream is then distributed
among 10 children in identical cones having hemispherical tops. The radius of the base of the cone is 3
cm and its height is 12cm. Then the height h of the cylinder must be :
(A) 100/7 cm (B) 18 mc (C) 15 cm (D) 200 / 11 cm

19. The number of isossceles triangles with integer sides such that no side is greater than 4 units is :

(A) 8 (B) 9 (C) 16 (D) 12

20. A red solid is insoluble in water. However it becomes soluble if some KI is added to water. Heating the red
solid in a test tube results in liberation of some violet coloured fumes and droplets of metal appear on the
cooler parts of the test tube. The red solid is :
(A) (NH4)2Cr2 O7 (B) Hgl2 (C) HgO (D) Pb3 O4

21. Out of the following the one that undergoes reaction with 50% NaOH solution to give corresponding
alcohol and acid is :
(A) phenol (B) benzaldehyde (C) butanol (D) benzoic acid

22. Ripened follicle in the ovary is called :

(A) corpus albicans (B) corpus luteum (C) mature follicle (D) Graafian follicle

23. Lateral meristem includes :

(A) fascicular cambium and cork cambium (B) phellogen and protoderm
(C) procambium and interfascicular cambium (D) dermatogen and ground meristem

24. When a cell is fully turgid , which of the following will be zero ?
(A) turger pressure (B) wall pressure
(C) suction pressure (D) osmotic pressure

25. A ray of light is incident at an angle  on the boundary separating two transparent media. It is transmitted.
When angle is increased very slightly (by negligible amount), the ray sufferes a total internal reflection. The
difference between the angles of deviation in two cases is :
(A) 2  (B) 90º –  (C) 180º –  (D) 180º – 2

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26. A car starts from point A. travels on a straight road and stops at its destination B. The distance - time graph
of this journey has nature.

d d

(A) (B)

t t

d d

(C) (D)

t t

27. Occurrence of tall and dwarf plants in the F2 generation of pea plant indicates that :
(A) both the traits were present in the parent plant
(B) both the traits were present in the F1
(C) tall is dominant over dwarf
(D) tall and dwarf traits have equal effect in expression

28. Thebecian valve is present :

(A) in between left atrium and left ventricle (B) in between right atrium and right ventricle
(C) in the middle part of right atrium (D) at the base of inferior vena cava

29. Among the following mixtures, dipole-dipole as the major interaction is present in :
(A) benzene and ethanol (B) acetonitrile and acetone
(C) KCl and water (D) benzene and carbon tetrachloride

30. A man throws a ball making an angle of 60º with the horizontal . He runs on a level ground and catches
the ball. If he had thrown the ball with speed v, then his speed must be :
(A) v (B) (C) 2v (D) v
(PART A-2)
In question 31 to 40 any number of options (1 or 2 or 3 or 4) may be correct. You are to identify all
of them correclty to get 6 marks. Even if one answer identified is incorrect or one correct answer is
missed, you get zero score.
31. The basic event in evolution is :
(A) change in DNA (B) change in habitat
(C) change in nature of food (D) change in climate
32. The metal/s that would liberate hydrogen on reaction with dilute hydrochloric acid is / are :
(A) zinc (B) copper (C) silver (D) magnesium
33. There are four resistors of 12 ohm each. Which of the following values is/are possible by their
combinations (series and / or parallel) ?
(A) 9 ohm (B) 16 ohm (C) 12 ohm (D) 30 ohm

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34. A body floats on water and also on an oil of specific gravity 0.8. Which of the following is/are true ? (A)
Body loses less weight in oil than in water.
(B) Volume of water displaced is 0.8 times that in oil.
(C) It experiences equal upthrust from water and oil.
(D) For the body to just sink, 0.8 times of extra load is required in water than in oil.
35. If p,q and r are positive real numbers, then the quantity (p + r) / (q + r) is
(A) > (p/q) if p > q (B) < (p/q) if p > q (C) > (p/q) if p < q (D) < (p/q) if p < q
36. Medulla oblonngata of the brain contains.
(A) cadiac centre (B) respiratory centre (C) vaso-constriction centre (D) thirst centre

37. The expression (5a – 3b)3 + (3b – 7c)3 – (5a – 7c)3 is divisible by
(A) (5a + 3b + 7c) (B) (5a – 3b – 7c) (C) (3b – 7c) (D) (7c – 5a)

38. In the figure shown :


(A) + = 110º (B)  = = 55º (C) = 110º (D)  = 140º

39. The figure shows positions of object O and its diminished image I. This is possible if :

Principal axis

(A) a convex mirror is placed to the right of I
(B) a convex mirror is placed between O and I
(C) a concave mirror is placed to the right of I
(D) a concave lens is placed between O and I

40. A carboxylic acid will evolve CO2 when reacted with

(A) NaHCO3 (B) HCl (C) NaHSO3 (D) Na2 CO3

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(PART A-1)
Only one out of four options is correct :

1. A beaker containing water is placed on the platform of a digital weighing machine. It reads 1100 g. A metal
body of density 8g /cc and mass 200 g is suspended in water in the beaker (without touching the walls of
the beaker). It is attached by a suitable string fixed to some support. Now the reading of weighing machine
will be :
(A) 1100g (B) 1125 g (C) 1275 (D) 1300 g

2. The sum of all natural numbers less than 400 which are NOT divisible by 6, is :
(A) 13266 (B) 66534 (C) 79800 (D) 93066

3. In the figure shown, the bigger circle has radius 1 unit. Therefore, the radius of smaller circle must be

(A) 2 +1



2 1

4. Three containers A, B and C of equal volume contain N2, NO2 and CO2 respectively at the same tempera-
ture and pressure, The ascending order of their masses is :
(A) A, C, B (B) C, A, B (C) B, C, A (D) C, B, A

5. A 3.7 litre 1.0 M NaOH solution is mixed with another 5 litre 0.30 M NaOH solution. The molarity of the
resulting solution is :
(A) 0.80 M (B) 0.10 M (C) 0.73 M (D) 0.59 M

6. The animal body is formed of many cells, but the cells show no coordination to form tissues in :
(A) protozoans (B) coelonterates (C) sponges (D) flat worms

7. An indicator of SO2 pollution is :

(A) moss (B) lichens (C) algae (D) pteridophytes

8. The one that CANNOT be used for DNA fingerprints is :

(A) Ieucocytes (B) erythrocytes (C) hair bulbs (D) sperms

9. A rainbow has circular shape because :

(A) the earth is spherical. (B) rain drops are spherical
(C) the sun is spherical (D) none of these

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10. An observer in a car P moving towards north with speed v observes that another car Q is moving towards east
with the same speed v. The true velocity of Q is :

(A) v towards east (B) 2 v towards north-east

(C) v towards south-east (D) v 2 towards south-west

11. A body describes uniform. accelerated motion along a straight line. Which of the following displacement
time graphs shown represent the motion correctly ?


(I) (II)

t t


(III) (IV)

t t

(A) (I) only (B) (I) and (IV) only

(C) (I), (III) and (IV) only (D) (I), (II), (III) and (IV) all

12. Transition metal ion in amethyst is :

(A) Cr3+ (B) Fe3+ (C) Mn3+ (D) Co3+

13. Among the following the most powerful oxidizing agent is -

(A) O2 (B) KClO3 + O2 (C) H2O (D) O3

14. The half-life period of radioactive element is 14 hours. The fraction of the radioactive element that disintegrates in
56 hours is :
(A) 0.125 (B) 0.625 (C) 0.9025 (D) 0.9375

15. Three line segments in a plane have lengths a, b and c. No two of these are parallel. If a+ b = c , then
(A) can form an acute angled triangle. (B) can form a right angled triangle.
(C) can form an isosceles triangle (D) cannot form a triangle.

16. A cell, an ammeter and a voltmeter are all connected in series. The ammeter reads a current I and the
voltemeter a potential difference V. If a torch bulb is connected across the voltmeter, then.
(A) both I and V will increase (B) both I and V will decrease
(C) I will increase but V will decrease (D) I will decrease but V will increase

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17. Dispersion of white light into its consitituent colours occurs during
(A) reflection at a plane mirror
(B) reflection at a concave mirror.
(C) internal reflection inside a spherical drop of water
(D) refraction at the boundary of a transparent medium.

18. lce at 0º C is put in a closed container and heat is supplied to it continuously at a uniform rate. Which of the
following graphs gives the temperature variation with time correctly ?

Temp Temp
0º 0º

150 150
(A) (B) 100
50 50

0 0
Time Time

Temp Temp
0º 0º

150 150
100 100
(C) 50 (D) 50

0 0 •
Time Time

19. Two circles of radii 2 and 3 cm touch each other externally. The length of direct common tangent to the two
circles will be :

(A) 2 6 cm (B) 26 cm (C) 5 cm (D) 2.4 cm

20. Formalin is 40% aqueous solution of :

(A) formic acid
(B) freon gas
(C) formaldehyde
(D) a mixture of formic acid and formaldehyde in a ratio 1 : 1

21. “Green fuel” means

(A) fuel obtained from plant leaves (B) green coloured fuel
(C) chemicals used for the growth of plants (D) fuel obtained from plastic waste

22. Which one of the following is a true fruit ?

(A) Pear (B) Coconut (C) Apple (D) Cashewnut

23. The number of chromosomes can be counted at :

(A) anaphase (B) interphase (C) metaphase (D) prophase

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24. Which one of the following is true fish ?
(A) Star fish (B) Gold fish (C) Silver fish (D) Hag fish

25. Newton deduced the inverse square law of gravitation :

(A) by observing motion of an apple falling from a tree.
(B) by using kepler’s laws of planetary motion.
(C) by studying motion of different objects in the laboratory.
(D) by using data obtained from Cavendish experiment.

26. If D = a2 + b2 + c2 where a and b are consecutive integers and c = ab, then D is :

(A) always an even integer. (B) always an odd integer.
(C) an integer, odd or even (D) sometimes an irrational number

27. If a2 + 2b = 7, b2 + 4c = – 7 and c2 + 6a = – 14, then the value of (a2 + b2 + c2) is -

(A) 14 (B) 25 (C) 36 (D) 47

28. The part of the digestive system that digests lipids in the food is :
(A) stomach (B) duodenum (C) ilium (D) large intestine

29. One mole of oxalic acid is equivalent to :

(A) 0.5 mole of NaOH (B) 1 mole of NaOH (C) 1.5 mole of NaOH (D) 2 mole of NaOH

 sec  – 1  sin  – 1 
30. The trigonometric expression : cot2   + sec2  1  sec   has the value :
 1  sin    

(A) –1 (B) 0 (C) 1 (D) 2

(PART A-2)
In question 31 to 40 any number of options (1 or 2 or 3 or 4) may be correct. You are to identify all
of them correclty to get 6 marks. Even if one answer identified is incorrect or one correct answer is
missed, you get zero score.

31. During contraction of muscle fiber :

(A) I bands get reduced in length (B) A bands retain the length
(C) I bands retain the length (D) A bands get reduced in length

32. Out of the following the salt/ s that has /have pH value higher that 7.5 / is/are :
(A) sodium hydrogen carbonate (B) sodium sulphate
(C) sodium chloride (D) sodium carbonate

33. In case of the circuit shown below, which of the following statements is/are true ?

+ –

• •
R1 R2 R3

(A) R1, R2 and R3 are in series.

(B) R2 and R3 are in series.
(C) R2 and R3 are in parallel.
(D) The equivalent resistance of the circuit is R1+
R2  R3

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34. Which of the following statements is/are true in case of waves ?
(A) Transverse vibrations are set on the string of a guitar.
(B) As compared to light, a sound wave produced on the moon will take a time about 106 times longer to
reach the earth.
(C) A sound note of wavelegth 1 cm in air cannot be heard by a man.
(D) Sound travels faster in water than in air.

35. In a rectangle ABCD the lengths of sides AB, BC, CD and DA are (5x + 2y + 2) cm, (x + y + 4) cm,
(2x + 5y – 7) cm and (3x + 2y – 11) cm respectively. Which of the following statements is /are true ?
(A) One of the sides of the rectangle is 15 cm long.
(B) Each diagonal of the rectangle is 39 cm long.
(C) Perimeter of the rectangle is 102 cm.
(D) Area of the rectangle is 560 cm2

36. What is true about white muscles ?

(A) Number of mitochondria is few.
(B) They possess very small quantity of myoglobin.
(C) The amount of sarcoplasmic reticulum is high
(D) They depend on anaerobic process of energy.

37. If U = {X| X is a point on straight line AB}, P = {M|M is a point on ray AB}, Q = {N|N is a point on ray BA} and
R = {L|L is point on segement AB}, then which of the following statements is/are true ?
(A) P  Q = R (B) P’  Q’ = Q  P (C) [P’  Q’]’ = R (D) P  Q’ = P’ 

38. In bacterial photosynthesis, usually :

(A) CO2 is not fixed (B) O2 is not released (C) H2O is oxidized (D) chlorophyll taps light

39. A body traveling along a straight line with a uniform acceleration has velocities 5m/s at a point A and 15 m/s at
a point B respectively. If M is the midpoint of AB, then :
 5 – 1
(A) the ratio of times taken by the body to cover distance MB and AM is  2  .
 
(B) the velocity at M is 5 5 m/s

(C) average velocity over AM is

5 5 –1 
(D) the product of the acceleration and the distance AB is 100 m2/s2

40. Out of the following the metals, the one/ s that is/ are sonorous is /are :
(A) Zn (B) Na (C) Hg (D) Cu

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1. Which one of the following statements is INCORRECT ?
(A) If the net force on a body is zero, its velocity is constant or zero
(B) If the net force on a body is zero, its acceleration is constant and non-zero
(C) If the velocity of a body is constant, its acceleration is zero
(D) A body may have a varying velocity yet a constant speed

2. Two forces each of magnitude P act on a body placed at a point O as shown. The force necessary to keep
the body at rest is of magnitude.



(A) P along + X axis (B) P along – X axis (C) 2P along + X axis (D) P/2 along – X axis

3. Two spheres having masses 10 g and 25 g are projected horizontally from the same height with velocities v1
and v2 and they fall to the ground in time intervals t1 and t2 respectively. If the ratio v1 : v2 is 1 : 3, the ratio t1
: t2 will be
(A) 10 : 25 (B) 25 : 10 (C) 1 : 1 (D) 1 : 3

4. The SI unit of temperature is

(A) degree fahrenheit (º F) (B) degree celsius (º C)
(C) degree kelvin (º K) (D) None of the above

5. A convex lens L1 forms an image of the same size as that of the object at a distance of 24 cm. If the lens L1
is replaced by another convex lens L2, the image formed is magnified and erect. Therefore, the focal length
of L2 is
(A) less than 12 cm (B) 12 cm
(C) between 12 cm and 24 cm (D) more than 24 cm

6. A wooden ball of density 0.8 g/cm3 is placed in water. The ratio of the volume above the water surface to that
below the water surface is
(A) 0.25 (B) 0.20 (C) 2.0 (D) 4.0

7. The order of corrosion of metals, namely aluminum, iron, tin and zinc is
(A) Fe > Sn > Al > Zn (B) Sn > Fe > Al > Zn
(C) Al > Zn > Fe > Sn (D) Fe > Zn > Sn > Al

8. A stone is released from an elevator moving upwards with an acceleration a. The acceleration of the stone
after the release is
(A) a upwards (B) (g– a) upwards (C) (g – a) downwards (D) g downwards

9. a converging beam of light falls on a convex mirror of radius of curvature 20 cm, the point of convergence
being 10 cm behind the mirror. The image is
(A) virtual and formed 10 cm in front of the mirror(B) real and formed in front of the mirror
(C) formed at infinity (D) virtual and formed 10 cm behind the mirror

10. [O2– ] ion is represented as

(A) (B) (C) (D)

11. The different coloured dyes present in black ink can be separated by
(A) evapouration (B) distillation (C) centrifugation (D) chromatography

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12. Bacteria cannot survive in a highly salted pickle because
(A) they become plasmolysed and consequently die.
(B) they do anaerobic respiration.
(C) water is not available to them.
(D) of all the reasons mentioned above.

13. In the absence of atmospheric refraction

(A) both the sunrise and the sunset would be delayed
(B) both the sunrise and the sunset would occur earlier
(C) the sunrise would be delayed and the sunset would occur earlier
(D) the sunrise would occur earlier the sunset would be delayed
14. When a sound wave moves through air along X axis, there is a variation in density of air in this direction.
The graphical representation of this variation for two sound waves A and B is as shown. Which of the
following statements is correct ?


(A) Frequency of A is greater than that of B (B) Velocity of B is greater than that of A
(C) Wavelength of B is greater than that of A (D) Loudness of A is greater than that of B

15. Cycas is classified as gymnosperm because of

(i) presence of naked seeds.
(ii) lack of vessels in the xylem.
(iii) presence of sieve tubes.
(iv) fruit formation.
The correct reason is
(A) (i) and (iv) (B) (i) and (iii) (C) (i) and (ii) (D) (ii) and (iii)

16. In the figure shown below, each of the lenses has a focal length of 10 cm. Therefore, the image formed by
the combination of lenses is

20 cm 40 cm

(A) virtual, erect and magnified (B) virtual, inverted and diminished
(C) virtual, erect and diminished (D) real, erect and diminished

17. A convex mirror used as the rear view mirror of a motor vehicle has a warning written on it - ‘Objective in this
mirror are nearer than they appear’. The reason for this warning is that
(A) the image is diminished
(B) the image distance is less than the focal length of the mirror
(C) the image distance is less than the object distance
(D) the image distance is more than the object distance

18. While picking up a pair of eye glasses dropped by a friend, you notice that they form an inverted image of
the background and that the image is stretched horizontally as well. Your friend suffers from
(A) only myopia (B) only hypermetropia
(C) only astigmatism (D) hypermetropia as well as astigmatism

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19. In additive primary colour processes, which of the following is NOT possible ?
(A) (red + green + blue) gives white (B) (blue + green) gives cyan
(C) (red + cyan) gives white (D) (green + cyan) gives white

20. A uniform wire of resistance 36 ohm is bent into a circle. A battery is connected between points A and B as
shown. The effective resistance between A and B is


(A) 36 ohm (B) 30 ohm (C) 6 ohm (D) 5 ohm

21. When 2.8 g of nitrogen reacts with 0.6 g of hydrogen, 3.4 g of ammonia gas is produced. If 5.8 g of nitrogen
is allowed to react with 0.6 g of hydrogen, then the amount of ammonia produced is
(A) 1.7 g (B) 3.4 g (C) 4.7 g (D) 7.4 g

22. Which one of the following is NOT poisonous ?

(A) spider (B) platypus (C) millipede (D) centipede

23. On north pole, when the surface of sea gets frozen due to cold weather, eskimos can still fish by cutting a
portion of ice at the surface to find water underneath. This is possible because water
(A) has low thermal conductivity (B) has high specific heat
(C) has high surface tension (D) shows anomalous behaviour

24. A, DC current flows through a vertical wire in the downward direction. For an observer looking at the wire, the
direction of magnetic field at a point between him and the wire is
(A) upward (B) to the right (C) to the left (D) downward

25. The valencies of two elements A and B are +2 and +3 respectively. Then, the formulae of sulphate of B and
chloride of A respectively are
(A) B3(SO4)2 and ACl2 (B) B2(SO4)3 and ACl2 (C) BSO4 and A2Cl (D) B2SO4 and ACl

26. A number of electric bulbs of rating 220 volt, 100 watt are to be connected in parallel to a 220 volt supply. If
a 5 A fuse wire is used for this arrangement to bulbs, the maximum number of bulbs that can be included in
the arrangement will be
(A) 10 (B) 11 (C) 22 (D) 44

27. In the circuit given below, AB is a thick copper wire and S is a switch. When the switch is closed, the effective
resistance of the circuit will be


(A) 5 ohm (B) 6/5 ohm (C) 3 ohm (D) zero

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28. In figure (1) ammeter reads I1 and voltmeter reads V1. Similarly, in figure (2) ammeter reads I2 while voltmeter
reads V2. Then which of the following statements is correct ?

+ – R1
+ –

R1 R2 R2
– –
A E, r A E, r
+ +
figure-1 figure-2
(A) V1 > V2 and I1 > I2 (B) V1 > V2 and I1 < I2
(C) V1 < V2 and I1 > I2 (D) V1 < V2 and I1 < I2
29. Copper sulphate is the salt of
(A) a weak acid and a strong base (B) a weak acid and a weak base
(C) a strong acid and a weak base (D) a strong acid and a strong base
30. The correct order of evolutionary advancement among the plants is
(A) spirogyra  diatom hornwort  fern
(B) blue green alga  liverwort  fern  seed bearing plant
(C) liverwort  cyanobacterium  moss  gymnosperm
(D) red alga  fern  moss  liverwort
31. A solution having pH 2 is mixed with excess of solution of washing soda, the pH of mixture is
(A) 4 (B) 5 (C) 6 (D) 8
32. If the altitudes of a triangle are in the ratio 2 : 3 : 4, then the lengths of the corresponding sides are in the ratio
(A) 2 : 3 : 4 (B) 6 : 4 : 3 (C) 3 : 2 : 4 (D) 3 : 2 : 1
33. In case of a right circular cylinder the radius of base and height are in the ratio 2 : 3. Therefore, the ratio of
lateral surface area to the total surface area is :
(A) 5 : 3 (B) 3 : 5 (C) 2 : 5 (D) 2 : 3
34. Number of molecules present in a given amount of CO2 and O2 is the same at STP. If the weight of CO2 is 5.5
g, then the weight of O2 is
(A) 5.5 g (B) 4.4 g (C) 4.0 g (D) 2.0 g
35. Lamina of a palm tree is dissected so as to adapt to
(A) intense light (B) high wind velocity
(C) scarcity of moisture (D) high temperature
36. Isotope used as a fuel in the reactors of nuclear power plants for generating electricity is
(A) As-74 (B) U-235 (C) Co-60 (D) I-131
37. If sin  + cosec = 2, then [sin8 + cosec8 ] will have the value
(A) 2 (B) 24 (C) 26 (D) 28
38. Which of the following pigments is different from others ?
(A) cyanoglobin (B) myoglobin (C) haemoglobin (D) cytochrome
39. The mass of one molecule of phosphorus (31P) is
(A) 31 g (B) 2.059 × 10–22 g (C) 5.147 × 10–23 g (D) 124 g
40. All the three sides of a  ABC have lengths in integral units, with AB = 2001 units and BC = 1002 = units. The
possible number of triangles with this condition is :
(A) 2001 (B) 2002 (C) 2003 (D) 2004

41. The fragrance of burning incense stick spreads all around due to
(A) the sublimation of incense stick
(B) the vapourization of incense stick
(C) the sublimation of fragrance matter into the air
(D) the diffusion of its smoke into the air
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42. In the familiar decimal number system the base is 10. In another number system using base 4, the counting
proceeds as 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 20, 21 .... The twentieth number in this system will be
(A) 40 (B) 320 (C) 210 (D) 110
43. The boiling point of water at STP is
(A) 100 K (B) 373 K (C) 273 K (C) 373º C
44. If 4a – 18b + 13c = 0 and 3a + 3b – 4c = 0, then the ratio a : b : c will be :
(A) 3 : 6 : 5 (B) 5 : 3 : 6 (C) 3 : 5 : 6 (D) 5 : 6 : 3
45. The feature indicating omnivorous nature of man is
(A) presence of canines and molars (B) long intestine and vestigial appendix
(C) ability to taste salty and sweet material (D) spacious stomach and caecum
46. Considering the root system, the plant that has adapted to the arid conditions is
(A) hydrilla (B) sunflower (C) hibiscus (D) khus
47. The random motion of visible particles caused by the much smaller invisible particles of water is an example
(A) Brown motion (B) Brownian motion (C) Brownmat motion (D) Browniz’s motion
48. The graph of the equation y = 2x2 + 4x + 3 has its lowest point at :
(A) (– 1, 9) (B) (1, 9) (C) (– 1, 1) (D) (0, 3)
49. When a cell fails to communicate with other cells in multicellular organism, it
(A) becomes cancerous (B) enters mitotic phase
(C) chooses to die (D) is eaten up by other cells

50. A desert room cooler cools better on hot and dry day due to
(A) increase in the rate of evapouration (B) decrease in the rate of evapouration
(C) decrease in the rate of vapourization (D) increase in the rate of diffusion
a2  ab  b2
51. If a, b, c are in continued proportion, the expression can be simplified to :
b2  bc  c 2
ac a c ac
(A) (B) (C) (D)
ab c a b

52. The body of hydra is cut transversely into three pieces and the middle piece is keptupside down on the
substratum. Then,
(A) it fails to regenerate into an independent hydra.
(B) it would form tentacles and foot in the same locations as oriented.
(C) it would form tentacles and foot at the original upper and lower ends.
(D) it will form a hydra with tentacles at both the ends.

53. Unacceptable odour of water can be removed by filtering it through

(A) sand (B) activated charcoal (C) alum (D) saw dust

54. The latent heat of fusion of a solid is the quantity of heat in joules required to convert
(A) 1mg of the solid to liquid, without any change in temperature.
(B) 1 g of the solid to liquid, without any change in temperature.
(C) 100g of the solid to liquid, without any change in temperature.
(D) 1000g of the solid to liquid, without any change in temperature.
55. The signal for mitotic division is generated when the ratio of volume of nucleus to that of cell becomes
(A) less than a certain value. (B) greater than a certain value.
(C) reaches a certain value. (D) closer to one.
56. Ammonium chloride is purified by
(A) sublimation (B) crystallization
(C) fractional crystallization (D) distillation

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57. The diameter of a solute particle in a solution is :
(A)  10 –9 m (B) > 10 –9 m (C)  10 –3 m (D)  10 –4 m
58. AD, BE and CF are the medians of ABC. The sum of lengths of segments BE and CF is :
3 5 3 2
(A) < BC (B) > BC (C) > BC (D) < BC
2 3 2 3
59. In the figure shown, chord ED is parallel to diameter AC of a circle. If CBE = 60º, then DEC must be :




(A) 15º (B) 30º (C) 10º (D) 20º

60. Maximum vitamin A content is likely to be found in the extract of
(A) sprout of pulse (B) cod liver (C) white muscles (D) rose petals
61. Soaps do not clean clothes in hard water because
(A) hard water contains sodium and potassium ions.
(B) soluble soap is formed in hard water.
(C) the precipitate of soap adheres on to the fibre of the cloth as gummy mass.
(D) sodium or potassium soap is formed in hard water.
62. Complete digestive juice having enzymes to digest all types of organic materials is secreted by -
(A) salivary gland and pancreatic gland. (B) gastric gland and pancreatic gland.
(C) salivary gland and intestinal gland. (D) pancreatic gland and intestinal gland
63. If the pressure of a given mass of a gas is reduced to half and temperature is doubled simultaneously,
the volume will be -
(A) the same as before (B) twice as before (C) four times as before (D) one fourth as before
64. If a2 + b2 + c2 = 1 and p = ab + bc + ca, then
1 1 1 1 1
(A) p2 (B) – p (C) – p 1 (D) – 1  p 
2 2 2 2 2

65. The animal in which coelomic fluid has a significant role in locomotion is
(A) earthworm (B) leech (C) crab (D) sea cucumber
66. Oxygen exhibits (–1) oxidation state in
(A) OF2 (B) H2O (C) H2O2 (D) HClO
67. The hypotenuse of a right angled triangle is 10 cm and the radius of its inscribed circle is 1cm. Therefore,
perimeter of the triangle is :
(A) 22 cm (B) 24 cm (C) 26 cm (D) 30 cm
68. The tissue whose activity is important in vegetative propagation of a plant grafting is -
(A) meristem (B) phloem (C) cambium (D) pith

x10  1
69. If x2 – 5x + 1 = 0, then has the value
(A) 2524 (B) 2525 (C) 2424 (D) 2010
70. Which of the following hydroxides is NOT an alkali ?
(A) ammonium hydroxide (B) calcium hydroxide
(C) copper hydroxide (D) sodium hydroxide
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71. The area of a circle is doubled when its radius r is increased by a. Therefore, radius r equals.

(A)  2  1a (B)  2 – 1a (C) a 

(D) 2 – 2 a 
72. The product of the roots of the equation 3
8  x  3 8  x = 1 is
(A) – 21 (B) – 189 (C) 9 (D) – 5
73. An animal with chitinous exoskeleton, haemocoel and gills belongs to
(A) ascheminthes (B) Arthropoda (C) echinodermata (D) urochordate
74. The sides of a triangle are in the ratio 6 : 8 : 9 . Therefore :
(A) Angles of the triangle are in the ratio 6 : 8 : 9 (B) It is an acute angled triangle
(C) It is a right angled triangle (D) It is an obtuse angled triangle
75. The perimeter of an isosceles right angled triangle is 2p. Its area is

(A) 2  2 p 2 
(B) 2 – 2 p 2   
(C) 3 – 2 2 p 2 
(D) 3  2 2 p 2 
76. A point P is outside a circle at a distance of 13 cm from its centre. A secant from P cuts the circle in Q and
R such that QR = 7 cm and the segment PQ of the secant exterior to the circle is 9 cm. Therefore, the
radius of circle is :
(A) 3 cm (B) 4 cm (C) 5 cm (D) 6 cm
77. The ointment prescribed for burns usually contains, among other ingredients,
(A) vitamin A (B) vitamin B (C) vitamin D (D) vitamin E
78. In the figure shown AB is parallel to DE. The difference between angles x and y is :

y c


(A) 0º (B) 4º (C) 10º (D) 12º

79. A child having protruding belly, bulging eyes, thin and curved legs and peeling skin is likely to be
suffering from
(A) kwashiorkor (B) rickets (C) marasmus (D) xerophthalmia
80. If , ,  are the roots of the equation (x – 2)(x2 + 6x – 11) = 0, therefore, ( +  + ) equals :
(A) – 4 (B) 23/6 (C) 13 (D) – 8

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1. Let the electrostatic force between to electrons (Fe) be x times the gravitational force (Fg) between them.
Then, x is of the order of
(A) 1040 (B) 1042 (C) 1038 (D) 1037

2. In the figure shown below, m ABD = 2x, m ADB = 3x, m APB = 4x and m CBQ = 7x. Therefore, m
BCD is

(A) 90º (B) 85º (C) 72º (D) 96º

3. An arrow shot vertically upwards loses its initial speed by 60% in 3 seconds. The maximum height
reached by the arrow is (g = 9.8 ms–2 )
(A) 122.5 m (B) 44.1 m (C) 100 m (D) 45 m

4. Bromine can be liberated from KBr solution by the action of

(A) iodine solution (B) chlorine water (C) NaCl (D) Kl

5. A certain froce applied to a body A gives it an acceleration of 10 ms–2 . The same force applied to body B
gives it an acceleration of 15 ms–2 . If the two bodies are joined together and same force is applied to the
combination, the acceleration will be
(A) 6 ms–2 (B) 25 ms–2 (C) 12.5 ms–2 (D) 9 ms–2

6. Oxygen exhibits (–1) oxidation state in

(A) OF2 (B) H2O (C) H2O2 (D) HCIO

7. The process involved in healing of the wound is

(A) Meiosis I and II (B) mitosis (C) Meiosis I (D) meiosis II

8. The family pedigree of Queen Victoria shows a number of haemophilic descendents as

(A) she herself was haemophilic
(B) haemophilia is autosomal recessive disorder.
(C) haemophilia is sex linked recessive disorder and Queen Victoria was a carrier.
(D) haemophilia is caused by contact and therefore it was seen it the royal family descendents.

9. A ball is dropped from a height of 7.2 m. It bounces back to 3.2 m after striking the floor. the ball remains in
contact with the floor for 20 ms. Given that g = 10 ms–2 , the average acceleration of the ball during the
contact is
(A) 100 ms–2 (B) 200 ms–2 (C) 600 ms–2 (D) 1000 ms–2

10. In ABC, D is a point on side AC such that ABD = ½ ABC. If AB = 36, BC = 48, CD = 28, then the
length DA will be
(A) 20 (B) 21 (C) 22 (D) 24

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11. Human body cannot digest carbohydrate in the form of
(A) sugars. (B) starch (C) cellulose (D) glycogen

12. Unsaturated fatty acids contain

(A) atleast one double bond (B) two double bonds
(C) more than two double bonds (D) no double bond

13. A loaded bus (mass m2 ) and an unloaded bus (mass m1) are both moving with the same kinetic energy.
Brakes are applied to both the buses so as to exert equal retarding force. If s1 and s2 are the distances

covered by the two buses respectively, before coming to rest, then s is

m1 m1 m1
(A) 1. (B) m (C) (D)
2 m2 m2 2

14. The centre of a clock is taken as origin. At 4.30 pm, the equation of line along minute hand is x = 0.
Therefore , at this instant the equation of line along the hour hand will be

(A) x – y = 0 (B) x + y = 0 (C) y = 2x (D) y =

15. Heterosis is the

(A) superiority of male percent over the hybrid.
(B) superiority of female parent over the hybrid.
(C) superiority of hybrid over the parents.
(D) superiority of both the parents over the hybrid.

16. An equilateral triangle has area A cm2. A regular hexagon of maximum area is cut off from the triangle. If the
area of the hexagon is 320 cm2, the area A is
(A) 640 cm2 (B) 480 cm2 (C) 600 cm2 (D) 400 cm2

17. A ray of light is incident on a hollow glass prism as shown. Then the ray will undergo

(A) deviation and dispersion both

(B) deviation but no dispersion
(C) dispersion but no deviation
(D) neither deviation nor dispersion

18. In a neon discharge tube 2.8 × 1018 Ne+ ions move to the right per second while 1.2 ×1018 electrons move to
the left per second. Therefore , the current inthe discharge tube is
(A) 0.64 A towards right
(B) 0.256 A towards right
(C) 0.64 A towards left
(D) 0.256 A towards left

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19. Genome of a sexually reproducing organism is
(A) all the chromosomes present in the diploid cell.
(B) total number of chromosomes present inthe haploid cell.
(C) total number of genes present in a cell.
(D) totality of DNA present in the haploid cell.

20. Three equal resistances are connected as shown in the figure. Maximum power that can be dissipated by
each resistance is 40 watt. Therefore , the maximum power that can be safely dissipated in the combina-
tion is


(A) 120 watt. (B) 80 watt. (C) 60 watt. (D) 40 watt.

21. The compound that has both ionic and covalent bonds is
(A) boric acid (H3BO3). (B) sodium chloride (NaCl).
(C) ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH). (D) sodium phenolate (C6H5ONa).

22. The colonial form of algae is

(A) Chlamydomonas (B) Chara (C) Porphyra (D) Volvox

23. An object is place at a distance x1 from the focus of a concave mirror. Its real image is formed at a
distance x2 from the focus. Hence, the focal length of the mirror is
x1x 2 x1  x 2
(A) x  x (B) x1x 2 (C) (D) x1 – x 2
1 2 2

bc–a ca–b ab–c

24. If , and are in A.P. and a + b + c # 0, then
a b c

2ac 2ac ac

(A) b = (B) b = (C) b = (D) b = ac
ac ac 2

25. The metal that dissolves in liquid ammonia giving dark blue coloured solution is
(A) Sn. (B) Pb. (C) Na. (D) Ag.

26. How much water should be filled ina container 21 cm in height, so that it appears half filled when viewed

from the top of the container ? [refractive index of water = ]

(A) 8 cm. (B) 10.5 cm. (C) 12 cm. (D) 14 cm.

27. An electron moving to the east in a horizontal plane is deflected towards south by a magnetic field.The
direction of this magnetic field is
(A) towards north (B) towards west (C) downwards (D) upwards

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28. The figure shows a ray of light incident on a convex lens, parallel to its principal axis. Obviously the
emergent ray passaes through the principal focus F. Which of the following statements is correct ?
1 2

(A) The ray bends downwards only once inside the lens.
(B) The ray bends downwards at each surface.
(C) The ray bends downwards at the first surface and upwards at the second surface.
(D) The ray bends upwards at the first surface and downwards at the second surface.

29. Hydrogen fluoride is a liquid at room temperature due to

(A) dimerisation
(B) dissociation followed by aggregation
(C) association
(D) polymerisation

30. In usual course, the progeny varies from its parents due to
(A) mutation (B) pleiotropic effect
(C) chromosomal recombination (D) independent assortment.

31. If the eight digit number 2575d568 is divisible by 54 and 87, the value of the digit ‘d’ is
(A) 4. (B) 7. (C) 0. (D) 8.

32. Which of the following hydroxides is NOT an alkali ?

(A) Ammonium hydroxide (B) Calcium hydroxide
(C) Copper hydroxide (D) Sodium hydroxide

33. When the polynomial (6x4 + 8x3 + 17x2 + 21x + 7) is divided by (3x2 + 4x + 1), the remainder is (ax – b).
(A) a = 1, b = 2 (B) a = 1, b = –2 (C) a = 2, b = 1 (D) a = –1, b = –2

34. The most basic oxide among MnO3, Mn2O3, MnO2 and Mn2O7 is
(A) MnO (B) MnO2 (C) Mn2O3 (D) Mn2O7

35. BCG vaccine is used to prevent

(A) tuberculosis (B) blood cancer, cholera and gonorrhoea.
(C) leprosy. (D) goitre.

36. The metal which cannot displace hydrogen from acid is

(A) silver (B) sodium (C) calcium (D) magnesium

37. In th figure shown below, DEIIBC and AD = 3x – 2, AE = 5x – 4, BD = 7x – 5 and CE = 5x – 3. Therefore

, the value of x is


7 7 10
(A) only I (B) only (C) 1 or (D)
10 10 7

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38. Down’s syndrome is a result of
(A) XO genotype (B) XXY genotype
(C) Trisomy (chromosome 12) (D) Trisomy (chromosome 21)

39. Sudden decrease in the intermolecular forces of attraction occurs most efficiently in
(A) evaporation (B) melting (C) condensation (D) sublimation

40. Which of the following does NOT represent correct refraction ?

n=1.3 n=1.5 n=1.3 n=1.5 n=1.8 n=1.5 n=1.8 n=1.5

(A) (B) (C) (D)

41. Correct formula of dolomite is

(A) CaCO3. MgCO3 (B) CaCO3. ZnCO3 (C) MgCO3. ZnCO3 (D) FeCO3. CaCO3

42. The figure shows graphical representation of a sound wave. The quantities on X and Y axes respectively

(A) time and displacement (B) distance and pressure.

(C) distance and change in density (D) density and pressure.

43. A certain amount of heat is required to raise the temperature of x gram of a substance through t1º C. The same
amount of heat when taken away from y gram of water, it cools through t2º C.Therefore, the specific heat of the
substance is

yt1 xt2 yt 2 xt1

(A) xt (B) yt (C) xt (D) yt
1 1 1 1

44. An aeroplane is flying horizontally at a height of 3150 m above a horizontal plane ground. At a particular
instant it passes another aeroplane vertically below it. At this instant, the angles of elevation of the planes
from a point on the ground are 30º and 60º. Hence, the distance between the two planes at that instant is
(A) 1050 m. (B) 2100 m. (C) 4200 m. (D) 5250 m.

45. Which of the following is NOT a usual floral pigment ?

(A) Betacyanins (B) Anthocyanins. (C) Carotenes (D) Betaxanthins.

46. The element that is NOT present in the compound BARYTA is

(A) B (B) O (C) H (D) Ba

47. With reference to human beings, the correct order of taxonomical classification is
(A) chordata, primata, mammalia, hominidae. (B) chordata, mammalia, primata, hominidae.
(C) chordata, primata, hominidae, mammalia. (D) chordata, mammalia, hominidae, primata

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48. A boy throws a stone (mass 100g) vertically upwards. It reaches a height of 10 m and then falls to the
ground.The w ork done by the boy is (g = 10 ms–2)
(A) 10 J. (B) 20 J. (C) zero. (D) –10 J.

49. The compound used to remove carbon dioxide from air is

(A) sodium carbonate (B) sodium hydroxide. (C) sodium nitrate (D) sodium chloride

50. A conical vessel of radius 6 cm and height 8 cm is completely filled with water. A metal sphere is now
lowered into the water. The size of the sphere is such that when it touches the inner surface, it just gets
immersed.The fraction of water that overflows from the conical vessel is
3 5 7 5
(A) (B) (C) (D)
8 8 8 16

51. Which of the following does NOT involve friction ?

(A) Writing on a paper using a pencil (B) Turning a car to the left on a horizontal road.
(C) A car at rest parked on a sloping ground (D) Motion of a satellite around the earth.

52. Sting of a honeybee represents modification of

(A) Ovipositor (B) abdominal bristles
(C) abdominal appendage (D) Motion of a satellite around the earth

53. The property which is characteristic of an electrovalent compound is that

(A) it is easily vapourised (B) it has a high melting point
(C) it is a weak electrolyte. (D) it often exists as a liquid.

54. Out of the following , the correct activity series of the metals is
(A) K > Na > Ca > Mg (B) Na > K > Ca > Mg (C) Mg > Ca > Na > K (D) Mg > Na > Ca > K

55. If the glands in the pharyngeal bulb of earthworm are inactivated, digestion of which of the following is
affected ?
(A) proteins (B) carbohydrates (C) lipids (D) nucleic acids
56. Which of the following group elements from the periodic table form electron deficient molecules ?
(A) Group IV (B) Group V (C) Group III (D) Group I

57. Which of the following elements forms polyatomic molecules ?

(A) Nitrogen (B) Chlorine (C) Argon (D) Boron

58. In the circuit arrangement shown, if the point A and B are joined by a wire the current in this wire will be


(A) 1A. (B) 2A. (C) 4A. (D) zero.

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2 3
59. Given 600 = 24.49, the value of is
3– 2

(A) 9.978 (B) 8.989 (C) 9.989 (D) 9.898

60. Besides drip irrigation, an effective way of economizing farm irrigation without hampering metabolic pro-
cesses of plants would be the use of
(A) humidifiers. (B) sun screen nettings
(C) organic fertilizers / manures. (D) antitranspirant sprays

61. Mixture of ethyl alcohol and water can be easily separated by using
(A) separating funnel (B) fractional distillation.
(C) filter paper (D) None of the above

62. If x < 0 and log7 (x2 – 5x – 65) = 0, then x is

(A) –13 (B) –11 (C) – 6 (D) – 5

63. Pressure of a certain volume V of an ideal gas is increased by four times its initial pressure whereas the
temperature is reduced to 50% of its initial temperature. The resulting volume of the gas is
(A) 10V. (B) 0.1V (C) 0.5V (D) 0.25V

64. If 22x+1 + 21–2x = 2, then the value of x is

(A) 0.5 (B) –0.5 (C) 1 (D) 0

65. Like sickle cell anaemia, the other genetic disorder related to blood pigment is
(A) leukemia (B) phenylketoneuria
(C) thalassemia (D) xeroderma pigmentosis

66. Consider points A,B,C,D on a horizontal cardboard equidistant from centre O as shown inthe figure. A
copper wire perpendicular to the cardboard passes through the centre O and carries an electric current
flowing upwards.Deflection of magnetic needle will be maximum when it is kept at the point



(A) A. (B) B. (C) C. (D) D.

67. If a2 + b2 + c2 + d2 = 25 , out of the following statments the correct one is

(A) ab + bc + cd + da 25 (B) ab + bc +cd + da 25.

25 25
(C) ab + bc + cd + da  (D) ab + bc + cd + da 
2 2

68. The release of chemical messenger at nerve - muscle end plate is under the influence of the ions
(A) Cl– (B) Fe++ and S++. (C) Ca++ . (D) Mg++ and Sr++.

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69. Given that a (a+b) = 36 and b (a + b) = 64, where a and b are positive, (a – b) equals
(A) 2.8 (B) 3.2 (C) –2.8 (D) –2.5

70. A sphere and cube have equal surface areas.The ratio of their volumes is

 6 6 
(A) (B) (C) (D)
6   3

71. An equilateral triangle has area A 3 .Three circles are drawn with their centres at the vertices of the
triangle.Diameter of each circle is equal to the length of each side of the triangle.The area of the triangle NOT
included in any of the three circles is

 
(A) A ( 3 – ). (B) A( – 3 ). (C) A(3– 3 ) (D) A( 3 – ).
6 2
72. In a school, the average score of all 1400 students at an examination was found to be 69.5 The average score
of boys in the school was 68 and that of girls was 72. Hence, the number of boys and the number of girls
respectively are
(A) 680 and 720 (B) 720 and 680 (C) 875 and 525. (D) 800 and 600.

73. The biochemical analysis to confirm CAM in a given plant is

(A) titratable acid number (B) iodine number
(C) activity of transaminases (D) total reducing power

74. If a,b,c are positive, is
a a
(A) always smaller than (B) always greater than
b b
a a
(C) greater than only if a > b. (D) greater than only if a < b.
b b

75. Two vectors of equal magnitude are inclined to each other at an angle . Keeping the direction of one of
them fixed the other is rotated through an equal anlge . Now, the resultant of these vectors has the
same magnitude as each of the two vectors.
(A) 90º (B) 30º (C) 45º (D) 60º

76. Consider the point A(a, b+c), B(b, c+a) and C(c, a+b).The area of ABC is
a2  b2  c 2
(A) 2(a2 + b2 + c2) (B) (C) 2(ab + bc + ca) (D) none of these

77. Plants with inferior ovary always bear

(A) pseudocarps (B) berries (C) aggregate fruits (D) seedles fruits

78. Which of the following hydroxides on heating decomposes to liberate oxygen as one of the products ?
(A) Mercury hydroxide (B) Copper hydroxide (C) Sodium hydroxide (D) Zinc hydroxide

79. The set of annelid characters that are shared by leeches is (i) setae for locomotion, (ii) metameric segmen-
tation, (iii) indeterminate number of segments, (iv) presence of clitellum, (v) hermaphroditism
(A) (i), (iii), (iv) and (v) (B) (ii) and (v) (C) (i), (iii) and (v) (D) (ii), (iv) and (v)

80. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT ?

(A) Electric current is a scalar quantity
(B) Electric lines of force are closed curves.
(C) Magnetic lines of induction are closed curves.
(D) changing magnetic field induces an electric current in a coil
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1. Charring of sugar in concentrated sulphuric acid is due to

(A) Oxidation of sugar (B) Reduction of sugar
(C) Hydrolysis of sugar (D) Dehydration of sugar

2. Two wires made of same material have length/and 2/. If the masses of the wires are same, the ratio of the
resistance of shorter wire to that of longer wire is
(A) 1/2 (B) 2 (C) 1/4 (D) 4

3. Find x2 + y2 + z2 if x2 + xy + xz = 135, y2 + yz + yx = 351 and z2 + zx + zy = 243

(A) 225 (B) 250 (C) 275 (D) 300

4. Current passing through a wire increases by 20%. Due to joule heating the resistance increases by 20%.
The percentage increase in the power is
(A) 72.8% (B) 44% (C) 33% (D) 40%

5. In a certain number system 363 + 1056 = 1452. Find the value of (654 – 456) in the same number system
(A) 156 (B) 165 (C) 178 (D) 198

6. A radioactive element 90R232 emits one alpha () particle and then two beta () particles. The daughter
element will have
(A) Atomic no 90, Mass No. 228 (B) Atomic no. 90, Mass no. 232
(C) Atomic no. 88, Mass No. 228 (D) Atomic no. 88, Mass no. 232

7. Dwarfness is desirable agronomic character since such cereals :

(A) Produce grains faster (B) Produce grains of better quality
(C) Prove easier to harvest (D) Require lesser nutrients and water

8. The combination of the following structures possessing a single set of genome is:
i. Ovary ii. Anther iii. Egg iv. Zygote
v. sepal vi. Petal vii. Pollen
(A) i,ii, iv, and vi (B) ii, iii, iv and vii (C) only iii and vii (D) only ii, iii and vii

9. The equilibrium constant for the gaseous reaction N2 + O2  2NO is k. The equilibrium constant for the
formation of one mole of NO will be
(A) k/2 (B) k (C) 2k (D) k

10. A bar magnet is placed on a table. There are n number of field lines connecting North pole to South pole of
the magnet. Another identical magnet is placed on the first magnet with North pole on North pole and south
pole on south pole. The number of field lines are now
(A) n (B) n2 (C) n/2 (D) 2n

11. What is the radius of the circumcircle of a triangle whose sides are 30cm, 36cm and 30cm in length
(A) 18 cm (B) 18.25cm (C) 18.50cm (D) 18.75cm

12. A conducting wire shown in the figure carries current I. Segments AB, BC and CD are of same length. The
direction of the magnetic field at point P is given by

(A) into the plane of the paper

(B) out of the plance of the paper
(C) towards right
(D) towards left

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13. In the adjoining figure AQ = 2, QB = 4, BP = 3, PC = 5, CR = 6 and RA = 4.
Find the area of triangle PQR.

(A) 4.8 (B) 5.2 (C) 5.8 (D) 6.2

14. The solubility of a salt B2D3 is X mole L–1. Its solubility product is
(A) X5 (B) 6X5 (C) 36X5 (D) 108X5

15. If and when proteins are oxidized during respiration the energy yield is lesser than when carbohydrates or
lipids are oxidized. This is primarily due to the fact that they have.
(A) relatively more oxygen (B) relatively less carbon
(C) nitrogen that is not oxidized (D) relatively less hydrogen

16. 8 grams of oxygen at NTP contain

(A) 1.5 × 1023 molecules (B) 3.0 × 1023 molecules
(C) 6.023 × 1023 molecules (D) 1.5 × 1022 molecules

17. In a nuclear reactor the fission process of each U-atom gives out an energy of 200MeV.
According to Einstein's equation the amount of mass getting converted to energy in this process is
(A) 3.55X10–30 Kg (B) 3.55X10–38Kg
(C) 3.55X10 Kg (D) 3.55X10–27Kg
18. If sin x + sin y = a and cos x – cos y = b.Then find the value of (2 – a2 – b2)
(A) cos(x + y) (B) cos(x – y) (C) sin(x + y) (D) sin(x – y)

19. A ball is projected at an angle of 45° with horizontal. In the absence of air resistance, the ball follows
(A) Elliptical orbit (B) sinusoidal path (C) parabolic path (D) linear path

20. A circle is inscribed in an isosceles trapezium ABCD in which AB is parallel DC. If AB = 10 and DC =
30. Find the area of the circle.
(A) 45 (B) 50 (C) 60 (D) 75

21. When 1g of CaCO3 reacts with 50 ml of 0.1 M HCI, the volume of CO2 produced is
(A) 11.2 mL (B)22.4 mL (C) 112 mL (D) 224 mL.

22. Neoteny or larva becoming large and developing into adult retaining larval features is common in
amphibians since they are adapted to survive:
(A) in fresh water bodies where temperature and/or iodine content is less
(B) on insecb that fail to supply enough nutrients
(C) on a high protein diet that induces early maturation
(D) in dark places and lack of light induces earIy sexual maturation

23. Cheese is a colloidal system of

(A) Gas in solid (B) Gas in liquid (C) Liquid in gas (D) Liquid in solid

24. 60g of ice at 0ºC is added to 20g of water at 40 °C. The final temperature gained by the mixture is (given
latent heat of melting of ice is 80 cal/g and specific heat of water is 1 cal/g°C)
(A) OoC (B) 20ºC (C) 10ºC (D) 5ºC

25. Y varies inversely as x. If x is increased by 25%, then the value of percentage change to y is
(A) 80% (B) 75% (C) 60% (D) 62.5%

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26. Wavelength is
(i) The distance travelled by the wave in one period of oscillation of particles in the medium.
(ii) The distance between two particles, which are in the same phase.
(iii) Half of the distance between two particles which are in the same phase.
The correct definitions are
(A) (i) and (iii) (B) (i) and (ii) (C) (i), (ii) and (iii) (D) (ii) and (iii)

2 2 2 2 2
27. Find the value     ........ 
15 35 63 99 9999
(A) 8/33 (B) 2/11 (C) 98/303 (D) 222/909

28. When a dilute solution of sulphuric acid is electrolysed using platinum electrodes the gas evolved at the
positive electrode is
(A) SO2 (B) SO3 (C) H2 (D) O2

29. To avoid damage to el ctriclty cables tree" ar<: often trtmmed before monsoon. Excessive trimming leaving
only trunk often leads to death of a tree. The most probable reason is that :
(A) no food can be synthesized
(B) no buds are left to grow into new shoot/s
(C) no auxins (growth promoters) can be synthesized
(D) they succumb to the excessive trauma of wounds

30. If equal weights of oxygen and nitrogen are kept in seperate containers at the same temperature then.
(A) Both the containers have the same number of moelcules.
(B) More mlolecules are present In the oxygen container
(C) The pressure of the nitrogen container is greater than that of the oxygen container.
(D) The pressure of the oxygen container is greater than that of nitrogen container

31. A boy is standing on a truck which is moving with constant speed along a straight road. On a day when
wind is negligible, the boy throws a ball vertically up with some velocity. The ball comes back and falls
(A) into boy's hand
(B) Behind the boy
(C) In Front ot the boy
(D) Behind or in front of the boy dependina on the speed "the truck and ball.

x y z
32. If 75 = 45 = 15 = 0, then which of the statement is true
(A) x + y = 2z (B) x + y = 3z (C)x – y = 2z (D) x – y = 3Z

33. The pressure at the bottom of the four vessels filled with water to the same level is P1, P2, P3 and P4
respectively. Then which of the following conclusion is correct.

P1 P2 P3 P4

(A) P1 > P2 > P3 > P4 (B) P1 < P2 < P3 <P4 (C) P1 = P4 = P2 > P3 (D) P1 = P2 = P3 = P4

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1 1 1
34. x + y + z = 1 ; x  z ; x, y, z are real numbers and   = m. How many of the following values of
x y z
m are always possible.
(i) m = 6, (ii) m = 8, (iii) m = 10 and (iv) m = 12
(A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) all
35. Two liters of oxygen gas diffused through a membrane in 600 seconds. 0.6 liter of an unknown, gas diffused
through the same membrane in half the time required for oxygen to diffuse. The molecular weight of the
unknown gas is
(A) 16 (B) 44 (C) 89 (D) 64

Read the following carefully and answer the questions from 36 to 39

student treats some onion root tips with colchicine that is responsible
arresting cell division at the metaphase stage (by dissolving spindle fibres) and further prepared a slide of the
root tip staining with acetoorcein (stains chromatin) and observed under high power of compound micro-
scope. He is well aware of the cell cycle given alongside.

36. Which of the following is not true about his observation?

(A) Most cells are in Interphase
(B) Most cells are in the metaphas
(C) No cells are in anaphase or telophase
(D) Chromosomes could be observed better than a slide prepared without colchicine treatment.

37. Why did the student choose root tips of onion

(A) Roots grow fast and considerable length of tips can be used.
(B) Root tips are easy to smear and stain.
(C) Root tips have meristematic tissue.
(D) Cell division occurs only at the root tips in plants

38. What might be the purpose of the student?

(i) Observing chromosomes
(ii) Observing stages of cell division
(iii) Comparing number of cells in various stages of cell division
(iv) Preventing further growth of the root tips.
(A) (i) and (ii) (B) (ii) and (iii) (C) (i) and (iv) (D) (iii) and (iv)
39. Considering the action of colchicine, it may be considered for the treatment of:
(A) Hairtall (B) Anemia (C) Cancer (D) Bacterial infection
40. The element with electronic configuration 1s 2, 2s2,2p6,3s2 is a/an
(A) Metal (B) Non- metal (C) Metalloid (D) Inert gas

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41. A ball is thrown up vertically in still air with a velocity of 20ms–1. It comes back to ground. The velocity - time
graph is (g = 10ms–2).

(A) (B)

(C) (D)

42. The sixty sixth Independence Day was on Wednesdcty. After how many years the Independence Day will be
on Wednesday?
(A) 6 years (B) 7 years (C) 11 years (D) 28 years
43. Sound waves travelling in air enters water at an angle i with the normal. It gets refracted at angle r with
(A) i > r (B) r > i
(C) i = r (D) Sound waves do not get refracted

44. What will be the remainder if the number 72012 is divided by 25?
(A) 24 (B) 18 (C) 7 (D) 1
45. The last electron of the element of atomic member 31 will have the following quantum numbers
n I m s
(A) 3 0 0 –1/2
(B) 3 1 1 +1/2
(C) 4 1 –1 –1/2
(D) 4 0 0 +1/2
Study the following diagram and answer the questions 46 to 50 :

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46. Which of the following are tertiary consumers?
(A) Snake, toads and spiders (B) Foxes, Hawks and Snakes
(C) Rabbit, Squjrrels and MIce (D) Spiders, Predacious insects and herbivorous insects.

47. The shortest and the longest food chains have____ and _____ number of organisms respectively.
(A) 2 and 6 (B) 2 and 5 (C) 3 and 5 (D) 3 and 6

48. An insecticide is sprayed to protect the plants. Which of the following statements is true?
(A) Toads and insectivorous birds will prosper as they will get ample supply of dead insects.
(B) Herbivores will be greatly affected, plants will be safe and carnivores will move to other areas and will not
be affected greatly.
(C)Some insects will die, some will become resistant and prolifer more and top carnivore will be affected
(D) Some insects will die, but there will be no long term effects as the pesticides will get washed away.

49. What should be the preferred food of snakes to ensure minimum loss of solar energy.
(A) Mice (B) Toads (C) Insectivorous birds (D) Faxes

50. Organisms having low chances of survival produce larger number of offsprings to ensure their survival. Which
of the following can be a characteristic feature of such organisms.
(A) Short lifecycle (B) Better defense strategies
(C) Large body size (D) Good parental care

51. The compound which contains both ionic and covalent bonds is
(A) KCI (B) CS2 (C) C2H6 (D) KCN

52. A particle of mass 0.5kg travelling with a velocity of 2ms–1 experiences acceleration of 2ms–2 for 9s.
The workdone by the force on the particle during this period is
(A) 99J (B) 101J (C) 190J (D) 396J

53. The product of three consecutive natural numbers is 124850054994. What is their average?
(A) 4993 (B) 4994 (C) 4997 (D) 4998

54. What is the reading of the spring balance shown in the figure below?



(A) 0 (B) 2N (C) 4N (D) 6N

55. If ABCD is a cyclic quadrilateral. AB = 204, BC = 104, CD = 195, DA = 85 and BD = 221.

Then find AC
(A) 205 (B) 210 (C) 220 (D) 225

56. Molality of a solution is the number of

(A) moles of the solute per 1000 mL of the solution.
(B) moles of the solute per 1000 mL of the solvent.
(C) moles of the solute per 1000 g of the solvent.
(D) moles of the solute per 100g of the solvent.

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57. A scientist wanted to check the effect of a certain hair straightening procedure on the tensile strength of hair.
The scientist could take only 20 samples. Which of the following sampling pattern should she use to ensure
that maximum parameters are controlled and the results reflect the effect of the straightening process alone.
(A) 10 girls and 10 boys of age 18 before and after the strarghtening procedure.
(B) 10 girls and 10 boys one each of age 15, 16, 17, and so on upto 25 before and after the procedure.
(C) 10 girls and 10 boys of age 18 after the straightening procedure and another similar set of sample group
who did not undergo the procedure.
(D) 10 girls and 10 boys one each of age 15, 16, 17, and so on upto 25 after the procedure and another similar
set of sample group who did not undergo the procedure.

58. A lady has 4 kids with blood group AB and 1 kid with blood group O. If the father of these kids have blood
group B, what is the possible genotype of the lady?
(A) IAIB (B) IA10 (C) IAlA (D) IBIB

59. The pH of blood is maintained within the range 7.36 -7.42 by


60. An ideal cell of emf 10V is connected across the network of resistors as shown in the figure. The value of the
resistance R for which he power dissipated by the parallel combination is same as that in 10 resistance is.

(A) 20  (B) 30  (C) 22.22  (D) 11.11 

61. If one of the roots of the equation x2 – px + q = 0 is m times the other root then m/(1 + m2) is equal to
q p q p
(A) (B) (C) (D)
p  2q
q  2p
q  2p
p  2q

62. Three particles each of mass m are placed at the vertices of a triangle of side r. The force experienced by
each mass is
Gm 2 Gm 2 Gm 2 Gm 2
(A) 3 ( ) (B) 2 ( ) (C) (D) 2
r2 r2 r2 r2

63. lf a + b + c = 1, a2 + b2 + c2 = 21 and abc = 8 then find the value of (1– a)(1– b) (1– c)
(A) –10 B) –18 (C)–24 (D)–30

64. An alkaline solution of K2Hgl4 is called

(A) Fehling's reagent (B) Benedict's reagent
(C) Nessler's reagent (D) Tollen's reagent

65. A film of oil on every water surface arrests the growth in mosquito population since:
(A) it blocks sunlight and mosquito larvae cannot get food
(B) mosquito larvae suffocate
(C) mosquito eggs cannot float on oil
(D) mosquitoes fail to mate if water surface is not available

66. At constant temperature and pressure which of the following statement is true for the reaction.
CO2(g) + ½ O2 (g)  CO2 (g)
(A) E = H (B) E > H
(C) E < H (D) H and E are independent of each other

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67. When a car turns on a curved road, you are pushed against one of the doors of th car because of
(A) inertia (B) the centripetal force
(C) the centrifugal force (D) the frictional force

68. The distance between two spots A & B on the same bank of the river is 75km. Speed of the boat in still water
is twice as much as that of the speed of the water current of river. The boat travels in the river from A to B and
returns back to the spot in 16 hour. What is the speed of the boat in still water?
(A) 12.5kmph (B) 15kmph (C) 16kmph (D) 18kmph

69. Michael Faraday a book binder got an opportunity to work with a scientist and later succeeded him. Name of
the scientist is
(A) Hans Christian oersted (B) Humphrey davy
(C) Heinrich Lenz (D) James Clerk Maxwell

70. Find the equation of the line parallel to 4x + 3y = 5 and having x-intercept (-3)
(A) 3x + 4y + 12 = 0 (B) 3x + 4y = 12
(C) 4x + 3y –12 = 0 (D) 4x + 3y + 12 = 0

71. The green coloured substance produced during the burning of ammonium dichromate in fireworks is
(A) CrO3 (B) Cr2O3 (C) CrO(O2)2 (D) Cr(OH)3

72. Mud flats with mangrove plants export a lot of organic matter to waters in contact. This is
primarily because:
(A) there are fewer consumers in mangrove community
(B) excreta of animals in mangrove community is richer in fibers
(C) detritivores are lacking in mangrove community
(D) aerobic decomposers cannot survive in waterlogged mud

73. The oxidation number of chlorine in CaOCI2 is

(A) 0 (B) –1 (C) +1 (D) +3

74. The real image of an extended object placed in front of a concave mirror is formed at a distance of 40 cm from
the object. If the image is 3 times bigger than the object, the magnitude of focal length of the mirror is,
(A) 15 cm (B) 10 cm (C) 20 cm (D) 5 cm

75. If cot2(1–3sec + 2sec2) =1

(A) 120º (B) 210o (C) 300º (D) 330º

76. A person suffering from short sightedness is advised to wear spectacles having concave lens of power 1.25D.
What is the farthest distance he can see clearly without spectacles?
(A) 60cm (B) 100cm (C) 120cm (D) 80cm

77. Consider triangles having integer sides such that no side is greater than 4 units. How many such triangles
are possible?
(A) 13 (B) 17 (C) 24 (D) 64

78. Green house effect is related to

(A) Ozone layer depletion (B) Carbon dioxide emission and absorption
(C) Nitrogen radiation (D) Oxygen radiation

79. What is the major difference between Bacteria and Virus

(A) Viruses are precursors to bacteria
(B) Viruses lack proteins that are present in bacteria
(C) Viruses use host machinery to reproduce unlike bacteria
(D) Viruses have proteins whereas bacteria do not,

80. Of the follOWing the combination of processes related to sexual reproduction are:
i. Conjugation ii. Fragmentation iii. Gamete formation iv. Zygote
(A) i, iii and iv (B) i, ii and iv (C) ii, iii and iv (D) only iii and iv

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1. One side of a glass slab is silvered as shown in the figure. A ray of light is incident on the other side at anlge
of incidence i=45º . Refractive index of glass is given as 1.5. The deviation of the ray of light from its initial

path when it comes out of the slab is (Given sin–1 =28º)

(A) 90º (B) 180º (C) 120º (D) 45º

2. The number 5 41 lies between

(A) 29 and 30 (B) 30 and 31 (C) 31 and 32 (D) 32 and 33

3. Oxidation number and co-ordination number of Pt in cisplatin PtCl2 (NH3)2 are respectively
(A) +4 and 2 (B) +2 and 4 (C) 0 and 4 (D) +2 and 6

Passage for Q(4–6) : In a field one summer’s day a Grasshopper was hopping about, chirping and singing to its
hearts’s content. An Ant passed by, bearing along with great toil an ear of pea he was taking to the nest.
“Why not come and chat with me, “ said the Grasshopper, “instead of to toiling and moling in that way ? ” “I
am helping to lay up food for the winter,” said the Ant, “and recommend you to do the same.” “Why bother
about winter?” said the Grasshopper ; “We have got plenty of food at present.” But the Ant went on its way
and continued its toil. When the winter came the Grasshopper had no food an found itself dying of hunger -
while it saw the ants distributing every day corn and grain from the stores they had collected int he summer.
Then the Grasshopper kenw : It is best to prepare for days of need

4. In the passage given above there seems to be a factural error with respect to the ant carrying the food to the
nest.The most probable reason for this mistake would be
(A) Pea pod is too heavy for an ant to carry to its nest.
(B) Pea cannot be carried by an ant in the summber because it is a Rabi crop.
(C) Ant couldn’t have passed by easily since it is the favourite food of grasshoppers.
(D) Grasshoppers avoid coming out in summber and thus there cannot be grasshopper in the story.

5. What could be the most plausible reason that all the ants that toiled and moiled int he summer were happy
and content in the winter ?
(A) Ants were probably happy since their food was not shared with Grasshopper.
(B) Ants need not worry to work anymore since they had food stocked.
(C) Ants were happy since they enjoyed working together in summer.
(D) Food that was procured was efficiently distributed and managed so that all the ants were fed equality.

6. Grasshopper was at fault in this story mostly because

(A) Of its attitude towards ants who were working tirelessly.
(B) Of not having a forethought to store food for the upcoming winter season.
(C) Of chirping and singing to its heart’s content in the summer.
(D) It should have asked ants for the food and managed to surpass the winter somehow.

7. An object of mass 1 kg is made to slide down a smooth inclined plane of length 20m. If the kinetic energy
possessed by the body at the bottom of the plane is 100 J, then the inclination of the plane with the
horizontal is (take g = 10 ms–2)
(A) 45º (B) 37º (C) 60º (D) 30º

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8. Two circles each of radius 3 touch each other externally in the plane. Inhow many ways can a circle of radius
8 be placed inthe plane touching each of these tow circles ?
(A) 2 (B) 4 (C) 6 (D) 8

9. Which of these elements has the greatest electronegativity ?

(A) Br (B) N (C) O (D) S

10. An inclined plane of inclination is placed in water as shown in figure given below. Consider a small area (A)
around point P at a depth h. If Density of water is and acceleration due to gravity is g the force experienced
by A due to hydrostatic pressure is

(A) gh(A) (B) pgh(A) sin (C) pgh (A) (D) gh(A) sec

11. If 3x + 3y – 1, 4x2 + y – 5, 4x + 2y are the sides of an equilateral triangle, its area is closest to the integer
(A) 84 (B) 85 (C) 86 (D) 87

12. The pH of a 0.025 M solution of KOH is

(A) 1.60 (B) 3.69 (C) 10.31 (D) 12.40

13. Consider the following two statements about light & sound. Choose the most appropriate option
(i) When light and sound travel air to water, light may bend towards normal while sound may bend away from
(ii) Sound is longitudinal wave while light is transverse wave.
(A) Statement (i) is correct while statement (ii) is incorrect
(B) Statement (i) and statement (ii) are both correct and statement (ii) is not the reason for statement (i)
(C) Statement (i) and statement (ii) are incorrect
(D) Statement (i) and statement (ii) are correct and Statement (ii) is the correct reason for statement (i)

14. If xy2 = a2 , yz2 = b3 and zx2 = c3 then z3 equals

bc 4 b 4c b2c 4 ab4
(A) 2 (B) 2 (C) 2 (D)
a a b c2
15. How many H atoms are in 3.4 g of C12H22O11 ?
(A) 6.0 × 1023 (B) 1.3 × 1023 (C) 3.8 × 1022 (D) 6.0 × 1021

Passage Q(16-18) : Diatoms are the most common photosynthetic aquatic microorganisms group of algae which are
unicellular and can exist as colonies in the shape of filaments or ribbons, fans, zigzags or stars depending
on the quality of the water. Diatom communities are a popular tool for studies of water quality and pollution
management. Karthik from Bangalore recently went on a field trip from Bangalore to Mysore. On the way he
stopped his car at a sewage canal, a lake and a mountain stream and collected water samples from all the
these places for his lab work. After a careful analysis of his water samples. he observed that diatoms came
with varying size/shape and the size/shape increases has (have?)
sometihing to do with the water quality.

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16. Below are the diatoms observed under a microscope by Karthik. Help him to recognise the correct order of
sample localities (Viz., Canal, Stram and lake).

(A) A-Mountain stream, B - Sewage Canal, C - Lake

(B) A - Sewage Canal, B - Lake, C - Mountain Stream
(C) A - Lake , B - Mountain stream, C - Sewage Canal
(D) A - Mountain stream , B - Lake, C - Sewage canal
17. What is the take home message from the above experiment
(A) Diatoms come in different sizes and shapes
(B) The difference in size and shapes from different water samples, is suggestive of the intensity of water
(C) Karthik enjoyed collecting samples from different locations,
(D) Nothing can be inferred from the above experiment.

18. In the above experiment, difference in sizes and shapes of diatoms should be inferred as
(A) Different species of diatoms (B) Different genera of diatoms.
(C) Different families of diatoms. (D) Different orders of diatoms.

19. The percentage change in acceleration due to gravity at an altitude equal to radius of earth compared to
that on the surface of earth is given by
(A) 25% increase (B) 35% decrease (C) 75% decrease (D) 25% decrease

1  1  1
20. Let a, b be two positive real numbers such that a < b < and let x =  a  a  –  b  b  .Then
a    
(A) x is always greater than zero
(B) x is always less than zero
(C) x = 0
(D) No such definite conclusion can be drawn about x

21. Which of the following species has standard enthalpy of formation as 0 kJ mol–1 ?
(A) H2O(I) (B) Na(g) (C) Na(s) (D) CO2(g)

22. A particle accelerates with a constant acceleration a0 and reaches a maximum velocity and then decelerates
with a0 and comes to rest. The position time graph describing the situation is best represented by

(A) (B)

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(C) ((D)
23. Let m be the number of distinct (non congruent) integer-sided triangles each with perimeter 15 and n be the
number of distinct (non congruent) integer sided triangles each with perimeter 16.
Then m – n equals
(A) –2 (B) 0 (C) 2 (D) –4

24. What is the molality of a solution made by dissolving 100 g of bromothymol blue (C27H28Br2O5S) in 1.00 L. of
ethanol on a winter’s day at 10ºC ? The density of ethanol at this temperature is 0.7979 kg L-1
(A) 0.100 mol kg–1 (B) 0.128 mol kg–1 (C) 0.160 mol kg–1 (D) 0.201 mol kg–1

25. Two bulbs of specifications 50W, 220 V and a 100W, 200V are connected first (i) n in parallel and then (ii) In
series across 220 V power supply.Choose the correct statement
(A) In (i) 50 W will glow brighter and in (ii) 100 W will glow brighter
(B) In (i) 50 W will glow brighter and (ii) both will glow equally brighter.
(C) In (i) 100 W will glow brighter and (ii) 50 W will glow brighter
(D) In both cases the 50 W bulb will glow brighter.

26. Let T be the number of 4– digit integers, each ending in 3 (in units place) and each divisible by 11.Then
(A) 20 T  79 (B) 80 T  89 (C) 90 T  99 (D) T 100

27. 1.000 mL of 0.1000 mol L–1 hydrochloric acid was diluted to 100.0 mL with deionised water. 10.00 mL of this
solution was diluted to 100.0 mL again using deionised water. What is the pH of the final solution ?
(A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) 5

28. While playing football, Dimple fell down and was badly wounded on her left. The Doctor prescribed her
antibiotics for a week which should have healed her of the wound in a week. However, Dimple’s wound did not
heal in a week.What among the following could have been the reason for inability of the wound to heal in the
prescribed time frame given by the doctor ?
(A) Prescribed medicine’s date was expired.
(B) Dimple wouldn’t have taken the full course of the antibiotics.
(C) Both a & b could be the reason
(D) Doctor’s inability to prescribe the correct medicine for the wound.

29. Which of the following situation is impossible ?

(A) A body having velocity and acceleration in opposite directions.
(B) A body having zero velocity and non zero acceleration
(C) A body having constant acceleration and variable velocity
(D) A body having constant velocity and variable acceleration.

30. At what time (to the nearest second) immediately after 4 O’ clock will angle between the hands of the clock
be the same as that at 4 O’ clock ?
(A) 4h 42m 505 (B) 4h 43m 38s (C) 4h 43m 40S (D) 5h 5m 27s

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31. 0.5755 g of a compound, containing sulfur and fluorine only, has a volume of 255.0 mL at 288.0 K and 50.01
kPa. What is the molecular formula of this compound ?
(A) S2F2 (B) SF2 (C) SF4 (D) SF6

32. Given here is a phylogenetic tree (family tree) of greater apes. Which of the following statements cannot be
true from the tree ? (mya-million years ago)

(A) Humans did not evolve from chimpanzees.

(B) Humans and chimpanzees are evolutionary cousins.
(C) Orangutans evolved much earlier then Humans.
(D) Humans are highly evolved among great apes.

33. A liquid (A) of density 1.6gcm–3 and liquid (B) of unknown density is poured into a U-tube as shown in the
figure. The liquids are immiscible. If height of A is hA = 26.6cm and height of B is hB = 50cm the density of B

(A) 0.85 g cm–3 (B) 3.01 g cm–3 (C) 0.33 g cm–3 (D) 1.18 g cm–3

a2  b2 a
34. If a and b are two positive real numbers such that = 6 , then a positive value of lies between
ab b
(A) 2 and 3 (B) 3 and 4 (C) 4 and 5 (D) 5 and 6

35. The isomerism which exists between CH3CHCl2 and CH2CICH2CI is

(A) chain isomerism (B) functional group isomerism
(C) positional isomerism (D) metamerism

36. The term Biodiversity refers to

(A) Species Diversity (B) Genetic diversity (C) Ecosystem diversity (D) All of the above

37. Diagram shows trajectory of a cricket ball. The set of arrows which show the direction of the acceleration of
ball at points P and Q respectively is


(A) (B) (C) (D)

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38. Sucharitha purchases x pencils at Rs x each, y pens at Rs y each and z notebooks at Rs z each. She
purchases altogether 50 items and pays Rs. 1000. The cost of y pencils, z pens and x notebooks is
(A) Rs 600 (B) Rs.750 (C) Rs.500 (D) Rs.350

39. The metal that does not give H2 on treatment with dilute HCl is
(A) Zn (B) Fe (C) Ag (D) Ca

40. On a field trip in North Ameerica, students noticed that when threatened, Horned lizards (Genus : phrynosoma)
squirt blood at the attackers.When the professor asked what could have been the reason behind such
behaviour of HOrned lizards, one student said that certain sensory receptos had fired and triggered a neu-
ronal reflex culminating in increasing the pressure in their sinus cavities until the blood vessels in the corners
of the eyes burst.Another student said that it was just an act to frighten off the predator.Thus it can be said
(A) The first response is correct, while the second is incorrect
(B) Both explanations are reasonable and can be scientifically tested.
(C) The first response is biological, while the second is philosophical.
(D) The first explanation is testable as a scientific hypothesis, while the second is not.

41. If temperature of a certain mass of aluminum having specific heat capacity of 0.8 j/g0 C is lowered by 6ºC and
heat lost is 96J, then mass of aluminum is
(A) 16g (B) 48g (C) 60g (D) 20g

42. The number of real values of a for which the cubic equation x3 – 3ax2 + 3ax – a = 0 has all real roots, one of
which is a itself, is
(A) 0 (B) 1 (C) 2 (D) 3

43. The maximum number of isomers for an alkene with molecular formula C4H8 is
(A) 5 (B) 4 (C) 2 (D) 3

44. People residing in coastal area usually do not face the problem of Thyroxin hormone deficiency because
their food intake will be rich in one of hte following minerals.
(A) sodium (B) chlorine (C) Iodine (D) Phosphorus

45. In photoelectric effect, the maximum kinetic energy (EK) of photoelectrons depends on frequency (f) of light
incident on a metal surface of work function (). In an experiment f is varied and EK is measured, To determine
value for plank’s constant (h)
(A) Plot EK against and find intercept of best fitted line.
(B) Plot EK against f and find slope of line of best fit.
(C) Plot EKagainst  and find slope of line of best fit.
(D) Plot EK against f and find intercept of best fitted line.

46. Around a lawn which is of semicircular shape a pavement of uniform width is laid. If the ratio of the area of the
lawn to the area of the pavement is 25:24 , thenthe ratio of the outer and inner perimeters of the pavement is
7 6 5 5
(A) (B) (C) (D)
5 5 4 2 6

47. The method that cannot be used for removing permanent hardness of water is
(A) adding sodium carbonate (B) distillation
(C) adding caustic soda (D) boiling
48. In angiosperm plants, companion cell is associated with which one of the follwoing elements ?
(A) Sieve tube (B) Tracheids (C) Vessels (D) Xylem fibre
49. Essential requirement for the operation of a step down transformer is
(A) Laminated iron core
(B) Electrical connection between primary and secondary coils
(C) Magnetic interaction between primary and secondary coils
(D) Non magnetic core.
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50. Let ABC be a triangle in which AB = AC. Let D be a point on AC such that BD bisects angle B. Value of the
ratio is between
(A) 1.0 and 1.5 (B) 1.5 and 2.0 (C) 2.0 and 2.5 (D) 2.5 and 3.0

51. Consider the following reaction : 4 PCl3 (g)  P4 (g) + 6Cl2(g). If the initial concentration of PCl3(g) is 1.0 M,
and “x” is the equilibrium concentration of P4(g), what is the correct equilibrium relation ?
(A) Kc= 6x7 (B) Kc= 6x7 / (1.0 – x)4 (C) KC=(x)(6x)6 /(1.0–4x)4 (D) Kc = x7 (1.0 – x)4

52. In pregnant women, foetus’s physiological functions like nourishment, respiration and excretion are taken up
(A) Stomach of mother (B) Placenta (C) Umbilical cord (D) Uterus

53. On a rainy wet day, a thunder is heard 6 second after lightening. If speed of sound is 350 ms–1 the altitude of
the clouds is
(A) 1.8 km (B) 1.9 km (C) 2.1 km (D) 2.5 km

54. A certain principal becomes Rs. 96800 in 2 years if compounded annually at a certain rate of interest.The
same principal becomes Rs. 97240 in two years if compounded half yearly at the same rate of interest. The
rate of interest is
(A) 8% (B) 8 (C) 10% (D) 12½ %

55. Which properties of plastics make their disposal difficult : (I) PVC produces harmful combustion products ;
(II) polyalkenes are highly flammable ; (III) polyalkenes are non-biodegradable
(A) I and II only (B) I and III only (C) II and III only (D) I, II, III

56. Suresh accidentally touched silencer of his two wheeler while parking and withdrew his leg Immediately.
Identify the correct order of the flow of message to the brain ?
(A) Receptor Sensory neuron  CNS Motor neuron  Effectors
(B) Sensory neuron CNS  Motor neuron Effectors  REceptors
(C) CNS Motor neuron Effectors  Receptors  Sensory neuron
(D) Effectors  Receptors  Sensory neuron  Motor neuron

57. There three bodies A, B and C. Body A when brought closer to B, attract.When body B is brought closer to
C they repel. We can then conclude
(A) Body A and B should have opposite charges while Body C should have the same charge as B
(B) Body B and C should have same kind of charge while Body A may have opposite charge.
(C) Body A and B should have same charge while Body C may have opposite charge.
(D) Body C is nuetral while Body A dn B should have opposite charge.

58. A pen costs Rs 13 and a note book costs Rs. 35 Let m be the maximum number of items that can be bought
for Rs 1000 and n be the minimum number of items that can be bought for the same amount. Then m + n is
(A) 76 (B) 88 (C) 96 (D) 98

59. When the pH of the environment of a protein is changed, it is said to be denatured. This is due to :
(A) breakage of peptide bonds (B) breakage of disulfide links
(C) loss of tertiary structure (D) breakdown of R groups

60. If Brain is controlling unit of an organism, then at cellular level which cell organelle can be comparable to
Brain ?
(A) Chloroplast (B) Ribosome (C) Nucleus (D) Lysosome

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61. Aldebaron, the brightest star in the constellation Taurus rises at local time 7:00 pm of 1st of October. On
November 1st the star will rise at
(A) 5:00 pm (B) 6:00 pm (C) 9:00 pm (D) 8:34 pm
62. In the xy-plane let A be the point (5.0) and L be the line y = . The number of poins on the line L such that
triangle OAP is isosceles is (O being the origin)
(A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) 5

63. For the reaction, 2A + B  C which relationship is correct ?

(A) [A] = [C] (B) –[A] = [C] (C) –2[A] = [C] (D) –[A] = 2[C]

64. In some societies, “Women were solely held responsible for giving birth to female baby” assuming no role for
men. But scientific advancement has proved men equally responsible for the birth of either sex. Armed with
this information which of the following would be the most appropriate scenario for the birth of female child ?
(A) Ovum with X chromosome and Sperm with Y chromosome is FEMALE
(B) Ovum with Y chromosome and Sperm with Y chromosome is MALE
(C) Ovum with x hcromosome and Sperm with X
(D) Ovum with X chromosome and Sperm without chromosome is FEMALE

65. A block of mass 2 Kg placed on a floor experiences an external force in horizontal direction of 20N, frictional
force of 6N and normal force of 20N. The body travels a distance of 10m under the combined effect of all these
force. If Initially body is at rest then what is the kirietic energy of the body at the end of 4m
(A) 140J (B) 260 J (C) 56 J (D) 460 J

66. If x3 = a + 1 and x + (b/x) = a ; then x equals

ab  1 ab  1 ab  a  1 ab – a – 1
(A) 2 (B) 2 (C) 2 (D)
a –b a –b a –b a2 – b

67. An electrochemical cell constructed for the reaction : Cu2+ (aq) + M(s)  Cu(s) + M2+ (aq) has an Eº = 0.75 V. The
standard reduction potential for Cu2+(aq) is 0.34 V. What is the standard reduction potential for M2+(aq)?
(A) 1.09V (B) 0.410 V (C) –0.410 V (D) –1.09V

68. Which one of he following is said to produce seeds exposed and they are called naked seed plant
(A) Deodar & Pinus (B) Marsilea & Nostoc
(C) Maize & Garden Pea Plant (D) Spirogyra & Funaria

69. A body of mass 2 kg moving inthe positive X-direction with a speed 4ms–1 collides head on with an another
body of mass 3kg moving in the negative X-direction with a speed of 1ms–1. During collision a loud sound is
heard and they both start moving together . The sound energy cannot be greater than n
(A) 12J (B) 14J (C) 15J (D) 17.5J

70. Let a, b, c be positive real numbers such that abc  1, (ab)2 = (bc)4 = (ca)x = abc. Then x equals
(A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) 4/5

71. Which radiation is the easiest to shield ?

(A) alpha (B) beta (C) gamma (D) neutron

72. Identify the correct order of sequence from exterior to interior.

(A) Cell Nucleus Chromosome DNA Protein
(B) Nucleus  Cell Chromosome  DNA Protein
(C) Cell  Nucleus DNA Chromosomes Protein
(D) Cell Nucleus  Protein  DNA Chromosome

73. In nuclear reactor, the electrons and protons are moving in opposite direction across a small hole in
2 second. If number of electron and protons are 2×1016 each, the current through the hole is given by
(A) 1.6mA (B) OmA (C) 6.4mA (D) 3.2mA

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1 1 1 1 1 1 1
74. The sum 1– + – + – +....................– + equals
2 3 4 5 6 2012 2013

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
(A) + + +.....................+ (B) + + +...............+
1006 1007 1008 2013 1007 1008 1009 2013

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
(C) + + +.................+ (D) + + +..................+
1006 1007 1008 2012 1007 1008 1009 2012

75. Which species below has the same general shape as NH3 ?
(A) SO32 (B) CO32 (C) NO3 (D) SO3

76. After hearing to an influential lecture on “how to conserve environment by avoiding usage of plastic”? Ghan
Shyam resolved that he should also contribute towards protecting the environment from plastic menace. Can
you suggest him the first step how should he go about doing this effectively
(A) He should urge his parents to stop using plastic materials at home.
(B) He should write a letter to the local civic body against selling plastic materials around his locality.
(C) He should practice minimising plastic usage himself.
(D) He should ask his teacher to advice people on his behalf to stop usage of plastics.
77. Two infinite wires are placed parallel to each other. They carry current l1 and l2 (l2 = l1). The magnetic field is
B1 and B2 respectively. Different situation are given in column 1. The comments onthe direction and strength
of magnetic field are given in column II. Match the following.

1 P 1 R 1 S 1 S
2 Q 2 P 2 R 2 R
(A) 3 R (B) 3 S (C) 3 P (D) 3 Q
4 S 4 Q 4 Q 4 P

78. If the radius of the base of a cone is doubled then the slant ara becomes 3 times the original slant area.
Suppose when the radius of the base of the cone is quadrupled (that is increased to 4 times), the slant
area becomes k times the original slant area. Then the integer closest to k is
(A) 6 (B) 8 (C) 10 (D) 11
79. The mass of 0.2 mole of Oxygen molecule is
(A) 6.4g (B) 3.2g (C) 1.6g (D) 2.75g
80. Wuchereria is an example of :
(A) Arthropods (B) Annelida (C) Arthropoda (D) Nematoda

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1. Three identical vessels carrying equal amount of water are placed in three lifts. Lift A is accelerating upwards,
lift B is accelerating downwards while lift C is moving up with constant velocity. The pressure at a depth h
from free surface in the three vessel is measured as pA, pB and pC then which of the following is true
(A) pA = pC > pB (B) pA > pC > pB (C) pA = pC = pB (D) pA > pC = pB

2. In the reaction,
2KCl3  2KCl + 3O2
What is the volume of oxygen released under NTP conditions when 36.75g of KClO3 is heated ?
(A) 3.6 litres (B) 7.2 litres (C) 18 litres (D) 10 litres

3. Figure shows a square gird of order 3, which of the following is correct formula for the total number of squares
in a similar grid of order n.

n(n  1) n2 (n  1)2 n(n  1)(2n  1) n(n  1)(n  2)

(A) (B) (C) (D)
2 4 6 6
4. If the distance between genes - W. X. Y, and Z on a chromosome are as follows : from W-Y is 18 units, W-
X is 26 units, W-Z is 40 units, X-Y is 8 units and X-Z is 14 units, the sequence of W, X, Y, Z genes on the
chromosome would be :
(A) W, Y, X, Z (B) X, Y, W, Z (C) Y, W, X, Z (D) W, X, Y, Z

5. In a plant, 30 megaspore mother cells are generated. If all the ovules are fertilised, how many sees are
expected to be formed ?
(A) 60 (B) 30 (C) 90 (D) 120

6. A water filter advertisement claims to provide 8 litres of water per hour. How much time does it take to fill four
bottles of 1.5 litres each ?
(A) 2 hr (B) 1 hr (C) 30 min (D) 45 min

7. Which among the following salts will not change the pH of water on addition
(A) Sodium cyanide (B) Sodium chloride (C) Sodium bicarbonate (D) Sodium carbonate

8. A particle starting from rest is moving with uniform acceleration in a straight line. The percentage increase of
the displacement of the particle in 9th second compared to that in the immediate previous second is about
(A) 8.3% (B) 20.6% (C) 13.3% (D) 24.5%

9. An inflated balloon with a heavy rock tied to it submerges in water. As the ballon sinks deeper and deeper, the
buoyant force acting it
(A) increases (B) remains nearly unchaged
(C) decreases (D) Initially increases and then decreases

10. For a first order reaction, the ratio of the times taken for completion of 99.9% and 50% of the reaction is
(A) 8 (B) 9 (C) 12 (D) 10

11. If set of marbles, of radius 5 cm, is poured into a cube of side 1 m. The maximum number of marbles that can
be filled into the box are
(A) 2000 (B) 1000 (C) 1500 (D) 3000

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12. Most of the insects have egg, larva, pupa and adult stages in the life cycle. This is primarily due to ;
(A) relatively short adult phase (B) terrestrial habitat they have adapted to
(C) flying mode of locomotion majority have (D) eggs storing little reserved food.
13. Which of the following has been proved to contribute to the transport of water in vascular plants ?
i. Positive root pressure ii. Hyrophilic cell walls
iii. Capillarity iv. Transpirational pull
v. Cohesion between water molecules
(A) i, ii, iii, iv and v (B) only i, iii and v (C) only i, ii, iv and v (D) only ii, iv and v
14. A round table cover has six equal designs as shown in theadjacent figure. If the radius of the cover is 4 cm,
then cost of making the designs at the rate of Rs 10.00 per cm2 (round off your answer to a nearest rupee) is

(A) Rs 85 (B) Rs 86 (C) Rs 90 (D) Rs 87

15. Which of the following series of elements have nearly the same stomic radii ?
(A) Fe, Co, Ni, Cu (B) Na, K, Rb, Cs (C) Li, Be, B, C (D) F, Cl, Br, I

16. A particle is moving along a straight line. Its velocity time graph is as shown in the adjacent figure. Then
Match the following
Physical quantity Remarks 2
(i) Acceleration at 4 second (p) Positive t(s)
(ii) Velocity at 4 second (q) Negative 1 2 3 45 6
(iii) Direction of motion at 2 second (r) Zero

(A) (i, is (p); (ii) is (q) and (iii) is (r) (B) (i) is (r) ; (ii) is (r) and (iii) is (p)
(C) (i) is (q) ; (ii) is (r) and (iii) is (p) (D) (i) is (q), (ii) is (p) and (iii) is (r)

17. A rectangular parallelepiped with sides a, b and c in the ration 3 : 2 : 1 is kept on a uniformly rought horizontal
surface as shown in thefigures below. The value of limiting friction is

(A) Same in all cases (B) Minimum in (ii) (C) Minimum in (iii) (D) Minimum (i)

18. Which of the following has the maximum number of unpaired electrons ?
(A) Ti3+ (B) V3+ (C) Fe2+ (D) Fe3+

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19. The houses of a row are numbered consecutively from 1 to 49. Find the value of x such that the sum of the
numbers of houses preceding the house numbered x is equal to the sum of the numbers of the houses
following it.
(A) 25 (B) 35 (C) 37 (D) No such value exists

20. Urea is the principle excretary waste in larval as well as adult phases of :
(A) Cockroach (B) Crab (C) Frog (D) Starfish

21. Use of excessive NKP fertilizers has resulted in :

i. Reduction in number as well as species of nitrogen fixing bacteria
ii. Increase in number as well as types of denitrifying bacteria
iii. Increase in the proportion of coarse particles in soil.
iv. Increase in number as well as types of ammonifying microbes
v. Increase in number as well as types of nitrifying bacteria
(A) only i, ii and iii (B) only ii, iv and v (C) only i and ii (D) i, ii, iii, iv and v

22. Along a road lie an odd number of stones placed at intervals of 10 metre. These stones have to be assembled
around the middle stone. A person can carry only one stone at a time. If a man starts from one of the end
stones, and by carrying them in succession he covers 3 km to pile all stones at the centre. The number of
stones is then :
(A) 12 (B) 15 (C) 30 (D) 25

23. The following variation of propeties is generally seen in the periodic table.
(A) Atomic radius and ionization energy both increase across a period.
(B) Atomic radius increases and ionization energy decreases across a period
(C) Atomic radius and ionization energy both decreases across a period
(D) Atomic radius decreases and ionization energy increases across a period

24. The erythrocytes separated from human blood were mixed with certain fluids on a slide and observed under
the microscope. Which of the following will be the expected result ?
(A) With serum the cells clump and coagulate.
(B) With distilled water the cells swell and eventually burst.
(C) With sea water the cells undergo no apparent change.
(D) With tap water cells shrink and appear cremated.

25. The largest of the jelly-fishes grow over 1 meter in diameter and can survive without any skeletal support due
to :
(A) rapid beating of cilia creating an upthrust.
(B) the botton dwelling habit.
(C) upwelling currents in water
(D) high salinity and subsequent buoyancy of sea water

26. The diagram shows a road network. All vehicles drive in one direction from A to B. Numbers represent the
maximum flow rate (capacity of roads) in vehicles per hour. The maximum number of vehicles that can drive
through the network every hour is

(A) 315 (B) 240 (C) 215 (D) 340

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27. An excess of NaOH solution is added gradually to an aqueous solution of ZnSO4 . Which of the following will
happen /
(A) A white precipitate is formed which does not dissolve in excess NaOH.
(B) A green precipitate is formed which dissolves in excess NaOH.
(C) No observable change occurs.
(D) A white precipitate is formed which dissolves in excess NaOH.
28. If two bodies of different masses, initially at rest, are acted upon by the same force for the same time, then
both bodies acquire the same
(A) Velocity (B) acceleration (C) momentum (D) kinetic energy

29. It is more difficult to walk on a sandy road than on a concrete road. The most appropriate reason for this is
(A) the sand is grainy but concrete is solid
(B) the friction between sand and feet is less than that between concrete and feet
(C) the friction between sand and feet is more than that between concrete and feet
(D) sand is soft and concrete is hard

30. In which of the following series of transition metal ions, all metal ions have 3d2 electronic configuration
(A) Ti+, V4+, Cr6+, Mn7+ (B) Ti3+, V2+, Cr3+, Mn4+ (C) Ti2+. V3+, Cr4+, Mn5+ (D) Ti4+, V3+, Cr2+, Mn3+

31. A piece of wire 60 cm long is cut into two parts, one of them being 24 cm long. Each part is then bent to form
a square. The ratio of the area of the larger to the smaller square is :
(A) 9/4 (B) 7/4 (C) 3/2 (D) 11/3

32. In the cells of oil seeds which of the cell organelles have to more active :
(A) Mitochondria (B) Rough endoplasmic Recticulum
(C) Smooth endoplasmic Rectilum (D) Nucleoli

33. Which of the following sugars tastes most sweet ?

(A) Ribose (B) Fructose (C) Sucrose (D) Lactose

34. Scienctists in an R & D company made three design improvements on a car : the first saves 50% of fuel, the
second saves 30% of fuel and the third saves 20%. If the company implements all three design changes at
once, the new car will consume fuel that is ___% of the fuel consumption of normal car
(A) 50% (B) 100% (C) 28% (D) 20%

35. Aluminium is extracted from its oxide by :

(A) Electrolysis (B) Reduction
(C) Thermial decomposition (D) Caldination

36. The magnetic force on a moving charged particle can change the particle’s :
(A) speed only (B) Both speed and direction
(C) direction only (D) neither of speed nor direction

37. A ray of light is incident on system of mirror as shown in the adjacent figure. What is the total deflection (d)
of the ray when it emerges out after two reflections ?


(A) 220° (B) 180° (C) 120° (D) 140°

38. The oxidation number of sulphur thiosulphate (Na2S2O3) is :

(A) +1 (B) +3 (C) +2 (D) +4

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39. The adjacent figure is a modification of the Switzerland flag to suit the problem ! Five identical small squares
from the central cross. The length of each side of the big square is 10 m. If the area of the white cross is 20%
of the area of the flag, then the length of the side of the small square is :

(A) 2m (B) 2.25

+ (C) 1.6 m (D) 1.75 m

40. The algae belonging to which group can sustain normal growth at the greater depth of ocean ?
(A) Red algae (B) Blue-green algae (C) Brown algae (D) Green algae

41. Snakes, the cold blooded animals, flick their bifid tounge often to :
(A) sense vibration in earth (B) sample air for chemoreceptors
(C) sense the nature of substratum (D) sense the temperature of air

42. We all know that the sky appears to touch the ground at a distance. The distance at which we perceive the
sky to touch the ground is called horizon. The reason for the perception is due to the fact that the Earth is a
sphere (almost) and not a flat surface. Which of these pictures below accurately depict the horizon for a
person standing on a high rise building like Burj Khlifa in Dubai ? (Here, ‘h’ represents the height of the
building while line ‘H’ represents the horizon) :

43. Sulphuric acid is manufactured by the contact process in which sulphur dioxide reacts with oxygen in
presence of a catalys. If 5.6 moles of SO2 reacts with 4.8 moles of O2 and a large excess of water, the
maximum number of moles of H2SO4 that can be obtained is :
(A) 11.2 (B) 5.6 (C) 4.8 (D) 1.4

44. The element essential for determining the three dimentional structure of proteins is :
(A) sulphur (B) hydrogen (C) nitrogen (D) carbon

45. The general indigestion experienced by a patient suffering from obstructive jaundice is due to :
(A) the lack of emulsification of lipids
(B) the acceleration of intstinal peristalsis reducing the retention time for food
(C) the low pH in the intstine not supporting optimal activity of enzymes.
(D) the diffusion of bile pigments in blood suppressiong secretion of digestive juices

46. A number is said to be triangular number if it is the sum of consecutive numbers beginning with 1. Which one
of the following is not a triangular number :
(A) 1431 (B) 190 (C) 28 (D) 506

47. The equivalent weight of MnSO4 is half its molecular weight when it is converted to :
(A) Mn2O3 (B) MnO4 (C) MnO2 (D) MnO42–

48. A light source of diameter 2 cm is placed 20 cm behind a circular apaque disc to diameter 4cm. Shadow is
formed on a screen at a distance of 80 cm. the ratio of the area of umbra and penumbra shadow region is
equal to :
(A) 0.58 4cm
(B) 0.22
(C) 0.18
20cm 80cm
(D) 0.11

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49. Consider the following two statemens.
Statement-1 : The direction of acceleration of a particle must be always same as that of velocity.
Statement-2 : Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity.
Choose the correct option
(A) Statement-1 is correct while statement -2 is wrong
(B) Statement-1 and 2 are correct.
(C) Statement-1 and 2 are wrong .
(D) Statement-1 is wrong while statement (2) is correct.

50. Rust is a mixture of :

(A) FeO + Fe(OH)2 (B) FeO + Fe(OH)3 (C) FeO4 + Fe(OH)3 (D) Fe2O3 + Fe(OH)3

51. If the distance between A and B is 230 km, B and C is 120 km, C and A is 350 km. Also, if the distance
between C and D is 200 km, distance between D and B is 330 km and distance from A to E is 100 km and
distance between D and E is 570 km. The diagram (not drawn to scale) that represents this graphically is:

(A) (B) (C) (D)
52. Which of the following contains the same number of atoms as 13.5 grams of aluminium ?
(A) 20 g of calcium (B) 10g of magnesium (C) 20 g of potassium (D) 10 of sodium

53. Consider the following two statments. Statements 1 is an assertion of a concept while Statement-2 is the
Statement-1 : When red light travels from air to water, for observer in water it appears to be still red.
Statement-2 : Colour of light is associated with frequency and frequency does not change when is travels in
different medium.
Choose the correct option
(A) Statement-1 is correct while statement -2 is wrong
(B) Statement-1 is wrong while statement (2) is correct.
(C) Statement-1 and 2 are correct.
(D) Statement-1 and 2 are wrong

54. A spring constant 7600 Nm–1 is attached to a block of mass 0.25 kg as shown is figure. Frequency of
oscillation on frictionless surface is :

(A) 39.26 Hz (B) 27.76 Hz (C) 9681.5 Hz (D) 98.39 Hz

55. The following data was recorded for the reaction A + B  Product at 298 K.

Experiment No. [A] [B] Rate of reaction

1 1.00M 0.15M 4.20  10 – 3
2 2.00M 0.15M 8.40  10 – 3
3 1.00M 0.30M 8.40  10 – 3

From the above data one can conclude that

(A) Rate  [A]2[B] (B) Rate  [A][B]2 (C) Rate  [A]2[B]2 (D) Rate  [A][B]

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56. The sum of 2 digits x and y is divisible by 7. What can one say about a 3 digit number formed by these two
(A) xxy is divisible by 7 (B) xyx is divisible by 7 (C) xyx is divisible by 72 (D) yyx is divisible by 7

57. Most of the microbes employed is commercial fermentation for prducing antibodies are:
(A) yeast (B) thread bacteria (C) eubacteria (D) ascomycete fungi

58. Most of the cellular RNA is synthesised and stored respectively in :

(A) cytoplasm and ribosomes. (B) ribosomes and cytoplasm.
(C) ribosomes and nucleus (D) nucleus and ribosomes

59. A number of bacteria are placed in a glass. 1 second later each bacterium divides in three, the next second
each of the resulting bacteria divides in three again, and so on. After one minute the glas, is full. When was
1/9th of the glas full ?
(A) 15 sec (B) 45 sec (C) 58 sec (D) 38 sec

60. A number x is a rational number if there exists integers p and q such that x = p/q. This is definition of rational
numbers in which,
(A) both p & q can be zero (B) both p & q should not be zero
(C) q can be zero but not p (D) p can be zero but not q

61. There is a solution of 1 litre HCl of pH 5. When 9 L of water is added to this solution, the pH turns out to be:
(A) pH 6 (B) pH 10 (C) pH 4 (D) pH 5 itself

62. A wave is sent along a string by oscillating at one end. if the tension in the string is increased then speed of
the wave and wavelength of the wave.
(A) speed increases, wavelength decreases (B) both increase
(C) both decreases (D) wavelength increases, speed decreases

63. Clock A based on oscillations of spring and clock B is based on pendulum motion. Both the clocks keep the
same time on earth. If they are taken to a planet having half the density of earth and twice the radius
(A) then A runs faster than B (B) B runs faster than A
(C) both will run at equal faster rate than earth (D) both will run at same rate as earth

64. Assuming ideal gas behavior, which among the following gases will have the least density under room
temperature and pressure.
(A) Oxygen (B) Nitrogen (C) Ozone (D) Fluorine

65. The least positive integer, n, such that 2 divides n, 3 divides n + 1, 4 divides n + 2, 5 divides n + 3 and 6
divides n + 4 is
(A) 62 (B) 120 (C) 720 (D) 52

66. Which of the following places having same number of species is considered most biodiverse ?
(A) species belonging to more taxa (B) many of the species economically important
(C) many of the species endemic (D) species adapted to greater number of habitats

67. Axolotl, the Mexican salamander, show’s ‘neoteny’ or larva becoming sexually mature (adult). Which of the
following characters indicate larval features in it ?
i. Naked skin ii. External gills
iii. Lidless eyes iv. Laterally compressed tail
v. Clawless digits
(A) Only ii and iv (B) Only i, ii, iv and v (C) only ii, iii, iv and v (D) i, ii, iii,iv and v

68. The solution set of the inequality 0 < < 1, x  R is
x 1
(A) Set of all positive real numbers (B) set of all real numbers except – 1
(C) set of all non-negative real numbers (D) set of all numbers satisfying 0  x  1, x  R

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69. Which among the following organic compounds is likely to have more than one possible structure ?
(A) C3H6 (B) C3H8 (C) C2H4 (D) CH4

70. In the circuit B1, B2 and B3 represent identical bulbs. Consider the case
(i) With resistance R4 (ii) without the resistance R4
(R4 comparable with resistance of bulb)

B2 R4

(A) B1, B2 and B3 glow with equal brightness in both cases

(B) B2B3 brightest in case (i) and B1 becomes brighter in (ii)
(C) B1 brightest in (i) and in (ii) B2 and B3 become brighter and B2 dimmer compared to case (i)
(D) B1 brighter in (i) and B2 becomes brighter in comparison to B3 in (ii)

71. Three identical resistors each of resistance R are connected in the following four configurations. Rank the
arrangment in the order of their equivalent resistors from highest to lowest.

(i) (ii) (iii) (iv)

(A) i, ii, iii & iv (B) iv, iii, ii & i (C) ii, iv, iii, & i (D) i, iiii, iv & ii

72. Given below are the structures of the famous molecules called Aspirin and Paracetamol. Which among the
listed functional groups do the two molecules put together NOT contain ?

(A) Ester (B) Ketone (C) Alcohol (D) Carboxylic acid

73. Number plate of a vehicle consists of 4 digits. The first digit is the square of second. The third digit is thrice
the second and the fourth digit is twice the second. The sum of all 4 digits is thrice the first. The number is
(A) 1132 (B) 4264 (C) 1642 (D) 9396

74. The pteridophytic that is considered to have led to the evolution of gymnosperms is :
(A) homospory (B) furcate venation
(C) heterospory (D) sporophylls distinct from vegetative leaves.

75. Seeds trapped in crevices of rocks soak in water, swell and cause fragmetnation of rock. The process
involved is termed.
(A) osmosis (B) imbibition (C) tyndall effect (D) water potential

76. If the highest common factor of a,b and c is 1, where a,b and c belong to the set of natural numbers, then the
highest common factor of (a × b) and c is :
(A) c (B) a × b (C) 1 (D) insfficient data

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77. If a firecracker burns with emission of red colour light, which cation is it likely to contain ?
(A) Lithium (B) Copper (C) Iron (D) Sodium

78. A positively charged lnsulator is brought in contact with an unchanrged conductor then
(A) conuctor acquires positive charge due to conduction
(B) conuctor acquires positive charge due to induction
(C) conuctor acquires negative charge due to induction
(D) conuctor cannot acquire any charge

79. Two infinite wires carrying identical current are placed at position A and C normal to plane of the paper as
shown in the adjacent figure. The resultant magnetic field (B) at a point P on the perpendicualr bisector is :

A c

(A) Along line parallel to AC and pointing towards right

(B) Along line joining PC and pointing towards C
(C) Along line joining PA and pointing towards A
(D) Along perpendicualr bisector pointing towards line AC

80. When an incandescent bulb is switched on and the outer glass bulb also gets heated up. This is due to
(A) Convection of heat from filament ot the bulb by the medium inside the bulb at all temperatures
(B) Conduction and convection of heat from filament to the bulb by the medium iside the bulb at lower
temperatures and by radiation of heat at higher temeprature.
(C) radiation of heat form filament to the bulb at all temperatures
(D) Conduction of heat from filament to he bulb by the medium isdie the bulb at higher temperaturs and by
radiation of heat at lower temperature.

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1. There are ten numbers in a certain A.P. The sum of first three terms is 321. The sum of last three numbers is
405. Find the sum of all the ten numbers.
(A) 1165 (B) 1210 (C) 1221 (D) 1252

2. Regeneration in animal kingdom is observed in which of the following animals?

(A) Frog (B) Planaria (C) Birds (D) Snakes

3. A cube of side 4 cm made of wood is floating in water of density 1.00gcc–1. When a small steel ball is
embedded in the cube it just immerses in water. If density of wood is 0.76gcc–1, then mass of the steel ball
(A) 12.65g (B) 3.84g (C) 15.36g (D) 22.98g

4. Given below is the pH vs volume curve for titration of Na2CO3 (in conical flask) with HCl.

Choose the correct statement based on the above graph

(A) 1st equivalence point represents NaHCO3 getting protonated to H2CO3.
(B) 2nd equivalence point represents NaHCO3 getting protonated to H2CO3.
(C) 1st equivalence point represents deprotonation of HCI by NaHCO3 alone.
(D) 2nd equivalence point represents deprotonation of HCI by Na2CO3 alone.

5. How many three digit numbers are divisible by 13 and having middle digit 5 ?
(A) 5 (B)7 (C) 10 (D) 13

6. In biology, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) refers to which of the following option?
(A) In vitro multiplication of nucleic acids molecules.
(B) In vivo multiplication of nucleic acids molecules.
(C) Continuous protein synthesis from peptide.
(D) Synthesis of mRNA from DNA in vitro.

7. A swing playing with small amplitude can be considered as a simple pendulum. Such a swing is set to
oscillate with an amplitude a and frequency f. When it is at its mean position, a box of same mass as that of
the seat of the swing is dropped on it and its starts moving with the swing. Choose the correct statement
(A) Amplitude is reduced to half its initial value and frequency is doubled
(B) Amplitude is reduced to half its initial value and frequency is unchanged
(C) Amplitude doubles and frequency is unchanged
(D) Amplitude remains same and frequency is half its initial value

8. The pH of the 10–8 M HCI solution is

(A) Greater than 7 and less than 8 (B) Exactly 8
(C) Exactly 6 (D) Greater than 6 less than 7

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9. Two parallel chords 96 cm and 28 cm long are on the opposite side of the centre of the circle with radius 50
cm. Find the area of the quadrilateral whose vertices are the end points of the chords.
(A) 3488 (B) 3848 (C) 3844 (D) 3484

10. Each chromosome contains

(A) one long DNA molecule (B) one long RNA molecule
(C) one long sequence of amino acids (D) a single gene for a protein

11. The sum of first four terms of an A.P is 56. The sum of last four terms of same A.P is 112. The first term of the
A.P is 11. Find the number of terms in that A.P.
(A) 7 (B) 8 (C) 11 (D) 13

12. Mitochondrial equivalent in prokaryotic bacterial cell is

(A) ribosomes (B) thylakoid
(C) cytoplasmic plasma membrane (D) cyanosomes

13. A compound 'A' when treated with a dilute mineral acid gives a gas which when passed through a solution of
B regenerates A. Further, a gas (C) that is obtained from the addition of Concentrated HCI to KMnO4 crystals
is used to react with B to give D. Identify A, B, C and D.
(A) Na2CO3, NaOH, O2, Na2O. (B) MgCO3, Mg(OH)2 OCl2 , Mg(OCl)2
(C) CaCO3. Ca(OH)2, Cl2, CaOCI2 (D) AI2(CO3)3, AI(OH)3, Cl2 , Al2O3.

14. If a : b = c : d then how many of the following statements are true?

(i) c(a + b) = a(c + d) (ii) d(a – b) = b(c – d)

 a2   c2   2ac 
(iii) (a2 + b2) (ac – bd) = (a2 – b2) (ac + bd)
   
(iv)  2  +  2  =  
b  d   bd 
(A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) All

15. Endemic species refers to

(A) threatened wild animals and plants which belong to different areas.
(B) species which are capable of inter breeding.
(C) those species of flora and fauna which are found exclusively in a particular area.
(D) all the plants and animals mentioned in the red data book.

16. 5g of a gas at 27°C occupied the same volume as 0.250 g of dihydrogen at 17°C at the same pressure. Find
out molecular weight ofthe gas.
(A) 41.37 (B) 20.68 (C) 25.80 (D) 39.87

17. Select any three distinct digits. Form a three digit number. Form the another number by reversing the digits.
Find the difference of these two numbers. What is the G.C.D of all such differences?
(A) 9 (B) 11 (C) 33 (D) 99

18. Which of the following option is not true about the viruses?
(A) Viruses have either DNA or RNA as these genetic material.
(B) Viruses will not infect bacteria, fungi and algae.
(C) Viruses use host machinery to produce their own proteins.
(D) Viruses are useful in the preparation of vaccines.

19. The coefficient of linear thermal expansion of steel is 11×10–6/°C. The percentage change in the length of the
rod when temperature changes by 70°C.
(A) 0.077% (B) 0.085% (C) 0.0576% (D) 0.00077%

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20. An acid-base titration is a technique where a solution of known concentration of acid/base is used to determine
the concentration of an unknown solution of acid/base. These titrations typically use a pH indicator solution
to denote the end point of the reaction. A pH indicator is a compound added in small quantities to a solution
to indicate the pH visually (generally by appearance/disappearance or change in colour). A typical procedure
is as follows:

A certain volume 'V1' of unknown concentration 'M1' of HCI is taken in a conical flask, to which a few drops of
phenolphthalein indicator solution is added. The solution remains colourless. From a burette (a graduated
dropper) a solution of NaOH, whose concentration is known, 'M2', is added dropwise into the conical flask
until a pale pink colour is obtained and is termed as the end point. The amount of solution dispensed from the
burette to obtain the end point is noted as 'V2'. Phenolphthalein indicator changes its colour to pink only
when the pH of the solution is above 9.5. Similarly, another indicator, methyl orange, is red in colour below pH
3.7 and yellow above. Given below is a graph of pH of the solution in the conical flask and the reading of the
burette in the course of the titration. The equivalent point is theoretically defined as the point in the graph
where the number of moles HCI in the conical flask becomes equal to the number of moles of NaOH run down
the burette. Note the difference between end point and equivalence point.
Which is the correct graph that represents the titration of NH4OH (from burette) with HCI?

(A) (B)

(C) (D)

21. 5901AB04 is an eight digit number divisible by 792. Find A + B = ?

(A) 6 (B) 7 (C) 8 (D) 9

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22. Among the following, which is not true about vaccines?
(A) Vaccines contain dead microbial cells or their parts.
(B) Vaccines contain antibiotics to prevent diseases.
(C) Vaccine contain special proteins which evoke immune system against disease.
(D) Vaccines contain inactivated micro-organisms.

In the following passage some concepts about electrical circuit analysis is discussed. Based on
this answer questions 23 to 26.
(i) When two or more conductors meet at a point it is called a junction. At junctions there should not be any
accumulation of charges. This implies that the net current entering the junction should be equal to net
current leaving a junction.
(ii) In a closed circuit having resistors and batteries, the sum of voltages across the resistors will be equal to
net electromotive force (emf). This follows from the principle of conservation of energy.
With the help of above two concepts the current and voltage across different circuit elements can be determined.

23. The current I in the branch shown in the adjacent figure is

(A) 3.0A (B) 2.5A (C) 4.0A (D) 4.5A

24. A closed circuit shown in the adjacent figure includes a resistor of resistance 20.0 and battery of emf 3.0V
and internal resistance of 1. The internal resistance of the battery can be considered in series with it. The
voltage drop across the resistor of resistance 20 is

(A) 2.857 V (B) 3.000 V (C) 2.500 V (D) 1.567 V

25. A circuit which is used for charging a battery is shown in the adjacent figure. The battery 'B' has emf 6V and
internal resistance of 2. The charging battery 'A' has an emf of 9V and internal resistance of 1. The voltage
across the points Pand Q

(A) 8V (B) 7V (C) 4V (D) 4.2V

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26. The circuit shown in adjacent figure consists of an external resistance of 10.0 connected across two
batteries of emfs 6.0V and 9.0V with internal resistance of 1.0 each. Find the power dissipated by the
10.0 resistor.

(A) 6.5W (B) 5.1W (C) 3.5W (D) 5.5W

27. Choose the correct sets which represent the oxides as acidic:basic:neutral:amphoteric respectively
(i) CO2: MgO: N2O: H2O (ii) SO2: NO: CO: AI2O3
(iii) P2O5: ZnO: NO: AI2O3 (iv) SO3: CaO : N2O : PbO
(A) i & ii (B) ii & iii (C) iii & iv (D) iv & i

28. What is the smallest natural number when multiplied by 15 and divided by 63 gives remainder 21?
(A) 13 (B) 14 (C) 17 (D) 20

29. Gram positive bacteria will have one of the specific characters. Identify it.
(A) They have more peptidoglycon in their cell walls.
(B) They show red colour on gram staining.
(C) Flagella found all over the body.
(D) They will have mesosomes as the extension of cell membrane.

30. A silver article turns black when kept open in air for few days. The article when rubbed with toothpaste again
starts shining because
(A) Hydrogen peroxide present in the toothpaste reacts to give silver sulphate.
(B) Hydrated silica present in the toothpaste reacts to give silver oxide.
(C) Aluminium hydroxide present in the toothpaste reacts to give silver hydroxide.
(D) Calcium carbonate present in the toothpaste reacts to give silver carbonate.

31. A lift is moving up at constant speed. Consider the following statements:

I. The tension in the string is constant
II. The K.E of the elevator is constant
III.The gravitational P.E of the earth lift system is constant
IV. The acceleration of the elevator is zero.
V. The mechanical energy of the earth -lift system is constant.
Choose the correct option
(A) Only lI·and V are true (B) Only IV and V are true
(C) Only I, II and III are true (D) Only I, II and IV are true

32. Amongst the sixteen and × marks, how many cases are incorrect?

 means displacement reaction occurs

× means no displacement reaction occurs
(A) 7 (B) 11 (C) 10 (D) 9

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33. In the adjoining figure segment AD, BE and CF are the altitudes of triangle ABC. Find AD × BC if AB × AC =
409.6, BE × CF = 202.5.

(A) 225 (B) 256 (C) 288 (D) 312

34. The testes of men lie in a small muscular pouch called scrotum located outside the abdominal cavity;
choose the correct reason.
(A) Sperm formation in testes requires a higher temperature than the normal body temperature.
(B) Seminal vesicles requires lower temperature to produce nutrients for sperm.
(C) Sperm formation in testes requires a lower temperature than the normal body temperature.
(D) Sperm produced in scrotum is easily released out without going into abdominal cavity.

35. Two toy cars (a and b) fixed with spring at front, collide as shown in the figure below. 'a' has a mass of 200 g
and is initially moving to the right. Car 'b' has a mass of 300 g and is initially at rest. When the separation
between the cars is minimum,

(A) car b is at rest (B) car a has come to rest

(C) both cars have the same kinetic energy (K.E) (D) the K.E of the system is at a minimum

36. What is the ratio of number of electrons gamed by acidified KMnO4 and acidified K2Cr2O7 in the reaction given
KMnO4 
 Mn

K2Cr2O7 
 Cr
H 3+

(A) 5:6 (B) 6:5 (C) 3:5 (D) 5:3

37. If 338 – 288 = m then m = ?

(A) 50 (B) 32 (C) 18 (D) 2

38. 38) Which of the following is NOT produced by microbial activity?

(A) Yoghurt (B) Bread (C) Vinegar (D) Antiseptics

39. A concave spherical mirror has a focal length of 12 cm. if an object is placed 6 cm in front of it, the position
of the image is
(A) 4 cm behind the mirror (B) 4cm in front of the mirror
(C) 12 cm behind the mirror (D) 12 cm in front of the mirror

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40. Methylcyclobutane is a saturated alkane. What is its molecular formula?
(A) C5H10 (B) C5H8 (C) C5H12 (D) C5H6

41. How many four digit numbers divisible by twenty nine have the sum of their digits 29?
(A) 4 (B) 5 (C) 13 (D) none of these

42. Choose the right combination of heart types and animals.

(A) (B)

(C) (D)

43. A photo frame can be hung on the wall with string in three different ways as shown in the adjacent figure
below. The tension in the string is

(A) least in I (B) greatest in II (C) greatest in III (D) least in III

44. Ionic radii of following species are

(A) Si4+ > P5+ > S6+ > C17+ (B) S6+ > p5+ > Si4+ > Al3+
(C) N3– >O2– >F– >Na1+ (D) Mg2+ > Na1+ >F– > O2–

45. How many triangles are there in this figure?

(A) 50 (B) 70 (C) 84 (D) 91

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46. Raju Sharma, a 10th standard student participated in 100 meter sprint. During running he developed painful
muscle contraction and fell down. The physical education teacher rushed to him and gave a hot water
massage. Raju Sharma slowly recovered from the cramp. The teacher explained the physiology behind the
cramp and the sudsequent relief.
Identify the right explanation.
(A) Because of the quick movement, the muscles looses its elasticity and are stressed. The inflammation
developed during this process causes cramp. After hot water massage the inflammation subsides and the
pain gets relieved.
(B) During vigorous physical activity, aerobic respiration in the muscles increases which leads to the
accumulation of more CO2 in the muscles. This causes cramps. Later CO2 was relieved upon hot water
massage resulting in pain relief.
(C) During vigorous physical activity, lactic acid accumulates in the muscles due to anaerobic respiration.
This causes the cramps. Hot water massage improves the circulation of blood and O2 in the muscles. As a
result lactic acid is converted into CO2 and water. Thus the pain gets relieved.
(D) During quick movements, the nerves will not co-operate with the muscles. There is a stimulus which is
taken to spinal cord and the effector function was done by motor neurons which cause cramp. On hot water
massage the stimulus was subsided. Thus the pain gets relieved.

47. If a force acting is conservative only when

(A) work done by this force is zero when the particle moves once around any closed path
(B) it obeys Newton's third law
(C) its work is the change in the K.E of the particle
(D) it is not a frictional force

48. Sati was studying neutralisation reaction. She accidentally dropped 'x' grams of a sodium carbonate
monohydrate into a 100 mL solution of HCI whose concentration was 0.25 M. 10mL from this final solution
was taken and titrated against 0.05M NaOH solution to yield a titre value of 20mL. What is the value of 'x'.
(A) 186mg (B) 93mg (C) 1860mg (D) 930mg

49. 8888888 * 8888888 this fifteen digit number is divisible by 22. Find the eighth digit in the number.
(A) 1 (B) 3 (C) 5 (D) 8

50. The various parts of the human respiratory system are given below:
(i) Nasal passage (ii) Pharynx (iii) Wind pipe (iv) Bronchus
(v) Bronchioles (vi) Alveoli
Identify the right sequence of air passage dunng exhalation.
(A) vi, v, ii, iv, iii, I (B) vi, iv,v, iii, ii, i (C) vi, v, iv, iii, ii, i (D) vi, v, ii, iii, iv, i

51. The diagram shows total internal reflection. Which of the following statement is not true ?

(A) Angle AON is the incident angle

(B) AON = BON
(C) AON is the critical angle
(D) the speed of light in medium 2 is greater than that in medium 1

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52. A chemist's report on a batch of pharmaceutical products, Aspirin (C9H8O4) (250 mg tablets) and paracetamol
(C8H9NO2) (500 mg tablets) indicated a '+0.5% weigh error in each tablet. Due to this error, the consumer
gets extra 'x' molecules of aspirin per tablet and extra 'y' molecules of paracetamol per tablet, Choose the
'best' relation between x and y
(A) x = y (B) x > y (C) y > x (D) x = 2y

53. (41)16 - (14)16 is a multiple of

(A) 1485 (B) 1584 (C) 1845 (D) 1854

54. The equation given below represents the process of photosynthesis

6CO2 +     C H O + (ii)

(i) chloropyll
sunlight 6 12 6 
Identify (i) and (ii)

(i) (ii) (i) (ii) (i) (ii) (i) (ii)

(A) 6H O 6O (B) 6H O 6H O (C) 4H O 4O (D) 4O 4H2O
2 2 2 2 2 2 2

55. The centre of gravity of a body coincides with the centre of mass
(A) always
(B) never
(C) if the acceleration due to gravity is uniform over the body
(D) if the body has a uniform distribution of mass

56. Sodium reacts with excess oxygen to form sodium oxide. A student wants to prepare 1.24g of sodium oxide.
While doing the calculations, he uses atomic number of sodium instead of atomic mass. What is the
approximate percentage error in the mass of sodium oxide obtained due to this mistake?
(A) 11% (B) 23% (C) 48% (D) 60%

57. What will be the remainder if the number (1000000)3 is divided by 143?
(A) 9 (B) 6 (C) 1 (D) 0

58. Which of the following sequence depicts the flow of blood in human circulatory system?





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59. A body is in equilibrium under the combined action of several forces then
(A) all the forces must be applied at the same point
(B) all the forces form pairs of equal and opposite forces
(C) the sum of the torques about any point must always be equal to zero
(D) the lines of action of all the forces must pass through the centre of gravity of the body.

60. From the following pool of molecules

How many isomers are represented above

(A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) 5

3 3 3 3 3
61. + + + + .... + =?
4 28 70 130 9700
(A) 0.97 (B) 0.99 (C) 1 (D) 1.03

62. The following technique that can be used for deciphering the arrangement of nucleotides in genes.
(A) karyotyping (C) DNA finger printing
(B) nucleic acid sequencing (D) transcription

63. The "reaction" force does not cancel the "ac.tion" force because
(A) the action force is greater than the reaction force
(B) the reaction force exists only after the action force is removed
(C) the reaction force is greater than the action force
(D) they act on different bodies

64. Which of the following Lewis dot structures best describes the structure of peroxide ion of sodium peroxide?
X- electrons from oxygen .
•- electrons from sodium

(A) (B)

(C) (D)

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65. What is the sum of all three digit even numbers divisible by seventeen?
(A) 18846 (B) 18684 (C) 14688 (D) 16848

66. When a red blood cell was placed in an animal cell (RBe) in 3 different solutions, the following morphological
observations were made under a microscope.

The above three solutions can be classified in the order of

(A) isotonic, hypotonic and hypertonic (B) hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic
(C) hypotonic, hypertonic and isotonic (D) isotonic, hypertonic and hypotonic

67. A stone is thrown horizontally and follows the XYZ path as shown in the adjacent figure. The direction of the
acceleration of the stone at point Y is

(A)  (B)  (C) (D)

68. Ionization Energy is defined as 'the energy required for removing the most loosely bound electron from an
isolated gaseous atom or ion'.
A(g) A+ + e– 1st Ionization Energy
A+(gA2+(g)+ e– 2nd Ionization Energy
A (g)A (g) + e-
2+ 3+
3rd Ionization Energy
and so on ....

Identify element A.
(A) Nitrogen (B) Oxygen (C) Carbon (D) Fluorine

69. The adjacent sides of a parallelogram are 30 cm and 20 cm. The length of one of the diagonal is 40 cm. What
is the length of the other diagonal?
(A) 60 cm (B) 10 10 cm (C) 20 5 cm (D) 8 30 cm

70. Genetic material (DNA) in plants occurs in which ofthe following cell organelles?
(A) Nucleus (B) Nucleus and chloroplast
(C) Nucleus, chloroplast and mitochondria (D) Chloroplast and mitochondria

71. Which of the following graphs is correct for a particle moving in a circle of radius r at a speed of v (where 'a'
is magnitude of acceleration) ?

(A) (B) (C) (D)

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72. Electronic configuration of Na+ is (2,8) and that of sodium element is (2,8,1). Choose the correct statements.
i. Na+(g) is more stable than Na(g). ii. Na+(g) is less stable than Na(g).
iii. Na (aq) is more stable than Na(aq) iv. Na+(aq) is less stable than Na(aq)
(A) ii, iii (B) i, iii (C) ii, iv (D) i, iv

73. What will be the remainder if the number 72015 is divided by 25?
(A) 1 (B) 7 (C) 18 (D) 24

74. In humans, the digestion of carbohydrates happens/takes place in the following parts of the digestive system:
(A) Mouth, stomach and small intestine (C) Small intestine alone
(B) Mouth and small intestine (D) Stomach and small intestine

75. Light travels from medium X to medium Y as shown in the adjacent figure.
(A) both the speed and frequency decrease
(B)speed increases and frequency decreases
(C )the speed decreases and wavelength decrease
(D) the speed decreases and wavelength increases

76. Hess' Law states that 'the heat evolved or absorbed in a chemical reaction is the same whether the process
takes place in one or in several steps'

Heat evolved in the combustion of one mole C(s) in excess oxygen is x kJ/mol, and that for the combustion
of H2(g) is y kJ/mol and for that of C6H6 (I) is z kJ/mol.Therefore, the heat change (kJ/mol) involved in the
formation one mole of C6H6(1) from the given equation is
(A) x+y+z (B) 6x+3y-z (C) 6x+3y+z (D) x+y-z/6

77. If A(p, q + r), B(q, r + p) and C(r, p + q) are points then area of triangle ABC
(A) p2+q2+r2 (B) (p+q+r)2 (C) (pq+qr+rp) (D) zero

78. Photosynthesis in plants is carried out in

(A) leaves (B) leaves and stems
(C) leaves, stems and aerial roots (D) stems and roots

79. A particle moves along the x-axis according to the equation x = 6t2 where x is displacement in meters and t
is time in seconds. Therefore
(A) the acceleration of the particle is 6 ms–2
(B) the particle follows a parabolic path
(C) each second the velocity of the particle changes by 9.8 ms–1
(D) the velocity of the particle is 6 ms–1 at t = 0.5 s

80. What occurs when H20(l) evaporates

(i) Covalent bonds are broken.
(ii) Only dipole-dipole forces are overcome.
(iii) Heat is absorbed by water from the surroundings.
(iv)lt becomes oxygen and hydrogen gas.
(A) Only (i) and (iii) occurs (B) Only (ii) and (iii) occurs
(C) (i), (iii) and (iv) occurs (D) (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) take place

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1. A wooden block (W) is suspended by using a cord from a heavy steel ball (B). The entire system is
dropped from a height. Neglecting air resistance, the tension in the cord is
(A) Zero (B) The differences in the masses of B and W
(C) The differences in the weights of B and W (D) The weight of B

2. In a n-sided regular polygon, the radius of the circum-circle is equal in length to the shortest diagonal.
The number of values of n < 60 for which this can happen is
(A) 0 (B) 1 (C) 10 (D) 2

3. Which of the following does NOT contain living cells?

(A) Bone tissue (B) Xylem sieve tubes (C) Phloem (D) Epidermis

4. If DNA was made of 6 nucleotides instead of 4, what are the total number of triplet codons possible?
(A) 24 (B) 18 (C) 64 (D) 216
5. A circus performer of weight W is standin on a wire as shown in the adjacent figure. The tension in the
wire is
(A) Approximately
(B) Approximately
(C) Much more than
(D) Much less than

6. Number of integers n such that the number 1 + n is a divisor of the number 1 + n 2 is

(A) 0 (B) 1 (C) 4 (D) 2
7. When 1 gram of a mixture of aluminium and zinc was treated with HCl, a gas was liberated. At the end
of the reaction, the volume of the liberated gas was found to be 524 cm 3, under STP conditions. The
individual weights of aluminium and zinc in the mixture, respectively, are
(A) 0.2 g and 0.8 g (B) 0.8 g and 0.2 g (C) 0.5 g and 0.5 g (D) 0.322 g and 0.678 g
8. Choose the element which is most different from the other three:
(A) Carbon (B) Nitrogen (C) Silicon (D) Phosphorous
9. In the following diagrams O is point object and I is its image formed by a concave mirror. Indentify the
diagram in which position of image I is nearly correct.

(A) (B)

(C) (D)

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1 1
10. If for x, y > 0 we have  = 2, then the minimum value of xy is
x y
(A) 2 (B) 1 (C) 4 (D) 2

11. Which of these is a mollusc ?

(A) Lobster (B) Scorpion (C) Crab (D) Octpus

12. What is the mechanism used by the kidneys to remove waste products from the body?
(A) Nephrons convert nitrogenous waste to uric acid and pass it out as urine.
(B) Nephrons actively transport uric acid and other nitrogenous waste A into the proximal and distal
convoluted tubules, from where it is collected to form urine.
(C) The blood is filtered to retain cells and large plasma proteins within the blood. The remaining filtrate
passes through the proximal and distal convoluted tubules, where needed substances are reabsorbed
by active transport.
(D) Nephrons filter out the nitrogenous waste which is passed through the proximal and distal convoluted
tubules and collected by the collecting duct as urine.
13. Following diagram shows refraction of parallel beam of light through a spherical surface. Indentify the
correct ray diagram

(A) (B)

(C) (D)

14. Tenth term in the sequence 12, 18, 20, 28, ... is
(A) 336 (B) 63 (C) 216 (D) 68

15. An electron pair donor is a Lewis base and an electron pair acceptor is a Lewis acid. Which among the
following statements, is correct ?
(A) NH3 is a Lewis acid, because nitrogen has only 6 electrons around it.
(B) BF3 is a Lewis base, because fluorine has 8 electrons around it.
(C) NF3 is a Lewis base, because nitrogen has a lone electron.
(D) BCl3 is a Lewis acid because it has only 6 electrons around it.

16. Green house gases absorb (and trap) outgoing infared radiation (heat) from Earth and contribute to
global warming. A molecule that acts as a green house gas, generally has a permanent dipole moment
and sometimes for other reasons. Going only by the condition of permanent dipole moment, in the list
of gases given below, how many can be potential green house gases?
Water, Sulphur dioxide, Boron trifluoride, carbon monoxic, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, methane,
hydrogen sulphide, ammonia
(A) Five (B) Six (C) Seven (D) Four

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17. In the diagram M1 and M2 are two plane mirrors at right angles to each other. O is a luminous point
object. Consider two images formed due to first reflection at M1 and M2. The area of the triangle formed
by the object and two images is

(A) 4 cm 2 (B) 2 cm 2 (C) 8 cm 2 (D) 16 cm 2

18. The probability of a point within an equilateral triangle with side 1- unit lying outside its in-circle (inscribed
circle) is
1   2
(A) 1– (B) 1– (C) 1– (D) 1–
2( 3 ) 3( 3 ) 2( 3 ) 3( 3 )

19. Penicillin cannot be used to treat influenza because:

(A) It only helps to bring the temperature down and does not reduce the infection.
(B) The penicillin is broken down by the organism.
(C) Viruses do not have cell walls
(D) Reproduction of protozoans is not affected by penicillin.

20. Thin cuboidal strips are made by slicing a potato, They are all made to be exactly 8 cm long
and 2 mm wide. Each strip is placed in sugar solutions of different concentration after soaking it for 5
hours their lengths are measured again. The following graph shows the results of the experiment. What
concentration of sugar solution is isotonic with the contents of the cells of the potato.

(A) 0.2 (B) 0.4 (C) 0.6 (D) 0.1

21. Three bulbs B1, B2 and B3 having rated powers 100 W, 60 W and
60 W at 250 V are connected in a circuit as shown in the figure.
If W 1, W 2 and W 3 are the output powers of the bulbs B1, B2 and B3
respectively, then
(A) W 1 > W 2 = W 3
(B) W 1 > W 2 > W 3
(C) W 1 < W 2 = W 3
(D) W 1 < W 2 < W 3

22. If a, b > 0 then

(A) a + b < ab (B) a + b > ab
(C) a + b > 2ab (D) None of the above inequalities will hold

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23. Which of the following is true about ATP
(A) It is a derivative of one of the nitrogenous bases that from DNA
(B) It splits into ADP and phosphate, and the energy produced is used by muscle cells to contract
(C) It is produced in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
(D) All of the above
24. Which of the following statements is true regarding communication in neurons
(A) Free lectrons are moved along the plasma membrane of the axon and control the expression of
(B) A chemical signal travels along the axon and is converted into an electric impulse at the synapse
(C) An electric impulse travels along the length of the axon. The electric impulse is converted to a
chemical signal at the synapse,
(D) An electrical signal is converted to a chemical signal by the Myelin sheath before it reaches the synapse
25. Rod AB of radius 2r is joined with rod BC of radius r. They are of same material and are of same length.
The combination carries a current I.
Choose the correct statement
(A) VAB = 4VBC (B) Current per unit area in AB and BC are equal
(C) Resistance of AB is greater than that of BC (D) VBC = 4V AB
26. The statement “a is not less than 4” is correctly represented by
(A) a < 4 (B) a > 4 (C) a > 4 (D) a < 4
27. A chemist mixes two ideal liquids A and B to form a homogeneous mixture. The densities of the liquids
are 2.0 g/mL for A and 3 g/mL for B. When she drops a small object into the mixture, she finds that the
object becomes suspended in the liquid; that is, it neither sinks to the bottom nor does it float on the
surface. If the mixture is made of 40% A and 60%B, by volume, what is the density of the object?
(A) 2.60 g/mL (B) 2.50g/mL (C) 2.40g/mL (D) 1.50g/mL
28. How many different compounds can have the formula, C 3H4 ?
(A) One (B) Two (C) Three (D) Four
29. In the figure shown, the current carrying loop is fixed, where
as current carrying straight conductor is free to move.
Then straight wire will (ignore gravity)
(A) remain stationary
(B) move towards the loop
(C) move away from the loop
(D) rotate about the axis perpendicular to plane of paper
30. Two friends A and B watched a car from the top of their buildings. Angle of depression for A was t; more
than angle of depression for B, then
(A) A’s apartment is taller than B’s apartment
(B) B’s apartment is taller than A’s apartment
(C) A’s apartment and B’s apartment have same height
(D) We cannot compare the heights of the two apartments

31. How many times would a red blood cell pass through the heart during one complete cycle?
(A) Once (B) Twice (C) 4 times (D) 72 times

32. A gene has two alleles P (dominant) and p(recessive). The homozygous recessive combination leads
to death in the embryo stage. If two individuals with genotype Pp are mated, out of the offspring that
survive to adulthood, what is the probability of the genotype to be Pp?
(A) 0.75 (B) 0.33 (C) 0.5 (D) 0.67
33. A convex mirror of focal length f produces an image of size equal to times the size of the object.
Then the object distance is
(A) nf (B) (C) (n + 1)f (D) (n – 1)f

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34. Total surface area of a sphere S with radius ( 2  3) cm is

(A) 400(5 + 2 6 ) sqmm (B) ( 2  3)2 sqcm

(C) 2( 2  3)2 sqcm (D) 40(5  2 6) sqmm

35. There are many elements in the periodic table that are named after the country, where they were first
made or obtained. For example, the Latin name for copper was coined by the Romans because their
chief source of copper was from the island of Cyprus. However, there is one country in the world which
was named after an element (the Latin name). A long time ago, it was believed that this country had
mountains full of a valuable element, however all expeditions to find these mountains failed. But the
name stuck on. The element in question is used for many applications today, and many of its compounds
are used as catalysts. The ions of this metal have very good anti - microbial property and finds application
in water purification. The element is
(A) Sodium (B) Gold (C) Silver (D) Francium

36. All of these species have the same number of valence electrons as nitrate ion, except
(A) Carbonate ion (B) Bicarbonate ion (C) NF3 (D) SO 3

37. The angle between the hour arm and the minute arm of a clock at 2 :10 a.m. is
(A) Zero (B) 4° (C) 5° (D) 6°

38. A craft teacher reshapes the wax from a cylinder of candle with section diameter 6 cm and the height
6 cm into a sphere. The radius of this sphere will be :

3 3
(A) r  6 cm (B) r = 6 cm (C) r  3 3 cm (D) r  6 3 2 cm
2 2

39. Plants absorb nitrates from the soil, which are most essential to produce :
(A) Proteins (B) Carbohydrates (C) Fats (D) Cell wall

40. The dry mass (mass excluding water) of a seed in the process of germination:
(A) increases over time until the first leaves appear
(B) decreases over time until the first leaves appear
(C) stays constant until the first leaves appear
(D) first increases and then decrease until the first leaves appear.

41. Two bodies A and B are charged with equal magnitude of charge but A with positive charge and B with
negative. If MA and MB are masses before charging and M/A and MB/ are the masses after charging, then
(m 0 is some constant mass)
(A) M/A = MA + m 0 and MB/ = MB + m 0 (B) M/A = MA – m 0 and MB/ = MB + m 0
(C) M/A = MB/ (D) M/A = MA – and MB/ = MB + m 0

42. The number of natural numbers n < 30 for which n  n  n  ..... is a natural number is
(A) 30 (B) Zero (C) 6 (D) 5

43. Element A, B and C have atomic number X, X +1 and X + 2, respectively. ‘C’ in an alkali metal ‘A’ reacts
with another element ‘Y’ to form the compound ‘AY”. ‘A’ and ‘Y’ belong to the same group. ‘AY’ possesses
(A) ionic bond (B) covalent bond (C) metallic bonding (D) coordinate bond

44. Air has three major components nitrogen, oxygen and argon. Given that one mole of air at sea level is
made up of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% argon, by volume. What is the density of air? Assume
that gases behave in an ideal manner. (Atomic mass of argon is 40 amu)
(A) 14.62 g/L (B) 1.3 g/L (C) 29 g/L (D) 0.65 g/L

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45. A conductor of length L has a varying cross section with area 2A at P and A at Q as shown in the
adjacent figure. It carried a steady current I, then

(A) Net charge per unit volume near P is more than net charge per unit volume near Q.
(B) Net charge per unit volume near Q is less than net charge per unit volume.
(C) Current per unit area near P is more than current per unit area near Q.
(D) Current per unit area near P is less than current per unit area near Q

46. The number of natural numbers n < 30 for which n  n  n  ..... is a prime number is
(A) 3 (B) Zero (C) 9 (D) 2

47. Rhodoferax fermentans is a species of photynthetic bacterial. From your knowledge about bacteria in
general, identify the components that cannot be present in this organism
(A) Chloroplasts (B) ATP (C) Ribosomes (D) Cell wall

48. If atomospheric humidity decreases, transpiration rate

(A) decreases because the concentration gradient between the mesophyll and the atmosphere decreases.
(B) Stays the same because active transport does not depend on humidity
(C) Increases because of the higher concentration gradient between the air spaces of the mesophyll
and the atmosphere
(D) decreases because the concentration of water vapour decreases

49. Vessels A and B are made of conducting material. Both contain water. Vessel A floats in B. Vessel B is
now heated at a uniform rate, then
(A) water in A boils first
(B) water in A boils some time after water in B starts boiling
(C) water in both A and B start boiling simultaneously
(D) water in A does not boil

50. The number of squares formed by 5 vertical and 4 horizontal lines(all are equispaced) is
(A) 60 (B) 20 (C) 40 (D) 46

51. If 0.50 mole of a monovalent metal (M+1) halide is mixed with 0.2 mole of a divalent metal (L+2)
phosphate, the maximum number of moles of M3PO4 that can be formed is
(A) 0.25 (B) 0.30 (C) 0.16 (D) 0.20

52. Every major city in India has a pollution control board to monitor air and water pollution. The owing data
is from three localities in Bangalore city from the year 2015.

ppb stands for parts per billion and ppm stands for parts per million. These are different units to
express concentration. They are very similar to percentage(which is actually parts per hundred)
Base on the above data, which place will you choose to live in?
(A) All localities are equally polluted, so I have no preference
(B) P is more polluted than Y and Z, hence I will live in either Y or Z
(C) Locality Y is least polluted, hence I will live in Y
(D) Z and Y are more polluted than P, hence I will live in P

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53. A body thrown vertically up reaches a maximum height and returns back. Its acceleration is
(A) downward during both ascent and descent
(B) downward at all position except at the highest point, where it is zero
(C) upward during both ascent and descent
(D) downward during ascent and upward during descent

54. The number of integers a, b, c for which a 2 + b2 – 8c = 3 is

(A) 2 (B) Infinite (C) 0 (D) 4

55. Which of the following is NOT produced by the endoplasmic reticulum?

(A) Lipids (B) Proteins (C) Monosaccharides (D) Hormones

56. Vaccines prevent infection by pathogens by

(A) presenting the body’s immune system with antigens in a controlled manner, so that it is prepared
to counter the pathogen producing it when it attempts to infect the body.
(B) affecting the reproductive cycle of the invading pathogen
(C) binding to antigens on the surface of the pathogen and inactivating it
(D) affecting the metabolic pathways of pathogen

57. Velocity of a particle moving along a straight line varies with time as
shown in the adjacent figure. Net forces acting on the particle are
F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5 in the intervals OA, AB, BC and DE respectively.
Identify the correct statement .
(A) F1 increases with time
(B) F5 is initially positive and then becomes negative
(C) F1 and F2 are in opposite directions
(D) F3 in negative

58. If set X consists of three elements then the number of elements set of X is
(A) 33 (B) 23 (C) 38 (D) 28

59. The heat of neutralization of CH3COOH, HCOOH, HCN and H2S are -55.2, -56.07, -2.8 and -3.34 kJ per
equivalent respectively. The increasing order of strength of these acids is

60. To prevent the formation of oxides, peroxides and superoxides, alkali metals are sometimes stored in
an unreactive atmosphere. Which of the following gases should not be used for lithium
(A) Ne (B) Ar (C) N2 (D) Kr

61. A fisherman of height h is standing on the bank of a lake. A fish in the water perceives his height as h’.
(A) h’ > h (B) h’ < h
(C) h’ = h (D) h’ > h or h’ < h depending or position of fish

62. A triangle has perimeter 316 and its sides are of integer length. The maximum possible area for such a
triangle is achieved for
(A) Single triangle (B) Two triangles (C) Three triangles (D) More than three triangles

63. Henning Brand, one of the many alchemists was in pursuit of the philosopher’s stone. Brand’s method
is believed to have consisted of evaporating large quantities of urine to leave a black residue that was
then left for a few months. The residue was then heated with sand, driving off a variety of gases and oils.
The final substance to be driven off, was condensed as a white solid, which he called as ‘cold fire’ as
it was luminous and glowed in the dark and also caught fire on slight warming and producing a large
quantity of light. It has also been called as the ‘Bearer of light’. Which element is ‘cold fire’?
(A) Lithium (B) Tungsten (C) Phosphorous (D) Cesium

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64. When solid KOH is mixed with solid NH 4CI, a gas is produced. Which gas is it ?
(A) Chlorine (B) Hydrogen (C) Hydrogen chloride (D) Ammonia

65. Object A is completely immersed in water. T rue weight of object A is

W A. Weight of water with beaker is W B. Let B be the buoyant force. W 1
and W 2 are scale readings of spring balance and weighing scale
(A) W 1 = W A
(B) W 1 = W A + B
(C) W 2 = W B
(D) W 2 = W B + B

66. Number of numbers less than 40 having exactly four divisors is

(A) 15 (B) 12 (C) 11 (D)14

67. Antibodies play an important role in defending the body against infections by which of the following
(A) they engulf the bacteria and make them harmless
(B) they bind to the surface of pathogens, so that they can be eassily identified and removed by other
cells of the immune system
(C) they enter the pathogen and prevent cell division
(D) they are highly reactive and chemically react with the DNA of the pathogen

68. The figure shows a food web, where A, B, C, D etc. are different species.
And the direction of the arrows symbolizes the direction of flow of nutrients.
As increases in the population of which species is likely to decrease the
population of species A.
(A) Species D
(B) Species F
(C) Species G
(D) Species E

69. A point object O is kept at origin. W hen a concave mirror M 1 places at x = 6 cm, image is formed at
infinity. When M 1 is replaced by another concave mirror M 2 at same position, image is formed at
x = 30 cm, then ratio of the focal length of M 1 to that of M 2 is
(A) 3/4 (B) 4/3 (C) 5 (D) 1/5

70. The number 38 (310 + 65) + 23 (212 + 67) is

(A) A perfect square and a perfect cube (B) Neither a perfect square nor a perfect cube
(C) A perfect cube but not a perfect square (D) A perfect square but not a perfect cube

71. Melting point of a substances is 10° C. What does this mean ?

(A) The substance is a liquid at 10° C
(B) The substance is a solid at 10° C
(C) There is an equilibrium between solid phase and liquid phase at 10° C
(D) The substance is 50% solid and 50% liquid at 10° C

72. The following substances have approximately same molecular mass. Which is likely to have the highest
boiling point?
(A) n - butane (B) isobutane (C) n - butanol (D) isobutanol

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73. U - tube contains some amount of mercury. Immiscible Liquid X is
poured in left immiscible liquid Y is poured in the right arm. Length
of liquid X is 8 cm, length Y is 10 cm and upper levels of X and Y are
equal. If density of Y is 3.36 g cm -3 and 13.6 g cm -3 then density of
X is
(A) 0.8 g cm –3
(B) 1.2 c cm –3
(C) 1.4 g cm –3
(D) 1.6 g cm –3

74. Let the number of rectangles formed by 6 horizontal and 4 vertical lines be n and those formed by 5
vertical and 5 horizontal lines be m then we have
(A) n = m (B) n > m + 1 (C) m > n (D) m > n + 5

75. In a human cell undergoing Meiosis, what are the total number of cellular DNA molecules present
during Prophase - I.
(A) 23 (B) 46 (C) 69 (D) 92

76. During gaseous exchange in the alveoli, what happens to nitrogen?

(A) there is no net nitrogen exchange, as nitrogen is filtered out by the alveoli
(B) the nitrogen is absorbed by the alveolus to form amino acids
(C) the nitrogen is filtered out by the alveolus, as the nitrogen molecule is too large to cross the gaps
in the capillaries
(D) there is no net nitrogen exchange, as the blood is saturated with nitrogen

77. The effective resistance between A and D is the circuit shown in the adjacent figure is
(A) 
(B) 10
(C) 15
(D) 20

78. If ABCD is a rhombus and ABC = 60° then

(A) the points A, B, C, D are concyclic
(B) the quadrilateral has exactly half the area of the square with same sides as ABCD
(C) the quadrilateral has area AB2
(D) the diagonals of the quadrilateral ABCD are equal and bisect each other at right angle

79. Identify the overall change in the following set of reactions:

1. Carbon dioxide  carbonic acid (H2CO 3)
2. Ethanol (alcohol)  Ethanal (aldehyde)
3. Ethanal (aldehydel)  Ethanol (alcohol)
4. Sulphuric acid  Sulphur trioxide (SO 3)
Choose the correct options which best describes these conversions :
(A) oxidation, oxidation, reduction, reduction
(B) hydration, oxidation, reduction, dehydration
(C) reduction, dehydration, hydration, oxidation
(D) reduction, reduction, oxidation, oxidation

80. An element with atomic number 44, is below which element in the periodic table ?
(A) Calcium (B) Iron (C) Argon (D) Magnesium

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