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Food & Beverage Action Plan

# Task Action By Primary Final Target Task Remarks

Target Date Date
1 ٌٌRecruitment 1-Complete Manning Budget as per OK
( Complete Hiring the short business need /hour.
staff at all F&B sections 2-Get the Staff budget and OK
Compare Budget) organization chart.
3- Maintain the actual shortage
manning needed lists compare
budget (Positions& Quantity, Mix
nationality,...etc ). OK
4-Check all the existing staff files for
Development and transfer.
5-To contact all the staff we know in
Saudi Arabia or abroad (interviews)
6-Selected candidates files to be
handed over to the concerned
person going on recruitment trip
7-Hiring the Outstanding
Experienced &Qualified staff
(Attitude and performance).
2 Menu planning & Engineering 1-Gather all the menus of our
And Upgrade Food Qualities & competitors.
Quantities. 2-Study thoroughly all these menus.
3-Market survey for main
At (Restuarant, R/S , Coffee competitors
Shop) 4-Identify all the popular dishes in
our competitor's menus and fast
Note: moving items, Raw material
Covering All Seasons availability and costs.
5. Check all the kitchen facilities
1-Fast moving items and equipment in order to plan the
2-pics portion consciences menu items.

3-raise the prices by 6-Set with the Director of sales and
sr5/avg/cover marketing to know expected guest
4-Costing & raw materials mix
items 7- Pics for Consist of portion
quality& quantity
3 Get fresh quotations for all the 1-Three quotations Market analyses
kitchen food items up grade
4 Menu Pricing 1-Decide for our price strategies Market analyses and
New Meals Pricing list Market survey ( Competitor Hotels) survey
According The Seasons

5 Restaurant , cafe and Room 1-Complet Project to change the - Kitchen Re-design
Service Floor plan outlets design plus and new - New Buffet
( Renovation Projects) facilitates and machinery matching includes(hot& clod
with quests requirements plus section)
increase seating capacity ,change the -New Live cooking
furniture…..etc ( Generate extra station include
revenues pus increase guests ventilation system
satisfaction by increasing facilities - New D/Washer area
,efficiency of services and amazing Machines.
atmospheres. - Enlarge R/S area
- Beverage Pantry for
Both Al Marwa and
-Equipment and linen
store area.
6 VIP Customers upgrade 1-Hire 2 skilled and presentable Approval GM & C/O
service qualities waiters to serving special functions DOO
Note: and events at VIP suites
Hiring two butlers –VIP Suites 2- Table escorting
New standards for improve 3-Mgr check guests satisfactions
quality at outlets. 4- filling guest comments
5-Guests calls after visit.

6- offering free mints.
7 Printing & Stationary up grade 1-make a list for all the forms to be Approval GM&C/O
with new logo used in all F&B dept(Cocktail DOO
&Dinner Napkins,
8 Maintain and implemented All New Standards will be approved On Going
-reactivate by Gm after receive it from Royal
All F&B Standards( Kitchen, Signature (Head Office)
Service and stewarding)
8.A New Buffet Food Tags 1-make a list for all the Buffet Items Approval GM&C/O
to be used in all F&B DOO
Select decorative and presentable
Buying new decorative and elegant
9 Job Description for all our 1-Service staff On Going
associates per / All positions 2- kitchen
All Staff to receive it and read it it
plus clear explanation for them
regarding their duties one by one-
linked forward to check
understanding by asking questions.
10 Staff Orientation and Yearly 1-Prepare All TR materials On Going
Training Plan (on Job On Job and Off Job Tasks Plan
Training) include all on job tasks for all F&B
F&B training Tasks in each sections
specific outlet ( Cross Training) Who is who, Orientations
Menu knowledge , items
presentation and service
11 Restaurants opening hours 1-Set fixed opening and closing On Going
hours for all outlets.

2- MGMt approval
3- Fixed Very Elegant Information
12 Opening and closing outlets C/O All Outlets Heads
check list
13 Maintain Staff Development As per company staff motivation Approved By GM
Plan 2016& Conduct EPDR P&P
14 Maintain All Equipments lists 1-Prepare lists(new items at market) Approved By GM &
Needed foe 2016 FF&E and 2- Approved Brands& qualities FC
SOE 3-Got quotations
4-Reliase PRs
6- Receiving & Store (F&B)
15 Make 2 Beverage and 3 Food Restaurant and Coffee Shop F&B ,AFB ad chef
promotions and Introduce Cookies Station,and offering
Thyme nights Chocolate with any hot beverage
To increase F&B Revenues order.
16 New F&B Set of Table Cloth& New set of Table Cloth ,Runners,
Napkins & table matts Napkins
17 Changing Staff Uniform (F&B All F&B Staff Done /Mgmt
service and Kitchen) 1-Kitchen
18 Maintain HACCP SYSTEM 1- Haccp Certification
2-ISO K2200
3-Maintain all F&B safety systems.
4-Hiring Food safety Manager
5-Hiring New Pest Control Contract
Hotel& Housing.
6-Increase Of kitchen hoods
Cleaning contract
Instead two times to be 3 times /year
19 New pest control with 1- Hiring the professional pest

coordination of CE control company.
2- Present for the pest control
company all our needs& areas
3- Increase the F&B areas visit.
4-Changing the ratio of chemicals
and detergent it self.
5-Increase manning to cover hotel
6- Seek the weak points at our hotel
and treated.
7- put the best recommendations to
keep hotel clean out of insect or
20 Hygiene and Sanitation Check Internally
list 1- F&B
1-Cristal Company
21 Minimum and Maximum All F&B Outlets By Outlets Heads
Beverage par Stock
22 Maintain Real OE Par stock All F&B Outlets With coordination of
Each Outlet. outlets heads
23 Prepare all SOE list needed to Covering All F&B Outlets MGMT Approval
buy it in 2016 based on last on Include(cutleries ,China ,Glass ware
hand OE inventory plus Hollowware)
24 Minimizing Breakages by 5 % At All F&B Outlets
1-maintin Proper storage and
shelving areas
2-Strong training Plan.
3-Strong Follow up nd control.
4-Buying new glass and chine
racks& caddies.

5-Maintain proper clear and clean
systems( decoy)
25 Minimizing All in All Costs of At All F&B Outlets
(Detergents ,fuel ,cleaning 1-Maintin Proper storage and
supplies, Water and Energy by shelving areas
3 % of yearly total) FIFO system.
2-Strong training Plan.
3-Strong Follow up nd control and
record all consumption in daylily
basis shift per shift.
4- saving Practices like Water
&Energy( Using water saving each
water tape, Plus switch off power
after leave area ,washing and
cooking in groups not one by one).
26 Conduct Real OE Inventory Conduct 4 Time / Year quarterly
By committee F&B and accounts.
Covering stores and all F&B
operations areas.
27 Staff Motivation( Parties, 1- Each month one activity to be Mgmt approval
Events, competitions, sports conducted high season.
activities …Etc) 2-Gifts, Pics and appreciates
certificate to be presented by Mgmt.
3-social activates to be announced at
Hotel notice boards ,and internal
Magazines and news.
4-Daily recognition.