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#nationataglance CCALABARTON: AYSAN, BATANGAS Barbecuestick town TORS and resets of Tayanin Bata: sola brbece street party ono T tocapof the weeking celebration af the Tiina Festiva an the town's }00" feundeg area Hurd of fais in the seond-ass macy a over 86000 residents ae engaged in the home-based manufacture of barbece sticks using the abundant cl banboo supply. “Stick mak ings doneinalTasan's20barensays, but balk of protucton comes ram Barangay Pnagbayanan, Barangay Girona and Barangay ia Leah Capita 55, mater of, who continue parents’ stck-makng busines sidaina sate read by the Depa met of ours (DoD). Thetown aso prodxcesripa ts, umture, baskets, and other bamboo hands, CENTRAL LUZON: MALOLOS, BULACAN Malolos court denies Palparan appeal THEAPPEAL feted itary gene JitoS.Papaan J overs conviction foc napsng and serious eal detention two student acts in 2006 hasbeen ete by a Malls City curt. nan order ¢batedNw 5, dade Alerander.aayo ‘of Malls ity regal al court RIC) Branch 5 soi tere were no new ses lsd te appeal The judge wrt that Mc Paloaran ‘erate onthe Alegedincossenciesof the winesses andthe purported quesionable actus- tions dslayed by winessesin reference tothe tdnapring ofthe students. — Vann Mato. vitegas > Seeful story on tao gV/ULXQH6 ‘Beverage pe 208i Davao Chon ne 2-4) ‘DAVAO: DAVAO CITY Indonesian goods expo, business-matching set Nov. 23 THEINDONESIANConsubein Daa iy ishld- ing the 2 indonesia Manufactured Products E900 (04PE on Nox 25t025at Abeera Malas partof contruing eff tobent vad esos indo res Consl er ernaten an Saco Cua ‘Mars Enda Rat Fry said moet 20 Indonesian coaieswlleshi thet srs thatae seen as sutabe forthe Philepine marke, partly Mednao These ine constuction ad ullingmateal Houseware, batkandashion products fod beverages health are, eau pot us. and arta racine. Maya Palo >> Se ulstoryon tip /poagV/avind2 THE SHEIKH KARIMUL Madu Mosque In Simul, Taw= Twi was ultn 1380 ands considered the ist mas Inthe county. ograles brother seentotake over Davao district seat REPRESENTATIVE evo B.Noarles ofthe PBAParyst, isheng eyedto tke ‘reste One Cty Disc seat vacated by tis bother, Karo 8 Nogales, who hasrecenty ‘been apie sy President Rckigo R Dutra a Cabinet erty. “(tisjust) a mater f form ity Seria Nogales told Busines yestercay when std House Speaker Gloria Macapagal roy as aleady designates himas te dstict's Certaker He aed however tate wituiky ‘ake isbrotersprevous postions chair of the House commie on appropriations Karl Nogales, inasepat erview Wednescy at theses the 7 Caer Executive Service Conference, sad "Speke la Macapagal Aro wil ase as eta fist a ai ako representa ‘onforthe dst, but am hoping thespesker wi appa somsdy tom Davao ity” He si the ‘amet is rather Jericho came up as spose reptacament ice eas comes fom hesame a ‘it. — Camencta A Carlo ‘localized hliays declared PRESIDENT RODRIGO R Date assured? more Repubic As) elinloc spec non-working holds varius toms cis nd provinces arundthe county Signe on Ot 30a No.8 cepiesct thefollowtng laws wth thcoresoneng lace (nba ode), se, anc clean were eased hy Maaatang on No.1 ATI Agoo,La Union Deceiber 8, founding anniversary ATM LosBatos Laguna Septeber Vy oundng avery acre Gar, Gatangs, December founding aniversary ‘andthe anual Kaban esta ATMS —_Vllaneva, Mss Oriental ne fundinganiesay PATHS acc, Neaos Octet iy 4, RATIZE Chater day amwesary RATIZ4 Cate Cy, Cavite, Setember 7, founding amnversary Salvador Cy, Misamis intl June, RANIZ® Cater doy avery ATMS Liga City Albay, March 24 founding aniversary RATIZS Agen dl Su une 7 fourng aniversary ATI. bay indudng ts ces, Ai 3, funding aniversary eb inclaing thigh urbanieed and component ces AnI22 srt depend croorrtty oe, Seer Belsaton a CebsPesFressom or ATM Guna Ma 22 anvesarasaproice use, eptener2 conmenaaton these ant20 ofa onoki fama cnmandrc he ep nese perl Arm inthe ipo, Kanaan, igbo ATI Lana del Node provine ly 4 eundingaciverary ATIZI Misamis Oden November 2, founding anivesay ATI Occidental Mindoro, November 1, founding aniversary RATIZ6 Sultan Kiar, November 72 founding annivesany Ary Balinbin ‘CENTRAL VISAYAS: NAGA CITY, CEBU Lag-off quary, cement workers seek Naga gov't help; judge inhibits in P4.S-B landslide case ‘ABOUT 200 erployescf APO Cement Cr, a substi of Cmax Hol ings Phin ld ara Wechesta nro f the Naga Cy al. tose goverment asisancefilowtnathe compar Samnounceent ot lyf Eng ney Patina. 46a ereloeerereseiaive of Ce- sme Hong sad hey wart toknow abou the ovement’ stposed hazard eduction ln conser hal or than 10 ela erloees ard mare than 600 cas workers esate to os cette aa ‘nbn impose teases that ile mre than 70a paced Musas The quarry bon tase Ap Land Quy Crportion ‘(AL00,te mana mate super of APO Cement Naga Mayors tine Vonesa Chong er ber pat sidshe has aeady cut ep far foe apendesto ates te wari sation JUDGE Meanie the prescng jude of ranch 7 ofthe Regional Wal Court ‘nana Cty inhtated fom theP4 tillon cst fed agaist AOC and govern offal ard agencies. Jae Demi Lanbis ‘ai decid ont om he case oa the sigest suspen ofbias and reiu. Ina court rd, Mc Labi ai," the nde sian opto receive nsiting sae. isis in ve ofthe inuendas of mantest patsy ad alegatins thatthe undersigned cul not beabieto deci isa cas ty and impart because of the lose association wih ty. [Baim] avi” Mc Cabri neat theese 38 Noga esd and two oes who fied cages. Me Caio admitted hate and M Laobs along othe sae ter nity tut ei that they hve cose lis. — The Freeman AUTONOMOUS REGIONIN MUSLIM MINDANAO, Nov. 20 holiday in ARMM, other Mindanao areas for Prophet Mohammad birthday NOVEMBER 20, Tuesday, willbe alia inthe Autonomous Region n Musi Mindanao ARMM) an several provinces anes othe celebration ofthe bith of Prophet Monarad, ote Madi ur-Nai Base an Atle 70 of Presider Decree 085 te other areas covered eth provinces ofLana del Norte, Cotabato, Suan Kuart, Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga dl ur ante cies Cotabato liga, Pagadian, and Zamboanga. Te a ao provies that al Must ‘ovetrment oils and employees in places othe than those speed under Ate 17 are excuse rom war an that 2, Nov. 19 Meanie, willbe 2 ng wean inthe ARMM wth te 1" alo declared ahold fr the region's 29 foun anni vesary.Thereionl government, na stator, said ts assuming that hs woud the st ARNM anivsary clr tion withthe expected approval ofthe Bangsamoro Orgonic am (80 inthe Jon. 209 plebicite Under the BOL, new Bangsamoro terror anc goverment wl place the ARMM,