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The Boarder

A Summary Report of the November 13, 2018

C F S D Governing Board Meeting

Boys Cross Country

The CFHS Boys Cross Country team won first place in
Division 1 and 2 at the Titan Invitational in Phoenix on
October 12. The team was led by Xoaquin Baca and
Johnny Pershing. CFHS placed 4 runners in the top 25
out of 25 teams competing.

Falcon Marching Band

The high school marching band placed first in each of
their two final competitions of the season. The band
CFSD Star Award locked in first place at NAU Band Day. They also won
The governing board recognized the Catalina Foothills caption awards for Auxiliary, Percussion, General Effect,
High School Chess State Champions. Amy Krauss, Vice and Music. And the band achieved the highest score in
President, honored Zakary Cancio, Matthew Coy, Quinn the state at the Ironwood Ridge Invitational.
Hudson, Jonathan Martinez, Ryan Thompson, and
Coach Robby Adamson with a certificate and star pin. Girls Golf
Maya Benita finished in 2nd Place at the Girls Golf State

CFHS Pomline won first place in Varsity Jazz at the Wild
West Classic. They also received the highest score of the
entire event.
Superintendent Mary Kamerzell shared the following
student and staff achievements. Chess
The CFHS Chess Team won the state championship on
Teacher of the Month November 3. Team members are Zak Cancio, Matthew
Kathleen Bowman, Manzanita 5th grade teacher, was Coy, Quinn Hudson, Jonathan Martinez, and Ryan
named Bear Essential News November Teacher of the Thompson. Their coach is Robby Adamson.
Month. In the Bear Essential News article describing this
honor, Kathleen said, "Fifth-graders have great ideas Swim/Dive State Competition
and great insights, and I love learning from them." The CFHS Girls Swim/Dive Team placed second in state
competition. They are the Division II 2018 State
Speech & Debate Runners-up. In the state meet, the girls broke four school
The high school Speech & Debate team earned records.
membership into the National Speech & Debate
Association's 100 Club by achieving a total of 100 or The CFHS Boys Swim/Dive Team placed 5th overall in
more degrees and ranked among the top 25% of schools state competition. Scott Pekarske was a State Champion
nationwide. Clubs achieve points based on competitive in the 200 and 500 Freestyle. He was also selected as
and service-related activities. the Division II Male Swimmer of the Year.

Poster Contest Catalina Foothills High School, Esperero Canyon Middle

CFHS Senior Kelly Parks had a winning entry in the School, and Canyon View Elementary School choir
Economic Concepts Poster Contest sponsored by the students were selected by audition and performed in the
Arizona Council for Economics Education (ACEE). She American Choral Directors Association State
won a monetary prize, and her artwork will be featured in Cantaremos Honor Choirs on Saturday, November 10th.
an ACEE calendar. CFHS students Maria Cazzato, Shawna Parsa, and
Bailey Williams and ECMS students Julia Jonas,

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Caroline Kenderson, Chauncey Plante, Caroline Pyle, clarity. Also modifying language in the regulation about
Grace Shoemaker, Amelia Sommerhauser, and Abby the process of the two written notifications to parents on
Wade performed with the 7-9 Grade Women's Honor a potential retention of a third grade student to provide
Choir. CFHS student Jean Paul Aoun and ECMS clarity for implementation. The proposed revisions from
students Lance Jacobson and Ronan Montgomery the first reading of the policy and regulation were not
performed with the 7-9 Grade Men's Honor Choir. ECMS modified. The governing board approved the policy and
students Chelsie Akers, Annika Barg, Kiera Kuehnle, regulation, as presented.
Abby Meger, Ava Servidio, and Courtney Tong and
CVES students Elizabeth Braun, Maddy Nielsen, and CFSD Assessment Program and Arizona’s A-F
Grace Seo performed in the 5-6 Grade Treble Honor Accountability System
Choir. Their directors are William Mattison (CFHS), Julia Associate Superintendent Mary Jo Conery provided a
Higgins (ECMS), and Patricia Moore (CVES). summary of the variety of assessments administered in
CFSD and their results. The types of assessments
Approval of Revisions to Policy JL, Regulation JL-R included standardized, performance based, and district
Student Wellness (second reading) common summative assessments. The performance
Dr. Kamerzell reviewed the second reading of the policy data is used to inform instruction, evaluate programs,
and regulation. The passing of Senate Bill 1083 modified and improve achievement. She provided a report of
statute A.R.S. 15-118 and added language that defines CFSD’s aggregate scores on Arizona’s Measurement of
recess and requires mandatory recess periods for Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching (AzMERIT),
specific elementary grade levels. Dr. Kamerzell reported which is an assessment used to measure the proficiency
that the district already meets the recess requirements of standards and growth in performance. The AzMERIT
for all district full-time students. During the first reading of tests are aligned to Arizona’s academic standards and
this policy and regulation on October 23, the board asked measure progress toward readiness for college and
about the URL link referenced under Communication career pathways. CFSD had the highest overall
with Parents. Dr. Kamerzell reported that the URL was AzMERIT passing rates of Arizona’s K-12 unified
updated. The URL for the smart snacks information districts, with an average passing rate of 68% in English
changed on the United States Department of Agriculture Language Arts and 71% in mathematics. She provided
website. The board approved the policy, as presented. an analysis of the student results for the College Work
Readiness Assessment (CWRA+) and AIMS Science as
Approval of Revisions to Policy JEB Entrance Age well as how the students are performing on the district's
Requirements (second reading) local common performance assessments. The summary
Assistant Superintendent Denise Bartlett presented the report of CFSD’s assessment program provides valuable
second reading of the policy. Changes to Senate Bill information about the assessments being used to
1082 revised A.R.S. 15-902.02 on voluntary tuition free measure the academic standards and the performance
kindergarten instruction. If a district offers more than two areas associated with the district's deep learning
and one-half (2½) hours of voluntary tuition-free proficiencies (DLPs). Dr. Conery also provided
kindergarten instruction, the district needs to meet information on Arizona’s A-F Accountability System. She
academic standards of instruction prescribed by the reviewed the components of the K-8 and 9-12
State Board of Education. After the first reading on models, the emphasis on growth in the K-8 model, which
October 23, the board recommended language to be is 50% of the label, and the letter grades for CFSD district
added that will allows parents to choose either a half day schools released on October 5, 2018 by the Arizona
or a full day of instruction, and a couple of minor wording Department of Education. She stated that letter grades
additions and changes for consistency. The proposed were calculated using the results of the AzMERIT and
revisions from the first reading of the policy were not other data from the 2017-2018 school year.
modified. The governing board approved the policy, as
presented. 2018 Arizona Legislative / Governmental Activity
Board members discussed information about the
Approval of Revisions to Policy IKE and Regulation outcome of the District 16 election on November 6 –
IKE-RB Promotion and Retention of Students 63.97% “Yes” to proposition 464. The board expressed
(second reading) their gratitude to voters and local taxpayers of the
Dr. Bartlett presented the second reading of the policy community for the continued support. These tax dollars
and regulation. The passing of House Bill 2520 modified will continue to provide an excellent education
statutes on the promotion and retention of students, experience for our community’s children.
which required several specific changes to the
regulations. After the first reading on October 23, there Consent Agenda Items
were some recommendations for revisions from board The governing board approved the following consent
members. In the first paragraph of the regulation, agenda items.
combining the first and second paragraphs to provide

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• October 23, 2018, regular governing board meeting
• Expense voucher memorandum
• Field trip request memorandum
• Fundraising request memorandum
• Personnel memorandum
• Gift and Donations memorandum
• Winter work 2018 GMP to Concord general
contracts for restoration and field improvements at

Upcoming Board Meeting

The next regularly scheduled governing board meeting is
Tuesday, November 27, 2018, 6:30 p.m., at the
Professional Learning Center at Valley View Early
Learning Center.

• Approval of 2019-2020 Calendar

• Initial Review of 2020-2021 Calendar (first reading)
• Selection of Delegate(s) to ASBA Annual
Conference (December)
• Consideration of ASBA Bylaws
• Consideration of Revisions to Policy BCB and
Exhibit BCB-E Board Member Conflict of Interest
(first reading)
• Consideration of Revisions to Policy BE School
Board Meetings (first reading)
• Consideration of Revisions to Policy BEDF Voting
Method (first reading)
• Consideration of Revisions to Policy BEDG and
Regulation BEDG-R Minutes (first reading)
• Fiscal Year 2020 Draft Budget Process
• Pima County Board / Superintendent Collaborative
Meeting Report


Please welcome new CFSD staff members:

Hannah Farley, PE Teacher, OGMS

Traci Kiosterud, EA Classroom, Title 1, CV
Noah Lennon, Computer Technician, OGMS

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