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Galaxy Telecom Company

Telecommunication, also known as telecom, is the exchange of information over significant distances by
electronic means and refers to all types of voice, data and video transmission. This is a broad term that
includes a wide range of information transmitting technologies such as telephones (wired and wireless),
microwave communications, fiber optics, satellites, radio and television broadcasting , the internet and

Galaxy Telecom Company process the transmission of signals ,signs, written text, images and sound or
messages of all types with the help of the wires, wireless, radio, optical, electromagnetic and other ways.
Galaxy Telecom Company divided into four(4) branches the: Telephone communication, Radio
communication, Television communication and the Computer networks that we provide for our clients.
The Galaxy Telecom main goal is to provide reliable, widespread affordable devices and technology that
allow people all over the world to communicate, work together, solve problems and just keep in touch.
The other goal is for the companies involves to make a profit so it can continue to improve the ways in
which this is accomplish.

Galaxy Telecom Company Vision

To become a number one(1) Telecommunication company world wide. And great provider with secure,
reliable, affordable and high quality Telecommunication services anytime, anywhere with high volume
for an socio-economic development. The shaper of the future of Telecommunication services in the
region through world-class customer centricity and attraction of highly talented people.

Galaxy Telecom Company Mission

The Galaxy Telecom Company(GTC) is organize for the purpose of enhancing the success of its
telecommunications industry members in an competitive environment through;

For members/employees

•Providing high quality services and benefits to its members/employees of the company.

•Informing and educating the members/employees of the company on a appropriate term with regards
to the telecommunication industry.

For customers/consumers

•Informing and educating consumers on the application and benefits of a reliable, efficient and modern
•Informing and educating consumers on the need for adequate compensation to fund infrastructure.

For company

•Developing and promoting the standards of communication services, procedures and practices.

•To provide and maintain the highest quality of telecommunication services.

•To provide and maintain the health and security of the network.

•To research and evaluate new technologies as they pertain to the needs of the company.

Galaxy Telecom Company Core Values

Core Values- are Customer Focus, Accountability, Respect and Excellence and they happen to spell out
C.A.R.E by effectively communicating and placing importance on core values , we provide guidance for
employees behaviors and decision-making process.

Customer Focus- knowing the needs of client/customer without any distraction.

Accountability- obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's action.

Respect- an act of giving particular attention: consideration

Excellence- to serve clients efficient.

Galaxy Telecom Company Organizational Practices

Employees must know how to reinforce the core values from some specific attitude, seven(7) specific
ways a company leaders can reinforce Organizational values: Lead by Example, Have a Values Re-Launch,
Use them to make Decisions, Promote a Value of the month, Create rituals in Alignment with your
Values,Weave them into current Tradition, Tell stories worth sharing.

1.) Lead by Example- make this part of new year session, the key is to model for them. Review your
values with leadership and ask that everyone that fearless inventory of all they do- or don't do- to bring
the to lift on a daily basis.

2.) Have a Values Re-Launch- Plan a fun event for the team members to re-introduce them to your
company values.

3.) Use them to make Decisions- Wherever your making decisions about the employee or your
customers ,be sure to have those values front and center.

4.) Promote a Value of the Month- Engage your team members by asking them questions about what the
values means to have and how they apply it to the job.
5.) Create Rituals in Alignment with the Values- share special times together.

6.) Weave them into current Tradition- earlier in the year Incorporated into the activities at their
employees appreciation picnic.

7.) Tell stories Worth Sharing- start looking for stories that exemplify your values in action. These should
become legendary stories in the organization.

Galaxy Telecom Company People

Raymark Pagaragan is the founding chairman and the CEO of Galaxy Telecom.

Gladys Joy Santos is the chief financial officer director and a co-founder.

Mery Joice Dela Masa is the Vice-president of operations.

Employees/people and company also have the ability to offer the most up-to-date technology to our
residential and business customers. Also they are innovative, communicative and have a good attitude
and have the ability to give solution and solve the problem. High competitive, pro- active and passion in
what they doing to serve the service that customers need.

Galaxy Telecom Company Narrative

Galaxy Telecom Company(GTC) come up with the idea's of Raymark Pagaragan, Gladys Joy Santos and
Mery Joice Dela Masa, where in the purpose is to help other people by providing them a high volume
and fastest telecommunication nation wide. Galaxy Telecom Company build to provide services to those
people who needs it and wants it. For all we know that telecommunication play a vital role in our world.
By having an impact on all spheres of life, telecommunication helps bring big changes in the world. This
is in fact why the world is being able to develop and grow at such great pace. Telecommunication offers
us not only better social awareness but also a better life at large. As telecommunication keeps on
progressing ,keeps on growing, human life will also progress ,grow and became a lot easier , a lot better.
So in order to achieve/accomplish it we make sure that the plan we made is efficient and effective.

Galaxy Telecom Company Place

One of the most critical elements of corporate culture is the Place ,where in we consider the
infrastructure of spaces(rooms) and pathways(cable trays). We plan out the early stages of the project.
And we make sure that the building will have to be covered by the License Agreement with all carriers.

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Submitted by: Gladys Joy Santos

Mery Joice Dela Masa

Raymark Pagaragan


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