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PALMER The staff nurse using the NLGN formula in determining

SET 5 RCE the ideal number of RN’s needed in the surgery ward
with average admission of 42 would be correct if she can
identify that the ideal requirement would be:
NAME:______________________________ a. 25
Date:_________ score: ______ b. 4
c. 12
d. 18
1. An Act requiring the nurses to render 40 hours
per week in a 100 bed hospital? 8. In dealing with her patients, nurse Sarah tried talking
a. RA 5901 as close as 1 ½ feet distance or a little more to make
b. RA 5181 patients experience a close relationship between them.
c. RA 2332 Which of the following zones make up the personal
d. RA 8230 space created by such close interaction?
a. Social distance b. personal distance
2. The researcher obtained sample from a group which c. Public distance d. intimate distance
he subdivided base on same characteristics. This
sampling would be categorized as: 9. The ability to exert influence in the organization
a. Purposive beyond authority, which is derived from position.
b. Snowball a. Power c. authority
c. Cluster b. Empower d. coercion
d. Stratified
10. Nurse Gena would know that an effective use of
3. Close-ended questions provide primarily __________ reward power would include
data. a. giving bonuses for future performance
a. Confirmatory b. using money as the primary reward system
b. Exhaustive c. rewarding total performance
c. Qualitative d. giving incentives everyday
d. Quantitative
11. You knew very well that all of the following are
4. The research collecting data notices that she is purposes of evaluation EXCEPT one.
beginning to hear the same things repeatedly and that no a. Ensures quality of nursing care provided by
new themes are emerging. The researcher recognizes the employee.
that what has occurred? b. Provides visibility and means for employees to
a.Triangulation monitor their own performance.
b.Saturation c. Provides low standards for establishing
c. Quantizing comparisons
d. Redundancy d. Justifies the use of resources.

5. Who among the following patients can give consent for 12. You understand that as a nurse, maintaining
hospital procedures? privacy and confidentiality is an important aspect of
1. An 18 year old patient who lost his sight after a which of the following:
vehicular accident but is now recovering and is a. hospital policy
conscious and coherent b. Nurse Code of Ethics
2. A 19 year old deaf-mute patient who can write and c. What all client expect
read hospital forms well d. It is an accepted practice
3. A 17 year old female who is admitted and told the staff
that she is married 13. PD 69 refers to what provision?
4. A 63 year old demented patient admitted for alcoholic a. Limiting the number of children to 4 for maternity
encelopathy benefits
a. 1, 2 and 4 b. Limiting the number of children for free education
b. 2 and 4 c. Promotion of acceptable methods of contraception by
c. 2, 3 and 4 nurses
d. 1, and 2 d. None of the above
14 Based on the provisions of RA 8981 as mentioned in
6. Determine the sample size using the slovin’s formula RA 9173,the schedules for taking NLE shall be:
from a population of 7,129 and the margin of error is 4%? a. Not earlier than one month but not later than two
months from the close of the school term
a. 625 b. Not earlier than two months but not later than one
b. 575 month from the close of the school term
c. 285 c. Determined by the discretion of the BON along with
d. 3564 PRC
d. none of the abovementioned
15. This Republic Act is also known as the Philippine patients in the community. In this survey, she selects
Nursing Act of 1953 was principally sponsored in the only the diabetics residing in the different barangays of
senate by? the community she is assigned. This is an example of
a. Sen. Aquilino Pimentel what type of sampling:
b. Sen. Heherson Alvarez a. purposive b. cluster
c. Sen. Juan Flavier c. systematic d. stratified
d. Sen. Geromina Pecson
23. The overall goal of qualitative research is describing
16. The nurse practice act of 1991 which regulates then human experiences. Which of the following is not
the practice of nursing in the Philippines has all the necessary in doing this kind of research?
following descriptions except; a. Formulating research questions
a. this act delineates the practice of nursing and b. Formulating hypothesis
midwifery c. Empirical data gathering
b. it was enacted in November 1991 d. Interpretation using statistical methods
c. the primary purpose is to protect the public
d. this act defines the practice of nursing in the 24. The staff nurses at Bacolod Doctors Hospital
Philippines conducting research believes in being guided by the
principles of ethics in doing the study. In the data
17 Who among the following is qualified in the job gathering , they ensured that the identities of the
position? participants cannot be linked to the research:
a. Dean of Nursing Department with Master’s a. Anonymity
degree in Education b. Confidentiality
b. Clinical Instructor with ongoing Master’s degree c. Justice
in Public Health d. Beneficence
c. Chief Nurse With Master’s degree in Nursing
major in Administration 25. From the idea of anxiety, she was able to come up
d. Supervisor with no Master’s degree with a more specific topic, which is anxiety level before
and after the surgical experience. This is a characteristic
18. Which of the following is not a requirement for an of what process in the research process?
inactive nurse who desires to practice her profession? a. Inductive reasoning
a. 3 months practicum b. Deductive reasoning
b. 1 month lecture c. Logical reasoning
c. 3 months didactic training d. Intellectual reasoning
d. License must not have been revoked
26. Which of the following is true about evidence-based
19. this type of sampling uses the technique nursing practice?
whereby the population is subdivided into the area or a. it uses information derived from theory and
section and then taking random sample from each research to shape nursing care
section: b. it requires an organization to have a department
a. systematic sampling of nursing research
b. stratified sampling c. it does not include health professionals form
c. cluster sampling other disciplines
d. purposive sampling d. it embraces the medical model of disease.

20. In this type of sampling, data are collected from 27. The title of the study that appeared in a journal
anyone available such as those who are present in the was “ Unintended pregnancies in the Philippines, facts
coffee shop or those who are present in the emergency and issues.” This study can be classified as:
room at one time or another: a. quasi-experimental
a. systematic sampling b. historical
b. accidental sampling c. experimental
c. simple random sampling d. descriptive
d. cross cultural sampling
28. A researcher would know that phenomena such as
21. Which of the following is not a good measure of income, disease, and anxiety is an example of:
variability in doing a research because it is only a. enumerative concept
concerned with the score of the lowest and highest b. associative concept
variables? c. statistical concept
a. median d. relational concept
b. standard deviation
c. mode
d. range

22. A new public health nurse would like to collect

data on the common problems encountered by diabetic
29. A study entitled “ The relationship between the 37. Extending the implications of the findings from the
health teachings given to postpartum primipara mothers sample studied to a larger population is called
during hospital confinement to the incidence of infection a. Generalization
in the newborn” is an example of what type of research? b. Conclusion
a. experimental b. descriptive c. Limitation
c. historical d. quasi-experimental d. Delimitation

30. One study that reads “Improving Physicians’ and 38. Which of the following actions of a researcher
Nurses’ Clinical Breast Examination: A randomized ensures anonymity?
control trial”. This is an example of: a. Obtain informed consent
a. historical design b. Provide equal treatment to all the subjects of the
b. experimental design study
c. descriptive study c. Release the findings of the study to the subjects
d. quasi-experimental only
d. Keep the identities of the subjects secret
31. The widely used statistical treatment in
measuring variability refers to: 39. After the analysis of the data which of the
a. range following steps shall be taken by the researcher?
b. t-test a. Interpret the data
c. standard deviation b. Write the conclusion and recommendation
d. nominal c. Organize the data using frequency distributions
d. Disseminate the results of the study
32. The “Nuremberg code” demands from the researcher
the it is necessary to secure the: 40. When a research would like to study the lived
a. Permit to conduct the research experiences of patients with prostate cancer confined in
b. Letter of transmittal their homes, most likely the type of research that he will
c. Number of ideal samples for the study design is:
d. Informed consent signed a. True experimental
b. Ethnographic
Situation: As a nurse researcher, you must have a very c. Phenomenological
good understanding of the common terms of concept d. Demographic
used in research.
33. The information that an investigator collects from the 41. In a certain study, the researcher was asked to
subjects or participants in a research study is usually consider the gender. Gender is classified in what scale
called: of measurement?
a. Hypothesis b. variable a. Nominal
c. Data d. Concept b. Ordinal
c. Internal
34. The device or techniques an investigation d. Ratio
employs to collect data is called:
a. sample 42. What part of the research report contains the
b. instrument background of the problem?
c. hypothesis a. Introduction
d. concept b. Literature Review
c. Methodology
35. Initially, the students’ started with 50 subjects. In the d. Results & Discussion
ensuing days, it started to drop to 30 subjects. This may
be a threat to: 43. When a researcher gives a description of how
a. External validity variables or concepts in the study will be measure or
b. Internal validity manipulated in the study she is actually giving which type
c. Content validity of definition?
d. Construct validity a. Conceptual definition
b. Operational definition
36. Which of the following constitute a threat to external c. Personal definition
validity? d. Theoritical definition
A shocking event causes a change in the BP of subjects
after treatment 44. A special type of observation where researchers
The undue influence/effect of the experimenter being too immerse themselves in the setting so they can
domineering experience the reality as the participant do is
The long duration of the study causing the progress of a. Natural observation
health concerns of the subjects b. Participant – as- observer
The decreasing number of subjects c. Observer – as – participant
d. Documentation
45. The type of setting that is appropriate for 53. In this study, “The effect of music to the sleeping
phenomenological study would be pattern of a newborn baby”, sleeping pattern is the:
a. Natural setting confounding variable
b. Clinical setting b. dependent variable
c. Controlled setting c. independent variabled.
d. Dramatic setting d. intervening variable
54. Researcher Anna is validating her instrument by
46.Empiricism refers to: comparing her own instrument with that of a valid
A making generalizations from specific observation instrument measuring the same concept. She is doing:
B deciding specific productions from generalizations a. Face validity c. Content validity
C gathering evidence rooted in objective reality b. Stability validity d. Criterion validity
D verifying the assumptions on which the study was
based 55. The title of the study is specifically stated to serve the
following purpose except:
47. A research hypothesis: It summarizes the content of the entire study
is a set of logically interrelated propositions It enables you to claim the study as your own
is usually more general in scope than the problem It reveals the identity of the setting and respondents of
statement your study
predicts the nature of the relationship between two or It is a frame of reference for the whole study
more variables
predicts the absence of a relationship between two or 56. The PNA code of ethics is an expression of moral
more variables concerns, goals and values of nursing. Which is a correct
characteristic of the Code of ethics for Nurses:
48. Which of the following research designs require a it emphasizes the independent and collaborative roles of
hypothesis? as nurse
a. Historical c. Ex-Post facto it describes the professional standards of nursing
b. Survey d. none of these practice
it has a legal guarantee
49. The independent variable in the research question, it is used as a guideline for nursing standard
“What is the effect of noise levels on postoperative pain implementation
or blood pressure fluctuations in ICU patients?” is:
a. blood pressure c. noise levels 57. Mr. Soliven is in the terminal stage of lung cancer. He
b. ICU patients d. postoperative pain tells you that he has a living will. You have known that
the client’s living will involves which one of the following:
50. The independent variable in the hypothesis, a document signed by the client’s family for the provider
“Baccalaureate degree-prepared nurses will practice to withhold medical treatment when death is imminent.
more rehabilitative nursing measures on a client in an The medical treatment a client chooses to withhold if he
ICU than will associate degree-prepared nurses” is: is rendered unable to make decisions
associate degree-prepared nurses It is confidential and not part of the client’s medical
baccalaureate degree-prepared nurses record
rehabilitative nursing measures Provides that the client’s wishes need not be followed if
type of educational background of nurses life can be prolonged

The study was conducted to measure the incidence of 58. Maintaining confidentiality of patient information
complications of pregnancy between women below 35 is part of the nurse’s:
years old and those above 35 years old. a. advocacy role
51. The study revealed that majority of the pregnant b. ethical and legal obligations
women over 35 years old had complications of c. managerial and leadership functions
pregnancy. You now assume that all pregnant women d. role as a counselor
over 35 years old have higher risks of developing 59. A doctor instructed the nurse over the phone a “DNR”
complications of pregnancy. This is the application of order. If you are the nurse, which of the following action
the component of research which is: will you take?
a. Empiricism c. Generalization a. call the director of the hospital and let him decide
b. Control d. None of these b. call the nursing supervisor and let her decide for such
52. Which of the following can be used as a topic for c. check the policy of the hospital and have one nurse
qualitative research? witness the signing of your telephone order
work performance using a performance evaluation tool d. verify with the family if such issue was discussed
intensity of pain using a rating scale
health beliefs and practices of Aetas
level of hopelessness using a standard instrument
60. The gangrenous foot of a diabetic patient was 69. Which of the following theory of leadership suggests
amputated. This surgical procedure is under the principle that the leaders are likely to set example by their
of: behavior and that they appeal to the emotions of their
a. epikia followers to gain conviction and uses unconventional
b. justice strategies in their leadership style:
c. principle of totality a. Great man theory
d. principle of double effect b. Trait theory
c. Charismatic theory
61.the plan for how a study will be conducted is called d. Contingency theory
a. design 70. Pedro is scheduled for repair of hernia today. While
b. hypothesis providing information about the procedure, Nurse Tracy
c. data-collection method provides legal protection of Pedro’s right to autonomy
d. research process with which of the following?
Informed consent
62. Which of the following is true about punishment or Beneficence
coercive power? Good Samaritan Law
a. penalties do not change people’s behaviors Advice directives
b. people appreciate being the recipient of this type of
power 71. Nurse Camille, the unit manager, is meeting with the
c. this type of power can include docking a person’s pay, director of nursing for the unit manager’s yearly
reprimands, or termination performance review. The director of nursing states that
d. this type of power should never be used in an the unit manager needs to improve in leadership skills. In
organization differentiating leadership from management, the nurse
manager recognizes that which of the following
63. In this kind of leadership the leader puts serving first, approaches will apply?
takes a holistic approach, shares decision making and a. The manager works more on one-on-one with staff
builds community. b. A leader seeks a higher position on an organizational
a. Transformational leadership chart
b. Transactional leadership c. A manager is not required to use leadership principles
c. Path goal leadership d. A good leader uses managerial principles
d. Servant leadership
72. Ms. Marinella has recently been designated as
65 Nurse Abby overheard a conversation of some nurse adviser on nursing matters to the Secretary of the
supervisors that some of the staff nurses in the hospital Department of Health. Ms. Marinella’s relationship with
will be downsized next quarter. She relayed the the secretary is indicated in the organizational chart by:
information to her colleagues in the ward telling them that a. rectangle b. straight line
14 nurses will be terminated next week. This would be a c. box d. broken line
communication classified as:
a. lateral 73. The following are rules to be observed to
b. downward achieve unity of command except:
c. upward a. know whom you report to and who reports to you
d. grapevine b. be responsible for the actions of the
66 This theory states that the leader facilitates task c. centralize authority and responsibility in the head
accomplishment by minimizing obstructions to the goals of the organization
and by rewarding followers for completing their tasks. d. see that no person in an organization is
a. Contingency theory subjected to definite orders from more than one source
b. Trait theory
c. Results-based leadership 74. When people in control enforce changes in an
d. Path goal theory organization and others in the organization have no input
into these changes, this is an example of which of the
68 Nurse manager Doray describes a nurse as using following change strategies?
“expert power” to gain cooperation from other nurses. normative-reeducative
Expert power relies on which of the following? power-coercive
Use of one’s interpersonal skills to effect change change-stabilization
Use of rewards to gain cooperation from staff rational-empirical
Use of threats
Possession of unique skills and competence to gain
respect for others
75. The change strategy that assumes that people act 83. In coaching employees, the first thing a coach
more in accordance with social values and are less likely should is to
to change based on information or rational arguments is a. Demonstrate what to do
called the: b. Create a positive atmosphere
stabilization-evaluation strategy c. prepare the learner
power-coercive strategy d. praise the learner
normative-reeducative strategy
rational-empirical strategy 84. What element of the communication process
initiates communication
76. Nurse Ayessa is performing outcome evaluation of a. Encoder c. message
quality care when she: b. Decoder d. noise
checks equipment for its calibration schedule
determines whether the nurses perform skin assessment
every shift
measures waiting time for its calibration schedule 85. By virtue of his organizational position, Nurse Felix
interviews nurses for comments regarding staffing has the recognized authority over the others. The type of
77. This is formal relationship between a newly power he has is called:
hired employee and a veteran employee who serves as a) Reward power b) coercive power
role model c) Expert power d) legitimate power
a. Coaching c. Mentorship
b. Training d. counseling 86. You knew very well that all of the following are
purposes of evaluation EXCEPT one.
78. Nurse Jane is correct if states that all of the following a. Ensures quality of nursing care provided by
statement is true about leadership except: the employee.
a. it involves influencing others to do a task b. Provides visibility and means for employees to
b. controlling and commanding others are elements of monitor their own performance.
good leadership c. Provides low standards for establishing
c. making people want to do something comparisons
d. it possesses a legitimate power to hire and fire d. Justifies the use of resources.
87. Which of the following is incorrect on the
79. She also understands that leadership involves three following statements about quality assurance and quality
dimensions in order to effectively achieve the group improvement
goals. Which one is not included: a. quality assurance determines whether
a. The leader performance meets standards
b. The communication b. quality improvement is doing the right thing for
c. The follower the customer
d. The situation c. quality assurance improves performance when it
does not meet standards
80. Every morning, the head nurse confers with the d. quality improvement focuses on doing it right
staff for ten minutes to recognize work during the day. (procedures)
Which of the following sequence of instructing tasks is
correct: 88. There are 7 head nurses that reports directly to the
1. assign tasks to them Nurse Supervisor . This represents :
2. present to the team the needs of the patients for a. unity of command
the day b. command responsibility
3. match the task with the abilities of each staff c. scalar of chain
member d. span of control
4. ask for suggestions from the staff
89. The nurse administering vesicant drugs (
A. 3,2,1 and 4 B. 4,2,3 and 1 C. 2,4,3 and 1 D. 1,2, Doxorubicin) to her cancer patients is very confident on
3 and 4 doing the procedure. She elevates the extremities to rest
them and she can discuss the procedures with the
81. One day, one of the members of the staff patient or the family members with ease and accurate
committed a medication error. Per hospital policy, Miss information. This reflects:
Santos was to prepare an incident report. In making an a. Autonomy
incident report, the head nurse should ensure that her b. Accountability
report: c. Authority
1. includes all pertinent facts regarding the incident d. Accuracy
2. names all involved for the practice in the incident
3. includes her appraisal of the incident
4. is properly signed by all parties concerned
A. 1,3 and 4 B. 1 and 2 C. 1 and 3 D. 1, 2 and 4
90. The use of questionnaires to get the consensus
would be: 96 Which of the following activity would be the first
Nominal group priority to be taken by Nurse Vicky in delegating tasks?
Delphi group a. planning ahead what tasks to be delegated
Brainstorming group b. evaluating the delegated tasks
None of the above c. intervening in the delegated tasks
d. assessing the needs of the team
91. When a subject of a research verbalizes her
intention to withdraw her participation in the study which 97 The following are important rights to remember in
is considered an ethical action on the part of the delegating tasks except:
researchers? a. right communication
a. Advise him to put it in writing b. right tasks
b. Remind him of his duty as a participant c. right person
c. Allow him to withdraw anytime d. right experience
d. Tell him his withdraw has legal implications
98 Nurse Vicky may delegate all of the following except:
a. authority
b responsibility
c. accountability
92. The dependent variable in research refers to: d. tasks

a. Cause 99. You noticed that the evaluation form used is a

b. Effect Likert – type scale from 1 to 5 with 5 as the highest.
c. Intervening This is an example of:
d. None of the above a. Anecdotal report c. Rating scales
b. Ranking method d. checklist
93. Which of the following actions of a researcher
ensures anonymity?
a. Obtain informed consent 100. A researcher examines the norms, rules and values
b. Provide equal treatment to all the subjects of the of the staff of a hospital. What type of research does this
study represent?
c. Release the findings of the study to the subjects a. Grounded theory
only b. Ethnography
d. Keep the identities of the subjects secret c. Phenomenology
d. Case study
94. What part of the research report contains the
background of the problem?
a. Introduction
b. Literature Review
c. Methodology
d. Results & Discussion

95 Nurse Nancy noticed that one of her senior nurse is

assigning patient care based on the concept of allocation
of specific duties to her staff nurses. This would be a
characteristic of:

a. case method nursing

b. primary nursing
c. functional nursing
d. team nursing