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1. Decide whether the following statements are True or False. Circle your answers in the boxes to the right.
(6 points)

1- If you were from Kenya, English would be the official language of your country. TRUE/FALSE
2- Black English (AAVE) is a sociolect of American English. TRUE/FALSE
3- Genie served to prove that the principles of grammar must be fixed at a given time TRUE/FALSE
4- Prescriptive studies constitute the first step for a scientific, analysis of language TRUE/FALSE
5- If you were a practitioner of Chomskyan Generative Grammar, you would assume TRUE/FALSE
That the form of the language can be studied irrespectively of its use.
6- Spanish pez and English fish are cognates. TRUE/FALSE
7- Comparative grammar compares languages to infer linguistic universals. TRUE/FALSE
8- A locutionary act cannot be associated to more than one illocutionary act TRUE/FALSE

2. Fill in the gaps (4 points)

1- The bio psychologist __________________ was the first to formulate the Critical Period Hypothesis.
2- The following sentences is morphologically ill-formed:

3- English and Spanish belong to a common family: both are _________________languages.

4- The perlocutionary force of the utterance “Could you please pass the butter?” (Situation: A guest at a
dinner party says this to another guest) is ______________________________________________

3. Explain the conversational implicatures in the following examples: (2 points)

 A: El Quixote was written by Shakespeare, wasn’t it?

 B: And Richard III was written by Cervantes, I suppose.

 A: Do you like my new dress?

 We shouldn’t be fashion victims, should we?
4. Fill in the blanks in the first row and provide examples of the cohesion markers in the following text.

1- The student sighed as she handed in the assignment. This was the most difficult piece
2- of writing which she had been set, but she had completed it. Her achievement made her
3- elated, but had left her exhausted. When she had read the tittle of the task, she knew it
4- was not going to be just another essay, not an easy one at all. It was this title that she
5- had dreamt of for weeks. Finally, the completed work lay on the counter of the reception,
6- beautifully bound. Therefore, she would again sleep easy at night (yes, she would), no
7- longer troubled by thoughts of its accusing blank pages.