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SUMMARY INFORMATION Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of

For fourth-year students of the Dentistry Faculty undergoing Work
Higher Education First Moscow State Medical University
Experience Practice (WEP) “Dentistry Therapeutic” as an Assistant
I.M. Sechenov (Sechenov University)
The practice is conducted after the end of the summer examination
session in dental clinics. Duration of practice is 12 working days.
Students work in capacity of an Assistant to Dental practitioner in the Practice log-book
specialty “therapeutic dentistry” for 6 hours a day, according to the “THERAPEUTIC DENTISTRY”
schedule drafted and approved at the department.
It is not allowed to cut down the overall duration of practice by
increasing the duration of the working day. of a fourth-year student in capacity of an Assistant of a dental practitioner in
Practice is performed under the guidance of the University lecturers the specialty “therapeutic dentistry”
assigned by the Order of the Rector of the University. Direct
supervision of Practice is conducted by doctors of the Therapeutic
Dentistry Department. Student’s full name __________________________________________
The aim of the practice – to develop and master necessary manual
skills, professional manipulations, and theoretical knowledge acquired
in the course training and based upon their implementation as an Year 4, Group No _____________
Assistant to Dental practitioner at public and private dental clinics.
After the WEB, students deliver a complete report where they record Place of practice ____________________________________________
the number of performed dental manipulations by date.
The exams on practice are taken by a commission composed of a
lecturer - the head of practice and the tutor. Academic records are to be ___________________________________________________________
signed by all members of the commission and stamped by the medical (full name of the organization)
clinic official seal. Institution’s Practice Tutor ____________________________________
Signature, name

University’s Practice Supervisor ________________________________

Signature, name

Min. number of


Complete dental examination 12

Interpretation of the dental radiographs 12

Personal oral hygiene training 12

Professional oral hygiene 5

Remineralization procedure 3

Fissure sealing 3

Reversible pulpitis management (direct and indirect pulp 2

Class III and V cavities filling with GIC 4

Root caries management 2

Class I and II cavities filling with composite resin materials:

- Self-cured 4
- Light-cured 10
Class IV cavities filling with composite resin materials:
- Self-cured 2
- Light-cured 10
Endodontic treatment (vital / non-vital pulpectomy) 8

Chief Nurse _______________ Chief Physician __________________ Official Seal of the Clinic
Signature Signature

Practice Tutor ___________________