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Republic of the Philippines

Division of Rizal
Philippine Best Training System Colleges, INC.
530 Manila East Road, Macamot, Binangonan, Rizal

Business Proposal in Entrepreneurship

Business Name :

(Music Instrument Shop)

Presented By:

Acevida, Jourdan Taylor J.

Tajan, Ricadely M.

Presented To:

Ms. Maria Richel M. Dalofin

Management and Organization

Company Name: Paisean Company

Logo: This box shows a large G Clef

symbolizing the business product that we know

is related to the music, as well as in the middle AISEAN

part of this G Clef there is a big letter P Let the Music

Become You!
symbolizing the name of the business which

means “Paisean”, and ultimately the 5 sunrays symbolizing the 2 owners of the

business, Integrity, Courage, and Loyalty who serve as the light and guidance for

people who will buy the product. The logo is a pure black color because the owners

want it to be a gothic style for the costumers to remember and to look splendid even in

the next generation. The logo is very simple, but provides as business mission in a

unique way.

Address: National Road Tagpos, Binangonan, Rizal

Vision Statement: Our Vision is to serve as a partner to the musicians, give answers to

the problems they encounters in trying to produce their excellent art, and to spread it to


Mission Statement: Our Mission is to provide products which is facile for the musicians

to create a great harmony and better music with less effort, and to bring excellent music

to the audience

Key Personnel: Office Manager & Store Manager

Workforce and Support Personnel: Store Manager, Sales Staff, Cashier Staff

Organizational Chart:

Ricadely Tajan
Pres. / Off. Man.

Joshua Espino

J.T. Acevida
Store Manager

Rich Calub Jamil Aniceto

Cashier Staff Sales Staff
Business Ownership: Paisean will be a partnership. The principles of the business are

Tajan and Acevida. Ricadely Tajan will do the position of President/Office Manager,

While Jourdan Taylor Acevida will do the duties of Store Manager.

Capitalization: 2.3 Million

Compensation and Incentives: Minimum wage based on daily rate as provided by


External Management Support: Parents, Friends, Business Expert

Product Plan

Purpose of the Product

The purpose of the product is to provide beautiful sound to the people who love

music and to give artistic power to the musicians who will use the product at the time of

their sadness, joy, sorrow and even in their success.

Product’s Unique Feature

The unique feature in the product compared to ordinary products is easier to use

and we have different shapes of different product compared to ordinary ones. Themore

unique and exciting to the product is the product made of glass that even fall is will not

be broken.

Product’s Raw Materials

Raw materials vary, depending on the instrument type and quality. Wind

instruments are usually made of wood and brass. High-end pianos and string

instruments contain metals, hardwoods, while lower quality versions contain cheaper

metals, woods and plastics.

Production Process

Lower-cost instruments are often made on assembly lines, while higher-quality

instruments are produced at clusters of work stations. Production involves

manufacturers of components and final assembly. Components, especially electronics,

are often bought from other manufacturers

Distribution Logistics

To begin, Paisean will operate one store in National Road of Barangay Tagpos,

Binangonan, Rizal. It will open every day except Sundays. Any costumer will have the

option to choose their merchandise.

Regulatory and Other Compliance Issue

Paisean will be registered as a partnership enterprise with the Department of

Trade and Industry provincial office. A barangay clearance will also be secured before it

apply for a mayor’s permit to operate as a commercial business small enterprise. The

BIR Registration will also be one after all necessary registration documents and permits

from DTI, Barangay and Mayor’s Office. The cashier staff and sales staff will be

registered with the social security system.

Market Plan

Marketing and Sales Strategies

Marketing Strategy

Paisean will target our desired costumer base using Radio, Direct Mail, and Word

of Mouth. Radio is the greatest vehicle to the musicians for the simple reason that the

love of music is what drives us to become musicians. Direct mail will target customers

who are budget or coupon minded. Word of Mouth is the one area we really hope to see

develop, as a personal endorsement by a customer is worth more to us than what any

advertisement can achieve.

Sales Strategy

Paisean will always operate under the assumption that any customer who enters

our store is potentially a customer of our competitors. We will always strive to give each

customer our utmost attention and we will try to accommodate whatever need brought

him or her to us. We will make every effort to win them over in a low pressure relaxed

atmosphere, while stimulating their senses with modern eye catching displays designed

to maximize impulse buying. Paisean will always bend to the type of customers we are

serving, weather he or she is a professional, novice, parent or child. We want the

largest market share we can get and must to do anything in our power to achieve this

goal. In short, No body walks out unless they are satisfied. We did everything possible

to gain his/her our business either today or in the future.

Pricing Policy

Paisean will adopt the differing price based on the type and features of the music

instrument. As such, below is the pricing scheme that will be adopted.

String Instruments

Acoustic Guitars

Ordinary Steel String Guitar 1,800

Classical Guitar 2,500

Professional Guitar 3,700

Bass Guitar

Semi-Professional Bass Guitar 4,500

Professional Bass Guitar 5,500

Ukelele Guitar / Guitelele

Ordinary Ukelele Guitar 800

Semi-Professional Ukelele Guitar 1,500

Professional Ukelele Guitar 2,200


Semi-Professional Violin 4,500

Professional Violin 5,200

Electric Guitar

Semi-Professional Elec. Guitar 7,000

Professional Electric Guitar 9,500

Wind Instruments


Semi-Professional Flute 3,000

Professional Flute 4,000


Semi-Professional Saxophone 4,000

Professional Saxophone 5,000

Percussion Instruments


Drum Set 14,000


Electronic Keyboard 8,700

Synthesizer Keyboard 10,000

Sales Projection

String Instruments


Acoustic Bass Ukelele Violin Electric

Jul. 17,000 9,000 6,400 9,500 21,000

Aug. 19,000 13,000 9,600 18,000 28,000

Sep. 52,000 14,000 12,000 19,000 42,000

Oct. 67,000 31,000 14,000 27,000 49,000


Acoustic Bass Ukelele Violin Electric

Jul. 10 2 8 3 4

Aug. 15 5 12 5 5

Sep. 21 5 16 7 7

Oct. 27 7 20 8 9

Target Quota

Acoustic Bass Ukelele Violin Electric

Jul. 15,000 8,000 4,800 8,000 14,000

Aug. 17,000 15,000 8,000 15,000 21,000

Sep. 45,000 15,000 11,200 18,000 35,000

Oct. 60,000 27,000 13,600 22,000 42,000

Wind Instruments


Flute Saxophone

Jul. 6,000 8,000

Aug. 12,000 12,000

Sep. 21,000 28,000

Oct. 27,000 36,000


Flute Saxophone

Jul. 3 2

Aug. 5 3

Sep. 8 7

Oct. 10 9

Target Quota

Flute Saxophone

Jul. 6,000 8,000

Aug. 9,000 12,000

Sep. 18,000 24,000

Oct. 24,000 32,000

Percussion Instruments


Drum Set Elec. Keyboard Synt. Keyboard

Jul. 14,000 24,000 20,000

Aug. 28,000 24,000 30,000

Sep. 28,000 32,000 30,000

Oct. 42,000 56,000 50,000


Drum Set Elec. Keyboard Synt. Keyboard

Jul. 1 3 2

Aug. 2 4 3

Sep. 2 6 4

Oct. 3 7 6

Target Quota

Drum Set Elec. Keyboard Synt. Keyboard

Jul. 14,000 24,000 20,000

Aug. 28,000 32,000 30,000

Sep. 28,000 52,000 40,000

Oct. 42,000 60,000 50,000

Market Analysis Summary

In the musical industry consumers are looking for wide selection, prompt, and

knowledgeable service, good product value, to further their understanding and

enjoyment of the products. They prefer to find stores offering these benefits through

word of mouth.

The musical instrument market has recently been driven by a manner of low-

cost, high-selection internet and mail order companies, which has caused prices to level

out, by giving consumers comparison shopping at their fingertips. In response, various

large chains have tried to offer similarity wide selections in their physical retail spaces,

at the expenses of staff training and customer service. However, the high-profile

advertising generated by these chains has rippled down even to small stores, as more

and more musicians at all level starts to seek out the missing elements of theses model.

Paisean has the gut, prices, and focus on customer service to fill of these gaps. Paisean

offers price differential based on the type and the featured of the music instrument with

price ranging from Php. 800 – 14,000

Quality Control System


We verify all pots, switches, and special features are fully functional before

the instrument leaves the shop. All components must operate smoothly and quietly.


We included accessories, original cases, tutorial books with every

instruments where possible. Hang tags and warranty card are collected

Quality Control Check

Every instruments gets a final once-over, play test, and polish to ensure

that our instruments are flawless upon selling

Gantt Chart of Activities

Activities JUL. AUG. SEP. OCT.

Preparation Of Business


Implementation of Business


Testing of Products

Selling of Products

Improving of Products
Machinery/Equipment Requirement
Office Equipment