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Healthy life INDEX

Through 1. Opinions of Physicians ............................................... 5
2. Why New Diet System?12
NEW DIET SYSTEM Experiments on the Self .......................................... 14
Importance of Resistance in any Mission .............. 15
Spread of the Experiments ...................................... 18
3. Opinions of Experts .................................................. 20
4. Disease: A Friend or Foe ........................................ 22
What is Disease? ..................................................... 23
: Author : Why do we fall ill?................................................... 24
Why are the diseases not cured by medicines? ... 25
B. V. CHAUHAN Why are the diseases not totally eradicated,
but rather grow? ....................................................... 26
What should we do to cure the diseases?............ 36
What should we do to prevent diseases
Price: Rs. 150/- from occurring? ......................................................... 39
Hereditary Diseases .................................................. 40
The Path to the Righteousness belongs to Brave.41
Disease: Friend or Foe ............................................ 42
5. Food System based on the Five Elements ........... 45
Which are the five elements? ................................. 46
From where do we get these five elements? ........ 47
When should we take these five elements? .......... 47
What should be the correct proportion
of these elements? ................................................... 49
Can we get sufficient nutrition from such food? .... 54
:: Get Your Copy From :: Which type of food is good for patient? ................ 55
Break Illusion, Bring Revolution .............................. 55
Satish Dholakiya
Blind Faith ................................................................. 57
Amreli, Gujarat, India 365601.
Mobile: +91 9408848501 Which kind of Diet is good for the one who
Email: wants to progress on the spiritual path?................ 59
3 New Diet System New Diet System 4
6. Our Body: a Machine............................................ 61 Prevalent Belief ................................................... 146
A Machine hired on Lease .................................. 62 'There is no Energy in Meal'. Reason ? ........ 147
Proper Maintenance of Body Machine ................ 63 Moral .................................................................... 156
Food is an element of Production, In Support of True Science ................................ 158
not Energy-giver .................................................... 66 Is Science a Sinister Knowledge? .................... 159
What should we take in Diet? ............................. 69 God vs. Science .................................................. 161
Let Us Think! ......................................................... 72 Let us Change Thoughts/Beliefs ........................ 162
7. Diet System based on the Cleaning ................... 75 Where is True Science? ...................................... 164
General Importance of Cleaning .......................... 76 Confluence of Religion and Science.................. 165
Importance of Cleaning in Human Body ............ 78 Proper Period for Culture Building ..................... 168
How to Cleanse? .................................................. 80 Quit Narrow-mindedness ...................................... 169
External Cleaning .................................................. 84 True Science ......................................................... 172
Internal Cleaning ................................................... 85 11. Food System based on Human Anatomy .......... 173
Fasting .................................................................... 88 Human Anatomy ................................................... 174
8. Child Development based on Food System ..... 105 Milk ........................................................................ 176
Choice of Seed according to Expected Result 106 What is Cooked Food? ....................................... 177
Setting up the Target and Achieving It ............. 107 Uncooked Food is True Food ............................. 179
Milk: Nourisher or Destroyer of One's Health ... 116 Religious-blind and Knowledge-blind.................. 180
Food System for a Child.................................... 119 Truly Religious, Truly Scientific ........................... 181
Overall Development ........................................... 120 12. Food System based on the Ayurveda................ 184
Other Pleasure..................................................... 123 Ayurveda ............................................................... 185
Result of Misjudgment ........................................ 125 Cleansing of Body ............................................... 187
Conclusion ........................................................... 125 Observation ........................................................... 189
9. The 'Shastra'-based Food System ..................... 126 Observation of Food ............................................ 190
Types of Pleasures ............................................. 127 Inspection of Food ............................................... 192
Why there are only five types of pleasure? ..... 128 Method of Taking Meals (Table) .......................... 197
How can we achieve these five types 13. Don't Wait.............................................................. 198
of Pleasure? ........................................................ 129 14. List of Exemplary Beneficiary .............................. 200
Reason and Joy & Solution .............................. 137 15. The Approach ....................................................... 219
10. Food is not Energy-giver; It's a 16. God ........................................................................ 222
Building Material .................................................. 145 17. Guides Near to You ............................................. 225
5 New Diet System New Diet System 6
OPINIONS OF THE PHYSICIANS You have provided true understanding about fasts - absti-
nence - result of fasting - true method of fasting etc. I had never
Dr. V. J. Sureja, fasted in my life before reading this book. But, now I have started
Bantwa, Dist.: Junagadh fasting and feel it very easy. I feel swiftness in the body.
Since you have explained the principle of 'Service, not dona-
Regards to Shri B. V. Chauhan and Sarojbahen for tion', I have started putting aside 10% of my income for such act of
spreading the knowledge and understanding received by way service, and by doing so; I feel more fullness of mind, peace and
of self-experiment for the benefit of the society. spiritual development.
This is Dr. V. J. Sureja and Vanitabahen V. Sureja from Having known about the 'Life Force', I have also understood
Bantwa. that it is wasted due to misery, hatred, ego, anger, fear, desire,
I am much impressed by the study of your new books infatuation and possession; it is wasted by digestion and absorp-
on new food system, new ideology and various diseases. It is tion of food and defecation of stool and by various work organs and
not possible for me to explain them in words. You have presented physical exertion. With the new understanding my approach is
the information in a very easy and effective, but impressive entirely changed. Now, due to my behavior mixed with selfless love
language, which can be easily understood by the laymen. I really for everyone and feeling the God dwelling in every human being, I
congratulate you for opposing prevalent beliefs, science and feel that there is reduction in the wastage of the 'Life Force' in
religious customs in a moderate but effective language. This myself. I have known that the Force can be increased by proper
is the result of your consistent pursuit and God's gift to you. rest and meditation. So, now I take regular sleep at appropriate
It is astonishing to note that all my relatives and doctor friends, time and meditate whenever I get time. By doing this, I feel
whoever I gave this book, immediately started following it. They freshness, zeal, enthusiasm and swiftness throughout the day.
have been impressed and benefited too by the book. Each For example, by meditating during the trip, we feel swiftness
sentence of the book is much significant. rather than fatigue. By getting new understanding of the science of
meditation, now I can meditate easily.
I have completely understood:
Having known that the toxins are the root causes of all the
Medicines can provide relief, not removal of disease.
diseases, now by implementing the new diet system, fasting has
Food increases weight, not energy. become routine. Use of enema has also become very easy. With
Wealth is a means of purchasing other things, not pleasure. proper level of water in the body, it is now easy to excrete the toxins
Books contain information, not knowledge. out through kidney. Also, by sending out the toxins of the body
We feel duty towards the relatives, not oneness. through 'pranayam' and deep breaths, I feel swiftness in body.
God is a treasure of energy, happiness and love. Again, I thank you for providing me the knowledge about new
If I tell you about my own experience; I had a chronic food system - new ideology developed out of your experiences and
problem of acidity, which I could get rid of through this new food 'Ram CharitManas', for introducing me to Akhileshji. And, for the
system within four days. Also, I have been cured of pain in knees knowledge you have given us through our meetings or seminars, I
(cervical Spondylitis). I have reduced my weight and feel shall always be grateful to you.
freshness and swiftness in my body. With the ever-thinking, intellectual people like you, 'yogis' like
And, beyond getting good physical results, I received better Ramdevji Maharaj and saints like Akhileshji and organization of
alacrity in senses, happiness of mind, knowledge in intellect, and Brahmakumari Rajyog Meditation - and with the combined effort of
love instead of ego. Further, I have made long strides in spiritual all you patriotic people working towards keeping live our age-old
field. culture, I trust it will certainly bring about purification of mind,
7 New Diet System New Diet System 8
intellect, ego and soul. Our behavior will change. Virtues like Respected Sir,
modesty, patience, introspection, gaiety, fearlessness, endurance, B. V. Chauhan Saheb and Sarojbahen,
piety will blossom up in the people. India will shortly become like a Regards from Dr. Falguni G. Nandasana from Rajkot….
heaven and guide the world. I got a chance to study your new diet system, inspired
Once again, congratulations to you for your activities by Shri Ram CharitManas and developed by intuition and to
towards the advancement of the society. May God bless you attend your one-day seminar at Junagadh. I congratulate you
success in your efforts and you attain a sure development on for presenting the facts in a scientific, yet easy, and natural
this spiritual path day by day. This is our prayer to God. manner, even though you are not a physician yourself.
Best Wishes, All our doctor friends are impressed when I told them about
Dr. V. J. Sureja (M.B.B.S.) this. We will arrange your program in Rajkot Medical College.
Vanita V. Sureja After implementing your new diet system, we feel swiftness in
Phone: (02874) H. 241412, R. 241437, body and concentration - enthusiasm - zeal and freshness in
M. 98797 17610. reading. This has also benefited in case of pimples on my face.
We pray God to enable you to progress in your activity
Respected Shri B. V. Chauhan Global Test Tube Center and keep benefiting the society by showing them new direction
and Sarojbahen, & Gynec Gresthi, towards happiness.
"Shivalay", Jay Park,
Regards. Near Rajnagar Chowk, Dr. Falguni G. Nandasana,
Nana Mava Road, Rajkot. Rajkot. M. 99789 03200
Phone. 0281 - 2450911 Dr. Suryprakash Chaudhari,
M. 99255 07375 M.B.B.S., Chief Medical Officer, ESIS,
Regards from Dr. Darshan V. Sureja from Rajkot! Morbi.
I got an immense opportunity to attend your one-day M. 94262 24779.
seminar at Bantwa. I am thoroughly impressed by your new
diet system. You presented it very easily and in an effective Respected Chauhan Saheb,
manner, which can be easily understood by the laymen. Regards.
Congratulations for that…. It has been four months since I started the experiment.
My weight is reduced to 76 kg from 93 kg. Medications for
Your new ideology - 'Fasting', 'Service, not Donation', has
B.P., prostate, acidity have been stopped. Pain in both the
also been quite appreciative. Implementation of your food
shoulders (Cervical Spondylitis) and pain in the waist have been
system has been very helpful for us.
removed. I have been using the waist belt (L.S. Belt) for last
We have quitted 'ganthia' and tea. We have started fourteen years, which has been removed during the seminar.
consuming uncooked food in the lunch, due to which we feel I can sit on the floor now. I was taking tea, which has been
freshness and swiftness in the body. stopped during the seminar. I feel a lot of swiftness and pleasure.
I have been studying gynecology with the Irwin Hospital,
Jamnagar. I have shared many of your books on gynecology Many other doctors in my staff and other employees have
with my patients. They have been benefited also. My parents adopted the new system. We had never been so hungry for
in Bantwa have also been quite appreciative of your efforts. the dinner. Now, we really enjoy the food.
They have also adopted new food system.
9 New Diet System New Diet System 10
Respected Sir, cannot remain healthyby medicines only. Donation is service
Chauhan Saheb and Sarojbahen, - all these books are one up the others.
Regards from Dr. Jayesh Patel and Dr. Amitaben from As a doctor, my mind did not actually accept this. So,
Rajkot! I decided to carry out experiment. I had an excellent experience
We got an opportunity to attend your one-day seminar at for four months. Thank you very much.
Bantwa and Junagadh. And, by studying your book on 'New Thank you very much, Chauhan Saheb for showing me
Diet System', we have been greatly impressed, and we have the way to God and actually leading me to Him. I pray God
started implementing them. Due to this, now we have quitted for your long life and activities.
morning tea and breakfast and since now we bring only
Dr. Vaghwani
cucumber, tomatoes, carrots and fruits in our lunch box, it has
greatly saved our time and relieved us from the mess of Phone. (02823) 220070, 225500, 22100
preparing food in haste. Also, by eating these things, we can (M.D. Physician), Jetpur.
work with swiftness from the down to dusk. We have reduced
our weights too. Our patients have also benefited in case of Respected Sir,
acidity by implementing the new food system.
B. V. Chauhan,
We wish you continuous progress in your activity. Do visit
our hospital whenever you come Rajkot. We request you to I have studied in detail all your books on the 'New Diet
provide benefit of your seminar to Rajkot also. System' based on 'Shri Ram CharitManas',published by you. You
have provided a very good explanation of the specialties of the
Dr. Jayesh K. Patel, M. 98255 17455
Dr. Amitaben J. Patel, M. 94286 99656 science of human body in these books, that too, in a language
which is easy and effective. This is necessary for laymen to
Shubham Dental Hospital, Rajkot.
understand. I congratulate you for providing this important
information and your thoughts, despite the fact that you are not
Respected B. V. Chauhan Saheb,
Namaskar! a doctor yourself. After analyzing all your forthcoming books on
the diseases, I realized that you have given a detailed description
Results of the self-realizations experienced by you through
a number of experiments on the self carried out in course of of even the most common sickness and suggested inexpensive
remedies in the series 'New Diet System'.
your life, described in your books under 'New Diet System' series
have been quite eye-opener and impressive for us. For sure, I cordially pray God to bless you with His graces in your
science has progressed. But, as its side effects, we have been noble activity of selfless social service of writing and publishing
faced with many physical, psychological, social, national and books on various diseases quite helpful to the society, in future
international problems. Everything depends on how our mind also.
perceives it, i.e., our view point. And, our mind depends on In future, if you will seek my help in all good activities of
our food. social service, for any guidance or suggestion, I shall consider
I have learnt how to fast and its effectiveness, true myself lucky and shall most lovingly do the needful.
understanding about food that "Food is not energy-giver, but it
is a Building Material." Diseases are result of excessive con-
Dr. Dhiren R. Patel,
sumption, tea is worse than liquor and meat. There is pleasure
(Cardiologist), Vadodara.
in sacrifice. Happiness can be obtained by giving happiness. We
11 New Diet System New Diet System 12
DIET SYSTEM there are many benefits from the new food system, I feel no
Health is a very important thing in the human life. Our hesitation in recommending it. I wish good luck and success
age-old proverb goes, "Pahelusukhtejatenarya". But, it is difficult to Shri B. V. Chauhan.
to maintain good health. There are multiple ways to manage Dr. L. N. Chauhan,
good health, such as, physical, psychological, economic, social, Phone.(0265) 2251857, M.D. (D.G.O.)
food - diet - nutrition etc. By taking care of these aspects, one Retd. Dean - S.S.G. Hospital,
can manage good health. Besides these, life style of an Vadodara.
individual, his habits and practices also play an important role.
For good health, you need to remain away from the diseases. WHY NEW DIET SYSTEM?
In order to keep one away from the diseases, the diet system,
The world is ever-changing.
proper physical exercise, cleanliness, life style - play an impor-
tant part. It is also important for one to abstain from bad habits, Once we used to religiously follow our promises. Today,
such as smoking, tobacco and alcoholconsumption etc. hardly anyone is bothered about breaching the promises.
Other factors that impact the health of an individual are his
Once it was considered a matter of pride for a woman
mental peace, control over anger, envy, excessive tension etc.
to become 'sati' after her husband. Today, it is considered a
'Diet System' is a main key to maintain good health and foolery. The kind of apparels once we used to hate, has now
to remain away from the diseases. If the food system is become fashion statements. Thus, there are many things which
implemented along with the aspects stated above, it can bring were considered good earlier, have become bad; a number of
about the expected results. A number of research works are things which were bad earlier, have become good.
carried out and books published, and will also be done in future,
on the food system. The main point in all these exercise is This fact does not only pertain to the social level. The
to provide a system for balanced diet. This system explains same is true in respect of science also.
that the important role is to be played by green vegetables,
Milk, which was considered a complete
salad, green 'chutney', fruits and vegetables.
food, is now considered harmful.
The process of cooking causes damage to much of the
elements of the food. The boiled food is better than the cooked Penicillin, and many other drugs, which
food; and raw food is better than the boiled food. We changed have saved millions of lives earlier, are now
our Diet system very rapidly and invited many diseases; and getting termed as 'lethal' and are banned.
as a result, put ourselves into many troubles. Good system
Our thoughts on Diet system are inherited to us, and so,
of food increases immunity and keeps diseases away or cures
they are also not permanent. So, it always demands some
easily. If ladies follow this food system during their pregnancy,
thinking if this system of food is found to be defective some-
it will certainly provide good health to the mother and the child.
where, then shouldn't we show readiness to quit it and adopt
It is also much helpful to the ladies in anemia. The couple,
a new system, without any doubt, fear, distrust or narrow-
which does not have any medical problem, and is still not getting
mindedness. Naturally, to imitate something without understand-
the child, can also be benefited.
ing or follow something blindly is not an act of intellect. Similarly,
Shri B. V. Chauhan has vast experience and knowledge not to think differently or not to adopt new things is also a sign
about Diet system. I wish the society at large should be benefited of inertia. It is not intellectualism, it is intellectual bankruptcy.
of this knowledge. I am also benefited by this food system. Since That's why I tell don't believe in what I say, understand it.
13 New Diet System New Diet System 14
Experiment it on your own after duly understanding it, and action, our future will be bleak. We will have to become a true
wherever necessary, take guidance from me or someone who scientist, a true spiritualist. Religious fanaticism is dangerous.
has adopted the new Diet system. The result of the experiment But, we need to keep in mind that in today's world lack of
will make amply clear as to what is right and what is wrong. knowledge is even more dangerous. Those diseases which were
We have seen that the illness prevails in the entire world. considered rareones, are now becoming very common in the
No family is spared out of its clutches. From a child to an old society - and number of such diseases is ever increasing. And,
man everyone is ill. Not only people of the society, the saints still if we do not open our eyes and keep believing that science
- 'sanyasis' - 'yogis' are also found to be ill. Thus, those who will make us disease-free one day, then it is doubtless to say
have sacrificed everything and those who consume everything, that the same science will swallow the entire mankind. So, I
both are equally troubled of diseases. invite all of you, as Swami Vivekanand has said:
Similarly, not only laymen, but the doctors, physicians and 'Arise, awake and stop not till the goal
other medical people are also ill. Everyone, no matter which is reached.'
county, culture or religion they follow, is ill. Our goal should be - the salvation.
Millions of rupees are being spent on the research activities The God is true - eternal - joyous.
and millions more are being spent in launching new hospitals
Meaning, He is the destroyer of three
and manufacturing new drugs and medicines. Millions are spent
kinds of calamities.
on medical treatment. And, besides all these, leave apart totally
Meaning, he is the treasurer of health,
eliminating, we have not been able to reduce the diseases, but
energy, joy, knowledge and love, all those
to the contrary, they are increasing and worsening. And today,
things which we have always been desirous
this is the situation when approximately one hundred and fifty
different medical therapies are deployed for getting rid of the
diseases. This compels us to think if we are putting our efforts And, that God is within us, not outside us.
in the wrong direction and if we are incorrect somewhere in the We have been seeking Him at different places outside us, in
basic logic, so that the objective for which we have been working a Temple, Mosque, Gurdwara, Church etc., where He does not
persistently for generations, going farther from us, leave apart belong. Similarly, we are seeking health in the medicines, where
achieving it. it does not belong. We are seeking energy in the food, where
Somebody has defined a 'fool' as: it does not belong. And, so, we cannot find them. So now,
"A fool is a person who does the same work again and the need is to change the direction of our search. We will have
again and hopes for different result." to find new road for search.
Aren't we fool in the above sense of the term? We believe
that the medicines will mitigate our disease, and based on this EXPERIMENTS ON THE SELF
understanding, we keep on taking medicines. We try ayurvedic
medicines. If it does not give result, we try allopathy. If it is I was also a victim of the beliefs discussed above. At that
not successful, we turn towards homeopathy, and thus, we time, I was fifteen when I faced severe constipation. I did not get
actually get more and more entrapped in the web of different nature's call for a period of eight consecutive days. I tried many
medicines. We do not think anything else. As a result, the Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines. But, no result! The physicians
diseases worsen in terms of their numbers, their severity, their and 'vaidyas' opined that it was due to inadequate nutrition re-
dreadfulness and their spread. Unless we take some timely ceived from the milk and 'ghee'accessible during my hostel life. So,
in order to provide complete nutrition to the body, I used to con-
15 New Diet System New Diet System 16
sume about half a liter of milk every day before going to school. yoga, 'pranayam' etc., along with the medicines. When I got such a
Who cares for analyzing the result?The medicines had become miraculous result, I started doubting it. So, in order to confirm the
'regular' with me.I still remember my underwear always full of same, I subjected my own self for experiments consecutively for
small, white, transparent insects called lice despite the fact that I nine years. The points which I wanted to test were: Do I feel
used to wash and clean my body 2-3 times daily. I frequently got weakness after renouncing the kind of and amount of food I used
nose bleeding. At the age of twenty, I got severe pain and bleeding to consume? Though it cures the diseases, does it have any
in my ears. I took plenty of injections. But, had no change in the adverse impact on my stomach? Even though it gives me the
condition…So, I decided to operate of our one of my ears on an feeling of 'all well' now, can it have irreversible, serious, damaging
experiment basis with an intension to operate the other ear also if I impacts on my health in the future years? Though the new food
get rid of my difficulties. But, the operation brought no relief to me, system does not make much difference to the person like me,
despite the doctor's guarantee. So, I gave away the idea to operate having sedentary life style, but can it prove to be harmful for the
on the other ear. I got deafness, which went on increasing. No class of people putting immense physical exertion throughout the
positive result was obtained even after applying a number of day, like farmers and workers? What will be its impact on the body
remedies. I was attacked by different diseases from all sides. I systems of the growing child, who are still in the development
started displaying the features of old age in the days of bubbling phase of their life? What will be its impact on the body systems of
youth. And, still keep rolling the life feeling complacent and think- the pregnant women who are supporting a new life inside their
ing that 'it is normal', 'it is natural', 'many people suffer from this womb? What will be its impact on the body systems suchmom,
condition' etc. And, unknowingly kept on nourishing the seeds of who is breast feeding her neonatal?What will be the impact on a
diseases by consuming nutritious food, as a result of which, the youth, on an old man or on a person already suffering from some
seeds grew into plant and plant into a formidable tree. disease?etc. Thus, I felt like a wave after wave of innumerable
questions rising in my mind. This was the reason why undertook to
I carried out all the prevalent alternatives of treatment for
have experiments on the self for nine years.
getting rid of the diseases, with complete faith and spending a lot of
money, time and energy. I used to exercise, perform yoga and
'pranayam' and resorted to various treatment therapies such as, IMPORTANCE OF RESISTANCE IN ANY MISSION
Reiki, 'shivambu', water therapy, allopathy, Ayurveda, etc., but We all know how difficult it is to remove the deep-rooted
could not get rid of diseases. I had almost accepted headache and evil customs of our society, no matter how common place they
restlessness as routine condition thinking every one suffers from are. On the other hand, here we had decided to raise our voice
them. I had to put on glasses for clear vision. I also accepted it as and declare war against those beliefs which were endorsed by
a natural process thinking that everyone gets it at the age between both, the prevalent (so called) science and prevalent (so called)
38 and 42 years, and so did I. Thus, I found nothing unusual in it.At religion, and due to which the entire society has been entrapped
that time, the thought did not come to my mind even once that therein; the beliefs, which they believe to be the truths. It was
none of the animal kingdom follows strict rules like me. They drink as difficult as swimming against the flow. All my relatives,
muddy water. Do not brush their teeth. Do not take oil massage. including my own wife, opposed to me for this change, to sustain
Do not bathe. Still they remain healthy. On the other hand, in my against which was not possible without the support of the God.
case, there was a huge intake of nutritious, energy-giving food. The God blessed me with true knowledge, wisdom, understand-
Due to this, my thought was confirmed that energy is not there in ing and power, in support of which I could fight my opponents.
the food. Once this was confirmed my emphasis on food automati- At that time I understood:
cally went on decreasing. Similarly, I put a cut on need of exercise,
1. In physics, the friction presents resistance to speed.
17 New Diet System New Diet System 18
2. In studies, the exams present resistance to learning. "The food is not giver of energy, it is a Building Material."
3. In electricity, the back E.M.F. presents resistance to conduc-
tion of electricity.
4. In democracy, the government is opposed by the Opposition.
5. In world, the relatives present resistance.
Thus, the resistance, of one or the other type, prevails in
all the walks of life. And so, it was quite natural and normal
that our idea also met with resistance. This developed my
knowledge to understand the facts that: I have learned through my long experience that it would
not be easy to explain this new concept to the people in today's
1. The speed is not possible without friction.
age of science. So, here I am trying to explain the concept
2. The study is not possible without exams. by taking different referencing and clarifying from various angles.
3. The conduction of electricity is not possible without back As a part of this effort -
E.M.F. Here, I am trying to explain how
4. The democracy is not possible without opposition. actually should be the food system? The
prevailing food system, I believe, is the root
5. The world is not possible without near and dear ones.
of all the diseases. So, first, you understand
This completely clarifies that existence is not possible the new food system yourself, think over it,
without resistance, and so, the resistance is not only appropriate, execute it in your own life with courage and
but inevitable also. So, you will have to welcome the resistance. positive attitude, select the new path and
You cannot run away from it. beacon others for this, more benevolent
This provided necessary force to me to further my path. With selecting the new path and spiritual inclination, your
experiments on the self by clarifying my doubts. life will attain success and you will be responsible for the success
I had reduced the intake of food to such an extent that of the others. You can call it a divine remedy to remove the
I used to eat only half a chapatti in a day. I undertook fast for diseases. It is God's own path.
a week, fortnight, month or even six months only with the help "The path to the righteousness is not an act of coward…
of water, and sometimes, even without water. Sometimes, I First, you will have to stake your life before thinking of the
consumed nothing but air, not even water, for four days. consequences…"
Simultaneously, I increased physical exertion. I used to walk 20
"If you are courageous, the God will remain /with you…"
kms., and sometimes 30 kms., in a day. I used to climb up and
down about four thousand steps on a staircase in a day. I used It is not easy to carve a new path. It was not easy to put a
to stay under the sunlight throughout the day. And, I found that battle against and finally remove the social evils like dowry system,
I felt neither hungry nor thirsty, and not even exhausted. All my practice of 'sati', expensive and excessive post-funeral rites etc.
diseases disappeared. Thus, the file which was hard coded But, it is not impossible either. If the task is easy, people will rush to
in the software of our super computer, the mind, that the complete it. But, only the brave will undertake the really difficult
food provides energy, was deleted and replaced by the new activity. In the current time, everyone should come forward to pick
program. up the challenge of bringing about a change in the food system,
19 New Diet System New Diet System 20
which is very critical now. And, those who consider themselves human beings. With this spirit, I have started writing this book. So,
intellectuals should take extra interest in this activity. They should if you find impurity of language, inconsistency, repetition, disinter-
come forward to challenge their intellect, understand the truth of estedness or absence of any such critical aspect of literary work in
the new system, should bring success to the self and the others. this book, then I admit it as a clear possibility. I request the readers
This will be a kind of service to the God. It will prove that still there to ignore such mistakes and accept the underlying meaning of the
is definitely a scope of learning new concepts. So, one should start words, rather than words by themselves.
experiments in different direction. The experiments should be I am thoroughly convinced that with this book I do not expect
undertaken not with the prejudiced mind, but they would be done the entire society to change their way of life nor I am obliging
with the open mind. So, get ready for new researches. anyone by doing so. As described by Tulsidasji:
"Jump in with the Faith in God, You will surely be "Svantahsukhay, Tulsi Raghunathgatha"
Victorious." Thus, this is an effort to please my own self. Call it as my
SPREAD OF THE EXPERIMENTS devotion, my service or my vocation.
Also, based on my experience of life, this is my personal
Later on, I started spreading those experiments with the
opinion. Lord Krishna answers to all the doubts and questions of
people of different places in Gujarat rather than keeping it re-
Arjun in Shrimad Bhavad Geeta. But, at the end of his guidance in
stricted to my own self. I got positive responses from all sides.
63rd verse of 18th chapter, Krishna says"
Thus, the belief that 'the food does not have energy' was further
enforced. After all these exercise now it is time to make all the "Itite gyan makhy atamguhyadguhytarammaya,
people aware of the new concept. But, it is rather difficult for me. I Vimrushyaitd shes henyathechhsitathakuru."
find no easy words to explain my experience in a smooth way. (Thus has wisdom, more profound than all profunditites,
However, here I am trying to be as clear and understandable as been declared to thee by Me; reflecting over it fully, act as thou
possible in order to disseminate the knowledge to all quarters of likest.)
the society, so that the society should know that something which it Even the God does not enforce His ideology over Arjun, then
adopted as truth, is full of untruth instead. Here, I am trying to how can I?
explain the truth from various angels, as understood by me, as per
Do as you wish. You all are supreme masters of your own
my capacity. If you can grasp it, be sure that you are yet very alert
selves. When you will experiment, you will certainly get some
and ready to give your ear to the new idea. And, if you cannot
results, otherwise assessing a new system merely based on beliefs
grasp it, let it be considered as my fault because I am not a
will be considered as foolery.
competent story teller or an author or any literary artist. I am not
even an expert of physiology and anatomy. My words are only Further, my experience is also not mine. It is the extract of all
expression the understanding which I have obtained with the grace our 'shastras' received from International Association for Scientific
of God and due to the specific experiences I had in my life. Spiritualism. So, whatever is the credit, it should go to them. I am
just a channel, a server.
"Jyanna pahonche Ravi tyanpahonche kavi,
Whatever I have written based on my experiences is not
Jyanna pahonche kavi tyanpahonche anubhavi." meant to criticize someone or indicate towards the defects in
As per the above lines, I am going to share with you a small someone. It is never an exercise of seeing others' vices; rather it is
bunch of experience I have with me. Human life on the face of the an effort of self-evaluation. Where did we, the human being, err? It
earth is very ephemeral. So, before I depart forever to the heav- is just an effort to find where we missed and lost our way. It is an
enly abode, I think it fit to pass on the knowledge to my fellow effort to carry out introspection rather than carrying our research
21 New Diet System New Diet System 22
on external objects. Despite all these, if my manner of telling truth in suppressing the disease rather than removing them. The true
(which I feel as truth) has pained someone, I present my apologies remedy lies in completely eradicating the cause of the diseases,
to them. I was never aimed at hurting anyone. However, it is often i.e., fetching out the toxins accumulated in the body."
very difficult to face the truth. But, "Truth is God". So, let us - Dr. G. S. Gutheri
together understand the truth and try to implement it in our life.
"All the diseases take birth during the process of digestion."
And, accordingly, with the help of new food system get a healthy
(not only disease-free) life. - Dr. Edward Hooker Dive
The old Diet system was given by the 'Rishis', which had "There is nothing as reliable as the accident. We do not die,
given us a healthy and God-oriented life. Today's diet system is we suicide, and that too with our own teeth."
that of scientists, which has given us extremely an unhappy life full - Dr. D. L. M. Abramaski
of diseases. But, everyone wants happiness. So, one has to re-
adopt the old diet system. But, then it is also obvious that we will "All the difficulties felt while we are empty stomach are
not be able to change our food habit overnight. because of the toxins present in our body, not because of the
absence of food."
That is why, we have prepared a 'Middle Path' sort of food
system combining the benefits of both, the old and the new Diet - Dr. Howard Hay (M.D.)
system, which is named as: - "There are millions of people who eat more than what their
"New Diet System" digestive system and digest. As a result, their digestion gets so
slow that they have to face utter despair and pass their days in a
You can also try it. It is not a job of the one who always thinks pathetic situation."
what others will tell if takes particular path. He is a patient, a
coward. - Dr. F. M. Heath

"Sabse bada rog, Kya kahenge log." "Every dose of the medicines decreases life force."

This is a way to righteousness. It is brave man's job. Have - Dr. Clark

courage, jump in, the God is with us, then why should we worry? "The true cause of the disease is not the bacteria. Whatever
the disease is, medicine always proves harmful in its cure. With
proper dietary changes, the disease can be cured."
- Dr. Henry G. Beller (M.D.)

"Every new invention related to bacteria proves it with better "Medical science is an irrelevant babble, and the effect of
confidence that we were on the wrong path. Thousands of tons of medicines on the human being is always uncertain. But, it is
medicines, which the humankind has taken in were worthless. A certain that medicines alone have taken away much more lives
physician, in future, will be counseling his patients on how to than the wars, epidemics or droughts, taken together, have claimed."
improve his food habits and explaining the reason of the disease - Dr. John Mason Good (M.D., F.R.S)
and the means to prevent it."
"Someone is lucky if he can save himself throughout the life
- Thomas Alva Edison (a famous scientist)
from black and white coats."
"The entire medical world has committed a mistake in cor-
rectly diagnosing the diseases. It applied all its energy and intellect - A doctor
23 New Diet System New Diet System 24
"Break illusion,
It is said in a Sanskrit proverb, "Tundaitundaimatirbhinnah",
"Long live meaning every head has different point of view. Similarly, there are
New multiple opinions about disease.
diet System" Thinking from the common sense point of view:
The primary stage of any disease displays these characteris-
tics: cold, running nose, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, cough, constipa-
tion etc.
Based on this, we can define the disease as:
"An unnatural condition of the body is disease." To take air in
and throw out in breathing is natural functioning of the nose. But, if
it cannot breathe the air in or throw liquid out instead of air, then it is
certainly not a natural condition. That's why, it is called a disease.
To go for the nature's call once in a day is a natural state. But, if you
DISEASE feel loose motion and have to visit 5-6 times in a day to answer the
nature's call or you do not receive nature's call for days together,
A FRIEND then it is certainly not a natural condition. That's why, it is called a
OF FOE ? disease. When the food returns back from stomach through mouth
instead of going from mouth to the stomach, it is not a natural
condition, which can be called disease.
Here, one point is to be noted that in unnatural conditions of
the body, the body always tries to expel out something (or some-
thing is jammed inside the body, such as cough in the chest,
cholesterol in blood vessels, or stool in the intestines etc.)
yu What is Disease? Also, the matter which comes out of the body is not only
unpleasant but repulsively ugly in seeing, taste, smell, or touch.
yu Why do we fall ill?
And, when the matter is thrown out, the body feels relieved. So,
yu Why are the diseases not cured by medicines? another definition of the disease can be given as:
yu Why are the diseases not totally eradicated, but rather grow? "The process through which the body throws out the toxins in
yu What should we do to remove diseases? order to keep itself clean".
yu What should we do to prevent diseases from occurring? Thus, disease means the stool accumulated in the body.

yu Hereditary Diseases If you analyze the word 'DISEASE', we can dissect it into 'DIS'
(means, negative - not good) and 'EASE' (means, comfort). Thus,
yu The Path to the Righteousness belongs to Brave. it literally means 'a feeling of discomfort', a condition in which we
yu Disease: Friend or Foe feel uneasy, abnormal. It can be condition from normal uneasi-
25 New Diet System New Diet System 26
ness, weakness and malaise to extreme feelings, such as, the animals. They are provided with full arrangement
world seems to be worthless, the wealth seems real worry, our for food and they are also given a freedom of
near and dear ones seem to be our enemies, the world looks like a choice. The highest post was given to the mankind.
hell, life becomes intolerably heavy. Then, we call such a state as They are given most complete arrangement of food
disease. and total freedom of choice. Similarly, the God has
provided the mankind with mind - intellect - con-
The Nature wants us to keep us always healthy. That's why it
sciousness ('chetna') in the increasing order. But
keeps its excretory system working round the clock to keep our
unfortunately, the mankind converted freedom into
body clean by nose, skin, stool, urine etc. Still when extreme
extravagance and misused the powers of mind,
amount of toxins get accumulated somewhere in the body and
intellect and consciousness. As per the need, the
pose a danger to any organ or tissue, then the special cleaning
God has provided with the milk of its mother for a
process initiated in such 'emergency' situation is called disease.
neonatal. And, after giving teeth, since the milk was
not needed, he removed the milk. The animals followed the God's
WHY DO WE FALL ILL? norms and started feeding on the objects by using their teeth.
They quitted the milk. But, the mankind kept on consuming milk by
It clear from the definition of disease given earlier that:
creating incorrect arguments like 'milk is complete food', 'we get
There is only one and only reason for the disease and it is calcium from milk' and 'it is necessary for teeth and bones' etc., we
the toxins accumulated in the body. We all know that the 'toxins' kept on consuming milk of other animals even though Nature
are nothing but the unused portion of the food. The food we take is designed to stop consumption of milk, which is the reason of
responsible for formation of muscle, blood etc. in the body. Mean- diseases.
ing, the food constructs the structure of the body and fulfills the Moreover, the God created different
depreciation. That's why, it is necessary to consume food, and so, kind of vegetation on the earth to fulfill the
the Nature has given us teeth and the digestive system. Not only dietary need of the mankind and other
this, the Nature has also provided with the excretory system along vegetarian animals. Other animals duly fol-
with it. Also, we can see that there is only one opening for lowed the God's order and used only that
consuming food, while there are multiple exits to throw away the food, which was designed for them,
toxins, such as openings for passing stool and urine, nose and whereas the mankind started cooking it,
millions of pores on the skin. Through these exists, the toxins are destroyed most of the nutrient elements of
thrown out of the body in gas, liquid and solid form. Not only this, it and ate such a 'dead food'. Thus, first
the Nature has also provided for additional exits necessary in case they converted nectar-like food into
of emergency. In case of need, the toxins are thrown out by garbage and then fulfilled their hunger with it. Such food gets stale
vomiting, excessive defecation (diarrhea), cough, cold etc. very easily after having been cooked. That's why human beings
Thus, it is quite inevitable for the toxins to be produced inside breathe foul. Their sweat stinks - despite bathing daily with soap
the body, and so, the Nature has sufficiently arranged for its and shampoo, mouth stinks - despite using toothpaste daily, stool
excretion; and this system works round the clock. and urine stink - despite taking purgatives. On the contrary, the
animals drink dirty water, do not bathe with soap, do not take
The God created vegetation and other inanimate objects. purgatives, and still their breathings and sweating or urine and
They are provided limited arrangement for food and they are not stool do not stink. This proves that the animals are healthy and
given freedom of choice, while contrary to this, the God created human beings are suffering from diseases.
27 New Diet System New Diet System 28
Thus, the two things which play a major role for diseases are: This is like bombarding the entire country to kill an individual
one, milk and all its products (tea, coffee, curd, buttermilk, butter, terrorist. The terrorist hides himself inside a safe place, whereas
ghee etc.); and number two, the cooked food (for non-vegetarians, the general public and the soldiers of the country get killed. It
eating meat is also responsible for diseases) virtually destroys the entire country.
The medicines, that we take, also mix in the blood and
WHY DISEASES ARE NOT CURED BY MEDICINES? spread to all the organs of the body. The
Chemicals of the medicines create poisonous effect on the white
blood cells, red blood cells and other cells of the blood. The
From the definition given earlier, it is clear
disease-causing elements hide somewhere, but these life-giving
that in order to keep the body healthy, the body
particles get killed due to medicines, and thus, body is destructed.
itself arranges a system (meaning, the God liv-
At the end, the disease-causing elements re-appear with increased
ing inside the body) to throw the toxins out of the
power. This is how the medicines work.
body. This is why; we sometimes suffer from diarrhea, vomiting,
gas trouble, cold, etc. - which is actually a good process, a process
to cleanse the body and keep it healthy. But, we take it differently. WHY ARE THE DISEASES NOT TOTALLY ERADI-
We consider it as sickness and try to stop the process of throwing CATED, BUT RATHER GROW, IN SPITE OF USING
the toxins out by taking medicines and curing the 'sickness'. The VARIOUS TREATMENT METHODOLOGIES?
matter which was extremely toxic, which was very harmful for body,
and that is why the God, with special efforts, was trying to throw it We are continuously working towards eradication of dis-
out by one or the other way. But, we did not allow him to do so. eases. And, still it has remained just a dream for us. On the other
And, by being over-wise we created obstacles in His scheme. So, way, the diseases are actually increasing. At present there are
the sticky, stinking, awful in taste, ugly, highly abominable toxics more than one hundred fifty treatment methodologies are in force,
now remain inside the body. Then, they get absorbed from the but still total relief from the diseases has not been possible. We
intestines and mix in the blood. With blood, they move to different open medical clinics and healthcare centers in every village and
parts of the body. Since the blood is impure now, the impurity call it a sign of progress. But, actually it is a defeat of the mankind
spreads to all the systems and organs in the body. Then, it gets on the front of medicines. The medicines start before the child is
reflected on some part of the body. It means that we consider
born. It continues with him throughout the childhood and even
clogging of the toxins inside the body a good thing and its purga-
after it in different phases of life till the last moment when he dies.
tion out of the body as a sickness.
Can we call it a life? You keep on spending your hard-earned
Due to this false belief, we understand that the disease is money lavishly for medicines and thereafter pass a moderate life.
cured by taking medicines. However, in fact, by taking medicines, Can we call it our success? Our progress? We can claim our-
the toxic elements were stopped from coming out of the body. So, selves as successful only if we can have healthy life without
what we consider as disease is just suppressed. It actually got medicines. We can claim our progress if we can reduce the
mixed in blood and spread to different parts of the body. Then, it number of clinics and healthcare centers in the society until there
infected those areas which were hitherto healthy, which worsened remains no need of any clinic or any treatment methodology.
the situation. Thus, medicines do not cure disease, it actually
suppress it, which takes huge form later on. Thus, it is necessary IS IT POSSIBLE?
to understand clearly that medicines are not beneficial, rather they Eradication of diseases is a very big problem, confusing
are harmful. beyond all imagination, for the mankind. But, we know that once
29 New Diet System New Diet System 30
the problem is resolved, there remains no anxiety or fear of it. spending a notable portion of the world's budget, we have not
Thus, the problem seems huge only until we do not know its been able to eradicate diseases. On the contrary, it seems that the
solution. Once it is solved, it becomes very easy. Eradication of devil of the disease has grown in size and posing more difficulties
diseases is also that easy. If we are not able to solve the problem for the mankind. Today, we have medicines available for every
after many efforts, we can assume that our logic is somewhere human being. The medicines start before the birth of the child, and
incorrect. continue with him in course of life until he breathes his last.
In order to achieve any target, two things are necessary: Everyone lives his life. But, he lives a diseased, inefficient
one - effort, and two - proper direction. If we are putting enough and fearful life. He feels so helpless that he is not in position to
efforts, but our direction is not correct, we will not achieve the even imagine about the disease-free state. On the contrary,
target, rather we will move away from the target with each of our despite thousands of efforts, he keeps on believing his own
efforts. We will move in the wrong direction only if our logic is destruction as achievement. The modern science boasts of that
incorrect. because of their efforts the average life span of a human being has
Due to illusion, Duryodhana saw land where now become 70-80 years from 50-60 years. What a big
there was water and water where there was land achievement! Don't they know that the ancient 'Rishis' used to
in the palace of the Pandavas. And, this caused spend thousands of years in meditation? Goddess Parvati
the Mahabharata. performed his sacrifice for sixty seven thousand years. What
would have been her life span then?
The deer keeps chasing the mirage con-
sidering it a source of water. The same deer In fact, let us talk of our own time. Prahaladbhai Jani (alias
keeps running throughout the forest after the 'Mataji') living at Gabbar (Ambaji) have not consumed any food nor
smell of musk, which actually is in its belly. It does not get water even water for last seventy years. He has been living only on air.
which flows quite near to him or cannot realize that the smell is not And, he says that he will live for next five thousand years. All this is
coming from elsewhere. It is in itself only. This happens because possible, but not through the path of science, but through the path
the belief of the deer is wrong. suggested by the 'Rishis'. The present-day science is killing us
gradually. That is why; the concept of 'Mercy killing' (to kill a person
This clarifies that if we try to achieve something with living in pathetic condition with no hope of recovery) is very
incorrect logic or belief, we are bound to get result contrary to our prevalent recently. What is the use of such long life? It is not
expectation. Thus, after putting a host of efforts, we are not getting important how long do we survive. It is important which kind of life
our target or we are moving away from the target, it is clear that the we live. People do not know this. What can it be called, except
efforts are being put on basis of wrong belief. ignorance?
The same is our case about eradication of diseases. For Our effort for eradication of diseases is like throwing cold
thousands of years, we have developed a number of treatment water on milk to pacify from rising rather than turning off the flame.
methodologies; still we have received only failure. The diseases
have increased instead of decreasing. So, it is now a time to They are like plugging the pipe to prevent the flow of water
introspect if our belief is incorrect! rather than turning off the electric motor from supplying water.

We emphasized more on how to mitigate the disease than They are like plastering and painting a wall to prevent its
thinking why it occurred in the first hand. Thus, here we missed the decaying condition rather than researching for the correct reason
correct direction. Instead of catching the root cause, we rushed of the decay and then remove it with proper civil work.
after the effects only and then get lost in maze. As a result, despite They are like cutting the wood destroyed of termites, join
31 New Diet System New Diet System 32
new log of wood and color it rather than taking steps towards the 3. Environment : Polluted environment is
eradication of termites. also considered responsible for
We bear a lot in terms of time, wealth and energy in all these diseases. But, many people remain
efforts, and eventually, lose the original material. Similarly, rather healthy under the same environment,
than searching out the true reason for occurrence, we spend our while others catch diseases. Even
time, energy and money in curing the disease, and eventually, the animals also live in the same
human body suffers a lot. environment. They do not fall ill.
MYTHS: 4. Sedentary Life: People consider the
sedentary life as a reason for diseases,
Let us now discuss some of the myths prevalent in society and hence, start exercises, and still
about the diseases and verify how far they are correct. Some of they remain ill. Even the farmers and
the myths prevalent in society about the diseases are as below: workers who put a lot of physical
1. Addiction: it is believed that different exertion also fall ill. I used to exercise a
diseases are caused due to addiction. lot, and still I was facing frequent
This is wrong belief. Directed by this sickness. Currently, I am not exercising
myth, we are running 'Quit Addiction' at all, and still I am healthy.
movements. However, it is noticed that
5. Non-vegetarian Food : Consuming non-vegetarian
the people who run such movements are themselves food is considered as a reason for diseases. However,
patients of many diseases. even vegetarians also fall ill.
I have seen such people suffering from incurable
6. Sanitation: those who consider lack of sanitation as a
diseases, who never had any kind of addiction right from
reason for diseases, regularly brush their teeth, wash
the childhood. Generally, the ladies are not much
their body with the soap, wear clean clothes, keep their
addicted, still they fall ill. And, I have seen many addicts,
residence and place of work neat and clean, and still,
who do not experience many diseases.
they fall ill. Our ancestors were not so conscious about
I have never been an addict myself since childhood; still the sanitation and hygienic habits; still they used to fall ill
I was surrounded by a number of diseases. And, the less frequently. The animals do not maintain any sanita-
same me is now free from diseases. So, this myth tion. They drink dirty water, sit in mud and live in gar-
proves to be wrong. bage, do not clean their teeth or do not bathe them-
2. Change of Seasons : the change of season is also selves. Still they remain healthy.
cited as a reason for diseases. However, the change of
I have also stopped cleaning or brushing my teeth, not
season applies to all the human beings of the particular even salt. I do not wash my oral cavity with normal water
area. Still all do not fall ill.
nor do I clean my tongue. And still, my teeth have be-
Once, the season change used to affect come even better. I do not bathe with soap. Do not apply
me immediately. I used catch cold and oil massage. Do not apply hair oil. Still, I am healthy.
cough, and fever due to season changes. When I used to follow the 'so called' rules of sanitation, I
However, today for last fifteen years I frequently used to fall ill. So, the myth that we can remain
am not been affected by any season change. So, this disease-free by maintaining external sanitation proves
myth also proves to be wrong. out to be misleading.
33 New Diet System New Diet System 34
7. Market Food : It is argued that consumption of food 11. Sometimes, psychological condition is considered
available in the market is a reason of diseases. But, responsible for the diseases. But, there are multiple
those who never eat market food also fall ill. I never examples in which we could cure the diseases of an
used to eat market food. I never ate at restaurant individual by just making suitable changes in his diet
or lodge. Even, I used to skip eating or drinking water system without any psychiatric treatment. Even
at anyone else's place. Still, I used to fall ill. Now, psychological diseases have also been so cured.
I have stopped following those strict norms, still I am
12. Inheritance is also considered a reason for diseases.
But, then why only one of the four off-springs of a couple
is affected by the hereditary disease.
8. Oily food, fried or highly-spiced food and junk food is
considered as a reason of diseases. But, there are 13. Type of Food: it is widely believe
a category of saints and spiritual personalities, who that some kind of food is consid-
never eat these kinds of food. Some of them take ered cold, some are considered hot.
only boiled food. Still, they are suffering from dan- Some other food is believed to be
gerous diseases. unsuitable for consumption.
However, through our experiments we have noticed that
9. Consumption of excessive food is considered as a these beliefs are certainly illusionary.
reason for diseases. However, I have noticed that
certain saints, who eat bare minimum food that is 14. Nature : It is also believed that some kind of food
necessary for survival, suffers as critically as those who is not suitable for particular kind of nature, and hence,
eat too much. it is also considered as a reason for diseases. But,
we have noticed that, through our experiments, even
10. Consumption of the food grown the nature can be changed. Earlier, I used to fall ill
using pesticides and chemical by certain kind of food. But, now, no matter how much
fertilizers is, sometimes, held I consume of that kind of food, I feel no problem.
responsible for diseases. Several
15. Sometimes, the diseases are linked with the stars, and
temples use their land to grow food
hence, spend a lot on resolution of astrological troubles.
using only organic fertilizer and
The family loses its fortune, but the diseases or misery
without using any pesticides and they
remains as it is.
use only such food in their kitchen. Still, the people
eating there also fall ill, just like others. Many people 16. 'Pitru Dosh' : Sometimes, 'pitru
grow food in this manner (organic farming) and sell such dosh' is considered responsible for
food. They also use the same food themselves. Still, the diseases. Once someone enters
they are as sick as those who do not eat such organic this field, he fails to enjoy his life.
food. He also remains fearful of
something, which can cause 'pitru
We are eating whatever kind of food available in dosh'. His life does not remain jovial any more. His
the market. Still, we have not fallen ill for last fifteen hard-earned money is squandered, and neither dis-
years. eases are removed nor misery.
35 New Diet System New Diet System 36
17. Diseases are also associated with the How can a medicine fit the human being when it is tested
super naturals, like ghosts, witches etc. on the animals? That is why; the diseases are not
Since they do not exist, one never finds removed even after thousands of inventions from the
satisfaction of its eradication. One loses medical science.
money and diseases remain unaffected. I experiment on my own self and then apply it to the
18. Sometimes, people feel that diseases are the result of human beings in general. That is why, I am getting
black magic applied by someone. This belief has very miraculous results.
serious social repercussions. Due to baseless doubts of
this kind, sometimes, a permanent breach takes place I do not boil water before drinking, do not shoot flies and
between two families, which runs through the genera- mosquitoes, let mosquitoes bite, and still, I have never
tions after generations. This, in no way, contributes suffered from malaria, dengue, chikungunya, which fre-
towards removal of the diseases. quently used to harass me previously. We insert poison
19. It is said that if you exercise yoga regularly, the diseases in our body by consuming medicines and then that poi-
will flee away from you. However, I have observed quite son worsens the situation and brings total destruction of
a few examples wherein the individual performs yoga our body. But most amazing thing is that we are not
very properly for couple of hours on a daily basis, or ready to understand or accept this bare truth. And so,
carrying out Reiki exercises and even yoga masters who we have to face surgeries and often lose our organs.
have been regularly performing 'Ashtang Yoga' for a This we consider as achievement. Is it smart in anyway?
longer period, falling ill or suffering from many diseases. We need to understand correct point. We need to take
Of course, they have better health as compared to steps to help ourselves. If we fail in doing so, no one will
others, but still they need to undergo surgery and con- come straight from the sky to set right the matters. If we
tinue medication throughout the life. I experienced the can find, through introspection, as to where we erred
same in my own case. This led me to think that some- and take steps to correct the mistake, the diseases can
thing is missing there. be removed within a moment.
20. The 'Namjap' is considered as a very powerful weapon
22. The belief that infection is responsible for diseases. I
in the present day world to fight against the miseries.
have a long experience to state that if you prepare your
Almost all people perform 'Namjap' daily, and still, all are
body healthy with the help of appropriate diet, you will
diseased. So, again, something is missing.
never catch infection.
21. We are killing mosquitoes and flies
thinking that the diseases are caused and/ 23. The lack of nutritional food induces
or spread by them. So, the medicines diseases. Under this belief, we start
prepared on the basis of 'bacterial' theory giving milk, ghee, pulses, etc. in
of the medical science are poison to kill food right from the childhood. As a
bacteria. However, we have failed to balanced food, our dishes often
understand that it is poison and if it kills the harmful include rice, lentil, chapatti, pulses,
bacteria, it can also kill the useful ones. vegetables, 'papad' etc. However, such food does not
For his own pleasure, the human being carries out give nutrition and people become victim of various
experiments on frog, mouse, rabbit, dog or cat. He diseases. I can tell you this on the basis of my years of
harasses them all as if living is only his right. experience.
37 New Diet System New Diet System 38
24. People of the world are mad with the imaginative but the direction of its efforts is wrong. So, we are not
concepts like drinking too much water in the morning or getting the expected result. In fact, the result is often
keep drinking water as much as possible throughout the contrary. We should consume the food in the same form
day. We believe that this will keep us healthy, prevent in which the Nature has created it for us, the human
constipation and kidney stone etc. We have carried out beings. They contain sufficient amount of nutritional
such experiments on ourselves, which was also joined elements in it. However, when we cook such food, the
by a broad category of engineers, doctors, scientists vitamins, proteins, calcium and other necessary
and other educated people. The conclusion of such elements contained in it are destroyed. Such, 'worth-
experiments was that this unnecessary and excessive less' food is responsible for diseases.
water itself is responsible for a number of hardships. Thus, we will have to say 'good bye' to many such wrong
Water is, of course, necessary, but too much of water is beliefs. There is one and only one reason for the diseases, and it is
harmful. So, the water should be taken in appropriate 'putrefaction of toxins inside the body'. The toxins are produced by
quantity - neither more nor less. the food. So, if we take proper food, in proper quantity, at proper
25. It is frequently suggested that those who take bitter time with proper understanding, we can remain away from the
concoctions of some type remain healthy all through the diseases.
life. People take specific amount of such concoction Thus, to remain healthy is not a big deal. It does not require
daily, without failure, but still, fall ill. They do not bother to opening big hospitals and research centers. It also does not require
re-think. Without understanding correct reason for the any of the external remedies like, exercise, yoga, 'pranayam', reiki,
diseases, we start curing ourselves by imitating the water therapy, self-urine therapy, oil massage etc.
others. In fact, to remain healthy is natural. Actually, we 'purchase'
26. People take cooked food because they diseases by spending our wealth, time and energy, and then, we
think that we will not be able to digest have to squander our wealth, time and energy again to get rid of it.
the uncooked, raw food, which is We are actually befooling ourselves by supporting the incorrect
actually ineffective and dead, and scientific principles.
hence, invites diseases. The fact is Thus, diseases is a kind of notorious son-in-law for which, we
initially spend a lot of money, time and energy to bring him to our
that only the raw food can be properly digested.
place, then he confirms his place in our home and then, we have to
27. Allergies : People remain away from allergens. spend even more money, time and energy to send him out of our
Allergies are believed to be incurable. But, they do not place. Still, he does not easily vacate his place, keeps causing
think why allergies occur to specific persons only, not all. problems to our family members and makes their lives miserable.
There are a number of examples to show that with So, it is better to read the warning signals early. It is correctly said
proper diet, the previous allergies have been removed. that -
28. Calcium Deficiency : Deficiency of calcium is
considered responsible for many diseases, especially "Prevention in
gynecological diseases. Considering this, the Better than Cure."
Government provides calcium tablets to girls. Little
children are provided with grams and other nutritional "Uncooked Food "Cooked Food Starts
food. The Government is really worried about this point, is real Food." Stinking Immediately"
39 New Diet System New Diet System 40
WHAT SHOULD WE DO TO trace any evidence to doubt. As the lentils reach in the stomach
CURE THE DISEASES? and time passes, just like the lentils in the pan, the one in the
stomach also starts decaying. It follows the same process as the
lentils in the pan, only the type of container is changed. The lentils
At the end of the discussion so far, it is clear that the main
in the stomach achieve the same fate as the lentils in the pan.
reason for diseases is putrefaction of toxins inside the body.
In order to easily understand the process of occurrence of It causes stinking gas : which is 'vatah'
disease and its removal, first pay attention to the following ex- It causes sourness : which is 'pittah'
It causes stickiness : which is 'cough'.
First, take a pan-full of lentils.
Then, put aside a bowl-full of lentils from it. Thus, 'vatah', 'pittah' and 'cough' start affecting the body,
Cook the rest of the lentils. which is called 'the disease'. The same is true of milk and non-
vegetarian food.
Now, observe the cooked and uncooked lentils.
The cooked lentils will start rotting immediately. To prove Now, let us check the condition of uncooked lentils. The time
such lentils as non-edible, we will not need testing at a laboratory. within which the cooked lentils was putrefied, does not make any
The God has gifted such laboratory to all of us. difference in the uncooked lentils. Beyond this, even after much
Merely by seeing at the lentils, if it is putrefied to the extent being longer period, such uncooked lentils will remain fresh, unchanged.
hurled by the little insects, you can easily say that it has not It is also clear herewith that the uncooked lentils (and for that
remained edible. matter, any food) if consumed as food, it will not decay in stomach
If the putrefaction has not reached to such an extreme also. Thus, such lentils do not become the reason for disease.
stage, you will be able to say the lentils are non-edible by touching So, it can be inferred out that if we want to stay healthy, we
it. It will be felt little sticky. should stop cooked food, milk and meat. We should prefer the
And, if it is not putrefied to that extent and you try to put it into uncooked food. We need to correct our practice right from this
mouth, our smelling sense will find the putrefaction. We can easily moment because it is better late than never. But, what is the
decide that such awful-smelling food cannot be edible. remedy for mistake which we had already committed. This also
And, still if you want to move forward in your testing proce- needs to be thought.
dure and place such food on the tongue, the taste buds will
So, let us think of this point based on the event described
immediately recognize awful, little sour taste and declare the food
above. The lentil, which was contained in the pan got decomposed
as non-edible.
and infested with the little insects. We apply medicines to kill the
And, even after all these steps of testing we cannot identify insects. It surely kills the insects, but do not make any change in
the putrefied, non-edible food and send it down to the stomach, the the condition of the lentil. It does not become edible. Bad smell,
body will revolt against it if the food is really not edible. It will cause stickiness and sourness of taste still remain there. Not only this, all
diarrhea and vomiting and will try to throw the toxins out of the these elements increasingly go worse, and the thing is that the
body. insects re-appear. If you will try the same medicines which you
As the time passes, such lentil decays further and further tried earlier, this time it will not be effective on the insects. So, you
until it is infested with the little insects. will have to take some more effective medicines that the earlier.
Now, when we eat the lentils, it is, of course, in an edible Thus, the lentil goes on decaying further and further, get infested
state. All our gate keepers approve the entry because they do not with even more resistant insects, you apply more and more power-
41 New Diet System New Diet System 42
ful medicines and the lentil continue to decay more and more. This workers, meaning, we should not try to remove or kill bacteria
cycle keeps on repeating itself until there is lentil in the pan. The by applying medicines. Also, we need to take care that we do
moment lentil in the pan is finished; the insects are also finished on not add up to the garbage just after cleaning is completed.
the very next moment. Then, you will not need any medicine to kill They are there to clean and will not stop until the entire
the insects. cleaning process is completed. But, if keep on adding the
garbage, the cleaning process will not be finished, and possi-
Don't we follow the same cycle in reference to our diseases?
bly, our life come to an end before that.
Why the intelligent human beings are not able to understand such
a simple thing? Which sort of science is it, which cannot under- So, now it is clear that we do not consume any medicines.
stand even the common sense matter? But, we should also stop eating food anymore. In such
This is true not only for the lentils. Any garbage/stool, which situation, we should follow the following slogan -
remains unused meet with the same fate. It will surely be infested "Fasting is favorable, eating is injurious."
with the insects. From where did the insects come? It is an
arrangement made by the Nature. The Nature arranges sanitation As Ayurveda has commanded us -
workers to decompose such petrified substance. The moment "Langhanam Param Aushadham."
sanitation project is complete, the workers disappear.
This will help in cleaning process. And, as the cleaning is
So, I hope it will now be easy to understand the following
completed, the sanitation workers will also disappear.
4. If we further think with the common sense, there is still a
1. No matter how powerful medicines you use, it will not be able
better alternative available. It is -
to completely destroy the insects until there is some garbage
for insects to grow on. So, to cure the diseases by consuming The sanitation workers have rushed to our help. So, it is
chemical drugs is simply foolish, a mere ignorance. The definitely good not to create any hindrance in their job, but it
queerness is that we consider it as science. would be even better if we can extend whatever co-operation
2. As long as the insects are absent from the garbage, the possible by us to their project. We should be helpful to them.
sanitation process will stop allowing the garbage to become We can clean the portion of the food pipe up to stomach by
worse. Thus, killing bacteria by taking medicines actually performing vomiting, 'vaman', 'kunjarkriya' or 'gajkarni'.
prevents the sanitation process, prolongs disease and makes
it more severe. Thus, instead of getting well soon, the patient Clean up the internal organs by performing 'basti' or applying
actually suffers for longer period by consuming medicines. 'Enema'
The diseases will go on increasing day by day. Thus, the Conclusion: Whenever some disease attacks,
patient never recovers due to medicines. In fact, he gets
prolonged disease and meets with a pathetic death at the Do not interfere in the cleaning process by continuing the
end of it. eating.
3. The remedy is also hidden in this process. Let us find it out. Be co-operative to the cleaning process by undertaking
'vaman' or 'basti' exercises.
The Nature is wholly committed to clean the garbage totally.
So, our duty is to let the Nature do his sanitation process, and Does not the medical science get covered in these little
do not commit the crime to hinder the job of sanitation points?
43 New Diet System New Diet System 44
WHAT SHOULD WE DO TO PREVENT herself, then in such case, desired result may not be obtained.
DISEASE FROM OCCURING? Nevertheless, the improvement process begins and brings good
results later on.
It is better to take actions to ensure non-occurrence of the
disease rather than trying to remove it once it occurs. But, we see HEREDITARY DISEASE
that now-a-days the child comes on the earth with the diseases.
And, so, the mothers try to provide medicines even before the birth Many people in the society suffer
of the child. After the birth, various kinds of medicines like polio from the hereditary diseases. It is widely
drops, chicken pox vaccines etc. continue until the death. Thus, believed that the diseases like diabetes,
the person lives a very pathetic life. If we do not want to inherit any B.P., asthma inherits into the offspring. So,
disease in the child, we should take care to construct proper if the parents are diagnosed for any such
physical structure of the child, which happens in its mother's womb. diseases, their offspring always remain
So, first of all, the parents need to keep their bodies healthy. worried that some day in future they will also be suffering from
Hence, they will have to adopt proper diet system so that they same disease. In fact, this belief is wrong. If a disease is inherited,
themselves remain healthy and can inherit health in the baby. The it has to apply to all the offspring. Sometimes, only one of the
baby should be nourished with proper food so that his body three-four children get is affected by the disease of any of his
remains healthy. The possibility of disease can be nullified. For parents. Sometimes, it does not occur at all. Sometimes, it occurs
this purpose, he should not be given any other kind of milk, once to those whose parents are not having any such disease.
mother's milk is weaned. Natural food should be given in a natural
style. He should not be given cooked food. He should be trained to Such incurable, hereditary diseases can also be removed by
take raw vegetables - roots, leaves, fruits and water. This will not following proper food system. Thus, the aforesaid belief proves to
only provide complete nutrition to the baby, it will also keep her be wrong. Thus, the hereditary disease will not be transferred to
healthy. Not only this, he will not get any problem related to vision the next generation, and so, the next generation will remain free of
(no power glasses), no gray hairs, no loss of teeth, youth will any tension, fear or worry.
prolong and old age will shrink, life span will automatically extend
and death will be natural, painless. If we come out of the deceptive "Eat raw, bid
beliefs and embrace the new diet system, we will be able to form a 'good bye'
medicine-free world. This will make our life happy and comfortable to diseases"
and death trouble-free. food is
If the mother timely adopts proper food correct food"
system, this will definitely contribute in
constructing good structure of the child.
This will also benefit the mother. She will
remain healthy. She will have easy labor
process. She can avoid caesarian opera-
tion. She can avoid out-of-shape body
after pregnancy. It decreases labor risk. This is not exaggeration,
it is fact. But, if there are structural defects in the body of mother
45 New Diet System New Diet System 46
BELONGS TO BRAVE It is clear from the discussion so far that at the time of
disease, the toxins of the body come out. Once the toxins are
This is not nature cure. This is DIVINE CURE. This is path to cleared from the body, the late becomes clean. And clean body is
God. It will require one to proceed against the prevalent beliefs. healthy body. Thus, the initial stage of a disease is Nature's way to
So, they will have to face strong opposition. This will be just like make the body healthy. Meaning thereby that that the disease is
swimming against the flow. That is why; it is called "The way to not an enemy, it is a friend.
Righteousness Belongs to Brave only, not Cowards". Timidity
would not work here. One has to show the nature of a warrior in On the other hand, we have considered diseases as our
fighting against the storm. It will need courage. "If one puts enemies. There is an adage in our society, "Destroy the disease
courage, the God will support him." So, if we keep faith in our and an enemy in the very preliminary stage." Based on this
mission, the God will surely provide us enough wisdom, intelli- understanding, we treat the diseases like our enemies.
gence and energy to succeed. So, "Jump in with the Faith in God, We shoot at the enemies. Our 'enemies'
You will surely be Victorious.". "Arise, awake and stop not till the become calm at that moment, but at an
goal is Reached." Come out of blind faith and lack of knowledge. opportunate time, it returns, even mightier. Then,
Get the divine light. It is easy to obtain disease-free state. It is we apply more force to get over him next time.
normal to remain healthy. It does not require any special effort.
Again, the enemy may retreat or calm down for the time being, but
What is needed is to understand the truth and quit the hoax. We
it will not accept defeat. It will bounce back, mightier than the last
need to remove the wrong concepts which have entered our mind
time. We will need to deploy more force than we did last time. We
due to the effects of the religion and science. We will have to
may have to fight a kind of deadly battles like, 'Operation Bluestar'
change the wrong programming soft wares of the supercomputer
or 'Operation Vijay'. As a result, one gets weaker and weaker in his
of the mind. For that, we will need to open the doors of our mind.
We need to quit narrow-mindedness. We will need to adopt holistic efforts to destroy the enemies, loses a lot of
concept. At least, we will have to be ready to understand and his money and comfort and peace of life. Not
experiment new concepts. Otherwise, if someone thinks that only only himself, but he ruins the life of his near
those points are correct, which I already know, then he will not be and dear ones too.
able to understand new things. Forget that you are a scientist; The same is true of the diseases. The moment we see
forget that you are a religious person. Or else, become a true symptoms of some disease, we start shooting medicines. We
scientist or a true religious person. True science or true religion understand that we removed the disease, but it an experience of all
does not allow narrow-mindedness and they prepare their follow- of us that the disease is not removed, rather it re-appears, with
ers to accept new concepts. more power and force. This time, it will not be controlled by mere
shooting; we need to use canons, i.e., give injections. And again,
"Jump in with we think that the disease has gone or we have controlled it.
"Eat raw
the Faith in But the dosages of the injection go on
and get rid increasing and ultimately, the person has to be
God, You will
surely be of all operated, and still the disease remains there. An
diiseases." expensive medical treatment for a prolonged period
causes much economic damage also. The entire
47 New Diet System New Diet System 48
family suffers the ill effects. Thus, by behaving as an enemy with temporary incidents, but after a period everything will start getting
the disease brings disastrous results for us. alright gradually. Your weight will get adjusted to an appropriate
But, if we consider disease as a friend rather than enemy, level. If you are over-weight, it will reduce. If you are under-weight,
our behavior with it will change. When a friend visits us, we it will increase. Flexibility will increase. You will experience im-
welcome him and entertain him. We provide him his favorite food provement at the level of mind - intellect and consciousness. This
and other amenities. Also, we make sure that our friend can do his will help your spiritual progress.
job well for which he has visited us, and if possible, we take a leave Just like new pair of shoes bite for some days, the new diet
from our job and remain beside him to be helpful in his job. Once system also creates some problems initially.
the pre-defined job is completed, our friend immediately returns ● Removal of disease is easy with the help of new diet system.
back. He does not stay besides our insistence. ● Healthy life is possible only through the new diet system.
We will behave in the same manner with the disease. Mean-
● Healthy life is possible only through natural air, water and diet.
ing, when some disease occurs, we will welcome it, and will believe
● Non-natural food causes diseases, which only increase with
that it has come to benefit our body as a grace of God. We will be
the medicines.
very happy on his arrival. We will chat with him for quite some time
meaning, we will not eat anything during that period. Thereafter, ● The toxins accumulated in the body putrefies, which appears
we will provide plain water or light drink as if we are serving to a as a disease.
guest. We will not provide heavy food like milk, ghee etc. Thus, we ● Cooked food and milk are toxic - they cause disease.
will allow the disease to cleanse our body. We will not interfere in ● Through wrong belief and wrong action, only wrong result is
their job. In fact, we will try to help him do his job in a more perfect obtained.
way. Meaning, if it vomits, we will perform 'kunjar', 'gajkarni' etc., if ● Fasting is favorable, eating is bad.
it causes diarrhea, we will take enema, if it is cold and cough, we ● Uncooked food is real food. Cooked food starts stinking
will perform 'neti' and 'dhoti'. This way, we will help in the activity of immediately.
cleansing our body so that the act of cleansing will also be expe- ● True diet is to eat leaf - flower - fruit and water in the same form
dited, and once the cleansing is completed, the disease will not in which they are available.
going to stay inside the body. Thus, if we will behave in a friendly ● The mixture of old and modern food system is - new food
manner with the disease, it will also, in turn, help us as a friend in system.
making us disease-free and return back.
● "Eat well, and remain healthy" - new food system.
I appeal you to experiment only for two months by quitting
● "Eat well, and become ill" - food system endorsed by modern
milk (along with all its products) and cooked food and consume
only roots - leaves - fruits and water in the same form in which they
are provided by the Nature. The results of the experiment will tell ● Sacrifice all and remain healthy - ancient food systems of
us what is proper. 'Rishis'
Initially, you will have physical and psychological effects, ● We purchase disease by spending money, time and efforts.
such as restlessness, weakness, vertigo, anger, vomiting, diar- ● The diseases are produced in the kitchen. They are nourished
rhea, gas, headache, pain in waist, fever, excessive sweating, by medicines and killed by fasting.
itching, etc. because the cleansing is in progress. Till the time there ● For diseases, kitchen is Brahma, medicines are Vishnu and
is toxins in the body, one will have to suffer from any of the above new food system is Mahesh.
conditions, but then you will not have any difficulty ever in your life. ● "Modern food system is source of all diseases." - This is a
It will reduce your weight, bring paleness etc., but these will be result of the ignorance of modern science.
49 New Diet System New Diet System 50
ON God, the Supreme Father formed this world. He desired and
ordered 'Sky to be prepared', and sky was prepared. Thereafter,
FIVE ELEMENTS he desired and ordered for air, fire, water, and earth one by one,
and so, these elements were formed. And, there came in existence
a world full of these five elements. Human body is also a part of the
world. So, it is also made up of these five elements.
"What is there in the Universe, is there in the Body."
As described in the "Ram CharitManas",
"Chhiti, jal, pavak, gagan, samira,
Panchrachit yah adhamsarira."
Meaning, our physical body is made up of five elements:
earth, air, fire, water and sky.
Here, one must notice the use of the word 'rachit', meaning
'formed out of', not 'chalit', meaning 'operated by'. So, we can say,
the body is made up of these five elements, but it is not operated by
these five elements. Meaning -
"Food is building material and not the source of energy."

❖ Which are the five elements? FROM WHERE CAN WE GET THESE
❖ From where do we get these five elements? FIVE ELEMENTS?
❖ When should we take these five elements? Earth Element : From pulses and grains - rice,
❖ What should be the correct proportion of these barley, jawar, wheat, maize, moong,
black beans, gram, tur dal etc.
Water Element : From vegetables - gourd, bitter
❖ Can we get sufficient nutrition from such food? gourd, lady's fingers, brinjal, potato
❖ Which type of food is good for patient?
Fire Element : From fruits - sour or sweet, any
❖ Break Illusion, Bring Revolution type of fruit.
❖ Blind Faith Air Element : Green leaves - spinach, coriander,
'bili', leaves of pear, 'alavi', betel
❖ Which kind of food is good for the one who wants to leaf, lucerne, grass and grass
progress on the spiritual path? blades of wheat plants.
Sky Element : Vacuum, nothingness, space.
51 New Diet System New Diet System 52
First of all Sky Element - Nothing - Lighter than all
"What is there in the Universe, is there in the Body." So, the Then, Air Element - Green leaves - Light
God has used same material in making a human body, which He Then, Fire Element - Fruits - Little heavy
has used in making this world. We have seen the elements of the
Then, Water Element - Vegetables - grains, pulses
universe, or at least, we can imagine, we can understand. We will
- the heaviest
understand them and then apply them to the human body. Sky Lighter than all, Subtle
For the Universe -
1. Sky is very subtle, weightless and null. Heavier than Sky
2. Air is heavier than Sky
Fire Heavier than Air
3. Fire is heavier than Air
4. Water is heavier than Fire Heavier than Fire
5. Earth is heavier than Water. Meaning, the heaviest among
these elements is Earth. Heavier than All
When we give load to a system, the weight is gradually
increased. Meaning, at first, the least possible load, then little
extra, then yet more, and so on we increase the weight on the WHAT SHOULD BE THE CORRECT PROPORTION
Take example of education: In universe, the proportion of these five elements is as below:
During our initial years, we learn the numbers and alphabets 1. Sky Element - More than any other - infinite.
only. Then, we learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division 2. Air Element - Air stays with the Sky, meaning, it rises from
etc. Then, gradually we increase the load of complexity in educa- the Sky. It is little lesser than Sky.
tion. From primary to high school, then college studies…. The load 3. Fire Element - Fire is produced by Air. Hence, Fire is lesser
on the student is very gradually increased to prepare him to bear than Air.
the most complex learning very easily. 4. Water Element - Water is produced of Fire, and hence, it is
Similarly, while driving a vehicle…. lesser than Fire.
First, we free the vehicle and switch it on at 'zero' speed. 5. Earth Element - Earth is produced of Water and it is lesser than
Then, we gradually increase the speed and reach to the speed of Water. Thus, Earth is least of all five elements.
100-120 km/h. Proportion
Also, while putting weight on the glass table, if we throw a Sky ↓
bunch weighing 200 kg., it will cause the glass to shatter in pieces.
It may impact the wood of the table also. Air Leser than Sky
Thus, this fact applies to all the systems. Our body is also a
Fair Leser than Air
system made up of five elements. Its wear and tear is also fulfilled
by providing these five elements. So, these five elements are to be Water
provided every day. So, just like any other system, the body Leser than Fair
system should also be provided these elements in the sequence of
light à heavy à very heavy. Earth Minimum
53 New Diet System New Diet System 54
Accordingly, we should maintain the same proportion in our food elements of the food as below :
also. Meaning, ❑ Beginning from the morning, take Sky Element, i.e., do not
1. Sky element is very important in food because it is most of all consume anything at least for half a day.
others. Thus, not to consume anything is the best thing. It is the ❑ In the afternoon, the two elements coming after it, i.e., Air and
true food. Fire Elements, leaves and fruits.
Sky element is not to eat anything, whereas other four elements
❑ In the evening, the remaining two elements, Water and Earth,
are related to eating. Sky element is very subtle, whereas
vegetables, food grains and pulses.
others are concrete. Air is near subtle. Fire is more solid. Water
is even more solid. The Earth is most solid of all. Thus, the food system based on the five elements can be set
2. Air Element, meaning, green leaves and spinach comes on the as - nothing in the morning, uncooked food in the lunch and cooked
second place. food in the dinner.
3. Fire Element, meaning, the fruits comes on the third place. Time Element Substance Density Volume Form What to
4. Water Element, meaning, the vegetables comes on the fourth
place. Morning Sky Nothing Most light Maximum Subtle Air
5. Earth Element, meaning, the food grains, pulses comes on the Air Leaves Heavier Lessthan Near
fifth, i.e., last place. than Sky Sky Subtle
Afternoon Uncooked
This means, that the Earth Element is not so special in our food Fire Fruits Heavier Less than Concrete
system. than Air Air
It is clear that the Earth Element, i.e., food grains and pulses, Water Vegetables Heavier Less than More
meaning, the food items like chapattis, rice-lentils, 'khichdi-curry', than Fire Fire Concrete
Evening Cooked
milk-ghee, 'papad', pickles, sweets - all these, have no important Earth Grains Heaviest Least Most
as food, and the entire world keeps on eating these items most of and Concrete
the time. They depend on it. They consume other elements only pulses
little. Also, we are taking the Sky Element the least, which should So, now let us correct the mistakes we have committed so far
be taken the most. This is the reason, why all of us are sick. in regards to our food.
If we observe the molecular structure of the most solid Our habit of tea and snacks in the morning is actually very
substances like, stone or iron, we will find that it contains a space harmful. That is why, it is told -
area many times bigger than the particles of electron, proton and
● "Snacks bring Destruction."
neutron. All the molecules are made up of subtle and concrete
portions. Similarly, food is also made up of subtle and concrete ● "Breakfast is poisonous."
portions. The concrete portion of our body is nourished by the ● Break your breakfast; otherwise breakfast will break you fast.
concrete portion of our food. Thus, the Sky Element of food, which So, now onwards, we are not going to consume anything for
we do not consider as food in the first hand, holds maximum at least 6-7 hours after getting up, not even a drop of water. This is
importance, and so, it should be consumed the maximum. Sky Element - Sky - nothingness. This will create the entire
Thus, now we will be able to arrange the food system based accumulated toxins to be thrown out and create vacuum inside the
on the five elements as below: body. Thus, the toxins will be thrown out through the appropriate
We take food three times a day, in the morning, in afternoon channel meant for it. Gas and liquid toxins will be thrown out from
and in the evening. Hence, it would be convenient to arrange the any of these exits - nose, mouth, anus, urinary outlet or skin. So, if
55 New Diet System New Diet System 56
anyone experiences diarrhea, vomiting, cough and cold, head- It is obvious that since we are habituated to eat cooked food
ache, fever, itching etc., one should not be afraid of it, and do not only. It would be difficult for one to start eating raw food. As an
rush to the hospital. Instead, one needs to feel happy that the body option, you can make it tasty before eating. For instance, you can
is getting cleansed. If necessary, contact the author or one who is prepare juice of these vegetables, add spices, chili powder etc.
experienced in this regard. Thank God. Or else, you can prepare a salad, cutting these vegetables in
Once you will develop the habit of consuming Sky element in very small pieces. Sprinkle spices and chili powder on it. You can
the routine life, you will not crave for eating anything else. Initially, add date fruit to make this item sweet.
you will face physical and psychological difficulty because you are
You can prepare green-leaf 'chutney', which you can add into
not habituated to this routine. But, within a period of one month,
the salad, which will give it a form and taste of 'bhel'. Also, you can
you will be acquainted with this change, and then, you will experi-
enjoy vegetables like carrot, cucumber, tomatoes, radish, beet
ence health, happiness, energy and swiftness, all through the day.
root, gourd, etc. and guava, papaya, banana or any other fruit by
Also, in order to reap benefit of the Sky element, I request dipping into such 'chutney'. This way, you can eat more and have
you to perform complete fasts for once in a week or 2-3 times a the satisfaction of consuming actual food. Take such 'chutney' not
fortnight. In such fasting, you should take only pure water or, at the by the spoon, but by the bowls. If you want to make 'chutney' hot,
most, water with lemon juice or honey. It will also be very much you can add ginger or chili.
beneficial if you perform, 9-day fasting at every 6-8 months. Dur-
ing such days, take only water with lemon juice or honey or fruits or It is natural that the new change will not suit you initially.
fruit juices. Please note that such fasts should be carried out under Since we have been habituated to eat spiced and cooked meals,
the guidance of an experienced person. our taste buds, stomach and, most important, our mind will not
accept the uncooked food. In such situation, you can gradually
In lunch, consume all seasonal vegetables, transition towards the new habit, initially taking vegetable soup etc.
fruits etc., as they are available in the natural If you consume 2-3 glasses of soup, you will feel satisfaction, will
environment. Do not cook them. Uncooked food not be hungry and will be less harmful than lentils-rice-'chappati'-
is true food. It contains all the elements and pulses-vegetables etc. Gradually go on decreasing the quantity of
helpful nutrients Mother Nature has added therein. soup, and ultimately, remove soup from the lunch. You can add
Since we cook such food at high temperature, soup in the dinner replacing the lentils.
such nutrients are mostly destroyed. Thus, it
becomes a dead food and starts to decompose rapidly. So, we say The cooked food when taken in the dinner is more harmful.
'cooked food is very soon to rot'. This can be proved as below: But, we are habituated to such food for generations. We have been
addicted to it. So, it is difficult to leave it all of a sudden. So, while
1. Plant a seed without any process. On the other hand, take
continuing to eat the food, which satisfy the needs of tongue, mind
another seed, beak or fry it on the stove and then plant it. The
and stomach and which is approved by the society, bearing in mind
seed, which is baked or fried, will not be able to grow. It has lost
that 'cooked food decays rapidly', we should consume it in the least
life. But, the one which is raw, direct from the tree, has life. So,
possible quantity. There too, food grains, pulses etc. contain flour,
it will grow.
so, they cause much stool in the body. So, take less of lentils-rice-
2. Eat these vegetables raw: gourd, spinach, 'amla', carrot, drum chappati-cooked vegetables-khichdi-curry-papad-milk-ghee-oil and
stick etc. Then, cook them and eat after cooking. You will take more of raw vegetables.
experience the difference in their effect on the body. You will
feel that the uncooked food cleanses body, while the cooked You must have noted that you will feel sleepy immediately
body causes constipation. after eating cooked food. This is a natural need because the
57 New Diet System New Diet System 58
cooked food is difficult to digest. So, the WHICH TYPE OF FOOD IS GOOD FOR PATIENT?
body has to apply all its energy in the
The toxins accumulated inside the body becomes sticky, it
process of digestion. So, it switches over
stinks, becomes tasteless. Small insects grow in it, and it becomes
energy from all other tasks and causes
source of many diseases. So, it is clear that if somebody has got
drowsiness. This causes us to sleep after
some illness, then there must be toxins accumulated inside his
eating. There is a proverb, "Sleep after
body. It has been decayed since long and now it is getting reflected
eating and run away after hitting". Thus,
as the disease. So, in order to regain the health, the toxins need to
not to sleep after eating is as injurious as not running away after
be removed. The toxins can be removed by taking Sky element,
hitting someone.
i.e., by not taking anything through mouth, not even water. So, the
In this new diet system, there is no scope for consuming junk patients should carry out long-term fasting. The patient should
food like 'panipuri', 'bhel', 'pakoda', Chinese food, 'vadapav' etc. If remember the slogan that 'Eating is injurious to health'.
you are habituated to such food and find it very difficult to quit it, But, we cannot do away with eating. For the satisfaction of
take such food around five o'clock in the evening. tongue-mind-stomach and society, we will have to eat. In such
case, following the slogan 'Uncooked food is true food', we should
For those who work in rotating shifts should follow morning take more of uncooked food because only such food is live food.
schedule when they get up and night schedule when they retire So, along with giving energy to the body, it will cleanse it.
from the work. So, they should follow the slogan of "Food after
If the patient cannot survive only on uncooked food, then he
labor and rest after food."
should be allowed to take vegetable soup and vegetables and
spinach in the dinner, but he should never eat food grains or
CAN WE GET SUFFICIENT NUTRITION pulses, like 'chappati', lentils-rice, 'khichdi', curry, milk-ghee, 'papad'

Our ancient 'Rishis' used to survive for years

on fruits-flowers-vegetables-roots and water. They BREAK ILLUSION, BRING REVOLUTION
were not using cooked food. When Lord Rama
spent fourteen years of his life in the forest, he 'Eating milk and cooked food is a dangerous addiction.'
also consumed only fruits-flowers-vegetables-roots Knowledge-blind and religion-blind attitude
and water, no cooked meal, no milk. Goddess has caused many illusions in our life. As a result of
Parvati has not taken cooked food during her them, the human being, trapped in the web of
penance. She survived on fruits-flowers-vegetables-roots and wrong beliefs, has become timid, sick, feeble, de-
water for around sixty seven thousand years. Similarly, Manu- pendent, doubtful, fearful and insecure. It has
Satarupa or Dhruva also have not eaten cooked food during their shortened the span of life. In search of happiness,
penance. They used to take only fruits-flowers-vegetables-roots he went on inventing various means of pleasure
and water. The animals like cow, buffalo, elephant, horse, bullock and getting more and more miserable instead. Just
etc. also do not eat cooked food or milk or milk products. They like the worthless activity of running after the mirage by the deer,
mostly survive on grass throughout their life. If they are receiving considering it a source of water, all the efforts of the mankind have
sufficient nutrition from their food, there is no reason to believe that proved to be futile. The condition of the mankind is similar to the
the mankind will not get the same from it. deer who roams throughout the forest in search of the aroma,
59 New Diet System New Diet System 60
which is just there in his navel. The mankind is trying to find BLIND FAITH
pleasure, where it is not. Meaning, he is under the illusion like the
deer in our example. Such illusion needs to be broken as early as The modern age is an age of science. The spread of
possible, otherwise even if the mankind tries for ages; it will not be education has increased to much an extent. Still, there is a class of
able to achieve desired result. people who believe in superstition. Of course, in course of time,
Here, I am producing the extract of my years' long experi- there is little change in this attitude as well. The vast population of
ments. Do not believe in, but I urge you to carry out these the common men used to believe in the Shitala Mata, worshipping
experiments on your own selves. The result will show you what the snakes on Nag Panchmi, turning off the stoves on 'ShitalaSaatam'
truth is. and the pranks like bringing out 'chundadi' or rice seeds from the
coconut etc. But, now, with more and more people getting edu-
The myths / wrong beliefs prevailing in society cated and acquainted with science, it is no longer easy to trap them
in superstition. But, as the proverb goes 'lobhiya hoy tyan dhutaro
Milk is the complete food, so, everyone should consume
bhukhena mare' (The fraud will have good life in the land of the
it until his last breath. It is rich with calcium, which is necessary
greedy), not only in the rural areas, but in the mega cities like
for the strength of teeth and bones. That is why; we should eat
Mumbai; and not only the illiterate mass, but the intellectual, busi-
milk etc.
ness class people also fall victim to various attractive traps of
It is also a misleading belief that one should drink water superstition. But, such people will be meager 1 to 2 percent, or at
immediately after getting up from the bed and drink as much water the most, 5 to 10 percent.
as possible during the day time. The God has prepared human
On the other hand, the percentage of people blind-impressed
body as a marvelous machine. It will ask for water whenever
by the Science will not be less than 99 percent, if not 100. Modern
requirement is felt. So, one should drink water only when one is
science has dazzled our eyes. As discussed in the earlier article,
thirsty and drink only that much water which is sufficient to quench
our condition is similar to Duryodhan, who was blind with the eyes
the thirst. Excessive water is harmful. 'Cooked food is easy for
wide open. You can wake up the one who is sleeping, but how can
digestion. Bacteria are killed in it.' This is also a wrong belief.
you wake up the one who is all alert? We all are awakened, but still
The nutrients and desirable elements of the food are destroyed by
sleeping. Who wakes up whom? We all are trapped in blind-faith -
cooking it. Such dead food cannot benefit us. Compared to other
blind faith in religion and science. Who will bring us out of this blind
addictions, the 'addiction' of eating cooked food is more danger-
faith? We have made our body very weak by experimenting a
ous. But, unfortunately, we do not consider food as an item of
number of treatment methodologies on us, ranging from homely
remedies to Ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, allopathy etc.
The environment, the food prepared with the help of pesti- We have taken help of many medical disciplines and performed
cides and chemical fertilizers, change of seasons, psychological much exercise. We have toiled hard by walking for miles on regular
condition, excessive food, fried food, instant food, junk food, addic- basis, did much of 'Yoga' and meditation. But, none of these
tion, bathing and washing, brushing teeth and other activities of removed the disease. In fact, the situation has become worse. We
external cleaning, inheritance, sedentary life style, cold and warm have wasted our time, money and energy.
food mix, food having contrasting items in it, astrological problems, First, we caused the diseases through improper food, and
'pitrudosh', harassment from the super naturals etc. are the factors then made them worse by taking medicines. We implemented
responsible for various diseases. All these beliefs need to be wrong treatment plans without knowing the actual reason for its
broken. We need to understand the truth. occurrence because the mankind is attacked by the ghost of
61 New Diet System New Diet System 62
science, which they themselves have created. And, again science sati was not educated at any school. Similarly, Narsinh Mehta,
itself is considered to be capable of controlling diseases. This has Mirabai, Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ, Tulsidasji, Ved Vyasji were not
given free hold to the diseases. Now, the question is how to educated at schools. To believe that we get knowledge by educa-
remove the ghost of disease? The entire world is trapped in the tion is what else, if not the blind faith? The modern education fails
clutches of this blind faith about religion and science. Who will save to make a man a human being, rather it makes him devil. This
the world? Who will run this public awareness movement? education system has brought the dooms for the society. This
Only the God has power to save the Mankind! education is a big punishment. Not to understand so is what else, if
not the blind faith?
Those who claim to receive energy from milk-ghee, meat,
eggs, fish etc., have become powerless. A big portion of energy is A human being, infatuated by his/her relations, believes that
wasted on digesting the inedible food and then removing the toxins his family members love him. But, all are governed by their own
generated by such food out of the body. It also requires much selfish intensions. Only God provides us selfless love. Not to
effort from the body to digest and absorb necessary nutrients from believe so is what else, if not the blind faith?
such dead food. As a result of it, the food which was meant to Man is moving away from his fellow beings, from other
provider energy becomes a reason for weakness. It is our own creations of God, and above all, from the God himself. Then, he
science, which leads this ideology. This is knowledge-blindness. rushes to temples, mosques, 'gurdwaras', churches etc. in search
What else can we call it, except blind faith? All the other living of God. He applies all the holy marks on his body and goes on for
animals on the earth consume the substances as present in pilgrimage regularly. How will you define such person, if not as one
Nature. So, they enjoy healthy and powerful life. Also, our ancient entrapped in blind faith? If God was to be obtained from these
'Rishis' and God incarnations have suggested the same path to us. paths, He would have been obtained by all. On the other hand,
Still, the mankind has travelled, and still travelling, on the wrong only procedures are increasing in numbers in the name of religion.
path of blind faith. God save the mankind! Religion has become a source of restlessness among the disciples
rather than peace. Still, the human being is not able to quit his
People believe that wealth is able to provide pleasure. Based
desire to acclaim himself as 'religious'. What else is it, if not the
on this belief, they get busy with the means of earning more and
blind faith?
more wealth; even they do not hesitate to take immoral means. A
person forgets himself, leave apart the family and the God. He God save the mankind from such blind faith. Otherwise,
toils hard to earn money, by taking extra load on his body, and 'Vinash kale viprit budhdhi' (When the dooms is near, the person
thus, damaging it. Then, he spends more on repairing it. He has to takes irrational decisions).
sell out his belongings and the family gets ruined. He meets with
the condition similar to Duryodhana and the Kaurava family. What WHICH KIND OF DIET IS GOOD FOR
is this, if not the blind faith? Duryodhana had no less wealth. Even THE ONE WHO WANTS TO PROGRESS
Ravana was having immense wealth. But were they happy? On ON THE SPIRITUAL PATH?
the contrary, what was there with saints like Shabari, Jalarambapa,
Narsinh Mehta, etc. But, weren't they happy? What is this, if not If we verify any of the 'Shastras', we would find that those
the blind faith? Who will save the mankind? Who is capable of who want to progress on the spiritual path have not resorted to the
doing this, except the God Almighty. cooked food. Generally, such persons have resorted to fruit-flower-
Those who have learned many of the 'Shastras' or taken big roots-vegetables and water. When someone has consumed milk,
degrees from universities believe that they are intellectuals. But, then he has consumed milk only, nothing else with it. Not only this,
knowledge is not sold at schools, colleges or universities. Ganga they have been constantly reducing their dependence of such food
63 New Diet System New Diet System 64
also. Gradually, as the body gets used with the reduction, they A MACHINE HIRED ON LEASE
went on quitting heavy food items. First of all, they left roots, then
fruits, then leaves and at last water. Not only this, at the last stage The ownership of a rented house lies with the landlord, but
they have lost breathing and received God. the tenant enjoys all its amenities. Also, it is the duty of the tenant
Thus, the person who wants to progress on the spiritual path to keep the house clean and well-maintained. He can keep the
has to live the slogan 'Uncooked food is true food' in his life and house clean by undertaking regular cleaning. If he does not do
quit milk and all cooked food forever. With the attainment of the that, the house becomes infested with the dirt of all kinds, and will
God as the only desire, he should gradually go on quitting roots- immediately reach its dilapidated condition. Its inhabitants will
fruits-leaves etc., and ultimately, reach to consume the Sky ele- become victim of many diseases. The same is true of any other
ment only. machinery.
But, the amazing fact is that the 'sanyasis', who have re-
nounced the world, have not been able to renounce the craving for In the same way, our body - the body machine is prepared by
the taste. They are lovers of milk and milk products. That is why; the God and he is its owner. Also, we are not paying the rent by
they frequently fall ill. They call themselves 'sanyasis' but indulge praying Him. And, we are not even properly maintaining the
in luxuries more than the average person of the society, and so, machine leased out to us. Since the machine is not properly
they become victim of miseries like tension and depression. They maintained, dust and other dirt have jammed its tubes, valves,
pretend to guide the society towards the ultimate pleasure. The piston, etc. This causes frequent break-downs, does not provide
society also longs for pleasure from such people. Don't you think it satisfactory output, does not give proper average, its spare-parts
is something like expecting aromatic smell from a garbage bin? get worn out before time and its life span is lessened.
❖❖❖ So, it is our duty that -

OUR BODY : 1. We regularly pay rent. Whatever our income is, we dedicate
tenth portion of it in the service of God and always pray God
for his love and kindness.
2. We use machine but with proper maintenance of it.
\ Efficiency of the Machine:
While purchasing any machine, we pay attention to two points:
1. The machine should be highly efficient. Meaning, it should
be able to generate maximum output for minimum possible
input. It is called 'average' in terms of vehicles.
❖ A Machine hired on Lease
2. The maintenance charges should be minimum.
❖ Proper Maintenance of Body Machine
We require these two conditions to be fulfilled by any ma-
❖ Food is a Building Material, not Energy-giver
chine, no matter how paltry it values. But, isn't it tragedy that we do
❖ What should we take in Diet? not pay attention to these two criteria when it comes to our own
❖ Let Us Think! body machine?
65 New Diet System New Diet System 66
PROPER MAINTENANCE OF Now, when the building activity is completed, i.e., after 25
BODY MACHINE years, the food is needed only to fulfill the wear and tear.
Just like once the building is constructed,
When we construct a building, then the building materials are needed to carry out
we mainly require bricks, sand, cement, etc. sundry civil work that may be needed for some
in a big quantity. Once the building is small damage etc. Otherwise, what we need is
constructed, those materials are not needed regular cleaning of the body. But, if we keep on
any more. But, then we need to keep the adding bricks, sand and cement to the already
house clean on a daily basis. Once in constructed building, the building does not
two-three months, we carry out cleaning at remain habitable. It becomes a warehouse.
advanced level by removing some of the Similarly, even after 25 years, we do not
furniture etc. Also, at every 6-7 months, we decrease the amount of food; our body becomes
remove all the belonging of the house and warehouse of food that we consume. Those who
put them under the sunlight for the entire day. It is our experience have grown a good round belly in the anterior of their body are
that even though the building is cleaned on a daily basis, we gather moving 'warehouses' only. This is a beginning of the downfall of
more dirt and garbage during our half-yearly cleaning exercise our body. Once the building is constructed, we need regular
rather than our daily exercise. Also, it is not such that by not using cleaning. Thus, once body is grown to its full extent, what we need
the building at all, it will always remain in good condition. In fact, is regular cleaning of it only. Compared with other machines, our
unused building ruins rapidly. Similarly, we keep utilizing our body body needs more cleaning, and because it works round the clock,
considering it a machine; otherwise it will become useless just like unlike other systems, it requires more frequent maintenance. So, it
a dilapidated house or unused machine. A building is a steady is doubtless that we should take food daily, but it should be of the
thing. None of its parts move. So, it gathers less garbage and order necessary to fulfill the wear and tear. The need of food of the
requires less cleaning. On the other hand, if we take any machine, people toiling hard throughout the day, like farmers and workers, is
then it contains moving parts. It consumes some fuel, which also going to be higher than others, whereas those having sedentary
creates some garbage. It receives more wear and tear. So, it life style, those who are sick or the old men who do not work at all,
needs more cleaning as well as repair and maintenance. hardly need any food. But, we have seen that such people also
keep on eating. They are under wrong impression that by eating
Human body remains in a developing phase during the first they will get energy, but actually they are getting weaker and
22 to 25 years of life, during which it keeps on growing, and during weaker day by day.
that time we have to consume the material needed for this growth If we minutely observe our body system, we will find that
- the food - in more quantity. Also, since this machine keeps on there is only one entry point, while for the disposal of the garbage
working round the clock, much destruction of cells take place. To there are many exit points. The garbage is thrown out in three
fulfill this depreciation also, one needs to take more food. different forms:
Thus, during developing phase of the body, food is needed 1. In the form of gas : By exhaling carbon dioxide gas through-
for following two objectives: out the day, body throws out the garbage from blood.
1. For the building of body (Building) Also, when the stool gets accumulated, it decomposes and
releases gas, which is also thrown out either through anus or
2. For fulfilling wear and tear of body (Repair & Maintenance) mouth.
67 New Diet System New Diet System 68
2. In the form of liquid : The body keeps on throwing the overload of activities may make these systems inefficient and
garbage out in the form of sweat through the millions of the weak. This will cause possibilities of constipation, which can be-
pores of our skin. come a reason for shorter life span.
Besides, this we throw garbage of the body through urine. The machine is cleaned in two ways.

Also, during cough and cold, garbage of the body is thrown out 1. Internal Cleaning
in the form of running nose and phlegm. Vomiting is also a 2. External Cleaning
process through which liquid garbage is thrown out through
Both these ways are discussed in detail in the separate
chapter on cleaning.
3. In the form of solid : Through the process of defecation, solid ✓ Excessive water is harmful.
garbage is thrown out of the body daily.
✓ Sleep after eating and run away after hitting.
During diarrhea, the garbage of body is thrown out in a big
✓ Breakfast is poisonous.
✓ The best food is not to eat nor drink anything.
Thus, if you observe, there is very
less arrangement for intake of food, only ✓ Adopt new diet system, remove medicines from the world
one, i.e., mouth. And, it also serves the dual ✓ Build a new society by adopting the new diet system.
purpose of excretion in case of vomiting.
Mouth, as an entry point is used only 2-3 FOOD IS AN ELEMENT OF PRODUCTION,
times in a day, and that is also for half an
hour each time. Thus, there is only a limited NOT ENERGY-GIVER
use of point of entry, while the exit points keep on working round Any machine can be divided into two parts:
the clock. This is a fantastic arrangement for disposal of garbage.
This clarifies that the human body requires only a limited input, and One, body; and the other, energy
still if you go on consuming beyond a limit, it will cause more One, concrete; and the other, subtle
burden on the excretory system. From this, we can understand the One, hardware; and the other, software
importance of excretory system. We can also understand how In all the machines, these two parts remain separate, never
'less important' is eating. What, when and how much to eat mixed.
requires use of discretion. We are free to take decision in these
three matters. But, once the substance is sent down the throat, it is Name of Machine Material for Building it Fuel
not in our control. Then, as an automatic machine, body takes up Scooter, car, rickshaw Iron, rubber Petrol
the process of separating and absorbing necessary nutrients from Jeep, tractor Iron, rubber Diesel
that food and forms blood, bones and other necessary formations Fan, mixer, lamp Iron, copper, glass Electricity
and starts activity of throwing out what is not needed, in one or the Steam engine Iron, glass Steam
other form. So, if without considering our need, if we keep on Wind
Wind mill Iron, plastic
eating more and more, only because we like the food or someone
Horse cart Iron, wood Horse
insisted or for any other reason, then we will cause much burden
on the digestive and excretory systems of our body. A regular Bullock cart Iron, rubber Bullock
69 New Diet System New Diet System 70
This list can be further extended. But, with an observation of comes out in the form of one or the other disease. Hence, it is
this small list, it can be noticed that the machine is not run through necessary to provide opportunity to clean the toxins on daily basis.
the same substance, which is used in its construction. So, it is During the developing phase, since most of the food is spent in
erroneous to believe that human body is made up of food and it building the structure of the body and there is only less amount of
runs through the food. Thus it is illusory to believe that the food garbage, the body should be given at least 3-4 hours daily in the
provides energy. Calorie is a unit of energy. So, the entire concept morning to clear the garbage. During this time, one should not
of calories in terms of food is misleading. insert anything inside the stomach. Those with age more than 25
years should keep this period for 6-7 hours
Our body machine is little different than the
so that daily cleaning can be carried out
other machines. While other machines are
properly. Our activities of urination and
lifeless, our body is a living thing. Other machines
defecation are parts of the process of di-
do not have feelings like anger, love, fear,
gestion. When we insert carrots into a
infatuation, greed, attraction, ego, pride, kindness,
juicer, the juicer provides juice at one end
forgiveness, pity etc., while our body machine
and throws out the rubbish from other end.
has. Thus, our body is not like other machines
This is a normal procedure. But, since the
running through some fuel. Our body has a soul. Thus, it is a juicer machine cannot remove a small
divine machine. The battery of this divine machine is charged in portion the rubbish trapped in corners of
contact with the God, while sleeping or in meditation. the machine, it needs to be cleaned through
Thus, food is not energy. It is build- a special process of cleaning. We may
ing material of the body. It is also utilized have to remove a few spares and clean properly. Similarly, the
in repairs and maintenance. Repairs and food also sticks at various places in the course in which it passes
maintenance are carried out on need ba- through the body. The cooked food sticks a lot, whereas the
sis, but the energy is required before any uncooked and raw food also serves as laxative, so, it does not stick.
activity by the machine. If your car runs by Thus, since we need 6-7 hours daily for
petrol, it has to have some petrol in the routine cleaning, one should not insert anything in
tank before you turn the ignition key; else the stomach for this time. In any machine, output is
the car will not start. Till today, believing created for the same number of times for which
that our body machine runs through food, we start taking food you initiate input, and for the same number of
from the moment we get up in the morning, first in the form of times, process creates garbage. Body machine
breakfast and tea, and then, after every five hours, we keep on also has the same type of arrangement. But for the
eating something or the other. This results in overloading the sake of convenience or otherwise, we teach our
garbage cleaning system impacting its objective of keeping the kids right for the childhood to visit to answer
body garbage free. Because of this, the garbage starts accumu- the nature's call only once a day. So, while
lating in the body. That is why, until the body is in its developing the child eats for 3-4 times in a day, he
phase, i.e., until 22-25 years of age, the energy consumed by way answers the nature's call once only. As a
of food is spent in growth. But, after 25 years, if the quantity of food result, the rest of the garbage remains
is not decreased and cleaning system is not given enough chance inside the body, which decays and becomes
to work efficiently, then the body gets filled up with garbage, which reason for many diseases.
71 New Diet System New Diet System 72
carnivores are given claws and teeth. Similarly, the system for
ew Diet
A Dopt NSystem
digestion and excretion are also different.
We are herbivores.
If we use diesel in a car having petrol engine, then it is not
that the car will not work. But, we all know how pathetic will be the
experience. The entire engine will be filled up with carbon and
other garbage, will exhaust more smoke, will make more noise and
produce more vibrations, and it will be heated soon. You clean the
valves and tubes will become dirty with the garbage. You clean the
tubes and piston will chock up. Thus, the problems will continue to
occur, one after the other. It will not provide satisfactory service. It
may stop in the middle of your journey. It will shorten the car's
functional age and require frequent repairs and maintenance.
WHAT SHOULD WE TAKE IN DIET? Same is true about our body. If we eat non-vegetarian items
instead of fruits and vegetables, our body will continue to work, but
It is the manufacturer of the machine who decides which kind with the problems similar to the ones stated above.
of fuel will be needed to run his machine. Accordingly, he arranges
Ideally the body should work event-free by the vegetarian
the internal system of the machine. For instance, petrol engine,
diesel engine, steam engine etc. The internal structures of these food, but, we have observed that even the vegetarians are as
prone to illness as the non-vegetarians. Why so?
machines are different. These machines are prepared by a human
being. So, while selling the machine, user is also provided an Continuing our earlier example of the car,
Operation & Maintenance Manual, giving details to the user about even if we provide petrol as fuel to the car having
how to operate the machine and how to carry out repairs and petrol engine, but our petrol is adulterated or its
maintenance on it. purity is compromised by some additional,
unnecessary process, then such petrol with
But, the body machines of human beings are prepared by
'changed' form is no more a petrol for the car
the God and He Himself runs them. However, He has given little
engine, and so, with such fuel, it will not work
freedom to us for carrying out repairs and maintenance, and for
properly as it should be.
this purpose, he has provided guidance manuals, which include
the BhagvadGitaji, Shri Ram CharitManas, the Holy Koran, the Similarly, even if we take vegetarian food, but do not take
Bible, the TalmundTora, the Guru GranthSaheb etc. them in the same form in which the God has created them. We
bake, fry or boil it in the presence of fire. This destroys most of its
We can see that the God has manufactured chiefly two types nutrients. With such food the body machine cannot function prop-
of machines in the world of living things. erly.
1. herbivores Thus, there remains no difference between such vegetarian-
ism and non-vegetarianism.
2. carnivores Also, the vegetarians consume milk. Milk is not a vegetable
The herbivores animals are given nails and teeth, while the food. It is obtained from an animal, just like the eggs.
73 New Diet System New Diet System 74
We can see that - the body itself. Thus, it helps in cleaning process. Thus, if we take
The animals like cow, buffalo, elephant, horse, bullock etc. such food, then it is not necessary to deny food until afternoon on
are also herbivores and have the internal body structure similar to the next day.
us. They eat the food as made available by the God in the environ- Besides this, our food includes,
ment. They do not drink milk. So, they remain healthy. So, if we Pulses
want to remain healthy, then it is clear that:- Food grains
1. The natural food should be taken in its natural form. Its Vegetables
nutrients should not be destroyed by cooking it. Fruits
2. Mother's milk is necessary for the infant. But, once Leafy vegetables, and
breast-feeding is weaned, one should not start any other
kind of milk again.
Here, we can see that pulses need maximum efforts in
Ideally, our food should be of the kind stated breaking them. It can be broken in two parts only. It is dry and
above. However, traditionally, for the generations, we sapless.
have been habituated to eat cooked food and con-
sume milk and its products. This cannot be easily Food grains are also hard to break, however, they require
quitted by anyone. So, we should develop such a diet less efforts as compared to the pulses. They are also dry, but they
system in which we can also eat cooked food and are broken into granules, not in two parts like pulses.
consume milk, and still stay healthy. Both of these items have flour. "Flour creates stool". Thus,
they produce much stool. So, we should eat such items as less as
It is clear from the above discussion that:
possible so that excessive burden is not created on the digestive
Since the cooked food and milk are harmful, we should system and since less amount of stool is produced, it reduces
restrict its consumption to the minimum possible level so that we burden on excretory system as well. So, less energy is wasted on
can satisfy our taste buds and needs of body, family and society. cleaning. This ultimately creates less wear and tear for the body
Naturally, such food is difficult for digestion. So, after eating such machine and its span of life is further extended.
food, we feel heaviness, do not want to work and wish to sleep for Since vegetables-fruits-spinach-leaves etc. contain juice and
a while. We should eat such type of food in the dinner only are respectivelylighter than the previous one, they are easy in
because the God has created night for rest. We need not work digestion and disposal. Also, since they are helpful in cleaning
during night. So, we can afford sleeping after eating such food in process, they should be used as a main portion of the food.
the dinner.
Someone guided by the knowledge of modern science may
It is also clear that since we have consumed such dead food believe that we need a regular supply of vitamins, protein, carbohy-
in the dinner and it has a tendency of sticking along with the drates, etc., for which the food grains and pulses are necessary.
digestive path, it is difficult to propel such food ahead and clear the But, this concept is misleading. This has been proved with the
garbage from the body. So, cleaning process requires extra time. experiments. If all the mighty and powerful animals like elephant
So, in the beginning of the next day, it is necessary to devote 6-7 and horse get enough nutrition from grass and leaves, it is not
hours for cleaning. But, if take natural food like roots-fruits-leaves, possible for human being to be deprived of it in the same material.
then since this is not a dead food nor it sticks, the cleaning may be We need to understand the truth and acknowledge it. And, still you
done easily and without taking much time. Being live food, it cleans can eat sprouted pulses.
75 New Diet System New Diet System 76
LET US THINK! bath, steam bath, sun bath, mud bath, 'pani-patti' etc. If the natural
food is consumed in its natural form then none of these activities
The God has created very interesting are needed, and still, we can enjoy a complete healthy and efficient
structure of the machine of human body. No body.
matter what is the color of our food, black - Through experience, one will come to know that these points
white - green - yellow etc., the color of our are very easy to discuss, but very difficult in actually putting them
blood remains red only. Also, it will not change into practice.
its blood group. This is not possible in other
It is difficult to accept the facts contrary to the prevalent and
machines. Naturally, with the change in the
accepted beliefs. So, it is absolutely natural that implementing
types of food, the God has to process it in the
them will become even tougher. Such, beliefs are produced by the
presence of different types of chemicals so that the blood group
religious-blind and knowledge-blind experts. The public in general
remains the same. Such chemicals cannot be purchased from the
just follows it without applying its own common sense. In such
market. They have to be prepared inside the body only. If we
situation, it is natural to face great difficulties by mooting the ideas
maintain the intake of the pre-determined kind of food consistently,
which clash with the accepted beliefs. The person who brings such
then there is always an arrangement to provide suitable chemicals
points to the society is frequently harassed by the society. Either
easily. But, if the type of food is changed frequently, then the body
he will be termed 'insane', boycotted by the community, shot dead,
requires different type of chemicals to process it. The production of
nailed to the cross or will be given various kinds of troubles.
such chemicals requires extra energy and time. Since the God has
designed human body for the vegetarian food, anything other than Such situation is nicely presented by AkhaBhagat in his
that, i.e., milk, fish, eggs, meat and cooked food is not suitable for 'Chappas':
it. Because of such food, the human body faces similar problems "Jyan joie tyankudekud, same samabethaghud,
which a petrol car faces when it is fuelled by diesel. This causes
waste of time, energy and capacity. It causes diseases and Koi aave vat surajnikare, to teaagallaichanch j dhare.
shortens the life span. So, it is clear that if we want to utilize the Amareaatlavarasandharegaya, tame aavadahyakyanthithaya."
human body optimally, then we should make use of leaves, flow-
ers, fruits, roots and water, and they should be consumed in the If you think - giving total freedom to the mind, permitting the
same form in which they are made available in nature by the God, heart to embrace all the feelings, deploying all the faculties of the
without making any change in their form just like other herbivorous brain and considering all the possibilities that our intellect can
animals accept them. imagine - then we would understand the truth that:
Conclusion: In order to get optimum output from the body
But the habits inculcated for generations and the beliefs
nourished by our own religious blindness and knowledge blindness
will not be able to bear this. So, we will have to adopt middle way. ● Natural food should be eaten in its natural form.
So, we have included cooked food also in new food system. On the ● Milk and cooked food is actually not food at all.
other hand, to minimize with its ill-effects, we have denied consum-
ing anything until lunch time and keeping the stomach empty. ● If for any reason, we are not in a position to quit completely the
Fasting also becomes necessary. Also, from time to time, we may cooked food, then minimize it to once a day only, and that too in
need to resort to other ways of cleaning the body, such as, 'neti - the dinner.
dhoti', 'basti - gajkarni' ('kunjarkriya' or 'vaman'), 'tratak', waist ● Cooked food and milk is causing stool. So, for the sake of
77 New Diet System New Diet System 78
cleaning of the body, do not eat anything for 6-7 hours in the
morning. DIET SYSTEM
● For the sake of cleaning, perform 'rational fasts' daily, weekly, BASED ON
fortnightly, monthly and half-yearly. CLANING
● Before starting this experiment, take enema with normal water.
Thus, the new diet system should be as follows:
From morning to afternoon - nothing
In the afternoon - raw food (uncooked)
In the evening - light snacks, if needed
At night - cooked food, more of vegetables
and less of grains and pulses.
Fasts - once in a week, 6-8 day fast half- ❖ General Importance of Cleaning
yearly. ❖ Importance of Cleaning in Human Body
Enema with normal water in the morning and evening, until ❖ How to Cleanse?
not necessary. ❖ External Cleaning
Due to the New Diet System:-
1. The diseases are removed.
2. Healthy person remains healthy forever. It is our common experience that when we happen to meet
with an Indian who has been to a foreign country, what we fre-
3. Youth phase of life can be extended. quently heard from him is his appreciation for cleanliness in those
4. Beauty of the skin can be maintained. Due to the absence of countries. He will often tell us the stories about how clean the
acne, skin is not spoiled. gardens and roads are there. You cannot find garbage hips
anywhere there. You cannot spit or throw garbage anywhere. You
5. Old age can be postponed. will have to make use of bins meant for this purpose. You cannot
pee or defecate anywhere. You will have to use the public wash-
6. Life span can be extended.
rooms for this purpose. You will have to keep vomit pouch with you
7. You feel energy, swiftness and freshness. so that if you happen to vomit outside your home, you will keep it in
the pouch. If you throw garbage anywhere or spit, you will be fined
8. Negativity dies, positivity arises. with a huge financial penalty, which will make it your habit not to do
9. You can expect better offspring. that again. Their residences, schools, offices or any places of
private or public use are kept extremely clean. Leave apart the
10. Enmity disappears. bathrooms; their washrooms are so clean that they always seem to
79 New Diet System New Diet System 80
be newly constructed. Since their approach for cleanliness is very our house. Every 3-4 months, we carry out
strict, they normally seem healthy and lively. deep cleaning and once in a year, we carry
We might have heard the stories about out thorough cleaning. Similarly, machines
cleanliness at Indian homes. I visited a million- also need cleaning on a daily basis, servicing
aire here. He must have 3-4 house assistants to at every 3-4 months and overhauling once in
work for him, but the house was so ill-main- a year. The houses and machines which get
tained, that the visitor would like to run away as this type of cleaning and servicing provide satisfactory service to
early as he completes his task. Nothing was their owners for the years. On the other hand, if the houses/
arranged. Be it books, clothes, utensils, different machines which do not receive this kind of cleaning and servicing
things, everything was littered throughout the frequently break down, do not give satisfactory service to their
house. The toilet and bathroom, both, were dirty owners throughout their life and their functional life also becomes
and stinking. Cobwebs were lurking from the short.
ceiling of kitchen and bathroom. Their bed sheet
● Fasting is favorable, eating is injurious.
and quilts were stinking like hell. If someone
happens to be there for more than several days, he may lose his ● Uncooked food is real food. Cooked food starts stinking
health. immediately.
There was another home of the similar type. There was only ● Food after labor and rest after food.
one house maid. The number of members was equal to the house
in our earlier example. The difference was in the cleanliness ● Sleep after eating and run away after hitting.
maintained in the other house. We feel as if we are in a temple or
meditation hall. If someone happens to stay in such home for IMPORTANCE OF CLEANLINESS IN HUMAN BODY
some days, he will make up good health.
Mr. X is so careless that if one happens to sit beside him, it The importance of cleanliness also applies to the human body.
would be a punishment for him. While Mr. Y is so particular of the
personal hygiene that he always takes care that no one has to To understand the importance of cleanliness, it is sufficient to
suffer because of his own negligence etc. understand that the God has provided only one entry point to insert
Mr. X is very particular about his behavior. food inside the body, but there are a number of different channels
How clean and transparent is the governance of XYZ State? to throw the toxins out.
How sober Mr. Y is? No hypocrisy, no fraud… The entire substance that we insert through
The child is considered as a part of God because his mind is the mouth as food is not toxins. The necessary
without any garbage or dirt. He is innocent. juices and nutrients are sorted and absorbed for
Mr. X's work is very clean. He never likes dirty places. So, if growth and repairs of the body. The rest of the
you are thinking of 'clean' person, you should contact him. material, which is not needed inside the body, is
The price of gold rises with its purity. thrown out as toxins.
Thus, everywhere cleanliness is much appreciated, and it is Thus, out of the total mass taken in the body, a big portion is
rightly so because with cleanliness, the things remain fresh. utilized in the body for growth and fulfilling the wear and tear,
Even the non-living things such as a house or a machine whereas the rest of the portion, which is obviously very small part,
become unusable if it is not regularly cleaned. So, we daily clean is considered toxins. Since the toxins are only a small part of the
81 New Diet System New Diet System 82
total food, we think that there needs only a small exit for this God heats the toxins in the body itself and destroys it there and
purpose, smaller than the mouth. But, when we look at the makes the body clean. This is called fever - temperature in medical
structure of the body, we find that it is not actually so. The God has language.
provided a number of exit points for toxins to be thrown out. During an experiment, all the pores of the skin of a human
1. Nose : By exhaling carbon dioxide gas round the clock, body being were blocked with the help of wax. All other exit points of
throws out the garbage from blood. cleaning were kept intact. As a result, the man died. It shows how
important is each and every point of exit for the removal of gar-
2. Skin : The body keeps on throwing the garbage out in the
bage. The result will be a sure death if we close mouth and nose of
form of sweat through the millions of the pores spread across
an individual. We all know about the pathetic condition the body
our skin.
may be put in if urination or defecation is prevented.
3. Urine : The toxins having dissolved in water are sent out of
Whenever someone dies, the body starts decaying despite
body through urine many times in a day.
the fact that no additional toxins are added to the body. This
4. Anus : Through the process of defecation, solid garbage is happens because when the person dies, the God inside his body
thrown out of the body daily. leaves it in the form of life and the cleaning processes is halted
The God constantly tries to keep the body free from garbage there.
by disposing it out in all the forms, gas, liquid and solid. We can say Thus, we saw that how important is process of cleaning for
that the God has got one and only one job - cleaning, through the human body.
which he always tries to keep body clean and thereby takes care to So, we can say that "Stoppage of cleaning will be the stop-
keep the body healthy. But, just as we have emergency exits at page of life."
schools, offices, buses, trains etc., the God has created similar
● The juices nourish and flour produces stool.
arrangement in our body. When the body is too much filled up with
the toxins, the system gets hyper-activated and the toxins are ● Man does not eat the food, but the food eats man.
frequently thrown out. This is called body's response to emer- ● 'Je postutemartutekramdisekudarati' - Kalapi
gency situation. ● The disease is not an accident; it is the result of excessive
Similarly, when the mouth is deployed to remove the toxins consumption.
frequently, it generates flowing back of the material from stomach
to mouth. This, we call, vomiting. The function of the mouth is to HOW TO CLEANSE
send food and water from oral cavity to the stomach. Now, when
the material starts coming out of the mouth instead of going in we We have understood the general importance of cleanliness.
can say that mouth has started functioning a reverse process. So, We have also discussed the importance of cleanliness with special
we call it vomiting ('ulti'). Thus, in the emergency situation, the God regards to the human body.
cleanses out body by way of vomiting also.
Normally, the process of cleaning of a building or a machine
Similarly, in certain emergency situations, the God produces is carried out with the help of broom or air or water flow. Water pots
excessive sweat through the pores on the skin across the body, are cleaned by rubbing them with brush and flowing out the dirt
and thereby, it throws the toxins out of the body. with the flow of water. For machines, sometimes we separate its
There are some special cases in which the toxins are not spare-parts and clean them with the chemicals like kerosene,
possible to be carried out of body in any way. In such cases, the petrol or diesel.
83 New Diet System New Diet System 84
We keep our body clean mainly by regularly taking bath, activities and do not interfere Him, and if possible, be supportive in
brushing our teeth, cutting nails etc. His cause. By performing the cleaning process stated above, we
can help the God in his cleaning process.
This is called external cleaning.
We also know that when maintenance is to be performed on
To cleanse the internal organs of the body, following proce-
a machine, it has to be stopped working during that time. For a
dures are suggested by the Ayurveda, Yoga and Nature cure -
factory, a scheduled shut down is often advised. The machine or
Neti (rubber 'neti' or 'Sutra Neti') the factory does not work during that time. Similarly, we also stop
our machine - body during the time of its cleaning. For this, we
should stop consuming anything through mouth. Then, only we
Basti (enema) can expect best cleaning of the body. We should perform water-
less fasting.
Gajkarni / kunjarkriya
Since we are not habituated to such fasts, it is natural for us
to face many difficulties initially. Those who cannot start perform-
Kapalbhati ing such fasts all of a sudden should proceed gradually. It is
possible that one may not undertake such fasts for days together.
In such case, he should start with fasts of certain hours and train
Tratak his body gradually. 6-7 hours' fast in the beginning of the day,
immediately after getting up from the bed, have proved to be much
Besides them -
Mud bath,
'Basti' and 'Kunjar Kriya':
Water therapy, There are many methods for taking 'basti' or enema. There
Steam bath are different methods exercised by the practitioners of Ayurveda,
Yoga, Nature Cure and allopathy. We will discuss the simplest
Sun bath
method here.
Exercises Instrument : rubber pump
etc. are also various processes of internal cleaning. All of 1 - A pail for water
these cleaning arrangements are developed by the human beings.
These are good processes, and in fact, one who follows them 2 - Water
remains more healthy than the one who does not follow them. 3 - NRV (No Return Valve)
We know that - 4 - Rubber pipe
Other machines are created by the human beings. So, 5 - Catheter tube #12
human beings have the responsibility of keeping them clean, 6 - An exit hole
whereas the body is created by the God, and He digests the food
taken and he removes the toxins left after the digestion and Feel one liter of normal water in the pail.
absorption. Meaning, the God performs true cleaning of our body. Keep the pump in the water with the valve at the bottom of
So, it is advisable for us that we let the God perform his cleaning the pail.
85 New Diet System New Diet System 86
Start pressing the bulbous central part of the instrument. anus for about one inch. Sit on your legs in the same manner as
This will cause air to escape from the hole. After all air is escaped you sit for defecation in the toilet. Within some time, about 300 -
from the hole, water will start coming out of the hole no. 6. Now, 400 ml of water will enter the intestines. Then, remove the tube.
insert that part of the catheter tube with the hole into the anus for This will cause pressure in the intestine. With this pressure, water
about one inch. Keep the pumping continue. This will cause water will forcefully come out of the intestine and the stool accumulated
to fill the big intestine. Fill about 300 ml of water in the big intestine. there will also come out along with the water.
This will cause pressure in the big intestine. With this pressure, This method is simpler than one with the rubber pump. Also,
water will forcefully come out once the catheter tube is removed, the instrument does not contain the moving parts, so, it stays
and the stool accumulated there will also come out along with the longer. So, we can permanently hang one such instrument in the
water. toilet. The entire family can use this instrument. However, use
Initially, take enema twice a day, at your suitable time in separate catheter tubes for per person, just as we share tooth-
morning and evening. Continue this schedule for about one month. paste, but keep toothbrush individual.
Then, change the frequency of morning enema to every alternate In the instrument with rubber pump, valve frequently gets
day. After continuing the new schedule for about one week, damaged. Even, the rubber of the tube suffers from the effects of
change the frequency of morning enema to once in a three days. hot and cool weather, and gets damaged after a period. Also, it is
Thus, by gradually extending the period between two sessions of little uncomfortable to pump with our own hands. Still, the major
enema, over a period of time, stop the morning session of enema. benefit of the rubber pump instrument is that, being portable, while
During all this time, keep continue the evening enema sessions on travelling, we can keep it with us.
a daily basis. Then, gradually reduce the frequency of evening These instruments can be purchased from the dealers of
enema sessions also in the same manner as you did for morning medical and surgical equipments.
enema, and stop it ultimately. It is necessary to develop the habit
It is not that by doing so one will get addicted to enema.
of going for defecation every evening. It is necessary to go for
Always take normal tape water - neither cold nor hot. Also, do not
defecation for as many times as we eat.
add anything in the water. Do not worry if the stool does not come
out along with the water. It is just like the normal process of taking
water in mouth and throwing it out with force.
In our experiments of enema taken during the course of
prolonged fasts, we have observed certain cases in which stool
does not come out along with water for initial 5-6 days. But, then on
the sixth or seventh day, unbelievably great amount of stool comes
out. This includes black, tarry and sticky stool having extremely
stinking smell. Thus, enema has proved to be very useful process
for the cleaning of the intestines.
There is one more similar instrument called Pot Enema. In
KunjarKriya - Gajkarni:
this method, a pot, full of water, is hung on a height of 3-4 feet so
that the water automatically starts filling into the intestines using This is artificial vomiting. In this process, the person drinks a
the force of gravitation. Initially air will come out of the hole in the lot of water and then induces vomiting by inserting his fingers in
catheter. When the entire air is escaped, water will start coming oral cavity. This is called 'Kunjar'.
out. Then, insert the part of the catheter tube with the hole into the Method : With the half-seated position drink as much water
87 New Diet System New Diet System 88
as possible until you feel like vomiting. For this experiment, take society go on brushing their teeth every time they eat something.
lukewarm water and add some salt in it. However, the patient of They rub their teeth and enamel very hard and damage them.
B.P. should not add salt. After drinking water, get up and slightly They bathe with the soap, twice a day, sometimes thrice a day. Nail
lean forward from the waist. Press your stomach gently with left cutting is often emphasized. No doubt, these are good habits. But,
hand and insert the fingers of right hand deep into the oral cavity. as we reviewed earlier the importance of this external cleaning is
Rub your fingers there. With this rubbing, the water contained in not more than 5%, while internal cleaning holds 95% importance,
the stomach will start flowing out through mouth. Along with it, the towards which we are generally negligent. So, no matter how
stool and urine accumulated in the stomach will also start coming diligently we keep our body clean externally, this does not give
out. Continue this until all water comes out of the stomach. much benefit. So, even though we continue to keep external
The enema and 'Kunjarkriya' should be learned from an cleaning, if we give necessary attention to the need of internal
expert and experienced person. cleaning as well, then only we will be able to stay healthy.


Any kind of cleaning is beneficial. However, as compared to Cleaning Process of a Transformer :

the internal cleaning, the external cleaning has got very little
For example, suppose in a factory 95% of the cost of produc-
tion is due to the cost of raw materials and supplies and 5% is due
to the cost of salaries and other perquisites to staff and sundry
expenses. But, when it comes to the curtailment of cost, the
management frequently resorts to cutting the salaries and other
benefits of the employees and think that they have made huge
savings. However, since its proportion to total cost is not much
significant, the cost cutting does not bring down the cost of produc-
tion drastically. Instead of this, by bringing small reduction in the
expenses which contribute 95% of the cost, significant change can
be brought about. In some cases, the companies do not keep a Filter Machine Transformer
full-time employee in some key positions and get its job done by There is a picture of transformer above. This instrument is
other employees. In normal condition, this does not make much used to get necessary voltage of electricity by making changes in
difference, but in the situation of some accidents or emergency, the incoming and outgoing voltages. The instrument contains coils
the company very severely feels the scarcity of talented employ- of copper and aluminum. With the conduction of electricity, the
ees. And, since the existing employees of the company are temperature of the transformer increases. The temperature keeps
overloaded with the activities, they lose their efficiency. In such on changing based on the changes in the amount of power passing
case, the situation may go out of control and a big damage can be through it. In order to keep this temperature down, it is filled up with
caused to the company. This will ruin the savings made by cutting transformer oil, the purity of which is measured in 'Megohms'.
the staff cost. And, sometimes, the loss will be huge. Since it is measured through an instrument called 'Megger', the
The same is true about our body also. Many people in the score is known as 'Megger Value'. The higher the Megger value
89 New Diet System New Diet System 90
the better is the quality of transformer oil. With the usage of the 2. Vacuum is created inside the filter.
transformer, the Megger value of the oil starts reducing because 3. Oil is heated.
over the period of time moisture and other impurities keep accu-
mulated in it. This causes the transformer 'to fail'. This means the 4. Initially, the Megger value reduces from its existing level, and it
death of transformer. Thus, the impurity is responsible for the improves over a period of time.
death. By regularly removing the impurities of the oil, we can 5. While filtering process is going on, the transformer is cut off
extend the life of transformer. Similarly, the life span of the human from the electricity line. It is not operated simultaneously.
body also depends on its purity, and this purity depends on the
6. Life is extended due to filtering process.
food. So, if proper attention is given to the food, the life span of the
human body can be extended and it can stay healthy. 7. Accumulation of garbage is a normal process.
To avoid the untimely death of a transformer, the technician There is a similar arrangement for the purification of our body.
carries out purification of the transformer before the Megger value 1. If we drink water and then throw it in the reverse direction -
of the oil is reduced significantly. For this purpose, they use filter vomiting, the toxins come out along with the water. Similarly,
machine. During the filtering process, the oil is brought to the filter. to fill the big intestine from its bottom is also a reverse pro-
In this machine, it is heated in vacuum and passed through the cess, which will also remove stool and clean the intestine.
2. Vacuum is necessary during the cleaning process. So, one
By doing this, the garbage of the oil gets sieved out and the should not eat/drink anything. That is why, it is called:
moisture is evaporated. Thus, oil becomes clean again.
i. "Langhnam paramau shadham"
During this process, the oil is fetched out from the entry point
and oil is inserted from the exit point. By following this reverse ii. "Doshanaaharvarjitah"
entry and exit, the process of purification can be done speedily and 3. During the cleaning process, fever is a good sign. A world
effectively. famous physician says: "You give me fever, I will give you
During this filtering process, Megger value is noted after health."
every hour, and other testings are also carried out. Here, it 4. In the initial phase of the body cleaning
happens that in the beginning of the filtering process, the Megger process, you may feel restlessness,
value reduces drastically. If the technician is not experienced, he dizziness, annoyance or anger or even it
will be shocked to read that the Megger value has become zero. may cause diarrhea, vomiting, headache,
He may think that the transformer has failed because the Megger itching, urine with red or yellow hue,
value was between 25 to 50 Mega Ohms before starting the excessive sweating, cough and cold or
process, which has now become zero. So, filtering is done under you may feel that the condition has
the supervision of an experienced person only. Sometimes, the become worse than what it had been.
Megger value does not increase even after the filtering process is
initiated. Later on, it starts rising, and at a point, it starts rising very In case of cleaning of transformer, the heavy garbage, which
rapidly. sinks down to the bottom, needs extra effort while cleaning.
For this, the entire oil is forcefully addled, due to which such
The following points are worth-noting here : garbage mixes with the oil and makes the entire oil impure.
1. With the help filtering machine, the transformer is operated in Then, the oil is brought out and filtered. This is process of
its reverse direction. cleaning the oil completely.
91 New Diet System New Diet System 92
Similarly, while carrying out cleansing of body during fasts, FASTING
our body is also severely addled and the toxins of our body
get mixed with blood, urine, stool and other excretions and As described in our 'Shastras', those who have undergone
thrown out of the body. So, it is natural to experience some penance or pursuit, have renounced all things one by one,
diarrhea, vomiting etc. in this phase. It is a good sign. The with the support of the God. The first and the foremost thing to be
body will become clean and healthy even if only one of renounced is the heaviest element, i.e., the Earth element. Then,
them happens. the element lighter than that, i.e., Water element, is renounced.
5. While the process of body cleaning is going on, the body Then, the element lighter than Water, i.e., Fire element, is re-
should be kept away from functioning, i.e., it should be put on nounced. Similarly, thereafter, the element lighter than Fire, i.e.,
fast and take rest. Air element, is renounced. And, ultimately they have maintained
their body on the Sky element only. Sky element means nothing -
6. If the body is regularly cleansed, its life span can be not even breathing. This proves that as we proceed upwards in
extended just like the transformer. It is incorrect to believe renouncing one after the other element, our body gets habituated
that we cannot make any change in the age decided by to the different levels of renunciation and ultimately a stage arrives
the God. in which it does not require anything to be taken, neither through
mouth nor nose, and still, it performs its activities. It becomes
7. Transformer is a non-living thing. It is totally shut down. capable of deriving all five elements from the Sky element only.
Only an arrangement of breather is kept for air. Still, toxins But, naturally, it is not possible for common men. So, in our effort to
accumulate in the body. Some garbage is received from reach close to this condition, although we continue to take air
outside, but rest of the garbage is produced inside the body through nose, we should gradually reduce our consumption through
on its own. Thus, the production of toxins inside the body mouth, which we call fasting. Fasting is the best food. Let us learn
is an inevitable evil. It is necessary to accept this fact. The something about it:
only remedy to this is to regularly keep on disposing the
toxins out. That is why; the God has made a special RATIONAL FASTING :
arrangement for throwing out the garbage. Also, along with The importance of fasting is accepted by all the religions.
air inhaled, we keep on inserting something or the other Here, 'Upvas' (fasting) means: 'Up' means 'near' and 'vas'
through mouth. A small part of our food is used in making means 'to live'. Thus, 'Upvas' means 'living near'. Meaning,
flesh, bones, blood and other parts of our body and its individual soul ('atman') should live near the cosmic soul
repairs, but rest of the portion is converted into stool. Thus, ('paramatma'). The 'Jiva' has to live near 'Shiva'.
the production of stool inside the body is natural. So, we
have to throw it out on a daily basis, for which arrangement How can we reach near the 'Paramatma'?
is already made by the God. But, the point is that we fill In the 'Shastras', they have described
more stool in the body than this system is capable of the process of the penance undertaken by
removing effectively. So, the additional stool keeps on Dhruva, Parvati and Manu-Satarupa to reach
accumulating, which causes various diseases. So, it is near the God.
necessary to remove the additional stool also by way of Keeping trust in God, they started the
cleaning through fasting. That is why; there is great penance. First, they renounced, pulses and
importance of weekly, fortnightly or long-term fasting during food grains. When the body got accustomed
'Navratri' in our life.
93 New Diet System New Diet System 94
to the change, they renounced roots, and maintained their body This is the climax of fasting. The fasting is meant for the
merely on leaves-fruits, water and air. Again, when the body got person who wants to progress on the spiritual path.
accustomed to the new situation, they renounced fruits. Going Also, those who do not aim receive the God, but just want to
forward, they renounced leaves, and ultimately, they renounced air remain healthy should also perform fasts.
also. This is the climax of fasting. This is the true fasting - complete
Ayurveda tells that -
This makes it clear that : "Langhnam param aushadham."
1. Fasts can be observed by all, child, adult or an old man. Meaning, fasting is the best medicine. So, whatever be your
disease, you should start fasting.
2. Our progress should be from heavy to light food.
Ayurveda further tells that -
3. We need to proceed gradually - next stage only after the
body gets accustomed to the last change. "Aaharampachtishikhi, Doshanaaharvarjitah."
4. The objective is to achieve the God. Meaning, the fire of our body digests the food. In absence of
5. It is incorrect to believe that one cannot live without lentils- food, it destroys the toxins.
rice-vegetables-'chappati', ghee or oil. Meaning, it removes toxins from the body, makes the body
6. If the body is properly trained, it does not require cooked toxin-free, and thus, clean. Clean body is healthy body. Thus, body
food. Even, the God has placed such a smart system in our body is cleansed during the fasts.
that it can function without food and water. It can receive nutrients In some cases, due to a small quarrel between husband and
directly from the environment. a wife, in order to show the anger, either or both leave food for one
This is not only empty talks of the 'Shastras'. This is possible or two days. This is a fast, but this is not true fasts. It does not
even today. provide proper benefits.
In our Gujarat itself, we have examples like Shri Hira - Ratan Rational fasting can be done as follows :
- Manek or Shri Prahaladbhai Jani, alias 'Mataji'. 1. Daily fasting :
People die of hunger if they do not get food consecutively for Do not eat anything for 6-7 hours in the morning after getting
fifteen - twenty days. This is the starvation. up. For those below 25 years, 3 hours' period is enough. One,
And, the people do not die of hunger, even if they eat nothing who is hitherto habituated to have tea and breakfast in the
for days together. This is called 'Upvas - Fast'. morning, may not find it suitable to fast for 6-7 hours. But, those
As we have reviewed earlier, the underlying feeling in the who have determined to do, this 6-7 hour fast is not a big deal.
penance undertaken by Dhruva, Parvati and Manu-Satarupa had But, those who cannot do this right from the day one should
been 'to achieve God'. The objectives may be different. So, every gradually extend their period of fasting, and gradually proceed
one of them received the God and their objectives could also be towards the ultimate goal.
achieved. So, it is clear that if we undertake some penance with A. Keep extending the period: If you are taking tea and snacks
the objective of 'achieving God', we will certainly get the desired at seven o'clock in the morning, keep it at 7:15 am the next
result. Meaning, those who wish great amount of wealth, they will day. Then, bring it to 7:30 the next day, and thus, extend it
find it. Those who wish good life partner, they will find it. Those by five - fifteen minutes every day. This way, you can reach
who wish great child, they will get it. Or, whatever is wished, they to 6-7 hours fast within a period of one month, without
will get it. yourself getting to know that.
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B. Change the type of food: If you are taking tea and snacks, the process of removing toxins without causing much discomfort.
take fruits instead. Then, take only fruit juice for the next Due to this, it is possible that one may feel diarrhea, vomiting,
week. Then, take only lemon water mixed with honey for itching, fever, headache, restlessness, dizziness, anger, annoy-
next week. Gradually, leave that also. ance etc. But, these will last for a short time only. The moment
toxins are completely removed out of the body, all this will stop
Often, it is considered too difficult to quit tea. Of course, for
automatically. Still, if guidance is needed, you may contact the
initial 8-10 days, you may face certain difficulties. But, if
author or any other person in your acquaintance who is experi-
you are determined to quit this habit, this habit will ulti-
enced in this regard.
mately surrender to your iron will and you will be able to win
over. 2. Short-term fasting :
If this does not seem to be possible, then there is another We sweep our house clean every day. Then, at the end of
method also. Follow the rule of distribution. Whenever you every 3-4 days, we carry out proper cleaning. Then again, every 4-
like to take some tea, share a small portion of tea with 6 months, we carry out deep cleaning.
someone else also. Thus, you take tea only after making For a vehicle, we dust clean it every
other take some of it with you. This is an effective natural day. Every month or two, we carry out its
law that whichever thing you want to quit, start sharing it servicing, wherein oil is changed. Filter is
with others. By sharing, you will feel less and less infatu- changed, new lubricants added. Further, at
ated to that thing and eventually you will leave it. every 4-6 years, complete overhauling
C. Gradually reduce the quantity of food: Whatever you are is carried out wherein all the parts are
taking in the morning, tea, milk or plain water, go on reduc- separated and then cleaned. This is a thorough maintenance.
ing its quantity gradually from the present level, and share Such cleaning is necessary for every machine.
the portion by which you have reduced your consumption This applies to human body as well. Body cleans itself with
with someone else, with feeling of devoting it to the God. By the support of the VITAL POWER or God, whatever name you
doing so, within 20 days or a month, you will be able to would like to give it. Our duty is to co-operate them by not adding
leave your breakfast entirely. anything to the stomach. So, by not taking any food until the lunch
time and giving enough opportunity for cleaning is called daily
D. You can implement all of the aforementioned options, i.e.,
cleaning. Then, for some deep-level cleaning, determine one
A, B and C, simultaneously also. Thus, through whichever
specific day in a week or fortnight and do not eat anything through-
method suitable to you, you can achieve the target of
out that day. This is called short-term fasting - servicing of body.
stopping the morning breakfast.
Even daily fasting for certain hours proves to be difficult for
several people because they are neither habituated nor interested
As discussed before, in absence of the food, the toxins will in fasting. They believe that energy is there in the food, and so, by
start coming out. The toxins will start flowing out from either all the not eating it the body will not function, we will feel dizziness, may
ways through which they may come out or some of them. Depend- fall down due to weakness, stomach will lose its capacity, which in
ing upon the nature of toxins, the body will throw it out using the turn, may cause massive problems in future etc. Their wrong
suitable exit channel. So far as possible, the body will remove the beliefs, concepts and the hidden fears as stated above keep them
toxins in a smooth manner without causing any discomfort to us, away from fasting, and even if they decide to start fasting after
which at times we may miss to notice. Thus, the body will initiate hearing and understanding the new thoughts, the people around
97 New Diet System New Diet System 98
them prevent them from doing so by showing these hypothetical life. In other words, food is already served, we need to put it in the
fears. Majority in the society is not aware about the real and correct mouth and digest it.
thing to do. They are ignorant, dwelling in the darkness, and
Go near the fire, you will fill the heat; and if
believe that what they know is the only truth in the world; the new
you will go further close, you may burn yourself.
ideology is wrong and misleading etc. So, the person undertaking
the method should be prepared to face the opposition of the Go near the ice, and you will feel coolness.
society because this task is as difficult as swimming against the
Go near the hip of the garbage, you will feel
flow. stinking smell.
● Don't lose courage, and the God will be with you.
Go near the flower, you will feel nice fragrance.
● Jump in; you will be victorious at the end.
We need to decide as to what do we want; burns or coolness,
● The path to the righteousness is not an act of coward… stinking smell or nice fragrance.
● If you want to learn swimming, you should be ready to experi-
Many wrong scientific and religious concepts and beliefs
ence drowning. All those who have dived down have not sunk
prevail in the society about fasting. But, one has to adopt the right
away; they have learnt how to swim.
approach. So, these fasts are called 'RATIONAL FASTING'.
● If you want to fill the container with something, first empty it
completely. As discussed earlier, when we do not add anything into
stomach, we can have the best kind of cleaning. We believe that
● If you want respect, you shall be ready to face the humiliation water is needed for cleaning. But, in fact, the water also has to be
initially. digested just like any other food. Meaning, just like the process of
● If you want to get something, you will have to be ready to lose digestion for the solid food, the water also has to pass from the
something else. similar process. There is no arrangement in the body that the
● If you want to have precious thing like health, you will have to water consumed by mouth can directly be utilized in cleansing.
bear certain hardships. Actually, cleaning is done by air. The air propels water further.
Even, all the toxins are propelled by the air. That is why; Lord
● If you want to enjoy eating throughout the life, you will have to Krishna has said in BhagvadGeeta:
starve for some days.
"Pranapasamayukt pachamyannam chaturvidham".
● If you want to lavish the food throughout the life, you will have
to give up taste for some days. The food is digested by life and gas and the toxins left after
the process are removed. So, the green leaves, full of the Air
● If you want to possess something, first you will have to be
element, carry out the best cleaning. But, they can do best
ready to sacrifice something else.
cleaning only if we cannot eat anything, i.e., we maintain Sky
● If you want pleasure, you will have to embrace miseries too. element in the stomach. That is why; waterless ('nirjala') fasting are
● If you want to attain the God Almighty, you will have to more important.
renounce everything, just like Mirabai, Lord Buddha, Prahalad, Not to take anything by mouth to fill stomach for first 6-7
Dhruva, Parvatiji, Manu - Satarupa etc. hours of the day are nothing but short-term waterless fasting.
The ancient sages have provided tons of such philosophy for Similarly, if one or two waterless fasts are performed once week or
better living. We are just required to visit it and implement it in our fortnight, it will greatly help cleansing the body.
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Obviously, this is an uphill task for those who are not habitu- As mentioned earlier, do not fail to take enema twice a day, in
ated to this type of fasts. But, as stated earlier, one can gradually the morning and evening, during the days on which you perform
train his/her body for this type of fasting. It is not too difficult. For waterless fasting or fast with juice only. Take rest as much as
this, initially you should give up food grains and pulses. When the possible.
body gets accustomed to it, give up vegetables. Meaning, you can During the initial days, you may feel problems like, restless-
try giving up cooked food for one day. If the body gets accustomed ness, dizziness, sleeplessness etc. However, gradually they will
to this after 5-6 such fasts, you can give up fruits and maintain on subside. As the body gets cleaner, you will not feel any of such
the green leaves and juices of the vegetables. This will prepare the troubles.
body for new situation. Then, leave juices and maintain only on the
lemon water with honey. And, finally leave the lemon water and Also, you can get excellent result by the combination of
come down on waterless state. It may take a period of 4-6 months science and spiritualism, if you can keep religious bent of mind
for one to come down to the state of waterless fasting. But, that is during the days of fasting.
not a concern. However, it should be noted here that when you 4. How to quit Fasting
perform fasts without liquid or water, you should always take
enema. If proper care is not observed in quitting the fasting, it can
prove to be very dangerous. Normally, while quitting the fasts, we
should take 1-2 teaspoon of 'mung' water or lemon water with
honey. This can be increased gradually. This is a famous method.
However, with many experiments and evaluating from the scientific
3. Long-term Fasting :
point of view, we suggest following more effective method:
Just like short-term fasting, one can undertake the fasting for After performing waterless or water-only fasts for two or
longer period as well. Do not jump directly for nine day-long fasting. more days, carry out 'Narayan Seva', i.e., feed someone with the
Start with one-day fast, and then gradually go on increasing the food equivalent to what you might have consumed during those
number of days by preparing body for the next higher task. Such days.
long-term fasting should not be performed waterless, but initially you
should take one or more fruits every day during such fasts. Then, Now, do not take anything until lunch on the day on which
switch over to the fruit juices, and then, to the juices of leaves and you quit fasting. You can take vegetable soup only in lunch as
vegetables and then to lemon water and honey. Then, perform fast much as you want. Then, take vegetables after half an hour or so.
for first three days with fruits, forth day on juice, fifth day waterless, This dish is cooked specially for quitting the fasts, which includes
sixth day on juice again, seventh, eighth and ninth day on fruits. pumpkin, spinach and gourd. They are boiled and prepared with
During this practice, do not fail to take enema during the days on only a little spices and oil. This you can eat as much as you want.
which you perform waterless fasting or fast with juice only. To support further, you can take salad made up of cucumber,
radish, beet root, tomatoes etc.
Thus, by starting with the fruits on the first day, You will feel the nature's call within 3-4 hours after eating this
with juice and lemon water with honey on the second dish. If you do not feel like this, take enema. This is a special
and third day, waterless fasting on fourth, fifth and method, which is called 'Flushing'. On the same day, take only raw
sixth day, with juice and lemon water with honey on salad in the dinner. If you have performed long-term fasts, then
seventh and eighth day and with fruits on ninth day, start routine food only after the half of the number of the total days
we can prepare our body for long-term fasting. for which you performed fasts.
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If you have performed nine-day fast, then as stated above, The human body is gifted by the God himself. He dwells in it.
on the first day, take only vegetables and soup in the lunch and The person who puts life in the body is also the God himself. Thus,
salad in the dinner. the human body is the true temple. So, it is our duty to keep our
On the second day, take nothing until lunch. Then, take body perfectly neat and clean. If it is infested with the garbage, the
salad in lunch and fruits in the dinner. God will feel harassed inside. First thing we can do to keep our
body neat and clean is to add least amount of garbage in it. And
On the third day, take nothing until lunch. Then, take salad
whatever is filled in should not be sticky, but instead it should be
and fruit in lunch and a leafy vegetable and a normal vegetable in
such that it removes the garbage already stuck inside. Milk and the
the dinner.
cooked food is sticky food and it decays rapidly and produces
On the fourth day, take nothing until lunch. Then, take salad stinking smell, sourness of taste, stickiness etc. So, we should quit
and fruit in lunch and vegetable soup, leafy vegetables, normal such food and take only leaves-flowers-fruits and water in the food.
vegetable and 'dalia' (coarse grain) in the dinner. Also, we should fast on the regular basis.
On the fifth day, take nothing until lunch. Then, come back to
In the month of Shravan,
the routine food. Meaning, take salad and fruit in lunch, snacks in
the evening and lentils-rice, 'chappati', vegetables, papad, pickles, The month of Lord Shiva,
milk, buttermilk, etc. in the dinner. However, keep vegetables to
Many people will do different things to please Lord Shiva.
provide 70% of this food and keep other objects limited to 30%
Some of them will apply 'Tilak' marks on the forehead. Some will
go for 'darshan' every day, either on vehicle or on foot. Some will
For the diseases, offer 'bilipatra'. Some will perform 'Jalabhishek' or 'Abhishek' with
Fasting Medicine Food milk. Some will prepare and worship different kinds of 'Shiv Linga'
Mahesh Vishnu Brahma (idol of Shiva) like that of ice, ghee or mercury. What is the gain of
such activities? Is it anything other than just show off, competition
Destroyer Operator Generator
and exhibition of one's capability? Why the lord, who has a
Enemy Mother Generator reputation of getting pleased easily, is not pleased by these? Why
Distributor Protector Generator don't we think about it? Do we want to pass our life on the same
Police Lawyer Thief path on which we have been trading for generations? We are very
Plough Manure Farm smart in cheating others in course of our social life. Won't we spare
our own selves? In the modern age of machine and technology,
Consumer Destroyer Producer our life has also become mechanical. We are working just like a
machine to get free from the same thing, which is the source of all
Cleaning of the Temple : miseries. We are performing the religious procedures without
Probably, it is in reference to the temples understanding the real meaning behind them, and in such efforts
that we emphasize cleaning the most. of quenching our thirst with mirage water; we are wasting all our
Temples are kept neat and clean because it is energy, time and money. When everyone is facing the same
considered to be the abode of the God. problems, who can help whom?
Temples are made by the human
beings. We have placed a stone or metal idol Then, let us try to find out our own mistakes. Possibly, we
in it for adoration. That idol is given 'life' by a may find our errors, and then, we can rectify them. Otherwise, no
special procedure call 'PranPratishtha'. amount of prayers, or others' well wishes or even the God is able to
103 New Diet System New Diet System 104
bring welfare to us. We need to devote our life to the God's will and is always going on in our body. So, we do not offer food to Lord
learn to live in whatever situation He puts us in. We should learn to Shiva during the Shravan because fasting is more important
follow His orders. during this month.
"Ram rakhe tem rahieOdhavji, We, the mankind, are very smart in interpreting the concepts
in the manner in which they are most favorable to us. We fast in the
Ame to chitthinachakarchie." month of Shravan, but our fasts are such that it kills the very idea
Lord Shiva is viewed as destroyer. On the first glance, we of fasting. We prepare such special and delicious dishes, which we
would prefer the act of Lord Brahma, i.e., of Generation. Even normally do not eat. Our food during fast is more in quantity and
Lord Vishnu's job of nourishment and development may appeal us, better in quality than the normal food, and we call such 'heavy' food
whereas the Lord Shiva's task is that of destruction, which may as 'Faral'. Actually, the word 'Faral' comes from 'Falahar'. Now,
seem to be horrible, fearful and disgusting. Generation seems to with the support of this 'Faral', we perform such a fast that it
be positive activity, while Destruction a negative activity. However, becomes nothing but a mockery of fast.
in actual life, destruction is as necessary as generation. "Untekadhyadheka, to manasebanavyakantha."
Just imagine, if there is generation only without any provision The mankind always finds some way out to fulfill his need.
for destruction, then the earth will be crowded by millions and We all know that what did goddess Parvatiji do to achieve Lord
billions of human beings. It will become a congested place to live Shiva. She renounced all the food one by one, kept faith on God,
in. Even if there are more than one such earth, all of them will soon and then only she can attain the God.
become crowded by the human beings and other living things. But, we hardly have any trust on God, but, we show off nicely
Imagine, that a factory keeps on producing some goods, in many ways, that we have. Instead of quitting food, we make it a
which is not consumed anywhere. It is not more than a small time, means to fulfill our need of taste. Then, how can the God be
that the entire storage capacity of the company, no matter how big pleased with us? The God severely dislikes show off and exhibi-
it is, will be filled by the goods, the company will lose its financially tion.
buoyancy, suppliers will stop sending the raw materials before the Goddess Parvatiji had eaten only the dry leaves which fell
company clears the prior bills, and thus, the company will lose its down from the tree, whereas we offer green leaves to Lord Shiva
balance. It will collapse. and eat different kinds of tasty foods. If we keep on 'performing'
In our body, if cells keep on growing, without the provision of such activity, then be it for one life or the lives thereafter, we will
death of already existing cells, then what will be the situation of our never attain the God.
body? What will happen if we keep on adding food into the body, You can try to perform a penance in this month of 'Shravan'
without removing anything out? by taking only juice of 'Billipatra', and if needed, other vegetables,
fruits, salad etc. After verifying the result you got through the new
Thus, removal of garbage is as important as consumption of
process, you should decide which way to proceed.
food. Destruction of the existing cells is as important as the
generation of new cells. Consumption of goods is as important as Lord Shiva is destroyer. It will destroy our enemies. What-
the production. The destruction of lives is as important as their ever physical troubles we have, He will destroy them. And, later on,
generation. And thus, the job of Lord Shiva is as important as those by destroying all the psychological, intellectual, social, all types of
of Lord Brahma or Lord Vishnu. And so, not eating is also as troubles, He will make the life enjoyable. Let us experiment and
important as eating itself. Eating produces diseases, medicines verify the result.
nourish them and fasting destroys them. The process of cleaning Then, in this month of Shravan….
105 New Diet System New Diet System 106
"Shambhu sharanepadi magunghadieghadi kashtkapo, understanding to learn the importance of the month of Shravan -
Dayakari darshan sukhaapo." the month of Lord Shiva, and properly practice it in the life.
Think, have such prayers, which we have performed for Cleaning of the Vehicle.
generations, made any difference to us? Once we were travelling in our car (Maruti
The God is almighty and omniscient. He knows about our Zen) from Vadodara to Mumbai. There was a
desires and needs. Then, do we need to make such prayer? traffic jam near Surat. The traffic was hardly
Aren't such prayers insults of the God? moving. We frequently had to apply break and
Don't they indicate lack of trust on God? And, even if the change gears. The moment I remove my foot
God provides 'darshan', what welfare can it bring to our life, if we from the clutch to apply break, the engine was stopped. Again, I
do not follow what He has instructed? Lord Shiva indicates us the had to turn the ignition key and start the car. This went for many
way of living the life by inspiring the creation of Ram CharitManas. times. I must have re-started the car for about fifty times. Then, I
"Rachi Mahesh nijmanasrakha" - Tulsidasji was afraid that repetitive ignition may discharge the battery, which
may cause trouble for us. If we changed the fuel option for the car
He has shown us the path of penance-service and good
from petrol to gas, it ran smooth. I did not know repairing. Now,
company. By practicing this path, we can make our life successful.
what to do?
It is not that He has just sermonized. He Himself has lived these
points in His own life. Till we couldn't meet any repairer on the road there where no
way to run car on petrol. Show the car to a repairer. He will open the
Who can perform a better penance than Lord Shiva? With
bonnet and after clearing gas filter and air filter in five minute he
the help of iron will attained as a result of such a penance, He could
gives vehicle to us. Than it was run well. Only slight waste was
renounce all the luxuries of the world. One will rush to do the task
annoying the car and us. If that waste was not removed than it will
which brings glory for the doer. But, none will become ready to
keep annoying us.
handle the task which is hazardous and have a possibility of
defame for the doer. Lord Shiva did such thing which no one else Second occasion is when there was an increment of gas of
was ready to do. All the Gods rushed to drink the nectar, but no my car. Average was decrease. I show it to its familiar in Amreli. He
one was ready to touch the poison. Lord Shiva accepted it. Since will do the setting the appropriate ratio through one nut and say
He is indifferent between respect and insult, glory and defame, that now average was improve. But it not improved. So shown it to
happiness and misery and life and death. And, that is why; he is another repairer. He cleared the air filter and gas filter, didn't
called birth-less and death-less. As a service to God and in order anything? He was assign the car after mobilize it to four five km and
to follow the orders of the God, He also lives the life of a human it was giving more average. Due to conversation I asked to repairer
being. that kit was not exactly running weather waste was freeze? He said
Who can have meditation better than Lord Shiva? that no fault in kit. There was impurity in gas, so it was happened.
Otherwise it was filled to air in place of gasoline pump gas cheated
Thus, He has properly practiced the concept of 'penance-
the customer. So there where badly effect on average.
service-good company' in his life and gifted the book like 'Ram
CharitManas' to the mankind. Now, it is upon us how to use this We conclude on this both incident that:
gift. (1) There will need to clearness for car will give exactly work.
This is the key to healthy life. (2) There will also need to clearness for car will give good
It is my humble prayer to the God to give you necessary average.
107 New Diet System New Diet System 108
(3) There will also need to clear gas for it will give good average. (3) We can't run through bare footed, feel gravel.
Here also clear that if we will exactly run our body and if we But have to walk on bare footed. Look like
will take batter work from it - impossible but try. Daily try to walk bare footed
as possible. Slowly increcdr working lenght
(1) Sanitation is copiously needed. So regularly doing clearness. and more walk will be possible. A time will
(2) Only clearness is not sufficient. Simultaneously food also be come when shoes won't also be needed. Hot
pure. Pure food is not like that was famous belief in society. land will not fire the bottom of the feet and no
Milk-butter food is pure that belief is wrong. hurting of gravel but also thorns resound will
break itself.
Homemade food is pure that belief is wrong.
(4) Hand is being status so it can't do hard work. Like above
Food made from good think that belief is wrong.
example increasing work slowly. Taking axe and shovel or
Cooked vegetarian is pure that belief is wrong. taking work that you like to need from hands palm. Form
God given cusps, flower, fruit, and water are pure food. Else all are blisters while doing little work that's can't if you do lots of work.
mixture. It's harmful. Automatically skins will become thick that's will be suitable for
any new condition.
Conclusion :
From this all examples it's cleared that at all level ability will
Till now discussion we understand the importance of clear-
automatically come through upbringing.
ness, how we do clearness is shown. For its body is healthy. Thus,
for live healthy not need to medicine, exercise, yoga, breath con- Thus, it is same thing for food. Slowly heavy grain pulses will
trol, reiki, sivambu, panipathi, acupressure, acupuncture, etc. be decreasing than avoid it fully: Than after slowly decreasing in
But if we find alchemy through its body get automatically amount of vegetable. Fruit, leaf etc. will be eating enough. Like this
clear, pure, than there will be need to any try for clearness? It is slowly fruit will be decreasing than avoid it fully. Like that also leaf
possible? and water will be avoided. Like this also possible to avoid food fully.
Not only will that air be leave. Examples of saint in front of us.And
Whatever waste that produces in body is one part of food. So also finding example in scripture.
easiest way is we don't take food, so waste is not produce. So body
is being clear, no need for clearness. But if subtracting the food from this world than what will be
the fun of life?
But without food will we live? Surely. Only need is body
upbringing. This thing is clear after some example:- Then will be eating. But eating that which will not harmful.
Waste is harmful for body and whatever we eat waste will be
(1) If not study than one can't get knowledge. Slowly
produce. It's compulsory. If we run for accepting that's thing than
we get educated than become graduate, post
eat that's food from which produced waste is not harmful. This is
graduate, engineer, doctor. We can study after
not place only in one place.Automatically going ahead so autom
giving priceless time of life.
atically coming out side. It is possible?
(2) Can't run. Get tired after running a little. Being
champion in running competition. Than here also Yes…...where "mass" there "waste" thus Voluminous
need to upbringing. Daily keep running. Muscles will become item like grain and pulses are more Voluminous, more arid-
Strong. Increasing in running. You not know. Thus muscles will rough. So it is like more sewage. Thus avoid grain and pulse
be built up and also capacity of running. fully and if there will be not possible to avoid it fully than eat it
109 New Diet System New Diet System 110
in small amount. In vegetables-spinach-flower- Comes outside by push, that's work done by god means vital
fruit etc. Voluminous will be in small amount. power will do it.
"Rastyakas" this is a fertile item. So use it abound.
And for that extra time is also needed. So we have to wake up
While increasing temperature food will be badly
in early morning and give time to this type of sewage. So During
this time Don't not add extra food and give time for cleaning body.
So, fully avoid the cooked food and if it is Minimum 6 hour are necessary.
not possible than eating cooked food in small
amount. So now cleaning based meal system is look like this type:-

Food without cooked is "live". So its sewage is also living it Good meal system is that type of as like automatic body will
automatically increasing ahead. remain clean and for that necessary is leaves-flower-fruits. Any-
time we have to eat and drink when we are thirsty/hungry without
We can't attention on that thing but we all also had experi-
ence of it or dont try to understand it.
If we see than we understand that, But this is not possible for us. So way of new meal system is
We can't understand when eats boil drumstick but when we
eat drumstick as in its natural form that will not possible for us so if (1) Morning to afternoon until 6 hour nothing.
we drink it in a juice form it comes out faster. And also automatically (2) In afternoon fruits-flower-water without cooking.
comes out an extra stored sewage. It's also same in else matters.
We will not know if we eat mulch, momordicacharantia, guardian (3) In night also less food and more vegetables.
etc. making cook but if it eats as in natural form than it will look like If this look like Instatement than in evening one can try for
as doing clean. dried snacks in less quantity. But can stay healthy with suffering.
Moreover if eat cook food than it feel load
in stomach and it feel load for long time. After
eating that food we feel laziness, indolence,
sleep. But there will be no load in stomach when
we it eats food more and more than it in natural
form and stomach will fell like empty. Because Even
cook food is Voluminous, raw is live. So it though having
automatically cleans body after going ahead. Hundred Gulab Jamun,
fifteen sweet balls,
Thus, when we eat believing in "raw is real" than raw food
thick Chapati soaked
given by god is eating in its real form-eat it without doing hot. Thus
into Ghee in addition
in spite of if we can't live without cooked food than eat it less if there to snacks
is any reason. Means in one day only one time and that to in night-
because after eating this food laziness, indolence, sleep will come.
Suitability of sleep is in night and there fore god made night, so go
to ffep get sleeping quickly after eating.
Cooked food is Voluminous so it's sewage also Voluminous.
So occurred costiveness if it is remain in here and there. It will
111 New Diet System New Diet System 112
poor and died dead. They can develop and also destroyed. These
Child Development things are also clear that making some advantage it also west and
produce disadvantages. For becoming cultured we have to do lots
Based on Food of practice. But uncultured things are comes without any practice
System and efforts. For progress we have to do lots of efforts. But degen-
erating is achieved without doing any efforts. Thus, human being
also do misuse of their power. By result they feel sadness and
suffering from many problems. Human being have developed and
developing science which also result of their selfishness, their
benefits and advantages. This becomes harmful instead of getting
its advantages.
Television is also proved as idiot box. Crimes
and uncultured thing are introduced in young
generation by use of mobiles. Scientist have
invented atom and developed atom bomb and
❖ Hopefully result based choice of seeds. from this invention human being are afraid as
❖ Goal Determined or goal gain. whole world can destroyed in second from this.
❖ Milk: Nutrients or eater for people's health? So condition of the human being is like spider, they make
❖ Meal system for child. their own net and also trap themselves inside it. If they have to get
relief from this net, then they have to do something. No other can
❖ Overall development help them. So, they have to change their basics mistakes, for which
he is capable and change their validation.
CHOICE OF SEED ACCORDING TO Childhood is the best time for it. old age is difficult time. So if
EXPECTED RESULT we make target on this thing in childhood it is good we can also
write anything on blank slate afterwards and then after it is difficult
God made 84 lack reproductive systems in world. This is one to write as there will be no space availeble for writing. Like we can
of the smallest parts of the universe. In universe large no. of write data in blank hard disk and floppy drive, but if it is full of data
animals, trees, human beings. God give sense to everyone. But then difficult to adjust and overflow start. So we have to delete old
smallest amount of sense in dead things, in trees more than dead, files and write again but this is possible in computer, but very
animal, and most in human beings. Each have same basic body difficult to same thing in human mind as it is very difficult. That's
structure. Everyone have same atomic structure containing why in childhood time we have to feed good and absolute data.
electrons, neutrons and protons. Only differ by amount of atoms. Role of the mother and school is most important for this. But
God give same thing like sense, mind, and ego to everyone from mother made their child timid but saying "BAGHDO AVYOO SUI
dead things to human in ascending order. Thus human being is JA". Also our education system produce society without direction
best of them. Suppose god made human being as their own art and knowledge by giving the knowledge like" KADI KUTRINE AVYA
and give everything to them. By using their mind and wisdom they GALUDIYA". They have stopped education on non-denominational.
do everything and also become a god. We also were known with They make education system like money making machine and
use of energy and empire, we get result according to that. From manufacturing units.
empire and energy human can become wealthy and also become Thus, in society such validation are spread that in childhood,
113 New Diet System New Diet System 114
child has less understanding capability. So mango tree which cannot be achieved by planting the bulbul
according to them knowledge and culture must tree. So what we have to need in future has to be decide first.
be give them. So education level of KG and (2) Here most priority is given to worshipper. Worshipper is most
primary schooling is lower education. This important. At second stage comes donor and third is suravir.
thought is also wrong. We have to plunge seed of Poetics have never described about the businessman, engi-
those type, for getting our expected result. Same neer, doctor, and politician. So if mother cannot give birth of
way we have develop childhood as per our above three then barren.
expectation in future. Here, place of wisdom and
(3) According to Ramayana;
understanding is beside.
War of seven stages thought to Abhimanyu in side mothers SUR DURLABH SAB GRANTHI GAVA
Womb and before birth and he also learnt this. SADHAN DHAM MOX KAR DWARA
Lesson of bravery is taught to shivaji in childhood and they PAI NA JEHI PARLOK SANVARA
learn this. So in our Theology, widely describe about the teaching Getting body of the human being is most like
of culture during time period before pregnancy, during and after and our destiny and which is undesirable and gate
birth of child. But unfortunately, we have made limitation of it to of worship. Here also importance of human child,
only put in temple, dancing, singing and prayers. We cannot under- they have to decide seed of their child before birth.
stand the real science inside it and trapped only and only inside Which type of child they need? What is their goal?
Rituals. And we have produce out virtual science. So in real mean- If we see in society, everyone is in race of getting wealth and
ing we are not remaining as religious or not as scientist. health. They waste their whole life by thinking that they buy happi-
Everyone in society is worried about health. They have not ness by money. For earning money, education is necessary. When
taken care of other culture. Human being making lots of effort for child is 3 year old, from that time burdone of education is placed on
getting validation "first happiness is body health" and remain healthy. child. Whole society is worried about it and thinking over it.
But basic postulates are become wrong for them and start to take Everyone have desire that their child come first in class. So
medicines from pregnancy. From pregnancy and then after birth beside school they also give extra tuition class for it. There is not
and as long as life they remain healthy only and only through giving any space for playing, enjoying of nature and living their own
medicines. But actually disease is not revered from the medicine way. So they only remain inside house and goes out of world. There
but it stopped. is no value of the birds murmured sound, no thought about animals
and love, also they cannot maintain relation with human being in
SETTING GOAL AND ACHIEVING their society. Also they never know what themselves is. They have
not enough time to understanding themselves. Anyone meet to
In one famous line, them they first ask only one question, why not take first rank? Is
JANANI JAN TO BAKT JAN KA DATA KA SHUR, that true of taking first rank by everyone? They take expectation
NAHITAR REJE VANJANI, MAT GUMAVISH NOOR. from their child which is impossible. So take way of thief, but still it is
not possible to achieve first rank by everyone. So mental stress
(1) Everyone can give birth of their child according to their own way. produces inside their mind about why I cannot take first rank? This
Like beans, grain, vegetable are achieve by everyone who is
matter cont... During whole education time. Then after same condi-
want to take it. So if we have to get something then we plant seed tion in business, money is everything, not filling tax, black money
according to them. If we need mango then we have to plant
etc. And also for becoming wealthy men of village, tehsil, district,
115 New Diet System New Diet System 116
state, nation and world. They cannot take sleep inside this all (2) Plant good seed. Body of the child is produced from the sperm
matter. And increasing their mental stress. So they completely of parents. So sperm of the parents must be good quality, and
washed out the happiness of living life. Same as education, here is healthy. Which produce own self by penance.
also not possibility of first rank by everyone. So at last moment of (3) During the grow period, gaining proper nutrient to plant is
life everyone inside this race and have no time to think over, who
most important. Growth of the child for 9 month in mother's
am I? Why I took birth? body and then after from the milk of mother. So for health
Finally they west their life of human body as dog, cat and pig of the child, food of the mother is more important during
for making their settle, getting respect and grow thing of their child. this time. Mother has not to take cooked food and milk during
For getting physical happiness and health they produce selfish this time.
society. And no one can accept reason for this and try to proving
(4) Then after god gives teeth to child and stop the milk of mother.
other that they are responsible for it and whole society. Which fruit
Now child is free to take their food by own way. Now no effects
is we will get from tree is decided at time of its planting. So today's
of mother food on child body.
society is fruit and mentality of mother at time of pregnancy is
same as tree planting. By taking care of above things in child growth, then health of
We give fertilizer to plant tree for their growth, like this giving child is good from birth and remains healthy and will last long. Take
good thought and good culture is important in child growth. So detail description of above four point one by one.
which types of the society we have to develop id decide first. First (1) Penance by parents :-
basic unit is society is human, then as per human being society is
In theology, this thing is described in good way. Like dhruv do
develop. Personality is type of fruit which we decide at time of its
penance in childhood, parvati in age of adult and by manu- satrupa
in old age. Each have do penance for their different desire and
In matter of health this things are each one can get result of it. Manu-satrupa have make penance for
valid. If we need healthy crops, we have getting child like god. They change their method of meals and leave
to plant healthy seed and give nutrient the habit of eating heavy food. Means leave eating of beans, grains
too and that also at proper time and as and star to eating fruit, leaf, plants, vegetables and water. In order
per requirement. Most important is that they leave all thing one by one of fruit, leaf, plant, vegetable, water
plunging farm proper way and put is and finally also of taking reparation. Thus, they do hard penance
for few time in sunlight. through their body and body become pure and now only bones are
If we need child like Ram, then we have to become dasharath remaining inside body. God comes to them and they get desirable
and kaushalya. They do penance for their child. Thus, important of result. At second birth as dasharath-kaushalya give birth to god
parents penance is most important on the child. Expectation of Ram. Such type of the hard penance for us is not possible. But one
good child by seeing lower quality movie, T.V. serial, eating food of thing is absolutely true that, we have to give something for getting
hotels, eating of tobacco is like planting babul tree and expecta- something. And if we give more valuable thing than defiantly achieve
tions of getting mango. more valuable. Lord Brahma develop world on basis of penance,
lord Vishnu also taking care of world on basis of the penance. And
According to healthy growth of child same as seen in growth
lord Shiva also destroying world according to penance. So impor-
of tree,
tant of penance is everywhere. Then after if hard penance is not
(1) We have to put farm in sunlight for long time means parent done by us but we have to do penance according to us. From this
have to do penance for their child. soul become pure.
117 New Diet System New Diet System 118
(2) Cultivation of the good seed :- is not good. For pregnant women "KACHU TE SACHU" line is totally
right. But it is also true that during this modern world this things
The responsibility of the child is only and only on their mother. The
cannot be understood by everyone. But in world, animals are also
work of the earth is only to give sanitation and food. Which type of
vegetarians and they are eating only leaves, fruits, flower and
the food we have to eat is depend on the seed. Bitter neem or
water. Structure of human being is also same. So there is not any
sweet sugarcane, lemon or chilly, which is not decided by earth but
doubt about this, human being must have to take their daily food in
by seed. Like this way the child's nature and quality is not decide
state of leaf, fruit, and flowers are suitable for them.
from mother but it from father. Mother's responsibility is to feed and
growing up of child. We can see all this before, mother's body become healthy
from meditation. Now health of body is maintained by taking proper
(3) Child Grown :- nutrient and also growth of the child is in good manner. And also
Growing of the child is done by god in three pain during the pregnancy period is also decreased, pain at time of
different time slot. the pregnancy is also become light. There is no need of operation
for child's birth. This all are not fiction story but it is result and
First slot :-
conclusion of the experiment.
Growing of child inside mother's body for time After birth of the child, first time slot is over. So
period of 9 months. contact between child's body and mother's body is
Second slot :- broken and its nutrition in form of liquid is stopped.
And now the production of such liquid is also stopped.
Growing of the child after child birth, which is Because, now there is no need of it. Thus, first source
up to 3-4 year from feeding of mother's milk. of the food for child is closed forever.
Third slot :- After birth of child second time slot starts. During the first slot,
Leaving lap of mother and freely mother have taken their child at everywhere, so there is direct
growing on their own way. arrangements of food. Now, body of the child is isolated from the
mother's body. So direct connection between them is not possible.
After planting the seed, growing of the child is started inside For giving nutrient to child another arrangement are done which
mother body. From one cell to another and so many and multiply it can give from mouth. We giving them a white milk which is known
day to day. Then after growing of the hand, leg, mouth and many as milk. This is the only and only one liquid for proper growing of the
more part of body are grow up inside body. Like reproductive child. And also liquid nutrient inside mother's body is complete
system, digestive system, respiratory system, blood vessels, etc… food. Which was given to child for those time when they need it, and
that way all part of body are produce inside mother. Thus, liquid then after stop it. God give teeth to child before the stopping of the
nutrient is most useful for child growth. Most of the required mother's milk.
nutrient can be obtain from the liquid. This liquid can be made from
During the period of growth of child on nutrient as milk is only
the liquid food. Mother's body grown from the food, so, during this
period mother must have to take nutrient food. Suitable nutrient and only based on the mother's body. Because milk is one of the
part of mother's body and it make from food. So according to the
means "whatever has given by god" like flower, fruits, and water
but take in that state which is available from nature. Means without quality of the food, quality of the milk is maintained and obviously
body structure and quality of child depend on the mother's milk
cooking. That's why all the required nutrient can be maintained
inside it. Now days, food taken by mother during pregnancy period quality. So during second slot, growth of the child is in good manner
is depend on the quality of the food taken by mother. As seen
119 New Diet System New Diet System 120
before she has to eat raw food like leaf, fruit, flower, and water in growth of child is independent from mother. Now they can take food
those state which available from nature without cooking it. From through mouth and using digestive system. Which are leaf, fruit,
this body growth of child also maintained as well as health of flower and water. That means all plants and water.
mother remain good.
By worst, we think different and make milk as proper nutrient
During pregnancy, according to tradition, our society give for child and start giving the milk to child from the other source,
cheese and oily food to mother. From this body structure of the which is not from mother. We started to give milk of cows, goat, and
pregnant women becomes unfair and miss-shaped. Pads of fat are buffalos. This is opposite to nature. This is a violation of the god's
produced. Weight increase and invite many diseases, which rule. Disrespect of god.
cannot do by raw food. After pregnancy fair and beauty of mother
is maintained, increment in energy and freshness. The number At level of health, reason for disease is violation of god's rule
of case related to mother and child death during pregnancy is and its disrespect.
reduced. This is also reality after experiment. So after stopping the milk of mother, we feed milk from other
During the first and second slot, only we take special care source which is not nectar but it is poison for child. Feeding milk to
about the mother's food for growing of the child. Because the child is equal to planting the seed of disease. By misunderstanding
feeding of the child takes place only through the food produce from we can invite various diseases in childhood. For proper growth of
the mother's body. So mother must have to take suitable food the child we have not given milk to child as their food.
during this time and which is healthy for both child and mother. But
Animal which produce milk are for their Calfs and not for
during this time it is not easy to take out from this condition. Which
human beings.
is my own experience of long time. So if you accept this new
method of meals then you get lots of advantages. If we go for milk at animal which cannot give. So we can feed
Now a day, by thought of that if child start their Calf. Calfs hit their mother and its sign of the love between
to take food then his growth is more, so from them. So mother can release milk and pets can feed it. But we
time at which growing of teeth child they start to cannot to make happen it and tie Calf away from them and take
feed rice and other food to child. This is not milk of animal for our use. Whatever we are doing is so bad and
suitable for child. There is no need of the food cannot think over it that what we are doing.
from the outside, if milk of the mother is avail- Forcefully we take milk from animal which
able. Then after if we can give juice of green leaf are for their Calf. We want to be happy by
to child and also give juice of fruits and vegetable. But never give making them sad. Which is opposite of
cooked food. Never give biscuits and items of flour. This thing is nature. Thus what happen if we can make
proved from the experiments. away feeding child from their mother, what
After saying to mother so many time to go regular toilets and is situation of the both? We cannot think for
make habit of only one time during day which is not natural. We it. This way we take milk from the animal which is for their Calf's.
have to go toilets as many time we eat. In growing of the child this Can we think over it what is situation of it? So taking milk to feed
is also most important point. from other it not reliable.
After stopping the milk from mother, third stage of growth For us our right on the mother's milk is only time during which
starts. god give her. And then after, if birth of another child is take place,
Now growth of the child is not depending upon mother, now then right for feeding milk is only and only new born child not ours.
121 New Diet System New Diet System 122
Why human being is not able to understand this simple After all mother put stick inside child's
thing? mouth and give milk to child. Then after all
women are feeling happiness and show
If we are thinking that milk is the complete nutrient for our
happiness that they can win whole world.
then we have not taken any other form of nutrient and make milk
But still no one can think about that when
as complete nutrient.
child is little and not able to understand at
Milk is not product of tree but it product of animals. Like, that time they automatically ask for milk
egg so all vegetarian has not to consume it. Animal are also and drink it with glad and satisfaction and
not feed milk of other ammonal's milk because they are what happened to them, why same child show great reaction to
vegetarians. same thing? After few time of drinking of milk they vomit it and due
Milk of human being and other animals are not same. They to this mother drama take her child to doctor and say that their child
are counting various amount of the vitamins, carbohydrates, po- in not drinking water. Doctor also gives medicine of it. This all
tassium, calcium, etc..., because growth time of the all are differ. people are not thinking that if one or two child is not drinking milk
Calfs of cows and buffalo acquire adulation at age of 3-4 years, but then they maybe suffering from some problem, but every child
human being achieves it at time of the 22-23 years. So time from single home is not drinking milk and same situation at every-
periods for growing of the animals are less, that's why their growth where. Why then? Is there any mistake done by us? But who can
rate is higher. In comparison of them growth period of the human find their own mistake?
being is 8 time more. Means their growth rate is 8th part of animals. Doctors are also said that :-
So they need fewer amounts of the vitamins, proteins etc…. so god
"Your child is not taking milk that's why we can eat"
gives element in milk accordance to that. So milk of each other is
not comfortable to each other. That way taking milk from foreign Actually child does not require milk and that's why not taking
mother is not suitable. it, but who can understand them? After giving medicine and so
many treatment but still not drinking milk. So finally mother goes to
For time milk is available, child asks for it by crying which religion person of society and thinks that someone has put bad
indicate its need, without saving any word. Mother also know sight on her child. Religious person also make formality and give
this and feed them. Child is happily feed and feels satisfaction. some thought and thing that tied on hand or wear in neck.
When god stopped milk of mother, at that time child is grown
up and able to understand the situation. Now as per "story from But I confidently say that there is not
home to home" child does not ask for milk. Not only that but any type of bad sight on the child, but child
when mother come to them with milk they run away from them. has bad sight of his own mother, their father,
This is indication of the Disinterest of milk. But mother misun- grandfather, grandmother and whole society.
derstand this things that child is small and not understanding They are not ready to think anything about
so they behave like this. So mother tries to give milk to their child.
child doing so many practices. Child react them and not agree In 84 spices on world, no one's mother beside human being
to take it. And then also mother tries for it. They take help from makes such bad thing and Terries their child about matter of food.
other and one held leg and other hand and try to giving milk. Actually we are saying that hungriness is not relative of anyone.
And third one is opening mouth but still child is not agreeing Then why we are doing worst behavior with child for matter about
for it. Child closes their mouth and also bite, who is opening food? Small insects are also found their food when they are
their mouth. hungry, then why not child of human being is not finding their food?
123 New Diet System New Diet System 124
Not ask? Without need of food we give him and we are not able to by killing their Calfs and don't sell it. If your hungriness of not fill up
understand what actually they need? Any things in excess are by other way, then break it. Don't kill speechless animal.
poison. It is harmful. So we must have to understand that giving of Lord Krishna also said in GEETA,
extra food and milk is harmful for small child.
Such type of the daily behavior and habitation with child
make him forces to drink milk like drunker have not habits of This line is absolutely right. All other meaning is wrong.
drinking at starting. They do not like drinks. But as per environment If doing this all, your mind is not accept, so lord Krishna is all
around then and contact with other like forced of milk on child might god, we have to doing those which they are saying , not what
make him ready for drink and time after time it is become their they have done. So this way if lord Krishna eating butter and milk,
habits and not live without it. Now they roaming here and there for but we have not taken it. We have been not eaten it.
drinks and feeling trouble until not find it. As soon as getting it feels So after doing discuss on many postulates and validation
relax and energy. Condition of our child about milk is same. Today, about milk, we come to know that milk is suitable nutrient for child,
we have habit of milk and if think about change habit then every- for those time it available from mother. But then after giving milk of
one say that we are going too made. Which one who show that foreign mother is not valid and right. There is no place of the logic
ready for leave collapsible thought are actually knowledgeable, in scientific world. There is only accepting those things which are
scientist and worshipper. They do experiment by them self and experimentally proved inside laboratory. So we can check the
conclude that what is right? usefulness of milk by scientific way. For this matter on paragraph
Also one validation about god Krishna is that they are drink- published in newspaper "MILK IS PROTECTOR OR DESTROYER
ing milk. According such type of validation many people are follows FOR HEALTH OF HUMAN"??
And also draw picture of Krishna and showing that they are
drinking milk and eating butter. This all are fiction on the base of
various validation and in reality this all validation are wrong.
There is not any type of description in any scripture about
drinking of milk by lord Krishna. Also festival of gokulastmi also
celebrates. Now day chocolates and peppermint are also sold after
their name. It make bad impression on child mind that, god also
eating chocolate and peppermint. Time to time this validation It is being published into new custom of meal
become more powerful and may be song also write on this. news paper that, salt, sugar, soda and milk (of a
If in actually god Krishna have to eat butter and milk, then woman other than mother) is white poison.
why broke pot and not directly eat it without wasting them. But
actually lord Krishna doing this for selfish people. They are trying to So let's decide from today that : "Wish to stay healthy,
give knowledge that foolish people stop selling of milk, it is not thing
of selling. Does not take it, it is for their pets. Don't take advantage enjoy the death with full heart."
125 New Diet System New Diet System 126
MILK IS PROTECTOR OR DESTROYER of the intestine and make difficulty in process of digestive system.
FOR HEALTH OF HUMAN According to research at Howard University, chances of bone
breakage and plaster paresis for those who takes mire milk. No
According to thinking of white people, I am one can say good and its advantage by doing 1500 experiment
Indian and Black. This way all Africans, African - about features of milk. From that we can suffer from the chronic
American, Latin- American, Chinas, and all Asians fustic, anemia, asthma and autoimmune.
are black people. Now a day anti-racist people Now milk is become more important point at cast level.
have good command over milk industries. First Mumildom is one website start at level of the milk industries. On the
of all I want to say something about milk base of the questioning and answering on milk, they say that milk is
industries. Starting of the milk industries is not wonderful things. This all things are clearly written at this website.
from the time of the lord Krishna. But actually They give wrong information. They also give wrong information
starting of the milk industries can be done during about the production of one glass of milk and how much water is
the time of the British government. At present, added in it. (But also accept in website that you can get calcium and
Indians taking pride of being second place country of milk produc- protein from other source than milk). Reason and answer about the
tion. In world, America is largest country of milk production. All the digestion of milk done by black skin people in
public news and trend are directly taken from the trend and public- few lines. This is too much difficult to read. For
ity margin of America. So, command of the America on Indian milk reading it we have to zoom the page and then
production industries if quite good. Government gives large num- it is readable. In this page also written that
ber of the help and allowance on the industries of milk. Things chances of causing milk allergy from the milk
which can be understand by common men is too easy, same thing proteins inside the milk. Our body takes long
can be more difficult to understand for politician. Bank is also time for digestion of the lactose that is found
providing the financial help for dairy and milk industries. Doctors in milk. By assuming 1 to 3 % of the small child
also suggest taking milk in daily nutrients. and adult suffering from the milk allergy. If
I want to explain to doctor and bankers, what are they doing? we find any sign of milk allergy in child then we have to consult to
And we also become corrupt by effects of the other country. Franc doctor earlier. After showing milk allergy, have not it dairy food.
Osyka, chairmen of the department of pediatrics in France, they Lactose intolerance found in every person of the world, and milk is
write a book "don't drink young milk". In this book they describe not good for health.
about the reasons and cause of the infection of milk on child. Milk is danger for health. But media and government become
According to American association of pediatrics, 60% possibility of one of the most factors that they are not ready to accepting the
ear infection on small child is only and only from the milk. Milk is reality about the milk after many research. So due to this most of
one of the most important for the iron deficiency anemia in child. the black people are suffering from these things. Doctors from the
Dr. Benjamin from the authority of American child care, give sug- dairy education board of America make study and observation on a
gestion for not giving milk to child of cow. It cause anemia, allergy, school of New York. By giving free lunch of milk, butter and cheese,
diabetes, and heart related disease, which danger for health. number of the death due to asthma in lower class people are
Most of the people are died in America due to heart attack. increase dramatically. There is direct relation between the milk and
Milk contain large amount of the proteins. This protein is in prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is found most in African American
element, which is casein. Casein is produce for purpose of the people in world. Taking one study on the cancer, they have con-
business for gum. By drinking milk, this only substance is produced clude that chances of prostate cancer in people who taking milk is
inside body. If digestion of it not takes place then it sticks on the wall more than those people which cannot taking milk.
127 New Diet System New Diet System 128
American and Indian government have published that drink- products. Means which is a source of the causing cold, cough and
ing of the milk is good for health and it's necessary in food. On this it sticks on the wall of the internal part of the digestive system and
stem government of both countries give financial help for milk work as anti- agent for digestive system and harmful for body. Thus
industries. In America, it is necessary of giving milk during lunch at milky items are responsible for cough. And also source of acid and
public school. In India also many celebrities make advertisement gasses. This is responsible for every disease.
and saying that drinking of the milk is good for heath and it give Tea, this is made from milk and most danger for health.
nutrient is required for us like proteins and calcium in large amount. According to research done by many famous doctors whatever you
They are saying milk is one of the cold drinks and they forget are eating in your daily life in all this tea is most harmful for body.
saying disadvantage and harmful effect of milk. According them acid found inside tea is 8-9 times more than acid
They also forget about the disadvantages of it to environ- found inside drinks and mutton.
ment and what happened to speechless animals, what is felling of Whole world is trapped by the items of milk
them? Doctor is also having their different view on advantages of and butter. This is responsible for all type of the
milk. But after all medical research it comes to conclude that disease and harmful for health. We have completely
anemia, migraine, asthma, blasting, gasses, prostate cancer and removed it from the food of child. If from any rea-
other allergy are only and only due to milk. If you are black skin son, possibly give this thing less and less. And if
people then chances of it more to you. forcibly give mutter, milk, or butter to child than take
care about following things.
Never give milk at empty stomach. (it cause gases and
Volume of the any substance is increase harmful to child in another way). Give milk at evening and butter
by heating. If we take all eatable thing and we milk at afternoon or in lunch.
are increasing temperature as constant rate of it, Make butter milk at home and take care about its cleanness
we found that volume of them is increasing. We and also take in mind that milk of cows is also not comfortable to
found that volume of the milk is increasing early our body. So it is harmful, how much cleanness in milk from dairy?
and it comes out from the container. And finally it We see people who taking water from the dirty place and
dropped about up to small of drops. mixed it in milk. They also give injection to animals for more milk.
This indicate that milk contain large amount of the gasses. So Use of such harmful injection is prohibited in world.
due to milk chances of gastric problem is increase. Pain in various And also have chances of paralysis from the pure and healthy
part of the body is only and only due to gas produce from milk. milk. Also chances of other disease are increased. (This is writing
Also same we if we are putting all eatable things at same inside the scientific research). Then we can think that what is
place and same environmental condition like pressure, tempera- happen from taking contaminated milk from everywhere. Pure milk
ture and humidity means all the things are put and stored at same is also containing cloistral and uric acid. This is harmful.
environmental condition. But from all, milk is broke down earlier Many children have habit of drinking of milk. We can also
than other and become citrus. That means without making any make juice of coconuts and give instead of milk. Also give juice of
process inside it, acid is produced in milk and this is responsible for groundnut and soya which is tasteful and good for health. We can
acidity. But in our society have misunderstanding about this that we add cardamom inside juice and make tasty.
have to take milk in acidity. They are thinking that milk is antacid We can make juice from other tress and plant also which is
and give relief from acidity. useful for health and so many advantages and useful in treatment
Butter and cheese are made from the milk which is oily of cancer. But I have not do experiment of it so, how can I suggest
129 New Diet System New Diet System 130
for it? I have eaten betel leaf for experiment. When I am unknown much more than outer cover of flour. Same way also take cooked
from new method of meal, I suffered from the malaria and that time potatoes, cabbage and adding few spice in them.
I have eaten betel leaf. Taking soup of vegetable is healthier to body then taking rice
and other. Soup is tasteful and also healthier then the grains.
Growth of the body is completed during the 22-25 year, so
after it child growth is completed.
In child growth if we take care about the normal thing it make
so many advantages in long term policy.
Never try to eat child forcefully. No one can remain without
food. Child is also. Mother has to take care about their daily toilets
and latrines not give much attention on the eating of child.
We have to completely stop the item of maize. Biscuit and
items of maize are sticky and which sticks on the wall of digestive
METHOD OF FOOD FOR CHILD system, intestine and reduce the digestion capacity of body. We
have to ban all sticky things. Banana is also sticky but which cannot
Now whenever we are thinking about the harmful and not stick on internal wall so we can give it.
matter of the food which must to give but still milk Almost all the white things are harmful for human body. Like salt,
from mother nothing is too given to child from the soda, sugar, maize, and other flour etc…
outer world. Only feed them mother's milk. Then I Today we found craze of "INSTANT
need to give then only leaf, fruits and juice of fruit. FOOD". IF you have to take instant food than
After leaving mother milk, only give fruit, flowers and leaf. eat fruits like banana, apple, grapes, toma-
Whenever they need water and food not forcibly and this also in toes, carrot etc… those all items which can
limited amount. Not more not less. Cooked food is not good for take as it as available from nature. Even not
health. need to cut it. Is any things is more "instant"
then it?
Taking out of the cooking food in not possible by different We have to take care about satisfaction of child. We have to
view of people from last much time. So we have to eat less cooked use common sense and mind intelligence. I have also seen many
food as possible. parents that gives everything take child ask and any way they fulfil
During time period of 22-25 years, growth of the body is it. If any close friend then we can speak them, are doing right by
more, so we need more food. Then after growth is stopped and satisfied child through giving their need? Then they also accept
only and only need food for its maintenance. So during growth that most of the need is harmful for child, family and society. But
period we have not eaten anything in morning. Then after eat raw due to some reason they never want to make their child unhappy.
food. In evening dinner, take 60% vegetables and 40% of grains, In common most of the parent are thinking that, our parents are
rice, sweets, milk and butter. Cooked food is not better but for poor and they were not able to fulfillment of our need, but god give
satisfaction of body and mind we have to take it in limited amount. many more to us and we are capable to fulfillment of our child
If need it, take breakfast in evening. Also Keep in mind that in which requirement so we can do it. And after all why it is harmful?
amounts of vegetable are more and beans and grains are less. After all he is child- he is understood as he growing. But in
Like we can give items of potatoes but amount of potatoes are most of care besides understanding all thing after growth remain in
131 New Diet System New Diet System 132
one side and their fulfillment is increase as much more that cannot Each soul has been given the responsibility of offspring. And
be satisfied by their parents any way. Time of coming back is gone, everyone is performing that responsibility properly. But, by believ-
it is not possible. They have only seeing the bad condition of child ing an offspring is like a special spiritual thing, spoils his wrought by
and Repentance, not and other. up making an exaggeration in upbringing. As a result a child,
parents, and parents themselves have to sustain. Let's see this
OVERALL DEVELOPMENT matter in detail.
Other creatures, animals start loving their child with birth,
In child growth, we have to take more attention toward health which is the result of qualities given by god like attachment, tender-
of child and discuss on "new methods of meals". Only health is not ness, kindness, compassion, affection, love, spirit. Every mother
important in life. First happiness is health of body. From their other always helps their child wherever he needs. If mother would do up
happiness is also more important in life. to this extent, it is reasonable. Other animals allow their offspring to
We have to make brief discussion over power, happiness, grow by their own in to lap of nature. Whereas, the human animal
love, knowledge and getting god. keep his child under restriction. Now days, it is prevailing fashion
that the child's hand- legs and the whole body is being covered with
From above methods of meals we get good health and also get
cloths. Like a living doll. A doll also being moved with the help of
energy, freshness and many more.
key or battery, whereas that liberty of human child also being
By desire and attachment, our internal desire, real happi- snatched away with the birth.
ness, pleasure all are covered and not come out. There is a simple
The child has been treated as he is blunt even though the
way of getting it, "giving up". 10th part of income, 4th of food, 24th
god has given him hand- legs, mind and everything. Instead of
of time and give 10th part of cloth and other in worship of god. We
allowing him to have food by himself, he has been given morsels
get lots of glad and happiness. We have to learn to give not to take.
forcefully into mouth by mother. By doing so, like mother causes
We are suffering from the health problem by old methods of him two unrecoverable damages (this is not the expression of
meals, also becoming sad by accepting it. So from this we have to mother but, it is called exaggeration of love)
develop new method of meals and also accept them, that is also 1. By giving food in absence of appetite, indigestion, constipation,
one kind of knowledge and we have to know it. dislike of having food, and thus sow the seeds many diseases
Our knowledge is covered from the ego; we have to remove this into child body, which are immerged with passage of time and
cover of self-ego. Love is the happiness. It can obtain by worship of gets developed and becomes root for diseased body for life-
god. From this feeling about only "I" and my "OWN" are washed time.
out. 'I' and 'MINE' is one of the phantasm. Thus removing phan- 2. It makes a child dependent. A child would start depending upon
tasm and making worship, we get god and feel happiness. others for each thing, which becomes hurdle for him for lifetime.
We do experiment on this entire thing and give our child in This is very huge damage and requires giving some attention.
Inheritance. Then if someone would harass him, he would complain to
;\TFG 5|Fl%T ov parents rather than facing the situation on his own. He will
complain to the police when he grows up. He would not get that
;\TFG G YJF T[ 56 ZMU H K[P VgI ZMUMGL H[D ;\TFG G YJFGL thought that he has to protect himself, the help could be taken in
;D:IF 56 ;CH ZLT[ D8L XS[ K[P 56 ;CH K[ VG[ D/[, ;FZF emergency. Because he has received such upbringing.
5lZ6FDGF VG[S NFB,F DMH]N K[P Z; WZFJGFZ[ ,[BSGM ;\5S" SZJMP Now, in case of any difficulty, even normal sneezing or
normal headache would lead him to the doctor instead of thinking
133 New Diet System New Diet System 134
about remedy for it. Because he has been made handicapped by the parents for having this beautiful child by the grace of God. But
culture itself. Not only that, if there is any difficulty in the life, he will parents did not accept it and told us sadly that "This is our un-
be dependent on others rather than finding solution by himself. wanted child" Now we can guess how would they bring up the
"Expectation on others will always make you unhappy" Thus, he child? How would the life of that child be spent? How would that
will be despair from all around. Problems will always be there in the child be useful to society? This couple frankly replied us that these
life. If your resolve one, there will be another one. One is not matters would be applicable to so many people in the world! In
capable oneself, expectation on others proves deceptive. There- India there are news published in newspaper about children who
fore, fall prey to "Depression" by surrounding with disparities. were abandoned in gutter or heap of dung!
The life seems burdensome to him. Not only he himself gets The rearing of child is also restricted like other customs, the
disturbed but he also disturbs his relatives and all the persons who mother is compel to bring up child in a particular way otherwise she
come in to contact with him. And he becomes burden for society. is criticized in the society.
There are many effects like this but we do not pay heed towards it.
Someone has said that:"The biggest disease is what people
In spite of that we have to face consequences which are a result of
will say?"
our mistakes. But we never come to know this. Because we have
stopped thinking that. If we do not wake up then this will go on and We should make use of God given common sense to bring
it will be too late to do something. At last "Whatever goes wish will up child. So he could become a "devotee, donor or brave". And
happen". does not become an engineer, doctor, industrialist, politician, trader,
and farmer, laborer who are filled with bad qualities like selfish-
Our children are entrusted to our servants and they raised
ness, deceitful, lecherous, and angry.
our children because of Our greed of earning money is so high that
we entrust our children to servants for rising. This is also outsourced
like a business. We do not have even time to think what would be
the effects of it on child's mind. Man is earning for his children and Those who have understood this matter and accepted the
when he needs the support of his children, his children drive them new custom of meal, they will be completely healthy forever.
out. At that time they realized that they have toiled for the whole life There is no place for doubt. But to remain healthy is this our only
to bring up not a child but a snake! "You have to sustain for your goal of life? 'Heath is wealth', will this pleasure make us happy?
deed" Whom to tell? We have to face the result of improper Will our all needs be satisfied?
bringing up.
No not at all. We also need some other pleasures. We will
The parents who confined their children in the house in have good health by proper method of diet. While by ideal fasting
order to attend the programs of "attaining Moksha". What type of we get energy. Our body is cleaned by proper diet. Thus he
Moksha are they seeking for? becomes healthy. In the same way by observing fasting the excreta
In present time some time parents feel children as burden- of senses is removed. And our senses become energetic.
some. We should soldier on the responsibility of bringing up child The moral is that by removing excreta we all will be well. Our
which is entrusted to us by God. It is a service to God. We believe body becomes healthy when the excreta of body are excreted. In
totally opposite to it and the child is considered as a commodity the same way our senses become powerful when the excreta of
manufactured in the company. Once we were on tour to South senses removed.
Africa. We expressed our happiness when we saw a playing child in In the same way if the excreta of heart is removed then the
a cradle that was attractive, like a rose bud and we congratulated stress will disappear. If the excreta of intellect is removed then the
135 New Diet System New Diet System 136
unhappiness, ignorance, darkness, arrogance will be destroyed. In Thought is the food of intellect. Therefore, There is dirt/
the same way if the excreta of soul is removed then the attachment disorder also. "Thought", Abandoning the idea/dirt of intellect is
of world will be destroyed. So it becomes clear that the easy way to being removed with filtration of thought. We call this situation as
get rid of all types of grief is we should remove the excreta/rubbish focus/ MEDITATION /sumirana/Memorization/Simran/Namaz/
from all level. PRAYER /Sacrifice. Thus, on purification of mind with focus, ego,
We have seen easy way of removing dirt of senses and Darkness, ignorance, knowledge, real knowledge, and realization
body. can be obtained.
It is necessary to know the technique of giving, in order Dirt from all levels starts removing. Therefore, subsequently
to get rid of dirt of heart. Just as we get health and energy by aforesaid order valuable happiness can be obtained with
by giving up food. The dirt of heart is removed by giving up sacrifice and stabilized state can be achieved. Therefore, surren-
money and facilities. We feel mentally relieved by doing this. And dering to God/ feeling of dedication towards god would be achieved,
we can have good sleep, anger decreases, we develop positive therefore, by destruction of attachments, pure love! Love for god!
attitude and our negative attitude get lessened. Thus our enmity Is being received, which is the better state than Moksha which
is replaced by friendship. We enjoy our life because of good leads to prayer of god and closeness of god.
relation. The emptiness our life is no more and we feel full of At this time, that clarification would be necessary that I have
life. So it is necessary to get empty in order to get rid of not achieved this position and therefore I do not have any right to
emptiness. In order to get rid of immorality it is necessary to say anything about it. Thought, I have found literal results
become light. The food is necessary for body, but it will be proved mentioned into the path of prayer. Thus, I have firm trust that all
dangerous, if it gets accumulated. The nutrition which is good other matters mentioned into it would be absolutely true and there
for body will be proved bad. Money is necessary for life. But is no doubt about it. Therefore, I have written about it according to
if it is accumulate then it will be a reason of unhappiness instead understanding. Otherwise, one who experiment will achieve.
of happiness. The flowing water remains pure while the stagnant Unnatural food and living unmarried life brings disorder
water gets polluted. There is nothing wrong if we earn too much. The efforts can be made without having natural food and
But it should be spent on right path. living unmarried life.
It is our duty to provide in such a way that five elements of
the flora provide us. We will be broken with wait if we do not so. RESULT OF MISSJUDGEMENT
Care take will become a killer. It is our duty to provide in any
situation. Giver become happy. Accumulator gets destroyed. Jalaram
Until now main reason of discussion is
Bapa, Saint Devidaas, Amar Devdas, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother
that existing meals system full with mistake. If
Teresa, Bahamas, Seth Sagalasa, Mekarana Dada etc. everyone
it will be improved then it's easy to stay healthy.
has given and therefore, the world today remember them with
Not enough but natural. For that no action is
respect.Whereas nobody knows to numerous people who believe
required. Then no matter about medicine and
in accumulating. Where was there something to give with all a fore
hospital. We our self-create fancy net and
said great persons?
stuck in it. Now we have to come out then it
Where they had been for earning? They have given by will be matter of our hand. It's good to accept new meals system
requesting and begging and how have we received that? Which is without any time pass by morning from wakeup. But today we can
invaluable. That is the importance of sacrifice, but there should be follow science it is the gift of miss intellect for human being. If it is
courage for sacrifice. "If there is will there is a way" happen then no one can save our from inferno. We have to ready
137 New Diet System New Diet System 138
for more danger disease and pain. Duryodhan, Ravan are not less above mentioned things. Not that enough but by change of meals
intellect but they have not wise intellect. They have miss intellect. system thought will be change. Enemy will be decreased and friend
So by them self-try to understand to god for their good welfare. But will grow up. So big expense of medicine and ammunition will be
"At time of destruction unlike intellect" which believes is believe and saved. Work ability will be increased- production increased. New
himself meet to death but also kill those all who are together with revolution will come in society so totally cleaver will be changed. All
him. Our science is just like that. All scientist are dead by bad way unit have new expressions. Work like hell will convert into heaven.
and also kill our by bad way. If this matter will be understood that it's Just try to experiment remain.
easy to accept new meals system otherwise at destruction time….'
We impressed by Luxury of today's science. Same as but
more than that luxury duryodhan and ravan had but they were not Chemistry
happy and also their people were not happy. If we fly in sky or go
into abyss but not get happiness. Because happiness is not there.
If happiness needed then try to find in right way that is wise
Based Meals
intellect. It is right way. Sage which taught us to identify our self.
Identify to try to go inside. There is no good in wander at outside. System

We can see that,

(1) Disease friend or enemy? based new meals system
(2) Five element based new meals system
(3) Body one machine based new meals system
(4) Cleanness based new meals system
(5) Kid frown based new meals system
(6) Chemistry based new meals system……… Ayurveda based
new meals system
All of them one summary. It is need to avoid only energy
based food and system to stay live based on only milk. Break Types of Happiness

illusion and bring revolution. It is need to remove wrong consider-
ations. So new society will take place. Hospitals will get closed as ❖ Why it is only five type of happiness?
soon as possible. Unnecessary expanse will be save. Milk, butter,
oil, grain, toothpaste, soap, water, gas, time, medicine will save ❖ How to gain this five type of happiness?
that we can't imagine. Only take one example 600 crore people of ❖ Reason and solution of sadness:
world use toothpaste. If we count one rupees per people that it will
be saved 600 crore in one day. More than that will be saved by ❖ Summary
139 New Diet System New Diet System 140
TYPES OF PLEASURE " Vyaskathakareanerade , janedravyaadkeru jade,
Jo hot kathakarvani per, to ka n vanchepotanegher?"
In the world people are divided by many matters. By religion, In real why need of salvation? Real devotees ask worship.
by costume, by languages, by method-notation, by resident sys- For worship they take many times born- not salvation. Salvation is
tem, by food etc…..etc. But common in one matter. Which is: escape plan. To get away from life is way to get away from god.
All need happiness Bhartji don't ask salvation. Kunta mother ask about sadness.
To get happiness they try to remove Narsigh Mehta also says
sadness. They need to find five types of Harinajan to mukti n mange, mange janmojanm no avatar,
happiness:- Nitya puja, nityadarshan ,ochav, nirakhvanandkumar
(1) Fist happiness is self-pure - Stay healthy. This type of doing worship we have to come out otherwise
(2) Second happiness is - energy - eye can they have benefits as like doctor have from disease.
see okay - ear can hear okay, hand-leg Who have benefits from story? In recent time most of the
can done work okay etc. story are taking place which is never before. But by corruption,
(3) Third happiness - joy, entertainment, robbery, rape, terrorism word is suffering. So what is the meaning
switch. of the story?
(4) Fourth happiness - happiness. ● By increased police station not decreased crime.
(5) Fifth happiness - love. ● By increased court not decreased crime.
In spite of this sixth happiness which is salvation after death. ● By increased hospital not decreased disease.
After death no one come and says that they get salvation or not. ● Energy is not increased by milk, butter, non-veg.
But we can create this type of fiction happiness and dependent on
some one. ● By increased money joy is not increased

In real salvation will get by living life. ● By increased education knowledge is not increased

● Release from disease which is salvation on body level ● By increased relative love is not increased As like
● By increased of story happiness is not increased and
● Release from incapacity which is salvation on senses level
● By increased of temple peace is not increased.
● Release from ignorance and darkness which is salvation on
brain level Every street has hospital but diseases not decreased it
increased. Temple have same situation. Every village have temple
● Release from hatred which is salvation on self /ensure level.
on every location but peace not increased, unrest is increased.
So this way salvation is Accessible and only possible in this Now every home has every person have personal temple. One is
life. Otherwise only remain in mind. vishnu one is Swami Narayan so one is devotees of Devi Mata.
Many robbers give temptation on give you salvation and What situation has done by this heretic religion? Hate the human
robbed because there is no guarantee about getting salvation being.
and there is no less of robbers which continue their business by Where no hospital, they are called healthy society. So as
this way. where story is reading, no temple that society is healthy society. If
141 New Diet System New Diet System 142
there is no disease then what is value of hospital? As like if there is (4) Brain need knowledge.
no unrest, All people are healthy, then what are the need of story (5) Self-need love.
and temple?
Is it possible? So this way five type of different body and need of five
different type of happiness.
Yes, sure. Accept the new meals system and self-experi-
Here no importance of story, no fake story of morning. No FIVE PLEASURE?
cheating by sweet talking and play with emotion.
This is right science, this is real religion, experiment based 1. For healthy human depends on medicine.
real true. 2 . For power human depend on food
Try courage, 3 . For glad, pleasure, and enjoy depend on money.
Do experiment on self 4 . For knowledge human depend on books.
And 5 . For love human depend on relatives
Get result! What is the result ?
1. Disease are not over by medicine.
WHY THERE IS ONLY FIVE Disease are just pressured and become
TYPE OF PLEASURE? more dangers. This matter will clear w by
any one experience. When happen with
Human body is making by five bodies. cold then nose is streaming with water. Our
(1) Bones-meat-blood box-lazy body desire to stop it as soon as possible. So we
are go to doctor for find out way get healthy
(2) Senses- work senses and wise senses. form cold. Doctor gives medicine. Thus continuously nose stream-
(3) Mind ing will stop, and feel relief, and we think that doctor's medicine is
(4) Brain working. But that liquid is now become more viscous. Therefore we
still take medicine. So liquid will more viscous and of yellow color.
(5) Self So attack of medicine continues and feel that liquid is stop stream-
Five happiness is needed and five have different require- ing and prick in throat. So medicine is still running for that, now it
ment. starts cuff. We take medicine for stop cuff. So it happens with
breathing problem or TB.
One family have mother, father and three sons then why
they all are not same. One like potato vegetables, second like If boils sugar water then it becomes more viscous. If it is still
brinjal, third like karela, fourth like ladyfinger, fifth like sowing etc… boils under fire then it becomes more and more viscous and at the
end happens with viscous like solid and even hard to remove that.
(1) Lazy body need health.
Medicine also works same like this. Disease are just pres-
(2) Senses need energy. sured by medicine and that disease comes out like when remove
(3) Mind need entertainment, joy, happiness. the jumping of forced spring. It is pressured forcefully so it comes
143 New Diet System New Diet System 144
out with rising. Thus dos of medicine are increases, power of land are sold. In this way disease has made a person economically
medicine increases. empty.
Capsule is taken in place of tablet and if capsules are not The efficiency of a diseased person
working then injection is taken and if injection fails then operation is decreases dramatically. The hospitals for
carried out. In dual war of medicine and disease the body has to cancer and T.B. are sprouting. Two or five
suffer. Neither medicine is given up nor is disease cured. And man people have to take care of a patient. Thus
dies. it affects their work badly. In this way dis-
eases have made this society crippled. And
It is a disbelief that medicine cure disease. if it goes on like this then we cannot say
When dear becomes very thirsty it runs where it will stop, it's frightening even to
towards mirage to quench its thirst. It runs and imagine it. Still it's not too late, we need to
runs but it does not get water, on the contrary he wake up early. We were helpless before because we did not have
feels thirstier because much of the water comes options but now we have option. And now it will be our fault if we do
out from the body in the form of perspiration. It not give up religiousness and wisdom. We have to think of new way,
gets tired and surrenders to death. That is why the new way is already ready. We just have to accept it for our
we called it (Mughal) mirage. benefit, we have nothing to lose. There is one thing that we have to
There is musk in navel of this dear, it searches for it in the lose and it is an ego. The sun gives heat and light. It is up to us
whole jungle but he could not find it out. whether to take advantage of it or not. The wind is blowing, the river
is flowing, trees, mountains, ocean all of them are ready to give
Water is there on the way near its feet. The musk is there in something but it should be decided by us whether to take from
its navel but it could not find it out. The reason of this failure is that them or not. Scriptures have given both reasons and cure of all
it is looking for thing where there is lying nothing. It searches diseases and unhappiness. It depends upon us whether to take
because it has disbelief and because of his disbelief it makes vain advantage of it or not. We have scientific thoughts so if we have
efforts and gets opposite result. dislike for scriptures then we will be deprived of having its benefits.
We are also making same efforts to get happiness. The In this case the scriptures or writer of scriptures will not have any
beliefs are totally wrong from its roots. - Many medical treatments disadvantage. They are created for the welfare of human beings.
are invented but diagnosis is going away and away like a mirage. Otherwise what was no need of it? We are so religious that we
And diseases are increasing. The intensity of diseases rises. The consider scriptures holy and covered it in a red-green- yellow cloth,
tuberculosis has become common disease, it has reached too we put swastika or auspicious red mark or other symbols on it, we
many homes and persons. The medicines are given before birth show respect by doing Aarti or we cram some part of scriptures
and they are given till the person dies. We have completely formed and play table- bugle and cymbals, we dance and sing. In this way
unhealthy society. Most of the deliveries are done by operation. we are trapped in rituals. But what is the fault of scriptures if we
Specs in early age, diabetics in early age, heart fail in early age, could not understand the real science which exists in it?
skin disease in early age, It seem as if the body is not a temple of The saints or devotee of God could obtain true knowledge
God but it has become a house of diseases. Most of the budget of because they looked for it in inside. Those who looked for it outside
the whole world is spent after unproductive things like pharmaceu- they became unhappy.
tical industries. 30 to 40 percent budget of a common man is spent One of saint has said to a man who is running here and there
after medicines. And in emergency circumstances even house and like a mad dog:
145 New Diet System New Diet System 146
Though you make Himalaya breathless, or surpass the sky, opposite, he himself dies and becomes
But do stop at your heart, otherwise you will get exhausted. the reason of death of those who came in
to his contact. Is our situation like
Speaking too much, weighing too much,
Duryodhan? Is this world like a palace
and expose everyone's fault,
created by Maya demon? We believe the
But stop at the path of self-evaluation, worthless worldly pleasure as valuables
otherwise you will get exhausted. and the God who is truly valuable seems
Still it is not too late. Let's wake up without to us as worthless. Nobody tries to attain
any delay. Let's follow scriptures according to its the God, not even tries to think about him.
true meaning. God has given us heart and intellect We can say that our situation is like Arjun. Shri Krishna is
of highest level. So let's make proper use of it. charioteer who drives the chariot of Arjun. That means he is
Everything is lying in it. We have to just search for protecting Arjun, He is leading Arjun, he advises Arjun. All works of
it. There is no need to open medical research Arjun are done by the God in spite of that Arjun believes that he is
Centre, hospitals or to no need to make expert a master and God is doing his duty according to his command!
doctors. Generally the experts are having disease in the field of Arjun is a symbol. He is not a representa-
their expertise. But what is wrong with our intellect. We are running tive of human being. Are we Arjun? Arjun has
like dear! We do not get water and our thirst is increasing, and we many reasons and speculations. God solved all
do not think if our efforts are right or not till we die. Am I making of his problems. In spite of that Arjun cannot
mistake at somewhere? We will be busy in making vain efforts until leave his love for world. Arjun cried when his
we do not doubt like this. It is fact that generation to generation will son died, he becomes sad. All the knowledge of
pass away but he will not be able to get water. We say that man is eighteen chapters given to him by God gone
also an animal, but man is like a dear. He becomes unhappy by vain. The God just tell him that you are asking
himself because he thinks that only his beliefs are right. We can say all these things but what benefits will you have by knowing these?
that man is more foolish animal than dear. The dear cannot correct You just surrender yourself to me I will take care of all your worries.
its mistake because no one makes it realize its mistake. But man God tell us the same thing.
finds person who can explain his mistakes. Those who explain his
We are creating problems to get happiness with help of
mistakes are called mad by him. And he is not ready to give up his
worship and science. We are wasting our precious time. Are we not
belief that whatever he does is right.
that Arjun?
We can say that the situation of human being is like Scriptures have given all the things in spite of that we are
Duryodhan. Duryodhan was the son of Dhutrashtra. Dhutrashtra wasting our time, energy money and precious human life in search
was blind (Blind love for son) while Duryodhan could see. of happiness, we search for it in the sky and in the deep of the
But water was seen in place of land and land was seen in earth. The poet has said that:-
place of water because the palace was specially designed by "Manav Jane Hun Karu, karatalbijo koi,
demon named Maya. Mahabharata was created because of that Aadaryaaadhurarahe,harikare so hoye"
BhojaBhagat has said that:
The blind is good that he sits at one place or he walks "Karyunathay koi nu pan durmitdaya re,
holding the finger of someone who can see. While Duryodhan sees Dharanudhosarukandhedharyu, dhanya go tathaajayaa re"
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Man worships to attain God: his appearance? Would we be prosperous only by his appear-
"asatyoMahethiPrabhuparamsatyetulaijaa ance?
UndaandharethiPrabhuparamate je tulaija, God himself goes to wicked Duryodhan and Ravana for their
Tuhinohuchhu to- tujdarshannadaandaija…" welfare. Do they get benefited? On the contrary they died badly.
This prayer has been sung for many God also appeared before Suparnakha, her nose was cut down.
decades. But result? Zero. Nobody becomes There are many incidents like this. So only by God's appearance,
truthful, nobody attain knowledge and nobody we are not benefited.
could see God.
If all of them had followed what was said by God, they would
"Sarve Sukhina Santu, Sarve Santu have been able to live happily.
We can go near to fire but if we put hand-leg in it we will be
Nobody becomes happy, nobody becomes
burned. It has rules and ethics, we should respect. Only then we will
healthy, and On the contrary there is a decrease
have benefits otherwise we will have loss.
in unhappiness and diseases. What is the
meaning of this prayer? In this way only by seeing God we will not be happy. But we
Mukamkarotivachaalampangurlghayategirim, should follow and respect its rules and ethics.
Yatkrupa tam ham vande, parmaanand maadhavam According to Ramcharit Manas -
No lame person could cross the Himalayas or no dumb "kar hi Pap, Pav hi Dukh"
person could be able to speak, though they have been reciting
these prayers for the whole life. So what is the meaning of these Those who commit sins they become unhappy. PAP - PA +
prayers? Are these prayers not vain efforts? AP - PA means protector, AP means far. We will be unhappy if we go
away from protector.
We say that:-
"Bahu Rog viyognih log hae,
"God exist in the each particle"
Bhav dangdhi niradar ke fal a"
God exists in us. He knows our desires very well because he
All types of sorrows, from sorrow of disease to sorrow of
is an imminent. Moreover he is a merciful, compassionate, loving,
separation are the result of God's disrespect.
benevolent, unselfish and generous. Then should pray to him? Is
praying him not disrespect to him? Or is it not a lack of trust on Thus it is clear that:-
him? There is not any advantage of rituals like praying, or Tilak,
He gave us unasked even we do not pray to him. Then if we Mala, Pilgrimage, Offering, Sacrifice and Havan.
pray he will definitely give us. It is also reality that we do not get There are no benefits even if we get God with his very body.
even if we pray.
We need to obey him, to do whatever is said by God, we
We need to reconsider. What and where is the defect? There
need to respect his rules and ethics that mean we should surren-
is some mistake otherwise why does it happen?
der ourselves to him.
Let's go one step ahead.
God has promised that those who surrender themselves to
Suppose God appears before us listening to our prayers and God, God forgive their sins of crore years. God makes all of their
he appears in our desired form. So would we be satisfied only by works successful. We have many examples of it. Among these
149 New Diet System New Diet System 150
examples the shraddha of Narsinh Mehta's father, The Mameru of ● Nothing we get from dunes,dots, home haven,
Kunvarbai are world famous. ● Nothing we get from anyone bless,
Lord Shri Ram says in Ramcharit Manas that:
Sakhasochtyaghubal more! ● Oh! Nothing we get from god blessing,
Sabbidhighatabkajmai tore!!" ● So, we can't destroy our life for these things.
Lord Shri Krishana says in the 66th stanza of 18thchapter that: We live as god says.
"sarva dharman parityajay ammaamekam Sharanamvraj!
Ahm tyamsarvapapebhyo mokshishyami maa shuchah!!" (2) We get ready through medicine that's thing is wrong. Same
as we get energy from meal is totally wrong.
Forsake all types of religion and surrender to me .Don' be
afraid, I will save you from all the sins. According to Ramcharit Manas -

What a clear assurance is given by God? We are told to "chhiti, jal, pavak, gagan, sameera,
abandon all types of religion and to surrender to him. Then why we Panch, rachit yah adhamsasira".
are wandering here and there? Who released us from the sins? We Here "rachit" word is indicator, not moving. Other meaning is
are just made frighten and God knows this very well. That is why he our body consists of earth,water,fire,gas and wind.
tells us "not to afraid". Now we have to decide whether to follow the Any machines which is consists is not run
path of those people who restrain you by talking of Moksha or to from this which is shown in "Our body is one
follow the path of God which make us free from restrictions and machine".
elevate us from sins?
Our body is also machine which is not run
Thus we should forget I and my and surrender ourselves to by its consistence is naturally. It consists from
God. We do not have any other option. This is the complete way of five elements like food, so we get energy from
surrender. That is why we should become true scientist, true food that's principle is wrong.
spiritual. Give up the external way and go on the internal way. Let's
give up illusions and get real. So we can say-
But the problem is we have become dependent. We have "Food is Not the Source of Energy.
become the victim of disbelief that someone would make us pros- But Food is Building Material".
perous and we expect the blessings of high-soled. We did not get Naturally till today world is lost for the concept that everyone
anything by wandering here and there on the contrary we have get energy from food. So believing in this type of thing is take long
kept losing. We become victim of greed. time to understanding. It does explain detail in "Food is not giving
If someone become happy by blessing then who is bigger energy, its builder". So we don't repeat.
sage than Naradji? He did not bless Parvati and showed her the (3) We get enjoy from money is wrong-there is no one rich men
way of penance. He is the true spiritual guide who shows the right were happy. Ravan had gold city yet he is sad.
path and do not trap us in greed or temptation. "Krushnam vande
jagadguru" Who is the bigger spiritual guide than Shri Krishana? HIrnaksha claim the whole world yet he
Did he bless to Arjun? He also showed the right path and told him was sad. So we get happy from one piece of
to do as per his wish. earth-hector-two, five, and twenty five-two hun-
Thus, dred-five hundred hector?
● Nothing we get from prayer, This all is delusions.
151 New Diet System New Diet System 152
If money is happiness then why god Mahavira, god Buddha, ● We are hungry because of we eating- Today's validations.
Mirabai stumble the all wealth? And he was being sad after stumble? ● We are eating because of us hungry- Saint Experience.
Reversely they get all type of happiness. Shabari getting boat man
happiness. ● A meal is danger addiction compare to any other addictions.
● Cooked food is dead, raw is digestible.
If money is happiness then monk, saint, all get suicide. But
they get happiness all after that's not happened. ● Cooked food is indigestible, raw is digestible.
(4) There are delusions that's we get ● Cooked food is danger than meat.
knowledge from book-scriptures. We get ● Tea is danger than meat and wine.
information, being P.H.D., being man of letter ● There is relief in medicine, not health-it's destroying health.
but not being wise. Wisdom is not sold in
university, school, and college. Wisdom is ● Health, energy, happiness, knowledge, love, god are in side,
being released. There were being many not outside.
house-saint-devotees-Incantations, who never ● Outside research is wrong, inside research is true.
claim the step of school and who get wise was ● Disclaim is real science, men made science is ignorance.
cobbler-shepherd. People do their P.H.D. in creation of Narsinh
Mehta and Mirabai. We treat in knowledge is not really knowledge. ● Happiness from disclaim, destruction from science.
It is only literacy. For its there is increment in pride, arrogance,
angry mood, and self. REASON OF JOYS AND SOLUTIONS
Really knowledge give salvation.
"savidhyayavimuktye" The reason of joy is depend on disclaim:

Knowledge being humble. "Karhi pap pavhidukh, Ruz,shok,bhay,viyog".

Thus, the five sorrows annoying us it the reason of five joys is
Thus, Knowledge getting from books that's thing is proven
sin. While doing sin we get sorrow. No one is giving joys, not god,
not object not conditions. Not mother in law, not sister in law, and
(5) Getting love from relative that's not enemy.
compliance is delusions. Everyone is
Here meaning of sin is "pa" plus "up".
relatives of selfishness. Coming for get-
ting-taking and left after ending. "Pa" means guardian angel-God.
"Up" means squeezing.
This try for getting happiness is
like mirage. If we locked in that's thing If we squeezing from god we being sad and that joys is:
we can't get happiness but moving in disease, weakness, mental stresses, fear, insult and joys of sepa-
born and die. Reversely being sad. So ration from our relatives.
we change our thinking. This thing is saying in nanda like this:
If we want remove joys then knowing the reason of joys. If we "Bahurog -viyognahi log ha ae,
knowing the reason then automatically get solutions. Bhagdangdhiniradar kef al pe".
153 New Diet System New Diet System 154
Here also talk of that's .The only reason of sorrows is till sin Milk : Either we may know or not about
to separation. It is: god insult. Not live as god saying, not giving the requirements of our lives but God knows
respect him, does not following the rules of his, do violating. all the requirements of our lives. God has
Now if we understand then it thing is so easy- made arrangements in advance. Mother is
"ukelyokoydokodi nu mul". Thus retirement of sorrow is big given milk for her baby right from its birth; this
puzzle for mankind. But in real there is nothing in it. It solution is is the sign of an advance arrangement. Baby's
disclaim and it is- body is developed with the help of milk. The
milk is supplied as long as it is required and
"Giving respect to god". as its requirement for milk is about to end the
No one is getting sorrow after later requirements are already arranged in
insulting the god. So no one is advance by God. Now God gives him teeth and stops supplying
deliberately insulting the god. But milk. In this way the supply of milk is not stopped by an accident or
unknowingly we insulting the god, it is not a disease of mother or it is not that the stock of milk will be
it's knowingly and unknowingly. We over at God's abode, or God is not fool, selfish or ignorant, but the
sorrow if we unknowingly insult the reality is that the milk is no more required and that is why its supply
god. is stopped. In spite of that we have false beliefs that God has
So now we think that where stopped supplying milk and that is why we start giving milk of
we insulting. If we knowing that's another's mother or milk of cow, buffalo, goat etc. By doing things
that way we disrespect God. So we will be unhappy if the milk is
thing then we understand our mistake and after understanding that provided afterwards. If we disrespect God at physical level we will
fault we giving respect to the god. receive unhappiness at physical level, we will receive diseases. So
God has already given commonsense to all of us, let's make having milk of another mother we invite disease.
a use of it and see where we disrespect it. Especially, at a physical
Excretion :
God has made our body an automatic machine or you can
We know it very well that God takes care of all our
say a factory. There are many parts functioning in it. Some are
requirements completely and they are already arranged by him.
continuously functioning for 24 hours. Like Circulatory system,
A newly born baby has many requirements but its mother Respiratory system etc. Digestive system is one of the parts of
does not have enough information about it in spite of that we see them. Excretory system based on digestive system. Whatever we
that its Mother makes preparation in advance. eat divided into two parts. One is useful and another is useless. The
Mother knows that when baby will get up, he will have useful part is used in making bones, blood and meat. Useless part
excreted so she will have to clean it. And she keeps baby's dumped out. This is dump as form of solid, liquid and gas. So don't
diapers ready. She will have to give bath to a baby so she makes stop garbage which comes out as above process. Don't stop any
arrangement for water, soap and towel etc. She will have to change naturalize process or excreta as like gas, cold cough, urine etc.
its clothes so she keeps washed/ new clothes ready. He will be When we make juice of sugarcane in the crusher or carrot juice in
hungry so she makes arrangements for food. He wants to play so the juicer we see that they are divided in to two parts. One is useful
he keeps toys ready for her baby. In this way she makes prepara- juice which should be taken fresh and the sugarcane residue and
tion in advance for all the things that would be required from carrot peel are useless part. Whenever we squeeze sugarcane or
morning till late evening. carrot, the peel, residue or excrement is excreted. In the same way
155 New Diet System New Diet System 156
it is obvious that whenever we eat, peel, residue or excrement is man is dragged against his wish in the stampede at the temple, in
excreted by us. It is excreted as per the arrangement made for the same way he is dragged in the ocean which is in the form of this
excrement. An infant goes to toilet three times a day. But as he world. The man cannot live as per his wish with a idea that What
begins to grow his mother and other members explain him not to others will assume? What others will say? Narsinh Mehta, Mirabai
go toilet more than one time and he is often verbally attacked just were brave people who were desperate fighters and I accept my
like worm is attacked by wasp. This is a natural activity. And it weakness that I am not able to be a desperate fighter like them.
interferes in God's work;it's disrespect to God so a person will Second thing is:- 'fasting' which is emphasized by all the
definitely suffer from disease. If we eat four or five times a day and religions.
excrete only one days then where will the remaining wastes go? It
sticks at the lower part of the intestines. This is the reason of the The third thing is: 'Excrement'.
diseases. Diabetics, B.P., heart attack, skin diseases and many Whatever we consume get digested and
kinds of diseases are caused by this. So, finally reaches in intestine from where it
should be excreted immediately, but
'Go to toilet as many times as you eat' because of improper food it does not
Remember this aphorism. become possible. The intestine gets so filled
Three things are very essential in order to be healthy. If you with it that it cannot function properly as a
understand it properly then you will never suffer from disease and result the proportion of excrement increased
in spite of that if you are suffering from any disease then it will be which rots. It becomes worse than the mud
cured permanently without the help of exercise, Yoga, Pranayam, tank or heap of dung. In which the fresh
medicines or any help. Then there will be no possibility of having rubbish gets dirty. In this way it overflows
any disease. with filth.

You will not be affected by Plague, Dengue, or chicken The polluted blood is produced from it. As a result the flesh
guinea or any contagious disease. There are three essential things:- and bones get polluted; sweat and expiration also get polluted. And
the temple of God becomes a hell of a house of disease. That is
The first important thing is: proper diet. Eat the food which why the intestine should be cleaned regularly. it will do if you do not
was eaten by sages, Which was eaten by Ramchandra during the brush your teeth because there is less filth in our mouth than in our
journey of a jungle, which was eaten by ascetics like Druva, intestine. So it is essential for everyone like diseased or healthy,
Parvati, Manu-Satrupa and which is eaten by herbivorous animals, from child to aged person to take enema and clean our intestine.
this food is called by God leaf, flower, fruit and water in theGitaji We have so many bad habits so if we have a good habits like this,
and this food should be taken in its original form and for it God also it will not cause us any harm but it will be profitable. It is as easy as
used the word 'Satvik' food in the Gitaji. cleaning our mouth- as easy as gargling with water. We should stop
If this type of food is taken then other things will become taking enema after sometime.
secondary. I can say confidently with my personal experience that Water :
it is a bitter truth that this will not fit in the present social system.
One wants to take this type of food but cannot do this, that is reality Digestion ahead- Our body is like super automatic machine
and it has to be accepted. How can I insist to have this type of so it will give us sign of hunger when it needs food and give us sign
food? A man is a social animal and he is not free to do all things as of thirst when it requires water.
per his wish. In reality he does not live freely according to desires. So we should drink water only when we feel thirsty and it
Just as the wood is floating in the flood, the same way or just like a should be taken in proper proportion till we get satisfied. We have a
157 New Diet System New Diet System 158
disbelief that it is good to drink excess water and we drink much food until he does not feel hungry, it is beneficial to give it when he
water but it causes harm to us. asks for it.
Anything in excess is poison.
To eat without hunger,
So water should be taken in proper
proportion. Neither more nor less.
to drink without thirstIt
Formerly I used to drink too much water.
is an invitation to disease.
Immediately after getting up I used to drink water
There is a God in a child, though he does not want to take
after that according to PANIPATHI immediately after
breakfast, he is given it, it is a disrespect to God. So it will definitely
getting up I used to drink 1.6 liter of water without
cause disease. Thus, nothing should be drunk or eaten in the
washing my mouth. In addition to this I used to take
more water during the day and I was unhealthy.
Lunch :
For the last 15 years approximately 0.25 liters of water have
been drunk during the day. We take Dal, Rice, Bread, vegetarian dish, pulse, Papad,
The water is no more needed after your type of food is pickle, butter milk, sweet in a lunch considering it a balance diet. It
changed as well as your belief is changed. based on the principle of calorie. The present science has a belief
that we get strength from food.
It is an act against the God's wish if you take water unneces-
sarily provoked by any belief. Its disrespect to God, though water is Scriptures say that food helps in construction of body, it does
essential but if taken excessively will invite diseases. not give strength.

The gas has an important role for cleaning in our structure of In Gitaji God says that-
body. So nothing should be drunk or eaten in the morning. The Ahmvaishwanarobhutwa, praninamdehmaashrit
boys of the age group of 22-25 years should not eat or drink
anything after three hours of getting up and adults should not drink Pranapansamaayuktpachaameeannmchaturveedham
or eat anything after eight hours of getting up.
Lots of things are said in this one stanza by God-
Breakfast : No child wants to go to school
(1) I am a god.
after having breakfast and no mother lets child go
without having breakfast- not only that she puts a (2) I live in each animal body.
Tiffin-box in a school bag and will force him to eat
that during recess time- Not only that as the child (3) I digest food.
comes to house she will inquire about him. First she (4) I digest four types of foods.
will look the Tiffin-box if it is empty or not and then
she will ask about what has been taught today etc. (5) Life- I digest with the help of breathing.
And if the Tiffin-box is full then the child will be in It was enough if God has just said that I do all things staying
trouble! in a body of an animal. But God knows that man is given special
It is a reality that the morning breakfast is a poison which mind and knowledge so this mischievous animal will misuse it
becomes hurdle in cleaning work. So the child should not be given instead of making good use of it. Instead of using wisdom he will be
159 New Diet System New Diet System 160
wiseacre, and he will create trouble without any reason. God is a Unworthy son is unhappy and parents are also unhappy. One can
merciful so being merciful he tries to explain everything in detail. find that if a test is done for how much strength is used in order to
But man is habituated to look things from opposite angle and does make blood, bones and flesh from the cooked food as a result it
opposite to it and gets opposite results. causes weaknesses and it decreases span of life and makes you
Man believes that - an old earlier. God has said in the Gitaji that Satwik meal increases
(1) Who is the God? I am superior to our life span and Rajsee and Tamsee food causes diseases, and
all? decreases life span.
(2) The god is studded in to the idol in One of the worse qualities of human being is that he has
the temple. used his God given intellect in satisfying his ego.
(3) The food is digested by digestive One will interpret any word in such a way that it would
power. become meaningless. It will be so simple - straight and easy, it will
( Aaharam Pachati Sikhi ) make it so complex that not only it itself but others also will be
(4) So many types of food are digested by digestive power. deceived. The meaning of the simple word 'religion' is made so
complex that it becomes very hard for everyone to understand
(5) The food is digested by fire.
what the real religion is and as a result people are trapped in a
These beliefs are like disrespect to God. Man started cook- religious ritual that they could not come out of it. Moreover the
ing with a belief that the food is digested by fire as a result the food 'word' which itself is clear, which does not require explanation, they
is begun to be fried, boiled and roasted on outside fire. This type of explain it and write books on it or speaks several day about it are
food makes easier the digestion work of internal fire. It will lessen called scholar. They are called scholar who makes it lengthy,
the burden and the food will be digested. creates wrong meaning and any how creates meaning.
Medical science stamped on it. It believes The same case is with the word 'Satvik'.
that when food is heated, bacteria will be Some people think that 'satvik' means avoidance
destroyed. Thus, it will not cause disease. But of outside meal, Some people call home made
what about rasaa, kasaa, and satva and food as 'satvik food', while some believe food
element which are burnt in the process of which is prepare after having bath, while some
destroying (believed to be) harmful bacteria. people believe that the meal which is prepared
It does not remain food at all because all its with the remembrance of God is a 'Satvik' food,
nutrition gets destroyed. The temperature of Some say the food without onion and garlic is a
sun is being maintained between 45 to 50 degree centigrade, then 'Satvik' food, Some consider food without roots
get destroyed on more temperature. and bulbs is 'Satvik' food.
When we heat food more than 100 centigrade- we heat till In reality the meaning of Satvik is itself very simple and clear:
600-700 centigrade. So now it is nothing but only rubbish. God is Satvik food means "the food which has Satva." It means God has
helpless- He himself is deceived by giving liberty to human beings created food and there are elements in it which are useful for life
for having food according to his wish. Now God's job is just to get and to consume food in its natural form is called satvik. So it should
bajra from its ear by beating it, now all attempts will be vain. not be cooked on stove, no spices should be added, it should be
God keeps making flesh, bones and blood from this rubbish. eaten fresh. For the body of vegetarian human leaf, flower, fruit
What can he do? It is his own creation- just as parents of unworthy and water is a satvik food. There is no need to do experiments in
son manage somehow. In the same way God manages somehow. laboratory. Vitamin, protein, carbohydrate, fate etc names are the
161 New Diet System New Diet System 162
product of evil mind of human. God has given all the required
elements, there is no need to look for them. To make efforts like
this are nothing but useless, waste of time .
The food
The poet kalapi has said that- is a producer,
Meal gives nutrition and meal causes disease and death. not an
Thus cooked food is disrespect to God which results in energy donor.
The animals do not fall ill because they took these four types
of meal in its original form.
There are references in Ramcharitmanas
for having cooked meal on occasions. But we
are too much dependent on cooked food in
present time. So we take one times cooked
meal at night.
There is reference in Ramcharitmanas about having cooked
at night.
So the custom of meal which is based on scriptures can be ❑ The prevailing belief
like this: ❑ 'There is no energy into food' reason?
From morning till noon- Nothing ❑ Energy consumption by the food
❑ Summary
At Noon- leaf, flower, fruit and water - in its natural form
At night- cooked food for one time
❖ There is no energy in meal - but it destructs energy.
❖ There is no happiness by money; it is a means- It Nowadays people of the world believe that 'we get energy
makes us unhappy. from food'.
❖ There is no knowledge in the book but just information- Researches were carried out based on this belief and scien-
but it increases our illusions. tists have decided the unit of energy in calorie on all eatable
substances and drinkable liquids. More calories were shown in
❖ There is no love among relatives but just responsibility
grain, pulse, milk, ghee, eggs, meat and fish etc. and fewer calories
- it makes us unhappy. were shown in vegetables, leafy vegetables and grass. Now in the
❖ God does not exist in a temple, but there is a faith age of science what is being said by scientists is accepted as
there- It keeps us away from a God. eternal truth. And even if Brahma will come and say you are making
a mistake, he will be laughed out considering a mad person. It is
Decrease proportion of meal, accepted by all if it is said by some scientist of wealthy nations. It
seems as if there is a straight relation between wealth and knowl-
Increase (services) prayers edge! It is assumed that people of poor nation are made ignorant
163 New Diet System New Diet System 164
by the God. If they people try to say something they will be stopped were made up from milk and ghee as well as pulses. There
by other. They will be laughed out considering less important. was no place for leafy vegetables which was believed less
Truth does not come out in the world because of this kind of healthy in my diet. I took little salad in place of pickle. Even
mentality. Who dares to oppose the king? 250 gm vegetable was more for the family of ten people. I ate
The same case is with us, we are called independent but in about 100 gulab jambus and laddus of big size, 30 breads with
reality where the independence is? The stronger suppresses the full of ghee as well as snacks.
weak person. Those who dare to say truth are called mad and shot At that time I was influenced by the belief, which was given
by or they are given poison or beaten. How many are prepared to by society in inheritance. My situation was like a person suffering
understand and digest the truth? from jaundice who felt everything of yellow color.
Experiments were carried out in the
laboratory with belief that there is energy in Our life is grain, consume ghee even you incurs debt.
the meal and all substances are given Those who have money in youth and vasanu (sweet) in
calorific vale. Here the first illusion is that it winter, they can succeed.
is already believed that food contains
energy. So they get results according to it. I was victim of so many well known disbeliefs of society. I
And if someone carries out an experiment know that when I was a child, the farmers of villages kept assistant.
with the same tools, to prove there is no A test of was taken, if a person wants to hire new assistant. His
energy in the food, he will be able to get capacity of having meal was checked in a test. If an assistant was
opposite result to the previous one. These able to more he was hired by farmer with an idea that the more he
experiments are called victim of prejudice. eats, the better work he can do. Assistants were made to work
These are called expectant experiments more and more.
not absolute.
In a hostel we were given breakfast, lunch and dinner in spite
If we assume someone as a saint, so we will see only virtues of that parents of the each student kept sending boxes full of black
in him but if the same person is assumed as a sinner by us, so we beans, sweets, fry eatables. This makes the belief of having energy
will see only sins in him. This depends on the standard and from meal more firms. Moreover food becomes the means of
presumption/ belief of the person who carry out the test. hospitality and entertainment.
The society is same, but Duryodhan believed that all are
wicked, while Yudhisthira belied that all are polite. People believe God has given money to us, so eat, drink and enjoy, the
that there is energy in food and eat more with an intention to get disbelief given below is mother of all these ideas:-
more energy. Eating -competitions are arranged and those who Meal gives us strength.
can eat more are given prizes and honored in public.
I was also victim of this belief, I felt proud In a banquet, sweets made up of milk or condensed milk is
in eating more and society also praised it. So I considered greater than the sweets made up of wheat flour or
took more exercise so that I can eat more and gram flour. The idea behind this is: Milk is the perfect meal. Milk
more. I emphasized the food which was proved contains energy.
energetic and healthy by scientists like milk,
ghee, grain, pulse etc. I ate more sweets which
165 New Diet System New Diet System 166
'THERE IS NO ENERGY IN MEAL' REASON….? I told him that I had the same situation like you, but my
illusions are shattered after I have done experiment on myself by
(1) The meal of rich and poor: the grace of God and now I have right vision. Tonight we are going
Both rich and poor believe that there is to discuss these matters in detail so we just postponed the present
energy in food. But rich people eat energy booster discussion and tonight when I complete my speech you can ask me
food like milk, ghee, cashew, almonds, pistachio any question if you have any doubt so that it can be solved. At night
etc. and those who are non vegetarian eat eggs, I talked about myself experiences from different viewpoint but no
meat and fish etc. question was asked by them.
While poor people cannot afford to buy things In reality our situation is like a deer who believes mirage as
like that, So they eat food which was considered a real water. Moreover that deer wanders in the jungle for musk... He
food with less energy calories and which has less could find neither must nor mirage. The status of human being is
calories like dried bread, butter milk. Naturally the also same. He keeps eating believing that meal contains energy
person who takes meal which was believed energy and becomes weak.
booster should be energetic. While the person who takes food (2) Output is always less than input.
which has less calories should be a weak person.
This is the principle of thermodynamic that output (which is
But in reality the situation is an opposite. The persons who given) is always less than input (which is taken).
take food with full of calories are weak, while the persons who take
food with less calories are strong. Once, I was sharing my experiences with patients, staff and
A laborer or farmer will carry the 100 kg bags and store the doctors at Amar gadh T.B. hospital, when I was finished one of the
storehouse while a rich person is not strong enough to lift his own doctor told me that
weight. Thus it itself makes it clear / (proves) that meal does have (A) I take meal for enjoyment not for energy.
energy. (B) We have to give milk, ghee, eggs etc food to patients because
Naturally one question is aroused if scien- the medicines cannot be taken when the stomach is empty.
tists are wrong? They have examined things
I answered him that
from all the corners and their discovery is wrong?
The scientists have examined all the body parts (A) Anand fair is organized once or twice in a year. In the same
by performing surgery and proved the principles, way it does not matter if you eat occasionally for enjoyment.
are their principles wrong? But if Anand fair is organized everyday then there will be no
Once I went to my friend's house who is a surgeon (M.S) to enjoyment in it. It will be boring. In the same way if you keep
tell him my experiences. It was decided to meet at night. And eating whatever you like everyday then you will fall ill, you will
before that day I went to other friend's house who is an engineer. be unhappy and you will have more expenses and then you
My engineer friend is an outspoken and has an amusing nature. So will not have anything like enjoyment.
he asked the question given above. (B) Milk is considered nutritious and with this belief patients are
And told me that You are an engineer and knows science given milk or milk products, butter and eggs etc. What is given
very well in spite of that you believe the imaginary stories Ramayana to cows, buffalos which give us milk? The answer was Grass,
which was written by an illiterate person who was roaming in the How much calorie is there in the grass? Answer:- nothing.
jungle wearing a narrow strip of cloth and now you are asking us , Then how it is possible that those who take a food containing
how far it is proper according to us? less calorie (input), how can they give milk which is measured
167 New Diet System New Diet System 168
in kilos of calories (Output) ? How can a person spend 1 corer Early in the morning we feel very hungry
rupees in a month if he receives 10,000/- rupees per month? and want to eat immediately. And we become
angry and our wife will be in danger if breakfast is
→ Can lift its own weight served little bit late.
It's a time to go to office (Or for business) and Breakfast is
→ Can lift addition weight as well. not ready yet, I am feeling giddiness. I am feeling restless, weak.
Give meal soon. Energy is felt soon after having food. Going for job
Grass → Can breath, digest and can becomes possible.

No calone circulate blod etc. Just had food, digestion/ absorption would take long time. If
vomiting would be induced with entering fingers into mouth after
one hour, the food would come out as it was while eating it. Where
→ Gives milk the energy came from if it was not digested? The same thing
(Thousands of calories) happens in the afternoon also. Without having food, the energy is
not felt. Thus, the experience differs from the belief. Therefore, it is
It well enough to shock us. We should be shocked and
established that belief was wrong. Now the experience is opposite
we should develop new ideology. We should recheck the ideology
when we have food at the night. We start feeling laziness and
of science which we get in inheritance. We should have doubt
become sleepy and feel weakness, we avoid going for work.
that though the ideology which is very well known and
accepted by everyone, if it is wrong? All new inventions are One who was saying that I want go for work, give me food,
invented by scientists or saints on when doubts are aroused the same person says at night that had food now and won't be able
in them? New inventions are totally different from the well to work. How contradictory it is? How strange it is?
accepted principles. That is why in the beginning these inventors He ate the same food at the same too, experiences the power of
were called mad by people but gradually it was accepted by the morning, at night and flushed experience.
people. Though there are some people who are not ready to Here, for no one should move,
believe that the earth is round and makes many arguments to should aspire to think how this illusion?
prove them correct. Petrol in the morning and at night, the
It is not wise to accept new thing. In the same it is not wise to bridge gets the power of riding the bike
give up old things. We should make use of the intelligence and patrol is supplemented not get the, power
maintain elasticity. is likely to be true?
There will be a night of hard work; the public wanted a deal
(3) A thought with commonsense :
that he would choose to dine later. Meals do not choose to do the
Suppose we accept for a moment that food contains energy work. Which proves that the meal does not have power?
then meal can give energy in two conditions. There are several types of energy. Here we work in the spirit
(1) Immediately after having meal of human birth (viral power) of the talk.
Meals weight gain. Muscles become stronger, the body is
(2) After the digestion of meal
fleshy. Like many in sects under a heavy roller to rotate the die. If
Every one of us believes that meal gives energy after it is any man comes to trample but thanks to the weight of its power, it
being digested. This is a belief, what is the experience? is, in mallayudhdha athlete's weight, while Krishna's power.
169 New Diet System New Diet System 170
After a meal that gets the power to vote accepted. Four-five In the same way 'my' is also destroyed.
hours after a meal gastric digestion occurs intermittently. Thus, That means my house; my farm,
seven o'clock in the morning at the breakfast bar in the afternoon my family etc are forgotten.
after going to the digestive power. But of all our experience, it is
moved and forgotten.
reversed. Twelve o'clock noon of strength rather than weakness we
are experiencing, and we all go to lunch. Similarly, the evening ection and attachment for mate
meal taken at four or five o'clock in the afternoon, the bar strength. rial life and this type of life divides soul in cover.
But the same situation again. Instead of wasting energy on some- This curtain is lifted during the sleep and Soul and God
thing when we feel we have something to eat, drink in stomach. unites. Both come in to contact of each other. During the sleep the
Should be taken at five o'clock in the evening the foodies still in switch gets on and supply is provided and with it our body which is
power after losing the eight to nine o'clock at night should be. But in the form of heavenly battery gets charged. The biggest mistake
our situation seems to be reversed. In capacity of power, rather is science compares our body with the machine that runs on coal
than having to go down to a meal that night. and water. That machine does not have soul, life, sensation, feel-
In this way, we believe we should, and indeed the matches ings. Soul is the only thing that keeps our body functioning.
not included in the experience. And the funny thing is that we have If soul has come out from the
not even thought about. Chamois beliefs like the gander, we have body then all its activities will be stopped
become sub servant to the validity of any change that might be in spite of having the same air, same
considered, it will be considered. food and same hand, legs and mouth.
Meal is not strength giver but a creator. Our medical science has cut our body
and has examined from molecule to the
So we have found that meal does not give strength to us
smallest particles of our body with a
before or after it is being digested. The strength by mean is an
microscope, But Science could not
illusory idea.
discover the soul which provides
Now the question is that do we feel that we get rid of our energy to all these particles. That is
weaknesses and feel energetic immediately after having meal, why all discoveries of science are
what is the reason behind it? Second question is if we do not get proved to be failed. The union with God
strength from meal then from where do we get it? during sleep is itself Yoga. Otherwise performing asana, pranayama
First of all let's see from where do we get strength? is a copy of western culture; it is just exercise nothing more than this.
We all know it very well that God exists in us. He is in the We become inactive during sleep, in the same way we can
supreme spirit of Brahma. That means the storekeeper of all kinds be inactive in the state of consciousness. We call it meditation.
of happiness and strength the lord himself exists in us. It means the When soul and God unites our body which is in the form of a
strength exists in us. But our situation is like the child is in the battery gets charged in this state. And body is filled with strength.
armpit chaos in the city. We try to obtain strength from milk, ghee, We all experience that,
pulse, cashew, almond, pistachio, meat, fish, eggs etc - We look for We keep taking meal when we feel hungry after each 4-5
strength in the meal. hours and whenever we feel hungry at night we keep taking so
Two incidents take place when we sleep:- 'I' gets destroyed. called energy booster meal after each 4 to 5 hours, So it is natural
That means where am I? Who am I? , What am I doing? etc. things that we keep taking meal as well as keep working, and keep
are forgotten. receiving strength. But here also our experience is different from
171 New Diet System New Diet System 172
our belief. If we do not sleep at night and keep taking meal and Because of that reason burning sensation, weakness, giddi-
keep working than we will feel more weaknesses. Our body will be ness all these things are stopped automatically and we believe that
exhausted and our mental condition will also be worse. So we can we feel energetic because of having meal.
understand by this that we do not get strength only by meal but Whenever our stomach is empty the digestive power starts clean-
sleep is essential for strength. ing work. As the cleaning work begins to start we feel burning and
If we see it with another way we will find that when we do not hunger. We take meal considering it hunger and in this way we
take meal and sleep, we will feel more energetic than we felt before stops cleaning work. So we eat in the noon, evening and night at
sleeping when we get up. It is proved from this that every four to five hours believing it hunger and every time we stop
cleaning work. As a result we overeat and cleaning work is com-
We get strength from sleep not from meal. pletely stopped.
Still the first question is there that if we get strength from The whole world is suffering from the illusion that there is
sleep , then when we are hungry we feel weakness, and we feel energy in meal. So the people of whole world, people of all religious
energetic immediately after having meal, what about this? groups, sages, recluses, doctors and physicians all of them are
One thing is sure that meal cannot give strength immediately victims of this belief and become the victims of diseases. Nobody is
after it is being taken because no process is done yet, though it is in exception to it. As a result being diseased is perceived as a
fact that we feel energetic. That is why it is proved that this is a natural thing. This is one of the disbelief. People have weak side at
wrong belief, an illusion. So this incident itself requires second the age of forty, at some age teeth are dropped, hair become
thought. white and have rheumatism in the joints etc are believed to be
There is one aphorism in Ayurveda :- natural things. But why animals are not suffering from these dis-
eases? But why don't we think that like us it is also created by God,
(Digestive power digests meal and in the absence of meal it having same structure of body and it is also herbivorous. And if
digests trouble maker substances) someone sometime dare to think it, then so many disbeliefs will
The meal which was taken at night had already been di- bury that thought.
gested when we get up early in the morning and our stomach gets Thus the idea of energy from meal proved to be dangerous
empty. Now the absence of meal is felt in the stomach, thus for human being. So any how we have to come out from that idea.
digestive power begins to digest the trouble makers. Because of Even God himself will not be able to save us from death if we are
this reason we experience burning sensation in stomach, weak- still trapped in that idea and continue to follow the principles of
ness, giddiness, fidget etc. We believe that it is a sign of hunger. In calories of so called science. We will have to face painful death.
fact it is not hunger, but it is a cleaning process that is going on in
stomach. We feel burning in the stomach not hunger. We experi- There is no energy in meal it is established by experience,
ence pleasant feelings in our heart just as we feel love, anger, joy many strategies have been used to make someone believe that.
in our heart. So that we can make him believe one or the other thing, that is why
one thing is tried to be explained here in many ways. This is so
So we start eating believing it hunger and we feel satisfied clear that it is not easy to eradicate the disbelief that has deep roots
immediately after having meal and because of that we feel relieved in the society. In spite of that there are some people who accept it,
from burning, giddiness, weakness disappears and we feel ener- while some will accept it only after having experiment on it. If
getic though it is not possible. It happens because with the entry of someone accepts it directly it is a characteristic of the path of
meal our digestive power set aside the cleaning work of trouble attaining moksha. If someone accepts it with the help of experiment
makers and starts digesting meal. Cleaning work is stopped. it is a characteristic of the path of attaining knowledge. Both ways
173 New Diet System New Diet System 174
are beneficial, the first one is easy and the second one is hard, the which is shown as G to H into the graph as well as on having
first one is a short cut. The second one is a long journey. The first evening breakfast, it gets down from I to J which reaches near to
one gives results immediately, the second one takes time. In first TU energy line. Therefore, energy is not felt with such food and
one we get success in the first attempt. In second one we have to fatigue also is not felt.
make more than one effort. There will be one another group which At 8 o'clock in the night when we take dinner at that time the
will be different from both of them. This third group will not be ready soul energy goes further than the energy level and dips till K to L .
to accept it not even ready to listen. This group on the contrary tries This causes exhaustion instead of feeling energetic.
to establish that only their belief is right and they will make all
Now if we sleep after taking meal, then soul energy will get
possible desperate efforts to proved it and become unhappy.
charged and goes from M to N.
The essence the whole discussion is that meal does not give
energy on the contrary it takes out energy that means meal is not But if we do not sleep after taking meal then it will be
protector of energy but it eats up energy. discharged and it will drop from M to O and move towards zero
energy line. Thus we will feel more exhaustion.
It will be easy to understand it with help of a graph.
Look at the inside of the back page Suppose we haven't slept and if we take meal again at 2
o'clock, then the soul energy will drop from Q to R and will drop till
OA in the graph shows our body is full of energy at 6 o'clock zero. If we keep taking meal this way and do not sleep, this will
early in the morning. cause continuous waste of soul energy and it will not be tolerated
AB in the graph shows that immediately after getting up, by our body. And it will have bad influence on all senses, mind,
during the day physical, related to senses, mental, intellect and consciousness, so all of them will experience exhaustion. On the
conscious activities begin to dissolve energy. contrary if do not eat but we sleep, our body gets recharged, then
BC in the graph shows that the battery is getting charged our energy will increase.
when we sleep at 8 o'clock at night. Our battery is completely In this manner the influence of food over soul has been
charged and if we are still sleeping the battery maintains a level, explained with the help of graph.
which is shown by CD. It can be clearly observed here that, by taking food, energy
Thus, here A-B-C-A triangle part shows the activities which gets wasted as much as expansion of E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-D-C-B-E.
take place during the day like physical activities, related to senses, Now as adopting the new food system, the waste gets decreased
mental, intellect and conscious and these activities consume en- to expansion e-f-g-h-i-j-k-C-B-e. Due to decrease into wastage of
ergy. energy, we feel growth in energy, enthusiasm. Mind gets influenced
In the morning at 8 o'clock immediately after having break- by the food. The mental operation, Senses, intelligence, unneces-
fast the energy of soul is used for digesting breakfast and it drops sary business will be decreasing. Therefore, discharging lines will
till E to F. In this way the energy is wasted in spite of that we do not turn to AB 1, AB 2, AB 3, instead of AB, due to which energy-
feel weaknesses because of high energy level. When the soul was wasting area will be smaller to zero gradually. That means the
performing the cleaning task, due to which unhappiness felt- giddi- wastage of energy will be stopped. All these things will be possible
ness, uneasiness etc. Now as the soul is performing digestion work to due to mixture of service and attention in the life. With the
and as the cleaning task is stopped, we start feeling happy as development of level, energy will be received instead of wastage of
giddiness and uneasiness is stopped, we start to believe of getting energy now, which can be seen with A-B4-P line.
energy under this deluded thought. (4) Based on the rules of machine :-
In this manner, on taking lunch, the soul get more down We know that no machine runs on what it is made up of.
175 New Diet System New Diet System 176
So this way the scientific belief, that our body in the form of by avoiding completely the meal which scientists believed
machine, which runs only on meal, is proved to be failed. energetic. It makes it clear that there is no energy in the meal.
(5) Based on people who observe fast : The same thing can be proved by many different ways.
Saints meditated for thousands of years. Now the main point is that if there is no energy in food then
They do not breathe in spite of that they were not why should we have it? Why has God given all these? Why has god
weak. Their body becomes weak and they lost given us teeth, digestive system?
weight but their energy was so high that they
could shake the universe. Every one of us knows that religions and science also agree
that our body is made up of five elements, it means made up of
Hira, Ratan ,Manek are engineers from kutchh, they have
meal. This way meal is an element of creation. The element that
not eaten anything for the last 8 years. They have been under the
creates can only heal damages. So Meal develops our body and
supervision or you can say under surveillance of world famous
heals damages from 22 to 25 years. After that growth of our body
ends and this way the development work gets finished. And meal is
They had observed fasting for 411 days only on boiled water. now required only for repairs, maintenance and to heal damages. It
After 365 days they went to Palitana with 365 Jain young men and is obvious that meal is required for the growth of body. This
he climbed on the mountain there. Those who took meal more than requirement lasts till 25 years of age. After that the quantity of meal
three times could not climb the mountain with them. These men should be decreased. But we should work for the whole day
proved that there is no energy in the meal. believing the energy in meal.
Prahaladbhai Jani alias Mataji he is also from Gujarat. He
Energy is essential for work, and meal is essential for energy,
resides in Gabbar near Ambaji. He has not eaten anything for the
believing this we just begin to eat immediately after getting up. We
last 70 years, not only which, he has not even taken water. Nothing
keep eating during the whole day and the idea of energy makes us
has been eaten. The group of doctors who examined Hira, Ratan
to eat on mistimed. We eat more than the requirement believing it
and Manek, the same group of doctors made an experiment on
as a tool of enjoyment and led by test and desire, we eat which
him, but they could not get anything, because their criterion is not
should not be eaten, eat on mistimed. It results in disease and
well enough for it or you can say that it is beyond their limit.
decrease in life span.
Prahladbhai says that he shall live till five thousand years.
It happens that science considers these incidents as excep- MORAL
tional cases. There are lakhs of people in Gujarat, crores of people ❑ Meal does not give energy but it causes growth and heals
in India as well as in the world like me and my wife who have done damages.
experiments on themselves and have proved that there is no
energy in the meal. ❑ Meal is required for two purposes, for the growth till 25 years
and to heal damages of body.
Even though I used to eat too much energetic food during
my college days, I felt old age in youth. It is a self evident that there ❑ After 25 years our physical growth is stopped and so that
is no energy in meal. proportion of the meal should be decreased. Now we required
Experiments are carried out on farmers who are working meal only for healing damages.
harder than the laborers by giving them Lucerne, Dhro (one kind of ❑ Milk and ghee are believed nutritious food which is obtained
grass). This experiment has proved that energy, freshness and from grass that means obtained from flora. Flora is the right
alertness have been increased by having these types of meal and food for vegetarians and it should be taken in its natural form.
177 New Diet System New Diet System 178
Once you had damages then only it We are greatly benefited during morning to evening period
can be healed. Thus we should work first when we do not eat anything.
then meal should be taken. Work causes
damages and meal repairs such damages. Suppose during this morning period we have the benefit
Thus we should not take breakfast in the of one thousand rupees.
morning. Now whenever body requires, If eating is necessary for our body then we should eat
water can be taken if you are thirsty, If you the food in its natural form (uncooked). Cooked food is harmful.
are hungry the vegetarian food- leaf, flower, fruit should be eaten
and in its natural form and it should be eaten in proper quantity Suppose you will have the benefits of five hundred rupees
neither more nor less. A person will feel weight in the stomach, by having raw meal (It is less than fasting).
sleepy, laziness, weakness If cooked food is taken. Thus this type
of meal should not be eaten. And if you want to eat it then it should Thus, earning of fifteen thousand bucks has done till the
be taken at night when you do not have work to do. So, all our afternoon. Shall we pile up the earning or we will also consume
energies will be utilized for digestion. Thus it is very essential to it? Gambling has its own pleasure. Then, let's have fun in
sleep after having meal. gambling at the night. This is the way of worldly oriented person.
This way keeps involved in worldly things. The way is for epicures
Our body is made up of micro and macro parts. Flesh, blood, not for ascetics.
bones and senses are in macro part. And mind, intellect and
consciousness are in micro part. Suppose if you lose seven hundred buck, still you have
eight hundred bucks that means being healthy would be easy,
There are micro and macro parts in meal too. Macro parts even though having cooked meal.
of our body are nourished by macro parts of meal. In the same
way micro parts of our body are nourished by micro parts of
The change in diet will remove the dirt of body, senses,
mind, intellect as well as consciousness and make them clean. The
purpose and value of the precious human body will begin to be
understood. And body will become healthy and transparent. This Look, listen my son,
will decrease the influence of subjects and love for god will begin to
increase. The change in diet will give wonderful benefits and the I tell you from this moment that
efforts of achieving prosperity on the way of spiritualism will
become natural. The food provided by nature should be taken in its "raw is real, cooked will
natural form for the whole life by those who want to go ahead on
spiritual way. get bed odor" and
Milk should not be taken because it is not included in leaf, "the best is fasting.
flower and water. That means it is not a vegetarian meal.
The same liberty can be taken for evening snack. The same Having food is bad."
thing can be understood by this way also.
178 New Diet System New Diet System 180

On basis of The meaning of science is:

Special knowledge.

True Science This special knowledge is used by human

being to get happiness. So many types of medical
treatment are developed with a belief that heath is
wealth. If one medical treatment seems to be suc-
cessful in the beginning, it leads to many side ef-
fects. The medicines or other means which gave
relief in the beginning, they proved to be unsuc
cessful later. Just as the same weapon which becomes blunt later.
Thus if one medicine is proved ineffective, the second medicine is
taken in its place and if the second one becomes ineffective then the
third one is started and in this way there is a shower of medicines.
The cure of disease has been put aside, but it seems as if there is a
competition between medicine and the disease. Both indulge in
competition to defeat each other. The situation was like two super
powers are fighting and soldiers and locals become victims in this
fight. This is the status of our science which is developed by us. The
important thing is that we are going deep in a mine.
The diseases are increasing very fast, that is why the num-
ber of medicine factories are increasing. The number of Medical
colleges is increasing. There was a one or two hospitals at Taluka
❖ Is science a destructive knowledge? or district level while today we find hospitals in each street. There
❖ Science against God are plans to open hospitals in each village. And this type of work is
considered development. The efforts are made to provide heath
❖ Thoughts/ beliefs
facilities in all remote villages.
❖ Where is the true science?
The increasing number of police stations is a proof for a rise in
❖ Where is the true science? crimes. The increasing number of courts shows that there is a rise in
❖ The coordination of religion and science quarrels. The rise in number of crematoriums is a proof of increasing
deaths. In the same way the increasing number of new hospital
❖ Proper period for culture building. shows that there is a rise in number of diseases. It is not a develop-
❖ Let's give up narrow- mindedness ment but a downfall. This science should not be called special
❖ The cooked has to be decomposed- The raw is real knowledge but it is a destructive knowledge. The true science de-
creases the number of diseases day by day, and as a result the
❖ True science. requirements for hospitals, medicines and doctors will decline.
181 New Diet System New Diet System 182
Naturally this kind of thing is hard to believe. The situation the knowledge of science becomes destructive instead of being
has become so worse that in the present exclusive knowledge.
time man cannot imagine the world without The god has created this world and divides us in to two
medicines. The eradication of diseases is a divisions, living and non living. So many living creatures are cre-
puzzle for the contemporary world-by ated by him in this living world. He made arrangement for inter-
controlling smallpox and tuberculosis the course and looked after us in order to keep this cycle of life
man is so relieved that just as he has won a functioning forever. He gave knowledge to all living creatures re-
big war. Medicines are given for cure, but garding necessary meal, the commonsense and understanding of
more dangerous diseases are caused by protection, so that they can survive and maintain their existence.
the side effects of these medicines. In He made arrangement of various meals for all living creatures. He
addition, more researches are done to find gave commonsense to all living creatures regarding which type of
the cure of these diseases. As a result it becomes im possible for a meal should be taken. And according to that all are taking meal
man to come out of this circle of disease. Just like the net of spider, he which was created by the God for them and because of that they
made a net and he himself gets trapped in his own net. But interest- are living healthy life. And if something is eaten by mistake and due
ing thing is that he does not believe that he is trapped and believes to this if any problem is occurred, under these circumstances they
that whatever he does is right. He believes so and goes more and stops eating and drinking and within short period of time their
more into deep ditch. Thus, he believes that he is on the path of problems become normal and they begin to live healthy life.
success. But, he is going towards failure. By getting valuable human
Human is also the same sole that is the best creation of god.
body, instead of making efforts towards god realization, by falling
Therefore he has been given extra mind, intelligence, attention,
prey of worldly trap, human involved into enjoyment believes that
etc., so that he could know and enjoy composition of god very well.
whatever he does is correct and as a result remains far away from
By which he could live happy life from all levels, along with that by
god. And enjoys by sustaining lose like a person who become bloody
knowing the purpose of human life, he could fulfill it. Therefore, god
by scratching skin.
has set all necessary arrangement. Scriptures also provided for
Thus, with the help of science, efforts for obtaining physical guidance. Instead of carry out internal research under the guid-
happiness have been proved unsuccessful absolutely. But it is only ance of scripture, human started running towards opposite direc-
when if human would accept it with an open mind. Such discretionary tion. He lost in external search, caught in meshes, not able to find
ability has also utterly ruined. He finds everything adverse like the way as he lost in labyrinth. All this unsuccessful efforts have
Duryodhan. In happiness feels sad and in sadness feels happy. A been named as "science" which has become destruction rather
person suffering from jaundice cannot recognize the true color, than extra knowledge. Because it is opposite creation to human
wherever he look finds yellowish. He is involved in getting mirage like intelligence. Moreover, specialty is that ignoring misfortune even in
a deer. He is wandering here and there in search of must into entire harmful situation, the foolish person find his benefit in his harm and
forest. As a result, current expensive- very expensive diagnosing invite trouble out of it. In the same manner, such scientists and their
systems have been proved useless like a difficult task. Though, the so called intelligent followers are also having the same illusions. As
person is not ready to believe that he has made lots of efforts, but the a result suffering difficulties by themselves, along with that also
direction is wrong and hence decided target- gain of happiness- self have been instrumental in pushing society into deeper realms of
healthiness- The eradication of diseases is not accomplished. sorrow.
But he is going away from his target. Diseases are increasing The reason is obvious:- "Mind functions adverse at the time
because the direction is wrong. Thus because of wrong direction of destruction"
183 New Diet System New Diet System 184
GOD vs SCIENCE urine, vomit or perspiration from the body which he suppresses
with help of drugs. Locks it out. In addition, God has forbidden
Creator (God), his creation is always trying to keep up. Is one eating, drinking, then he says especially that do not take sole drugs
of the many pleasures: "health," which requires air, water and food, (with fasting), otherwise, it would be hot. Thus, trying to make all
and cleans enough to be manageable? efforts of God fail by feeding milk or any other solid food, in addition
The man ahead of the science of air, water and food con- to the drug.
tamination were made. Thus, health conservation effort fails to "Pade Pada badhe Tema jhad no Kho"
make God his(science) has issued a steady effort. God knows the
science of war. God's work in their interests that he should cooper- As per this saying, Modern science is against the god, man-
ate. Hey, even the God of cooperation does not need it. But at least kind has to suffer because of that. But, who would explain it? Like
in front of the falls. But the science is going to conclude that they by using back magic if a kidnapper would pick the child up, the he
are all the same. And the roots of the garden which God? Human would do as kidnapper would ask. Don't you think so the mankind is
tumors are likely to be good in itself and of itself is going to be. Such suffering with the same thing?
arrogance rectum science teaching raises human health sector Or
has been driven deep into pits. Science-perfect diet, energy, vita- "Intelligence would work adverse while the time for destruction"
mins, calcium, etc. could be found in abundance in milk, milk
products, meat, fish, eggs, etc. inedible and the value of meals In contrast, the intelligence of human kind has ruined that he
provided to the human mind that is embodied in harm. This way finds everything contrary (reverse). If true would seem wrong and if
you maintain healthy body fails to God knows that all efforts are wrong seem right. Thus, such scientists would come to world and
upping science and gave birth to the disease. However, the Lord is society as a whole follow him. Otherwise, the true science is there
good to those who seek to deny us, so science fell against the into primordial scripture since old time. Why mankind would adopt
disease has stirred constantly trying to remove it. Diseases such as such a corrupt ways of science? If it wish of God!
bad food that was accumulated in the body and the body clean out
the bowel continuously made attempts to keep healthy. LET'S CHANGE
Much of the work is difficult.
The body of the other in capacity for work is treated. On the Anything or power is good or bad absolutely/ independently.
contrary, from scientific concepts to embrace the power of the Good or bad fruit can be obtained by its use. If utilization of the
human dose was considered more energy ghee, milk, meat, beans, power used for good then it would be useful to someone, otherwise
grains and other food in the stomach is filled with suppressed could also invite destruction.
depression. When a man falls to the extent that, when the Lord
With nuclear power, atomic power stations could be estab-
opens the third eye and all the power needed for such a bean, a
lished and nuclear bomb also be made.
detrimental effect on bowels ent out" emergency" may be de-
clared. Diarrhea, vomiting, fever, etc. start or dispose of feces Physical strength can also be used to protect someone, and even
together, as well as loss of appetite, feel bitter water, eat and drink could kill someone.
and be not wanting to be in he reverse situation tastes producing
The thing applies about the power of money, and that is
scattered in the stomach nothing "Go Not" command transfer. But
They also shout challenging, with pride believe that - "We also hold
some position" the wastage which god emits out in form of feces, The use of thing based on human discretion. Good use is
185 New Diet System New Diet System 186
attributed to divine thoughts, whereas misuse is attributed to the even God himself comes and explains. Hold very strongly, those
demoniac thoughts. are different who give up.
The thoughts are attributed to values. Therefore, change in Dhuryodhan had god before him but what welfare could he
thinking can be brought by the instillation of values. do for himself? He had admitted that I know what religion is but I
We have to change our ideology in order to change results cannot accept it. I also know what irreligion is but I cannot leave it.
and to we will have to change the way of life to change our So is our situation like a Duryodhan? The son of blind father and
ideology- we will have to accept facts and to change our mind. We mother who is not blind but accepted blindness by wearing a strip
will have to get rid of inferiority complex, we will have to get rid of on her eyes to show devotion towards her husband. Is our situation
fanaticism and intellectualism which a hurdle in accepting true like her?
ideology. We will have to understand the true knowledge and true God has given vision so what should be done by her, to serve
religion. The destruction is certain if we believed that only the her husband by showing him the way or to accept blindness by
present science is true, in the same way the destruction is certain if wearing strip on her eyes? Is mental situation like Gandhari? We
we believe that only the present religion is true. We will have born are walking on the way which is shown to us by a scientist by
our own deeds. We are cutting the same branch on which we are wearing strip on our eyes. Has God given knowledge to himself
standing, so let's wake up before it's too late and move to right alone and not to us? Can we make at least a distinction between
path. Let's accepts the leadership of showing right path to those right and wrong? But if we are tend to be blind by wearing strip then
travelers who have lost their way and this is not an easy task. It is what could God do in this case?
as hard as swimming in the flood. And people will call you mad or Ravana also had God Ramchandra himself before him. All
hang you on or shoot you, but to carry out experiments without possible efforts were made to make him understand (Just as God
taking care of all these things is a real service, a service to God, It Krishna tried to convince Duryodhana). But Ravana was not ready
is a right path to meet God, a spiritual work, the path of moksha. to believe. He himself was a priest.( but not knowledgeable scien-
tist ) his knowledge Science was for destruction. He invited com-
Let's do this spiritual work and devote our whole life for it,
plete destruction. Not only he died but he also destroyed his family
what is better than this? Otherwise what are the benefits if the God
because God explained him but there was no change in him.
himself appears before us?
Mandodri, Kumbhkarna, Vibhishana tried to explain him and even
The God not only appears before Arjun god tried to explain him by sending Hanumanji inspite of that he
but also stayed with him permanently in spite becomes more and more arrogant and died badly. Is our situation
of that he could not recognize the God. is like Ravana? Is our science is like Ravana.s science? We
Though the knowledge of eighteen chapters required the science of Rama and we are following Ravana.s
was received by him from God, he could not science? Ravana.s kingdom was prosperous in every manner but
get rid of worldly temptation. Due to death of where was the happiness? Is the situation of our science like that?
son, separation influenced with love, became sad. What benefits There is prosperity everywhere and still it can increase but where is
are received from God? Because his intellect and ideology were the happiness? If we are ask what we need prosperity or
not changed. happiness? Or both? Naturally we will ask for both. So these things
At last God told him that what benefits did you have by will not be given by the science of Ravana, Duryodhan or Arjun.
knowing that? You just submit yourself to me I will make all your They will be given by the science of God Ramchandra or Krishna or
work easy. But Arjun is not Arjun if he seeks refuge of God. We some other names like Allah, Khuda, God, Lord, Mahavir God,
should ask ourselves if we are not that Arjun? Have we taken a Lord Buddha. Our science is just a waste of energy, time and
pledge not to be changed? But we are not going to be changed money. It depends on us whether to accept that matter or not.
187 New Diet System New Diet System 188
WHERE IS REAL SCIENCE? science and if we continue to believe that only I know and it is right
and other things are wrong. It is a indisputable reality that we will
The real and perfect science exists in our scriptures. There not understand even if God himself comes and makes lakhs of
is one scripture RamcharitManas among them, we call it Tulsikrut. efforts to elucidate us just as he made efforts to elucidate Arjuna,
We believed it as a creation of Tulsidasji. Tulsidasji himself write in Ravana and Duryodhana.
that book that
❒ Let's give a right direction to present science.
Rachi Mahesh Nijmaanasrakha,
Paayisusamausiva san bhasa ❒ Let's bring coordination between religion and science.
Shivji is almighty. He is unborn and immortal. The greatest ❒ Be a true religious and not a person who follow rituals.
knowledgeable. He can foresee past, future and present. His vision ❒ Be a true scientist and do not be an ignorant.
and energy is infinite and eternal. ❒ Let's make this world devoid of medicines.
Our vision is finite and broken. Whatever we see with eyes is ❒ Let's make this word devoid of ammunition.
hallucination and lie. This way our senses. Heart, consciousness
and intellect are cripple. Just as Arjun was given a divine eye to ❒ Let's make this word devoid of unhappiness.
enable him to see the huge form of God by God. It is not possible to ❒ Let's bring change in hearts and minds.
see the true form of God by these normal eyes. In this way with our ❒ The thing which is done by me is ignorance and whatever
normal eyes we will not be able to see truth. God does is knowledge.
That is its limit. We are not able to see little particles with our
eyes and we have to use microscope. While God is so minute that
it is beyond the capacity of all our senses and machineries.
Listen... Listen... Listen...
God is not a torturous,
Prakruti par prabhu sab par baasi
is provider of happiness
Our body is a part of this nature, While God is beyond the
nature, Even though God exists in every one of us.
Pain is caused by sin.
(I exists in the body of all animals in the form of Vaishavanar)
That means God is only truth, the supreme spirit of Brahma- CONFLUENCE OF
and source of joy. That means he is a treasurer of all types of RELIGION AND SCIENCE
happiness which exists in us. In this way all happiness exists in us
and we look for it outside, Just as the deer is roaming in the jungle The God Shivji says that
in search of musk. So how can we be happy? The extrovert
Science has totally opposite direction that is why it is dangerous. It "No one is knowledgeable or foolish in this world" The man
will be proved pleasant if its directions are changed. Just as all becomes what according to the mercy of God.
discoveries/science of sages were introverts. Thus it makes it clear that as long as there is no mercy of
But the first necessary thing is to group ourselves. We should God on us , we will be foolish and not be a knowledgeable . If we
question ourselves if we are on wrong path? If we have doubt like are not able to be a knowledgeable then how can we become
this then the person who shows us the way would be waiting for us scientist? Thus it becomes clear that the mercy of God essential to
there- we do not have to look for him. But we are influenced by be true scientist and the easiest way to receive the mercy of God-
189 New Diet System New Diet System 190
Devotee poet Narsinh Mehta says that- Here Tulsidasji has said very clearly in his salutation in
It is a ignorance that I do , I do, Ramcharit Manas that I bow down to Shankar and Bhavani who
Just as the dog which is walking under a cart believes that are in the form of faith and trust. Without faith and trust even
he is pulling the cart. an ascetic person cannot recognize the God who exists in
What is knowledge and science?, this
knowledge is served in a true and easy way by If this is the condition of ascetic person then what would be
the devotee poet Narsinh Mehta. According to the condition of a common man?
him the true knowledge lies in devoting our- What is the importance of faith and trust in human life? How
selves to God. much are they required? These things are shown here.
A Devotee is talking about knowledge. Thus knowledge Faith is the way of Science, while the trust is the way of
is received only by worship or devotion is received only by devotion.
knowledge. We have divided knowledge and devotion and invited
so many troubles. Faith and trust both the things are required to recognize God.
Faith without trust is incomplete as well as the trust without faith is
We indulge in rituals in the name of worship- we begin to
incomplete. The GoswamiTulsidasji conveyed the same meaning
build temples, mosques, gurudwara and churches everywhere. We
by Ardhnareshwari. That means the devotion without science is
begin to converse religion and the religion which is a tool to gain
incomplete as well as the science without devotion is incomplete
happiness and peace becomes a tool that makes us unhappy and
and we follow both of them incompletely. The scientist is not a
destroys the peace.
religious person and a religious person is not a scientist, both of
Neither religion nor science could make a man happy them have not any relation. Both of them even do not want to
because of only one reason: the wrong direction was chosen. remain under the shadow of each other. Even though they make all
Science has too much speed but it is a devoid of vision, it is a possible efforts- lakhs of efforts to get happiness, they result only
blind. in unhappiness.
Religion has foresight vision but it is a crippled - it says that The devotion without knowledge is widow the knowledge
nobody wants either to be happy or healthy. without devotion is widower
Thus there is necessary to coordinate both of them. My situation was also same; I was an engineer that makes
If we make a crippled man sits on a me to think like a scientist. Whenever my mother advised me to
blind man, the blind will walk and the crippled read RamcharitManas, Gitaji, In arrogance I used to disobey my
man will show the direction. Thus they will mother's advice and I told her that it is just imaginary things. There
walk in a right direction. is nothing specific in those scriptures except the imaginary poems
of a poet. It is absurd and waste of time to read those imaginary
Bhavani and Shankar are shown in the stories etc…..
form of Ardhnareshwari in which half portion
of the body of Shankar and Bhavani is As per poem of Akha, " A foolish had habit of worshipping
combined. It shows the same thing. stones as many as he finds, taking shower wherever he finds
water, still he did not become wise."
Bhavani Shankar vande shradhha vishva srupino,
Vinanaparavantishidhya ha svantahasva mishvaram Father had accepted service as religion- selfless service.
191 New Diet System New Diet System 192
He was against rituals. He had never been to any pilgrim, he PROPER PERIOD FOR
used to so that wherever you go, there is stone idol- where CULTURE BUILDING
is a god? He was not turning the string of pearl, but used to
mutter prayer with finger joints. Thus, he was not ritual, but the Science is a part of knowledge; it is a
devotee. As a result despite of having lots of opportunities, did fraction of knowledge. So the child should be
not receive bribe and did public service along with job, consid- given knowledge of right direction at a proper
ered the prayer into itself. time. We give education of low level to
children. It is in reality not knowledge but a n
But, with the special grace of god, an unworthy (Any kind
education or literacy. We believe that there is
of diseases and other unhappiness of many people have been
happiness in money and money is Almighty.
removed and being removed. What is my qualification?) , foolish
Earning money has become a main objective
(how could I be considered as intelligent with destructive
of our life. And we have spoiled our whole to
knowledge?), villager like me have started thinking towards
achieve that goal. It is necessary to work or to
correct direction at some extent and going to build painless world.
do business for earning money. And we
I could just understand that the so called science is a destructive
believe that education is necessary for earning money, So we
knowledge in reality. We need to wake up timely. We need to
emphasize education and put burden of education on the three
change thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The future generation will
year's old little child. So all the children/ students are under stress.
be happy by following the right direction if we make efforts for
And due to stress they become victim of inferiority complex,
it. Otherwise we will be responsible to give them unhappiness
decreasing grasping power, timidity and many undesirable things.
in inheritance.
Present education means
I believe the present science and the science of scriptures in Manufacturing Unit Of Money Making Machine.
this way- The capacity of child is so underestimated that he is given
"You run towards sun to get light, very low level education, we believe that he has no understanding
power. Thus the low-level society is formed.
We go in to inside- to get darkness,
Jijabai taught the lesson of bravery to Shivaji in a cradle by
You keep groping and we gain light." singing the lullaby.
There was a result of the survey published in recent news Abhimanyu was taught the war in his mother's womb.
paper that, "the child who believes in God in childhood, he begins There is a description of etiquettes in scriptures and it also
to disbelieve God as he studies further." describes that which of the etiquettes should be taught from the
days of pregnancy till the birth? Here there is no need of intellectu-
This is a complete reality. This makes it clear that present
ality. Here for some power or unconscious mind is working for
science keeps us away from God.
sowing the ethics. But How can Science grasp that? How can it
If you remain away from God, you will surely be unhappy. believe? Thus, how can it learn or teach?
Thus if you want to be happy it is necessary to harmonize religion Medical science has the same situation ahead. Experiments
and science. are done on mute creatures like rabbits, frogs, rats, cats, this way
they are victimized.
How can we succeed to get happiness by torturing others?
The science itself believes that:-
193 New Diet System New Diet System 194
Action and reaction are equal and opposite in direction. QUIT NARROW- MINDEDNESS
Here human being is torturing other creatures with an ex-
pectation of happiness. This is his action. He receives unhappiness I was not able to understand that new ideology. My mind was
in reaction. not ready to believe that. So I began to do experiments on myself
Generally experiments are done on not for one or two months but for nine years. So all my doubts were
carnivorous animals like frogs, rats, rabbits, cleared. And I began to share those miraculous results with others.
dogs, cats. The body structure of human be- As a result I had to travel different states of India. I had to go
ing who is a vegetarian cannot be compared abroad for that. And I am trying to make people understand my
with body structure of carnivorous animals. experiences from different point of view. The person will grasp
So this is a misleading research. according to his interest, and there is no matter if someone is
disagreeing. I do not expect at all that all my thoughts should be
There is rule of nature that what you sow, you will reap. We
accepted by everyone. In spite of that if someone tries to
have done so many scientific experiments on live frogs, rabbits,
understand or accept my thoughts and do experiments only for two
dogs, cats in a laboratory. We have tormented them. This is a
months, the result will show that what is right and wrong?
wrong effort to become happy by hurting others. We will receive
only unhappiness by making other unhappy. The thing which I could understand and
Present science believes that diseases are caused by bacte- the experiments done by me in my life as well
ria and give poisonous medicines to kill bacteria. But can those as the results of numerous devotees in which
medicines differentiate between the useful and harmful bacteria for M.D. doctors and some relatives are also
life? In order to kill one political leader the soldiers of the whole nation included. They all have got so miraculous
and innocent citizens are killed and that political leader escapes. In results that their incurable diseases were
the same manner, doesn't our science handle medicines? cured in few days. Their diseases were not
cured before this experiment, though they
The science has spoiled destructive (such large body) did
took medicines. Their diseases were getting
not touch immortal, ignored immortal.
If there is a fault into doorbell, opening the entire doorbell, worse in stead of getting better. But after this experiment they
checking its printed circuit board by separating, opening, breaking stopped taking medicines and eat what were restricted by doctors
each part, but ignore checking if the life like electricity is being in spite of that their disease were cured in few days. This is
provided or not, the same condition is for the science. If we look experienced by the diseased person himself and his report also
summarily, then there are lots of new opportunities to undertake shows it. I and my wife do not have to take any medicine for the last
researches by adopting new directions, new thoughts and under- fifteen years.(there is no exception) means our hospitals are closed.
taking researches are not anybody's monopoly which can be done There are innumerable devotees whose problems are solved; they
by everyone. Therefore, everyone has to start the task according are in India and outside India and in abroad.
to his capacity. Therefore, there is an absolute possibility to bring Some have diabetics, some have asthma, B.P., migraine,
entire change- unprecedented revolution. heart related diseases, leprosy, chorizos, rheumatism in the joints,
In this way if we want happiness then we should make others glaucoma, having specs, the problems of ear, the problems of
happy. If we want to get rid of unhappiness then we should accept intestine- Ulceritis colitis, back ache, allergy , thyroid , the test of
unhappiness. If scientists want to do an experiment then he should tongue, tooth problems, streets etc. problems were solved. But
do it on himself. Poison should be consumed by us just as Shivaji did. those diseases which are damaged permanently like white hair,
195 New Diet System New Diet System 196
fallen teeth, cancer are not cured. Otherwise there are example of particles which are stuck. Moreover it is live food so it goes ahead
that the breast cancer, blood cancer are cured. by itself and this way our vital power is not wasted. The more we
If the couples who are suffering from barrenness follow this take uncooked food the more we could save vital power and that
science they have the possibility of having baby. They do not have make us feel stronger, our life span increases. Our body becomes
to undergo surgery like cesarean or bypass surgery or other clean and healthy.
surgeries. So it is so easy to make world devoid of medicines. Here The cooked meal should be taken once at night and this
I describe the essence of the true science which I understood. meal is digested during the night and our body removes the waste
The body structure of human being is herbivorous. material in the form of excreta in the morning. But it filled in all the
holes of body from where it passes through and coagulated the fur
Herbivorous means the food like leaf, flower and fruit. These there. More time is needed for cleaning it. So we should not eat
are real meal and it is not cooked food. So from the day when I anything for seven hours after getting up because from morning till
realize that the kitchen is responsible for all disease, I asked my noon is a time for cleaning. Water is considered a useful tool for
wife to shut it down. But my wife does not agree with me and she cleaning. But the pipe line of our body is not straight anywhere that
insists to eat the cooked food at least once a day and she also we pour water from one side which comes out from the other end
wants me to eat that food, it is obstinacy. And you have to give up with waste material. The water is digested in the same way as the
against the obstinacy of a woman. I consider it as my weakness. juices and drinks are digested. The digesting process is same for
We all have an experience that whenever we eat cooked both of them. Actually gases clean our body, Water is also pushed
food we feel sleepy. God has created night for sleeping. Thus, ahead by gases. So, gases should be taken as a meal from
morning till evening for better cleaning. So we should get ready to
PRESENT SCIENCE IS A give up the dish of complete meal given by present science- Which
"DESTRUCTIVE KNOWLEDGE." has been accepted by us till yet and we have become unhealthy.
Our life span is decreased- The new custom of diet will bring
revolution if we accept it.
We should sleep immediately after getting up. And that is
why if you want to eat cooked food, you should eat it at night. The new custom of meal shown last in the table should
Otherwise the cooked food is not necessary. Not only is that it not be an ideal. And it is almost impossible to follow. That is why
even a real meal. But we have been eating cooked food from so convenient custom of meal is recommended. This custom will
many generations and it is hard to avoid it. So we should lessen the make us healthy and we will have different tastes also. You can
proportion of this type of harmful meal, milk and milk products. We have hot and spicy dishes, milk, ghee and sweets. You can enjoy
should take more vegetables and the proportion of meal like grain, the instant foods like panipuri, bhel, Batatavada, Chinese food
pulse which are very heavy should be lessened and should be and Japanese food. Naturally, this custom of meal will cause
taken only once in a day. accumulation of excreta in our body. Thus fasting becomes
essential once in a week or twice a fortnight. We use brush to
Cooked food is a dead food. It is like a dead thing which lies
clean our teeth and mouth and we take bath regularly to keep
at one place. And the responsibility to digest this type of food and to
our body clean. We even keep brush with us while we are
remove it from our body goes to vital power. So our vital power is
travelling and that is a good thing. The most important thing
wasted every day. As a result our life span decreases. We become
is that the waste get accumulated and rots there. That dirty place
old earlier. Our body becomes unhealthy. This type of food is sticky
is our large intestine and we do not even think to clean it.
and it sticks on from wherever it passes through. While uncooked
foods like leaf, flower and fruit do not stick. They remove the Some people take purgative substances some time. In reality
197 New Diet System New Diet System 198
the cleaning of this part of the body should be emphasized. So in opposite. If the principal is wrong then it should be given up and
the beginning every one of us should be habituated to have enema new researches should be done to establish new principles. And
in plain water just as the habit of brushing teeth and having bath. If these new principles should also be examined. And it is ok if the
the large intestine is clean then most of the diseases will be results are proper, otherwise it also should be given up- If the
eliminated and there will be decrease in possibility of any disease. principle gives desirable result then that is a true principle and true
This matter is explained in the "Cleaning" chapter. Some people science otherwise it is wrong.
have fear that they will have the habit of taking enema daily. What
will happen if they will not be able to excrete without enema? In All our inventions are intended to get happiness, but we
reality in this method only plain water is used which is an innocent. receive unhappiness that is why it is not a true science. The new
So this habit will not be formed by anyone. We have so many bad custom of meal and the results of other principles are positive.
habits, so what difference does it make to us if we will form one Those who positively do experiment on it they all get good results.
useful /beneficial habit? There were miraculous benefits in all diseases of the body. In the
The knowledge of scriptures same way energy, knowledge, and love are received by service
is a true science. and meditation. Therefore, these are true principles and true sci-

The present science has given so many new tools which did
not exist in recent past. And long ago there were tools in abun-
dance which did not imbalanced the earth. Desirable tools can be
THE TRUE SCIENCE gained only by enchanting spells. There were these types of tools
in the kingdom of Ravana but in spite of that everybody was
unhappy there. The same situation is found in this age. These types
All inventions are intended for happiness. The experiments
of tools were found during the time of Ramrajaya. But everyone
are done in laboratory to get happiness. The result of the experi-
was happy there. So the belief that tools or outer status will make
ment is given in the form of result. Sometimes scientist toiled to
us happy, it is a wrong idea. And the present science which is
deliver the result or principle. Their whole life was spent in the
based on that idea is also wrong. So we need to know what is true
laboratory. That is why people call scientists whimsical. Now the
science and it should be understood and developed by us. Other-
common man does not have to do anything, He has to just follow
wise the destruction by present science is certain.
the principles given by the scientist and people follow according to
it. But it should be analyzed that after following these principles do
we get desirable results or happiness? Nobody analyzes it. And we • Giving doesn't cause shortage, but
believe that whatever researches are done by scientists are right. It
is not good to interfere in the matters of scientists because they are
rise wealth provider
expert in their field. On the contrary those who interfere are • Happiness or sadness is not a
considered fools. So man makes mistake here. It is very essential
candition, but by piont of view.
to examine results of the experiment done on the principles given
by scientists. It should be examined that if the results are desirable. • Pleasure comes by sacrifice-unhap-
Researchers are done keeping the aim on target, it should be
piness comes by cnjoyment.
examined that whether the goal is achieved or not. It is reasonable
if the results are desirable, but it is unreasonable if results are
199 New Diet System New Diet System 200

To escape from the devastation HUMAN ANATOMY

Leave the Man-made science, God has created the whole world with
Adopt Scripture approved Science five elements; they are earth, water, fire, wind
and sky. God has created the earth, flora,
fauna and human being.

Food System Where in word of material, world of plan-

tation, world of animals and world of human
based on Anatomy have been created. Among them there are
some amphibians, aquatic and sky birds.
Among them anatomy of human being and fauna is divided
in to two divisions.
One is herbivorous and the other is carnivorous….
The fauna is herbivorous and carnivorous while human be-
ing is only herbivorous.
The difference between the anatomies of them can be easily
Vegetarian bodied have nails whereas Carnivorous bodied
have talon
In the same manner, Vegetarian body has teeth whereas
Carnivorous body have tusk. Internal structure is also different.
God has created body construction as per their requirement.
Thus, the first conclusion is that meat is not the food for
human body.
But we see that huge population of world is Carnivorous
Anatomy today and still live their lives and live as good as vegetarian, without
❑ Milk any kind of difference.
Thus, an obvious question would be raised that what is the
❑ What is the cooked food?
difference between Vegetarian and Carnivorous? What is the harm
❑ The real food… raw food in non-vegetarian diet and what is the benefit of vegetarian diet?
❑ Blindness of religion and blindness of knowledge. If the non- vegetarian food would strengthen the body, the body
would be managed and maintained, then why insist on a
❑ The real religious/ true scientists vegetarian diet?
❑ Fasting At the first sight it looks fare. Because of that is not
201 New Diet System New Diet System 202
big different that can be seen directly between vegetarian and MILK
If the non vegetarian is ill, vegetarian is also ill that much. Milk is such a food which has been
given approval by both vegetarian and
If non vegetarian is scoundrel and scabbed, then vegetarian non-vegetarian. Both religion and science have
is not behind anymore. If non vegetarian is full of bad qualities like approved it. Thus, milk has become global
lust, irascible, intoxication, treacherous etc., then vegetarian is permissible food. Thus items made with milk
where any less? like coffee and tea have reached to every
In every bad qualities vegetarian is equal to non-vegetarian house. Not only that but it also became mean
and somehow ahead proved than non-vegetarian. part for welcoming.
There is no more difference in age of vegetarian and no vegetarian From a child to old person, educated or non-educated, social
too. or ascetic, any religion any country's everybody passionate for milk
and items of milk till the last breath. They are habited of milk, tea
Thus in behave thinking, disease, age in every matter veg- and coffee. For the most people its intolerable if calls to leave milk
etarian and non-vegetarian comes equal. So it is obvious that food and tea. Milk is acceptable by everybody as perfect food.
does not have any major impact on human life. So it is not impor-
Milk considered as sacred food. Thus anybody speak against
tant be non-vegetarian or vegetarian. Anybody eat what they like
milk people will not accept soon and possible that consider speaker
and what is easily available.
as a mad.
Someone take side for vegetarian based on destruction of If the same food would be cooked from pure Ghee and
soul, other think that trees are animate. vegetable Ghee, then why pure Ghee is being insisted?
Based on some religious belief non veg is not eatable, many Matter is also right. If it is really so then, there is no wisdom in
religions are not prohibiting non-veg/ give consent. paying more money for pure Ghee. It is natural that everybody
God has created vegetarian body and so should not eat would start making food by vegetable Ghee thinking like this.
meat. Mistakes in vegetarian food should be rectified. But if someone is intelligent will surly think that pure Ghee is
really pure? Or let it not be pure by mixing in it. Isn't the pure Ghee
converted to vegetable Ghee? Otherwise there should be a differ-
ence into two.
Cooked meal and non vegetarian meal, Couldn't the same thing applied regard to vegetarian and
leaving both as shown here, a new meal non-vegetarian? This is really thoughtful question. If mind and
practice means adopt sattvic meal pracive intellect are open then directly start thinking and do analysis on
which involved the sap. this. Otherwise if one is surrounded by religion blindness and
knowledge blindness, then rather than accepting new things, one
will try to oppose the matter by his strange, desired talk and
argument not only to his capacity but will be desperate. It is not
anybody's fault that's human nature.
True scientist or true religious is someone who is not narrow
minded. Where opposition also has the same place, when proper
203 New Diet System New Diet System 204
place is given to opposition, then only democracy is called in true Bio energy is wasted and age is reducing. Old age comes early and
meaning. Opposite thinking should be checked. Should place on feel suffered. Body become ill and work capacity reduces. Re-
anvil of test and should see result. search is really needed on this matter. Science does not have done
Even though whenever anybody has given new thought, it is any special on this matter. So it is God service to go ahead in this
always opposite to famous perception. Thus, nobody is ready to field.
accept thing. Not only that, people considers mad who gives such God create eighty lakh wombs. There are some vegetarian
thought. Not only that, such a disagreement arises that people do and some are non-vegetarian. Escape of human being nobody is
not even hesitate to kill such revolutionary person. I think today's taking boils food then it does not matter of vegetarian or non-
time is better in that matter. Some people do accept and some do vegetarian.
not accept but even do not oppose them, some opposes but not In the matter of milk it is also like that. Escape of human
even so extreme. Thus God Kalikal is best for prayer. In this time being and some concern animal like dog and cat etc., no one drink
God achievement is easy. No need for sacrifice, sacrificial rite, hard milk.
penance. It is saying that only muttering prayers are enough.
Vegetarian body holder- elephant, horse,
(And that's also for very while time) cow, buffalo etc., meanly eats grass. It also
At this time everybody can represent their side. Also can eats flower if that in grass and also eat fruit
behave like that. Therefore every field goes ahead. if there. Otherwise which we include in fruits
Iron Age can be understood like this: "yug that will not come in their part. That is fully
of kali" bud is more beautiful than flower. That is used by human. They have considered that
childhood of flower. Child is innocent so God this world is created for only human being.
stays in them. And flower is always innocent. No authority of else life. Other life are born
Then childhood like bud will so innocent? This to serve human being, etc.
age also innocent like this. So on behalf of blame God Shree Krishna is saying that:
this age we are born in this good age so make Aham vesvanaro butva, praninam dehmashruth
our life full of joy by praying God. Also called pranapan smayukth pachmi annm chatuvirgham.
"kalyug". That means age of key (mind) not strength. Everybody (I am in every life and everybody, digest four type of food by soul)
knows by intellect we are doing giant work. Then this intellect is
used for approach for God than what? From my sight milk is not And also say that:
plant in general food, but not non vegetarian food like egg. So it not Patram pushpam falam toyam
fulfils food for vegetarian human body. yo me bhaktya praychhati.
(If any one gives me leaf, flower and water I accept that)
In this two saying God has said everything about health. It is
well enough if God has say that I am in every body of life. More
Boil food is dead food and also not different in compare to
ahead I am digest food is also well enough. But god does not stop
non-vegetarian. Thus boil vegetarian food is also level of non-
there. They also explain that I am digest four type of food. Not so far
vegetarian food. Thus vegetarian human being does not comfort
they also explain how they digest. With help of breathing and
with boil food. So for digest and system have to work hard like non
breathing out digest it. Because God knows very well that human
vegetarian food. Thus it happens with waste of bio energy of body.
has extra intellect thus they are not use it in good work and use in
205 New Diet System New Diet System 206
bad work. Or if not explain clear then everyone create their own on them? Thus only grass left in animal's part and even lucky if get
meaning. green grass otherwise dry. Even though they are free of ill and
healthy and happy by eating whatever God have given them.
Like one time God evil human team
reach to Brahmaji for advice purpose.
Brahmmaji tells only one word to
every team: "D". "D" if it is any word it has
meaning but this is latter.
That has no meaning. Even though
everybody mean by their own way
God team mean that brahmaji tells us to pity.
Evil team mean that brahmaji tells to repression.
And human team mean that God tells us to
Thus, how your sight like your world. In that who are said
more intellect, however they analyse their own meaning and think Oh Sir ! Give us strenght to strong
that is extreme alright and try to make it proof. If we look at the strength of mind and giving up of
animal then realise that in compare to human animal have less boiling food and accept new food system
intellect but still they have. But they used in proper manner. Other-
wise they are not educated or can read? And "bhes agal bhagavat"
like that animal generation cannot understand. Even though, we
can see that both of upper saying are obeyed by animal more
properly. We are thinking that they don't understand anything. But BLINDNESS
this matter clearly proof that they understand properly. Human
being does different analysis and taking wrong way. Where does Animal eat drink milk?
And human does not leave any ones milk.
UNCOOKED FOOD IS TRUE FOOD They are self-intellect you know? By using
intellect, proof by doing experiment in labo-
Now let's see and analyse then realise that- ratory that milk is absolute food. Then
matter is finish. One angora walks ahead
Food directed by God leaf, flower, fruit and water this four and all other follow it in its voice. Even
food is eaten by animal. And also in same type given by the God, there any rich country's angora sung than it is directly accepted.
without using their intellect, without interfering in creation of nature. Because God have given intellect only to rich- where the poor has
Without boil, Not boiled, not fried and even in fruit guava, rose intellect? Scientist of America, Japan, France, London, Canada,
apple, custard apple or mango, banana, grapes, papaya fruit etc. have any sentence that will be universal truth. After that even it lead
this fruit are not left for their part .it's like all good things are us to deep pit be happy because if we consider deep pit feels sad?
prepared for us is that? How can human accept authority of other Intellect's doors are closed. One side religious sir closes the door
207 New Diet System New Diet System 208
by their try. By making own meaning of history for run their small And milk gives power, body and mind intellect increase by
shop- milk.
For devotion no need of intellect Then it's over. Now what to say? Mad behind milk. Mother
devotion with holiness drinks milk and also force to child for drink if interested or not and
teacher cannot change make habited of it.
teacher is only one
If we are intelligent who proof by experiment in laboratory
By telling many sentence like this they let not go angora that milk is total food and announced it gives power it clearly mean
which come in compound by every try. Not so far they also produce that God is idiot, God is not intelligent, and thus, God stop milk. Or
attractive aid in every competition and try to increase the business. God is jealous or God takes back after give milk- cut the cord after
Try to increase religion and custom and catch more and more jump in well- or God have large stoke of milk and that's over now-
angora in their compound. It results in increasing in friction on the human hunting of this harmful scientific consent.
name of religion or from which expecting peace is give disquiet.
From which religion expects of clear the darkness and lead to light One side religious blindness and other side mind blindness
but it takes in deep pit of darkness. Discrete human on the name of let not human happy and rest.
religion, Arrest people on the name of culture in ritual and make so How can rest? Reason is choose wrong path!
narrow minded that all think that their religion is top, and also force
to other for join. Every religious book tells body creation, like same TRULY RELIGIOUS/TRULY SCIENTIFIC
also teach knowledge of food. But it wroth when anybody see it,
because it surprising if brilliant student not falls in deep pit in For independent country Gandhi, Nelson Mandela every
guidance of blind teacher? time you find any one. But for independent body you have to wake
up yourself. Self analyse your own thought. Think about good and
Thus teacher is ill, student also ill. And this illness is so
bad. Otherwise track looser never reach to our target. Not so far
terrible it not affect only body but body system, mind, intellect, ego
opposite goes far from the target. Thus wake up early. Leave
at all this level. Student's condition is so bad that, even tolerate this
Narrow minded both religious and scientific-and become religious
and eating bone then happy like dog.
in true mean. And also be scientist in true mean. That led to welfare
God save from this Religious blind and how can discard mind and also welfare for our next generation.
As we seen animal does not drink
One science tells that disease happen from bacteria. Then milk and eat boil food. Resulting they drink
over, every bacterium is gone. dirty and eat dirty, stay in dirty, Surrounded
Drink water after boiling Mosquitoes and other bacteria even though
drink milk after boiling more healthy than human. We have also
opened also hospitals for animals. But that's
eat any food after boiling
also because of human. Human in desire
Kill mosquitoes of more and more work from animal, stay
Only human have rights of living anybody else isn't? them away from their normal food and gives plate of buttermilk,
Additionally somebody said gives boil food, and after that for getting more milk gives danger-
Milk is universal food- calcium, vitamin, protein, carbohy- ously harmful injections. More information about milk is given in
drate, etc. are found from milk. "blucher. Chapter.
209 New Diet System New Diet System 210
Likewise, human company is not good for animal. In short-
Does animal do any toothpaste? Even their mouth are does Got the paras pebble or a cow of plenty which complete soul
not smell bed, not happen pyorrhea, does not rush enamel of wishes.
teeth. Not so far, their breath, sweat, excretes do not smell. In
compare human's everything smells. Thus human is ill- boiling is Summary
smells. thus summarize
Now we have to decide that who is more intelligent? Human (1) Meat, milk and boil food is not proper for human body
or animal?
That's why I am saying that- (2) Fasting is best so do it more and more
Consider animal as teacher. No need of making any fake (3) Whenever eat take leaf, flower and fruit in the natural form
teacher, first advantage of this is- (4) It is necessary to stay with everybody in society. So boil food
"The fist happiness lies into your own health" this without cannot stop forever then take it at least
illness- you will be happy own self when not ill. There is need of give
That mean try to follow rules given in this book slowly
teacher's fee and not any restriction.
Second- - Reason of disease is improper food
get true thinking direction and power. Come out from sophis- - proper food, disease out.
ticated maze. - escape of food medicine for disease is deceptive
- stomach out, disease in. stomach in disease out.
Get the feeling of sacrifice to God. Thus get self-glade,
throughout-glade, and pure-glade. And get light of truth, true knowl- - body creation of tree is for micro food.
edge- soul knowledge and get true love. Kind of love where no - cow, buffalo, elephant, and horse have vegetarian body.
limitation of religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and christen. Thus,
no frictions. So get all desire calmness. No difference of male and - lion, tiger, leopard have non- vegetarian body.
female. No difference of living and non-living. I and mine reduced - human body is created for vegetarian.
so achieve God in life, got liberation in this life. All religion give
consolation of liberation after death but after death that will come - milk is made from animal so it is not human being food.
to say got the liberation or not? Living soul- - meat is made of animal so is not human being food.
Getting free of disease that's not liberation?
Getting free of weakness that's not liberation? Simple slogan of being healthy
Getting free of mental stress is not liberation? Take tree manufactured food in natural state
Free of ignorance that's not liberation?
Getting free of feeling like jealous that's not liberation?
By get all these things we get God and become free of
reborn and get liberation. But many
liberate request for born again for pray God.
211 New Diet System New Diet System 212
Diet System There is special importance of veda and history. One of them
vead is, ayurveda.
based on It is explain In detail how to make unique human body
healthy. Even though because of any reason happen with disease
Ayurveda then it is written in detail how to destroy it.
Ayurveda based on-
- Gas
- Bile
- Phlegm
As say in that gas-bile and phlegm are our body require-
ments. But they all are in same level. If there extra will trouble,
that's what we say disease. If less than do opposite reaction that
also we called disease. Thus this three have to be same very
important. Some increment decrement will create their effect- in-
crease or decrease of gas bile phlegm is depend on food. Thus
doctor of aryuveda also gives important of carefulness as well as
medicines. Carefulness does better profit than medicine, careful-
ness means "what to eat and what to not eat.. It decides by seen
❁ Ayurveda disease of ill person that it's because gas bile or phlegm. Disease
happen because of which of them is extra so by reducing that
❁ Body purification make control on that. Assume that from their afford gas is extra.
Then try how can reduce the gas. Try two methods
❁ Observation One method is in which extra gas in body reduce
by doing enema and operation diffuse stored gas
❁ Food inspection Additionally- it fasting ill person. Stop eating and drinking-
because slogan in aryuveda:-
❁ Food test ladhanamparm auusadham.
Fast is best medicine.
If see from this side there is no need
of medicine in Ayurveda. Because fast is
best medicine.
That what's need of normal medicine?
And anther slogan in Ayurveda:-
Aaharam pachati sikhi, doshan ahar vrjith Digestive power
213 New Diet System New Diet System 214
digest food and absence of food it removes diseases. Destroy the CLEANSING OF BODY
disease. If
disease is gas type; if disease is bile type; and if disease is It can summarize form discussion that for the removing
phlegm type digestive power remove it in without food situation disease Ayurveda do only one work: body cleaning
Second is: - It is experience of all of us- human be healthy at the long time
Carefulness means proper food by Ayurveda treatment. However disease reduces, body become
Food is also divided I to three part clean and healthy. There are many cases of being healthy after
first is- phlegm creator. Food like which produce phlegm/ produce long time. But human irritate from this carefulness. Stay within
viscosity society and behave opposite society for long time needs sure
decision and special awareness that's not possible for all. So does
Second is- bile creator. Food like which produce bile/ produce acid
not get desire result. There are some cases of becoming totally
Third is- gas creator. Food like which produce gases healthy. But happen with same illness again or something else.
So doctor prohibits gas creative food to ill person of gas disease. Again Ayurveda treatment starts that's also only of body cleaning.
More additionally food which is heavy for digest like fired, Another meaning this is that our food is like that deposit excreta in
intellect, and milk also body. Which converts I disease and its needed by removing that
clean body after regular time intervals.
So true intelligent must think that there is no condition that?
And additionally third experiment will done-
Is there not any food? For which does not deposit excreta in body if
Medicine excreta is not deposit in body then there is no illness and if no
Medicines are normally given of that type will clean body. illness then not need of as said before three wing type war to clean
Body's excreta goes out. the body or any other kind of try. Thus wasting of time, power and
So seen from summary- money can be stop and can live life without disease forever. World
For remove disease of ill person plays three wings type war. without medicine can be created. Looks like hard. Not hard but
Work start from all three direction and work is only and only one. impossible. Because we are hunting of traditional consent, and
think that is truth, we are reach in the class like that even cannot
"Clean the body" think or imagine that anything can be different from this is like idiot
Body cleaning by enema, body cleaning by fast, and body for us and anybody speaks against famous consents than people
cleaning by medicine. consider them mad.
Like from point of view of Ayurveda- But if we see people mad like this achieve something. This mad
Holy body is the healthy body people directed true direction to good society. Wise person are
So it is clear that who want to be healthy, let not increase the restricts form famous principles and rules, regulations. Mad have
excreta. In the body excreta goes from only one way: form mouth. which kind of rules and regulation? Like game of chess wise pawn's
So think before put it in mouth that creates excreta? If yes then do game is depend on predicated rules, but when pawn become mad
not eat and have to be eat then try to eat at least and provide then wise pawn's rules does not restricts it. It has its own rules.
space for excreta which created by this food. That means do fast. Likewise everyone who have done something special is not
At the case ill person take food which helpful in gets out consider as wise. If been wise then they have done nothing.
Walking like all goats finish life. But who has break famous consent,
stored excreta.
who work ahead of famous rule and regulation, who change the
215 New Diet System New Diet System 216
sight, who break the restriction happen great opposing them, OBSERVATION
thrashing on them, fired on them, pushes bolt on them…..and lots
of thing. But he leave his opinion then why he is mad? But he is We are searching for happiness.
mad form the world's point of view, he can see clearly that this We are always active for happiness.
society which consider own self wise is idiot, non-intellect, and First welfare is healthy self. Thus doing
mad. So he does not try to change the society but pray to God for so much try for be healthy? And so far
gives society wise-intellect and understand truth and he is not ill and accept lots of new technique of
capable of do more than that. Thus we think by putting famous medical, so far destroy is second
consent a side. Famous consents normally inspired by science. Or matter, but disease are increases that's
inspired by religion. Human being is compound to both religion and proof its some fundamental mistake
science. Consent is true which give desired result, that one is that have to understand it and change it. We are trapped in consent
wrong which not gives desired result. of religious and scientist and it is hard to come out and trapped
It doesn't mean that is based on science or religion, in reality more and more deep.
neither science is wrong nor religion. But their analysis may truth or
We gives important to exercise escape form disease. Tocsin
come out from body, blood circulatory system work properly, respi-
Thus if any scientist said something it's not necessary to
ratory system work proper, form this consent we are doing different
consider as truth. And like that if any religious saints have said
exercises of world like morning, gymnastic and do all type of
something not needs to consider as truth. It is necessary to see
exercises of world, but disease can't leave you. Then we imagine
result which comes from work done on bases of consent. If get
that we have not enough time for exercise so, disease happen. But
desired result then permit that one. But it give opposite result then
can't look at farmer which work hard all day and night but they are
say clear no to that. It is also weakness to trapped in mind blind-
also unhealthy. They are also suffering from serious disease. So it
ness and religion blindness.
is important to check that how exercises are helpful to stay healthy
So let's check out what ever done by science. Put it on anvil
and remove disease. This matter is also related to yoga and
for exam. And also check saying of religious saints by wise intellect.
breathe control. People who do yoga and breathe control in their all
Result will so it's approval. Everybody has expected famous food
life also become unhealthy and don't remove their disease which is
system and everybody is ill. Who have expected new food system
become subject for checking.
is become healthy. So we have to expect new food system.
By use of Contamination atmosphere, chemical Fertilizer
and Pesticide medicine produce food, fly, Mosquitoes etc. we re-
Milk : creator of gas, bile and phlegm sponsible for disease and try to escape but don't get freedom from
boil food : creator of gas, bile and phlegm disease or can't remove disease which is nude fact. So which
Thus milk and boil food lead to disease. become subject for Checking.
People who recommend eating of pure milk, butter, oil be-
come unhealthy which is true matter on our eyes. People who take
help of Positive attitude, god worship, acupressure, and acupunc-
ture all are unhealthy which is undisputed fact.
less, two tester eater, people who have not interest in society,
doctors and all other person related to medical are also today
217 New Diet System New Diet System 218
suffering from the various sickness. By knowing this all thing we (2) On other side vegetarians and non-vegetarians animal are
understand that whole society making some mistake that by doing taking their food in those state which are predefine bye the god
so many try we cannot take relief from the disease and never take and they follow it, they have been not make any change from
healthy life. So it must be required to know which mistake done by their side. So they cannot cook their food and never fried it. And
us? If we know it than we can solve it, then it become so easy and also they cannot add paper and spices in their food. In real
reliable like "UKELYO KOYADO KODI NU MULYA" and "TARNA meaning they are eating for survival of life, not live for eating.
OTHE DUNGAR". And human being which one not live without cooked food.
According to homeopathy we can try to find our mistakes. (3) And third one is they are taking milk of mother for those time it
available. After stopping of mother's milk, they never take milk
OBSERVATION OF FOOD from other source. And also not take milk of mother that come
after another birth. They take milk from her own mother for
According to homeopathy any reason those time, which arranged by god and then after they never
for disease is gasses, waste inside body and take it from their own mother and also from other. Then after
cough. And reason of this thing is only and no matter about honey, milk, butter milk, pannier, cheese, and
only our daily food. That's why give precaution sweets?
about food when suffering from the disease. (4) Fourth one is, they take water when they are thirst and take
So the whole matter is clear that we have to observe, which food when they are hunger. Means they take water at empty
food is responsible for production of such things? And which food stomach or take in minimum amount as per their need during
is not responsible for it? whole day. They drink water of river or stream which is spoiled
and from dump which surrounded by mosquitoes and other
So everyone have do observation on all food that we are
insects. They also drink water which is drunk by other animals.
eating in laboratory. In whole world human being are eating and
And human being, how much care? Still sick!!!!
drinking thousand of things but it in lacks of figure. So everyone
have to observe it. But if we are getting short path of it then why we They it whenever they need. There are not any kinds of force
cannot obey it? for eating. No one give oath for it or not forcibly for food.
In matter of food, we can say that, 84 lakhs of various Fifth one, generally animal is never sick. Yes, it is true that
reproductive lives on earth which of some are vegetarian and animal hospital also opened, because "KADIYA SATHE DHODIO
some of them are non vegetarian. Human being is acquiring JAY TO VAN TO NAJ AVE PAN SHAN TO AVEJ" so animal also
vegetarian body structure. So we have to observe the food of those started to eating cooked food with human beings. They understand
animals' spices which are vegetarian and can be compared with cow as her mother and leave part of them and human being
human being. started to give cooked food to cow.
Animal world is healthy world, whatever it is vegetarians or That unnatural behavior man does with the animals. so that,
non-vegetarians. animals were become sick. Although whatever reason that sick-
(1) Here matter is come in front of our eyes is that non-vegetar- ness came, animals stop eating and drinking. Even their favorite
ians are never eating veg. food and vegetarians are never food served but not eats and smells even not seen at that. On other
eating non-veg. food. But human beings are vegetarians and side men are different for that. Even god ordered them not to eat
then after most of human beings take non-veg. food. What' and kill the wish of eat, men says, "Now tired of eating these
why human being is known as Avadacandilum animal. routine, make something like PUDLA and BHAJIYA ". By telling this,
219 New Diet System New Diet System 220
start eating oily, spicy and heavy food which is hard to digest and Let's check each points one after another.
starts taking medicines to digest these. By this he becomes more 1) Before making any instrument, what work is to be taken from
and more ill. it and how it will work by deciding this design is made and by
Same like this for water also. If there is no need of water and that its structure is made? Petrol engine is made according to
human don't drink water that's why god arranged a system that its design .So that it can be worked only by petrol and by
water tastes bitter. Then human adds glucose, lemon pepper etc., petrol it can gives us satisfactory work and it will give more
and makes it tastier and drinks. work till its durability. But in spite of adding petrol, adding
Mouth swells .By this god closes the way of eating and diesel or kerosene it will work but not satisfactory work. It will
drinking and announces 'shut down'. Says, 'stop it'. Don't eat make noise, will vibrate, and will stop. It will take more
anything. God announces that 'work in progress ,road is closed maintenance and will exhaust early. If the body of the veg-
'closed forever keep fast without drinking water but to understand etarian one will be given non-veg to eat it will work but not
,think or apply this matter than how is he human? However he will satisfactorily. He will suffer from different types of disease,
eat and drinks then what will god do? He becomes helpless and continuous illness and will suffer from heart attack, expendi-
watches the worst condition of human. Then 'road opens and work ture of medicines will be done more and life will become
is closed' the process of protecting body from diseases stops. short.
Mental human by not knowing, spoils his conditions. According to Ayurveda it does not give permission to eat
First sacrific, than enjoy. As non-veg is not proper diet so its digestion will not be
❁ Get happiness by giving happiness to others. Remove mis- proper. By this it is deposited slowly slowly in form of latrine
eries by taking miseries of other. and remains in and spoiled. If anything remains for a longer
period it spoils. Mutton spoils head breaking smell will pro-
❁ Human body is not for indulgence, it is for union with the
duce like gas/air/vomit.
Now this spoiled mutton's taste will changed and it becomes
❁ Ego (.I.) be removed pity on others. possession (..My..My.) sour. Means remaining for a longer period will produce acid
can be remove by giving. in that. This acid is very dangerous. This is only vomit.
❁ I.and, My. is illusion, which keeps us away from the God. By this remained mutton will become sticky. Saying it mucus
❁ By setting aside,,I.and,,My,,we can have union with the God. it is called cough. By this, from mutton vomit and cough is
born. Vomit and cough gives birth to disease. Like this mutton
is disease inviter.
FOOD INSPECTION 2) Secondly we can see that vegetarian person is also not
disease free. He is also surrounding with dangerous dis-
In comparison of human world the five eases suffered by non-veg person. But how??
exact differences came across us about the We have seen before that difference between the diet of her
food inspection of the world of herbivorous bayous animals and vegetarian person that animals eat natu-
animals. By examine, by inspecting that, do ral food like leaves, flowers, fruits and water. They don't eat
this differences are the reasons of disease? cooked food or they don't add pepper and other spices in their
Do these differences keep the animals food. So it is cleared that everything is spoiled by cooking. We
healthy? should examine that really it is true or not. For these,
221 New Diet System New Diet System 222
1) What we eat by cooking we should eat it without cooking and Dead food does not exhaust speedy and sticks everywhere.
check its causes. For example we eat bitter guard or soup Because of that it is deposited there for longer period. We know it
cooked; we should eat it without cooked or drink its juice very well that anything which remains for longer period spoils and
unripe. Same is true for SARAGWA.. because of produce of spoiling it generates gas, acid, stickiness.
Same for spinach, Methi and potato and sweet potato That is; vomit and cough are invite diseases. By these cooked food
etc…consumed cooked and without cooked and to check its makes us ill.
causes. We can see that.. We can also prove it that food becomes dead after cooking
by this way:-
Cooked food after eating it feels heavy in stomach and for
longer period it will feel heavy and we will think that instead of Any seed (serials, pulses etc..) grow as it is. Now fry roast or
it was better not to eat. It will feel like lead is poured down into boil it and grow it in the same manner. Cooked seeds will not grow,
our stomach.7 while uncooked will grow fully like crop or tree. It shows that by
cooking seed its live content dies.
If we eat these things uncooked or drink its juice experience
Because of liveliness in uncooked food on its own grown,
would be different. It will not feel heavy. And in two to three hours
stomach would be emptied, more stamina and freshness. Hence Because of that no load is in live energy. Because of that energy,
stamina and freshness is felt. While it doesn't sticks anywhere. It will
we feel light.
also clean the stickled one. By this walls of stomach and small-
By eating more we feel constipated but eating without cooked large intestines will be cleaned and other organs will work smoothly
stomach will be cleared and how many times we will eat that many and there will be no constipation. By this, uncooked food will keep
times we will go for latrine. While eating cooked food very hardly us disease free, and for that we will not have to do other tries.
we'll go for one time.
By eating more we feel constipated but eating without cooked
This experience happens. But why it happens by thinking this it stomach will be cleared and how many times we will eat that many
will come to know that cooked food's temperature would be 100 times we will go for latrine. While eating cooked food very hardly
degree C. or more. By cooking in this much temperature all its we'll go for one time.
vitamins, portions and tastes burns. Said that discarded. So, cooked This experience happens. But why it happens by thinking this
food is dead food. It becomes dead food. And it cannot work by itself. it will come to know that cooked food's temperature would be 100
It cannot move a little. By this dead food stomach becomes heavier degree C. or more. By cooking in this much temperature all its
because there is no any movement. There is no liveliness, energy vitamins, portions and tastes burns. Said that discarded. So, cooked
and movement. Now it can be moved by live energy from one place food is dead food. It becomes dead food. And it cannot work by
to another. That's why stomach feels heavier for longer period and itself. It cannot move a little. By this dead food stomach becomes
energy is wasted. Because of that laziness, unenergetic and suffo- heavier because there is no any movement. There is no liveliness,
cation is felt. As it is in paste form, wherever it passes it is stick in little energy and movement. Now it can be moved by live energy from
amount. If there is any hole it fills it. Or if there are hairs it sticks to it one place to another. That's why stomach feels heavier for longer
and stops its movement. So it causes constipation. Because of waste period and energy is wasted. Because of that laziness, unenergetic
of energy, unenergetic, suffocation and oldness comes earlier.Young- and suffocation is felt. As it is in paste form, wherever it passes it is
est is shortened and surrounded with disease. stick in little amount. If there is any hole it fills it. Or if there are hairs
Naturally question arises that in Ayurveda, vomiting and it sticks to it and stops its movement. So it causes constipation.
cough is responsible for disease. But vomit and cough produces Because of waste of energy, unenergetic, suffocation and oldness
here? Let's check it also. comes earlier. Youngest is shortened and surrounded with disease.
223 New Diet System New Diet System 224
Naturally question arises that in Ayurveda, vomiting and Stop eating cooked food for only two month, eat raw food and show
cough is responsible for disease. But vomit and cough produces result. There is no change for doing argument, doubt, or put
here? Let's check it also. validation of science or religion. Validation will be right or wrong.
Dead food does not exhaust speedy and sticks everywhere. Whereas reality is the fact which has no relation with validation. So do
Because of that it is deposited there for longer period. We know it experiment through spirit for knowing true and getting true with open
very well that anything which remains for longer period spoils and mind. Result will be show that what is really right? What is wrong?
because of produce of spoiling it generates gas, acid, stickiness. Now in real mean vegetarian are count as vegetarian and
That is; vomit and cough are invite diseases. By these cooked food being fully healthy.
makes us ill. (3) Milk : In which manner experience will occur in that manner it
We can also prove it that food becomes dead after cooking clearly understand that society is unknown for milk manner,
by this way:- is blind, is uneducated, and is crazy. Also my condition was
Any seed (serials, pulses etc..) grow as it is. Now fry roast or same before fifteen year.
boil it and grow it in the same manner. Cooked seeds will not grow, For milk manner describable written in "Blucher".
while uncooked will grow fully like crop or tree. It shows that by
(4) About water whole world is mad. I am also. According to
cooking seed its live content dies.
description in AYURVED (homeopathy)
Because of liveliness in uncooked food on its own grown,
Because of that no load is in live energy. Because of that energy, About drinking of water and its various methods, I drunk 7-8
stamina and freshness is felt. While it doesn't sticks anywhere. It glass of the water in early morning and drinking so much water
will also clean the stickled one. By this walls of stomach and small- during the whole day. In eating, I also eat in over limit. By eating
large intestines will be cleaned and other organs will work smoothly more we get more memory and take proud of it. Also try to explain
and there will be no constipation. By this, uncooked food will keep that stomach is powerful. So we are eating more and convince
us disease free, and for that we will not have to do other tries. other also to eat more and more, but when understand that god
have made wonderful automatic machine which try to take water
This thing will be also understand as second manner. Any
when need it and if need of food then it produce hungriness. Eating
item we eat like grain, pulses, vegetable, etc are put same as and
without hunger and thirst is west and "anything in excess is poison"
cooked it after take a small part. Means burn, shoe, or spoil and
so with, try to stop unwanted drinking of water and eating of food,
put it. Now seeing both. Cooked food is polluted quickly-How we
energy level of body increase and become healthy with freshness.
decided it is polluted?
This type of the experiment is taken over many people and all
It smells than it be made bad odour. It shows that gas is
result is good. So what is reality about it is become firm.
produce in it. It is "wind".
More water is also responsible for the producing of the
Its tasting that it be made tasteless. It shows that acid is
unwanted gas in body. By this so many disease is cause. So by
produce in it. It is "irrigated crop".
eating more food and which remains in body and produce acids
It is touching than it looks like oily.
and gases, which responsible for disease.
Thus, if we cook food than in short time
(5) Above from1 to 4 we have see condition of not becoming sick.
"wind", "irrigated crop", "rheum" will be made in it
automatically and "wind", "irrigated crop", "rheum" Thus, conclusion of the whole story is that to remain away
will be responsible for being disease. So cooked from all sickness and disease, human must have to eat leaves,
food is responsible for disease it's proved. fruits flowers and water and which also in way which are available
In spite of still if mind does not believe, than do experiment. in nature- not by cooking it.
225 New Diet System New Diet System 226
But, to say this thing is easy, but very difficult to put in
exclusion. So we also eat cooked food. We eat milk-butter also and Method of Taking Meals
remain away from disease and various method of eating food.
Routinemeals Best meals Friendly meals
According to it we have write about it at last part of this book.
To remain healthy is not only last aim of human in life. In routine Tea/ water Nothing Nothing
Also we have not west human body by all luxuries. God have life(any
been made wonderful human body and we have to use it in time)
real meaning. Through this there is no value of all below things.
For this human have not become outward but become interwar In Tea/ snakes/ Nothing Nothing
and find what actually he/she is. Interwar is more valuable, larger morning water
that outward. By getting this we get god. Strong desire toward
the getting god is make path for becoming it. God provide energy, In Chapatti/ rice/ Leaves and Leaves and
understanding and guide to them. If need guide, god come as afternoon vegetable/ fruits without fruits without
guidance and give right path. grains/ pickles/ cooking or fried cooking or fried
Which are raw foods for eating? (balanced meal)
Carrot, Cucumber, tomatoes,
cabbage, leaves of carrot, leaves of beat, In Light breakfast Nothing Breakfasts of
galka, dudhi, turiya, ladyfinger, bringal, evening fruits
potato, banana, palak, Mathieu, In night Bread/ cocktail/ Roots & fruits Bread/
Coriander etc.. all vegetables and all
kadhi/ milk/ without cooking rice/cocktail/
leaves of fruits and all fruits which are without cooking it as avail-
able in nature. Various type of salad and milky tree from which we water( more and water vegetable/milk/
can make milk, juice, ice-creams etc..Which are made at home? beans & grain buttermilk/
For guidance our recipe book is also available. Also fruits and pickle/ water
vegetable are grown though chemical pesticides are harmful for (less beans and
health. Green corn, fresh grains are also eatable.
grain more
• New Diet System • Rog Nivaran
results It cause disease, Healthy, capable, Healthy in
Navi Vichardhara • Sanka Samadhan
Sanka Samadhan Bhag - 3 incapacity, happy, fearless, limitation,
Bhojan Pratha ma Saral Parivatan (Recipe) shock, fear Sad, lovable, and capable, lovable
Gagar Ma Sagar (Gift Book) decrement in age long age and long age
Prakrutik Apkav Ahar Se Nirogi Jivan (Hindi)
Bhojan Pratha ma Saral Parivatan (Hindi) This is the system for a healthy to remain healthy. Diseased
have to take care additionally which is explained into "RogNivaran"
Sukha ni Sodh (Hindi)
227 New Diet System New Diet System 228
DON'T WAIT So, we have to wake up earlier - everyone. From small
children to old men.All Asiatic and sciatic.Which one who have
To accept the every changes in life if not easy to every to live healthy life. Otherwise time is not waiting for anyone.
person. Some which are accepting change in life when they need One example of this in Rajkot, one woman have diabetes, BP,
it, and large numbers of the people are not ready for accept and also so many disease from long time, which can be removed
the change. Few numbers of the peoples, which are accept the from the acceptance of the new method of meals in short time.
change in life by themselves. But such type of the peoples and There is a positive increment in energy, freshness and body
accept the change and make a part of life. Now change are power. So she tying to understand her husband to accept the
not minutes by this peoples and they are not ready for minutes new method of the meals and she accept it. But her husband
it. So such type of the people becomes inspirer for other peoples. can't understand what she saying and he suffered heart attack
So many of them, which have accept new meals method but and died from this. We have seen so many case of such type.
they are not ready to accept it. So it likes burden for him. As That's why we are convincing to everyone that don't wait for
become healthy, they leave the new methods of meals like disease, wake up with time and accept it. Really it is wonderful
medicine doze and start to fall in the harmful meals method. thing and priceless. Without experience it is too, difficult to
Mentality of everyone can be understood from this. In home, understand. So what happened if we try it for 4-5 month for
one person which is suffering from the disease from the long experiment?.
time, which have made all try to recur them but till sick, this
person can become free from disease in short time by accepting That's why we say,
the new method of meals, free from medicines, by understanding
the reality they try to give awareness about the new method "ya home karinepado, fatehchhe age"
of meals to other member of the house and person which are "himmatemarda to madadekhuda"
in contact with them about how's feel after employing the new
methods meals. But disappointing is that, there are few people Those one goes on this path at a once the ultimately find
to listen them. Most of the people are not taking attention toward new path. They will understand their own mistakes and capable
that and leave it and said that if you have problem then you to understand that whole world is going to wrong path.
do it we dont have. We have not small disease in nail then why Then after he tries to make her own life happy. Now all the
we do it? They don't know that disease is not happen in short luxury of world cannot change their mentality. Now they remove
period. By the way all disease is born in all human body and all type of measurement of 'I' and 'ME' and understanding the
then growing up. Only not shown outside. And when it shown truth. Now he was not mad after his position, power and money
outside then its too, late for it. So many are paralyzed or heart but only mad after achieving the god. They get relief from all
attack. Thus those are the wise people which are not wait for luxury and become pure soul. They do not have any type of
disease and also if we know right path then we have to follow desire to getting luxury. New methods of meal are gateway of
without wait. achieving god. Then after everyone can achieve their own goal
as her own way.
"shubashyashidhram" no wait In work of religion
So, our wise is that take this thing in mind from today and
"jagyatyarthisawar" , "moduetlumonghu"
try to getting the path toward the getting god. This all is not
"aajkare so ab" understandable to you right now but surly it understandable in
"prevention is better than cure" future.
229 New Diet System New Diet System 230
THE LIST OF EXEMPLARY BENEFICIARIES 8. Mr. Keshsvji Dhoriyani-Morbi-9727113144
Benefits in all of 30 year old Acidity, Constipation, disease of
1. Sarojben B. Chauhan - Amreli - (02792)226869 - 40 year old urine, Intolerable pain from heat.
Migraine Cured, Many years old Acidity Cured. Doctor sure
9. Mr. H. Y. Savant - Vadodara - (265) 2353324
about Pain of Joints not be cured because of arthritis, which
is removed permanent in few days. Diabetes, B. P. and many more pain removes. At 70 year of
age work like young man. Many benefits for Wife and
2. Mr. Ravjibhai Valjibhai Chauhan - Mumbai - 9323030824. daughter also. Daughter's white Scar removed. Darshnaben-
In end of December 2012 checkup to doctor because of 3 98254 30116
days pain of chest. Doctor give the medicine and checkup all 10. Mr. Lalitbhai Parikh - Vadodara - (0265)2252546
the test of body, but no benefit is shown. So Doctor tell about
Weight loss, power-Energy increased benefits in Frequently
angiography. After angiography 7 blockage of vane is shown.
Problem of stones.
So doctor advise emergency to bypass. I told Big brother Mr.
B.V. Chauhan about all detail on telephone. As per their 11. Mr. P. B. Patel - Vadodara G.E.B.(2065)-2344139
advice I started Grapes and Juice Of grapes for 1 month. On Hemorrhoids removed only in one week. Weight loss, power-
second month Green leaves, Juice etc. energy increased. Rescue from medicine. Cervical Spondelytis
B.P., Cholesterol, Sonography all are normal. Despite of wish
of many people I dint perform angiography, because I think 12. Mr. Anilbhai K. Thakkr - Builder - Vadodara(0265)2335409
don't need of it. Pain of Headache removed. Increased in memory and weight
loss. Power-energy increased. Get the right way to leave life.
3. Mr. N. M. Khambhayta. -Vadodara-9426074600
Also weight loss of wife Dakshaben, Power-energy increased,
Pain of waist and knee are removed only in 6 month. Wight increase in mental peace, Miraculous benefits in gynec prob-
loss about 30 kg.Thyroid become Normal. lem, not to Elicit yurts.
4. Nehaben Dave-london-020890 35900, 078599 02380 13. Puspaben T. Nandani - Ratanpar - 9978550392
Empty frost of Hand-leg closed. Pain of shoulder and waist is Full benefits in 3 year goiter, thyroid, Acidity, High B.P.,
removed. Diabetes, Hemoglobin and Deficiency of Calcium. Acidity
removed only in 4 days. Weight loss 25kg. Power-energy
5. Daneshvariben - Vadodara - (0265)2330769,9428767128 increased, skin become beautiful. Brightness of eye increased.
One year lacerative colitis pain of intestine removed. Have Sleep is good.
power, energy and weight increased. There are many body 14. Mr. P.V. Kholia (0288) 2568780 Jamnagar.
and mental related benefits.
Not to do bypass surgery. Four vane 70% to 100% closed
Migraine and Haemorrhoids removed. which is open.
6. ModiRatilalChunilal-Mehsana-94276 84488 15. Hamirbahi Mer (Bhanvad, Ta .Di. Jamanagr)
Many year old diabetes, thyroid, T.B. removed, weight loss,
Tea being loose. In only seven days, B.P., Diabetes gone.
Power-energy increased. Negative trend decrease. Incred-
Cholesterol improved.
ible change in mental peace. Wife's many years Old arthritis
7. Bavarva Narsighbhai Shivabahai-Morbi-99256 74264 removed. Son's many year old breath problem allergies
Problem of Both hand, neck removed. removed. Everyone do physical Work in the fields.
231 New Diet System New Diet System 232
16. Bhayabhai Jethabhai Keshvala - Jamnagar-9824513033 Many year old serious Acidity are gone in only few days.
Weight decreased, pain of knee removed, Diabetes gone. All Anger decreased. Wife have freedom from allergic Asthma.
members have physical and mental benefits.
23. Savitaben Gopal Kataria - Aadipur kutcch - 9979000191
17. Mr. Narendrabhai Kavi - Anand-9375011915 Only in 15 days pain of serious headache gone. Monthly
Without any important/special Treatment/remedy only use in 5000/- rs of medicine is closed.
new eating process eye number is automatic gone. 24. Sahnaz M. Kureshi - Gandhidham (Kutch) - 9825315133
Renewed vision.
Only in 2 months B.P., pain of joints, headache, and pain of
18. Maheshkumar Chunilal Modi - Radhanpur - 9825999178 knee become normal. Weight become 100 to 80 kg.
Diabetes, B.P., Stones, Hand to block, Leg become slow, 25. Mr. P.J. Patel -bharuch-02642-248275
Itching on skin, Acidity, 3000/-cost of medicine behind on Weight increased, Restlessness decreased Power-energy
Constipation is closed. All disease are eliminated. increased, mental peace increased, and Life has precious
19. Mahendra Singh Manuji Chavda - Director of Dudhsagar change.
dairy mahesana, Bilodra (Gandhinagar) 7874676729 Only examples of cases are given here. Else many people
Only in 20 days insulin injection are closed but diabetes have benefits in all disease. Medicines are lost for always.
report is normal. Wife's knee pain removed and 9 kg weight Those who are left eating they are able to eating. The fact is
decreased (only in 20 days).Daughter in law have also that change in people's life is incredible.
removed high Acidity and 13 kg weight decreased. The 26. Hamidaben bhatti - Bhuj (Kutch) - 9409475592
original of diseases "Milk" that understand over this.
Only in 2 months B.P., pain of joints, headache, and pain of
20. Abdul Kadar S. Khatri - Anjar (Kutchh) - 9112045564 knee become normal. Weight becomes 100 to 87 kg.
Acidity, Constipation, Heart Problem, B.P, knee problem, 27. Mr. Vitthalbhai Panchani - Rajkot - 9879964411.
Broadcasting knot problem all are removed. Both lag have Ball of Eluded bones broken in accident which Temporary
stones which is completely removed. Executed. Then information given as If duplicate ball not
21. Mrs. Chandrikaben Chudasma-Junagadh-Teacher- inserted then it's not possible. Climbed the girnar also. Power-
9427184997 energy increased. Few stage work skill improved. Progress
in Spiritual way.
Covered by many disease and all type of medicines to body
28. Mrs. Chandrikaben V. Panchani-(0281)2332422
but despite of removed they are increased on the stage of
suicide. Their all disease is removed. Husband's weight also Cancer of thyroid gone. They check-up from last 6 year but
decreased, power-energy increased. Mental peace increased, reports are normal. Now no problem in body.
daughter khusbu have benefits in education. The way of live 29. Mr. Nitin V. Panchani-rajkot-98252 24020By making the com-
life of all is changed. promise with wife, they both become healthy. They get relief
22. Mr. S.R. Sitaoara - (Retired main engineer, PGVCL) from all pain. During the pregnancy no need of medicine still
9 months. No deficiency of Calcium and iron was found. Not
- Rajkot - 9978992932 decrease concentration of Hemoglobin. Normal child deliv-
233 New Diet System New Diet System 234
ery and mother are healthy .today two years was gone but 35. Dipikaben Sureshbhai Parmar, Gandhinagar Mo. 9327078707
child have not taken any types of medicine and also mother. Within the 2 month they get relief from long time disease like
Not given any types of milk like cow-buffalo-got. When child thyroid, BP, cholesterol and now all report are normal.
ask for food given him a raw food and vegetable and cooked
food in night. Satisfaction in all type of the child growth. 36. Bhanubhai Dalal, Manavadar Mo. (02874)222144,
9825021775, 9228876224
30. Mr. Mahendrabhai Dhanjibhai Patel - Mob.: 9825128298
Now they are totally free from dangerous disease of heart.
They get relief from all type of the pain. Weight is lost and
They do not take any type of medicines. Weight is balanced
now balanced. Feel freshness and energy. His wife also gets
now. They feel freshness, energy and positive power in his
lots of advantage.
31. Mr. Kanubhai D. Patel - Vadodara Mo. 9824184855
37. Mr. Ramjibhai Manjibhai Thummar, Bhesan Mo. 9426442790
Weight is reduced and balanced. Increase freshness and
energy and power. Bad or good thing cannot change her They feel healthy life from lots of pain of body, mental
mentality. Belief toward god is become stronger. They got harassment and so many diseases. More and more time are
right way to live life. That's why today they remain always given in god and toward his family. Their two child of general
happy. category pick up 90 % in 12th and take admission in medical
32. A. Y. Bhatti (civil engineer) Bhuj (Kutch) Mo. 9427319613 and computer engineering.
From long time suffering from the back and spinal cord pain, 38. Dr. Pansuriya Sir (M.S.) Junagadh Mo. 0285-2629301
joint pain, urine problem, sleeping problem, allergy, and
They get relief from all type of body pain and feeling relax.
weakness. They get relief from all such pain and problems.
By accepting this method to whole family, they get relief
Well known person Mr. Kasambhai Ilisiya, they get relief from and feel healthy life. They give advice to those people
the diabetes which come to them and give advice them to accept this
33. Pratapbhai P. Chauhan - Rajkot Mo. 9998954665 things.
Now weight is reduced and become balanced. They are 39. Dr. Sureshbhai Uziya Sir(eye surgeon) Junagadh 0281-
capable to live 111 hours without eating and water. They 2630181
takeout child problem. After birth of single daughter and
taking so many medicine and medical still not get child, but Same as they got so many advantage like Dr. Pansuriya Sir
after getting it they got two child one girl and one boy. They and now doing same work.
feed them only mother milk not else. They eat raw food 40. T.B. Limbani (retired officer), Gondal Mo. 9426165400
whole day and cooked food at only night. By this mental and
body grow up is balanced. Heavy weight reduced and balanced now. They get relief
from the mental disease. Get wonderful result in the all
34. Mr. Maheshbhai Mahadevbhai Malavadiya - Morbi
disease. So he tries to spread this thing around them.
Mob.: 9426712798, 02822-230546
41. Mrs. Vinitaben S. Sitapara, Rajkot 0281-2577976
Doing lots of effort to remove joint pain but not remove.
She gets relief from allergy and other disease and now
Make so many fast and take care in food. Now they are free
feeling healthy. They did not require any type of medicines.
from all pain and live healthy life.
235 New Diet System New Diet System 236
42. Mr. Dipakbhai Dhiya ,Junagadh Mo. 9426442550 47. Mr. Khodabhai , (Devaliyavala)
They do so many treatment of ulcerative colitis but cannot Surat B-51, samtal society, near hirabag, varsa road, surat.
get relief from it. They do so many medicine and treatment.
Doing this, they get relief and not required any medicine for They suffer from the disease and have to do bypass surgery
it. Now, their life is healthy. and treatment but using third method they have not required
of bypass surgery and fee healthy
43. Gorad Sushilaben Gangajibhai, Junagadh 0285- 2620517,
48. Getaben Natvarlal- Bavla , Mo. 9409393194
Within one week they get relief from the stomach of last 40
Shoulder pain, joint pain, and continuous body pain, not
proper sleep at night, they take all type of the treatment from
high qualified Doctors. Dental problem and bleeding from the 49. Jogidas T. Vyas- Amreli Phone. 02792- 226999 Age-66
mouth. So many chapping in feet and bleeding from this. year retired dresser
From this disease they lost interest from life. Get relief from the body and join pain within the one month.
But by accepting new method of meals, they get drastic His eye sight is become fair and feels healthy. Now they
change in the life and get relief from all disease within 20 feeling the freshness and positive energy in body.
days. They got new life. 50. Apurv Patel - Canada, age-32, 001-416-749-2422
44. Lataben Navinchandra Thakkar, Bhabhar Mo. 9408945789 Weight lost and balanced, get relief from finger joint and
other joint pain.
They got relief from the diabetes, acidity, headache of last 18
year in just 1 month. 51. Akshay S. Patel -Toronto Canada, age-37
45. Mandaben Sorathiya, Junagadh Mo. 9429772732 They got relief from the gasses, acidity, micro grain, mental
Lots of try to reducing the weight. But from this they get relief
52. Urmilaben Patel - Canada
from it for only short periods and then after some time they
feel same like as before. Shoulder pain, joint pain, and Loose body weight and relief from the high BP, thyroid, and
continuous body pain, not proper sleep at night; they take all headache of the mind.
type of the treatment from high qualified Doctors. Lots of 53. Jayantibhai B. Chhatrola - Amreli, Mo. 9909522174
effort level of hemoglobin is 7.5 % Since last 18 years and
Untreated disease like Cholesterol which can be remove and
which not increase. But accepting these methods they get
now feeling the freshness and positive energy in body and
relief from this problem and his hemoglobin level increase at
complete healthy
10.5%. His body get positive energy, freshness and more
power. Now free from all disease and problems. 54. Bhagavanji B. Sayani Age- 71 year, Rajkot 0281- 3239298
46. Mr. Rajubhai - Surat Mo. 9374333944, 9824321516 He get relief from the as last long disease like BP from last 10
years, diabetes from 40 year, cough from 16 years, and joint
Their lever is stretched and remains only 7% of original. And pain from 20 year and urine problem in just 4 month.
also 7 mm stone produce in lever. According to Doctor, they
have to replace his lever. By lot of effort his stone size reduce 55. Popatbhai Valjibhai, Rajkot Mo.-9898814404
and become 3 mm and finally get out from body and get They got relief from all type of the body problem. They are
relief from the lever problem. capable to doing the more work than labour at 76 years. Get
237 New Diet System New Diet System 238
relief from the dangerous urine problem without any Get relief from the migraine, stomach problem, acidity of 40
operation. year old in short time. They also get relief from joint pain. Also
remove the stone inside liver and BP problem.
56. Lajrani Raghurayji Zamb - Surat 0261-2665122
64. Bharatbhai Mohanbhai Tank - Surat Mo.- 9879038200
Reduce weight of the 12Kg within the 5 month. Problem of
mouth ulcer can also relief. They get relief from all body pain. According to suggestion of doctors, he has to do three
surgical operations of the intestines, but by this methods and
57. Raghunath rayji Zamb, Surat, Mo.-9824550856 rules they get complete relief from the all such problem
They got relief from the all body type and also reduce the without taking the medicines.
wait and now it balanced. 65. Hareshbhai Jamnadas Vekariya - Sub Engineer PGVCL-
58. Dudharejiya Jitendrabhai P. (Teacher) Age- 33 year, Rajkot, Mo.- 9825614705
Mo.-9429795153 After doing the operation of the angioplasty, they have nec-
Reduce weight of 12 Kg in the two month. Increase the mind essary to do bypass surgery, but they got relief from this in
power. They get relief from the all tension and increase mind just two month. Weight reduced to 55 Kg from 75 Kg and now
power and feel healthy life. it become constant of 65 Kg.

59. Anjanaben J. Dudharejiya Age-28, Mo.- 9428698495 66. Dr. V. J. Sureja - Bantava, Dist.-Junagadh, Mo.- 9879717610,
They get relief from the migraine. Reduce their weight of
11 Kg in two month. They get relief from the pain They get relief from the long term acidity problem in just four
during the maturation periods. Get relief from the spinal days. All body pain and joint pain are removed. Weight is
cord pain. decreased and balanced now. Increase in concentration,
freshness, energy and positive power in body.
60. Manshukhbhai Talaviya - Amreli, Phone -02792-224532
67. Mr. Hitesh M. Rathod - Veraval, Mo.-9924694969
They get relief from joint pain and spinal cord pain since of
35 years. They got relief from the ditherier, migraine, and other
stomach related disease.
61. Dilipbhai M. Tank -Rajkot, Mo.-9998993076, age-46
68. Kapilaben Sakariya -Junagadh , Phone-0285-2627690
They feel free from the all disease like diabetes, migraine,
Alacrities, calestorites and other disease are recovered and
cough, acidity problem and other day to day problem in small
living healthy life.
69. Bhagsinh Bedi - Ahmedabad, Mo.-9924621343
62. Mr. Rajhans Jain - Ahmedabad, age -57 year , Mo. -
9427615833 They see change in health of her wife child and in
themselves; also her wife got new black and silky hair.
Get relief from the diabetes, they reduce the weight from 80
Kg to 69 Kg. their wife also get relief from bone and joint pain. 70. Mr. D.P. Virani -Principal, Arts-Science Collage Amreli,
63. Mahendra kumar Bosamiya - Bhavnagar, Diabetes is gone away and feels energy, freshness and
Mo.- 9427456755 Age-52 positive power inside body.
239 New Diet System New Diet System 240
71. Bharatbhai Teraiya- Rajkot, Mo.- 9426255251 79. Hitesh Patel - 14 Vadodara ,Mo.- 9408150181
High blood pressure problem is now removed and feel Get relief from the BP and cough which is suffering from the
normal. His body weight is balanced and freshness and long time and get relief from acidity problem in first day.
energy comes in their body.
80. Mara Ben- Parulben- Himatnagar
72. Mohanbhai Jethadas Patel - Vasai, Mo.- 9428849093
She gets relief from the disease related to respiratory
There is drastic change in weight of 17 Kg and get relief from system within only 20 days.
the diabetes.
81. Mukeshbhai Patel - Modasa, Mo.- 909994599
73. Bhajanlal Kimtani -Bhavnagar Age-64 year,
He have eye sight problem from age, when he was a 10 year
Phone-0278-2522221 old, which is removed from root and get proper eye sight
within 1 month.
Weight lose and get advantage at mental, body and many
other step. 82. K.G. Patel - Ahmadabad, Mo.- 9925139373

74. Piyush Arvindbhai Patel - Surat Age-17 ,mo.- 9898615018 Get relief from the high BP problem and maintained it normal
level. His wife suffering from the low BP problem, she gets
Get relief from the psoraisis. relief from it and joint pain.
75. Rambhai V. Desai- Ahmedabad, Mo.- 9426611616 83. Bharat B. Patel - Ahmadabad , Mo.- 9998396265
They get relief from the stretches in bottom of leg during the Feeling free from the many problems like gas, acidity, low BP,
winter and skin become smooth and shiny. Development of feeling uncomfortable, diabetes, cough, spinal cord
body language and spirit. problem, circulation of the gas in mind, depression, and level
76. Arvindbhai Madhavlal Kapdi - Dantivada, Mo.- 9979744873 of hemoglobin increase up to 13.8% from the 11%.

Weight loses, BP problem, diabetes, nightmare, and many 84. Dayalbhai V. Matani -Ahmadabad,
problems removed. Whole family gets advantage of it and Mo.- 9904473937 Age- 66 years
lives their healthy life. Many people come in contact with him
also get benefits of it. Take medicine from since last 66 years, also done 4 different
operations. At last she have to take medicine of 2000 Rs./
77. Patel Mangalbhai Kalidas - Ahmedabad, Mo.- 9825413422 month. From this body health problem, she has thought
Within 3 month reduce weight of 15 Kg and relief from the about to doing suicide.
joint pain. Mental disorder, anger, no proper sleep, near and far eye
sight problem, problem of mouth ulcer and dental problem
78. Hasmukhbhai M. Patel -Surat, Mo.- 9824361790
and bleeding from mouth, bad smell from mouth, stomach
Loss weight from 70 Kg to 54 Kg and balanced it. Hemoglo- pain, urine problem, respiration problem and do bypass
bin which always remains 9 to 10 % but not it maintained at surgery. Total expenditure of operation is 2 Lacks. She
level of the 14 %. They get relief from the BP, diabetes; understands herself as live dead body. Such types of all
hemoglobin, allergy, and body pain which within 4-5 month. problems are removed within the short periods.
241 New Diet System New Diet System 242
85. Kanchanben Chunibhai Dadhaniya -Thana Pipali, 92. Mohanbhai Veljibhai Jethva - Rajula. 99782 26150
Mo.- 9727211212 Cured from eight years old diabetes, get mental peace.
Get relief from the neck pain, stomach problem, spinal cord 93. Savitaben Mohanbhai Jethva - Rajula. 99782 26150
pain and acidity.
Relief in High blood pressure problem (six year old).
86. Kiritbhai H. Patel -Ahmadabad, Mo.- 9428812975
94. Rajubhai Bhimjibhai Sarvaiya - Mumbai. 98923 18116
Diabetes problem of last 5 years is just short periods of time.
Relief in high blood pressure, diabetes, cured in asthma and
Problem of blockage of blood vessel are removed.
cough, relief in acidity, weight loss, energy in the body, cured
87. Gajjar Bina Girishbhai - Anjar (Kutch), Mo.- 9825313080 in fracture in leg occurred in accident in a Miraculous way.
7 year old problem of the spinal cord, depression, acidity, 95. Bhupendra Kumar Hemnani - Electric engineer, Vadodara -
cold such all problem are reduced and 70 % change are 94287 67128
found in health. Doctor suggest them to do spinal cord
problem and by it, may be suffered from coma, but without Cured in Constipation, Smell of perspiration going away,
decreased in extra weight, Cold problem going away, in-
operation they get change and now live healthy life.
crease in capacity power and freshness.
88. Bhavnaben Devshibhai Odedara -Junagadh,
96. Shankit Jayantilal Madhwana - Mumbai. 97022 57743
Increased 4 kg.weight in only two and half month, problem of
They get relief from the headache problem. "Navi Bhojan unbalance in walking is now walked by him, improved in
Pratha learning, memory power increased.
After got very much advantage, now devoted in this "SEVA". 97. Tathapi J. Uchhat-Junagadh. (0285) 2625661
89. Ranjanben H. Kacha -Rajkot (0281)2563296 A.12 year terrible migrations remove. Become clever in study.
Remove heart related problems, weight loss, increase in In std. 7 get 97% marks. Win gold medal in karate national
capacity power and freshness, anger decreased, increase championship. Got first rank in swimming at Junagadh level.
peace of mind. Same as many benefits have.
90. Miraben K. Thakkar - Anjar (Kutch) - 98248 78389 Father Janakbhai lost weight 90 kg to 60 kg. Have Spiritual
gains and many un-describable benefits.
Lumbar pain, difficulty in period, headache, and kidney
sufferers from childhood (advice of five super specialist 98. Nathabhai Bhayabhai Sejpal- liliyamota, Di. Amreli (02793)
doctors) however it was not cured by operation, cured only in 236887
five month. Old thyroid removed. Extra 20 kg weight loss. Because of
91. Anilbhai P. Chauhan - Mumbai. 98205 22007 control on body and mind brain become quiet and worship
done by good way. New life got.
Extreme cold, headaches and lumbar pain, hair loss among
all these benefited, anger decrease, power increase, serious 99. Kodrani Madhuben Jerambhai - Anjar (kutchh)- 942643030
dermatology "herpes" was cured without any treatment and Weight loss 35 kg and become 100 kg. Pain of brain and
medicine in short time. knee, gas, acidity removed.
243 New Diet System New Diet System 244
100. Indiraben Vadhvani - Ulhasnagar, Thane (Maharashtra) 105. Mrs. Lilaben Vitthalbhai Goti - Bhavnagar (0278) 2521438
9370141378, (0251) 2709814
18 year old saytika, on edge of suicide because of 3 month
20 year old Diabetes at level 400 in spite of by taking the pain of joints and bed life. Weight become 80 kg. Which only
medicine. At First day by closing the medicine and take daily in 3 month 80% of benefits. Weight 52 kg, body become
one glass of sugarcane juice , 15 to 20 sugarcane, 2 to 3 normal like flower. Real enjoy of living of life. Volunteerism
banana, 2 to 4 sapota etc. but in only 15 days become 160. highly increased. Start to continue do own work by self.
Also B.P. becomes low at level 170-180 to 120-80. In only 15
days also hemoglobin increased 8.75 to 13.80. Power-En- 106. Dakshaben Pareshbhai Patel - Anjar (Kutch)-7567790470.
ergy increased. Laziness removes and also has a good In only 3 months many year old migraine gone. 70%benefits
sleep. in pain of waist. Baba's Permanent cold gone.
101. Mohanlal A. Advani - Bhavnagar. (0278) 2561571, 94287
107. Premjibahi Maganbhai Patel - Bayad (Di. Sabarkantha)
(02779) 222165, 222982
Diabetes, B.P., Pain of knee, Constipation removed.
Diabetes gone. Body stay very hot which is normal, Itching is
Have a good sleep, Internal and external energy of body
gone, pain of leg removed and have nice sleep.
increased. Revenge spirit decreased. Concentration and love
on high level, Enthusiasm of work increased. Zeal of life 108. Manohar H. Goplani- Bhavnagar. 9825890098
living and Enthusiasm increased. Breathe speed become
8 year old muscular pain of waist, hotness of belly, fisher etc
normal. Age become very long which have no guaranty. Life
removed only in 3 months. Weight loss.
is change. Enjoy and enjoy. Have a trust that this enjoy will
remain all-time. 109. Mitesh Nandpal- Viramgam. Age 15 year. Height 5 foot.
102. Chandrakant B. Kimtani- (0278) 2523269 Weight 75 kg.
Diabetes which is 230 to 400 becomes 107 in only 15 days. 20 kg weight loss in 3.5 months. Constipation gone.
Now can eat juice of sugarcane, mango, banana, Date etc.
110. Sandipkumar Arvindray Gushtagara. - Bhavnagar,
103. Hirabhai Bhovanbhai Patel - Jamnagar. 9924602751 9428784706
In 3 days Only 50 years old Acidity removed. Weight be-
Weight loss 94 to 80 kg in 6 months. Medicine closed. Power-
comes loss 12 kg in 2 months. Diabetes becomes 378 to 133
energy increased. Scare of death because of bypass surgery
which is no change in last 10 years. Have a taste of juice of
which is now gone. Liver damaged due to medicine and
sugarcane and mango in season. 10 year old B.P. gone.
report is 66 SGPT which is now decreased and 33 SGPT. In
Medicine also gone.
morning twinkle of hand due to food which is now gone.
104. Kalubhai Savaliya - Surat. 9979470862
111. Kirtiben Arunbhai Busa - Bhavnagar (0278) 2569327
20 year old skin problem, 12 year old Diabetes, Medicine
gone in only one month. Own and wife's weight loss 80 kg to Weight 94 kg. Last 12 year continue pain of knee. Doctor told
60 kg in one month. Stress, anger gone. Have a trick of how to do 3 operations. 2 of them are for change lid of knee and
to live life. Continue live in enjoy. 3rd for repair stretched vain and band bone. Back pain from
Father has attack of paralysis. Doctor declare on last breathe last 3 year. Weight loss 18 kg, back pain remove totally. 60%
which have many benefits. Today live healthy life. benefits in knee pain. Half an hour walk also possible.
245 New Diet System New Diet System 246
112. Soni Savitriben D. Katadiya - Aadipur (kutch).-9409240602. 118. Hasumatiben D. Bharti - Junagadh, Mo.-9979024021
Breathe problem gone in five days. 20year Beads pain Have done bypass surgery before 2 year. By side effects of
removed. Old dysentery gone. Pain of brain, Gas, Acidity, B.P. medicines, suffering from acidity and bleeding in mouth and
removed. Weight also loss 8 kg. Hairs become black. dental pain. By accepting the new method of meal, they
found quick change and now no need to take single
113. Asmitaben Pravinbhai Saravadiya - Anjar (Kutch)-
119. Chandrikaben Mohanlal Soni- Anjar (Kutch) Mo.-9429817665
114. Mahavirsinh N. Chudasama- Bhavnagar, Mo.- 9974960135
Within 1 month get relief from the all problem such BP, She is suffering from the joint pain and her daughter have
diabetes and mental problem, also regret medicine of 2500 not single child but by accepting the new methods of meals,
Rs.\month. Get relief from the joint pain and many other they got relief from it and her daughter have child.
diseases. They achieve freshness and positive power in 120. Dayabhai Meghajibhai Solanki- Veraval - Junagadh,
themselves. Mob.- 9879876673
115. Bhanjibhai Govindbhai Godhasata -Junagadh Age- 70 years They get better result within the 22 days from this method.
Mo.- 9998742306 Rajkot's popular hospital's specialist doctor and other
They refuse the habits eating things which made from milk nuero-surgeon suggested for operation of spinal cord and
and remove allergy of eating the raw food. He took so many other doctor ask for the operation of blockage of the vessels.
treatments of allopathic, homeopathy and other, spend lots By accepting the new method of the meal, they get result
of money behind it, further they can't found any change. within 22 days and get relief from all such problems. Also
Today they make travelling of 14 states and live healthy life. losing weight of 8 Kg. blood pressure problems become
normal and acidity also died away.
116. Rambhaben Bhanjibhai Timbavadi - Junagadh,
121. Jentilal Tejaram Thakkar - Radhanpur, Mob.: 8128551888
Mob.- 9998742306
They get relief from the paralysis of right leg within 4 days.
Get relief from the diabetes and BP problem of the last 13
year removed in short time. 122. Ramjibhai Karamashibhai Balar Bhinral- Amreli Mob.:
117. Jayantibhai Soni - Bombay, Age-64 year Mo.- 9867086917
Suffering from high BP since 1992, diabetes in 1995, and
Diabetes from 25 years, BP problem from 24 years, bypass cancer of large intestine in 2003.they start yoga in 2004 and
surgery in 2007, in 1989 operation in both legs three times do lot of workout. Finally they remove big intestine but still
within a week. 18 tablets of medicines and 30 units of insulin they suffering from the many problems.
injection. Weight loss of 17 Kg and relief from acidity problem
within 15 days. Diabetes and blood pressure are normal. But, he accepts new methods of meals and get relief from
They feel excitement to live life in situation of suicide. this in short time. Cystic and joint pain is removed. Now they
Capable to walk up to 750 meters. He is not capable to climb capable to eat many more thing like sweets and lemons.
staircase, but now easily do that. Whole family follow this new idea living healthy life.
247 New Diet System New Diet System 248
123. Mr. Bhimjibhai Mulajibhai Ladva Savarkundla 129. Khunt Rameshbhai Jeevrajbhai 35 years, Surat,
Mo.- 9428342093 Ph: 9374729831.
Danger disease of skin, Psoriasis and other skin problem are Had the problem of fever, cold persisted through the year
not now. So inspiring from the whole family has accept this since 1990, medical treatment of diarrhoea moles were go-
methods and feeling happy and healthy life. ing on and so doctor suggested for operation. Due to good
124. Bhatt Bhagvat Prasad Shastri - Vadodara Phone.- 0265- luck, I got to know about a new diet chart on 6-1-08. And
2250883 started as soon as possible. Also got results immediately.
Suffering from migraine and sinus since last 4 years in Hence there was no need for operating mole. Doctor's were
America.They have 85 Kg weight. But by new methods and also shocked. Drinking plenty of water made my Stomach
idea all problems are removed and weight is 72 Kg and bulge. My weight was 66Kg and now it is 51-52 Kg. Now only
constant. energy, freshness persists, Laziness. Mouth remains fresh
thus does not smell bad. Odour of Sweat went off .Snoring
125. Mrs. Dharmishtaben Vadodara Phone- 0265-2250883
also stopped. Problems of cold and fever are relived.
Still taking so many treatments of diabetes, joint pain and
cholesterol but nothing change. Still no improvement. The Diarrhoea also cured .By stopping milk and by eating milk-
new diet chart had cured everything in short time. spinach a very good experience was achieved
126. Mehta Indravaardan Prabodhchandra Baroda 0265-2350869 130. Goti GauribenVelajeebhai, A-32, Burangnagar, small Varachha
Diabetes got cured, my weight changed from 72 to 64 Kg, road surat.
teeth got stronger and eye's power also decreased. From last seven years, I had my sugar level between 350 to
127. Shri. Bharatbhai Sorathiya - Junagadh - 9426476867 400 and was so had to take bed rest. Due to which I had
Lost the habit of drinking tea, snoring also stopped. Weight expenses of Rs. 6-7 thousands per month for injections and
got to normal condition thus had many more profits. tablets. I met priests and did religious threading and all, but
still no result. After following the new diet chart, I became
128. Khunt Chetnaben Rameshbhai 33 years, Surat. Ph:
energetic and healthy. Medicinal treatment has been com-
pletely stopped. Diabetes cured .Had less weight but now it
On 8-7-97 had a knee operation due to bone T.B.Then after has been increased, treatment has been completely stopped.
completed the treatment of AKT-4 medicines under guid- Diabetes got cured .Had less weight but now it has been
ance of doctors. Still the pain persisted due to the breakage increased by 2-3kg.I'm saved. I got a new life.
in the knee pad, so again he had to operate his knee. Then I
began an ayurvedic course but it was still the same. Ayurvedic 131. 1) Bharatbhai Bhagwanbhai Koraat, Mu. Kutuna Jee Amreli
also didn't work. On 6-1-2008 I started a new diet chart and (Present: Surat) - 9374431131
it showed supernatural results. Burning sensation in the sole, spent sleepless nights. Sugar
Doctor advised to drink plenty of milk. But now drinking milk level was not at control and urine puss detected and had a
is not needed, I stopped all the medicines Bone T.B vanished treatment. Disease started increasing. But by following the
and Hemoglobin increased from 9.5% to 10.80% new diet chart, all the medicines were stopped within 1week.All
After seeing my results many of my relatives tries the same the four reports were normal within 6 months. Now in my diet
and also got cured from the problems of sugar, B.P, Skin, I eat diet 2-3 bananas daily. Sometimes I also eat laddu,
also saw visible effects in weight loss shrikhand, etc sweets. Still no problem.
249 New Diet System New Diet System 250
2) Wife Damuben had her knee joint pain. Doctor suggested to By following the new diet chart got immediate unexpected
drink plenty of milk,B.P problem also raised .Due to dam- results. This resulted in permanent solution of knee pain,
aged kneecap, an operation worth Rs 1lakh has to be done back pain, high B.P, uneasiness, Laziness and also was
.But by following the new diet chart, problem cured within unable to climb Staircase. Weight reduced from 83 to 66 kg.
days. And BP medicine also stopped 135. Shri. Ghansyambhai Ahir - Advocate, Junagadh - 9426424630
3) Her Elder brothers Kevel didn't liked milk but still to Got relived from problems of mucus colitis and sleep. The
increase her knee weight we forced her to drink . Following well known doctor Amish Parikh was also not able to cure my
the new diet chart relived her from milk. Weight gain of disease but the new diet chart did.
4Kg in 4months Stomach Crummy went away .Stamina and 136. Shri. Mrjibhai Palsana - Surat - 9979014026.
energy increased and hence can do stitching work whole Cholesterol decreased from 275 to 186 within 1 month.
day. Before this I did yoga and had taken 2 Boxes of Naturamore
4) Younger daughter Shuraaksha was suffering from once in a Powder .but very less results shown 20 members of my
year. Menstrual problems. And also had too many pimples group are following this new diet chart.
on face. But by following the new diet chart her menstrual 137. Shri Ashwinbhai Damjibhai Mawali, Ghoraji. Ph- 9825880962,
problems is solved and also pimples got soured. She also (02842)224442
decreases her weight. Since 8 years Diabetes was incurable, but following the new
diet chart for only 15 days brought my sugar level got under
5) Younger son Dhaval weight and weak in studies. Due to new
control. Weight reduces by 9kg and increase in stamina and
diet chart he studies willingly and also scores good marks.
Presently all the members of family have started following
the diet chart and also have decided to never stop .Nobody 138. Shri. Narshibhai Patel 992549071,(02772) 286046
drinks milk here. Himmatnagar. Due to the problem of failure of both the
kidneys. He had to take twice dialysis in a week still no effect
132. Shri D.S Bhatt-Mumbai 022-28981935 ,9820489210 and hence his wife got ready to donate her kidney. Decided
to have an operation .But by following the new diet chart,
Reduce weight by 22 kg in 5 months. Mind and body
required of dialysis stopped. Many of the reports showed
lightened. It seems as if mind is flying in sky and freshness
improvement. Freshness, Energy, power, Stamina was de-
persist 2487.
veloped. He lived normal life and continued farming.
133. Shrimati Shubhadra Devendra Bhatt - Chanod - 02663- Names shown here are just as For example some experi-
233515 ence is doubtful case-1, 2,3 Not only many people in Gujarat but
many more in the world are also following this. They included
Medicinal treatment for diabetes, T.B was carried on engineers. Doctors, Advocates, Businessmen, farmers, labourers
since long back. But on following the new diet chart in etc. These all resources are enough for new users.
march-2009 I stopped taking all the medicines .
reduced 7kgs of weight and there was an improvement This all name is enough to satisfy customers. Escape the
in health. true path is that we do experiment on ourselves and proven
experiments proof own self. There is no danger, not any cost, not
134. Shri Manojbhai B. Rajanishidhi cement colony, Sutrapada, wasting of time, even not wasting of power. The result will tell what's
Veraval G-Junagadh 9723326404. the true ?
251 New Diet System New Diet System 252
Thus, start to doing self experiment that the work of intellect. Language of such books is easy understood which can be easy to
Yes and must achieve guidance from experience men. understand for normal people. Very thankful for their beautiful
creativity. By making body free from wastage, it always remains
Dr. Indiraben Bhatt's Opinion healthy. Disease must have to remove by knowing their reason.
From these methods, family member and friend get lots of advan-
Thank you very much and I write it with respect to the "new tages and increase in freshness of body and energy.
diet system" is very easy to style. So I'm very impressed. This The real meaning of the spirituality is to giving service to
practice is natural and scriptural. Only letters, fruit, flower and someone. And get happiness as last long as life. According the
healthy meals, clean water relieves diseases are destroyed. great book 'shreeramcharitmanas' and god, whatever your are
Junagadh picked to attend the camp and said that so far has taken doing if only and only for the health of your society. Giving of
a very advisedly food was dead. When the meal traditionally veitem healthy life to disable person is highest serve, which is procurable
/ sappy take a little more power, of love and joy. as well as saluted.
The new meal practice "with the physical growth, mental Phone: 9824262436
purification is done. Energy all day experience. Bored and tired of Dr. Indiraben Bhatt
words like we're going to forget. Positive thoughts occur automati- (Gynaecologist)
cally, and we ego, anger, envy ourselves from such forces. "Food in Bantvavala, Ta. Manavadar,
the mind." Live food intake so that the mind is still alive. "Gets
Po.Bantva, Dis.Junagadh
donated Service", the theory is that much influence. This principle
increases the spiritual instincts and spiritual development. Hence At present : Bhavnagar
we are getting closer to God that is realized., which can not be
done by any drug. Dr. Kantibhai Bhaidas Patel
"The new food system" cut the roots of the disease. Today's Age 59 years, M.D. (Psychiatrist )
drugs only cure the symptoms of the disease, when the food is Hospital of Mental Disease, Patan
removed by the practice of the major causes. The disease would Mob.: 9825493040
not be the same again. Age today considered incurable diseases
such as diabetes, BP When fully cured. These diseases need to Since last 18 years, they are on the path of the PARMA
take medication for life. When the meal practice guidance and POJYA PANDURANGSASHTRI ATHAVALE. POJTA DADAJI have
blessing of the diseases are cured within 20-30 days. been start project of PATANJALI CHIKITSALAY, he is a regular
attained this and take lots of advantages.
I was suffering from high blood pressure, but I very much
benefited by the practice of the new meals. Before the day was to I am serving the people from last 30 years by starting the
take a pill. Today, even without medication, my BP is normal and I hospital for those people having metal disorder at Patan. Now a
am natural and drug-free life. The disease also had a friend go to day my child Dr. Vishal also M.D. and doing their medical practice
closing, which was eliminated by a new food system. with from me. I think this is the arrangement made by god. So I can
help more and more to my patient.
"New method of meals" is advantageous in reduction of the
body weight. So body become light and feels freshness, increase From blessing of good number of patient are increases.
concentration inside other daily works. Increase in remembering Timetable of eating, enjoying and refreshment is not maintained. I
power. Most of the books published on this matter are very good. also suffered from so many diseases like spinal cord problem,
253 New Diet System New Diet System 254
piles, anaemia, herpes, moister, malaria and BP. I feel shame, I am I also understand that habits of eating the cooked food, tea,
doctor and suffering from so many diseases and how can it hap- coffee, sweets, milk are harmful. According to language of
pen? Also doing exercise daily, but why not any change? I thinking physcatrics we have mental habits of eating cooked food. We can
over it, at time I see one book "New methods of meal" whose writer make eating of sweets, tea, coffee as past.
is B. V. SHAUHAN Sir, from Amareli.
ANIMA is not any others mother but 'my mother' and helpful
In this book, those things are written is anti-science. But their for me. "NAVI BHOJAN PRATHA" is not only way of get relief from
support is trustable. I have read whole book line by line and full disease, it is by product but actually it is way of getting god.
concentration and understand it. From second day I make firm
After cooking food required elements are lost and not eat-
determination of doing these things and stared it. I have made list
able to us and it cause decrease in resistivity of body. Also produce
of difficulty on this way and determine to do it anyway.
das thought of suicide in small period of difficulty.
What I predict it happened. Loosing of body weight is started.
"food is medicine"
Continue 4 month I have done all things that are mentioned by Dr.
CHAUHAN sir in his book. 11 Kg weight lost observed. All people "food is investment of body"
are saying that from this body become weak, digestive system Living healthy life by taking of medicine is not possible. For
become weak form eating raw food, loss of concentration, cross
what time we are taking medicine we remain healthy but after it
infection, decrease in immunity strength and etc…..but really what- same condition.
ever I feel after losing 11 Kg weight, I never before in life. I free
from all disease. I have not taken any medicines. From " NAVI BHOJANPRATHA" we get mind control, so many
problem of social life and health are remove and increase sharp-
I also decide to take part in event of " NAVI BHOJANPRATHA"
ness in life. Many problems are solved by it without knowing them.
at shiddhapr from date 10/05/2013 to 17/05/2013. But from social
responsibility, occasion and other reason I have take part for only 2 In you also one DOCTOR IS seated, which is a doctor of
days. doctor. Let him to do their work and give respect. "OBEY GOD" is
Environment of event of wonderful. The spiritual speech of
Dr. CHAUHAN from 9:00 to 12:00 in morning and 3:00 to 6:00 in
evening and view of those people have been take advantages of
this method. I note down all things so other patient and friend also
take it. Its great honour of listening and meeting of Dr. CHAUHAN
Sir. Their simple life, exact guidance and spiritual talk are like
Patient has to try hard to get free from disease to get well and
murmuring it every time.
healthy human has to work hard. Human has to do lots of work
We make a new thought "KACHU TE SACHU" and start it experiments for this .Still did not achieve required results because
from our home, then after to neighbour and also take meeting of the understanding is wrong.
society and discussed over "NAVI BHOJANPRATHA". Everyone
like it. Everyone have lose their weight of 5-6 Kg. in starting, we It is said to change the change direction first.
have fear of it that it can become habits or harmful. After cleaning Birds and Animals are born disease free. If they are ill they
of toilet, and taking anima then we thought take after regular will be cured because they are eating the best food that everyone
toileting but all waste are not come out from body, few are remain should .Actually animals are one step ahead then humans. Be-
inside body which roast and produce gasses and acidity problem. cause their food intake is better.
255 New Diet System New Diet System 256
Saints are at the highest position in this matter. They are ● We use MANTRAS
healthy .They have not stopped at the animal level in healthiness MANTRA = 13+1+14+18+1=47
but ask yourself.
● YANTRA control
Who am I? YANTRA= 25+1+14+18+1=59
They became healthy and healthy .Human means wealthy. ● HAVAN control
Actually unhealthiness stays at the lowest position. HAVAN =8+1+22+1+14=46
To be free from position ● ACT control
ACT= 1+3+20=24
But to be healthy is the best position.
● REIKI control
Patients who try their best to get well and have tried thou-
REIKI = 18+5+9+11+9=52
sands experiment but still have not succeeded
How can they know what is healthiness and what the word ● VASTU control
healthiness means? VASTU =22+1+17+20+21=83

lets arrange 26 lattes of English to 1 to 20 number. ● MUSIC control

MUSIC = 13+21+19+9+3=65
● MAGNET control
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
MAGNET =13+1+7+14+5+20=60
● LAUGH control
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 25 LAUGH=12+1+21+7+8=49
Let us calculate mathematically using matrix that what an
● URINE control
unhealthy person actually is
URINE= 21+!8+9+14+5=67
Let us assign a number to all the alphabets.
● WATER control
Now we will write all the words that we can try for becoming WATER=23+1+20+5+18=67
healthy and will calculate the marks of each.
● COLOR control
● We take different types of medicines COLOR= 3+15+12+15+18=63
● EXERCISE control
● Yoga reduces illness
EXERCISE =5+24++5+18+3+9+19+15=85
● Different ASAN helps to cure ● BLESSING control
ASAN =1+17+1+14=35 BLESSING= 2+12+5+19+19+9+!4+7=87
● PRANAYAM cures illness ● PRAYER control
PRANAYAM =16+18+1+14+1+25+1+13=89 PRAYER=16+18+1+25+5+18=83
257 New Diet System New Diet System 258
Humans are trying such experiments and in which we never Tika, mala, devdarsan, pilgrimage has also increased. That
get 100% results because their control direction is wrong. But the we have to say that people have become religious. This is an
important thing is CHANGE thinking &feelings change belief. attitude now let's change our attitude and see that temple- mosque
and places of peace. But what is the reality.
That means change 'ATTITUDE'
Quarrel of temple and masjjid.
Now let's see how much ATTITUDE SCORE Quarrel of church and masjjid.
ATTITUDE = 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5=100 Internal affairs of the temple-church- masjjid-Gurudwara. By
Here numbers also say that Attitude can succeed your and name of religion, always fight between two different casts. From
helps you reach heights. Therefore change attitude desire of piece from their whole world is fighting to each other.
Everyone understand them self a god and understanding
GOD that all other are small and under them. And finally they are lost in
fighting for internal affairs.
The person trying to control disease always looses the direc- Actually, what is GOD? Where is GOD? Anyone cannot under-
tion. This leads to a hectic task of dealing with medicines different stand this. So by puzzle and mathematical numbering, they try to
methods. find god.
The persons engage in the community one very sad. It has For trying of removing disease and healthy life we have to go
been proven that to get out of this community is very different their accordingly mathematical puzzle. A=1, B=2, C=3 …Z=26.
Till there is no problem. thoughts speaks brains nature. brain Now, write name of the god of various religions in English,
is the place of these thoughts. That's why mind purity is necessary according to letters we put their value and make its summation.
Mind is produced by food. That means purity of food is Make summation till answer is not in one digit.
necessary. Real food is the one that is natural that is god's given. (1) Religion: Hindu; God: Shree Krishna
Because food means mind. SHREE KRISHNA =
Mind improvement improves thought 19+8+18+5+5+11+18+9+19+8+14+1= 135=1+3+5=9
Improvement in thoughts would automatically improve speech (2) Religion: Islam ; God: Mohammed
and behavior. MOHAMMED=72=9

This would finish trials without talks. (3) Religion: Jain ; God: Mahavir
Now non arguments would be stable.
(4) Religion: Sikh ; God: Gurunanak
This is the way of food intake. GURUNANAK=108=9
The sense of truth is necessary. (5) Religion: Parshi ; God: Zarathustra
These arguments bring disturbance in life. To find peace one ZARATHUSTRA = 153=1+3+5=9
goes to temple -mosque-gurudwara - church etc. nowadays the (6) Religion: Baudh ; God: Gautam
number of temple - mosque - gurudwara etc is increasing. GAUTAM=63=6+3=9
Prayer has increased to so much extent that we think that (7) Religion: Christian ; God: Esa Messiah
are the people becoming religious? ESA MESSIAH=99=9+9=18=1+8=9
259 New Diet System New Diet System 260
So, what you think, how much clear about picture of the NEAR BY GUIDE
various religion? Summation of all letter of all god is only and (1) Amreli : Mr. B. V. Chauhan 02792 - 226869
only 9.
(2) Ahmedabad : 1. Mr. Dineshbhai N. Patel - 9825018933
This is proved that: "GOD IS ONE"
2. Mr. Dilipbhai.P.Patel - 9925698801
Human being have made small-small piece of God. Today,
many temple of different God in single home. And!!! Of same 3. Mr. Mukeshbhai Thakker - 9879582911
religion, every person have different temple. 4. Dr. Atul Mehta (M.D.) - 98254 19675
Everyone have different clan. Everyone have different 5. Nareshbhai Patel - 98240 77512
method of worship. Everyone have different rituals.
(3) Anand : 1. Mr. R.S. Parmar - 9825717775
Everyone have different mentality. Everyone have different
rabbi. All are living at same place but differ thought. There is 2. Mr. Narendra Kavi - 93750 11915
no relation between each other. Everyone is hunter of each (4) Banglore : 1. Mrs. Priyaben.V.Kalikani - 8884407043
other. 2. Mr. Morarjibhai Patel - 09448384475
This is today's religion. Bosh on name of religion,
3. Mr. Rameshbhai Vagadiya - 09845375577
business on name after religion. And we called it as our social
religion!!! (5) Bharuch : Mr. P. J. Patel - 9725017591
As increasing in hospital and disease, our religion also (6) Bhavnagar : Mr. Mahendrakumar P. Bosamia - 9427456755
suffering from this. Today, no one is free from health problem. Mr. Bhajanbhaikimtani - (0278)2522221
Toady every person have so many disease and all disease have
(7) Jamkham-
medical treatment. So it proved that our society suffering from
many problems. There are not medical treatment of animal and bahlia: Mr. Vinubhai Kotecha - 9428318411
birds. That proved that animal and bird are healthy. (8) Jamnagar : Mr. P.V. Kholia - 0288-2568780
Thus, increasing in number of the hospital and medical - 9408318654
facility proved that our society suffering from health problem.
(9) JetpurPavi: (Di.Vadodara) Mr. Ashwinbhai S. Bhagat - 9726085740
As same above, today so many court in society that proof
(10) Junagadh: Mr. Janakbhai Uchhat - 0285-2625661
for many crime happened in our society.
As same today number of the temple and other worship (11) Kodinar: Mr. Nilesh H. Vaishnav - 9898171855
place are increase that proof of our society becoming more and (12) Khedbrahma: Mr. Khimjibhai Mavjibahi Patel - 9428770960
more Blasphemous. (13) Mahua: Mr. Niteshkumar Seth - 9924633037
When there is not even single hospital on earth, then
(14) Morbi: 1. Mr. Dineshbhai Ramjibhai Lodaria - 9913847174
we can say that our society is free from problems and
disease. 2. Dr. Surya Prakash
This all things are possible if we can change our approach. Chaudhari (M.B.B.S) - 94264 15338
There are two mentalities from early time, each and every (15) Nadiyad: Mr. Bipinbhai Vakil - 9825141202
one have to decide that which one has to select. (16) Navsari: Mr. Trikambhai Bhalsod - 09974063094
Only remain free from disease in not life that animal also
(17) Patan: Dr. Kantibhai Patel (M.D.) - 98254 93040
live. But remain "healthy" is real meaning of life.
261 New Diet System New Diet System 262
(18) Palitana: Mr. Rohitbhai Goti - 9227772246 Mr. Mansukhbhai Patel (Mulund) - 09967052582
(19) Porbandar: Mr. Vinodbhai Kotecha - 9427228501 (34) Mumbai: 1. Mrs. Alpaben Sunilbhai Nagda - 9890944366
(20) Rajkot: 1. Mr. Pratapbhai Chauhan - 9998954665 2. Dr. Pravin Rangari - 98200 89624
2. Mr. Vitthalbhai Panchani - 9879964411 (35) Thane
3. Dr. Darshan Sureja (M.D.) - 99255 07375 (Mumbai) Mrs. Gosrani Manjulaben Keshavji- 9324001556
(21) Rajula: Mr. Ramnikbhai Goradiya - 9824289732 (36) Vasai Road
(22) Raipur: (Thane) Mr. R.V. Chauhan - 9323030824
(Chhattisgarh) Mr. Arun Luthra - 94255 01977 (37) Kharghar
(23) Aburoad : (Navi Mumbai) Mr. Patel Tulsibhai K. - 9820236841
(Rajasthan) Mr. Lalitbhai Inani - 94133 73440 (38) Jalgaon: Mr. Nandlal V. Patel - 9423187052
(24) Savarkundala: Mr. Manojbhai Rameshbhai Gohel - 9428618333 (39) Nashik: Mrs. Harshaben Kothari - 9271224802
(25) Sihor: Mr. Nayanbhai Jaravala - 9898816916 (40) Dapoli
- 9428431928 (Ratnagiri) Mr. Gautambhai K. Patel - 9028499088/
(26) Surat: 1. Mr. Kalubhai Savaliya - 9979470862 - 9423286961
2. Mr. Mahendrabhai Korat - 935723408 (41) Nani Daman: Mr. Mansukhbhai V.Patel - 9427864232
3. Mr. Amish Saraiya - 98244 91773 (42) Rajsaman
(27) Sutrapada- (Rajshthan): Mr. Lalitbhai - 09414172008
(Veraval): Mr. Bhavesh Pro. Store - 9824894019 (43) Bhopal (M.P.) 1. Mr. Bhagvandev Israni - 9425016565
(28) Vadodara: 1. Mr. Jayntibhai T. Patel - 0265-2647987 2. Rajubhai Budhwani - 94250 96365
2. Mr. P.B. Patel - 9925208794 (44) Dubai 1. Mr. Jagdishbhai Nayak 00971507296595 /
3. Dr. Rajesh Korat - 94274 53353 00971506282270
(29) Vapi: Mr. Bipinbhai Amin - 9825118482 2. Mr. Rameshbhai Savlani - + 971506456227
(30) Veraval: 1. Mr. Jayntibhai Jarsaniya - 9428842209 (45) Pakistan Mr. Akil Ahmed - 0507455957
2. Mr. Hiteshbhai Mohanbhai Rathod- 9924694969 (46) London 1. Miss. Kalpanaben J. Shah - 00442035929956 /
3. Dr. L. K. Vala (MBBS) - (02876) 220120 - 00447424111845

(31) Vijapur: Mr. BabubhaiKashiram Patel - 9427071932 2. Jimil Shah - + 447702042403

(32) Visnagar: Mr. Maheshbhai Pindariya - 9428665612 (47) Canada Mr.Sankarbhai G. Patel - 001-416-749-2422
(33) Mumbai: Mr. Anilbhai Chauhan (Borivali) - 09820522007 (48) U.S.A. Mr. Harivadan Manilala Patel
(Ghatkopar) Mr. Girishbhai Doshi - 09324032083 - 001-252-721-3521
(Malad) Mr. Rajubhai Sarviya - 09702257740 (49) Hong Kong (CHINA) : Mr. Pravinbhai - 0085292095195
;D:IF 56 ;CH ZLT[ D8L XS[ K[P 56 ;CH K[ VG[ D/[, ;FZF
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