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Azimaturahmi, Siti. (2017). The Implementation of 2013 Curriculum by the English Teachers
at SMP Kota Jambi. Thesis. Master Program in English Education, Graduate Program of English
Education, University of Jambi. Supervisors; (1) Drs. Adrefiza, M.A., Ph.D. (2) Dr. H.
Syahrial, M. Ed., Ph.D

Keywords : 2013 curriculum, the implementation, English teachers

This research investigates the implementation of 2013 Curriculum by the English

teachers at SMP kota Jambi. There are three important points that the teachers should pay
attention to 2013 Curriculum. They are the preparation of the lesson plan, the implementation of
the scientific approach and the assessment of students’ learning.
Employing descriptive qualitative, the research relies on data collected through
interview, observation and documentation. The recorded interview was transcribed and analyzed
to find out the preparation of the lesson plan and the assessment of students’ progress. The
observation was conducted through video recorder to see the implementation of scientific
approach by the English teachers in the classroom. The documentation was analyzed to see the
content of lesson plan after the preparation is made by the English teachers. The findings reveal
three main issues. First, the preparation of the lesson plan has involved all of the English teachers
when they attended MGMP (Musyawarah Guru Mata Pelajaran). They designed the lesson plans
before the new semester or new academic year. They downloaded the latest version of lesson
plan as a sample and then adjust to the characteristic of the school. Supervisor also gave assistant
to the teachers in designing and revising the lesson plan. There were also barriers when the
teachers prepared the lesson plan. In the previous version of lesson plan, teachers should assess
students’ religion values and attitude (KI1 and KI2). The instruments to assess the students’
religion values (KI 1) and students’ attitude value (KI 2) were burdensome to them. But for the
new version, KI 1 and KI 2 were assessed by religion and PKN teacher. The participants only
focused on KI 3 and KI 4. Second, the implementation of scientific approach in the classroom
was not totally carried out. Although the teachers applied the scientific approach (observing,
questioning, experimenting, associating and presenting/communicating) in teaching and learning
process, but the observation showed that some of the teachers did not completely implement it.
Third, there were four types of assessment in K13: project; portfolio; written and oral
assessment. Most of the teachers did not apply project and portfolio assessment to assess
students’ progress. Written assessment was obtained from daily test, mid test and final test. Oral
assessment was obtained from presentation, dialogue or conversations. Meanwhile, KI 1 and KI
2 were assessed by the moral and religion teacher and collaborate with counseling teachers.
Suggestion and recommendation for the next researcher as well as the English teachers are also


This thesis entitles “The Implementation of 2013 curriculum by the English Teachers at SMP

Kota Jambi” written by Siti Azimaturahmi, students’ number P2A414004 has been corrected and

ready to be submitted to Graduate Program English Education.

Jambi, August 2017

The first supervisor

Drs. Adrefiza, M.A., Ph.D

NIP. 196412121990 01 1 001

Jambi, August 2017

The second supervisor

Dr. H. Syahrial, M. Ed., Ph.D

NIP 19641231199003 1 037


First, all praises are to Allah Azza wa Jalla, the Almighty God for the blessing mercy,
health and inspiration that had been given to me during the accomplishment of my study. So, I
can complete this final project. Without Him, I could not stay patient in writing this final project
from the first page to the last page.
My greatest gratitude goes to Drs. Adrefiza, M.A., Ph.D as my first supervisor and Drs.
H. Syahrial, M.Ed., Ph.D as my second supervisor, whose limitless guidance, generous support
and assistance throughout my research and study completion were invaluable. Their patience and
feedback have been inspiring in so many ways. Thank you for your input, guidance, correction,
support, motivation and patience that you gave to me during accomplishment of this thesis.
I also would like to express my gratitude to SMP 1 and SMP 7 Kota Jambi for giving me
a permission to do the research and helping me to find participants that related to my thesis.
Many thanks are also given to all participants of my research for sharing their knowledge,
values, opinions and experiences. This study would have not been completed without their
generous contributions and assistance.
I realized that this thesis will never be complete without support, cooperation, help and
encouragement from a lot of people including my beloved family, my friends, classmates and all
of the people who gave their attention to this thesis, Thank you so much.

Jambi, 26 July 2017

The Researcher

Siti Azimaturahmi


This thesis entitled “The Implementation of 2013 Curriculum by The English Teachers at SMP
Kota Jambi” written by Siti Azimaturahmi, student’s number: P2A414004 has been examined
in front of the board examiners on July 26th, 2017 and was declared acceptable.

1. Drs. Adrefiza, M.A., Ph.D (Chair Person) 1. ______________

NIP. 195907031987 02 2 001

2. Drs. H. Syahrial, M.Ed., Ph.D

NIP. 19641231199003 1 037 (Secretary) 2. _______________

3. Dr. Rachmawati, M.Pd

NIP. 195907031987 02 2 001 (Main Examiner) 3. ______________

4. Urip Sulistyo, S.Pd., M.ed., P.hD ( Member) 4. _______________

NIP. 197603042003121001

5. Sri Wachyunni, SS., M.Hum., MA., Ph.D (Member) 5. ________________

NIP. 197012091999032003

Jambi , August 2017

Ratified by
The Director of Graduate Program The Head of Graduate Program of
Jambi University English Education

Prof. Ir. Adrizal, M.Sc., P.hD Eddy H. M.Sc.Ed., MPP., Ph.D

NIP. 196608301989031002 NIP. 197301102001121001


I hereby state that I am the sole author of this thesis and that no part of this thesis has
been published or submitted for publication.

I hereby state that to the best of my knowledge and experience, my thesis does not
infringe upon anyone’s copyright nor violate any proprietary rights and that my ideas,
techniques, quotations, or any other material from accordance with the standard referencing
practices. I also certify that any experts’ opinions, explanations and theories which are included
in my thesis have been enclosed into the bibliography.

I declare that this is a true copy of my thesis, including any final revisions, as approved
by my thesis committee and Graduate Studies office, and that this thesis has not been submitted
for a master degree to any other University or Institution.

Jambi, July 2017

Siti Azimaturahmi


Do not lose hope, nor be sad (al-quran 3:130)

This thesis is dedicated to:

My father and mother

My sisters and brother

My classmates in Magister of English Program 2014

Thank you so much.