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Last edited on March 23, 2018

Training outline

Duraticn: 2 days
Outicmes: By the end of this training session, the participant will
be familiar with MikroTik hardware and software
product range and be able to assist the customer by
suggesting the best solution for the task at hand.
Targetdaueienie: MikroTik distributor and reseller sales personnel

Last edited on March 23, 2018

Title Objeitive
• About MikroTik
Introduction • Basic RouterOS features
• Accessing the router
• Mceuled1dsummary

• Product naming
MikroTik Products • Ethernet routers
• Maximum possible trafc on various devices
• Switches
• Power calculations for PoE products
• Wireless for home and ofce
• Professional wireless systems
• RouterBOARDs
• Interfaces
• Accessories, enclosures, antennas
• Product selection guide for wireless links
• Wireless calculator
• Made for MikroTik (make your own solutions)
• Use cases
• Mceuled2dsummary

• Country regulations
RouterOS • Dynamic frequency selection (DFS)
Features and • Wireless Tx power
Licenses • Lock package
• Branding maker
• RouterOS license levels
• Cloud Hosted Router (CHR)
• Use cases
• CHR license levels
• Mceuled3dsummary

Last edited on March 23, 2018

• Distributor account
Mceuled4 • Product ordering on website
• Placing a purchase order (PO)
• Creating a proforma invoice (PI)
• Reviewing existing orders
• Shipment progress
• Sent shipments
• Serial numbers
• Company user management
• MikroTik bank information
• Distributor documentation
• Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
• FCC grants
• Test reports
• Repair instructions
• Knowledge base
• Mceuled4dsummary

• Certifed training courses

MikroTik Training • How to become a MikroTik certifed trainer – Train the Trainer
• Training schedule
• Certifed trainers, Training centers
• MikroTik academy program for academic institutions
• MikroTik consultants
• Mceuled5dsummary

• What is MUM?
MikroTik User • How to participate
Meeting • As a presenter
• As an exhibitor
• How to have a MUM in your country?
• Mceuled6dsummary

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