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(4 AATHENSA CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX ATHENSA Channel-in-a-Box is a software playout solution for broadcasting a single TV channel. It integrates all the elements needed to keep a channel on-air by combining automation, playout and interactive graphics. it can provide SDI or IP streaming connectivity for broadcast and cable TV as well as other applications. ATHENSA PLAYOUT Running as a stand-alone solution or in a Channel-in-a-Box configuration, ATHENSA PLAYOUT provides the necessary playout automation processes, needed in today's broadcast facilities. Its modular architecture makes it suitable not only for broadcasting organizations of any size but for media professionals who need seamless content playout automation. Available in UHD/HD/SD-SDI or IP streaming, ATHENSA playout secures unattended operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Basic Features Seamless 4K playout with CG branding (It is hardware dependent on the broadcast board used); Collapsible playlist; User definable interface; Clip Trimmer; Multi Parallel Output (MPO); Multi- channel multi-language audio and subtitling capabilities; Loudness control; Mixing different media formats, frame rates and resolutions in a single playlist; Third party device control. ATHENSA GRAPHICS ATHENSA GRAPHICS is a sophisticated, yet extremely user-friendly on-air CG and graphics manager. It lets you create different static or dynamic objects such as rolls, crawls, multi-layered simultaneous still pictures, analog and digital clocks, animated logos etc,, and save them in projects. Those could easily be used for direct broadcasting or as custornized templates for future use Basic Features Simple or animated logo insertion; On-air Editing; Slide Sequencer; Automated text rendering into graphics templates; Dynamic data sources; Scheduling; Task manager; Advanced Scripting Engine ATHENSA INGEST ATHENSA INGEST enables multiple channels of HD or SD content to be captured from HD/SD SDI digital feeds, analogue sources and MPEG transport streams. Four video sources can be monitored on a single screen and controlled via a new streamlined user interface. Audio levels can be monitored as loudness/true-peak displays and adjusted when required Basic Features Four independent ingest channels in a single server; Scheduled capturing of satellite feeds with automated channel switching; Comprehensive Metadata handling (TCI, MTD creation); File splitting based on duration; All 4 instances in a single screen; Add Metadata during ingest (position markers, notes, etc.); Loudness/True Peak audio meters are available for precise audio level fine-tuning; Automated RS-422 VTR control with batch capturing lists; Third-party traffic bh [A out | rer aied rexistered trademark Other mentioned trademarks are propery of ther SurCode for Dolo Digitalis manutacture under icense from Dolby laboratories. Dolby andthe double-0 symbol ae trademarks of Dolby ATHENSA LLC., USA Tel.: #1 858 752 3578 e-mail: For more information please see