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EXPERIENCE National Certificate

A.1. the numbers of faculty members have earned graduate A.1.4 At least 30% of the faculty members handling
degrees appropriate and relevant to the program ITE courses are Master’s degree holder.

Supporting Documents: Supporting Documents:

 Matrix of faculty profile  Matrix of faculty (Faculty

o Core/Professional Faculty (Contractual, Profile)
Regular)  Transcript of Records and
o GEC Faculty Diplomas
o Affiliate (Part-timer)(Permanent)
 Percentage table and Graph of Faculty profile by A.2 Other qualifications such as the following are considered:
highest degree earned
A.2.1 Related experience
o Core/Professional Faculty
o GEC Faculty Supporting Documents:
o Affiliate
 Official Transcript of Record and Diploma of Core  Matrix of Faculty
Faculty  Seminar attended/ Certificate
 PDS (Sample) Trainings
 Exhibit A: “Complete File of PDS”  Length of Service (Service
A.1.1. A baccalaureate degree in any ITE or its allied  PDS
programs, BS Computer Science/Information System
Name of Faculty Seminar/Training Length of
Supporting Documents: Attended Service

 Matrix of Faculty Profile

 OTR and Diploma

A.1.2. a baccalaureate degree in a field other than

ITE or its allied program plus any of the following:
A.2.2 licensure;
A.1.2.1 completion of coursework
requirements for a master’s degree in any Supporting Documents:
field of the following:
 Matrix of Faculty Profile by
Supporting Documents: licensure/eligibilities.
 Photocopy of their licences.
 Matrix of Faculty Profile with
Masteral Degree and with A.2.3 Specialization;
Units earned.
 TOR Supporting Documents:

A.1.2.2 at least three (3) years experience in  Faculty profile by

the IR profession such as technical specialization
administration, systems design, applications  Photocopy of diploma of the
programming or equivalent within the last 5 CORE Faculty
A.2.4. technical skills and competence; and
Supporting Documents:
Supporting Documents:
 Certification
 Matrix of NC Certificate
A.1.3. Proficiency in teaching ITE courses as proven  Photocopy of Faculty’s
by a certification issued by a certifying body such as National Certificate
the National IT Standards, (PhilNITS), Brainbench,
Oracle or Microsoft, etc., provided that the teaching A.2.5. special abilities
load assigned to him/her is aligned with the area
Supporting Documents:
 Faculty profile by special
Supporting Documents:
abilities (reflection/PDS)
 Matrix of Faculty Profile  Personal Data Sheet of Core
Faculty (Special Abilities)
A.3. Faculty members demonstrate professional competence A.4. Faculty members who have received academic
and are engaged in any or a combination of the following: recognition such as scholarship/fellowship/grants/ and
A.3.1 instruction;
Supporting Documents:
Supporting Documents:
 Matrix of faculty applied for BU-HRDPPG
 Matrix of Faculty involved in  Documents for the application of BU-HRDPPG
 List of Loyalty Awardees
 Sample Individual Faculty Loading
 Payroll of Cash Incentive received by the faculty for
A.3.2. research; winning in the research.

Supporting Documents: A.5. At least 50% of the faculty member have earned
relevant graduate degrees.
 Matrix of faculty who have
Supporting Documents:
conducted/ are conducting
 Matrix of faculty by highest academic degrees
 Title Proposal of the Faculty who
 Certification/TOR
are conducting research
 Certificate of Registration
 Appointment on Study Leader
A.5.5. At least 50% of the faculty members have
A.3.3 extension;
earned relevant graduate degrees.
Supporting Documents:
Supporting Documents:
 Matrix of faculty involved in
(MOA) of Extension activity
 Photo documentation of the B.1. Faculty recruitment is based on an institutional
Extension activity. Human Resource Development Plan/Program

A.3.4 production; Supporting Documents:

Supporting Documents:  University HRMO Development plan/Plan of Work

 Cluster HRD Program of Work
 Sample Documents of Production  College Faculty Development Plan
B.2. Recruitment and Selection is a participative process
A.3.5. consultancy and expert services; involving the dean, concerned chairperson, faculty
representatives, and other administrators concerned.
Supporting Documents:
Supporting Documents:
 List of BUPC experts
 Matrix of Faculty involvement as  Admin. Order No. 3 Series 2001
consultant, resource persons and  Admin. Order No. 5 Series 2001
lecturer  Office Memo. No. 27 Series 2009
 Appointments as Content/Thesis  Office Memo No. 13 Series 2007
Adviser/ (Matrix of Faculty as  Office Memo No. 257 Series 2008
Adviser/Panel Member)  Sample Documents of Selection process
 Copy of the Certificate of  Composition of Local Evaluation Committee
Commendation o 2010
o As coach o 2011
o Adviser of Accredited Student o 2012
Organization  Designation of Local Evaluation Committee
 Minutes of meeting/Deliberation Interview of
A.3.6. publication, creative and scholarly work;
B.3 A Screening Committee selects and recommends the best
Supporting Documents:
and most qualified based on a set of criteria.
 Matrix of faculty who have publication,
Supporting Documents:
creative and scholarly works.
 Abstract of the research where it was  Complete application and selection documents
B.4.The following criteria are considered in the recruitment B.5.1. print media;
and selection of faculty members:
B.5.2. announcement (tv, radio, bulletin board)
B.5.3. verbal invitation and
B.4.1. Academic qualifications
B.5.4. others,
Supporting Documents:
Supporting Documents:
 Announcement of Vacancy (Highlight the
Educ. Quality)  Accomplished BUMSP Form 2-
 Accomplished Selection Line-Up Announcement of vacancy
Assessment Form  Pictures of display boards with posted
 Summary Sheet for Teaching announcement of vacancy in different
Demonstration campuses (latest picture with caption)
 Sample selection documents of
B.4.2. personal qualities; applicant

B.4.3. communications skills; B.6. Measures to avoid professional in-breeding are observed

B.4.4teaching ability; Supporting Documents:

Supporting Documents:  Matrix of Faculty with their respective school they

graduated from
 Criteria and results of Interview of  Diploma
 Enrolment with other schools
 Criteria and results of Teaching Demo
 Seminar with other agencies
B.4.5 medical examination
B.7. The institution conducts orientation for newly-hired
faculty on the institutional vision and mission, CSC, PRC, DBM,
Supporting Documents:
and responsibilities, promotion and other privileges.
 Sample Medical Examination Result of an
Supporting Documents:
 Memo on Orientation seminar to newly-hired
B.4.6 psychological examination
employees of BU by HRMO
Supporting Documents:  Program of activities
 Attendance record
 Admin. No. 417 Series of 2012  Certificate of participation
 Excerpt from Minutes of University  Copies/Hand-outs of topics discussed
Administrative Council, May 21, 2012
B.4. The following criteria are considered in the recruitment
and selection of faculty members: C.1. At least 50% of the professional subjects offered in the
program are handled by full-time faculty
Supporting Documents:
B.4.7. professional/relevant experiences,
 Matrix of professional/core faculty and their degrees
B.4.8. psycho-social characteristics, earned including advanced studies (units), field of
specializations and professional/major subjects
B.4.9 previous record of employment,
handled (against Part-time Teacher)
B.4.10. technical/special skills and abilities, and  Copy of Plantilla

B.4.11. previous performance rating C.2. At least 50% of the faculty members are assigned to
teach their major/minor fields of specialization 20% of which
Supporting Documents: have IT industry experience within the last 5 years.

 Certification of previous employment Supporting Documents:

 Certification of Good Performance from
employer  Matrix of all faculties in the program, Core and their
 Certification of National Competency degrees earned including advanced units, major and
minor fields of specialization and subjects handled.
B.5. The hiring system adopts an open competitive selection,  Individual faculty load
which is published and well disseminated through media  Summarized Faculty Load of the Department
outlets;  Notice of teaching assignment
C.3. Administrative arrangements are adopted when  Workload guidelines (photocopies)
vacancies/leaves of absence occur during the school year.
C.9. There is equitable, measurable and fair distribution of
Supporting Documents: teaching and other assignments.

 Admin Order No. 238, series 2013 Supporting Documents:

 Request for holding makeup classes
 Department head request letter to substitute  Consolidated faculty load in the department
 Appointment of substitute faculty from the dean C.10. Workload provides the faculty sufficient time for
 Attached original schedule of the faculty and the teaching and/or research, extension, and other assigned
approved schedule of the substitute tasks.
 Office Memo. No. 012 series 2006
Supporting Documents:
C.4. Faculty schedule allows time for preparation of lessons,
checking of papers, record-keeping, class evaluation and  Designations of the faculty in the matrix having
other instruction-related activities. other assignments such as research, extension,
production, administrative and others
Supporting Documents:  Faculty Time Utilization Schedule
 Core Faculty Time Utilization Schedule C.11. The maximum total load of a regular full-time faculty
 Excerpt on Faculty (workload) member is 24 units per term. In meritorious cases, an
 Admin Order No. 58, s overload of three (3) units may be allowed. In all cases, a
maximum load of 27 units are observed.
C.5. Faculty-student ratio meets the program requirements
and standards. Supporting Documents:

Supporting Documents:  Consolidated faculty load in the college

 Summarized Faculty loading
 Copy of the Faculty-Student Ratio in the Program
 Policy on overload
from the PPP (Area II No. 9)
 Exhibit Faculty Loading (last 3 years) C.12. A Faculty Manual has been published formalizing faculty
 CHED Memo policies and standards.
C.5.1. Lectures Classes
C.5.2 Laboratory Classes Supporting Documents:

C.6. Workload assignments and number of preparations are  Copy of Faculty Manual
in accordance with existing workload guidelines.
Supporting Documents:
D.1. The institution implements a system of promotion in
 BU Code Chapter VI Section 31 rank and salary based on existing policies and issuances as
 Admin. Order No. 58 Series 2006 NBC 461.
 CHED Memo No. 53, series 2006
Supporting Documents:
 Core Faculty Workload in the 6 Academic terms
 Sample Individual Faculty Workload  Description and basis of the system of Faculty
C.7. There is a provision of incentives for overload teaching.
 Excerpt from BU code and Faculty Manual on
Extra teaching assignments do not exceed 12 hours a week.
Procedure of Promotion
Supporting Documents:  PASUC NBC 461 Implementing Guidelines and
Issuances (CCE and QCE)
 Guidelines on overload Admin Order  Print out (4th and 5th cycle) sample evaluation
 Appointments for overload of faculty (highlight the  BU Merit System Plan
overload)  Summary of points for candidates for promotion,
 Payroll for honorarium of overload NBC 461 4th cycle
 Summary list of faculty for promotion
C.8. Instruction-related assignments, such as consultation,
 Result of Accreditation for Full Professors
tutorial, remedial classes, expert services, etc., are in
 Notice of Salary Adjustments
consonance with faculty workload guidelines.
 AO #3 Series 2001
Supporting Documents:  AO #257 Series 2008

 Summarized consultation schedule of faculty D.2. The probationary period or temporary status required
 Admin Order no. 47, s.2003 before a permanent status is granted to the faculty members
 Excerpt from BU Code Chapter 6, section 31
is in accordance with Civil Service and institutional policies  University Code Chapter 8
and guidelines.  Faculty Manual (Chapter III) on Privileges of Retired
BU Employees and Academic Staff
Supporting Documents:
 Documents of retired faculty showing GSIS
Retirement and separation benefits
 Office Memo. No. 32 Series 2012
 Memorandum Circular No. 03, series 2005  GSIS primer on R.A. 8291
 Faculty Manual-Basic Rules in Recruitment  Photo documentation of the BU retirees receiving
cash awards on Personnel Day.
 Appointment /service record of faculty showing 2-
years probation period E. FACULTY DEVELOPMENT
 Recommending Approval for Permanent Status for
Faculty under probationary Status E.1. The Institution implements a sustainable Faculty
Development Program based on identified priorities/needs.
D.3. Provisionary period of at least one (1) to two (2) years is
required to allow a faculty member to prove his/her worth. Supporting Documents:

Supporting Documents:  Office Memo. No. 155, s. 2009

 Office Memo. No. 161, s. 2009
 Recommending Approval for Permanent status of
 BU Human Resource Development Program Policy
Faculty under probationary Status
and Guidelines
 Faculty Rating Sheets of Faculty under probation
 Pro-Active Development Plan
 Performance Rating Sheet
 BUPC Faculty/Staff Development and Recruitment
 Teaching Effectiveness (3 years) Plan
D.4. Faculty members are officially informed of the extension,  BUHRMO Program of Work for CY 2013
renewal, or termination of their appointments.  Poster of Faculty on Study Leave

Supporting Documents: E.2. An objective system of selecting deserving faculty

members to be granted scholarship, fellowship, fellowship,
 Office Memorandum No. 28 Series 2011 and training grants is adopted.
 Contract of Employment
Supporting Documents:
 Renewal of Designation
 Office Memorandum No. 155 series 2009
D.5. Faculty members are officially informed of their rank and
tenure after evaluation.  Office Memorandum No. 161 series 2009
 Bicol University HR Development Program Policy
Supporting Documents: Guidelines
 Summary list of faculty undergoing BU-HRDPPG
 Notice if Salary Adjustment  Sample Documents of Faculty undergoing the BU-
 Notice of Step Increment HRDPPG program
 NBC 461-6th cycle Evaluation  College Faculty Development Plan
 Certification of First and Last Day of Service
E.3. A regular institutional in-service training program (at
D.6. The College implements a Merit System and Promotion least once a semester) is conducted.
Plan (MSPP) which emphasizes quality teaching performance,
research, research, creative work, extension and production Supporting Documents:
 Office Memorandum on Enhancement Program
Supporting Documents:  Minutes of Meetings for Enhancement Program
 Copy of the program of training activities/Enhance
 Admin Order No. 3 series 2001 program
 Hytec Program Training
D.7. At least 50% of the full-time faculty to teach the
professional courses are permanent/ regular.

Supporting Documents: E.4. The institution supports the professional growth of the
faculty by encouraging their attendance in lectures, symposia,
 Matrix of Core faculty and their status of
conferences, seminars and workshops, etc.
 Copy of Plantilla Supporting Documents:

D.8. Retirement, separation or termination benefits are  Office Order/Travel Order (Y4IT) President/Dean
granted in accordance with institutional and government  Certificatates of Appearance/Participation
(CSC, GSIS/DBM) policies and guidelines.
 Voucher
Supporting Documents:  Pictures
E.5. Every faculty is an active member of at least one Supporting Documents:
professional/scientific organization or honor society relevant
to his/her assignment and field of specialization.  Sample Instruments for
Instruction/Teaching Effectiveness
Supporting Documents:  Summary of Evaluation of Faculty by
 List of Faculty (for the last 3 years)
 Deans/Department Head’s report on
 Matrix of Faculty with membership in relevant observation of classes
professional and scientific organizations or honor
society F.1.5. higher order thinking skills
 Certificate of membership
 Photocopy of I.D Supporting Documents:

E.6. Measures are observed to avoid monopoly in the faculty  Copy of exams showing items for higer
attendance to capability-enhancing seminars, conferences thinking skills
and/or training programs.  Sample syllabi showing the activity with
higher order thinking skills (Highlight the
Supporting Documents: difficult part!)
 Exam with TOS
 Matrix of Faculty for capability/skills and
competencies upgrading (for the last 3 years) F.1.6. innovativeness of resourcefulness in the
 Local Advisory Council (Work Instruction) different instructional processes
 Process of endorsing
Supporting Documents:
 Excerpt 4, 2.8 (Highlight)
 Designation of Chairman (Functions)  Photo documentation of the used of
different teaching materials/methods
E.7. The allocated budget for faculty development is
adequate and well-utilized.  Memo (Composition of Local Evaluation
Supporting Documents:  Title or Table of Contents

 Summary Financial Requirements for Regular Income F.1.7. integration of values and work ethics in the
utilization teaching-learning processes
 Modified work and Financial plan
Supporting Documents:
 Statements of Allotment Obligations and Balances
 Sample course syllabi showing the value-
aim in the objectives
F.2. Utilize ICT resources in the enhancement of the teaching-
THE FACULTY learning processes, and

F.1. Demonstrate skills and competencies in all of the Supporting Documents:

 Inventory of ICT equipment
F.1.1. knowledge of the program  Syllabus with website
objectives/outcomes;  Syllabus showing Audio Visual/Instructional
Materials to be used
F.1.2. reflecting the program outcomes clearly in the
 Pictures using the ICT Materials
course objectives;
F.1.3. knowledge/mastery of the content, issues and  Form/Logbook using the ICT resources
methodologies in the discipline;
F.3. Produce instructional materials, e.g. workbooks, manual,
Supporting Documents: modules, audio-visual aids, etc.,

 CMD showing the ITE Program Objectives Supporting Documents:

 Course Syllabi showing the general
 Matrix of instructional materials produced by faculty
objectives with TOS and Exam
 Certification
 Course Syllabi showing the specific
 Rating sheet of Innovation
 Course Syllabi showing course content and F.4. Prepare and submit promptly required reports and other
teaching methodologies academic outputs

F.1.4 proficiency in the use of the language of Supporting Documents:

 Checklist of Submitted required Report Supporting Documents:
 Syllabus/Faculty Commitment/Time Utilization
 Executive Order No. 76
 Class Records
 National Budget Circular No. 540
 Grade Sheets
 Notice of Salary Adjustment
 TOS (Table of Specification)
 Payroll
 Department Accoplishement Report/Faculty Rating
Sheets  Executive Order No. 90
 Exhibit “C”  Executive Order No. 40
 Memo  Executive Order No. 811
 Matrix G.2. Policies on salaries/ benefits and other privileges are
F.5. Update lectures notes through an interface of relevant disseminated to the faculty
research findings and new knowledge. Supporting Documents:
Supporting Documents:
 Administrative Orders on Guidelines on benefits and
 Updated from lecture notes from researches
o BU PRAISE benefits
 Sample powerpoint presentation
o Anniversary Bonus
 Sample CAI
o Productivity incentive bonus (PIB)
 Hand-outs “with references from the Internet”
o CAN Benefits
 Seminar lectures - teach to students
o BU Provident Fund
Notes from researches
o Honoraria for conducting research/
F.6. Serve as resource person/ lecturer/ consultant in the field scholarly works
of Information Technology o Free tuition of faculty and dependents
o Cultural/Athletic Allowance
Supporting Documents: o NOSA

 Matrix of Faculty who serves as resource G.3. Salaries are paid regularly and promptly
person/lectures/consultants in the field of
specialization Supporting Documents:
 Certificate of Appreciation
 Three months approved regular payrolls showing
signatures of receiving faculty
 Letter of invitation/program
 Outline of the lecture G.4. Teaching assignments beyond the regular load are
 Certificate of Consultant compensated

F.7. Present/ publish papers in regional/national for a and/or Supporting Documents:

international magazines/journals
 Office Memo. No. 107 Series 2012
Supporting Documents:  Admin Order No. 498
 Vouchers/Payrolls for Honoraria/overload
 Matrix of Faculty who presented/publish papers in
 Documents for approved service credits of faculty
for a magazines or journals
 Copy of faculty designations with WEC
 Photocopy of the Journal and the abstract where the
 Appointment showing WEC
research was published
 Certificate of Recognition G.5. Some of the following fringe benefits are granted:

F.8. Regularly update their respective course syllabi G.5.1.maternity/paternity leave with pay;

Supporting Documents: Supporting Documents:

 Sample copy of syllabi; 2nd Semester 2011-2012  Application for Maternity Leave
 Sample copy of syllabi with updates (TOS) with Exam  CSC form No. 6
- 2nd semester, 2012-2013  Payroll/Voucher for maternity pay

G.5.2. Sick leave;

Supporting Documents:


 HRD Form 7
G.1. Salaries are in accordance with existing policies and

G.5.3. Study leave (with or without pay);
Supporting Documents:  Cultural/Athletic Allowance
 Collective Performance Incentive
 Approved documents for study leave
 Quality Service Incentives
 HRD Form 7
 Praise Incentives
G.5.4. vacation leave;  Mid-year bonus

Supporting Documents: G.6. Faculty members with outstanding performance are

given recognition/awards and incentives.
 Approved Vacation Leave Form
Supporting Documents:
 Proportional Vacation Pay

G.5.5. tuition discount for faculty and dependents;  Office Memo. No. 189 Series 2010
 List of Loyalty Awardees
Supporting Documents:  Certificate
 Photo Documentation
 Administrative Order No. 106 S. 2007
 Excerpt from BU Student Handbook G.7. Faculty members who are actually involved in the
 OSS List of BU Dependents – update production of scholarly materials are given credits for their
 Sample Certificate of Registration of BU work.
Supporting Documents:
G.5.6. clothing/uniform allowance;
 Professional Service Incentive Payroll
Supporting Documents:  University Achievement Award


G.5.7. productivity incentive/bonus; THE FACULTY

Supporting Documents: H.1. Show sense of responsibility through all of the following:

 Payrolls H.1.1. regular and prompt attendance in classes;

G.5.8. anniversary bonus; Supporting Documents:

Supporting Documents:  Office Memo. No. 46 Series of 2012

 Office Memo. No. 29 Series 2010
 Payrolls  Individual Faculty Loading
 Daily Time Record
G.5.9. honoraria/incentives for conducting research
 Department Log Book
of for the production of scholarly works;
 Monthly Summary of Faculty Attendance
Supporting Documents:  Class Attendance sheets (With dates)

 Payrolls/vouchers H.1.2. attendance and active participation in faculty

 WEC meetings and college/university meetings;
 Honorarium
Supporting Documents:
 Appointment
 Minutes and attendance sheets in
G.5.10. housing privilege;
o Faculty meetings
Supporting Documents: o University academic council
o University curriculum committee
 Administrative Order No. 520 Series 2012 o Attendance Sheets in College and
 Administrative Order No. 91 Series 2012 University activities
 House rules of BU Dorm
H.1.3. completion of assigned tasks on time;
G.5.11. Sabbatical leave;
Supporting Documents:
Supporting Documents:
 Sample copy of accomplishment reports/
 Certification output by assigned committees
 Accomplishment Report of each faculty
G.5.12. others (specify):
teaching DTE
Supporting Documents:
H.1.4. prompt submission of all required reports;
Supporting Documents:  Faculty Utilization Schedule

 Office Memo. No. 129 Series 2011 H.4.3 performance of assignment with or without
 Office Memo. No. 10 Series 2012 compensation; and
 Dean’s office Memo on Submission of
Supporting Documents:
required reports
o Office Memo No. 03 s. 2012
 Office memo/office orders for committee
o Office Memo No. 68 s. 2011
o Office Memo No. 9 s.2011
 Consolidated faculty Workload by
o Office Memo No. 10 s. 2011
 Department Memo on submission of
 Designations for faculty load other than
required reports
teaching with WEC
 Checklist/records of Submitted Reports
 Designation as Adviser
o Faculty Rating Sheet
 CBO Adviser
o Syllabi
o Faculty requirements H.4.4. compliance with terms of contracts/
o Unit Clearance agreement (e.g., scholarship and training)
o Sample Unit Clearance
Supporting Documents:
H.1.5. observance of proper decorum at all times.
 College Commitment Form
Supporting Documents:  Department Commitments
 Faculty Commitments
 Administrative Order on wearing of
 Documents for reinstatement from leaves
Proper Uniform
 Scholarship/Training Agreement
 Checklist of not wearing prescribed
uniform C H.5. Demonstrate harmonious interpersonal relations with
 Certification superiors, peers, students, parents, and the community.

H.2. Follow the Code of Ethics of the Profession, including Supporting Documents:
the Code of Ethical Standards for Government officials and
Employees.  Approved requirements of students, faculty
requests, approved faculty development program
Supporting Documents:  Minutes of faculty meetings
 Dialogue with administration, faculty, students,
 Faculty Manual Chapter IV
parents and other stakeholders
 Copy of R.A. 6713
 Minutes and attendance of meetings with parents,
 Norms of Conduct, Executive Order No. 8292
community in research and extension activities
 BU Code Chapter 9
 Minutes and attendance of meetings with alumni
 Copy of approved NPAs
 Civic and social activities like College days, Teachers
 Request to Practice Profession
Day Celebrations
H.3. Exercise academic freedom judiciously.  Photo documentations with captions
 Town fiesta parade
Supporting Documents:  Parents Forum
o Letter of invitation
o Program

H.6. Demonstrate knowledge of recent educational

trends/issues/resources in the field of Information
Technology Education.

Supporting Documents:
H.4. Show commitment and loyalty to the Institution as
evidenced by:  List of ICT resources by core faculty
 Lecture notes using Powerpoint
H.4.1 observance of official time; presentation
 Photo documentation using ICT resources in
Supporting Documents:
teaching-learning process
H.4.2. productive use of official time;  Syllabi using ICT
 Training attended by the faculty on latest
Supporting Documents: trends and issues

 Office Memo. No. 46 Series 2012

H.7. Show evidence of professional growth through further
and continuing studies.

Supporting Documents:

 Matrix of faculty undergoing faculty

development program
 Certification
 Certificate of Registration
 Certification for CCT