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International Programmes in Germany 2018

Applied Computer Science (MSc) • SRH University Heidelberg • Heidelberg

Master of Science (MSc)

Course language(s)
Courses are held in English. The Master's thesis will be [
in English. mputer-science/]

Admission semester
Summer and winter semester

Winter semester - 1 October
Summer semester - 1 April

Programme duration
24 months (full-time)

Application deadline
Summer semester - 28 February
Winter semester - 31 August

Course content
Your studies will include instruction in special, high-
demand areas of applied informatics. Our learning
methods focus on the practical implementation of skills.
Our curriculum will provide you with state-of-the-art CONTACT
skills in various areas, such as international project
SRH Hochschule Heidelberg
management, software architecture, networks and
School of Information, Media and Design
network security, data mining, and many more!
Sabine Deubig
Educational organisation Ludwig-Guttmann-Straße 6
You will begin your studies with six mandatory courses. 69123 Heidelberg
You can then select your specialisation by taking three
Tel. +49 (0) 62 21-88 31 97
of the available nine (or more) different elective
courses. You can take on more electives if you like.
Any courses passed that exceed the minimum E-mail [mailto:sabine.deubig@hochschule-heidel
requirement of three will also be listed in your] »
Examples of optional courses include the following: Course website [https://www.hochschule-heidelb
Applied Research] »
Distributed Systems
Data Warehouse and Data Mining
3D Visualisation and Game Development
Further Contacts
SAP Enterprise Service Architectures
Prof Dr Gerd Moeckel
SAP System, Application, Customisation, ABAP

Tel. +49 (0) 62 21-88 35 12

Tel. +49 (0) 62 21-88 35 12
Study abroad unit(s)
Can be considered
E-mail [mailto:Gerd.Moeckel@hochschule-heidel] »
We recommend that students complete the practical
phase and their Master's theses at a company or Submit application to
research institution. The online application portal can be found at [https://campus.
Forms of assessment]
Written and oral exams in accordance with the
guidelines, Master's thesis

ECTS credits

Diploma supplement

Course objectives
You will be qualified to work as:
an advanced software engineer and architect in the
area of structured and object-oriented software
a systems analyst or system designer for mid-sized
to large ERP systems
a technical and process-oriented consultant or
project leader with international competence
You will also be qualified to carry out doctoral studies
in informatics/computer science.

Tuition fees
670 EUR per month
We are a private, officially recognised university. The
tuition fees enable us to offer you excellent teaching
and an optimal study environment.

Enrolment fees
650 EUR (one-time fee)

Costs of living
Approx. 680 EUR per month for personal expenses

Job opportunities
Students may work as student tutors or student

Language requirements
To be considered for admission, applicants must have
a good working knowledge of English (TOEFL, IELTS).

Academic requirements
Bachelor of Science or German "Diplom" degree in
Bachelor of Science or German "Diplom" degree in
informatics or computer science (with marks of at least
2.5 or higher according to the German grading system,
or equivalent)

Where to apply
The online application portal can be found at [https://camp]

Arrival support
There will be orientation sessions upon your arrival.

Services and support for

international students
The International Office organises an orientation week
for new students and offers students dedicated support
for the duration of the programme. There are several
events for international students throughout the year
(Café International, International Christmas Party,
Tuesday Club, Open House, "Campus-Fest").

On-campus housing is available. Please contact the
International Office for information.

Course website
computer-science/ [https://www.hochschule-heidelberg.

About the university

The SRH University Heidelberg is one of the oldest
and largest private universities in Germany. Its modern
campus is found in one of Germany's prettiest cities, a
UNESCO World Heritage site. The university offers
more than 40 modern, applied courses of high
academic quality, leading to internationally recognised
academic qualifications, such as Bachelor's and
Master's degrees. Around 3,100 students are currently
enrolled across six faculties, which include the School
of Applied Psychology; the School of Information,
Media, and Design; the School of Therapeutic
Sciences; the School of Social and Legal Sciences; the
School of Business; and the School of Engineering and
Architecture. The university's core competencies are
excellent instruction, applied research, and continual
scientific training. Cooperation with international
universities benefits both students and staff alike.

Total number of students


Total percentage of
international students
international students
15 %

About the city

Heidelberg is located in the Rhine-Neckar triangle
where the federal states of Baden-Württemberg,
Hesse, and Rhineland-Palatinate meet. In April 2005,
the region was awarded the title of "European
Metropolitan Region" because of its significance as a
source of inspiration in economic, social, and cultural
With its natural settings on the banks of the River
Neckar and in the midst of rolling hills, Heidelberg is
regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in
Germany. Every year, millions of tourists are attracted
to the castle and the old town. The University of
Heidelberg is the oldest German university. It was
established in 1386. The library and the Old Auditorium
are worth a visit, as are the castle (with its wonderful
garden) and the old bridge.
But Heidelberg is much more than an old city with a
great history. It is also a city of science and business. It
is home to Germany's most important centres of
research and development (The German Cancer
Research Centre, the European Molecular Biology
Laboratory, five institutes of the Max Planck Society)
and world-famous enterprises such as SAP, John
Deere, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG,
HeidelbergCement, ABB, SAS, MLP, Springer Science,
Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and many more.

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