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Date: December 5, 2017

Grade Level and Section: G7- STE and G7- Diamond

 Translate English sentences/verbal phrases to Mathematical phrases/sentences
and vice versa.
 Match verbal phrases to Mathematical phrases
 KBI: Students Accuracy
 Code: M7AL-IIh-2
 TOPIC: Algebra (Translating English sentences/verbal phrases to Mathematical
phrases/sentences and vice versa
 REFERENCES: Internet (Math Grade 7 Teacher’s Guide [Q1 and Q2] pdf.)
 MATERIALS: Chalk, Chalk Board, Manila Paper, Marker
a. Preparatory Activity
“Good Morning Class.” “Good Morning Miss Aban.”

“Let us pray…” (Students will lead the prayer)

“A sheet of paper will be passed, write

your name on it so that I will know that
you are present.” (Students will follow the instruction in writing
their names in the paper for attendance purpose.)

“Before taking your seats, please pick up

any pieces of paper under your chairs, if
there is any.” (Students will follow the instruction of the teacher.)

b. Review of the Previews Lesson

“Yesterday we discussed about the
difference between algebraic expressions
and equation. I will give you some
example then tell me whether it is an
expression or an equation. (Students will answer as the teacher call their
1. x -4x-5=0
2 1. equation
2. (x+2)(x-2) 2. expression
3. (x+5)2=0 3. equation
4. 3x+1=9 4. equation
5. 4x+1=3x+2 5. equation
“Okay, I think you now know the
difference of the two so let us proceed to
our next topic.” (Students are listening to what the teacher is
talking about.)
c. Discussion
“I want you to get a ¼ sheet of paper and
answer these activity. Read the directions
to understand what to do with the
activity.” “Directions: Match each verbal phrases under
column A to its mathematical phrases under
column B. Each number corresponds to a letter. A
letter may be used more than one.”


1. The sum of a number and three. 1. A. – (x+3)

2. Four times a certain number 2. E. – (4x-1)
decreased by one.
3. One subtracted from four times a 3. E. – (4x-1)
4. A certain number decreased by 4. F. – (x-2)
5. Four increased by a certain 5. C.- (4+x)
6. A certain number decreased by 6. A. – (x+3)
7. Three more than a number. 7. A. – (x+3)
8. Twice a number decreased by 8. J. – (2x-3)
9. A number added to four. 9. D. – (x+4)
10. The sum of four and a number. 10. C/D. – (4+x) or (x+4)
11. The difference of two and a 11. I. – (2-x)
12. The sum of four times a number 12. K. – (4x+3)
and three.
13. A number increased by three. 13. G. – (x-3)
14. The difference of four times a 14. E. – (4x-1)
number and one.

a. x+3 h. 3-x
b. 3+4x i. 2-x
c. 4+x j. 2x-3
d. X+4 k. 4x+3
e. 4x-1
f. X-2
g. X-3

(after answering the given task the teacher

will discuss every number to the students)

“Take note class that this phrases gives a

symbol to these signs.” “Yes Ma’am.”
(+) Addition
 Increased by
 Added to
 The sum of (Students will take a note to every detail that the
 More than teacher gives to them.)
 Plus
(-) Subtraction
 Decreased by
 Subtracted by
 The difference of
 Less than
 Diminished by
 Minus
(x) Multiplication
 Multiplied by (Students will take a note to every detail that the
 Of teacher gives to them.)
 The product of
 Times
(÷) Division
 The ratio of
 The quotient of
 Divided by
(<) Less Than
 Is less than
(Students will take a note to every detail that the
(>) Greater Than
teacher gives to them.)
 Is greater than
(≤) Less Than or Equal
 Is less than or equal to
 Is at most
(≥) Greater Than or Equal
 Is greater than or equal to
 Is at least

“I will be giving you a sit work to have
more practice and for you to be more
accurate and fast in answering.” “Yes Ma’am.”

“Get a ¼ sheet of paper again and write

the English phrases of the Mathematical (Students will follow the instruction of the teacher.)
1. x+5=4 1. The sum of a number and five is four.
2. 2x-1=1 2. Twice a number decreased by one is equal
to one.
3. 7+x=2x+3 3. Seven added by a number is equal to twice
a number increased by three.
4. 3x=5 4. Thrice a number yields 5.
5. x-2=3 5. Two less than a number results to three.

“By the answers that you’ve given I can

now say that you are now ready for the
evaluation, am I right?” “Yes Ma’am”
“Okay before your quiz, what again are
the phrases that pertains to addition?” “Ma’am those are: Increased by, Added to
, The sum of, More than, and Plus.”

“How about to subtraction?” “Ma’am those are: Decreased by, Subtracted by,
The difference of, Less than, Diminished by, and
“Okay very good! Than what are the key
phrases that pertains to division?” “Ma’am those are: The ratio of, The quotient of,
and Divided by.”
“Very good again! And with that answers
of yours I am now expecting that are now
ready for your quiz. So get ½ sheet of
paper and translate the Mathematical
phrases to English phrases.” “Yes, Ma’am.”

f. EVALUATION -Expected Answers-

1. 3x+2=3x+1 1. Three times a number plus two is equal to

three times a number and one.
2. 2-3x=0 2. Two diminished by three times a number is
3. 4+1+x 3. Four plus one plus a number.
4. 5y-2 4. Five multiplied by a number diminished by
5. x(x+1) 5. X times the quantity of a number and two.
6. (x+1)(x+2) 6. The quantity of x plus one times the
quantity of x plus 2.
7. 3x-2=0 7. Three times a number minus two is equal to
8. 3x+1 8. The sum of three times a number and one.
9. 8x/3 9. Eight times a number divided by three.
10. (7x/4)=0 10. Seven times a number divided by four is
equal to zero.

Study the lesson on your book in titled: Differentiating Equations and Inequalities and
Illustrating Linear Equation and Inequality in one variable.

Prepared by:
BSEd-Mathematics IV