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Go/No Go Decision

Long Form

If you need a more thorough analysis of your situation and whether or not this project is right for you, try this
highly detailed, Go/No Go Quiz. There are 35 questions about the client, the project and about your business
considerations, with one point for each ‘Yes’ answer. As you go through this full-scale checklist be fully honest
with yourself. While it’s really easy to ‘game’ this system, lack of honesty will only hurt you and your success.

About the Client Answers Your Business Considerations Answers

1. Have we dealt with this client before? Yes __ No __ 20. Is this what our business and marketing Yes __ No __
2. Do we know that this client is financially plans say we should be doing?
stable and has a good business reputation? Yes __ No __ 21. Is the selection process reasonable? Yes __ No __
3. Does this client pay their bills promptly? Yes __ No __ 22. Do we have a strong message that will
4. Is this the type of project the client has differentiate us from the competition? Yes __ No __
worked on before both successfully and 23. Will the project be worth the marketing
regularly? Yes __ No __ effort it takes to get it? Yes __ No __
5. Is the client willing to spend the necessary 24. Can we comply with any MBE, WBE,
time with you to fully discuss the project DBE requirements? Yes __ No __
prior to preparing the proposal? Yes __ No __ 25. Will the contract sufficiently limit our
6. Are there future opportunities with this liability? Yes __ No __
client? Yes __ No __ 26. Will the contract be equitable? Yes __ No __
7. Do we know who makes the final decision? Yes __ No __ 27. Will the contract be free of hold-harmless
8. Would our other clients approve of our and indemnity provisions? Yes __ No __
involvement with this project? Yes __ No __ 28. Will the contract be free of speculative
9. Is the client realistic about schedule and aspects? Yes __ No __
budget? Yes __ No __ 29. Will our fee be adequate? Profitable? Yes __ No __
About the Project 30. Is there a good reason to take this job if we
10. Is there a well defined scope of work? Yes __ No __ don’t anticipate a profit? Yes __ No __
11. Will the permits and approvals be 31. Will our fee be competitive? Yes __ No __
obtainable within the schedule? Yes __ No __ 32. Is the owner willing to fund unexpected
12. Are we familiar with all the applicable contingencies? Yes __ No __
regulations and technologies? Yes __ No __ 33. Have we checked the insurance
13. Are there future opportunities for similar requirements and found there are no
projects with other clients? Yes __ No __ special insurance needs? Yes __ No __
14. Is this the type of project we’ve worked on 34. Is this a project in which we should be
before both successfully and regularly? Yes __ No __ investing our resources? Yes __ No __
15. Do we have a project manager experienced 35. Is this the best opportunity we have now? Yes __ No __
with this type of project? Yes __ No __
16. Are we sure our work load will not be Total Yes __ No __
strained by taking on this project now? Yes __ No __
17. Do we have at least as much chance to be
Count up your ‘Yes’ answers.
selected as our competitors? Yes __ No __
30 or more: Go for it with all you’ve got
18. Can we comply with the schedule for 25 – 30 Think this through again
completing our portion of the work? Yes __ No __ 20 – 24 Look for another opportunity
19. Can we provide high quality client service? Yes __ No __ Less than 20 Turn down the project

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