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DBNA Community Tickets Program 2019 Frequently Asked Questions How do | get tickets for my organization? There are several ways that an organization can receive tickets as a part of the DBNA Community Tickets Program: 1. Live Stream Drawings via YouTube: This is the more common way that we determine who will receive tickets. They occur almost monthly and it requires that organizations register for specific monthly drawings by responding to our email blasts with the organization’s name and contact information within the registration deadline. 2. Facebook: These drawings are usually impromptu and one person representing their organization can respond first to a post to win tickets. Please see our specific guidelines for Facebook giveaways. 3. In-person sweepstakes events: These events happen a few times a year and it is a community event were all our partners gather at a location for fun and opportunities to win tickets and other prizes for their organizations and themselves personally. Ifa person wins a consolation prize they are not obligated ‘to turn over the tickets to the organization. 4, By request: An organization can request tickets and in the event that we have unallocated we can potentially fulfill a special request for tickets. All NY Islanders hockey tickets are by request and those requests are typically honored. Who can use the tickets? We expect that the tickets that an organization wins goes to the staff or community members it serves. The tickets that are won in the name of an organization are for the benefit of the organizations’ members and clientele. How often can my organization win tickets? An organization can enter our various drawings to win tickets each month. The winners are determined randomly to be fair and transparent. Therefore, it could be likely that, your organization may not win tickets each month. DBNA Community Tickets Program 2019 Frequently Asked Questions How many tickets can | win? The number of tickets that an organization wins varies. It can win receive anywhere from 2 to 20 tickets for an event or game. What if my organization can’t use all the tickets? If an organization cannot use all of the tickets, only accept what can be used for the event date and time. DBNA has a commitment to use the tickets it receives; therefore, we expect that all the tickets that an organization takes from our office will be used. Failure to properly use the tickets accepted may result in suspension of an organization. DBNA can allocate the used tickets to another community partner organization Remember, scalping (selling the complimentary tickets) is illegal! Under no circumstances should tickets be sold to third parties. How are organizations notified of the sweepstake drawing dates? Participants are notified by email of upcoming sweepstakes events and live stream drawings, We do not provide information about winnings via phone. The YouTube live stream drawings are recorded and kept on our page: DBNA TV, we invite partners to watch the live stream later to determine if their organization won, if they cannot join us live. Additionally, the list of the winners is read at the end of each YouTube video. What happens if | miss a deadline? If an organization misses its deadline for claiming tickets, it loses the opportunity to have tickets for that month, and can participate the next month without penalty. The tickets will be reallocated to another Community Partner. if an organization misses the deadline to pick-up tickets, after it has accepted them, they will not be eligible to participate in the next month’s drawing. DBNA Community Tickets Program 2019 Frequently Asked Questions What if I can’t pick up the tickets during the Ticket Pick-up Hours? We understand that our partners have busy schedules to service the community, yet we ask that winning organization do their best to pick up the tickets within the deadline. If the designated pick-up person is not able to pick up tickets, please send another representative of the organization to pick up the tickets. The person that picks up the tickets must sign and complete the Ticket Release Form with the details of the organization that won (organization name, address, contact person, phone number, etc.), so please make sure the pick-up person knows this information. If my organization registers once, does that mean we must reapply after each drawing? Organizations do not need to reapply for each drawing. The application will stay on file for one year or one season, after which, you will have to renew again, Organization do have to register for specific monthly drawings via email or in person at in-person event. My organization won suite tickets! How does that work? Luxury suite tickets are special tickets that DBNA gladly provides to our partners. We expect that all suite ticket holders know and adhere to the Suite Rules and Regulations and sign in with the DBNA Representative. Those who win suite tickets can enter Barclays Center at the Calvin Klein VIP entrance. DBNA provides the tickets but does not provide food or any other additional special suite services, Please ask the DBNA Representative or the Barclays Center suite attendant for assistance with food and other accommodations.