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Hi ata (CENTRAL LUZON: BATAAN, Defense chet says unveling of missiles on X's arrival ‘coincidental’ DEFENSE Secretary Dein Loenzana sad yesterdays umeling of ecouty'fist mise system wast intetonaly shed to once wih te vt fCinse President pina Cainciertalang Yan (uscd, Mr Loreeatold reporters ring the vets fing activity ofthe Pippin misies a the water of aman Pit, Bataan on Weer No, 2) Walon alk ung dun There's lon tha). nf ths assed wth the President lang time ago, ero lang napo-pstpoe (butt was repeated pastored) esa adn that ‘hey simply took avartageof te good weather ont. The Cinese leader madehis state ‘stint courtry on No. 20-2 aid warming lions pusvedby President RodtigoR.Dutete este the cortaued dpe over ams onthe West Philoone Se. — Vinee Angel. Fereras >> Seetlstory on hp: /e00.g/ Baan AMULT-purpose attack craft HPAC i fresa spike ‘extended ange missile during ave fie exercise atthe waters off Lamao Point, Bataan on Nov. 2. PSO ROALES CENTRAL VISAYAS: 0SL0B, CEBU Regulated whale shark-watching policy put on hold “THE implementation fhe new ules and equator for vale shar-wattingin Ose, Cebuhasbeenutontald after oa turn works nd operators complained thal he pbc favors ty-based tour guides Cebu Vice Governor Agnes A Magpale tld reporters on Testa that, she found the complaints "va and sos ordered that "ats uo" be maintains unt further discussions are Undertaken. nearly Oct, folowing a corsutatve meeting, (slob town stakeholders agreed toreduce the ruber of aly tourists who can go whale shark watching to 800 from 1000 as pro frst lance envionment ‘protection wt economic gains Last wee, however, Ob Mayor os. Turk, normed Cebu Governr Hilo Davide that the new scheme ha proven deadvant ge04s ool operators. — The Freeman SOCCSKSARGEN: GENERAL SANTOS CITY ee GGenSan’s P35-M waste facility open fo lessons to LGUs GENERAL SANTOS City's Central Materials Recevry Focty (CMRF), which can proes upto 40 tons wast per dys opener vis by representatives of ther local goverment nits (AGUS, where thy can pickup lessons on waste management. Mayor Ronel Rivera, ina ost an his Facebok page sid he wat to make GenSan City "a medel or enitonmetal and waste management for ther GUS" The P35 lon CMRF, located atthe santany lon in Barangay inva was bul ouch aan fom he United Nations indus De velopment Organization (UNDO) trough the UN Development Progranee-Slbal Enron ‘mental Finance (UNOP-GEF)- UNDO officals vite the site on No.1, Enviamental Man ‘agement Bureau Region 2 Director Ma, SocortC. Lano sl they ae ready to asst LGUs that want to vist the GerSan CMF, corsidered asthe country ist re-sale mechanized MRE. It can convert lasts into materia for concrete pavers nother by-pass wast nt oreanic ete, ad other sce wast int materia with economic vals Me vera si the CHRE was eget Fino inento an engines, Bernabe M, Acta ‘Tropical depression Samuel moving out without trail of destruction NO MAJOR destruction Was reported 3 topical depres- sion Samuel which made ‘wo lana inthe Visayas ‘Now. 20 and 7, started to ‘move ou ofthe Phipoine ‘ea, Wester bureau PA GGASA,initsS pm, Nov. 21 boli sid Samuel, mov ing with maximum winds ‘of upto keer per eee ‘out rv) ear the centr and ustines of uo to 6 kh, was expected be ‘ut by Thursday evening o at Friday. Typhoon waning sia #1 remained up yesterday inthe following areas Rambla, southern Occidental Mindoro: southern ‘OretalMindr; Pla, incng Clarion and Cuyo gous of ands Gui mars, oo, Capiz, Alan and Aig BALAMBAN town’s material recovery fait, builtat a cast of P500,000 with funding fom ‘the Cebu provincia government, was tured ‘over othe municipal government ‘ondune CENTRAL VISAYAS: CEBU Cebu’s 10-year provincial waste ‘management plan gets NSWMC nod, THE NATIONAL Sod Waste Management Com- mission (NSWIMC asrecent aporoved the Solid Waste Management SW) Plnfthe Cebu provincial goverment, which woul bein ‘elect uti 2027 na sae the prvi goverment said the SW Pan indudes the ‘extablshment ofa matt eeavery fact n ever barangay andy lee composting of biodearadabe waste tobe used as oranic fe tz, rcying of an-bioderadabe waste, wastes segregation and centucionosani- tary nil Cebu Provincial Envienment and Natual Resources fice Chit Jason Lozano ‘sid the plan serves asa guide fr al cltes inhebpng mitigate “the cue effects of ur equated garbage that was among the causes ‘of ooing in urban areas” The provincial goverment provides assistance fr planing and implementation, but Mr. Lozano stressed that peoplein he communities the main ‘Sakhlderstoasuceshl wate manage men program. "We ar uring the pblito ‘cooperate wih baangay officals regarding the ‘arbage cation, beeause noone ese an help them best but the people” hesaid THE DAVAO Internationa port. DAVAO: DAVAO CITY Medical tourism, education seen key to Davao-Manado route reopening, MEDICAL turism ae musing edueationin Davo City could sour thereepeing of iret tts toad rom Manado, te captafndoneson province Nath Suawes, offdalssaid Indonesian Attach Sait Handa, named fun, ad Philp ine ins (AL as ready conducted feast study onthe rate ands con- sieig fight thugs subsiiary PAL Express, Enda Yul arcs fo ifmatin and socio cut ata of the Consult General ofthe Republic aren Daa Ci, sid oe of the penta markets forthe fights are Indonesian tudes who want to tuys inthe. a0 Cl Chanbe of Commerce arent. (DCCC Preset Ato Mian ina separate erie si the reopening ofthe Daao-Manad fights ould a ng in indonesian meatus Fer passengers fram the Davao ie, ln sai torsmto Manado and onwards to she destinations sch as Bal anPaa could be developed. ~ Maya Padilo 2 Se llstory on htes/oc0q/SWUa?