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SCOPE OF WORKS - OJT ( On-the Job Training)

Student ID
Department Technical Maintenance

To : Student supervisor
Herewith are the scope of work that the student is expected to acquire/perform during

No Scope of work ( ) if
Diploma in Electronic Technology
Assists in providing technical support and setup of AV equipment's
1 to the Banqueting department, other hotel staffs and guests.
Assists in guiding the users to help setup AV systems or resolve
2 escalated issues.
Assists in documenting all technical issues within the incident
3 management system.

4 Troubleshoots and maintains all the AV equipment's.

Ensures that the maintenance of all electronics-related equipment
5 and its associated auxiliaries are carried out in accordance with the
Standard Engineering practice.
Banqueting hall audio –video equipment maintenance and service
6 and to be ready to use all times.
Hotel Guest Rooms TV channels and transmission systems is up-to-
7 date and in operation all the time.
Arranged the systems well in advance before the functions and
8 collect and placed them back in the stores in good working
Ensures that the work specified on the work order within his trade is
9 carried out quickly, accurately, skillfully, economically, efficiently
and completely.
Ensures that electrical rooms, electrical panels audio – video control
10 rooms are kept clean and orderly.
Immediately notifies the Shift Engineer on duty on any unusual
11 occurrences on any of the electrical lines, panels or controls,

12 Identifies upgrading needs for new AV systems, tools & equipments.

Participates in the installation of AV recording and Video calling
13 systems during banquet events.
Ensures that the equipment's & tools meet their requirements &
14 specifications before they their deployment.
Set-up, operate, and troubleshoot AV / projection equipment's /
15 Mic / other devices.

16 Oversee the set-up of AV equipment in banquet/meeting rooms.

Ensure AV equipment is operational, labeled, repaired and cleaned
17 when necessary.
Adheres to the specified hygiene and personal appearance
18 standards of the hotel and his area.

19 Adheres to the set procedures for attendance and timekeeping.

20 Assists in all IT related issues as and when required.

Assists his fellow workers on other trades, not related to his own
21 work, and and when necessary.

Other type of works:

Company Name & Stamp

Note to student: Prepare 3 copies 1. company 2. Student File ( Department) 3. Student Log Book ( attached to the Log Book)