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Contentoo Launches Content-Production Platform

Contentoo is officially launching this month. With the rise of content marketing and marketing
automation software, the demand for high-quality content has never been greater. Yet, the process
for creating content still relies on inefficient, outdated methods. Contentoo offers a solution for this,
with a talent pool of freelance writers and journalists and smart software that enables companies to
work with them.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, November 22, 2018 --( Talent and Software

After a year-long testing period, has gone live, focusing on companies that create large
volumes of content; for example, companies that have implemented marketing automation software.
Contentoo solves two problems. Companies are increasingly investing in content marketing, so they are
creating more and more content, although they often have limited resources to do so. Furthermore, the
content-creation process is time-consuming and inefficient, and quality is becoming more important than

“Companies need many different kinds of texts written by different specialists. They need to find good
writers and make sure these writers are available at the right times,” says Contentoo founder Jeroen
Gunter. “On top of that, the quality of the content is more important than ever. To make the content
engaging and exciting to the target group, you need good writers who understand your market and your
product and know how to write about it in a way that others can easily understand.”

Tailor-Made Writing Teams

With Contentoo, any company has access to its own team of specialized freelance writers. These are
selected from a pool of writers on the platform, based on the client's content needs and strategy. The
company's freelance team consists of fixed members. This ensures the quality and consistency of the
content. Client briefings and feedback take place via the platform. Contentoo also provides each of its
clients with a designated account manager who helps with the briefing and all other activities. To
distribute content, Contentoo has partnered with publishers and is currently expanding to include even
more partners. Gunter says, “We want to become a platform where our clients can do everything related
to content marketing, from strategy to content-production, to distribution and monitoring.”

Higher Standards for Writers

Contentoo stands out from other freelance copywriting platforms by enforcing a strict writer selection
policy. The platform is not open to just any copywriter. Because there are no legal certifications for
becoming a writer, Contentoo has developed an assessment process for selecting the writers who work on
its platform. The freelancers are categorized according to their specializations and fields of expertise
(sectors). After an extensive on-boarding with the client, which examines topics like buyer personas,
customer journey and tone of voice, Contentoo assembles a team of writers, editors and translators to
optimally fulfill the client's needs. After that, the client can send instructions to this team via the platform.

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About Contentoo
Contentoo is a platform that enables companies to work together with the top 10% of freelance
copywriters. It offers software and talent, but also lets you add your own writers to the platform. This
saves companies time and hassle while also enabling them to create high-quality content. Based on the
client's content needs, Contentoo assembles a fixed team of freelance copywriters, translators and editors.
This fixed team ensures a consistent tone of voice. Contentoo started in 2017 and attracted investments
that year from angel investors Frans van Hulle and Bas Offers. Contentoo now has around 150 native
English, Dutch and German writers, translators and editors on its platform.

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