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With Instructions/Sample

Class Name and Level: Practicum Teacher’s Name: Alexa Valencia

Year 7/8

Date 16/10/2018 Time and length 1.30pm-2.30pm 1 hour

of lesson
Language Simple Sentences Topic Sentence Structure
Lesson No. 1

Class Profile
Mixed gender, aged 12-14, background from Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, developing abilities.

What do students already know?

Students are already aware of past simple; past continuous; past perfect

Aims: Improve student ability to identify the components that make up a simple sentence and be able to write one autonomously.

Objectives: Students will:

 Define a verb and give at least 5 examples
 Define what the subject is and give at least 3 examples
 Understand the concept of a clause
 Write a simple sentence without the aid of teachers or peers
Key Language (vocabulary)
 Subject
 Verb
 Clause
With Instructions/Sample

Modifications/Elaborations for individual student needs/Differentiation

 Different levels of assistance from teacher

Timing Sequenced Teaching and Learning Grouping Resources

5 mins Introduction/Warmer Individual White board

 ‘D I C T I O N A R Y’ is written on the board. As soon as students arrive they can use the letters of Marker
this word to make as many new words as they can. The earlier they arrive the more time they
receive to find words
 Meanwhile teacher to hand out files Student files

5 mins  Think, Pair, Share for the following question and brainstorm the answers on the board: Individual, White board
o What is a sentence? Pair, Marker
 Alert students that sentence structure is the focus of todays lesson Group
10 mins
 Class discussion: what is a ‘subject’ in a sentence? Write the following example on the board Class
and see if they can guess what the subject is. Post it notes, pens,
o Noi was feeling happy today ‘subject’ card of word wall.
 Once students are confident with the meaning conduct a post it note slam (students are in Large post it poster?
groups of 2. They write one example of a subject per post it note and slam it on the table Pairs
before writing the next one. Group with the most post it notes wins.)
 At the end of the slam, get students to combine all post it notes on to the board/paper

15 mins  Class discussion: what is a ‘verb’ in a sentence? Write the following example on the board and Class Post it notes, pens, ‘verb’
see if they can guess what the verb is. card of word wall.
o Noi was feeling happy today Large post it poster?
 Once students are confident with the meaning conduct a post it note slam with verbs. The Pairs
pair with the most post it notes wins.
 While the students are conducting the verb post it note slam teacher is to write the
With Instructions/Sample

following headings on the board: Action, Saying, Sensing.

Once the winner of the slam has been determined, work together as a class to sort the Class
verb post it notes under the correct heading
15 mins
 The first type of sentence we will be looking at is a simple sentence. Teacher to write the
following on the board
 Simple Sentence = subject + verb + completed thought
 Take one subject post it note and one verb post it note and combine them to show students
that it is an incomplete sentence. The completed thought is the words you need to have the
subject and verb make sense together.
 Have students choose post it notes to practice writing sentences. Share them with the class
once complete.

5 mins  Bring students attention to the fact that there is only one thing happening in each sentence.
This means that there is only one clause in the sentence.
 1 clause = 1 idea and 1 verb.
 What happens if there are 2 clauses or 2 ideas in a sentence? Let students know that is the
focus of next lesson

 To pack away, get the students to stick the post it notes on the word wall under the
5 mins correct headings. Individual
 Once the board is rubbed off, see if students can write down the equation for a simple White board
sentence. Once completed, files can be returned to teacher. Marker
 If time permits, play one game of A to Z (letters A-Z are written down the board. Students
are given a topic and they must think of words within that topic that start with the letters Class

Assessment of student learning

 Students place post it notes under correct heading of word wall
 Able to write the equation of a simple sentence (simple sentence = subject + verb + completed thought)