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With Instructions/Sample

Class Name and Level: Practicum Teacher’s Name: Alexa Valencia

Year 7/8

Date 13/11/2018 Time and length 1.30-2.30pm 1 hour

of lesson
Language Storytelling Topic Narrative Writing
Lesson No. 9

Class Profile
Mixed gender Background from Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Nepal and Russia
aged 12-14 Developing abilities.

What do students already know?

Students are already aware of past simple; past continuous; past perfect
Simple sentences compound sentences, complex sentences.
Countable and Uncountable nouns
Narrative Structure

Aims: To edit a narrative using the standardised guidelines and to complete a final copy

Objectives: Students will:

 Use the prescribed checklist to edit a peers work
 Edit corrections on their own work
 Create a final, cohesive narrative that abides by the recommended structure, is engaging and detailed.
Key Language (vocabulary)
 Descriptive
 Paragraph
 Sentence
With Instructions/Sample

Modifications/Elaborations for individual student needs/Differentiation

 Different levels of assistance from teacher

Timing Sequenced Teaching and Learning Grouping Resources

10 mins  Wheel of Fortune Class Whiteboard
 Class divided into 2 teams divided into Whiteboard Marker
 T writes enough blank spaces on the board to create a statement 2 groups
 Ss to take turns guessing letters. If one letter is guessed correctly they may have another turn.
 Every letter that is guessed correctly receives 1 point for their team.

Body Individual
approx.  Teacher to check on progress of students completing their draft. School Laptops
10 mins  Ss given time to complete their draft Draft Copies
Partner/Gr Peer Check List
10 mins  Once finished their draft, Ss are to peer check each others work using the peer check list oup of 3
10 mins  Ss to fix the recommended edits to their draft.
15 mins  Ss to type good copy on school laptops. Once finished, send to teacher.

 If Ss are to finish early, they can practice their typing on the school laptop program.
With Instructions/Sample

5 mins  Congratulate ss on their work. Let Ss know that if the work was not completed,
they will need to complete it at home. They will need to send it through to their
own e-mail or T can send it through to parent e-mail.
 Pack Away

Assessment of student learning

 Completed Narratives