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CRITERIA (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) OUTCOME

 Unable to write abstract concisely,  Fairly write abstract i.e. not  Capable to write abstract
i. Abstract concisely, informative and CO3 [PO2]
informative and quantitative. enough information
 Capable to describe background
 Unable to describe background and  Fairly describe background and
ii. Introduction and objective of each experiment CO1 [PO1]
objective of each experiment objective of each experiment
 Unable to formulate a complete
 Adequately formulate theoretical  Capable to formulate a complete
theoretical and experimental
iii. Theory and experimental principles with theoretical and experimental CO3 [PO2]
principle i.e. just write the final
small errors. principle.
 Adequately produce an
appropriate procedure to run the
 Unable to produce an appropriate  Capable to produce a detailed
iv. Experimental experiment and fair record
procedure to run the experiment and procedure to run the experiment CO2 [P1O]
procedure keeping .i.e. missing steps in
poor record keeping. and good record keeping.
procedure and missing in data
 Unable to present experimental  Adequately present experimental  Capable to articulate
result using appropriate tables, result using appropriate tables, experimental result using
v. Result CO3 [PO2]
charts, graphs or other presentation charts, graphs or other appropriate tables, charts, graphs
formats. presentation formats. or other presentation formats.
 Unable to relate theoretical analysis  Adequately relate theoretical  Capable to relate theoretical
vi. Discussion with experimental result and their analysis with experimental result analysis with experimental result CO3 [PO2]
practical implication. and their practical implication. and their practical implication.
 Unable to come out a clear and  Conclusion is not clear, but yet,  Capable to express a clear and
vii. Conclusion CO3 [PO2]
understandable conclusion. understandable in such manner. concise conclusion.
viii. Overall  Unable to write a lab report clearly,  Capable to write a lab report
 Generally follows the standard a
impression of precisely and in a well organized clearly, precisely and in a well CO4 [PO9]
lab report.
report manner organized manner
ix. Team works  passively participation in group  Moderate participation in group  Actively participation in group CO2 [P10]