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21/11/2018 world technical: 1A power supply with adjustable output of 0-15 volts



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1A power supply with adjustable output of 0-15 volts

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1A power supply with adjustable output of 0-15 volts

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Figure 1 Electronic Circuit Designer Power Supply

Wireless Circuit Radio Receivers

Solar power
2N3055 – a complementary Silicon Epitaxial-Base planar NPN transistor mounted in Jedec TO-3
metal case for use as power transistor
electronic component
Bridge Diode – also known as bridge rectifier which has four diodes arranged in a bridge
configuration where the output voltage has the same polarity with either polarity of the input
electronic component Thyristors triacs diacs
Integrated circuits Resistors
The construction of this power supply circuit is very simple in such a way that the components used are
Coils and transformers Capacitors
easy to be located while the cost is very cheap. With the biggest provided current at 1 A, the output
voltage is adjusted for minimal ripple effect and stabilized in the range of 0 V to 15 V DC. This is made Transistor Diodes

possible by the standard transformer output of 1.5 A with a primary winding voltage of 220 V and LED
secondary voltage of 18 V. The current is being limited by the Zener diode D1 with a rating of 18 V and
1.5 W. The linear potentiometer R2 is responsible for the regulation of current.
The power transistor Q1 is a classic type that would require to be placed in a suitable heatsink to Popular Posts
suppress the high heat dissipation during the operation of the circuit. The heat dissipation will be
continuous during the presence of the highest current. The bridge diode GR1 will provide full wave 5A Power Supply 1.2-25V
rectification from the AC input which will also convert the incoming alternating current (AC) input into The core of the power supply circuit is
LM338K. The scheme circuit 5A power
direct current (DC) output. One good feature of the bridge diode is maintaining the same polarity of the
supply with adjustable output voltage from
output regardless of the polarity of the input. 1.2 to 25V. Constr...

Circuit Power audio Amplifier with TDA2030

2.1 Chanell – 3 x 18 Watts – Subwoofer –

Figure 2 Circuit Power audio Amplifier with TDA2030

2.1 Channel– 3 x 18 Watts – Subwoofer –
Complete This circuit is a complete application is 2...
The 15V/1 A power supply may be used to handle home automation control system which can be
powered by 12 Vdc. They can be made into power adapter models to support a wide variety of Subwoofer Filter Using TL072
applications such as TFT monitors, broadcasting, laptops, digital cameras, telecommunications, PSP’s, TL072 Op-Amp based 11-90 hz Subwoofer
routers, notebooks, guitar effects pedals, KVM extenders, iPod’s, scanners, CCTV’s, printers, cassette Filter The circuit subwoofer filter allows the
addition of subwoofers to an existing full-
players, radios, and other portable applications.
range ...
LM1875 Hi-Fi 50-watt power amplifier
LM1875 50 watt Hi Fi power amplifier The
LM1875 is a monolithic power amplifier
offering very low distortion and high quality
performance f...

Labels: Power Supply Solar charger controller circuit diagram

When connecting a solar panel to a rechargeable battery , it
Related Posts is usually necessary to use a charge controller circuit to 1/3
21/11/2018 world technical: 1A power supply with adjustable output of 0-15 volts
prevent the batte...
3A regulated power supply with a stability
Regulated Power Supply with Stability at 3A The circuit was designed to build a stable
power supply the will provide a regulated voltage from 40 V to 70 V in a 3 A current.
2N3055 – a compleme ... readmore

12 Volt DC to 120 Volt AC Inverter

Ever needed a low power 120volt AC power source for your car, van or truck? Well this Solar power
circuit should do the trick for you. It will supply 15 watts of AC power to a device. It
should power lamps, shav ... readmore
portable solar lantern circuit uses 6 volt/5 watt solar panels

Portable CD Player Adapter For Car Solar Powered Battery Charger

Whenever I'm in the car listening to my favourite CD, it always happens; my batteries go
dead. To solve that problem, I built this extremely simple regulator circuit. It steps down Solar charger controller circuit diagram
the 12V from the l ... readmore
Solar charger circuit diagram

Automatic Load Sensing Power Switch Explaining solar cells

This circuit will automatically switch on several mains-powered "slave" loads when a
"master" load is turned on. For example, it will switch on the amplifier and CD player in a
stereo system when the ... readmore PCB Design Tutorial

Simple 12-9 volt DC to DC converter BD139 Error loading feed.

Description:This circuit is a DC voltage output from a small DC input generate large
voltage.It ’s easy and quick to do, and reducing the value of the Z-diode, the circuit can
Audio amplifiers
be universally adapted ... readmore


Bridge Amplifier Car audio By using HA1377

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Graphic Equaliser Using 741 Op-Amp 6 Band

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21/11/2018 world technical: 1A power supply with adjustable output of 0-15 volts
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