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Bawa’t Isa Mahalaga

Who We Are

‘Bawa’t Isa Mahalaga’ (B1M) is a movement of Filipinos whose hearts ache for justice,
who believe in the sacredness of life and the inherent value and dignity of every person, who
uphold the Filipino people as sovereign in this nation, who work for justice, righteousness, truth,
compassion and mercy in governance and in all institutions of our society.
Founded by the former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes A. Sereno, with the support of
various churches, faith-based organizations, cause oriented groups, and like-minded
individuals, this movement seeks to transform the nation by empowering the Filipino people as a
sovereign, just, righteous and compassionate community with a shared sense of destiny, to
usher in a genuinely democratic and prosperous nation.

“Men are born equal, naked, and without chains. They were not created by God to be enslaved, neither
were they endowed with intelligence in order to be misled, nor adorned with reason to be fooled by
Jose Rizal, Letter to the Women of Malolos (1889)

What We Stand For

Bawa’t Isa Mahalaga is a conviction that every person has inherent dignity and worth.
Families, communities, and the Filipino society are founded on the sacredness of life and the
value of every person. No person should be marginalized, dehumanized, or unjustly killed.
Every person’s gifts, talents and abilities are meant to be nurtured, developed, and shared with
the community for the benefit of all. Every person is called to live a life of dignity, to be
productive and contribute to nation-building.
We believe that we Filipinos must address the nation’s longstanding problems by striking
at their very root. B1M is a Movement of the youth, the religious, academics and civil society
working together towards resolving these problems. We believe that there are no short-cuts and
no short-term remedies if we are to prevent the nation’s problems from recurring, and if we want
to solve them permanently.
Being part of the B1M Movement is a solemn pledge that we will stay the course on a
path that values humanity and honors God. We will participate in the task of addressing the
nation’s problems, and we will help create a better society for the next generation. We commit to
love our country and work for her welfare until it has attained its destiny as a blessed nation.
B1M is clarion call to all who believe that we are ‘our brother’s keepers’. We are to work
for the welfare of all, especially those who cannot help themselves. We speak out in behalf of
those who have no voice and call the powers-that-be to account. We call on everyone to step
out in faith and join us in the grand and glorious task of nation-building.
We need to bring back the Filipino People to Our Roots
❏ Filipino’s love of God, and belief in the value of human life
❏ Filipino notion of the good: compassion with strength, loyalty to family and nation,
underlying pride in uniqueness
❏ Filipino’s nascent appreciation of democracy: Filipino as participatory, celebratory,
verbose and expressive

What We Aim to Accomplish

❏ To recast a national narrative on national issues that tend to devalue life and
dehumanize people. We will give a critique of existing narratives and advance alternative
narratives that uphold the sacredness of life and the value of human dignity.
❏ To direct community consciousness, encourage expressions and active participation
towards the building of a sovereign, just and compassionate community. To ensure that
people’s voices are able to influence decision making in community governance.
❏ To bring together individuals and collective bodies working for justice, human dignity,
sovereignty. Engage Catalysts and mobilize people to reach a critical mass
❏ To establish platforms to address the gaps from the people’s point of view; in the areas
of personal, political and state integrity; delivery of justice; adherence to genuine
democracy; understanding of history; unity and national conversation

“We are all equal, regardless of the color of their skin; While one could have more education, wealth or
beauty than the other, none of them can overpass one's identity.”

Emilio Jacinto, Kartilya ng Katipunan

Key Programs
❏ #PaanoMgaNaulila – change the narrative of EJK to the orphaning of children, the
orphaning of the rule of law, and the orphaning of “second chances”
❏ Tsunami of Hope – flood the social media with stories of empowered people making
positive contributions to nation-building
❏ Follow The Money – crowdsource information on government spending to hold public
servants accountable
❏ TamaKa sa Eleksyon 2019 – aid voters in choosing the right candidates on the May
2019 elections through a values-based, interactive voter education program
implemented for youth groups, churches, local communities, and social media
❏ Mentoring Programs for public servants, community leaders and the youth
❏ Discipleship Program for churches and faith-based groups