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Work Immersion Portfolio Outline

I. Accomplished Forms
1. Resume
2. Application Letter
3. Clearance Documents
3.1. Brgy. Clearance
3.2. Police Clearance (if any)
3.3. Mayor’s Certificate (if any)
3.4. Medical Certificate
4. Job Interview (Evaluation Sheet)
5. Letter of Endorsement
6. Letter of Acceptance
7. Memorandum of Agreement
(may include other forms)
8. List of Tasks/Activities to be done during Work Immersion (if any)
9. Work Immersion Checklist

II. Work Site

(pictures of work site and non-written output/projects with captions)

III. Activities Performed

(Written report on the activities performed and written narrative of what the students
(Indicate the date, time, and detailed tasks or activities)

IV. Narrative Report

1. Profile of the Company
-Written narrative on the profile of the company/business establishments
(may contain charts, photos, or illustrations)
1.1. Name of the Business
1.2. Profile of the Business/Company/Unit
(Background or history, and current status of the business)
1.3. Location of the Business/Unit
(discuss and present the geographical location or map of the business/unit)
1.4. Nature of the Business
1.5. VMGO (Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives)
1.6. Business/ Unit Logo
1.7. Description of the Products/Services
1.8. Target Clientele
1.9. Organizational Structure
(Discuss the job description and job specifications of the employees in the
organization. Present also the organizational chart or structure of the business/unit)
1.10. Company Rules and Regulations
(May include hiring process, salary and benefits, work schedule, hours of
work, attendance, dress code, disciplinary nature, etc.)

2. Business Processes of the Company

-Written narrative on the business processes of the company/establishment
(may contain charts, photos, or illustrations)
2.1. Safety Process Flow
2.2. Production Process Flow (product) or Service Process Flow (service)
2.3. Quality Control/Quality Assurance Process Flow
2.4. Customer Care
2.5. Housekeeping
2.6. Hygiene

V. Sample Written Output (if any)

VI. Work Immersion Highlights (reflection)
VII. Other Relevant Pictures/Documents