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PET Writing - travelling

Part 1

Complete the gaps WITH NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS. Keep the same meaning.

1. Few people speak Russian in our school.

Not ______________________speak Russian at our school.

2. We go swimming on Saturdays and on Sundays.

We go swimming at _________________________.

3. The film was very interesting.

I was very ______________________in the film.

4. Do you want to come with me?

__________________like to come with me?

5. You needn’t pay for the ticket.

You _______________to pay for the ticket.

6. I usually like Italian food. I didn’t like this pasta.

____________I usually like Italian food, I didn’t like this pasta.

7. I needed to buy some bread, so I went to the bakery.

I went to the bakery _____________some bread.

8. He broke his leg. He didn’t go to school for a week.

He didn’t go to school for a week _______________________his leg.

9. I like playing tennis. I like basketball as well.

I like playing ____________________________.

10. He called his mum because he wanted to ask her something.

He called his mum ___________________her something.

Part 2

You are going on a trip with your uncle. Write an email to your friend John to invite him on this
trip. You should:
- Invite him to come with you
- Say how you are going to travel and where you are going to sleep
- Say when you are leaving and where you can meet (35-45 words)

Part 3

This is part of a letter you’ve received from your friend.

My road trip was excellent. We visited several countries and had plenty of time to see the capital cities,
as well as some towns and villages. How do you usually travel when you go on holiday? What about in
the city where you live? Why do you prefer it? Tell me all about it. Write back soon.

Now you write the letter to your friend answering his/her questions. You should write around 100