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Greaves Industrial Diesel engines - Customer Benefits

Highly Customizable engine package.
• Engine series extends up to 700hp.
• High Torque and Backup Torque - Improves engine response, equipment driveability.
• Stable performance across a wide RPM range.
• Customised application support.
• Low Noise Levels.
• Low Fuel and Oil Consumption.
• Easy Serviceability and 90% Commonality of parts.
• Greaves After Sales Service network of Dealers, Branch Offices and Regional Offices
provides 24x7 support.


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Corporate Office: 3rd Floor, Motilal Oswal Tower, Junction of Gokhale and
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Note : Due to continuous development and product improvement, specifications / details in this leaflet are subject to change without prior notice
Tech Specifications 3G11 4G11 6G11
Power (HP) 30 -110 102 - 170 172 - 260

Greaves Diesel Engines Speed (RPM)

Bore (mm)
1500 -2500
Stroke (mm) 133 133 133
The Greaves Diesel engines that are setting new benchmarks of
productivity, reliability and performance. Engine Configuration Inline Inline Inline
The challenge posed by the environment and the demands of Working principle 4-Stroke 4-Stroke 4-Stroke
equipment manufacturers worldwide requires constant re- No. of cylinders 3 4 6
evaluation of engine technology. The result of an intense
Total swept Volume (Ltr) 3.66 4.87 7.31
research work in the search of solutions for a market in constant
evolution, the Greaves engines brings to the fore our Combustion type DI DI DI
commitment to greener, quieter and a much more efficient power Cooling Water Cooled Water Cooled Water Cooled
Compression ratio 17.2 17.2 17.2
The design features of the Greaves engines ensure their
Aspiration Naturally Turbocharged Turbocharged
suitability for a wide variety of applications – where ever
equipment is required to dig, pull, push, turn, carry, lift, pump or Aspirated After cooled After cooled 4G11
move, Greaves will be able to tailor a power pack solution Governing type Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
exactly to the need. Direction of rotation Anti clockwise Anti clockwise Anti clockwise
Weight (Dry) (kg) 380 480 645
L x W x H (mm) 1000x754x963 1186x784x1004 1583x848x1174

Advantage Greaves! Tech Specifications D3V6 D3V8 12V14

Power (HP) 300 - 313 355 - 430 485 - 700
Designed for Quality Clean & Silent
Speed (RPM) 1500-2200 1500-2100 1500-2100 6G11
The introduction of the Greaves Diesel engines has allowed for new levels of The Greaves Diesel engines meets current emission norms BS III (CEV) and
Bore (mm) 128 128 115
quality to be achieved. Starting with the basics of materials to predictive is also available in BS II (CEV) norms for non emission regulated
design techniques, from simplicity in design to progressing through applications. Stroke (mm) 130 130 135
extensive field trials, the Greaves Industrial Diesel engines is made with
In the Greaves Diesel engines, Greaves has concentrated on reducing the Engine Configuration V 60 V 60 V 60
Quality in mind.
basic noise map of the engines. From design changes in the combustion
Working principle 4-Stroke 4-Stroke 4 Stroke
A state-of-the-art facility in Pune, a dedicated Research and Development chamber to designing of a quieter front gear train, from using stiffened block
Centre and people who understand customers' needs ensure that the latest structures to introducing a layer of water between the cylinder and block No. of cylinders 6 8 12
technologies are developed and adapted to deliver superior performance exterior – focused effort has been put into making a clean and a silent engine.
Total swept Volume (Ltr) 10.04 13.38 16.83
in terms of power, fuel consumption and emissions.
Combustion type DI DI DI
Rugged & Reliable Cooling Water Cooled Water Cooled Water Cooled
Power and Torque
Durability, Ruggedness and Reliability were the key deliverables in mind Compression ratio 17 17 17 D3V6
Increasing equipment productivity is something that is first on our minds. when the engine was conceptualized. The Greaves Diesel engines delivers
The Greaves Diesel engines, with its improved power, torque and torque on all of this and is made to operate in the harshest of conditions. A Aspiration Turbocharged Turbocharged Turbocharged
backup give excellent engine response, improved equipment drivability strengthened crankcase and stiffer cylinder blocks offer rigidity and After cooled After cooled After cooled
and more importantly stable performance across a wide RPM range. improved design reduces vibrations.
Governing type Electronic backed up by Mechanical
It is here that the customer will find a comprehensive range of choice and The Greaves Diesel engines have a modern layout, free from piping and
Direction of rotation Anti clockwise Anti clockwise Anti clockwise
flexibility from a Greaves engine so that it is delivered to you tailor made for hoses thus eliminating possible failure points. This makes it a perfect,
your equipment. rugged and reliable power pack for any equipment. Weight (Dry) (kg) 1050 1250 1430
L x W x H (mm) 1284x910x1140 1584x910x1140 1814x1301x1401

Ratings under continuous development. Please contact GREAVES for other ratings.
Design Features
§ Individual Cylinder Heads : Economical and easier to replace. No heat faster than dry liners.
Customization Ready!
special tools are required. This facilitates major servicing without
§ Optimised Gear Train: This ensures that the G series has the most The Greaves Industrial Diesel engines continues the Greaves strength of offering a
removal of engine from the equipment.
silent noise map in the business. combination of ratings, configurations and accessory options. This allows us to completely
§ Integral Oil Cooler: The oil cooler is built into the engine block. customize the engines as solutions to a wide spectrum of Industrial Applications. Our
§ Commonality of Spare Parts: The entire range has common working
Therefore there are no external leak paths and hoses, resulting in expertise in application engineering enables us to cater to the toughest of applications and
parts. Less basic maintenance spares to store for user.
improved reliability and ruggedness. deliver efficient engine systems that are fully integrated with the equipment – designed for
§ Ease of maintenance and minimum part consumption during
§ Gear Driven Integral Water Pump: A high speed, gear driven positive optimum performance of the equipment.
water pump enables belt-free operation and eliminates a possible
breakdown avenue. § Modular 60 deg VEE design ensures compactness. (D Series). Options exist in w Engine Controlling and Safety
§ Deep Skirted Crankcase: Makes the engine more durable and § Electronic governor backed up by mechanical governor for additional w Engine Ratings Systems
rugged. This makes the engine a perfect power pack for varied reliability. w Flywheel Housings (SAE 4/3/2/1) w Engine Electricals
§ Extended Oil charge interval of 500 hours. w Flywheels and power take offs w Exhaust and Inlet Adaptors
§ Independent Twin Belt Fan Drive: The Fan drive is mounted (PTO's) w Air Filtration system
§ Have the smallest foot print and space envelope.
independent of the water pump and is driven by a twin belt system w Gear Driven Auxiliaries (Hydraulic w Engine Cooling System
providing extended reliability. This allows for the fan position to be § Their low height makes installation in low headroom situation an easy Pump / Compressor) w Engine Mounting
shifted in line with the application requirement task. w Belt Driven Auxiliaries
§ Wet Cylinder Liners: This ensures ease of serviceability and dissipates w Power take off from front end