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Curriculum vitae

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Personal Profile
Joel Arrowsmith-Cooper
I have recently completed a Batchelors Degree in Games Design at the Hull School of Art and Design. As
such, I have experience in all stages of the design process: from forming initial ideas to delivering a
completed project. I enjoy taking on challenges and working to complete tasks and finish projects.

BA(Hons) Games Design Projects

They Came - Game Design Final Major Project/Soft Rains - Level Design
They came was a self-initiated project that I Soft Rains was my final years self-initiated project.
completed in my second year. It was a survival The project was designed to improve my level
game based on H.G. Wells “War of the Worlds”, as design skills, as such I constructed it as a mod for
well as its related media. Its purpose was for me to Fallout 4, using Bethesda’s creation kit. This allowed
gain some experience with the blueprinting system me to now only expand my roster of software, but
in Unreal Engine 4. to create a fully realised level without needing to
Beverley Gate 1642 - 3D Modelling/Level Design spend time creating highly details art assets.
This was a group project for the Hull City of Critical and Theoretical Studies
Culture celebrations. The team the I was part of CATS is a unit that runs through all three years
were tasked with recreating the area immediately of the Degree, the focus of which is writing aca-
inside of Hulls Beverley Gate in the days before demically reliable analysis and critique on areas
the Gates were sealed to King Charles I in 1642. of the gaming industry. The unit culminated in the
Although all team members had roles in each stage production of my final year dissertation, “Why does
of the project, my main role was the reseraching, Sexism and Misogyny Persist in the Gaming
designing, and building of Beverley Gate itself, the Industry?”
centrepiece of the project. (copy available on request)

Passive: Professional:
• Working both Solo and in Teams • 2D Design
• Attention to Detail • 3D Modelling
• Organisational Skills • Unwrapping
• Logical Thinking/Problem Solving • Texturing
• Leadership Experience • Level Design

• Unreal Engine 4 • Adobe InDesign
• Autodesk 3DsMax • Adobe Premier
• Allegorithmic Substance Painter • Adobe Illustrator
• Bethesda Creation Kits • Lightworks 14
• Trimble SketchUp • Microsoft Office suite
• Adobe Photoshop
A selection of my work can be seen on my personal Portfolio at:
From here, you can also access my other social media accounts:
curriculum vitae
Qualification (Exam Board): Type: Grade: Year Achieved:

Joel Arrowsmith-Cooper
Hull School of Art and Design Sept. 2015 - Jul. - 2018
BA(Hons) Games Design Bachelor’s Degree 2:2 2018

Hull College of Art and Design Sept. 2013 – Jul. 2015

Extended Diploma in Interactive Media Level 3 BTEC D*D*D* 2015

Wyke 6th Form College Sept. 2011 – Jul. 2013

Electronics (AQA) AS-Level A 2012
Maths, with Decision Maths and
Mechanics (AQA) A-Level C 2013
Physics A (OCR) A-Level B 2013
Chemistry (AQA) A-Level C 2013
General Studies (Edexcel) A-Level E 2013

Sydney Smith Secondary School Sept. 2006 – Jul. 2011

Various GCSEs (Certificates Available on Request)

Work Experience (Sept 24th 2018 - Nov 3rd 2018)

Responsibilities: During my time at the British Heart Foundation, I
- Assisting Customers had a variety of different roles and filled several
- Working on Till different positions, including working on the shop
- Handling Purchases floor, and sorting stock. Eventually, I was asked
- Issuing Refunds to supervise and train newer volunteers and work
- Counting Cash placements as they arrived, so that they could work
- Dealing with Stock independently, with little supervision. I also
- Stock Rotation temporarily supervised the shop floor during the
- Stock Tidying abccense of another staff member.

Manager at British Heart Foundation: BA (Hons) Games Design Tutor:
Angela Jackson Paul Starkey
British Heart Foundation Hull School of Art and Design
51 Jameson Street Queens Gardens
Kingston Upon Hull Wilberforce Drive
HU1 3JQ Kingston Upon Hull
Tel: 01482 327518
Tel: 01482 480970