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Pioneer of Social Sciences Essay Rubric (Mark Scheme)

Criteria /5 /10 /15 /20

Understanding/ Student Student Student Student
Knowledge demonstrates only a demonstrates an demonstrates a demonstrates a
Student very limited adequate sound understanding comprehensive
demonstrates an knowledge of her/his understanding of her/his life and understanding of
understanding of the life and times (and her/his life and times times (and the way her/his life and times
pioneer chosen, the way in which (and the way in in which they shaped (and the way in
her/his life and times they shaped her/his which they shaped her/his ideas), and which they shaped
(and the way in ideas), and the her/his ideas), and the individual’s her/his ideas), and
which they shaped individual’s major the individual’s major ideas. the individual’s
her/his ideas), and ideas. major ideas. major ideas.
the individual’s key
Critical Inquiry
Student includes Student includes a Student includes a Student includes all
Student includes all only very few, if number of the key majority of the the important
the important any, key features of features of the important features of features of the
features of the the individual’s – not individual’s work, the individual’s individual’s work,
individual’s work, enough to analyze, but not enough to work, which can which can serve as
which can serve as or establish the provide a serve as solid an excellent
material for an individual’s meaningful analysis foundation for an foundation upon
analysis the importance or of the individual’s analysis of his/her which to conduct a
importance of modern relevance work or its relevance contribution and its meaningful analysis
his/her contribution relevance today of his/her
and its relevance contribution and its
today relevance today
Application Student incorrectly For the most part, Student applies the Student applies the
applies the the student applies individual’s concepts concepts accurately,
Student is able to individual’s ideas, in the individual’s with correctly, but and to appropriate
apply the individuals an inappropriate ideas in an piece may lack situations, which are
ideas in an context. appropriate manner specificity (may be specific throughout
appropriate manner too general) the piece.
Communication Student rarely uses Student does not use Student uses all the Student
punctuation (various many key writing necessary communicates
Student writing conventions, conventions, writing effectively in written
communicates conventions), and meaning is obscured without error. Piece form, using all the
effectively in written little or no attention because of lack of is clearly conventions of
form, using all the has been given to clarity communicated. writing, without
conventions of structure, lay-out error, and on
writing, without etc., may contain occasion uses other
error. numerous spelling key conventions
errors, etc. (parentheses, sub-
headings, correctly
bibliography – even
footnotes), which
add to the overall
quality of the piece.

Notes: (Presentation) Student makes “ad lib” presentation, and only using notes as prompts: /20

WP/APS/Pioneer of Social Sciences Rubric