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GOD loves me and

gave His only SON for

me. JESUS is all for me
today. I am saved,
healed, favored, and
accepted in CHRIST
the Beloved.
JOHN 6:9:
When in need, we should seek God’s
direction for something to set our hands to
and then trust Him to bless it (Deuteronomy
28:8) and multiply the results of our work.
But one hundred times zero is zero. Many
people have missed their miracles because
they never took that first step of faith and
used what they had. This young lad was
certainly credited with part of this miracle
for offering what he had.

Teachings Included:

 God Wants You Well (4 teachings)

 You've Already Got It! (6 teachings)
 How to Receive a Miracle (3 teachings)
 How to Flow in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (3 teachings)
 Spirit, Soul & Body (4 teachings)
 A Better Way to Pray (5 teachings)
 How to Receive God's Best (5 teachings)
 Creative Power of Words (single)
 The Tongue I (single)
 The Tongue II (single)
 The Death in Others? Words (single)
 Healing Scriptures (single)
 Niki's Healing Testimony (single)
 Lisa Paxton's Testimony (single)
 What to Do When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered (single)
 Grace & Faith & Healing @ Shepherd's House, TX (single)