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Rubric for Creating an Exhibit

Date _____________________


Task: You are a team of museum curators collaborating to create an exhibit of artifacts that are arranged by
a theme that you must choose. You are expected to share the exhibit and its context, or story, with students
in the school and their parents.

You will be assessed on your ability to define the context, utility, and aesthetics of each artifact, then
categorize the objects by a theme.

Performance Outstanding Great Not Yet Possible Actual

Element 20 15 10 5 0
Chooses a theme, such as
Identifies many factors but Central theme not
use, age, size, color, or
material, that relates to the
does not relate them to identified; relies on others 20
one theme. to identify factors.
Groups objects randomly;
Defines the context, utility, Defines context, utility,
context, use, and/or
Problem solving and/or aesthetics of all and/or aesthetics for some
aesthetics not identified for
artifacts. artifacts.
any artifacts.
Categorizes each artifact in Categorizes most artifacts Has no organizational plan
Interpreting and Evaluating appropriate category; in appropriate category; or structure; interpretation
Information relates categories to some categories do not and/or evaluation of
theme; provides accurate relate to theme; provides information not evident;
information about each mostly accurate jumps to conclusions
artifact. information. without carefully identifying
Overall pleasing
Pleasing appearance;
appearance; excellent use
good use of color, design, Poor use of color, design,
of color, design,
arrangement, and signage; arrangement; signage and
arrangement, and signage;
Disseminating Information
writes accurate tour guide
writes some inaccurate descriptions inadequate or 20
tour guide descriptions; missing; docents don't
descriptions; docents
docents deliver mostly know information.
deliver accurate
accurate information.
All group members Most group members
Only one or two group
contribute; all members contribute; most members
members complete most
treat the others with treat the others with
respect and kindness; all respect and kindness; all
tasks; some members and 20
ideas aren't respected;
members complete members complete their
some tasks not complete.
assigned tasks. assigned tasks.