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Learning priority: Ahmad to develop English language and communication skills for a range of

Ahmad, you have settled to An-Nur community so comfortably alhamdulilAllah . Although you
are still not very comfortable to speak to other children or teachers, you are happy to be here.
We understand that it must be very hard for you as most of the teachers don’t know Arabic and
you don’t know English. So you feel confused and shy to speak.
However that doesn’t stop or hold you back as you are a good observer, you are learning by
observing others and developing your communication skills faster then I expected. You are able
to communicate your needs and preferences. It’s good to see you building good relationships
with other children and teachers, also trying to understand that all the children have to follow
some classroom rules and routines. You are not afraid of trying new things even joining in
group activities.
The other day I was surprised to see that you joined the group when a few children decided to
play a group game “Kei a wai?”. I was observing and amazed to see you were able to understand
exactly how to play the game and co-operated well. You were not speaking, didn’t need to.
However you could follow the instructions perfectly. It was so nice to see you were happy and
relaxing and enjoying a game with your peers.

Learning Happening:
It was obvious to see how Ahmad was trying to
get to know his peers and started to build
friendship with them.
With this group game –
Ahmad was developing confidence and
courage to join the group game.
He was also developing social skills of co-
operate, take turns, follow the instructions, be
comfortable with working together.
What’s next?
InshaAllah we will ensure that Ahmad gets
enough opportunities to develop his language
skills and social skills further through varieties
group of activities and working together.

Tw Whariki goal: “Children will experience an

environment where there are equitable
opportunities for learning, irrespective of
gender, ability, age, ethnicity or background” ,

Written by – Teacher Rosy, November, 2018.