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Name Size
1-made results 135,8 MB
5 Planets in Libra.pdf 214 KB
8th Lord in Lagna.pdf 80 KB
Book_1915_ Bernart_ Leo_Ogilvie's astrological birthday book.pdf 845 KB
Book_1970_Grant Lewi_Heaven knows what.pdf 4,8 MB
Book_1983_Peter West & Jo Logan_The prediction book of astrology.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_1983_Zodiac Press_Horoscopes_your daily fate and fortune.pdf 3,4 MB
Book_2016_Adams Media_The Beginner's Guide...logy, Numerology, Tarot & Palm Reading.pdf 1,4 MB
Book. planets in signs & houses.pdf 737 KB
Gargatholil_planets in signs_houses_aspects 6,3 MB
Book_2014_Gargatholil_Depth Astrology_Vol.1_Introduction.pdf 362 KB
Book_2014_Gargatholil_Depth Astrology_Vol.2_Planets in Signs.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_2014_Gargatholil_Depth Astrology_Vol.3_Planets in Houses.pdf 1,0 MB
Book_2014_Gargatholil_Depth Astrology_Vol.4_Planets in Aspect.pdf 3,6 MB
Hora Anubhava Darpana.pdf 499 KB
House results 29,2 MB
12th-2nd-House-Pair.doc 37 KB
12th-2nd-House-Pair.pdf 31 KB
Book_1922_ Devos Trix_Stars of destiny_ the ancient science of astrology.pdf 396 KB
Book_2006_Michael Erlewine_Interpret Astrology The House Combinations.pdf 3,2 MB
Cafe Astrology_planets results in houses.pdf 1,8 MB
Garga hora 10,2 MB
75 Important Principles_yogas_from Garga Hora.txt 12 KB
Jyotish. 12 houses_Garga hora_ sutras only.doc 1,6 MB
Jyotish. 12 houses_Garga hora_ sutras only.pdf 11 KB
Jyotish. 12 houses_Garga hora_ sutras only2.doc 485 KB
Jyotish. 12 houses_Garga hora_ sutras only2.pdf 524 KB
Jyotish. 12 houses_Garga hora_Dr S.P. Bhagat.pdf 299 KB
Jyotish. 12 houses_Garga hora_Santhanam_ sutras only.pdf 229 KB
Jyotish. 12 houses_Garga hora_Santhanam.pdf 7,0 MB
Jataka Jambunatheeyam 1_results of 12 bhavas.pdf 420 KB
Jyotish_Bhaskara Bhava Deepika_1614 A.D. retyped.pdf 246 KB
Jyotish_Bhaskara Bhava Deepika_1614 A.D..pdf 1,0 MB
Jyotish_Bhava Chandrika.pdf 249 KB
Jyotish_Gopala Ratnakar.pdf 153 KB
Jyotish_Jataka Dwadasa Phala Bhava_houses 1 to 5_special yogas.pdf 4,7 MB
Jyotish_Kerala Sutra_retyped.pdf 78 KB
Jyotish_Kerala Sutra.pdf 323 KB
Jyotish_Kerala Sutras_Sage Sukracharya.pdf 163 KB
Jyotish_Nine planets and twelve bhavas_M.N. Kedhar.pdf 3,4 MB
Jyotish_Sarvajna Bhushana.pdf 91 KB
Jyotish. houses 1 to 5-special yogas.doc 2,4 MB
Jyotish. houses 1 to 5-special yogas.pdf 84 KB
results of LO1 in 12 houses.pdf 84 KB
Shani in the 12 bhavas.pdf 106 KB
Jupiter Mars Venus & Saturn in each sign and house.pdf 225 KB
Jyotish_1994_ S-R-N-Murthy_Phala Jyotish_Interpretative Astrology_according to classics.pdf 3,5 MB
Jyotish_Beneath a vedic sky_W.Levacy_made results.pdf 4,8 MB
Jyotish_Conjunction of planets.pdf 4,8 MB
Jyotish_How to read a horoscope by P.V.R. Rayudu.pdf 6,1 MB
Jyotish_how to read your horoscope by Nalini Kanta.pdf 8,5 MB
Jyotish_Planets in the Signs and Houses_vol.2_Bepin Behari.pdf 1,2 MB
planets in signs and moon birth-star.pdf 655 KB
results in houses, signs, naksatras.pdf 263 KB
results of Planets in Signs and Houses.pdf 127 KB
results of Planets in Signs_Houses and Aspected 9,7 MB
Sign House Aspect_Mercury.pdf 889 KB
Sign House Aspect_Moon.pdf 1,4 MB
Sign House Aspect_Pluto.pdf 2,9 MB
Sign House Aspect_Saturn.pdf 976 KB
Sign House Aspect_Sun.pdf 1,6 MB
Sign House Aspect_Uranus.pdf 702 KB
Sign House Aspect_Venus.pdf 1,3 MB
Signs results_by degrees also 45,9 MB
360 degrees + Sabian oracles 4,6 MB
360 Rising degrees_comments of Sepharial_Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized.pdf 169 KB
360 Rising degrees_The book of Paranatellonta_transl. M. Fiorello.pdf 74 KB
Book_2004_Lynda Hill_360 Degrees Of Wisdom_The Sabian Oracle.pdf 3,0 MB
Book_2017_Laura Walker_The Sabian Symbols.pdf 829 KB
The power degrees of the zodiac.pdf 454 KB
Astrological Degrees and Fixed Stars.pdf 103 KB
Book_1892_ Wolf_ George S_Heavenly planets and the future revealed.pdf 294 KB
Book_1892_George S. Wolf_Heavenly planets and the future revealed.pdf 343 KB
Book_1894_Eleanor Kirk_Influence of the Zodiac Upon Human Life.pdf 569 KB
Book_1900_Weber_A study of the heavens_by aid of the Hymalaya wonder wheel.pdf 1,5 MB
Book_1902_ Webber_Astrology in a Nutshell.pdf 9,2 MB
Book_1904_Your future_the zodiac's guide to success in life_Lela Omar.pdf 651 KB
Book_1908_J.R. Phelps_Our astrological birthday book_character readings.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_1962_Zolar_Its all in the stars_a treati...birth in signs-decanates and degrees-days.pdf 3,2 MB
Book_1971_Lloyd Cope_Your stars are numbered & numerology.pdf 5,8 MB
Book_1976_American AstroAnalysts Institute...nly for Aries birth_MARCH 21 -APRIL 20.pdf 9,1 MB
Book_1979_Carolyn R. Dodson_Rising signs.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_1982_Teri KIng_Your child and the zodiac.pdf 4,5 MB
Book_1983_Zodiac press_Astrology - your guide to the stars.pdf 2,6 MB
some rare planet combinations in jyotish.pdf 52 KB
2-basics_fundamentals_courses 739,4 MB
Articles_presentations 9,3 MB
astrology for the beginners.pdf 77 KB
astrology presentation.pdf 2,7 MB
Defining the Moment- Geoffrey Cornelius.pdf 229 KB
F. Scott Fitzgerald_An Integrated Approach to East_West Chart Interpretation.pdf 36 KB
Interfacing with Vastu Astrology_B. Niranjan Babu.pdf 49 KB
Interview_Dennis Flaherty.pdf 80 KB
Interview_James Kelleher.pdf 117 KB
jyotish-tables.pdf 1,3 MB
kanchi shankaracharya on jyotish.pdf 175 KB
Karma and Right Understanding_Dennis Flaherty.pdf 62 KB
Launch Your Book_astrology is a science.pdf 29 KB
memoirs Of Shri Swamiji.pdf 71 KB
Sheshadri Iyer method.pdf 4,1 MB
Simplicity Return To The Basics.pdf 118 KB
The Power of Dispositors_Dale Earnhardt.pdf 126 KB
Astrology - X-Files lessons.pdf 586 KB
Astrology_and_Cycle_of_Deeds.pdf 179 KB
basics-beginners 126,1 MB
beginner lessons.pdf 282 KB
Book_1971_Preston Crowmarsh_First steps to astrology.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1973_Larry Kettelkamp_Astrology - wisdom of the stars.pdf 1,3 MB
Book_1976_Francis King_The cosmic influence.pdf 9,7 MB
Book_1980_Sheila Geddes_Astrology.pdf 6,2 MB
Book_1982_Bruve Nevin_Astrology inside out.pdf 4,0 MB
Book_1984_Rose Lineman & Jan Popelka_Book_Compendium of astrology.pdf 6,6 MB
Book_1988_Time-Life Books_Cosmic connections.pdf 11,6 MB
Book_1989_Lindsay River & Sally Gillespie_...me_astrology and the female experience.pdf 3,7 MB
Book_1990_David Christie-Murray_The practic... need to know to construct birth charts.pdf 10,6 MB
Book_1999_ Trish MacGregor_The everything astrology book.pdf 4,0 MB
Book_1999_Basil Fearrington_The new way t...n astrology_Noel Tyl Method_Must read.pdf 3,9 MB
Book_1999_Judy Hall_The illustrated guide to astrology.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_2001_Jane Struthers_Understanding astr... unlock the secrets of your personality.pdf 4,4 MB
Name Size
Book_2006_Demetra George_Astrology for Yo...nd And Interpret Your Own Birth Chart.pdf 8,7 MB
Book_2008_Priscilla Costello_Practical astrology.pdf 921 KB
Book_George Bayer_complete course of astrology.pdf 400 KB
Book_Gloria Star_astrology 101 for beginners.pdf 1,3 MB
How to read a HOROSCOPE_basics.pdf 675 KB
Joni Patry_Eastern Astrology for Western Minds_Beginner Lessons.pdf 827 KB
Jyotish Praveen_1993_astrology lessons 1.pdf 1,2 MB
Jyotish Praveen_1993_astrology lessons 2.pdf 1,1 MB
jyotish reduced course.pdf 112 KB
Jyotish_1893_The astrological self instructor_B.S. Row_basics.pdf 3,1 MB
Jyotish_1900_B.S. Row_An Introduction to the Study of Astrology.pdf 11,6 MB
Jyotish_1956_C.J. Krishnasamy_Indian Astrology.pdf 2,9 MB
Jyotish_1984_J.N. Bhasin_Astrology in Vedas.pdf 3,5 MB
Jyotish_1992_Valerie Roebuck_The circle Of Stars_intro to Indian astrology.pdf 2,3 MB
Jyotish_Astrology_yahoo group conversations_SatyaPrakash.pdf 825 KB
Jyotish_Basic Lessons On Indian Astrology.pdf 1,1 MB
Jyotish_Fundamentals of Hindu astrology_S. Kannan.pdf 1,7 MB
Jyotish_How to Practice Vedic Astrology_A Beginner_Bloomfield.pdf 4,0 MB
Jyotish_Indian Astrology_collection of articles_Sreenadh OG.pdf 2,0 MB
Jyotish_Jyotish Manthan_Shah_ Anil.pdf 2,2 MB
Jyotish_Stephen Arroyo's Chart Interpretation Handbook- Guidelines for Understanding.pdf 1,7 MB
Jyotish_Vedic Astrology Basics_Bashir.pdf 504 KB
Learn Astrology_booklet.pdf 517 KB
Learn Astrology.pdf 677 KB
Quick reference sheets_by Benebell.pdf 449 KB
Systems and Divisions of Vedic Astrology.pdf 130 KB
Vedic Astrology - Historical Perspective & Uses_40 lessons.pdf 768 KB
Vedic Astrology_Lessons.pdf 248 KB
Vedic Astrology, An Introduction by Das Goravani.pdf 638 KB
BEST for learning - Kapiel Raaj books 14,8 MB
Jyotish_Kapiel Raaj 1_Conjunctions at The Speed of Light.pdf 3,1 MB
Jyotish_Kapiel Raaj 2_Astrology at The Speed of Light.pdf 5,5 MB
Jyotish_Kapiel Raaj 3_Aspects at The Speed of Light.pdf 6,3 MB
Book thesis_2010_Natalija Plamadjala_The Role of Devotion in Jyotish Astrological System.pdf 312 KB
Book_1828_Raphael_Manual of astrology or The Book of the Stars.pdf 4,7 MB
Book_1969_Dane Rudhyar_The practice of astrology.pdf 496 KB
Book_1981_Martin Seymour-Smith_The new astrologer_interpretation_MUST READ.pdf 7,1 MB
Book_1982_J.M. Wllfolk_The Only Astrology Book You will Ever Need.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_1994_Julia Lupton Skalka_The instant horoscope reader.pdf 6,9 MB
Book_2001_Debbi Kempton Smith_Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook.pdf 8,9 MB
Book_2014_Susan Eckersley_The Art of Astrology_How to Make and Read Horoscopes.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_2015_D. Block & D. George _Astrology for Yourself.pdf 4,7 MB
Book_Ciro Discepolo_The Great Treatise of Astrology Vol.1.pdf 8,2 MB
Book_Ciro Discepolo_The Great Treatise of Astrology Vol.2_Ryan Kurczak & Richard Fish.pdf 4,0 MB
Book_Sam Geppi_Yoga and Vedic Astrology.pdf 673 KB
Book_The art of astrology.pdf 5,2 MB
by B.V. Raman 19,5 MB
Jyotish_A Manual of Hindu Astrology_B.V.Raman_1992.pdf 1,5 MB
Jyotish_B.V. Raman_My experiences in Astrology.pdf 4,9 MB
Jyotish_Hindu Predictive Astrology_B.V.Raman_1963.pdf 4,2 MB
Jyotish_How to judge a horoscope vol 1_B.V. Raman_1992.pdf 1,8 MB
Jyotish_How to judge a horoscope vol 2_B.V. Raman_1992.pdf 3,4 MB
Jyotish_Planetary Influences on human affairs B.V.Raman.pdf 427 KB
Jyotish_Planets and the next world war_B.V. Raman.pdf 3,3 MB
by Bepin Behari 37,9 MB
Jyotish_Bepin Behari_Astrology simplified.pdf 4,6 MB
Jyotish_Bepin Behari_Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology_retyped.pdf 705 KB
Jyotish_Bepin Behari_Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology.pdf 3,5 MB
Jyotish_Bepin Behari_Myths and symbols of vedic astrology_original.pdf 3,3 MB
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classified by topics Page 4

Name Size
Jyotish_Bepin Behari_Myths and symbols of vedic astrology_retyped.pdf 923 KB
Jyotish_Bepin Behari_Myths and symbols of vedic astrology.pdf 1,1 MB
Jyotish_Bepin Behari_Solve Your Problems Astrologically.pdf 5,0 MB
Jyotish_Bepin Bihari_Esoteric principles of vedic astro(another version) get kindle one.pdf 5,8 MB
Jyotish_Bepin Bihari_Esoteric principles of vedic astrology_get kindle one.pdf 3,2 MB
Jyotish_Bepin Bihari_Esoteric principles of vedic astrology.pdf 4,4 MB
Jyotish_Bepin Bihari_Introduction to Esoteric astrology.pdf 5,4 MB
by K.N. Rao follower_Marc Boney 20,8 MB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_A Sweet Lunar Love Aff...The Moon-Venus Combination in Jaimini.pdf 1,2 MB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_Case Studies 1_The Astrology of Enlightenment.pdf 527 KB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_Case Studies 2_That Great Parashara Exception.pdf 760 KB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_Case Studies 3_Born to Perform.pdf 493 KB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_Case Studies 5_Crowning Glory.pdf 415 KB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_Case Studies 6_Tattoos and Tomb Raiders.pdf 433 KB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_Case Studies_A Night at the Grammy Awards.pdf 612 KB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_Case Studies_Born to Pe...Case Studies in Vedic Astrology Book 3.pdf 493 KB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_Case Studies_Courtesy of a King's Courtier.pdf 701 KB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_Case Studies_Mr. and Mrs. Swamiji_D9_D20.pdf 348 KB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_Case Studies_Of Elepha..., Lions and Skyhooks_Gaja Kesari Yoga.pdf 422 KB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_Golden Keys to Jyotish.pdf 1,3 MB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_Hollywood Nights- The 3rd House and the Dramatic Arts.pdf 1,2 MB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_Light on Yogas- Assessing the Quality of Planetary Combinations.pdf 911 KB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_That Great Parashara Exception_book 1.pdf 2,3 MB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_The 10th Part of Glory_ Planets in the Dashamsha.pdf 4,4 MB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_The Mighty Mouse of _Predicting with Jaimini's Darakarka.pdf 4,3 MB
by K.N.Rao 40,8 MB
Interview with K.N. Rao.pdf 181 KB
Jyotish_Analysing Horoscope through modern techniques_Metha.pdf 8,0 MB
Jyotish_Enigmas in Astrology_K.N.Rao.pdf 2,8 MB
Jyotish_Learn Hindu Astrology Easily_K.N.RAO retyped.pdf 341 KB
Jyotish_Learn Hindu Astrology Easily_KN_RAO.pdf 3,4 MB
Jyotish_Only first or last born child_bilingual_K.N. Rao follower.pdf 3,8 MB
Jyotish_Planets and Travel Abroad K.N.Rao.pdf 3,7 MB
Jyotish_Tried Techniques of Predictions_ K.N.Rao.pdf 3,2 MB
KN Rao_Glimmer of Hope in a Strife Torn World.pdf 449 KB
Yogis destiny and the wheel of time_K.N.Rao 14,8 MB
Jyotish_Astrology_ destiny and the wheel of time_ban.pdf 5,2 MB
Jyotish_Yogis destiny and the wheel of time_K.N.Rao_retyped.pdf 938 KB
Jyotish_Yogis destiny and the wheel of time_K.N.Rao.pdf 8,4 MB
Yogis Destiny And Wheel of time_Notes_Surya Narayana_full 2 parts.pdf 320 KB
by Manubhai S. Shah System_1908-1985 11,7 MB
Jyotish_Manuhhai S. Shah_A book of Astrological Correct predictions_part 1.pdf 7,8 MB
Jyotish_Manuhhai S. Shah_A book of Astrological Correct predictions_part 2.pdf 3,7 MB
Manubhai Shah's Prediction techniques_part 1.pdf 149 KB
by Seshadri Lyer 20,9 MB
charts 1,2 MB
chart 1.jhd 143 bytes
chart 2_ Mrs.Rkm..jhd 140 bytes
chart 3.jhd 138 bytes
chart 4 (HRK).jhd 142 bytes
chart 5 (PMB).jhd 140 bytes
chart 6 (PN).jhd 140 bytes
chart 7 (PR).jhd 138 bytes
chart 8 (KGV).jhd 144 bytes
chart 9 (KGV).jhd 138 bytes
chart 10 (Abhijit).jhd 139 bytes
chart 11 (Mrs.R).jhd 144 bytes
chart 12 (HSV).jhd 139 bytes
chart 13 (HSV).jhd 142 bytes
chart 14 (MV).jhd 140 bytes
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Name Size
chart 15 (N.Mani).jhd 139 bytes
chart 16 (maharaj Krishna raja of Mysore).jhd 139 bytes
chart 17 (HH Sri Jayachamaraja of Mysore).jhd 140 bytes
chart 18 (Sir Mirza Ismail_ Dewan of Mysore).jhd 140 bytes
chart 19 !!! (Sri P.N. Krishna Murthy_ Dewan of Mysore).jhd 140 bytes
chart 20 place !!! (officer ).jhd 137 bytes
chart 21 place !!! (statesman ).jhd 138 bytes
chart 22 (TGR).jhd 140 bytes
chart 23 (Sri kasturi Srinivasan).jhd 143 bytes
chart 24 place !!! (AVR ).jhd 141 bytes
chart 25 (BV Raman).jhd 142 bytes
chart 26 (KPJ).jhd 144 bytes
chart 27 (MKR).jhd 142 bytes
chart 28 (KSK).jhd 142 bytes
chart 29 place !!! (VPN ).jhd 140 bytes
chart 30 (Mr B.N. Vijayadev_ Bar-at-Law ).jhd 142 bytes
chart 31 (KB).jhd 138 bytes
chart 32 place bangalore !!! (X ).jhd 143 bytes
chart 33 (VN ).jhd 141 bytes
chart 34 (Dr.K ).jhd 141 bytes
chart 35 (KN ).jhd 142 bytes
chart 36 (MSS).jhd 143 bytes
chart 37 (Sri Sringeri Jagadguru Nrisimha Bharathi).jhd 142 bytes
chart 38 (Jagadguru Sri Chandr. ashekara Bharathi).jhd 142 bytes
chart 39 (Ramana Maharishi)).jhd 140 bytes
chart 40 (Jagadguru Sri Abhinava Vidyathirtha Swamigal).jhd 143 bytes
from Vol1 p 97.jhd 144 bytes
Vasudev rao charts.pdf 475 KB
vasudev rao readings_.pdf 672 KB
examples.pdf 88 KB
Jyotish_New techniques of predictions 1_1958_original.pdf 3,3 MB
Jyotish_New techniques of predictions 2_1958_original.pdf 3,7 MB
Jyotish_New techniques of predictions 2_1970 ed._original.pdf 3,5 MB
Jyotish_New Techniques of Predictions 3_1958_original.pdf 1,5 MB
Jyotish_New Techniques of Predictions vol 1_2 retyped.pdf 6,0 MB
Jyotish_New Techniques of Predictions vol 3_retyped.pdf 1,6 MB
charts used 183 KB
vivekanada D3.pdf 59 KB
vivekananda D9.pdf 59 KB
vivekananda.pdf 59 KB
Dattatreya.pdf 139 KB
essentials of vedic astrology.pdf 1,6 MB
exams_courses_quiz 114,6 MB
21 Brotherhood of Light Course 86,7 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_1_Laws of Occultism.pdf 1,3 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_4_Ancient Masonry.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_6_The Sacred Tarot.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_7_Spiritual Astrology .pdf 3,9 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_8_HoraryAstrology.pdf 2,9 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_10-1 Delineating the Horoscope.pdf 2,0 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_10-2 Progressing the Horosocope.pdf 1,7 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_11_Divination and Charac... Reading eBook optimized and indexed.pdf 1,5 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_14_Occultism Applied to Daily Life.pdf 2,3 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_15_Weather Predicting.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_16_Stellar Healing_predisposition.pdf 4,6 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_17_Cosmic Alchemy.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_19_Organic Alchemy.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_20_The Next Life.pdf 2,3 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_21_Personal Alchemy.pdf 2,1 MB
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Name Size
Book_C. C. Zain_Brotherhood of Light Hermetic Astrology.pdf 19,9 MB
CC Zain astrology books.rtfd 2,1 MB
Book_1942_Elbert Benjamine_Progressed Aspects of Standard Astrology.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_1942_Elbert Benjamine_When and what events will happen.pdf 780 KB
Book_1945_Elbert Benjamine_Body disease and its stellar treatment.pdf 627 KB
Book_2013_C. C. Zain_Brotherhood of Light_7 courses.pdf 19,3 MB
Book_2014_D.W Sutton_The Astrology Revolution.pdf 868 KB
Book_2015_D.W Sutton_Planet Prominence Rule.pdf 5,6 MB
2015-FAA-Exam-Resource-Directory_books to read.pdf 372 KB
Astrology_Webcourse.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_Astrology tuition for TRS-80R software.pdf 650 KB
Curiculum_cours d’astrologie.pdf 378 KB
Curiculum_western Astrological Education level 2 & 3.pdf 115 KB
Diploma Course in Medieval Astrology Robert Zoller.pdf 142 KB
G.Kumar_Learn Astrology_System Approach.pdf 9,9 MB
Jyotish_1980_Rohini Ranjan Bose/Crystal Pages_Jyotish Manual.pdf 1,6 MB
Jyotish_1980_Rohini Ranjan Bose/Crystal Pages_Jyotish Manual2.pdf 2,0 MB
Jyotish_Jyotirvid course 1st.year_Anthony Writer.pdf 947 KB
Jyotish_JYOTISH EXAMS.pdf 1,3 MB
Jyotish_Trustees Shiva-Vishnu Mandir_Reference Manual on Vedic Astrology.pdf 3,6 MB
Quiz 221 KB
Quiz and answer.pdf 221 KB
Rosicrucian 2,4 MB
Book_Junior Astrology Course 1 to 26.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_Senior Astrology Course 1 to 12 + extended 1-13.pdf 1,2 MB
TELUGU UNIVERSITY Jyotish exams 1,2 MB
Jyotish exams_-1st-Yr-07.pdf 99 KB
Jyotish exams_-1st-Yr-08.pdf 100 KB
Jyotish exams_-1st-Yr-09.pdf 103 KB
Jyotish exams_-1st-Yr-10.pdf 291 KB
Jyotish exams_-2nd-Yr-07.pdf 98 KB
Jyotish exams_-2nd-Yr-08.pdf 97 KB
Jyotish exams_-2nd-Yr-09.pdf 98 KB
Jyotish exams_-2nd-Yr-10.pdf 350 KB
Vedanet_Astrology Course_Part 1.pdf 729 KB
Vedanet_Final Test_3 Parts.pdf 345 KB
fallon _astrologie en 3D.pdf 625 KB
important Principles of Astrology.pdf 47 KB
jyotish reduced course.pdf 156 KB
Jyotish_1893_B.S. Row_The Revival Of Astrology.pdf 2,0 MB
Jyotish_1997_Visvanath Deva Sharma_Astrology And Jyotirvidya.pdf 5,8 MB
Jyotish_1998_A guide to Hindu astrology_T.S. Narayanaswami Iyer.pdf 5,3 MB
Jyotish_1999_V.K. Chaudhry & David Hawthorne_Astrology for life.pdf 848 KB
Jyotish_2000_R.N. Vyas_New Predictive Astrology.pdf 2,1 MB
Jyotish_2006_Freedom T. Cole_Science Of Light_Vol 1.pdf 8,2 MB
Jyotish_2006_Freedom T. Cole_Science Of Light_Vol 2.pdf 7,1 MB
Jyotish_2009_K.K.Pathak_Classical Predictive Techniques_Vol.1.pdf 5,6 MB
Jyotish_2009_K.K.Pathak_Classical Predictive Techniques_Vol.2.pdf 6,0 MB
Jyotish_2009_Patrick Mulcahy_Astrology & the Devas of the Planes.pdf 821 KB
Jyotish_2013_Von V. T._Using Astrology to Find the Inner You.pdf 267 KB
Jyotish_2015_Zoran Radosavljevic_vol.1_Brush Up On The Vedic Astrology Basics.pdf 7,1 MB
Jyotish_2015_Zoran Radosavljevic_vol.2_Begin With Vedic Astrology.pdf 3,0 MB
Jyotish_A Course in Indian astrology_Muthuswami.pdf 5,3 MB
Jyotish_An introduction to vedic astrology_H. Beckman.pdf 1,8 MB
Jyotish_Ancient Hindu astrology_James Braha.pdf 4,5 MB
Jyotish_Anthony Writer_Notes On Predictive Nirayana Astrology_2 Parts.pdf 2,3 MB
Jyotish_Arun Kumar Bansa_Saral jyotish_miss p.38_39.pdf 2,2 MB
Jyotish_Astrologia Vedica_Dean Dominic De Lucia.pdf 1,4 MB
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Name Size
Jyotish_Astrology and the Hoax of Scientific Temper_Gayatri Devi.pdf 3,2 MB
Jyotish_Defouw & Svoboda_Light on life.pdf 4,8 MB
Jyotish_Dr. Narinder Sharma_Saral Jyotisha.pdf 982 KB
Jyotish_Eastern Systems for western astrologers.pdf 5,0 MB
Jyotish_Elements of Vedic Astrology_K.S. Charak.pdf 9,3 MB
Jyotish_Fundamentals of Astrology_M. Ramakrishna Bhat.pdf 4,0 MB
Jyotish_G.K. Ojha_Predictive astrology of the Hindus.pdf 3,9 MB
Jyotish_James T. Braha_Astro-Logos_Revelations of a Hindu Astrologer.pdf 3,7 MB
Jyotish_Jataka Mani Manjusha_partial 1,8 MB
Jataka Mani Manjuha_intro.pdf 900 KB
Jataka Mani Manjusha_ch. 2_Vedic Astrology_Astronomy and Saungnas.pdf 698 KB
Jataka Mani Manjusha_ch.11_Mixed Yogas, and Yoga Causes of Obstructive Planets.pdf 244 KB
Jyotish_Jyotish fundamentals_Visti BAN.pdf 4,9 MB
Jyotish_Know about Astrology_Shanker Adawal_miss 9 p.pdf 8,3 MB
Jyotish_L.R. Chawdhri_Scientific Analysis of Horoscope.pdf 9,0 MB
Jyotish_Learn astrology the easy way by G.S Kapoor_ban.pdf 1,7 MB
Jyotish_Light on Ancient Indian Astrology Vol 1_Sreenadh.pdf 4,2 MB
Jyotish_Light on Ancient Indian Astrology Vol 2_Sreenadh.pdf 4,8 MB
Jyotish_O.P. Verma_A glimpse of Kerala astrology.pdf 2,1 MB
Jyotish_Practical vedic Astro_G.S Agarwal_GOOD REFERENCE.pdf 8,4 MB
Jyotish_Predictive Astrology_Dinesh Mathur.pdf 5,1 MB
Jyotish_Raj Kumar_Astrology_a Quest Towards Unknown.pdf 1,1 MB
Jyotish_Raj Kumar_Delineating a Horoscope.pdf 3,9 MB
Jyotish_Ramnikal Mody_1955_Some Aspects Of Western And Indian Astrology.pdf 5,1 MB
Jyotish_reference manual on vedic astrology.pdf 8,5 MB
Jyotish_Richard Fish_ W. Kurczak_The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology_Book 1.pdf 1,8 MB
Jyotish_Richard Fish_ W. Kurczak_The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology_Book 2.pdf 1,8 MB
Jyotish_S.R.N. Murthy_Glimpses of hindu astrology_miss p.XV.pdf 3,9 MB
Jyotish_Sergey V. Yelanin_India's Living Traditions.pdf 798 KB
Jyotish_Special Topics in Vedic Astrology_Alison Bodhani.pdf 3,1 MB
Jyotish_Text book of Scientific Hindu astrology_vol.1.pdf 5,9 MB
Jyotish_Text book of Scientific Hindu astrology_vol.2.pdf 5,0 MB
Jyotish_The Ascendant_108 Planets of Vedic Astro_Sam Geppi.pdf 3,7 MB
Jyotish_the astrology of the seers_David Frawley_original.pdf 4,2 MB
Jyotish_the astrology of the seers_David Frawley_retyped.pdf 876 KB
Jyotish_The new instant astrologer_sideral_Eshelman & Stanton.pdf 3,2 MB
Jyotish_the Spiritual dimensions of vedic astrology_ R. Koch.pdf 7,2 MB
Jyotish_the Spiritual dimensions of vedic astrology_my extracts.doc 22 KB
Jyotish_Understanding and Overcoming Your Dark Sides.pdf 766 KB
Jyotish_V.K. Choudhry_impact of ascending signs.pdf 2,9 MB
Jyotish_Vashisht Vaid_The Secrets of Astrology.pdf 4,2 MB
Jyotish_Vedic and Western Astrology_ Gujral Ashish.pdf 7,6 MB
Jyotish_Vedic astrology demystified ban.pdf 14,3 MB
Jyotish_Vedic astrology_an integrated approach_Narashimha Rao.pdf 6,1 MB
Jyotish_Vishnu Bhaskar_Advanced technlques of Predictive Astrolog-vol.1.pdf 9,1 MB
Koparkar system.pdf 23 KB
Predictions of Astrology2.pdf 56 KB
Snapshot Method of Interpreting a Horoscope.pdf 40 KB
Study of Vedic Astrology_Aryabhatt.pdf 330 KB
3-CLASSICS_nadi 962,1 MB
1-list of classics.pdf 47 KB
7 Sages teachings_ Saptarishis magazine 1,8 MB
Know about Sages_Gopalakrishna Ramaiyer.pdf 1,2 MB
Sage Bhrighu's Vidyashram.pdf 70 KB
Sage Angira's Vidyashram.pdf 123 KB
Sage Atri Vidyashram.pdf 53 KB
Sage Bharadwaja Vidyashram.pdf 42 KB
Sage Gautama Vidyashram.pdf 118 KB
Sage Jamadagni Vidyashram.pdf 35 KB
Sage Kashyapa Vidyashram.pdf 34 KB
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Sage Vasistha Vidyashram.pdf 46 KB
Sage Vishwamitra Vidyashram.pdf 49 KB
505-587 AD_Varaha Mihira books 237,4 MB
Brihat jataka 62,3 MB
15th And 16th Verses_Brihad Jataka.pdf 152 KB
19th verse_Brihat Jataka_Varahamihira story.pdf 497 KB
Jyotish_Brihat jataka P_S_Sastri_2007.pdf 4,8 MB
Jyotish_Brihat jataka_B.S. Rao_1986.pdf 14,4 MB
Jyotish_Brihat jataka_N.Chidambaram_1885.pdf 12,7 MB
Jyotish_Brihat jataka_N.Chidambaram_1905.pdf 8,3 MB
Jyotish_Brihat Jataka_slokas only.pdf 1,4 MB
Jyotish_Brihat Jataka_Swami Vijnanananda_miss pages.pdf 8,8 MB
Jyotish_Brihat Jataka_Usha and Shashi_1997.pdf 11,3 MB
Brihat Samhita 112,1 MB
Jyotish_Brihat Samhita_M.R.Bhat_part 1_1981.pdf 36,1 MB
Jyotish_Brihat Samhita_M.R.Bhat_part 2_1981.pdf 10,8 MB
Jyotish_Brihat Samhita_N.Chidambaram_ retyped_upto ch 59.pdf 5,4 MB
Jyotish_Brihat Samhita_N.Chidambaram_1884_part 1.pdf 6,6 MB
Jyotish_Brihat Samhita_N.Chidambaram_1884_part 2.pdf 7,4 MB
Jyotish_Brihat Samhita_P.S. Sastri Vol.1 & 2_full_1946.pdf 22,5 MB
Jyotish_Brihat samhita_partial part 1_ch.3 to 38_no OCR_bad scan.pdf 4,8 MB
Jyotish_Brihat samhita_partial part 2_no OCR_bad scan.pdf 1,9 MB
Jyotish_Brihat samhita_partial part 2_rare.pdf 16,5 MB
Jyotish_Daivajna vallabha verses only.pdf 304 KB
Jyotish_Daivajna Vallabha_2014_Dr S.P. Bhagat transl.pdf 173 KB
Jyotish_Daivajna Vallabha_Prasna_Varaha Mihira_retyped.pdf 1,2 MB
Jyotish_Daivajna Vallabha_Varaha Mihira_ full.pdf 2,7 MB
Jyotish_Panchasiddhantika_T.S.Kuppanna Sastri.pdf 52,3 MB
Jyotish_Panchasiddhantika_Varaha__Thibault transl.English.pdf 4,9 MB
Lagna Varahi_Varahamihira_Sreenadh OG.pdf 1,3 MB
Lagna Varahi.pdf 85 KB
Bhrigu_nadi 316,9 MB
Bhrighu system_ Saptarishis magazine 14,8 MB
All Bhrighu Saral Paddhati Techniques On One Chart.pdf 203 KB
Bhrighu Pada Dasa System.pdf 100 KB
Bhrighu Prashna Reading.pdf 270 KB
Bhrighu Saral Paddhati Verse 1.pdf 170 KB
Bhrighu Saral Paddhati Verse 6.pdf 113 KB
Bhrighu Saral Paddhati_full 1 to 34.pdf 6,4 MB
Bhrighu Saral Paddhati_logical attempt.pdf 120 KB
Bhrighu system_From Astrological Magazine.pdf 213 KB
Bhrighu Yogavali_full 2 Parts.pdf 558 KB
Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati 4,7 MB
Bhrighu Chakra Padathi And Longevity_sarvastakavarga.pdf 457 KB
Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati and Ketu_Sampath Kumar.pdf 105 KB
Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati_1.pdf 732 KB
Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati_2.pdf 1,2 MB
Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati_3_Vimshottari Dasa.pdf 180 KB
Bhrigu Chakra with Cycle Rulers.pdf 267 KB
Brighu Chakra Paddhati and Longevity_full 2 Parts.pdf 548 KB
Brighu Chakra Paddhati Cycle Ruler Mars and Jupiter.pdf 269 KB
comparative Study Of Brighu Saral Vs Brighu Chakra Paddhati.pdf 132 KB
Obama's secret magic word_Brighu Cakra Paddhati.pdf 235 KB
Research_Bhrigu Saral Paddhati.pdf 55 KB
The power of Brighu Cakra Paddhati.pdf 230 KB
Thy Notes 2_Bhrighu Chakra Padathi and Prashna.pdf 45 KB
Thy Notes 3_Brighu technique.pdf 135 KB
Timing of death_Brighu Chakra Paddhati.pdf 70 KB
Bhrigu Saral Padatthi_Rule 1 to 30_Part1.pdf 146 KB
How To Time An Event_Dinesh Mathur_Book Review.pdf 178 KB
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Mrityu Bhaga and Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi.pdf 191 KB
Mrityu Bhaga insights_Rakesh.pdf 184 KB
Notes_3_Combining Bhrighu Ascendant and Pending Karma Technique.pdf 103 KB
On the system of Bhrighu.pdf 256 KB
secrets Of Shastiamsa_D60 all 3 Parts_Brighu Chakra.pdf 468 KB
Shri Bhrigu Samhita_Santhan Upaya Khanda_1.pdf 453 KB
Bhrigu Samhita 19,8 MB
Book_David Lane_The World's Oldest Astrological Book- The Bhrigu Samhita.pdf 206 KB
Brghu Samhita and other schools of astrology_cheaters.pdf 162 KB
Brghu Samhita and other schools of astrology.pdf 48 KB
Introduction to the Bhrigu Samhita.pdf 59 KB
Jyotish_Bhrigu Samhita_T.M.Rao.pdf 4,1 MB
Jyotish_Shanker Adawal_Bhrigu Samhita_Predictive Techniques Deciphered_original.pdf 15,2 MB
Bhrigu sutras 12,4 MB
Jyotish_Bhrigu sutram_Shankar Kapoor.pdf 4,3 MB
Jyotish_Bhrigu Sutras_2014_Dr S.P. Bhagat_retyped.pdf 1,5 MB
Jyotish_Bhrigu Sutras_2014_Dr S.P. Bhagat.pdf 444 KB
Jyotish_Bhrigu Sutras_N.N. Krishna Rau.pdf 489 KB
Jyotish_Bhrigu Sutras_verses only_2nd version.pdf 278 KB
Jyotish_Brighu sutram by G.S. Kapoor_ORIGINAL.pdf 4,5 MB
Jyotish_Brighu sutram by G.S. Kapoor_verses only.pdf 890 KB
Jyotish_2007_Dinesh S. Mathur_Vedic Progre...ion_Secrets Of Bhrigu Samhita and Nadi.pdf 4,3 MB
Jyotish_Bhrigu nandi nadi_RG Rao.pdf 7,7 MB
Jyotish_Bhrigu on predictive astrology_ KK Pathak.pdf 447 KB
Jyotish_the play of planets in houses part 1_Bhrigu.pdf 16,1 MB
Jyotish_the play of planets in houses part 2_Bhrigu.pdf 14,3 MB
Nadi 222,8 MB
Articles 20,1 MB
article_solving a mystery of nadi astrology.pdf 124 KB
Bhrighu Chakra Junction Table_short.pdf 68 KB
Bhrighu Chakra Junction Table.pdf 115 KB
Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi 1.pdf 314 KB
Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi example.xls 73 KB
Bhrigu Progression.pdf 1,1 MB
Brighu Saral paddhati_Jaimini tips.pdf 1,7 MB
Debunking Nadi Astrology.pdf 142 KB
Jeeva And Sharira Of Grahas.pdf 24 KB
Jyotish. Doctrines of Suka nadi.pdf 1,1 MB
My Experience With Nadis_Shankar Hedge.pdf 225 KB
Nadi Advantages.pdf 100 KB
Nadi Amsa Vadhnavi.pdf 33 KB
Nadi astrologers.pdf 49 KB
Nadi Astrology part 1_P.V.R. Rayudu.pdf 185 KB
Nadi Astrology_B.V. Raman_full 2 Parts.pdf 266 KB
Nadi Astrology_Pemmaraju V.R.Rayudu.pdf 122 KB
Nadi Astrology_Q-A.pdf 92 KB
Nadi checklist.pdf 50 KB
Nadi Divination And Indian Astrology_Martin Gansten_2011.pdf 138 KB
Nadi Divination.pdf 117 KB
Nadi granthas and vedic astrology from B.V. Raman biography.pdf 50 KB
Nadi History.pdf 96 KB
Nadi Jyotish_Shiv Kumar Chadha.pdf 48 KB
NADI scriprures.pdf 52 KB
Nadi scriptures_Grantha.pdf 51 KB
Nadi_ Saptarishis magazine 12,3 MB
Bhrighu Nadi Jyotisham_1.pdf 249 KB
Bhrighu Nadi Jyotisham_2.pdf 255 KB
Eswara Nadi_Aries Asc._Part1.pdf 657 KB
Guru Nadi_full 3 parts.pdf 572 KB
Horoscope From A Nadi Text_R.Santhanam.pdf 329 KB
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Jeeva and Sareer in Nadi.pdf 280 KB
Mystery about number and longitude of each Nadi explained.pdf 149 KB
Nadi Amsa Chart_PVR Rayudu.pdf 201 KB
Nadi and marriage 1,0 MB
Marriage age_A Nadi method.pdf 230 KB
Marriage Matching as per Tamil Sukra Nadi.pdf 261 KB
Nadi Method Of Finding Spouse Names.pdf 134 KB
Nadi Method of Marriage.pdf 185 KB
Nadi Principles for Marriage and Married Life.pdf 216 KB
Nadi Aroodam.pdf 82 KB
Nadi Astrology And Transits_all 2 Parts_Mrs Satyamma Bharadwaja.pdf 350 KB
Nadi Principles to Own a House.pdf 316 KB
Psychological problems and Nandi Nadi.pdf 103 KB
Saptarishi Nadi 4,9 MB
Saptarishi Nadi_Cancer Asc Chart4.pdf 386 KB
Saptarishi Nadi_Cancer Asc Chart5.pdf 256 KB
Saptarishi Nadi_Gemini ascendant_chart 1.pdf 161 KB
Saptarishi Nadi_Gemini ascendant_chart 2.pdf 141 KB
Saptarishi Nadi_Gemini ascendant_chart 3.pdf 295 KB
Saptarishi Nadi_Gemini ascendant_chart 4.pdf 304 KB
Saptarishi Nadi_Gemini ascendant_chart 5.pdf 449 KB
Saptarishi Nadi_Gemini ascendant_chart 6.pdf 561 KB
Saptarishi Nadi_Marriage Timing_full 2 Parts.pdf 535 KB
Saptarishi Nadi_Virgo Ascendant_3Charts.pdf 1,8 MB
Sukar Nadi 2,2 MB
Shukra Nadi_1.pdf 120 KB
Sukar Nadi 1_Sun in different houses.pdf 153 KB
Sukar Nadi 2_Moon in different houses.pdf 602 KB
Sukar Nadi 3_Mars in different houses.pdf 204 KB
Sukar Nadi 4_Mercury in different Houses.pdf 257 KB
Sukar Nadi 5_Jupiter in different houses.pdf 367 KB
Sukar Nadi 6_Venus in different houses.pdf 389 KB
Sukra Nadi Grantha_1.pdf 93 KB
The words Rise and Position_Nadi Texts.pdf 228 KB
Varga Charts_Non Uniform Nadi Amshas And Nadi Chart.pdf 244 KB
Wonders of Nadi Astrology.pdf 159 KB
Nadi_Questions and Answers.pdf 111 KB
nadis by syamasundar.pdf 544 KB
RG Rao Material_Bhrigu Nadi.pdf 36 KB
Rules of Nadi Astrology.pdf 278 KB
Separation from people / job and Nadi Astrology.pdf 32 KB
The Truth about Nadi Astrology.pdf 109 KB
Tri nadi Cakras and nakshatras.pdf 342 KB
Book_Devakeralam_Chandrakala Nadi 59,6 MB
Jyotish_Deva Keralam– Chandra Kala Nadi _no sanskrit_Vol.1_Santhanam.pdf 4,8 MB
Jyotish_Deva Keralam– Chandra Kala Nadi _no sanskrit_Vol.2_Santhanam.pdf 5,6 MB
Jyotish_Deva Keralam– Chandra Kala Nadi _no sanskrit_Vol.3_Santhanam.pdf 7,1 MB
Jyotish_Deva Keralam– Chandra Kala Nadi Vol.1_Santhanam_original.pdf 9,9 MB
Jyotish_Deva Keralam– Chandra Kala Nadi Vol.2_Santhanam_original.pdf 14,5 MB
Jyotish_Deva Keralam– Chandra Kala Nadi Vol.3_Santhanam_original.pdf 17,9 MB
book_Essence Of & Research On Nadi Astrology 20,7 MB
Jyotish_Essence Of or Research On Nadi Astrology vol.1.pdf 5,4 MB
Jyotish_Essence Of or Research On Nadi Astrology vol.2.pdf 4,5 MB
Jyotish_Essence Of or Research On Nadi Astrology vol.3.pdf 4,5 MB
Jyotish_Essence Of or Research On Nadi Astrology vol.4.pdf 6,3 MB
book_Meena nadi_dashas 3,8 MB
Jyotish_Meena Nadi_part 1_Gopalakrishna Row_1939.pdf 1,7 MB
Jyotish_Meena Nadi_part 2_Gopalakrishna Row_1939.pdf 729 KB
Jyotish_Meena Nadi_part 3_Gopalakrishna Row_1939.pdf 1,3 MB
Jyotish_1996_Banerjee_Swara sadhana_breathing & future predictions.pdf 3,4 MB
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Jyotish_2009_Srinivasan Shastry_Rahu and Kethu in Brighu astrology.pdf 1,3 MB
Jyotish_Brighu naadi sangraha_Srinivasan Shastry.pdf 1,9 MB
Jyotish_Celestial matrix in Nadi.pdf 997 KB
Jyotish_Commentary on Sapta Rishi Nadi.pdf 4,4 MB
Jyotish_Core of nadi astrology_ RG Rao.pdf 9,7 MB
Jyotish_Doctrines of Suka nadi_make 1st page.pdf 3,9 MB
Jyotish_Essence of Nadi.pdf 9,4 MB
Jyotish_Fundamentals of Rao's system of Nadi.pdf 2,2 MB
Jyotish_Nadi Astrology_Nadiamsa_C.S. P...tes on navamsa and pushkar navamsa.pdf 374 KB
Jyotish_Nadi Astrology_Nadiamsa_C.S. Patel.pdf 3,9 MB
Jyotish_Nadi predictions_Shashikant Oak.pdf 1,0 MB
Jyotish_Nadi_Accurate predictive methodology_Umang Taneja.pdf 5,2 MB
Jyotish_Nadi_Astro_and_Career.pdf 2,4 MB
Jyotish_nadi_practical stellar astrology.pdf 5,0 MB
Jyotish_NADI_Tantrik Astrology_A Manual of Sidereal Astrology.pdf 1,1 MB
Jyotish_Practical application of Nadi techniques.pdf 2,8 MB
Jyotish_R.G. Rao_Fortune telling – planets combination with nadi.pdf 3,4 MB
Jyotish_R.G. Rao_Kashyapa hora_nadi.pdf 8,4 MB
Jyotish_Revelations from Naadi Jyotisha.pdf 4,9 MB
Jyotish_Roots of Nadi_Satyanarayan Naik.pdf 9,8 MB
Jyotish_Sapta Rishi nadi_J.N. Bhasin.pdf 2,9 MB
Jyotish_Satyajatakam uncomplete.pdf 56 KB
Jyotish_Satyajatakam_ Dhruva nadi.pdf 3,3 MB
Jyotish_Satyanarayana Naik_Orbital Providence_Exposition on Naadi.pdf 4,1 MB
Jyotish_Satyanarayana Naik_Prediction secrets_naadi astrology.pdf 6,7 MB
Jyotish_Secrets of Nadi Astrology_S.P. Bhagat.pdf 772 KB
Jyotish_Stellar effects in astrology_NVRA Raja_miss p.255.pdf 4,3 MB
Jyotish_Stellar effects_Nakshatra prasna_NVRA RAJA.pdf 1,9 MB
Jyotish_Sukha nadi_part 2.pdf 1,8 MB
Jyotish_Swara Chintamani_nadis_tattvas_S. Kannan.pdf 387 KB
Jyotish_Vasantha Sai_Sacred Nadi Readings.pdf 1,5 MB
Meena Nadi_Nature of Planets & The cause...t results in Navamsha_Jitender Kumar.pdf 25 KB
The Nadi rectification tables_B.S. RAO.pdf 1,4 MB
Nadi notes_divya 4,1 MB
Amitabh Bachchan 1,5 MB
Amitabh Bachchan- What makes him so magical.pdf 95 KB
Amitabh Bachchan, horoscope for birth da... in Allahabad, with Astrodatabank bi.pdf 184 KB
Horoscope of Amitabh Bachchan, Amitabh...hart of Amitabh Bachchan, Amitabh .pdf 1,1 MB
Stars behind Amitabh Bachchan's starry career.pdf 75 KB
Jyotish_Brighu naadi sangraha_Srinivasan Shastry_re-arranged By Divya.pdf 238 KB
Jyotish_Brighu naadi sangraha_Srinivasan Shastry_re-arranged By Divya.rtf 126 KB
Jyotish_Brighu naadi sangraha_Srinivasan Shastry_retyped_good to compute on GJ.pdf 247 KB
Jyotish_Brighu naadi sangraha_Srinivasan Shastry_retyped_good to compute on GJ.rtf 132 KB
Jyotish_Shanker Adawal_Bhrigu Samhita_Predictive Techniques Deciphered.rtfd 1,6 MB
quotes from different sources.rtfd 300 KB
Videos on Bhrighu & nadi.txt 9 KB
Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra 48,6 MB
BPHS extract ch. 26 onwards_Planetary Aspects and Yogas.pdf 96 KB
BPHS_Ch.83_Effects of Curses in Previous Birth.pdf 205 KB
Jyotish_BPHS no Sanskrit_retyped.pdf 888 KB
Jyotish_bphs_ Girish_Chand_Vol.1.pdf 9,3 MB
Jyotish_bphs_ Girish_Chand_Vol.2.pdf 12,0 MB
Jyotish_BPHS_Santhanam_Vol.1_2 chapters missing.pdf 11,7 MB
Jyotish_BPHS_Santhanam_Vol.2.pdf 13,1 MB
Jyotish. BPHS_Santhanam_whole no sanskrit.pdf 1,4 MB
Gauri Jatakam_all 4 Chapters = Sun_Mars_Merc. & Jup. results from moon.pdf 664 KB
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Gautama Samhita_Ch. 1 to 8.pdf 1,3 MB
Horasara Prithuyasas 4,2 MB
Horasara - moles _ dasas of planets in signs and houses.pdf 206 KB
Horasara - results of planets.pdf 974 KB
Horasara.pdf 493 KB
Jyotish_2014_Dr S.P. Bhagat_Horasara of Prithyuyasas.pdf 539 KB
Jyotish_Horasara of Prithuyasas.pdf 2,0 MB
Jataka parijata_best medieval 27,0 MB
Jyotish_Jataka parijata vol.1.pdf 8,2 MB
Jyotish_Jataka parijata vol.2.pdf 9,4 MB
Jyotish_Jataka parijata vol.3.pdf 9,4 MB
Jataka Rajeeyam Part1.pdf 809 KB
Jeevitha Charita Part 1_Brahma Sri Tadepalli.pdf 64 KB
Jeevitha Charita Part 2_Brahma Sri Tadepalli.pdf 76 KB
Jyotiḥśāstra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.pdf 117 KB
Jyotish_550 AD_Phala Ratnamala Of Krishnamishra_Varaha Mihira's time_full 1 to 3.pdf 1,2 MB
Jyotish_1700_Thandavamalai.pdf 1,6 MB
Jyotish_1880_R.M. Chatterjee_Extracts From Works On Astrology_Vol.1.pdf 12,6 MB
Jyotish_1880_R.M. Chatterjee_Extracts From Works On Astrology_Vol.2.pdf 17,4 MB
Jyotish_1886_Chamatkar Chintamani.pdf 5,4 MB
Jyotish_1932_The illustrative Horoscopes_B.S.Rao.pdf 2,7 MB
Jyotish_1992_Jataka Alankara_S.S. Sareen.pdf 1,1 MB
Jyotish_2008_Hora Shatak 100 astro rules.pdf 4,2 MB
Jyotish_2012_Kenneth Bowser_An Introduction To Western Sideral Astrology.pdf 3,3 MB
Jyotish_Akshara Prasna_Garga_Sreenadh.pdf 2,0 MB
Jyotish_Bhava Kutuhalam _marks_evils avasthas_marakas.pdf 7,8 MB
Jyotish_Bhavartha Ratnakara.pdf 53 KB
Jyotish_Charaka Samhita_Nieizv.pdf 3,8 MB
Jyotish_Chidambaram iyer_Jinendramala.pdf 3,4 MB
Jyotish_Hora makarand_Gunakar_H.K. Thite transl._with sanskrit.pdf 6,1 MB
Jyotish_Hora ratnam _Santhanam.pdf 21,5 MB
Jyotish_Hora Sara.pdf 659 KB
Jyotish_Hora Sastra Visesha Sankalanam_S.S. Sekhar.pdf 2,4 MB
Jyotish_J.N. Bhasin_The Art of prediction.pdf 3,1 MB
Jyotish_Jataka Chandrika of Kalidas.pdf 1,9 MB
Jyotish_Jataka Navaneetam.pdf 2,0 MB
Jyotish_Jataka tattvam_Kadalangudi.pdf 3,7 MB
Jyotish_Jatakabharnam.pdf 16,2 MB
Jyotish_JatakaDesh Marga_S.S. Sareen.pdf 4,6 MB
Jyotish_Jatakalankara_verses only.pdf 137 KB
Jyotish_jyotisharnava navanitam.pdf 6,8 MB
Jyotish_Jyoutisha Siddhanta Sara_Jyotish essentials_Rama R. Rao.pdf 2,3 MB
Jyotish_Laghu jatakam.pdf 4,4 MB
Jyotish_Laghu Vivaha Patala _Varahamihira_ Sreenadh.pdf 1,0 MB
Jyotish_Madhya Parashari2.pdf 75 KB
Jyotish_Sambhu Hora Prakasa_a verse comment.pdf 144 KB
Jyotish_Sambhu Hora Prakasa_R. Santhanam.pdf 11,1 MB
Jyotish_Sanketanidhi 19th century.pdf 187 KB
Jyotish_Sarvarth Chintamani – J.N. Bhasin.pdf 10,1 MB
Jyotish_Sasanka Saradeeya_Sreenadh.pdf 1,8 MB
Jyotish_Siva Gauri Jataka_comment.pdf 245 KB
Jyotish_Siva Gauri Jataka_Sreenadh OG.pdf 1,7 MB
Jyotish_Skanda Hora_Sreenadh.pdf 11,7 MB
Jyotish_Skhanda Samhita.pdf 165 KB
Jyotish_Sri Saunakiya Vivaha Patala_Saunaka_Sreenadh.pdf 2,3 MB
Jyotish_Sripatipaddhati.pdf 6,7 MB
Jyotish_Sukra Kerala Rahasya_ N.N. Krishna Rau.pdf 476 KB
Jyotish_Vault Of The Heavens_Ernst Wilhelm.pdf 8,9 MB
Laghu Parashari or Jataka Chandrika 14,6 MB
Basic rules of predictions_Laghu Parasari 1.pdf 288 KB
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Jyotish_B.S. Row_1900_Laghu Parashari or Jataka Chandrika.pdf 2,3 MB
Jyotish_Laghu Parasari_Verma.pdf 5,1 MB
Jyotish_Laghu Parashari or Jataka Chandrika_ Dr. V. Ramana Rao Komagiri.pdf 505 KB
Jyotish_Laghu Parashari or Jataka Chandrika_BV Raman.pdf 122 KB
Jyotish_Laghu Parashari or Jataka Chandrika_Slokas only.pdf 333 KB
Jyotish_Laghu Parashari or Jataka Chandrika_Venkatesa Daivagnya.pdf 367 KB
Jyotish_Laghu Parashari or Jataka Chandrika– Dashas – S.S. Sareen.pdf 5,3 MB
Jyotish_Laghu Parashari or Jataka Chandrika.pdf 242 KB
Jyotish_Laghu Parashari Siddhanta_verses only.pdf 57 KB
Lomasha Samhita 10,3 MB
Jyotish_Lomasha Samhita part1 ch.1_10_Sreenadh.pdf 4,7 MB
Lomasha Samhita ch. 1 to 9 slokas.pdf 323 KB
Lomasha Samhita ch. 1 to 9.pdf 3,0 MB
lomasha samhita dasha.pdf 164 KB
Lomasha Samhita_all 9 chapters.pdf 1,7 MB
Lomasha Samhita_bhava fruits_ results of lords of 1 & 3rd in houses.pdf 124 KB
lomasha_ vimsottari conditionnal.pdf 153 KB
Mansagari 24,7 MB
Jyotish_Mansagari Vol.1.pdf 6,9 MB
Jyotish_Mansagari vol.2.pdf 17,8 MB
nadi astrology article_The Times of Astrology magazine_Rayudu_2000.pdf 122 KB
Phaladeepika 33,3 MB
Jyotish_Phala Dipika_G.S. Kapoor_original.pdf 9,6 MB
Jyotish_Phala Dipika_G.S. Kapoor_retyped.pdf 1,0 MB
Jyotish_Phaladeepika – S.S. Sareen.pdf 8,8 MB
Jyotish_Phaladeepika_ P.S. Sastri_1937_original.pdf 11,6 MB
Jyotish_Phaladeepika_ P.S. Sastri_retyped by Chistabo_.pdf 1,8 MB
Jyotish_Phaladeepika_ P.S. Sastri_retyped.pdf 496 KB
Saravali 25,1 MB
Jyotish_2014_Dr S.P. Bhagat_Saravali.pdf 769 KB
Jyotish_Saravali vol.1_R.Santhanam.pdf 10,0 MB
Jyotish_Saravali vol.2_R.Santhanam.pdf 13,5 MB
saravali_verses only.pdf 797 KB
Sri Saunakiya Vivaha Patala of Sage Saunaka & Laghu Varaha of Varahamihira.rtfd 72 KB
Uttara kalamrita 12,7 MB
Jyotish_Uttara kalamrita_PS_Sastri_verses only.pdf 304 KB
Jyotish_Uttara kalamrita_PS_Sastri.pdf 3,9 MB
Jyotish_Uttara kalamrita_SS.Sareen.pdf 8,5 MB
Yavana Jataka 3,4 MB
Jyotish_Yavana Jataka _Yavanacharya_ David Pingree.pdf 1,0 MB
Jyotish_Yavana Jataka _Yavanacharya.pdf 841 KB
Yavana Jataka_The yuga of Sphujiddhvaja.pdf 1,5 MB
12 houses_12 signs_elements 2,7 GB
A Look into Kendra dhipati Dosha.pdf 188 KB
a new Look Into Dasanatha.pdf 283 KB
benebell wen_learning the twelve astrological houses.pdf 465 KB
benebell wen_learning the twelve astrological signs.pdf 1,0 MB
Book_1903_H.S. Green_Theoretical astrology.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_2014_Jack Moore_The Art of Astrology_A Look At Principles and Practices.pdf 215 KB
Book_2014_Michael Bergen_the Astrology Code_Statistical Evidence of Universal Design.pdf 856 KB
Book_Hilarion_Astrology Plus the signs and houses.pdf 871 KB
Book_Sue Tompkins_The Contemporary Astrologer's Handbook.pdf 4,1 MB
Houses topics 2,5 GB
1st house 3,7 MB
Book_1988_Martin Schulman_The ascendant_Your karmic doorway.pdf 1,2 MB
lagna and bodily features.pdf 43 KB
lagna and bodily features.rtf 7 KB
Lagnesha_lagna lord_Visti Larsen.pdf 167 KB
Lesson 15_Lagna Bhava S.Rath lectures.pdf 61 KB
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Some Thoughts on Ascendant Lord by R M Banerjee.pdf 64 KB
Some Thoughts on Ascendant Lord by R M Banerjee.rtf 16 KB
Some Thoughts on Ascendant Lord.pdf 67 KB
Some Thoughts on Ascendant Lord.rtf 16 KB
terrible planets for some lagnas_Sanjay Prabhakaran.webarchive 1,9 MB
3_6_10 and 11th houses.pdf 217 KB
3rd house_sportrs 594 KB
Are You Courageous_ Check Your Third House.pdf 71 KB
Are You Courageous_ Check Your Third House.rtf 14 KB
Book_Stephanie Johnson _Third House.pdf 142 KB
Predicting the Outcome of Games or Confrontations/ Where to Start.pdf 126 KB
Presentation_Predicting Sporting Events.pdf 106 KB
Third House.pdf 128 KB
4th house 92 KB
Combinations for Owning a House.pdf 71 KB
Combinations for Owning a House.rtf 15 KB
5th house_naming children_education 32,7 MB
children 13,8 MB
Adopting Parent_saptamsa.rtfd 254 KB
Astrology and Family Planning by V M Natu.pdf 62 KB
Astrology and Family Planning by V M Natu.rtf 10 KB
Avoiding Misfortunes Related To Progeny.pdf 510 KB
Birth Time Rectification_Twins technique.pdf 238 KB
Birth Time Rectification_Twins.rtfd 816 KB
Book_1861_Morris Jastrow_Babylonian-Assyrian Birth-Omens.pdf 352 KB
Book_1992_Samantha A. Davis_Understanding children through astrology.pdf 3,6 MB
Book_Leticia Parmer_An astrological guide to your child.pdf 2,5 MB
Child Birth Via Annual Charts.pdf 114 KB
Childlessness and vedic astrology.txt 2 KB
E. H. Bailey_astrological birth control.pdf 2,2 MB
Jyotish_Raj Kumar_Children and astrology.pdf 2,4 MB
Unique feature of charts of twins.pdf 618 KB
education 5,6 MB
Astrology and Education.pdf 166 KB
Jyotish_Planets and Education vol.1 Singh_KN.Rao.pdf 3,1 MB
Jyotish_Raj Kumar_Education and Astrology.pdf 2,3 MB
naming children 13,2 MB
art of giving nammes.pdf 118 KB
Baby Names Almanac_meaning.pdf 2,5 MB
Girls Hindi_Names_MEANING.pdf 156 KB 776 bytes
Nama Shastra_The Art of Naming.pdf 253 KB
Naming Children.pdf 67 KB
Puranic Encyclopedia copy.pdf 10,2 MB
Problems representing the fifth house.pdf 10 KB
Sex of Child in Mothers Womb_Kp_1991.pdf 56 KB
Sex of Child_KP system.pdf 34 KB
Sex of Child_KP system.rtf 6 KB
6th house 323 KB
6th House.pdf 104 KB
The 6th House_Unfolding The Maze.pdf 212 KB
7th marriage-progeny-women 312,5 MB
Astrology & love affairs.pdf 20 KB
astrology and lesbian.pdf 15 KB
Book_1828_John Worsdale_Genethliacal astronomy_must read.pdf 10,3 MB
Book_1885_ Graves_ P. A._The stellar laws the reproduction of the human race.pdf 468 KB
Book_2001_Erin Sullivan_The Astrology of Family Dynamics.pdf 2,1 MB
Book_2002_David Pond_Astrology & relationships.pdf 6,9 MB
Book_2015_ Vivian Robson_Astrology and Sex.pdf 701 KB
Book_Yildiz Sethi_Stardust on the Spiritu...urney_Karma_Relationships, and Family.pdf 4,6 MB
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Combinations for Prostitutes_Adultery.pdf 56 KB
Combinations for Womanizer.pdf 542 KB
compatibility_matching 80,4 MB
About friendship between husband and wife.pdf 119 KB
an Astrological Analysis of Marriage.pdf 86 KB
Book_1910_James Donnel Keifer_The true system of marriage.pdf 367 KB
Book_1970_Barbara Shook Hazen_You and y...diac guide to dating, compatibility.pdf 2,8 MB
Book_1979-Stephen Arroyo_Relationships...les_modern dimensions of astrology.pdf 5,0 MB
Book_2008_Michael Erlewine_StarTypes_Life path Partners.pdf 6,0 MB
Book_2015_Franklin Gillette_Compatibility_Code of Harmony for Love and Unity.pdf 590 KB
Book_Gurmeet Singh_Relationship Compatibility Astrology.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_Valerie W. Holt_Relationship Compatibility guide.pdf 147 KB
composite_mid-points charts 19,9 MB
Bob Marks_compatibility_Davidson & Beyond Composites.pdf 10,0 MB
Book_1949_Jodie & Steven Forrest_Skymates.pdf 9,9 MB
Horoscope matching.pdf 460 KB
Jyotish_Alka Vijh_Understanding Relations the Vedic Astrology way.pdf 1,4 MB
Jyotish_Astrology in Marriage Counselling_Manik Chand Jain.pdf 2,1 MB
Jyotish_Facets of marriage and the 7th house.pdf 1,0 MB
Jyotish_Horoscope matching made easy.pdf 1,5 MB
Jyotish_How to Match Horoscopes for Marriage_P.V.R. Rayudu.pdf 734 KB
Jyotish_ligth on relationships by De Fow & Svoboda.pdf 8,0 MB
Jyotish_Marriage Compatibility_Part – 1_Yenbeeyes.pdf 1,2 MB
Jyotish_Scientific matching of horoscopes.pdf 3,5 MB
Jyotish_The Art of Matching Charts_Gayatri Devi Vasudev.pdf 1,3 MB
Jyotish_The Best Bet_K. Jaya Sekhar.pdf 2,0 MB
Marriage Counselling by Gayatri Devi Vasudev.pdf 47 KB
Marriage Counselling by Gayatri Devi Vasudev.rtf 9 KB
Matching Horoscopes in Ashtakavarga.pdf 126 KB
Matching of charts_A new approach.pdf 495 KB
Sanjay Rath_System of Match Making.pdf 111 KB
Synastry 19,5 MB
Book_1991_Ronald Relations Through Astrology.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_Rod Suskin_Synastry_Understanding the Astrology of Relationships.pdf 9,6 MB
Jyotish_Hart de Fouw_Light on Relation...s_The Synastry of Indian Astrology.pdf 6,8 MB
Jyotish_S. Rajagopala Iyer_How To Compare Horoscopes_Synastry.pdf 1,2 MB
The Astro Investigators’ Marriage Synastry Research Project.pdf 88 KB
Vedic Relationship Compatibility - Part 1_George Roman.pdf 34 KB
conception-delivery_progeny 32,4 MB
2012 Alignment of Planets – Birth of Zodiac Twins.pdf 514 KB
a project on progeny with case studies_2 essays.pdf 866 KB
Analytical report of in vitro fertilization & insemmination.pdf 187 KB
Astrology and Caesarean Births.pdf 101 KB
Astrology and Sexual union.pdf 100 KB
Astrology and Sexual union.rtf 41 KB
Astrology in relation to fertility_pregnancy and childbirth.pdf 58 KB
Beeja Sphuta and Santan Tithi.pdf 61 KB
Beeja Sphuta and Santan Tithi.rtf 29 KB
Book_1976_Ursula Lewis_Chart your ow...nner and professional_CONCEPTION.pdf 3,7 MB
Book_2010_ Molly Hall _Knack astrology_conception.pdf 7,0 MB
Book_Jan Rose_How Astrology Can Help you Conceive.pdf 216 KB
Conception Time.pdf 185 KB
conception_puberty.pdf 205 KB
excerpts_ Jaimini upadesa_S. Rath_p.315 to 414.doc 465 KB
excerpts_ Jaimini upadesa_S. Rath_p.315 to 414.pdf 687 KB
French_Book_1563_Dr. Arcandam_Predictions sur la naissance fatale.pdf 4,1 MB
GHARBADHANA_ Begetting.txt 3 KB
Interpretation Of Progeny Or Conception...h The Natal D 1 Saptamsa D 7 Charts.pdf 332 KB
Issue.doc 87 KB
Issue.pdf 167 KB
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Jyotish_2006_The First Born Child_Rajbir Singh_Hindi_English.pdf 1,9 MB
my studies on Jyotish and Progeny_Sarajit Poddar.pdf 270 KB
predicting date of delivery.pdf 267 KB
Predictions for Child birth in Indian astrology.pdf 20 KB
Prenatal Epoch_A Case Study In Medical Astrology.pdf 263 KB
Prenatal Epoch.pdf 309 KB
Presentation_OVN Murthy_Santhana Bhagya_Getting children.pdf 1,6 MB
Presentation_Vedic concept of pregnancy.pdf 180 KB
progeny 7,3 MB
Book_1929_Bailey_Astrology and birth control.pdf 1,0 MB
Book_1939_Peter West_Astrology and childhood.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_1989_Francesca Naish_The lunar cycle_astrological fertility control.pdf 2,9 MB
Jyotish and Progeny_Sarajit Poddar.pdf 269 KB
Predicting Offsprings.pdf 391 KB
Progeny Notes.pdf 112 KB
Progeny Problems and Remedial Measures.pdf 95 KB
Progeny Problems and Remedial Measures.rtf 15 KB
Progeny_According_to_Birth_chart.pdf 122 KB
Progeny_Male or Female..pdf 126 KB
Rare Octuplets.pdf 51 KB
reproduction_Beeja Sphuta and Santan Tithi.pdf 61 KB
reproduction_Beeja Sphuta and Santan Tithi.rtf 29 KB
samskaras_planets influencing pregnancy_foetus_prenatal astrology.pdf 82 KB
Visti larsen on niseka lagna_conception chart from janma 830 KB
Freedom coles & Divya studies_Niṣeka Calculation.rtfd 315 KB
Freedom coles Niṣeka Calculation.pdf 342 KB
Visti_Conception in Ayurveda and Jyotisha.rtfd 168 KB
delayed matrimony_to crop.pdf 792 KB
Family Planning_V. M. Natu.pdf 62 KB
Family Planning_V. M. Natu.rtf 11 KB
Finding correct Upapada.doc 33 KB
Finding correct Upapada.pdf 35 KB
Finding True Love_Suresh Sharma.pdf 43 KB
Finding True Love_Suresh Sharma.rtf 6 KB
inauspicious births_BPHS.doc 65 KB
inauspicious births_BPHS.pdf 74 KB
Jyotish_Adoption_Singh_K.N.Rao.pdf 452 KB
Jyotish_Secrets of Friendship Love and Marriage.pdf 2,4 MB
Jyotish_Single women and Astrology _KN Rao.pdf 3,3 MB
Jyotish_Stree Jataka_Varahamihira.pdf 2,9 MB
Jyotish_stri jataka _female horoscopy_B.S.Row_1931_text_banned.pdf 169 KB
Jyotish_stri jataka _female horoscopy_B.S.Row_Raman_1931_original.pdf 2,0 MB
Kuja dosha 15,3 MB
Jyotish_An insight into Kuja dosha_Trivedi.pdf 14,6 MB
kuja dosa.txt 22 KB
kuja Dosha.pdf 138 KB
Mangala dosha.txt 4 KB
Mangalika and Kaalasarpa Dosha.pdf 201 KB
Manglik Dosh.rtfd 189 KB
Mars as Husband Karka and Manglik Dosha.pdf 101 KB
Mars Dosha as per KP.pdf 84 KB
Love Romance Marriage.txt 2 KB
Marriage etc_ 144,6 MB
3 Simple Rules Of Marital Disharmony.pdf 358 KB
1539_About friendship between husband and wife.pdf 115 KB
A Review of Indian Marriages.pdf 270 KB
all about marriage.rtfd 109 KB
astrocamp Marriage example report.pdf 50 KB
Astrological Analysis of Marriage.pdf 55 KB
astrology in the Mongolian wedding ritual.pdf 202 KB
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big age difference with the partner does not matter.rtfd 237 KB
Book_1927_Rose Murray_When will you ma...romantic destiny through astrology.pdf 7,7 MB
Book_1929_C.S.J. Thompson_The mystery and romance of astrology.pdf 6,5 MB
Book_1984_Teri King_Marriage, divorce & astrology.pdf 3,5 MB
Book_2006_Myrna Lamb_The Astrology of Great Sex.pdf 2,1 MB
Book_2007_Constance Stellas_The Everything Sex Signs Book.pdf 4,2 MB
Book_2009_Phyllis Vega_Erotic Astrology... Secrets of Your Horoscope Revealed.pdf 899 KB
Book_Anthoula Lioni_Planetary Transits & Relationships- Psychological Astrology.pdf 221 KB
Book_Bennett Judith_Sex Signs.pdf 12,1 MB
Book_Linda Goodman_The Love Signs.pdf 9,0 MB
Book_rain Clark_The Houses of Relationships.pdf 130 KB
Book_Sepharial_Astrology and Marriage.pdf 361 KB
Book_The Astrology of Sex_Find author and date.pdf 1,7 MB
Book_The Liquid Light of Sex_Chakras.pdf 8,0 MB
clues from Ramayana and timing of widowhood.pdf 167 KB
combinations for female to remain a lesbian.pdf 564 KB
Delay in Marriage.pdf 115 KB
delay of marriage.pdf 12,5 MB
Female Horoscopy.pdf 45 KB
Female Horoscopy.rtf 12 KB
Finding True Love by Dr Suresh Sharma.pdf 43 KB
Finding True Love by Dr Suresh Sharma.rtf 5 KB
Is Late- Marriage is Man Made.pdf 165 KB
Jyotish_Analysis of marriage through astrology_Basistha Tiwari.pdf 4,7 MB
Jyotish_Astrology and Timing of Marriage_ K.N.Rao_ English_Hindi.pdf 5,2 MB
Jyotish_Astrology and Timing of Marriage_K.N.Rao.pdf 5,1 MB
Jyotish_Delayed marriage of girls_ KN.Rao.pdf 1,4 MB
Jyotish_Foretelling Widowhood_Trivedi.pdf 10,8 MB
Jyotish_marriage and relationships_Umang Taneja.pdf 4,0 MB
Jyotish_Predicting marriage_Trivedi.pdf 18,3 MB
Jyotish_V. P. Shukla_Planetary dispositions and marital affairs.pdf 9,0 MB
Jyotish_V.K. Choudhry_how to analyse married life_V.K. Choudhry.pdf 5,4 MB
Lagna And Moon Rashis Of Couples.pdf 28 KB
Lagna And Moon Rashis Of Couples.rtf 12 KB
Marital_Saptarishis magazine 2,6 MB
Al-Najoom_Mothers time of death and marriage through navamsa.pdf 315 KB
Ascertaining Marriage Life_Divorce Rules.pdf 299 KB
Comparison of Panchangas for horoscope matching for marriage.pdf 196 KB
Is There A Karma Connection In Marriages.pdf 494 KB
Let's date_relationships.pdf 114 KB
The Mystery Of Venus in Pisces Marriage Life.pdf 257 KB
The twelve year cycle of an astrological superstition_Jupiter_K.N. Rao.pdf 128 KB
Timing Cupid.pdf 262 KB
Upapada_Ultimate Determinant Of Family & Marriage.pdf 251 KB
What men and women want_tattvas.pdf 75 KB
When You Fall In Love.pdf 182 KB
Marriage Age – A Nadi Method.pdf 51 KB
Marriage Age – A Nadi Method.rtf 55 KB
Marriage Age_Nadi Method.pdf 19 KB
Marriage Counselling by Gayatri Devi Vasudev.pdf 49 KB
Marriage Counselling by Gayatri Devi Vasudev.rtf 10 KB
Marriage or No Marriage.pdf 2,1 MB
Marriage_Shyamasundara.txt 17 KB
Married Twice – to the same person!.pdf 491 KB
Match Making for marriage - Sanjay Prabhakaran's jyotish page.webarchive 2,0 MB
Matrimony.pdf 42 KB
Matrimony.rtf 14 KB
Mutual Relations by L R Chawdhri.pdf 61 KB
Mutual Relations by L R Chawdhri.rtf 15 KB
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Nadi Astrology For Marriage.pdf 27 KB
Nadi Astrology For Marriage.rtf 11 KB
Narada purana_ marriage muhurta.htm 135 KB
Narada purana_ marriage vivahaprasna.htm 22 KB
On Marital Happiness by Dr R S L Srivastava.pdf 64 KB
On Marital Happiness by Dr R S L Srivastava.rtf 10 KB
Presentation_Relationships_marriage.pdf 977 KB
Saturn and Delayed Marriage.pdf 77 KB
Saturn and Delayed Marriage.rtf 14 KB
Unmarried Male Bachelor_Astrological Reasonings.pdf 329 KB
When It Comes to Marriage_Age does not matter.pdf 80 KB
Mars and sex.pdf 40 KB
Mutual Relations.pdf 64 KB
Mutual Relations.rtf 15 KB
Relationships in jeopardy_codependency.pdf 469 KB
seventh house.pdf 95 KB
women_child birth_ compatibility.doc 615 KB
women_child birth_ compatibility.pdf 630 KB
8th Ayur_health_medical_death 2,0 GB
8th house_death_longevity 27,8 MB
8th House_Probing the UnderWorld.pdf 233 KB
8th house.doc 33 KB
8th house.pdf 61 KB
A Clue For The Death_Vimsottari.pdf 100 KB
A Link between Birth and Death_statistics.rtfd 336 KB
Combinations for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome-Sids.pdf 555 KB
DEATH ASPECTS IN ASTROLOGY by Eileen Nauman.pdf 140 KB
Death In Astrology.pdf 240 KB
DEATH lifespan and rasi effects.doc 292 KB
DEATH lifespan and rasi effects.pdf 348 KB
Death Mystery Of Subhash Chandra Bose.pdf 122 KB
Death of John F. Kennedy Jr.pdf 124 KB
Death_horimea and primary directions.doc 290 KB
Death_horimea and primary directions.pdf 332 KB
Death.doc 91 KB
Death.pdf 110 KB
Deciding on the Term of Longevity.pdf 141 KB
Diana death_The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time.pdf 77 KB
Did the Stars Portend Diana's Death_Mary Stevenson.pdf 40 KB
Hora Lagna and Death.pdf 37 KB
How Of Death_A Clue.pdf 461 KB
John F.Kennedy Death And Red Book_Vedic Astrologers.pdf 346 KB
John F.Kennedy Death And Red Book_Western Astrologers.pdf 321 KB
Jyotish_An analysis of longevity_AIFAS.pdf 1,7 MB
Jyotish_Judgement of longevity_D.P. Saxena _use PDFedit.pdf 3,2 MB
Jyotish_Richard Houck_The astrology of death.pdf 5,1 MB
Jyotish_Unravelling puzzle of longevity_V.P. Goel.pdf 3,0 MB
Jyotish. Judgement of longevity by D.P. Saxena.doc 1,7 MB
Jyotish. Judgement of longevity by D.P. Saxena.pdf 142 KB
Karve Guruji_An Exposition Longevity In Astrology.pdf 220 KB
late Pravin Jagads Theory of Longevity.pdf 293 KB
Longevity In Astrology.pdf 186 KB
Longevity Research_New Theory of Life Span.full.pdf 802 KB
Longevity through transit.pdf 214 KB
Longevity_Life Span_Part1.pdf 191 KB
Longevity_Some Stray Thoughts.pdf 138 KB
Longevity-Chart.xls 106 KB
Method of Satyacharya Longevity.pdf 208 KB
Mode of Death by Sumeet Chugh.pdf 68 KB
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Mode of Death by Sumeet Chugh.rtf 12 KB
Mystery of Planetary Deaths_1.pdf 265 KB
Navamsa & Clue to Death - More Charts.pdf 129 KB
Pravir Paddhati_SUN transit_DOB only.pdf 1,3 MB
Presentation_OVN Murthy_Determining Longevity.pdf 580 KB
prognosticating death.pdf 146 KB
Punya Chakra_DEATH TIME.pdf 93 KB
Punya Chakra_DEATH TIME.rtf 19 KB
Punya Chakra.webarchive 951 KB
Relationships Between Mortality and Astrological Sign at Birth.pdf 331 KB
Relationships between mortality and astrological sign.pdf 81 KB
Role Of Rahu And Ketu At The Time Of Death.pdf 161 KB
Span of Live.pdf 92 KB
Span of Live.rtf 41 KB
Sudden Death_How To See A Yoga.pdf 224 KB
The Date Of Krishnas Birth and Death.pdf 134 KB
The Scorpion and the Centaur Explaining the Timing of Bruce Lees Death.pdf 248 KB
Thy experiments towards truth_The How Of Death_A Clue.pdf 594 KB
astrological_genetic inheritance.rtfd 246 KB
chakras 203,1 MB
Acupressure, reflexiology, acupuncture 8,2 MB
acupressure points on face.jpg 34 KB
acupressure points on skull.jpg 49 KB
ears 715 KB
1d161af231f5bc8171cd8c74a593a82d.jpg 72 KB
3ff010c2ddde045473066e883ac90aa0.jpg 85 KB
5463b2216ff9027489d1a517030fc62b.jpg 88 KB
6854fa5b2a933adf23a8a3b695e77b57.jpg 83 KB
ab15dcf81cd8813f08cb3d3a6b56ce09.jpg 83 KB
Ear-Reflexology-Chart-1170x1109.jpg 210 KB
Ear-Reflexology-Using-A-Clothespin-.jpg 95 KB
Emotional Energy Centers.png 520 KB
emotional pain chart.jpg 110 KB
feet 1,2 MB
0b5a516d4052b5f1388f05c284f67d61.jpg 18 KB
4d86c4616cfc3305407a95aeb5282197.jpg 139 KB
13dbb0fe1b27c0cacf754f0cf7c652fd.jpg 54 KB
825fd452cd40618602e4c3fe4846c967.jpg 83 KB
5927ffee3b9c552167cb2426d2742cce-2.jpg 85 KB
bd8291b8b70dbac227ce26bad90640cf.jpg 52 KB
images-107.jpeg 19 KB
images-127.jpeg 17 KB
images-175.jpeg 14 KB
Press-This-Point-For-2-Minutes-And-...-Thing-Will-Happen-To-Your-Body.jpg 476 KB
reflexiology feets.jpg 111 KB
reflexology.jpg 111 KB
top of foot.jpg 65 KB
full body reflexiology chart.jpg 73 KB
Hands 3,7 MB
16c4ad9260adefb7a887fce3882a20d1.jpg 102 KB
36f74e78859b7c58af669069d94a3a38.jpg 150 KB
502f85bc67d02cb8721df34e9c554df9.jpg 36 KB
6459bdc1d61b658bdf2d41f2ef894d8a.jpg 39 KB
52883caa41dd0deb9adf134646e4e085.jpg 144 KB
81100db448fac91ffda2efc24e5be0fc.jpg 92 KB
668925dea69dc7d4fbed1032799399e6.jpg 22 KB
A complete reflexology chart.png 732 KB
acupressure points.jpg 99 KB
b55d3d0dc993d343a6bd4824e92b17d9.jpg 74 KB
back-pain-101_51c864ff22c69_w1500.jpg 1,2 MB
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bd2e87f0a9f43673642b4972a1a22d20.jpg 51 KB
d45be0d676399d009188b10c53a210e1.jpg 23 KB
Hand-Reflexology-Chart.jpg 115 KB
handanalysisonline_chakras.png 157 KB
images-159.jpeg 19 KB
images-163.jpeg 14 KB
Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 10.37.44.png 613 KB
organs on face.jpg 48 KB
organs on face2.jpg 46 KB
spine 219 KB
c9a156399b0e8ced125ffc6e9864549d.jpg 110 KB
ee8faa1118956bcef0056923d16b86f5.jpg 109 KB
teeth and body parts.jpg 113 KB
Tongue.png 1,2 MB
whole body_negative emotions.jpg 112 KB
Book_1838_Julia Seton_Psychology of the Solar Plexus & Subconcious Mind.pdf 235 KB
Book_1845_Carey, George Washington_...man_the word made flesh_CHAKRAS.pdf 6,6 MB
Book_1919_Max Heindel_Astrology and the Ductless Glands.pdf 163 KB
Book_1931_Vasant G.Rele_The Mysterious Kundalini.pdf 5,8 MB
Book_1932_Harold W. Percival_Thinking and Destiny_Chakras.pdf 3,4 MB
Book_1972_Shankaranarayanan_The Ten Great Cosmic Powers_chakras.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_1974_Woodroffe_Arthur Avalon_The ...ecrets of Tantric and Shaktic Yoga.pdf 7,0 MB
Book_2005_Colleen Simmons_Crystal vibrations astrological star signs.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_2013_Karen Curry_Understanding Human Design.pdf 11,2 MB
book_Chakras_energy vortexes_book 1.pdf 721 KB
Book_Demetruis Jones_The Astrology of The Chakras.pdf 393 KB
Book_Deunov Peter_Le Testament des couleurs_chakras.pdf 697 KB
Book_KG Stiles_CHAKRA ASTROLOGY.pdf 146 KB
Book_Kundalini and the Chakras - A Practical Manual.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_Viv Rosser_The Chakras_Book 3_Chakra Elements and Astrology.pdf 1,7 MB
chakra ailments 21,6 MB
3 doshas.jpg 65 KB
7 Mudras To Unlock Your 7 Chakras.rtfd 541 KB
177610779034870721.html 833 KB
287245282466248135.html 1,2 MB
322992604511408871.html 1,2 MB
322992604511423870.html 1,1 MB
322992604511429513.html 822 KB
322992604511432066.html 833 KB
322992604511443702.html 809 KB
376472850088505484.html 1,0 MB
391320655106313625.html 764 KB
442126888404788972.html 1,1 MB
449023025334753381.html 784 KB
495325658995652266.html 715 KB
508977195368957807.html 784 KB
556476097695391408.html 1,3 MB
hatha-yoga-chakras.pdf 1,4 MB
How to Open Your Spiritual Chakras/ 8 Steps (with Pictures).webarchive 4,9 MB
mudras.pdf 316 KB
mudras2.pdf 148 KB
ten-healing-mudras.pdf 399 KB
Chakras articles 23,7 MB
2chap.pdf 121 KB
7 CAKRAS_divya.docx 1,2 MB
7 CAKRAS_divya.pdf 1,4 MB
7 CAKRAS_Sanjay Rath.pdf 136 KB
7 CAKRAS_Sanjay Rath.rtf 14 KB
7 Chakras_rulers.docx 20 KB
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7 Chakras_rulers.pdf 26 KB
7-Chakra-Colors-and-Gemstones.pdf 315 KB
7-chakras-7-planets.jpg 26 KB
14 worlds_Vedic Agamic Cosmology.pdf 51 KB
21 Chakras.pdf 58 KB
36 Tattvas of Existence.pdf 47 KB
912_on amazon.pdf 351 KB
980_986.pdf 733 KB
2012-Blossom-16-Petal-3.pdf 1,3 MB
2504_2514_1.pdf 189 KB
164447828.pdf 888 KB
Aleister Crowley_The Sixth Chakra of the Human Body.pdf 55 KB
Astrological Chakra Analysis.pdf 90 KB
Astrology and the Chakras_doubtful.rtfd 374 KB
Astrology, chakras & the seven rays.pdf 179 KB
Aura_engels_Franky.pdf 813 KB
Cakras (by Padmanabha das).doc 37 KB
Cakras (by Padmanabha das).pdf 58 KB
cakras_Sapta Loka.pdf 95 KB
Cakras.doc 25 KB
Chakra Healing Kinesiology Course Profile.pdf 85 KB
Chakra Healing.pdf 208 KB
chakra.pdf 94 KB
Chakras and D charts.doc 50 KB
Chakras and D charts.pdf 52 KB
Chakras and planets.pdf 143 KB
chakras and stones.jpg 77 KB
chakras_medical.jpg 161 KB
Chakras-CWL.pdf 2,8 MB
Chakras-eBook-Final.pdf 4,1 MB
Chakras.pdf 183 KB
chakrasystem.pdf 257 KB
earth_chakras.gif 57 KB
Effect of Aura-Chakra.pdf 90 KB
ElevenMajorChakras.pdf 241 KB
ExploringTheChakras.pdf 433 KB
faq-chakra.pdf 44 KB
Flower_Essences_and_Chakras.pdf 178 KB
Harness the Power of Chakra Meditation.pdf 133 KB
how_to_sound_bija_mantras.pdf 49 KB
kenton1.pdf 20 KB
MTCK.pdf 121 KB
MudraSequenceforBalancingtheChakras.pdf 69 KB
origins_of_the_chakras.pdf 55 KB
Our Chakra System - A Portal to Interdimensional Consciousness.pdf 680 KB
The astrological chart and chakras.pdf 178 KB
The awakening of kundalini.pdf 206 KB
The Chakras_C. W. Leadbeater.pdf 997 KB
The Seven Chakras The Fingers The Glands.pdf 172 KB
the-chakras_ei.pdf 1,5 MB
Tuning-Your-Chakras.pdf 332 KB
understanding_the_chakras.pdf 46 KB
What are chakras.pdf 129 KB
Chakras pictures 15,5 MB
7 home remedies for arthritis.jpg 219 KB
16d19f7322b66bcf410567e732d42960_OCR.pdf 1,2 MB
acid_alcaline foods 2,6 MB
acid_alcaline foods.jpg 224 KB
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acid-alkaline-food-comparison-chart.jpg 177 KB
alkaline-food-chart.jpeg 613 KB
dr.-russell-jaffe-alkaline-chart.png 1,0 MB
Aura.jpg 122 KB
chakra details.jpg 145 KB
chakra frequencies.jpg 49 KB
chakra oils.png 137 KB
chakra therapies.jpg 125 KB
Chakras & sounds 10 KB
images-3.png 10 KB
Chakras and colors.jpeg 8 KB
chakras and planets.jpg 158 KB
Chakras and planets.png 9 KB
Chakras_left-right_yin-yang.jpg 52 KB
chakrasummary.png 190 KB
chinese chakras_details.jpg 66 KB
chinese chakras_herbs & food.jpg 73 KB
chinese chakras_herbs & food2.jpg 70 KB
chinese face reading.jpg 150 KB
chinese meridian flow wheel_circadian clock.jpg 96 KB
chinese meridian flow wheel.jpg 43 KB
colors.jpg 296 KB
healing cristals.png 479 KB
Herbal Teas and Their Benefits.png 824 KB
herbal teas for common sickness.jpg 126 KB
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mudras.jpg 97 KB
pHvalue of food.jpg 137 KB
Sacral Chakra; The Creative Chakra ».pdf 1,1 MB
Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 16.55.27.png 478 KB
spine, neves & Chakras.jpg 85 KB
Tab_Chakras.jpg 161 KB
tarot wheel.jpg 181 KB
Tarrot_signs_chakras.JPG 2,8 MB
THE18CentresChart.png 1,4 MB
Throat Chakra; The Push-Over Chakra ».pdf 1,2 MB
TOC2012.jpg 143 KB
vedic-astrology-planets-mantra-chakra-ring-placement-metal.jpg 158 KB
from 83,1 MB
Being-Conscious-Part-II-–-The-Heart-Chakra.pdf 780 KB
Being-Conscious-Part-III-The-Throat-Chakra.pdf 695 KB
Being-Conscious-Part-IV-The-Brow-Chakra.pdf 1,4 MB
Being-Conscious-Part-V-The-Behavior-...other-Mentor-Father-Warrior-Sage.pdf 456 KB
Being-Conscious-Part-VI-The-Dreams-and-Aspirations-Door.pdf 772 KB
Superconscious-Part-IV-The-Illumination-Door.pdf 19,1 MB
Superconscious-Part-V-The-Integration-Process-Part-2.pdf 40,5 MB
Superconscious-Part-VI-The-Fulfillment-Door.pdf 15,3 MB
The-Conscious-Part-I-–-Introduction-To-Being-Conscious.pdf 345 KB
The-Superconscious-Part-I-Introduction-to-the-Superconscious.pdf 445 KB
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The-Superconscious-Part-II-The-Earth-Vessel-Door.pdf 554 KB
The-Superconscious-Part-III-The-Intuition-Door.pdf 649 KB
The-Unconscious-Part-I-Introduction-and-First-Chakra.pdf 660 KB
The-Unconscious-Part-II-Second-and-Third-Chakras.pdf 406 KB
The-Unconscious-Part-III-The-Behavior-Door.pdf 306 KB
The-Unconscious-Part-IV-The-Dreams-and-Aspirations-Door.pdf 345 KB
The-Unconscious-Part-V-The-Spiritual-Guidance-Door.pdf 354 KB
Jyotish_Chakras _Purnananda.pdf 3,1 MB
Jyotish_Parthasarathy Vinukonda_Chakras and Astrology.pdf 228 KB
Sounds_frequencies 805 KB
7a1cbb6d2ae8795e84b6cd869e9af4b0.jpg 71 KB
Brainwave-Frequencies-Chart.png 10 KB
images-4.png 8 KB
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tree of life 2 2,2 MB
02.jpg 104 KB
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asha-in-tree-of-life-development-cycle.jpg 172 KB
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kabbala-fig14.jpg 92 KB
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TreeofLife.kabalachart44555.jpg 149 KB
TreeOfLife10UniversalSymbol.jpg 387 KB
cures_ayurveda_medical plants 103,9 MB
Ayur Jyotish_Robert Koch.pdf 664 KB
ayurveda and astro_ THE 3 DOSHAS.htm 23 KB
Ayurvedic Medical Astrology.pdf 89 KB
Book_1633_Paracelsus_Secrets of physics.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_1652_Culpepers_Herbal Dictionary_retyped.pdf 3,7 MB
Book_1653_Culpepers_complete herbal_vol.1.pdf 11,4 MB
Book_1653_Culpepers_complete herbal_vol.2.pdf 23,7 MB
Book_1656_Samuel Boulton_Medicina magica.pdf 6,4 MB
Book_1690_An English herbal.pdf 2,1 MB
Book_1692_William Salmon_practical Physick.pdf 4,2 MB
Book_1801_Nicholas Culpepper_The English Physician_herbs.pdf 12,4 MB
Book_2005_Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha_The Ayurveda Encyclopedia.pdf 14,5 MB
Book_A Handbook Of Chinese Healing Herbs_Daniel Reid.pdf 3,8 MB
Book_David Frawley_Ayurvedic healing_A Comprehensive Guide.pdf 2,8 MB
Book_David Frawley,_Ayurveda and Energy Points in Yogic Healing.pdf 5,7 MB
Book_Vasant Lad_Ayurveda_The Science of Self Healing.pdf 7,7 MB
Nicholas Culpeper's Herbal Therapeutics.pdf 912 KB
Presentation_plants virtues.pdf 603 KB
Six Traditional Ayurvedic Herbs.pdf 30 KB
Six Traditional Ayurvedic Herbs.rtf 7 KB
effects of grahas on body.pdf 126 KB
medical books 506,3 MB
1920_The Wheel Of Life Or Scientific Astrology_5 Parts_a must 17,8 MB
Book_Maurice Wemyss_The Wheel Of Life Or Scientific Astrology_Part 1 of 5.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_Maurice Wemyss_The Wheel Of Life Or Scientific Astrology_Part 2 of 5.pdf 6,5 MB
Book_Maurice Wemyss_The Wheel Of Life Or Scientific Astrology_Part 3 of 5.pdf 2,7 MB
Book_Maurice Wemyss_The Wheel Of Lif...rology_Part 4 of 5_medical astro.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_Maurice Wemyss_The Wheel Of Lif...rology_Part 5 of 5_medical astro.pdf 2,7 MB
Alvidas_1903_7 vol. 21,2 MB
Book_1903_Alvidas_Science And Key Of Life_Vol.1 of 7_proof of yuga cycles.pdf 3,5 MB
Book_1903_Alvidas_Science And Key Of Life_Vol.2 of 7.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_1903_Alvidas_Science And Key Of Life_Vol.3 of 7.pdf 3,1 MB
Book_1903_Alvidas_Science And Key Of Life_Vol.4 of 7.pdf 3,8 MB
Book_1903_Alvidas_Science And Key Of Life_Vol.5 of 7.pdf 3,1 MB
Book_1903_Alvidas_Science And Key Of Life_Vol.6 of 7.pdf 2,9 MB
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Book_1903_Alvidas_Science And Key Of Life_Vol.7 of 7.pdf 1,5 MB
Book_1501_De l'influence médicale des astres sur le corps humain.pdf 1,5 MB
Book_1545_1953-Michael Servetus_transla...l_medical and astrological writings.pdf 2,7 MB
Book_1598_Claude Dariot_A Brief and Most...Introduction to the Stars_Better ed..pdf 5,5 MB
Book_1598_Claude Dariot_A Brief and Most Easy Introduction to the Stars.pdf 6,9 MB
Book_1598_Claude Dariot_Easy Introduction to the Stars.pdf 6,3 MB
Book_1605_Thomas Digges_Prognostication.pdf 2,8 MB
Book_1651_Culpepers_Semeiotica Uranica_medical astrology.pdf 4,5 MB
Book_1653_Nicholas Culpeper- The English Physician and Family Dispensatory.pdf 115 KB
Book_1655_Nicholas Culpepper_Astrological Judgment of diseases.pdf 5,7 MB
Book_1655_Paracelsus_supreme mysterie_mystic seals remedies.pdf 3,4 MB
Book_1656_The Astrological Physician_William Andrews_retyped.pdf 404 KB
Book_1656_The Astrological Physician_William Andrews.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_1657_Nicholas Culpepper_Galen's art of Physick.pdf 3,2 MB
Book_1658_Nicholas Culpeper_astrologo_medical.pdf 110 KB
Book_1658_Nicholas Culpepper_School of physics.pdf 10,0 MB
Book_1665_William Drage_nosonomy_classification of diseases.pdf 10,8 MB
Book_1671_William Salmon_Synopsis medicinae.pdf 20,0 MB
Book_1673_John Archer_A Compendious Herbal_medical astrology.pdf 3,2 MB
Book_1674_John Gadbury_Astrological Treasury_medical.pdf 5,8 MB
Book_1677_Richard Saunders_Astrological Judgment and Practice of Physick.pdf 10,3 MB
Book_1680_John Buttler_Astrology_A Sacred Science.pdf 7,9 MB
Book_1680_Joseph Blagrave_Astrological practice of physick.pdf 4,7 MB
Book_1693_John Axford_Philosophical & Astrological Rare Secrets.pdf 665 KB
Book_1795_Sibly_Key to Physic and the Occult Sciences_astro after p. 380.pdf 15,0 MB
Book_1850_Bowron_Observations on Plane...ces in the Production of Epidemics.pdf 164 KB
Book_1850_John Bowron_Planetary influences in epidemics and diseases.pdf 164 KB
Book_1860_Max Heindel_Astro-Diagnosis_A Guide To Healing.pdf 751 KB
Book_1860_Max Heindel_The Message of ...rs_Medical Astrology_1913 version.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_1860_Max Heindel_The Message of The Stars_Medical Astrology_original.pdf 43,1 MB
Book_1860_Max Heindel_The Message of T...ical Astrology_retyped 2nd version.pdf 2,1 MB
Book_1860_Max Heindel_The Message of T...dical Astrology_retyped with index.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_1872_Heinrich Daath–Medical Astrology.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_1881_Astrology and Health.pdf 5,6 MB
Book_1887_Hiram E. Butler_Solar Biology.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_1889_Graves_Evolution and Reprod...of the human race_progeny_medical.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1889_Thomas Burgoyne_The light of...e soul and the stars_vol.1_Medical.pdf 7,2 MB
Book_1889_Thomas Burgoyne_The light of...e soul and the stars_vol.2_retyped.pdf 710 KB
Book_1893_Franz Hartmann_Occult Science In Medicine.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1893_Ormsby_The Law and the Prop...lation between planets and bodies.pdf 3,2 MB
Book_1896_The Life of Philippus Theop...Bombast_Paracelsus_Franz Hartmann.pdf 4,1 MB
Book_1897_Thomas Burgoyne_The language of the stars_A primary course.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1899_White Frank & Hollingsworth_A Treatise on medical astrology.pdf 668 KB
Book_1905_Benjamin Loomis_Science and Religion_medical astro.pdf 4,1 MB
Book_1908_ Magnus_Superstition in Medicine.pdf 4,7 MB
Book_1913_C.A.Mercier_Astrology in Medicine_Fitzpatrick Lectures.pdf 930 KB
Book_1913_Wallis Budge_Syrian anatomy pathology and therapeutics_vol.2.pdf 10,4 MB
Book_1920_A.F.Seward_Planting_Harvesti... and Surgical Operations_with Moon.pdf 1,0 MB
Book_1930_Albertus Magnus_Medical_Egy...e and Black Art for Man and Beast.pdf 6,1 MB
Book_1932_Raphael's Medical Astrology.pdf 3,1 MB
Book_1932_The Zodiac and the salts of s...dical astro_Dr. G. Washington Carey.pdf 4,7 MB
Book_1939_Dr. George Washington Carey_... Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_1959_Ada Muir_The Healing Herbs of the Zodiac.pdf 629 KB
Book_1967_Caroll Righter_Your astrological guide to health and diet.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_1967_Jenkyn Richard A_Astrology And Diet.pdf 845 KB
Book_1967_Kathleen Johnson_Celestial astrological path to total health.pdf 3,1 MB
Book_1968_Neathe Aahmes_Your five-year diet & health horoscope.pdf 4,9 MB
Book_1983_Eileen Nauman_Medical Astrology.pdf 15,2 MB
Book_1996_Diane Cramer_How to Give an Astrological Health Reading.pdf 1,3 MB
Book_1998_Douglas M. Baker_Medical astrology.pdf 1,4 MB
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Book_1998_Mitchell E. Gibson_Signs of mental illness_using parallels.pdf 4,4 MB
Book_1998_Noel Tyl_Astrological timing of critical illness.pdf 11,3 MB
Book_2004_A. T. Mann_Astrology and the Art of Healing.pdf 4,1 MB
Book_2005_David Ben Yom Tov_Hebrew Medical Astrology.pdf 3,5 MB
Book_2006_Diane Cramer_Managing Your Health & Wellness_Cosmic Patterns.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_2008_Wanda Sellar_An Introduction to Medical Astrology.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_2009_Stephanie Gailing_Planetary Apothecary_by sun signs.pdf 791 KB
Book_2010_Diane Cramer_Medical Astrology.pdf 3,2 MB
Book_2014_Diane Cramer_Dictionary of Medical Astrology.pdf 282 KB
Book_2014_Essentials of Medical Astrology - Harry Darling.pdf 3,0 MB
Book_2016_Magus Medicus-Jason Bowen...CINE_Medical Astrology Handbook.pdf 166 KB
Book_Albertus Magnus_Virtues of Herbs, Stones and Certain Beasts_bad fonts.pdf 5,0 MB
Book_Greg Bogart_Planets in Therapy- Pr...Technique and the Art of Counseling.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_Karen Bartlett_Salts of life_medical.pdf 218 KB
Book_Nicholas Culpepper_Directory for Midwives.pdf 8,9 MB
Book_Rodney Lingham_Ayurvedic astrology_history.pdf 3,2 MB
French_Book_1910_Maurice Rollet_Méde... astrologues_doctorat en medecine.pdf 2,8 MB
Jyotish_1383_veerasimhavalokanam intro.pdf 63 KB
Jyotish_1383_Veerasimhavalokanam_ayurveda.pdf 10,9 MB
Jyotish_1981_Sheila Geddes_Astrology and Health.pdf 586 KB
Jyotish_1998_Medical Astrology_Horoscope for Stethoscope_Krishna Kumar.pdf 5,2 MB
Jyotish_2005_Sarvedeva Upadhyaya_Nādī vijñāna_Ancient pulse science.pdf 6,2 MB
Jyotish_2006_Ayurveda_Divine Science of Life_Todd Caldecott.pdf 3,6 MB
Jyotish_2006_David Frawley_Ayurvedic as...logy_Self Healing Through the Stars.pdf 3,6 MB
Jyotish_2008_Medical Astrology_Shanker Adawal.pdf 6,0 MB
Jyotish_2009_Natal planets and fatal diseases_Trivedi.pdf 6,0 MB
Jyotish_2012_Advanced medical astrology_Chatterjee.pdf 10,2 MB
Jyotish_2013_Ayurvedic astrology_history_Durgadas.pdf 1,6 MB
Jyotish_Astrology and diagnosis_SG Khot.pdf 3,3 MB
Jyotish_Ciro Discepolo_The fundaments of Medical Astrology.pdf 10,0 MB
Jyotish_Essentials of medical astrology_K.S. Charak.pdf 1,6 MB
Jyotish_Healing touch of medical astrology.pdf 6,3 MB
Jyotish_J.N. Bhasin_Medical astrology.pdf 1,9 MB
Jyotish_Jeffrey Wolf Green Evolutionary Astrology- Medical Astrology.pdf 877 KB
Jyotish_Medical astrology_Prem Kumar Sharma.pdf 2,6 MB
Jyotish_Medical astrology_Shanker Adawal.pdf 10,9 MB
Jyotish_N.E.Muthuswamy_Medical astrology_vol.1.pdf 5,1 MB
Jyotish_N.E.Muthuswamy_Medical astrology_vol.2.pdf 5,7 MB
Jyotish_Revelations of medical astrology.pdf 6,7 MB
Jyotish_Subtleties of medical astrology.pdf 3,5 MB
Jyotish_Your health and your stars_Suhas Dongre_ p.95 to 110 missing.pdf 1,7 MB
P. Powley_The Astrologer in 3 vol._medical 16,9 MB
Book_1887_P. Powley_The Astrologer_Vol.1_Medical remedies_plants.pdf 5,5 MB
Book_1888_P. Powley_The Astrologer_Vol.2_Medical_birthdays_geomancy.pdf 6,1 MB
Book_1889_P. Powley_The Astrologer_Vol.3.pdf 5,2 MB
medical documents 85,3 MB
A Novel Approach To The Diagnosis Of Cancer_medical.pdf 347 KB
Analysis of Alzheimers disease.pdf 234 KB
Application of Medical Astrology in Daily Life.pdf 338 KB
Astrological Importance of Disease.pdf 60 KB
Astrological Importance of Disease.rtf 10 KB
Astrological Reasons of Motor Neurone Disease.pdf 123 KB
Astrology and Ayurveda_Usha-Saxena.pdf 17 KB
Astrology and the Gift of Healing_T. Ramaswamy Aiyangar.pdf 70 KB
Astrology and the Gift of Healing_T. Ramaswamy Aiyangar.rtf 16 KB
Astrology and the Gift of Healing.pdf 26 KB
Astrology for Better Health.pdf 253 KB
Astrology is Important in Medical Treatment.pdf 197 KB
Astrology swithwords and energy healing techniques.pdf 115 KB
astrology utility in patient care.pdf 4,5 MB
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Ayurveda.pdf 107 KB
Ayurvedic Medical Astrology_Dr. Srividya Subramanian.pdf 125 KB
Babylonian medicine, magic, astrology_M. J. Geller.pdf 1,2 MB
Basics_Medical Astrology.pdf 457 KB
Breast Cancer Astrological Indicators_G.H. Visweswara.pdf 499 KB
Can Medical Astrology Aid in Discovering the Homeopathic Medicine.pdf 73 KB
Cancer Combinations.pdf 49 KB
Cancer Combinations.rtf 11 KB
Cancer Disease & My Astrology by Nimai Banerjee.pdf 56 KB
Cancer Disease & My Astrology by Nimai Banerjee.rtf 11 KB
Cancer Disease_Nimai Banerjee.pdf 57 KB
Cancer Disease_Nimai Banerjee.rtf 9 KB
Cancer timing Through Transits_S.Rath.pdf 183 KB
Cancer_An Astrological Approach.pdf 129 KB
case study on medical astrology.pdf 82 KB
Chapter-01-Stellar Anatomy.pdf 72 KB
chart of glands in Chakras.jpg 63 KB
Chinese Medicine_Astrology_Balance Healing.pdf 215 KB
Chinese Medicine_Astrology.pdf 16 KB
Cosmology and Tridosha.pdf 304 KB
Creutzfeldt Jakob and mad cow Disease in humans.pdf 76 KB
Diabetes – Dr M V Mehta.pdf 45 KB
Diabetes – Dr M V Mehta.rtf 8 KB
Diagnostic and treatment approach in Ayurveda w.s.r. to Vedic Medical Astrology.pdf 834 KB
Diane Cramer_Medical Astrology lectures 60,0 MB
Colon Disorders.pdf 6,8 MB
Cosmetic Surgery.pdf 2,6 MB
Heart Disease.pdf 1,2 MB
Houses in Medical Astrology.pdf 6,9 MB
Improve Your Health.pdf 2,0 MB
Mental Aberrations.pdf 4,0 MB
Nodes in Medical Astrology.pdf 11,0 MB
Nutrition_Needs.pdf 289 KB
Planets.pdf 850 KB
PracticalApproaches.pdf 3,7 MB
PredictionsandHealth.pdf 774 KB
Rebalancing.pdf 3,8 MB
Schizophrenia.pdf 727 KB
Sensitive Points.pdf 819 KB
Staying Alive Healthy.pdf 1,2 MB
Sun Signs.pdf 1,3 MB
Take_Control_of_your_Body.pdf 3,0 MB
Tools in Medical Astrology.pdf 1,7 MB
Weight Loss.pdf 3,5 MB
Workplace Stress.pdf 3,6 MB
Disease and Astrology.pdf 291 KB
Dr. Dinesh Sharma_Physician and Astrologer.pdf 100 KB
Ear Diseases.pdf 47 KB
Face Reveals Internal Health Problems.jpg 137 KB
Greek medecine and astrology_1 & 2.pdf 112 KB
Heart Diseases_Mridula Trivedi.pdf 44 KB
Heart Diseases_Mridula Trivedi.rtf 8 KB
Heart Diseases.pdf 62 KB
Heart Diseases.rtf 11 KB
Homeopathy and Astrology_Ramanand Baranwal.pdf 45 KB
Homeopathy and Astrology_Ramanand Baranwal.rtf 6 KB
Indigestion - What has Vedic astrology to do with it.rtfd 157 KB
Jupiter in Medical Astrology.pdf 53 KB
Jupiter in Medical Astrology.rtf 5 KB
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Jyotish and Ayurveda.pdf 636 KB
Karmas and diseases_Swami Sivananda.pdf 55 KB
L’astrologie médicale_repères historiques_Francesco Baroni.pdf 221 KB
marvels of medical jyotish.pdf 312 KB
Max Heindel_Occult Principles of Health and Healing.pdf 292 KB
Max Heindell The Rosicrucian Fellowship.pdf 281 KB
MedicaI Astrology in Spain During the 17th Century.pdf 214 KB
Medical Astrologer_Dr. Sudhir Shah.pdf 73 KB
Medical Astrology AIFAS.pdf 47 KB
Medical Astrology AIFAS.rtf 11 KB
Medical Astrology an Elixir of Precaution.pdf 204 KB
Medical Astrology Tutorial.pdf 82 KB
Medical Astrology Tutorial.rtf 22 KB
medical astrology_clifford augustin.pdf 187 KB
Medical Astrology_Health branch of astrology.pdf 82 KB
Medical Astrology_Notes.pdf 141 KB
medical astrology_signas and body parts.pdf 192 KB
medical presentations 615 KB
Presentation_Encyclopedia Entries on Medical Astrology.pdf 129 KB
Presentation_Gadbury/ Natal Rules for Health and Sickness.pdf 34 KB
Presentation_Glossary of Old Medical T...inology & their modern Equivalents.pdf 52 KB
Presentation_Medical.pdf 333 KB
Presentation_Ramesey’s Rules on Purging.pdf 60 KB
Medieval Renaissance Astrology and Medicine.pdf 116 KB
Mental Maladies_Yogibhai.pdf 70 KB
Mental Maladies_Yogibhai.rtf 14 KB
Midpoints in Greek Medicine.pdf 40 KB
Midpoints in medical astrology.pdf 105 KB
Paracelsus, Archidoxis magicae Liber 2.pdf 326 KB
Paracelsus/ Archidoxis magicae Liber II. _excerpts.webarchive 412 KB
Past sins and diseases.pdf 98 KB
Planets & Stars in Medical Astrology.pdf 72 KB
Practical Approach towards Heart Diseases.pdf 67 KB
Practical Approach towards Heart Diseases.rtf 13 KB
Presentation_astro medical part 1 & 2.pdf 408 KB
Presentation_medical astrology.pdf 221 KB
Presentation_medical astrology2.pdf 238 KB
presentation_medical electional astrology.pdf 13 KB
Presentation_Saturn transit brings Sickness.pdf 4,3 MB
Saturn in Medical Astrology_V M Natu.pdf 56 KB
Saturn in Medical Astrology_V M Natu.rtf 7 KB
Saturn in Medical Astrology.pdf 50 KB
Saturn in Medical Astrology.rtf 5 KB
sexual and venereal diseases.pdf 69 KB
sol-lunar and planetary theories of disease in British medicine 1700_1850.pdf 146 KB
super food Pyramid.jpg 176 KB
The Asteroid Aesculapia_medical.pdf 319 KB
The Astrology Of Osteoporosis_medical.pdf 128 KB
The Cancerean Person_M. L. Gupta.pdf 67 KB
The Cancerean Person_M. L. Gupta.rtf 13 KB
The Magic of Ashvagandha.pdf 66 KB
Thesis on Medical Astrology.pdf 623 KB
Traditional Medical Astrology_Oscar Ofman.pdf 149 KB
Traditional Medical Astrology.pdf 109 KB
Utilizing Medical Astrology in Discovering the Homeopathic Medicine.pdf 12 KB
Vedic Medical Astrology.pdf 160 KB
When to Operate.pdf 50 KB
When to Operate.rtf 5 KB
Medical examples 2,3 MB
Steve Jobs fighting Cancer.rtfd 94 KB
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Angelina Jolie underwent double Mastectomy.rtfd 102 KB
Astrology and Diabetes.rtfd 332 KB
Dandruff.rtfd 140 KB
Leukemia.rtfd 307 KB
Michael Douglas and his Throat Cancer.rtfd 106 KB
Tracking Psoriasis.rtfd 206 KB
Vitiligo_Leucoderma.pdf 1,0 MB
Medical-Astrology-Books.pdf 92 KB
Medical-Astrology-Books.rtf 31 KB
Tree of life 1,1 GB
Book_1917_George W. Carey_The tree of life.pdf 1,8 MB
Recreation of the Global Tree of Life.pdf 76 KB
Santos Bonacci's graphics & DVDs 1,1 GB
5 elements_Physics_senses.jpg 5,9 MB
Ancient Theology Astrology DVDs 979,7 MB
Book List from videos.pdf 150 KB
Santos_Bonacci_The_Ancient_Theology_Astrology_Part_1.flv 484,1 MB
Santos_Bonacci_The_Ancient_Theology_Astrology_Part_2.flv 495,5 MB
sacred geometry_medical_A3.jpg 8,1 MB
Santos Bonacci's-Astrotheology copy.webarchive 94 KB
stars_signs_body parts 12,1 MB
stars_signs_body parts_original.jpg 8,2 MB
stars_signs_body parts_Page_1_print A4.pdf 2,0 MB
stars_signs_body parts_Page_2_print A4.pdf 1,9 MB
Tree Of LIfe tarot.jpg 296 KB
Tree Of Life_chakras_Tarot_planets_2x A4.pdf 10,7 MB
Tree Of Life_chakras_Tarot_planets_A3.jpg 10,7 MB
Tree Of Life_chakras_Tarot_planets_A3.pdf 10,7 MB
zodiac wheel_diseases 16,3 MB
zodiac wheel_diseases_original.jpg 5,6 MB
zodiac wheel_diseases_Page_1_print A3.pdf 5,3 MB
zodiac wheel_diseases_Page_2_print A3.pdf 5,3 MB
The Recreation of the Global Tree of Life in the Conscious Convergence.pdf 100 KB
9th house 159 KB
10th house-profession 43,4 MB
10th house_paradox of Laghu Parasari_Ashok Upadhyaya.pdf 34 KB
Astrology and Means of Livelihood by Indu Guha.pdf 72 KB
Astrology and Means of Livelihood by Indu Guha.rtf 22 KB
Book_1999_Jean Clement Stephanie_Chartin... horoscope reveals your life purpose.pdf 3,7 MB
Book_2011_Lauren Delsack_Study Guides...mprovement and Career Advancement.pdf 805 KB
Book_Jan Spiller_The Astrology of Success- A Guide to Illuminate Your Inborn Gifts.pdf 821 KB
Book_Noel Tyl_Vocations_ The New Midheaven Extension Process.pdf 4,7 MB
Career in Astrology Through Nakshatra.rtf 26 KB
Changes In Career.pdf 162 KB
Combinations for Astrologers by Prabir Chatterjee.pdf 68 KB
Combinations for Astrologers by Prabir Chatterjee.rtf 17 KB
Combinations for Successful Lawyers.pdf 71 KB
Combinations for Successful Lawyers.rtf 13 KB
Determinants of Legal Profession.pdf 76 KB
Determinants of Legal Profession.rtf 19 KB
Determine the Nature of Your Employment.pdf 60 KB
Fashion 336 KB
Fashion Cardinal Changes.pdf 72 KB
Fashion Trends 2012_2013.pdf 192 KB
Heavenly Fashion Designer.pdf 72 KB
How To Predict New Job by Stellar Astrology_Part1.pdf 147 KB
Jyotish_1996_Vedic Nadi Astrology and Career.pdf 2,7 MB
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Jyotish_2004_A.K. Gour_Astrology of Professions.pdf 5,4 MB
Jyotish_Astrology of Professions_A.K. Gour Book Review.pdf 162 KB
Jyotish_determining profession_ S. Chugh.pdf 2,3 MB
Jyotish_Encyclopedia_Your Profession Ups & Downs._ Shanker Adawal.pdf 6,4 MB
Jyotish_profession through astrology O.P. Verma.pdf 4,3 MB
Jyotish_R.G. Rao_Profession from the position of planets.pdf 961 KB
Jyotish_Raj Kumar_Finance and Profession.pdf 7,3 MB
Jyotish_V. Raghuraman_Vedic Nadi astrology and career.pdf 1,7 MB
Means of Livelihood.pdf 75 KB
Means of Livelihood.rtf 21 KB
Planets and Legal Profession.pdf 68 KB
Planets and Legal Profession.rtf 12 KB
PROFESSION & inclinations.doc 57 KB
PROFESSION & inclinations.pdf 79 KB
Profession.txt 21 KB
Significators of the 10th house_Ashok Upadhaya.pdf 323 KB
Timing Of Job.pdf 195 KB
Will You Be a Lawyer.pdf 68 KB
Will You Be a Lawyer.rtf 16 KB
Zodiacal Degrees and Legal Profession - II.pdf 45 KB
Zodiacal Degrees and Legal Profession - II.rtf 9 KB
12 houses_EXPRESS STAR TELLER.pdf 1,6 MB
12+reincarnation_previous life 42,6 MB
Astrology_Destiny_Free Will and Karma.pdf 206 KB
Astrology, Consciousness and Soul.pdf 145 KB
Book_1905_Turnbull_Coulson_The divine language of celestial correspondences.pdf 5,4 MB
Book_1917_Jane Evans_Twelve doors to the soul_astrology of the inner self.pdf 3,1 MB
Book_1950_Tracy Marks_Your secret the mysteries of the twelfth house.pdf 5,1 MB
Book_1976_Ted Georges_The Lives You Live As Revealed In the Heavens.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_1978_Leonora Luxton_Astrology_key ...nderstanding_ reincarnation & karma.pdf 5,1 MB
Book_1998_Linda Brady & Evan St. Lifer_Dis... astrology to create the life you want.pdf 4,7 MB
Book_2004_Jeanne Avery_Astrology and Your Past Lives.pdf 765 KB
Book_2006_A.T. Mann_The Divine Life_Astrology and Reincarnation.pdf 3,2 MB
Book_2006_Judy Hall _Past Life Astrology.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_2009_Jan Spiller_Astrology for the Soul_Bantam Classics.pdf 2,0 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_2_Astrological Signatures.pdf 1,3 MB
Book_Elizabeth Rose Howard_The Astrology ...l. 2 Part 1_The Moon, Lilith, Priapus.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_Elizabeth Rose Howard_The Astrology...ation Vol. 2 Part 2_ The Lunar Nodes.pdf 887 KB
Book_Elizabeth Rose Howard_The Astrology of Reincarnation Vol.1_The aspects.pdf 959 KB
Discover your past life and heal your current.pdf 76 KB
Jyotish_Astrology and Reincarnation_Manly P. Hall.pdf 696 KB
Jyotish_Karma & Rebirth in Astrology_ K.N. Rao.pdf 2,3 MB
Past Life Astrology – benebell wen.pdf 54 KB
Past Lives Chart.pdf 84 KB
Previous Life Karmas via Yogas.pdf 262 KB
Previous lives_Suryaat Nakshatra Bindu Kundali_3 parts.pdf 494 KB
the 12th.House_Dennis Harness.pdf 146 KB
The Twelfth House_Misery or Moksha_Dennis M. Harness.pdf 50 KB
The Twelfth House_Misery or Moksha.pdf 90 KB
1930_Ganapati Muni_Hora Nirnaya Sangraham_houses lordship_BEST.pdf 699 KB
Analysis of Bhava in a Horoscope_Sarajit Poddar.pdf 314 KB
Analysis of Bhava.pdf 314 KB
article_Cabal of 12 Houses.rtfd 561 KB
Astrology & Human Fate by J C Das.pdf 49 KB
Astrology & Human Fate by J C Das.rtf 9 KB
Book_1491_Bonatti on Nativities_Houses_Treatise 9_Transl. B. N. Dykes.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1820_J. Wilson_Set of Astrological Ta...clination_ascenscion_crepuscule_houses.pdf 2,8 MB
Book_1895_Dane Rudhyar_The astrological ho... the spectrum of individual experience.pdf 3,2 MB
Book_1969_Edith Niles & Hal L. Cohen_Astro... your destiny_houses for any ascendant.pdf 4,2 MB
Book_1982_Maxine Taylor_Hidden messages_houses interesting.pdf 1,5 MB
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Book_2000_Alen Oken_Rulers of the horoscope_must read.pdf 4,6 MB
Book_2010_Richard Palmer_Modern Spiritual Astrology.pdf 686 KB
Book_2012_Sally Cragin_Astrology on the Cusp.pdf 787 KB
Book_2014_Myrna Lofthus_A Spiritual Approach to Astrology.pdf 5,7 MB
Book_John Frawley_best horary astrologer_The real astrology applied.pdf 3,2 MB
Book_Magi Astrology_Success in Love and Money.pdf 1,9 MB
Calculation Of House Cusps.pdf 2,4 MB
Houses Natural Years of Fructification.pdf 66 KB
Houses of Parents.pdf 163 KB
Houses of Relationships.pdf 98 KB
Houses signification in western astrology .pdf 18 KB
houses topics_Bhava divisions 41,6 MB
4 Purusarthas 1,1 MB
3 gunas_ 4 goals of Zodiac.pdf 580 KB
Bhavas_houses2.pdf 369 KB
Jyotish_Understanding & overcoming your...aj Divakaran_dharma-artha....houses.pdf 189 KB
A Study on Houses or Bhavas.pdf 182 KB
article_Cabal of 12 Houses.pdf 153 KB
Bernice Grebner_House Cusp Rulers.pdf 299 KB
Book_1893 Joseph G. Dalton_Spherical basis of Astrology_tables of houses.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_1900_ Howard Sasportas_The twelwe Houses.pdf 2,8 MB
Book_1919_ Heindel_Simplified scientific tables of houses.pdf 5,4 MB
Book_2000_Does house division make sense.pdf 173 KB
Book_2003_Stephanie Jean Clement_Mappin...nderstanding your needs & potential.pdf 4,5 MB
Book_Regiomontanus_Tables Of House.pdf 3,8 MB
Chalit charts_a must.pdf 256 KB
Helenistic Mystery of the Houses.pdf 189 KB
House systems 8,0 MB
4 house systems.rtfd 92 KB
12 greek equal houses.pdf 256 KB
Book_Primary directions_House systems.pdf 5,6 MB
HOUSE SYSTEMS_Differences Between Them.pdf 55 KB
house systems.pdf 98 KB
Jyotish_Dividing the Sky_house sytems_Rudiger Plantiko.pdf 486 KB
Robert Schmid_House Division_ Planetary ...h and Cusps in Hellenistic Astrology.pdf 52 KB
Robert Schmidt_The Hellenistic System of Houses.pdf 156 KB
Whole Sign Houses.webarchive 1,1 MB
Zoller and the alcabitius method.pdf 106 KB
Houses for Educational Degrees.pdf 25 KB
James Holden_Four Evil Houses.pdf 259 KB
Jyotish_Raj Kumar_Charisma of trikone houses.pdf 3,0 MB
Jyotish_Raj Kumar_Charisma of upachay houses.pdf 3,9 MB
lecture_Joanne Wickenburg_Intercepts ( & Retrogrades_Your Hidden Powers.pdf 34 KB
old 8 house system 3,7 MB
Astrologie / LES 8 MAISONS ASTROLOGIQUES 2/2 par Patrice Guinard.webarchive 3,0 MB
Dominion_ or the System of 8 Houses.rtfd 638 KB
research_The mathematics of astrology_does house division make sense.pdf 450 KB
Significance of 12 Houses.pdf 195 KB
Understanding Houses.rtfd 79 KB
Vedic astrology demystified_extract_Bhavas_an exposition.pdf 106 KB
Western houses and vedic Bhavas.pdf 70 KB
Intercepted Signs = 2 house cusps in a sign.pdf 42 KB
Jyotish_1941_C. G. Rajan's Astrological Tables Of Lagna And Other Houses.pdf 5,3 MB
Jyotish_Astro Sutras_J.N. Bhasin.pdf 2,6 MB
Jyotish_Karanam Ramakumar_Calculation Of House Cusps-part 1.pdf 2,4 MB
Jyotish_Krishna Kumar_Secrets of bhavath bhava.pdf 11,6 MB
learning the 12 houses.pdf 328 KB
Role of evil houses in prognostication.pdf 219 KB
The Houses In Traditional Astrology.pdf 80 KB
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The Water Houses- Labyrinths of the Unconscious.pdf 85 KB
natural Houses in zodiac.jpg 105 KB
Secrets of ascendants.pdf 81 KB
Signs on House Cusps_results_must read.pdf 146 KB
Signs_elements 136,2 MB
7th degree of Aquarius-Leo axis.pdf 161 KB
8th degree of Cardinal_turning points_confrontations and risks.pdf 657 KB
12 tropical Sun signs.pdf 221 KB
18-19 degrees of Virgo/Pisces & the Eclipse of Sept 2007.pdf 369 KB
A Relic of Astrology_extract of Vol.11_Bolton H. Carrington.pdf 258 KB
benebell wen_zodiac signs and isopsephy.pdf 93 KB
Book_1684_John Gadbury_Cardines coeli_4 most important equinoxes and soltices.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_1881_Rev.J.H. Broome_Astral origin of the emblems.pdf 432 KB
Book_1893_ Parsons_New Light form the Great Pyramid.pdf 6,0 MB
Book_1893_Pelanca Tita_Solar Horoscopes_features of 12 birth solar signs.pdf 244 KB
Book_1894_Eleanor Kirk_Influence of the Zodiac Upon Human Life.pdf 3,5 MB
Book_1898_Margaret Mayo_Our fate-the zodiac.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_1900_Samael Aun Weor_Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology_12 signs.pdf 235 KB
Book_1901_ Walker_ Charlotte Abell_Under a lucky star.pdf 13,9 MB
Book_1901_Irene Smith_The science of Palm...s relations to astrology_MUST LOOK AT.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_1902_Bhakti Seva_The Hindu Book of Astrology_Western signs_original.pdf 804 KB
Book_1902_Bhakti Seva_The Hindu Book of Astrology_Western signs_retyped.pdf 482 KB
Book_1919_Ormsby_The sages key to character at sight.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_1968_Linda Goodman_Sun Signs.pdf 1,7 MB
Book_1969_Louise Bachelier_Look to your star... of thoughts for each sign of the zodiac.pdf 395 KB
Book_1972_Jones, Marc Edmund_Astrology - how and why it works.pdf 6,2 MB
Book_1977_Joseph Polansky_Sun sign success ...r astrological pathway to better living.pdf 2,8 MB
Book_1980_Clara Weiss_Astrological keys to self-actualization & self-realization.pdf 1,7 MB
Book_1991_Michael Lutin_Childhood of your mother, your father, and you.pdf 3,5 MB
Book_1992_Armand Eisen_Astrology_a guide to the signs.pdf 751 KB
Book_1994_Carole Golder's Star signs.pdf 3,9 MB
Book_1995_Julia Parker_The astrologer's handbook.pdf 6,0 MB
Book_1996_Jane Bowles_Astrology, money & you.pdf 4,4 MB
Book_1999)Sydney Omar_Astrological revelations about you.pdf 4,0 MB
Book_2000_Alice Bailey_The Labours of Hercules_An Astrological Interpretation.pdf 335 KB
Book_2000_Jill Phillips_Your luck is in the stars_signs characteristics only.pdf 840 KB
Book_2000_Sylvia Browne_Astrology through a psychic's eyes.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_2001_Amanda Owen_Lucky stars_use astr... the scoop on life love and friendship.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_2001_Bil Tierney_All Around The Zodiac.pdf 4,1 MB
Book_2001_J.T Ford_Zodiac Manager_choosing the right people.pdf 7,6 MB
Book_2004_Cass & Janie Jackson_Astrology the Most of Your Sun Sign Potential.pdf 709 KB
Book_2004_Jacqueline Mitton_Zodiac - celesti...Useless zodiac constellation description.pdf 309 KB
Book_2007_Julia & Derek Parker_Astrology_history_Eyewitness Companion.pdf 21,3 MB
Book_2007_Steven Mark Weiss_Signs of Success_business astrology.pdf 718 KB
Book_2008_Michele Finey_Secrets of the Zodiac.pdf 3,0 MB
Book_2014_Monte Farber and Amy Zerner_Sun Sign Secrets.pdf 1,7 MB
Book_2016_Oscar Black_Astrology_ Ultimate...odiac Signs, Love, Wisdom and Destiny.pdf 272 KB
elements 3,7 MB
4 signs elements_virtues and vices.jpg 59 KB
A study of Jung’s typology and four astrological elements.pdf 327 KB
Book_1934_D. Anrias_Adepts of the five Elements.pdf 711 KB
Book_1975_Stephen Arroyo_Astrology_ Psychology And The Four Elements.pdf 776 KB
Book_Tencia Revona_Astrology_The Ultimate Guide_signs elements.pdf 207 KB
Chinese elements 780 KB
Chinese elements.pdf 346 KB
Five chinese Elements_Stars.png 204 KB
Five chinese Elements.jpg 231 KB
Jyotih_W. Elements of Astrology_1st-Year_Anthony Writer.pdf 869 KB
Employee Profiles Based on Horoscope sun sign.pdf 85 KB
essay_ Divination and Interpretation of Signs.pdf 202 KB
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Fantasy_Astrology_men & women characters for each sign.pdf 632 KB
French_Book_2009_Amar Annus_Divination and ...pretation of signs in the ancient world.pdf 3,0 MB
Intercepted Signs_signs with no house cusps.pdf 266 KB
Jyotish_Acarya K._Know Yourself…your signs …your destiny.pdf 206 KB
Jyotish_Rakesh Arora_Vedic Astrology Secret revealed_ Kaal Purusha.pdf 3,5 MB
learning the 12 signs.pdf 1,3 MB
Numbers and letters attributed to signs_isopsephy_by Benebell.pdf 347 KB
Planetary Joys and the Origins of the Signifi...the Houses and Triplicities_Chris Brennan.pdf 1,4 MB
Rasi Characteristics.pdf 524 KB
rasis.pdf 302 KB
Role of 12 Signs in Vastu.pdf 23 KB
Sam Geppi_Universal Astrology_signs elements_gunas.pdf 196 KB
Sign-tips to Beauty.pdf 44 KB
Sign-tips to Beauty.rtf 8 KB
signs classification.jpg 37 KB
signs table.jpg 92 KB
signs-chart.jpg 17 KB
Sun Sign Astrology – benebell wen.pdf 57 KB
sun sign horoscopes_step by step checklist.pdf 323 KB
The Cancerean Person.pdf 67 KB
The Cancerean Person.rtf 12 KB
The Four Astrological Groupings of signs.pdf 112 KB
The Geometry of the Zodiac.pdf 300 KB
The Planetary Joys and the Origins of the Sig...the Houses and Triplicities Chris Brennan.pdf 676 KB
The Truth about the Triplicities.pdf 55 KB
The Truth about the Triplicities.rtf 11 KB
The twelve signs of the zodiac_their Psychological Patterns and Behaviors_Diana Stone.pdf 512 KB
The Zodiac_ mythological origins.pdf 1,2 MB
Virgo Ascendant_chart1.pdf 681 KB
zodiac signs and nature related items_flowers, scents spices etc.pdf 386 KB
Aspect_conjunction_combinations 118,6 MB
aspects_patterns 87,0 MB
Houses and Signs aspects_if planets activates.pdf 132 KB
Aspects basics.pdf 16 KB
aspects in mundo.pdf 185 KB
aspects_Vedic_KP_western.doc 51 KB
aspects_Vedic_KP_western.pdf 41 KB
Aspects.pdf 81 KB
astrology-aspect-meanings.pdf 50 KB
Book_1786_C. Heydon_The New Astrology_foretelling with aspects.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_1845-51_Simmonite_Prognostications on Revolutions 3,8 MB
Book_Simmonite_Prognostications on Revolutions_1845 ed._better.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_Simmonite_Prognostications on Revolutions_1851 ed.pdf 1,5 MB
Book_Simmonite_Prognostications on Revolutions_1891 ed.pdf 1,0 MB
Book_1974_R. Pelletier_Planets in Aspect_Understanding Your Inner Dynamics.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1980_Bil Tierney_dynamics of aspect analysis.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_1990_Karen Hamaker-Zondag_Aspects and personality_outer planets also.pdf 5,2 MB
Book_2005_Michael Huber_Aspect Pattern Astrology.pdf 7,7 MB
Book_2007_Jackie Sovas_Astrology Workbook_... Astrology Reports- The Spirit of Love.pdf 6,9 MB
Book_2008_Michael Erlewine_Full Phases Aspects.pdf 4,5 MB
Book_2014_Gargatholil_Depth Astrology_Vol.4_Planets in Aspect.pdf alias 1 KB
Book_Ed Augusts_Planetary Combinations in Astrology charts_aspects.pdf 2,3 MB
Book_Sophia Mason_Understanding Planetary Placements_results of planetary aspects.pdf 321 KB
Book_Stephen Arroyo_Astrology, Karma & Tra...he Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart.pdf 3,8 MB
Book_Sue Tompkins_Aspects In Astrology- A Comprehensive guide to Interpretation.pdf 1,9 MB
Jyotish_Explore the Power of Astrology_Dr. A.P. Parasara.pdf 4,3 MB
Jyotish_Explore the Power of Astrology_Trikona.pdf 2,3 MB
Jyotish_Four trines in vedic astrology.pdf 7,0 MB
Jyotish_James Braha_How to be a great astrologer_aspects and trans_saturnians.pdf 2,2 MB
Jyotish_Ojha family_Aspects in Vedic Astrology.pdf 2,1 MB
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Jyotish_Planetary aspects in astrology_ O.P.Verma.pdf 5,1 MB
Jyotish_Raj Kumar_Charisma of Kendra Houses.pdf 4,0 MB
Origin and Traditional Use of Aspects.rtfd 1,4 MB
pattern aspects examples.pdf 1,7 MB
Patterns 12,6 MB
Aspecting patterns.pdf 208 KB
Book_1941_Marc Edmund Jones_The guide to horoscope interpretation_patterns.pdf 3,5 MB
Book_1980_Bill Tierney_Perceptions in Astrology_aspects and patterns.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_2011_E. Rose_General patterns using astrology_planets results in signs.pdf 540 KB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_Intricate Patterns of Destiny_ Predictions with Divisional Charts.pdf 3,1 MB
Jyotish_Marc Boney_Intricate Patterns of Accurate Predictions Using D.charts.pdf 3,0 MB
Statistical Analysis of Predictive Patterns in Jyotish Charts.pdf 265 KB
Planets aspects.pdf 127 KB
The Aspects of Venus & Saturn.pdf 516 KB
The Major Aspects in Astrology.pdf 16 KB
Book_1973_Frances Sakoian_The Astrologer's Handbook.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_1980_Betty Lundsted_Astrological insight... personality_aspects & conj. of 2 planets.pdf 5,1 MB
Book_1997_Magi Astrology_love and money.pdf 1,9 MB
conjunctions_combinations 19,3 MB
Book_1842_Zadkiel's Legacy_Saturn-Jupiter conjunction of 1842_& Hindu astrology.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_1974_A.Wittes_Rules for Planetary Pictures_combination of 2/3 planets.pdf 4,1 MB
Book_2008_Michael Erlewine_ The Planetary Combinations _of 2 planets.pdf 7,5 MB
Book_2008_Michael Erlewine_360_3 way Combinations.pdf 2,8 MB
Book_Rules For Planetary Pictures_ conjunctions.pdf 3,2 MB
William Ramesey on the Great Conjunctions.pdf 69 KB
Graha Drishti Chakra - Sanjay Prabhakaran.webarchive 2,0 MB
Astro_East_Greek_Chinese_B.C. etc.. 929,2 MB
Arabic_middle east 89,3 MB
Abraham ibn Ezra the astrologer and the trans...n of Arabic science to the Christian West.pdf 8,6 MB
Abu Ali Khayat 6,9 MB
Book_770_835 A.C. Abu Ali Khayat_The Judgments of Nativities.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_770_835 A.C.Abu Ali Khayat_The Judgments of Nativities_retyped.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1988_Abu Ali Al Khayyat_The Judgments of Nativities.pdf 2,4 MB
Abû Ma'sar, Libri mysteriorum.pdf 304 KB
Abu Mashar_Prince of Astrologers.pdf 133 KB
Al-Biruni.pdf 368 KB
Albumasar_Astrological metaphors.pdf 124 KB
Albumasar, astrological metaphors.pdf 57 KB
Arabian Astrology.pdf 208 KB
Arabic astronomy and astrology.pdf 554 KB
Arabic Theories of Astral Influences- Abu Ma'shar al-Balkhi.pdf 80 KB
Astrology in literature_how the prohibited became permissible in the Arabic poetry.pdf 15,7 MB
Astrology in the Medieval Islamic World.pdf 63 KB
Book_787-886_Abu Masar_The abbreviation of the introduction to astrology.pdf 3,9 MB
Book_1029_Al Biruni_The Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology.pdf 11,9 MB
Book_1903-Boer_History Of Philosophy Of Islam.pdf 3,2 MB
Book_1949_De Lacy O'Leary_How Greek Science Passed To The Arabs.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_1956_Carmody F._Arabic astronomical and astrological sciences_Fr. Latin trans.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_1978_Seyyed Hossein Nasr_An Introduction to Islamic Cosmological Doctrines.pdf 5,7 MB
Book_2001_Titus Burckhardt_Mystical Astrology According to Ibn Arabi.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_2010_B. N. Dykes_Persian Nativities III- On Solar Revolutions.pdf 1,7 MB
Book_2013_B. N. Dykes_Introductions to Traditional Astrology.pdf 6,7 MB
Book_2013_B. N. Dykes_Traditional Astrology for Today_An Introduction.pdf 1,9 MB
Messahala or Mīshā ibn Athrā -Jethro_Mashallah_8th century Persian Jewish astrologer9,0 MB
article_1500_Masha'allah_On Planets_eclipses_conjunction.pdf 323 KB
Book_1971_E. S. Kennedy & David Pingree_the Astrological History of Masha'allah.pdf 3,8 MB
Book_2012_B. N. Dykes_Works of Sahl & Masha'allah_.pdf 4,9 MB
Paranatellonta 1,8 MB
book of paranatellonta.pdf 57 KB
Book_Lucia Bellizia_The Paranatellonta in ancient Greek astrological literature.pdf 1,7 MB
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Paranatellonta extract_article_Abu Mashar_.pdf 53 KB
The contribution of Qur'an and Hadit early Islamic chronology_McPartlan Maurice.pdf 2,9 MB
B.C.- Babylon_Chaldea_Mesopotamia 139,7 MB
1908_Jastrow Morris_Hepatoscopy and Astrol...n Babylonia and Assyria_Vol.47_extract.pdf 483 KB
A consideration of Babylonian astronomy.pdf 114 KB
Babylonian Astrology - Rumen Kolev - Software for Windows.webarchive 1,0 MB
Babylonian astrology influence on early China.pdf 222 KB
Babylonian Astronomy.pdf 784 KB
Babylonian Mathematics.pdf 465 KB
Bibliography of Mesopotamian Astral Science.webarchive 769 KB
Book_250 AD_Origen_Hippolitus_extracted Bo...ion of all heresies_Chaldean astrology.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1874_Society of biblical archeology_Babylonian astrology.pdf 11,1 MB
Book_1886_Z.N.Ragozin_The Story of Chaldea_Mesopotamia_Babylon.pdf 7,4 MB
Book_1901_George Wilde_Chaldean astrology.pdf 10,7 MB
Book_1919_L.W. King_A History Of Babylon.pdf 6,7 MB
Book_1995_U.K. Westenholz_Mesopotamian astrology.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_1995_Ulla Koch-Westenholz_Mesopotamian astrology.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_1998_Francesca Rochberg_Babylonian horoscopes_retyped.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_1998_Francesca Rochberg_Babylonian horoscopes.pdf 4,5 MB
Book_1999_H. Hunger & D. Pingree_Astral sciences in Mesopotamia.pdf 9,0 MB
Book_2000_David Brown_Mesopotamian Pla...omy-Astrology_Cuneiform Monographs.pdf 7,5 MB
Book_2005_Kerry Magruder_Stars over Ancient Babylon.pdf 186 KB
Book_2007_David Brown_ Mesopotamian planetary astronomy-astrology.pdf 10,1 MB
Book_2008_Essay_division of the year by the Babylonians.pdf 633 KB
Book_2010_Francesca Rochberg_In the Path of the Moon.pdf 1,7 MB
Book_2011_Brian Harris_Early Babylonian astronomy,.pdf 1,0 MB
Book_2013_Rumen K. Kolev_The Babylonian Astrolable.pdf 13,2 MB
Book_2015_Michael Baigent_Astrology in Ancient Mesopotamia.pdf 561 KB
Book_D. A. Mackenzie_Myths Of Babylonia and Assyria_ch.13 astrology.pdf 6,2 MB
Book_Erica Reiner_Astral Magic in Babylonia.pdf 6,2 MB
Book_Myths of Babylonia and Assyria.pdf 3,3 MB
Enn Kasak, Raul Veede_Understanding planets in ancient mesopotamia.pdf 225 KB
Extract_origines chaldéennes du zodiaque.pdf 927 KB
Francesca Rochberg_Astronomy in Mesopotamian culture.pdf 148 KB
Francesca Rochberg_Babylonian Astral Science.pdf 147 KB
Francesca Rochberg_Babylonian Celestial Divination and Its Legacy.pdf 86 KB
Francesca Rochberg_Mesopotamian Culture.pdf 259 KB
Francesca Rochberg_The Hellenistic Transmission of Babylonian Astral Sciences.pdf 247 KB
from 19,6 MB
5_500 BC postcard merry christmas.jpg 155 KB
Bab_Sky_Science_Collection_01_Abstract.pdf 1,7 MB
Bab. Sky Observer v. 1 content.pdf 583 KB
Bab. Sky Observer v. 2 content.pdf 2,2 MB
Gary_Thompson's_criticism__Answer_to__June_19_2011.pdf 57 KB
Hist.of Astr. v. 1 Gauricus & Henry II Content.pdf 3,4 MB
Mesopotamian_Astrology_Course_Info.pdf 423 KB
Pollux_Path_Travel.pdf 169 KB
Porphyrius Magus v. 1.10 Release.pdf 2,7 MB
Press_Release_5500_BC_Astro_Text_MELAMMU_VI_symposium.pdf 1,9 MB
Primary Directions v.1_ Directions to Asc. & MC.pdf 3,5 MB
Primary Directions v.3_ Regiomontanian Directions.pdf 2,9 MB
Koch-Westenholz_1993_Mesopotamian Astrology at Hattusas.pdf 1,4 MB
krasi ancient astrology 2,6 MB
Astrological prediction for 2017 for the Travel through the epochs of Americ2.pdf 447 KB
Examples of written horoscopes.pdf 497 KB
Global business astrological review as seen from Amsterdam July 2016.pdf 155 KB
John F. Kennedy.pdf 65 KB
Monthly Analysis for August for Turkey thro...t of the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.pdf 119 KB
Stop with this retrograde Mercury, please.pdf 42 KB
The Astrological reasons behind the death of George Michael.pdf 227 KB
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The Inauguration of Trump.pdf 126 KB
The september 2016 solar and lunar eclipses.pdf 197 KB
Theresa May becomes PM.pdf 161 KB
Trump vs Clinton elections predictions.pdf 224 KB
Watch the night sky! Why call the Black Moon a New Moon.pdf 104 KB
Why December is always the most Analogy with ancient Mesopotamia.pdf 208 KB
Why the modern astrology doesn't work? And why is your horoscope only half-true.pdf 44 KB
lecture_The Influence of Indian Mathemetics and Astronomy in Iran.pdf 162 KB
Mesopotamian cosmology and myths_Robert Jonathan Taylor.pdf 610 KB
Months and Days in Babylonian-Assyrian Astrology.pdf 121 KB
Origines Iraniennes et Babyloniennes de la nomenclature astrale.pdf 410 KB
Subhash Kak_Babylonian and Indian Astronomy.pdf 236 KB
The absolute chronology of the neo-Babylonian era_eclipses BC.pdf 516 KB
The Chaldæan Oracles of Zoroaster.pdf 135 KB
B.C.- Egyptian 91,8 MB
Annus _Divination and Interpretation of Signs in the Ancient World.pdf 285 KB
Book_1889_Thomas Burgoyne_The light of Egypt_science of the soul and the stars.pdf 3,0 MB
Book_1894_J.N. Lockyer_The Dawn of Astronomy_Egyptian study.pdf 24,1 MB
Book_1895_the House Of The Hidden Places_EARLY EGYPT.pdf 741 KB
Book_2000_R. Clark_The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt.pdf 6,8 MB
Book_2002_Ove Von Spaeth_star Knowledge from Ancient Egypt.pdf 4,1 MB
Book_2004_Mysteries of egyptian zodiacs.pdf 18,1 MB
Book_2009_James Holden_Rhetorius the Egyptian.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_Egyptian Zodiacs.pdf 18,0 MB
Book_Gerald O. Dobek_Ancient Egyptian Astronomy.pdf 2,0 MB
Book_light of egypt_vol.1.pdf 3,0 MB
Book_light of egypt_vol.2.pdf 452 KB
French_Book_1923_J. B. Biot_Recherches sur ...eurs points de l'astronomie égyptienne.pdf 7,8 MB
Some Rare Combinations in the Compendium of Rhetorius.pdf 96 KB
B.C.- Greek- Helenistic 201,1 MB
150 AC_Vettius Valens 64,6 MB
Book_Vettius Valens_The Anthology_Book 1 to 9_full.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_Vettius Valens_The Anthology_Book 1.pdf 1,5 MB
Book_Vettius Valens_The Anthology_Book 2 and 3.pdf 1,3 MB
Book_Vettius Valens_The Anthology_Book 4.pdf 1,5 MB 56,8 MB
_downloads.html 357 bytes
10th-house-ancient-astrology-children 424 bytes
index.html 424 bytes
2011 7 KB
11 461 bytes
13 461 bytes
vampires-werewolves-and-shapeshifters-understanding-maleficence 461 bytes
index.html 461 bytes
ancient-astrologers-agree-paradigms-chart-lords 434 bytes
index.html 434 bytes
ancient-astrologers-agree-respect-authorities-vs-appeal-authorities 454 bytes
index.html 454 bytes
astrologers-diaspora-rip-ilya-zhitomirskiy 429 bytes
index.html 429 bytes
astrological-predictive-techniques-1-profections-intro 441 bytes
index.html 441 bytes
astrological-predictive-techniques-2-monthly-profection 442 bytes
index.html 442 bytes
astrological-predictive-techniques-3-basic-profection-examples 449 bytes
index.html 449 bytes
astrological-predictive-techniques-4-profections-vettius-valens 450 bytes
index.html 450 bytes
astrological-predictive-techniques-4profections-vettius-valens 449 bytes
index.html 449 bytes
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Vettius Valens_biography and works.pdf 1,7 MB
Apotelesmatics 5,5 MB
1578_Rules for judgements of nativities_extract.pdf 17 KB
Book_415_Hephaistios of Thebes_Apotelesmatics_Book I.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_415_Hephaistios of Thebes_Apotelesmatics_Book II_another version.pdf 626 KB
Book_415_Hephaistios of Thebes_Apotelesmatics_Book II.pdf 2,1 MB
Book_415_Hephaistios of Thebes_Apotelesmatics_Book III-extract.pdf 690 KB
Book_415_Hephaistios_Apotelesmatics Principle.pdf 283 KB
Book_-350 BC_Aristotle_On The Heavens.pdf 485 KB
Book_234_Porphyry of Tyre_An Introduction to the Tetrabiblos_James Holden Transl.pdf 989 KB
Book_334_Firmicus Maternus_Ancient astrology theory and practice.pdf 4,7 MB
Book_1491_Bonatti's 146 Considerations_Treatise 5_Transl. B. N. Dykes.pdf 458 KB
Book_1908_E.M. Plunket_The Judgment of Paris_Greek Gods.pdf 3,0 MB
Book_2000_Late Classical Astrology_Paulus Alexandrinus and Olympiodorus.pdf 2,1 MB
Book_2007_Baris Ilhan_The Astrology of the Ottoman Empire.pdf 3,1 MB
Book_2007_J. Crane_Pratical Guide to Hellenistic Astrology.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_2011_B. N. Dykes_The Search of the Heart.pdf 3,7 MB
Book_2015_Oner Doser_Astrological Prediction_A Handbook of Techniques_extract.pdf 661 KB
Book_Hellenistic_Astrology.pdf 1,7 MB
Book_History_Hellenistic Astrology.pdf 895 KB
Book_Joseph Crane_Astrological Roots- The Hellenistic Legacy.pdf 12,3 MB
Book_M. Lawrence_Hellenistic Astrology.pdf 421 KB
Book_Neugebauer_Greek Horoscopes.pdf 12,8 MB
Book_Paulus Alexandrinus and Olympiodorus_classic.pdf 1,9 MB
classic_Carmen Astrologicum 2,0 MB
Book_75AD_Carmen Astrologicum_ with Chinese transl._miss ch.5.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_75AD_Carmen Astrologicum_Full.pdf 805 KB
dissertation_Cultural Astronomy and Astrology.pdf 382 KB
documents 7,7 MB
Astrology and the Soul_ History and Sources_2012.pdf 1,6 MB
Balbillus and the Method of aphesis_greek.pdf 175 KB
Birchfield_An Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology.pdf 625 KB
enclosure-and-intervention.pdf 45 KB
Essay 2010_Moonika Oll_Hellenistic astrology as a case study.pdf 971 KB
French_Hellenistic Astrology_Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.pdf 229 KB
greek alphabet.pdf 56 KB
Greek letters.pdf 76 KB
Hellenistic astrology as a case study.pdf 972 KB
joys-of-the-planets.pdf 66 KB
Martin Gansten_Balbillus and the Method of aphesis.pdf 191 KB
planetary-rulerships-table.pdf 76 KB
Presentation_classical concepts.pdf 1,3 MB
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The Hellenistic Astrology Course.webarchive 706 KB
The Transmission of Hellenistic Astrology to India.pdf 180 KB
triplicity-rulers.pdf 146 KB
Why Hellenistic Planetary Order.pdf 253 KB
French_Book_1897_Bouché-Leclercq_Les précurseurs de l'astrologie grecque.pdf 454 KB
French_Book_1935_Franz Cumont_Les noms des...nètes et l’astrolatrie chez les grecs.pdf 1,0 MB
On the Elements According to Hippocrates.pdf 170 KB
Project Hindsight 48,0 MB
Book_1244_Ramon Lull_Treatise on Astronomy.pdf 5,2 MB
Book_1899_Bouche Leclercq_l'astrologie Grecque.pdf 19,8 MB
Book_1993_Antiochus of Athens_The Thesaurus.pdf 853 KB
Book_1994_Ramon Lull_Treatise on Astronomy_Book 1.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_1994_Ramon Lull_Treatise on Astronomy_Book 2 to 5.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_1997_Omar of Tiberias_Three Books on Nativities.pdf 1,7 MB
Book_Al Kindire_Stellar Rays.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_Companion to the Greek Track.pdf 818 KB
Book_Greek track_1_Introductory Matters.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_Hermes Trismegistus_Liber Hermetis part 1.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_Hermes Trismegistus_Liber Hermetis part 2.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_Johannes Schoener_Opusculum Astrologicum_Project Hindsight.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_Night Day_Planetary Sect in Astrology.pdf 889 KB
Book_Paulus Alexandrinus_Introductory Matters.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_Phases of the Fixed Stars_Ptolemy.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_Teachings on Transits.pdf 889 KB
Book_Treatise on Elections.pdf 866 KB
Book_Treatise on the Fixed Stars.pdf 1,2 MB
Medieval Track.webarchive 252 KB
the 5 Books Of M. Manilius_Astronomicon 20,7 MB
Book_1697_the 5 Books Of M. Manilius_full_original.pdf 6,9 MB
Book_1930_Astronomicon_vol.2_M.Manilli.pdf 3,4 MB
Book_1930_Astronomicon_vol.3_M.Manilli.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_1930_Astronomicon_vol.4_M.Manilli.pdf 3,5 MB
Book_1930_Astronomicon_vol.5_M.Manilli.pdf 4,9 MB
B.C.- Mayan 13,0 MB
Book_1818_Maya religion and mythology.pdf 4,6 MB
Book_1882_Daniel G. Brinton_The Books of Chilan Balam_Mayan prophecies.pdf 3,8 MB
Book_2011_Kenneth Johnson_Mayan calendar astrology_mapping your inner cosmos.pdf 4,4 MB
Mayan Calendar Steps to 2012.pdf 138 KB
Mayan End Date_The Tortuguero Monument 6.pdf 127 KB
B.C.- Ptolemy 44,3 MB
Book_1887_ Ptolemaic astro.pdf 3,2 MB
Book_Mark Riley_Theoretical and practical astrology_Ptolemy and his colleagues.pdf 901 KB
Book_Porphyry of Tyre_An Introduction to the Tetrabiblos.pdf 1,3 MB
Book_Ptolemys_TetraBiblos_ 4 books_3rd version.pdf 1,5 MB
Book_Ptolemys_TetraBiblos_ 4 books_4th version_Ashmand transl._retyped.pdf 552 KB
Book_Ptolemys_TetraBiblos_ 4 books_4th version_Ashmand transl..pdf 5,7 MB
Book_Ptolemys_TetraBiblos_ 4 books_1822_2nd version_retyped.pdf 525 KB
Book_Ptolemys_TetraBiblos_ 4 books_1822_original.pdf 7,9 MB
Book_Ptolemys_TetraBiblos_ 4 books_1822_original2_better Quality.pdf 6,2 MB
Book_Ptolemys_TetraBiblos_ 4 books.pdf 2,3 MB
French_Book_400 AD_Théon d'Alexandrie_Com... le premier livre de Ptolémée_tome 1.pdf 13,5 MB
Ptolemy Use Whole Sign Houses.pdf 138 KB
Ptolemy's table.pdf 89 KB
The background to Ptolemy's planetary theory.pdf 224 KB
Theoretical and Practical Astrology_Ptolemy and his Colleagues.pdf 334 KB
Book_-320 BC_ Works of Aristotle_cosmology same as vedic.pdf 7,2 MB
Book_1739_Réverend P.Dom_extract_Astrologie judiciaire_Egyptian and Arabic.pdf 764 KB
Book_1832_W. Mure_Calendar and zodiac of an...gypt_use of the zodiac among the Greeks.pdf 5,1 MB
Book_1862_Frances Rolleston_Mazzaroth_or the Constellations_original.pdf 5,6 MB
Book_1862_Frances Rolleston_Mazzaroth_or the Constellations_retyped.pdf 6,1 MB
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Book_1892_Karl Anderson_Astrology of the Old Testament.pdf 6,2 MB
Book_1899_R.Brown_Researches Into the Origin of the Primitive Constellations vol.1.pdf 13,0 MB
Book_1899_R.Brown_Researches Into the Origin of the Primitive Constellations vol.2.pdf 13,0 MB
Book_1903_A. H. Sayce_The Religions of Ancient Egypt and Babylonia.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_1928_Manly P.Hall_The Secret Teaching of All Ages_2nd.Part.pdf 9,9 MB
Book_1928_Manly P.Hall_The Secret Teaching of All Ages.pdf 3,5 MB
Book_2001_ Jennifer Freed & Debra Birnbaum_T...guide_Ayurvedic, chinese, palmistry etc..pdf 3,2 MB
Book_2007_Baris ilhan_The Astrology of the Ottoman Empire.pdf 4,2 MB
Book_2012_Corrine Kenner_Tarot and Astrology.pdf 8,1 MB
Book_compare Chinese Indian and Western astrology.pdf 3,1 MB
Book_ME Brines_Babylonian and Egyptian Astrology.pdf 308 KB
Buddhist astrology 4,7 MB
Book_2003_Jhampa Shaneman_Buddhist astrol...pretation from a Buddhist perspective.pdf 4,7 MB
Burmese astrology 650 KB
Mahabote_Burmese astrology.pdf 650 KB
Celtic 5,5 MB
Book_1994_Helena Paterson_The handbook of...rology_moon zodiac & planets in stars.pdf 5,5 MB
Chinese 173,6 MB
Book_1897_Guide pour rendre propice l'eto...haque homme_from Corean_chinese astro.pdf 756 KB
Book_1934_Chu Wen-kuang_The astrology of I Ching.pdf 16,7 MB
Book_1936_Daniel Logan_Your Eastern star - o... astrology, reincarnation and the future.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_1939_Peter Shen_The traditional art of Chinese fortune reading.pdf 6,1 MB
Book_1945_The Soochow astronomical chart_chinese astronomy.pdf 626 KB
Book_1959_Shelly Wu_Chinese Astrology Exploring The Eastern Zodiac.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_1973_Paula Desol_Chinese horoscopes.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_1988_Theodora Lau_The handbook of Chinese horoscopes.pdf 6,0 MB
Book_1990_E. A. Crawford & Teresa Kennedy_Chinese elemental astrology.pdf 2,3 MB
Book_1997_Chung Li_Chinese astrology.pdf 728 KB
Book_2000_Rocky Sung's guide to Chinese as...d feng shui_the year of the snake 2001.pdf 4,1 MB
Book_2000_Sabrina Liao_Chinese Astrology_Ancient Secrets for Modern Life.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_2007_Dr.Henning Hai Lee Yang_Chinese astrology.pdf 3,6 MB
Book_David W. Pankenier_Astrology and Cosmology in Early China.pdf 26,4 MB
Book_Ho Peng Yoke_Chinese Mathematical Astrology.pdf 3,7 MB
Book_Isabella Alston_Chinese Zodiac.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_Mantak Chia_Inner Alchemy Astrology_Taoism.pdf 4,1 MB
Book_Mantak Chia_Taoist Astral Healing.pdf 6,5 MB
Book_Michael Hamilton_Taoist astrology.pdf 6,9 MB
Book_Paul Carus_Chinese Occultism.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_Shelly Wu_Chinese sexual Astrology.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_Shelly Wu_The Definitive Book of Chinese Astrology.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_Susan Levitt_Taoist Astrology- A Handbook of the Authentic Chinese Tradition.pdf 1,7 MB
Book_Suzanne White _The New Astrology.pdf 3,4 MB
Book_Suzanne White_Pocket guide_western sun signs and chinese years.pdf 432 KB
Book_Suzanne White_The Real Chinese Astrology.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_The Book of Changes_I CHING_Taoist system.pdf 495 KB
Book_Tung Jen's Chinese Astrology.pdf 2,2 MB
Chinese and Korean Star Maps and Catalogs_F. RICHARD STEPHENSON.pdf 8,2 MB
chinese astro tips.pdf 2,9 MB
French_Book_1859_J. B. Biot_Etudes sur L'astronomie Indienne_Chinese Naksatras.pdf 5,3 MB
French_Book_1862_J. B. Biot_Etudes sur L'astronomie Indienne et Chinoise.pdf 11,7 MB
French_Book_1919_ Léopold de Saussure_Le système astronomique des Chinois.pdf 1,9 MB
French_Book_1919_ Léopold de Saussure_Les origines de l'astronomie chinoise.pdf 6,3 MB
French_Book_1969_A. Blanchard_Etudes sur L'astronomie Indienne et Chinoise.pdf 6,7 MB
Magi Astrology_1625 Chinese astrological society 8,2 MB
Magi Astrology - The Key to Success in Love and Money part 1.pdf 1,8 MB
Magi Astrology - The Key to Success in Love and Money part 2.pdf 1,6 MB
Magi Society - Astrology Really Works.pdf 4,8 MB
MagiAstroSoft Pro_1625 Chinese astrological society alias 1 KB alias 1 KB
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name of Signs of the Zodiac in many languages_Chinese zodiac at the end.pdf 1,1 MB
The oldest extant star chart_chinese_Cave of the Thousand Buddhas.pdf 633 KB
The Origin of Twenty_Eight Mansions.pdf 825 KB
Xiu li jin bai zhong jing.pdf 4,3 MB
Comparison of Astronomical Concepts in China and Mesopotamia.pdf 160 KB
Divination and interpretation of signs in the ancient world_Amar Annus.pdf 2,6 MB
French_Book_1910_Felix Faraud_Astronomie cambodgienne.pdf 6,1 MB
Jewish_Hebrew_kabbala 32,4 MB
A Jewish zodiac calendar at Qumran_Helen R. Jacobus.pdf 161 KB
Astrology in Hebrew Texts Before and After Islam_MARLA SEGOL.pdf 163 KB
Book_1634_French_Salomon_abrégé de l'Astrologie des anciens Rabins_must read.pdf 995 KB
Book_1792_Astrology_The wisdom of Salomon.pdf 4,1 MB
Book_2005_Dov Schwartz_Astral Magic in Medieval Jewish Thought.pdf 834 KB
Book_2008_Sasson Gahl_Cosmic navigator_De...r Destiny with Astrology and Kabbalah.pdf 8,5 MB
Book_Matityahu Glazerson_Above the Zodiac_ Jewish astrology.pdf 2,0 MB
Ibn Ezra_jewish astrologer_1089–1167_translated 2 of Mashallah's astrological treatises14,2 MB
1089-1164_Astronomy and astrology of Abraham Ibn Ezra.pdf 747 KB
Abraham ibn Ezra - Wikipedia.pdf 185 KB
ABRAHAM Ibn EZRA ON the scholars of India.pdf 713 KB
Abraham Ibn Ezra's Astrological Works.PDF 530 KB
Book_1100_Abraham Ibn Ezra_The Book of Reasons_medieval Judaism.pdf 6,1 MB
Book_1140_Abraham Ibn Ezra_120 Aphorisms for Astrologers.pdf 68 KB
Book_1140_Abraham Ibn ezra_Astronomy and Astrology (other volumes missing).pdf 271 KB
Book_1140_Abraham Ibn Ezra_The beginning of wisdom.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1140_Abraham Ibn Ezra_Vol3_on Ele...nd Medical Astrology_Arabic_Hebrew.pdf 3,6 MB
Book_religion and science in Abraham Ibn ezra's.pdf 514 KB
His Astrological Work.pdf 179 KB
The Jewish Tradition of Astrology_Jonathon Clark.pdf 26 KB
The Jewish zodiac and the 12 tribes of Israel.pdf 52 KB
The Zodiac in Ancient Jewish Synagogal Art- A Review Rachel Hachlili.pdf 1,4 MB
Mithras Esoteric Astrology.pdf 288 KB
Oriental Astronomy and astrology_David Pingree.pdf 57 KB
The Fardārāt in Nativities.pdf 221 KB
The Varying Agenda of the Study of the Heavens_Mesopotamia_Greece_China.pdf 195 KB
Tibetan 33,1 MB
Astrology and Tibetan Culture.pdf 252 KB
Book_E. Tibetan Astrology_Michael Erlewine.pdf 5,1 MB
Book_E. Tibetan Astrology_Philippe Cornu_bad scan.pdf 14,8 MB
Book_E. Tibetan Elemental Astrology.pdf 2,5 MB
tibetan vedic tropical charts 10,3 MB
a tibetan chart.pdf 5,7 MB
Tibetan vedic tropical zodiac.pdf 4,7 MB
Astro_West_Medieval_mixed topics 1,7 GB
1500_French_Claude Dariot 4,7 MB
Book_1658_Claude Dariot_introduction au jugement des astres.pdf 4,7 MB
1501_Girolamo Cardano 6,8 MB
Book_1675 Girolamo Cardano_7 segments of Cardan_full retyped.pdf 221 KB
Book_1675 Girolamo Cardano_7 segments of Cardan_full translation.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1675 Girolamo Cardano_7 segments of Cardan_Lilly_Choice Aphorisms.pdf 167 KB
Book_Girolamo Cardano_7 segments_ sample.pdf 691 KB
Book_Girolamo Cardano_7 segments_extracts.pdf 370 KB
Book_Girolamo Cardano_7 segments.pdf 951 KB
Book_Jerome Cardan biography.pdf 3,2 MB
1561_John Blagrave 8,1 MB
Book_1669_Introduction to Astrology_John Blagrave.pdf 8,1 MB
1571_Kepler 3,0 MB
Book_Kepler and the Jesuits.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_life of Kepler.pdf 1,0 MB
Kepler's Astrology.pdf 95 KB
1591-1659_Morinus_Jean-Baptiste Morin 7,1 MB
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Book_1650_in French_Jean-Baptiste Morin_r...assend_physique astronomie astrologie.pdf 3,4 MB
Book_1661_Jean Baptiste Morin_Astrosynthes...nal system of horoscope interpretation.pdf 3,8 MB
1602_William Lilly 102,6 MB
1647-Christian Astrology_to sort out 49,9 MB
Book_1647_ Lilly_ grammar of astrology.pdf 10,1 MB
Book_1647_William Lilly_Christian Astrology_appendix.pdf 110 KB
Book_1647_William Lilly_Christian Astrology_full 3 vol._original.o.pdf 21,3 MB
Book_1647_William Lilly_Christian Astrology_full 3 vol._retyped_version 1.pdf 12,3 MB
Book_1647_William Lilly_Christian Astrolo... vol._retyped_version 2_more readable.pdf 6,1 MB
A Biography of William Lilly.pdf 349 KB
Aphorisms of William Lilly from Annus Tenebrosus (1652).pdf 43 KB
Book_1644_Lilly_Supernaturall sights and apparitions.pdf 731 KB
Book_1647_Lilly_ An introduction to Astrology digested.pdf 640 KB
Book_1647_Lilly_ An introduction to Astrologyy excerpt..pdf 280 KB
Book_1647_Lilly_An introduction to Astrology_full 3 vol-retyped in1852.pdf 2,9 MB
Book_1647_Lilly_An introduction to Astrology_full 3 vol.._original.pdf 5,3 MB
Book_1647_Lilly_An introduction to Astrology_retyped.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_1681_William Lilly_Autobiography_original.pdf 2,0 MB
Book_1681_William Lilly_Autobiography.pdf 378 KB
Gadbury Vs Lilly 6,8 MB
Book_Gadbury Vs Lilly_criticism_1675.pdf 4,0 MB
Book_Gadbury Vs Lilly_criticism_1675b_answer to Gadbury.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_Gadbury Vs Lilly_criticism_1676_answer to Gadbury_continued.pdf 853 KB
Book_Gadbury Vs Lilly_criticism_1677.pdf 596 KB
Book_Gadbury Vs Lilly_criticism_Gadbury to Lilly.pdf 135 KB
Guido Bonatti 31,1 MB
Anima Astrologiae 8,9 MB
Book_1676_Lilly_Anima Astrologiae_and ...rism of Cardan 7 segments_original.pdf 3,5 MB
Book_1676_Lilly_Anima_Astrologiae_retyped.pdf 392 KB
Book_1676_Lilly_Anima_Astrologiae.pdf 3,1 MB
Book_1886_Lilly_Serjeant _Anima astrologiæ_The Astrologer's Guide.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_1676_ William Lilly_Guido Bonatus _best retyped edition.pdf 989 KB
Book_1676_ William Lilly_Guido Bonatus _retyped 2nd edition.pdf 302 KB
Book_1676_ William Lilly_Guido Bonatus + Cardan aphorism_retyped_keep it.pdf 3,8 MB
Book_1676_ William Lilly_Guido Bonatus +...horism_retyped_with few OCR defects .pdf 455 KB
Book_1676_ William Lilly_Guido Bonatus_original.pdf 3,4 MB
Book_1676_ William Lilly_Guido Bonatus_retyped.pdf 293 KB
Book_1676_ William Lilly_Guido Bonatus.pdf 1,5 MB
Book_1676_William Lilly_astrologer's guide.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_Guido Bonatti_Bonatti on Basic Astrology.pdf 6,3 MB
Book_Liber Astronomiae_Part 1_Guido Bonatti.pdf 2,3 MB
Book_Liber Astronomiae_Part 2_Guido Bonatti.pdf 1,7 MB
Lilly_receiving a planet is beiing a good-dignified dispositor.pdf 110 KB
Lilly_table.pdf 50 KB
Lilly’s considerations.pdf 390 KB
Planets Lilly.pdf 534 KB
1616_Nicholas Culpeper 5,3 MB
Book_1656_Nicholas Culpepper_Treatise of Aurum portabile_4 elements_planets.pdf 5,3 MB
1626_William Ramesey 44,9 MB
Book_1653 _William Ramesey_Astrology Restored_book 4 only.pdf 3,2 MB
Book_1653 edition_William Ramesey_Astrology Restored_full retyped.pdf 7,6 MB
Book_1653 edition_William Ramesey_Astrology Restored_full.pdf 18,2 MB
Book_1654 edition_William Ramesey_Astrology Restored_full.pdf 15,9 MB
1627_John Gadbury 53,0 MB
Book_1654_John Gadbury_Horned beast.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_1658_John Gadbury_Doctrine of Nativities and horary.pdf 25,5 MB
Book_1682_John Gadbury_Works of Wharton_philosopher and astronomer.pdf 15,5 MB
Book_1876_John Gadbury_Ephemerides of the...d Aspects, Eclipses of the Luminaries.pdf 10,1 MB
1644_John Partridge 33,8 MB
Book_1647_John Partridge_Defectio Geniturarum.pdf 14,2 MB
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Book_1692_John Partridge_art of astrology.pdf 12,8 MB
Book_1693_John Partridge_Opus Reformatum.pdf 6,8 MB
1751_Ebenezer Sibly 32,0 MB
3 parts only 32,0 MB
Book_1826_Sibly_part 1_the celestial science.pdf 8,9 MB
Book_1826_Sibly_part 2a_Nativities_Horary.pdf 9,9 MB
Book_1826_Sibly_part 2b_Foretelling events_circumstances.pdf 9,2 MB
Book_1826_Sibly_part 4_Astrology vs withcraft_retyped.pdf 668 KB
Book_1826_Sibly_part 4_Astrology vs withcraft.pdf 3,4 MB
1814_Raphael 25,0 MB
Book_1835_Raphael_The familiar astrologer.pdf 11,0 MB
Book_1837_Raphael_A The Manual Of Astrology_book of the stars.pdf 7,2 MB
Book_1879 ed._Raphael_The Guide to Astrology_Vol.2_Genethliacal Astrology.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_1887_Raphael_The Guide to Astrology_Vol.1_Genethliacal Astrology.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1887_Raphael_The Guide to Astrology_Vol.2_Genethliacal Astrology.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_1905_Raphael_The Guide to Astrology full edition_Genethliacal.pdf 2,8 MB
1840_1923_Alfred John Pearce 11,8 MB
Alfred John Pearce life – Astrowiki.pdf 243 KB
Book_A.J. Pearce_The Textbook of Astrology_Book 1_in 5 sections_1978 ed..pdf 4,6 MB
Book_A.J. Pearce_The Textbook of Astrology_Book 1_in 5 sections_1980 ed..pdf 3,8 MB
Book_A.J. Pearce_The Textbook of Astrology_Book 2_1880_Mundane.pdf 3,1 MB
1850_Zadkiel 9,1 MB
Book_1856_Zadkiel_Astrology as it Is_Not as it Has Been Represented.pdf 3,7 MB
Book_1861_Zadkiel_The handbook of astrology_Vol.1_Questions.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_1863_Zadkiel_The handbook of astrology_vol.2_Nativities.pdf 3,0 MB
1860_Alan Leo 39,3 MB
Book_1906_Alan Leo_The horoscope in detail.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1910_Alan Leo_Astrology for All_1910 ed._full.pdf 15,2 MB
Book_1910_Alan Leo_Astrology for All_partial but elaborate version.pdf 3,0 MB
Book_1913_Alan Leo_Esoteric Astrology.pdf 6,9 MB
Book_1920_Alan Leo_The Key To Your Own Nativity.pdf 4,6 MB
Book_1963_Alan Leo_the art of synthesis.pdf 4,8 MB
Book_Alan Leo_Practical Astrology.pdf 3,6 MB
1864_1829_Sepharial_Dr Walter Gorn Old_medieval 30,6 MB
Book_1901_Sepharial_Prognostic astronomy.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1912_Sepharial_Cosmic Symbolism.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_1912_Sepharial_Kabalistic Astrology.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_1914_Sepharial_A manual of occultism_retyped.pdf 617 KB
Book_1914_Sepharial_A manual of occultism.pdf 3,9 MB
Book_1915_Sepharial_Directional Astrology_maths.pdf 4,2 MB
Book_1917_Primary Directions in Astrology Made Easy_Sepharial_retyped.pdf 272 KB
Book_1917_Primary Directions in Astrology Made Easy_Sepharial.pdf 1,0 MB
Book_1924_Sepharial_The law of values_stock and share fluctuations.pdf 80 KB
Book_1925_Sepharial_The Solar Epoch_twins birth.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_1962_Sepharial_Manual Of Astrology_Part 1 of 4.pdf 964 KB
Book_1962_Sepharial_Manual Of Astrology_Part 2 of 4.pdf 777 KB
Book_1962_Sepharial_Manual Of Astrology_Part 3 of 4.pdf 527 KB
Book_1962_Sepharial_Manual Of Astrology_Part 4 of 4.pdf 910 KB
Book_Sepharial_The Astrological Ready Reckoner_Part 1 of 2.pdf 890 KB
Book_Sepharial_The Astrological Ready Reckoner_Part 2 of 2.pdf 851 KB
Book_Sepharial_The Daily Guide_Astrology Lucidly Explained.pdf 659 KB
Book_Sepharial_The Kabala of Numbers_1974.pdf alias 232 KB
Book_Sepharial_The Science of Foreknowledge.pdf 512 KB
Book_Sepharial_The Silver Key.pdf 806 KB
Book_Sepharials Astrology_1913_Part 1 of 2.pdf 857 KB
Book_Sepharials Astrology_1913_Part 2 of 2.pdf 887 KB
Book_Sepharials Hebrew Astrology_The Key to the Study of Prophecy.pdf 1,4 MB
Sepharial (Open Library).webarchive 1,0 MB
Sepharial Books.webarchive 1,9 MB
1876_George Llewellyn 10,4 MB
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1914_The astrological satellite_George Llewellyn.pdf 794 KB
Book_1912_Astrological gleanings_George Llewellyn.pdf 2,3 MB
Book_1922_ George Llewellyn_The astrologer's searchlight.pdf 3,0 MB
Book_1930_How planets affect you_George Llewellyn.pdf 3,1 MB
Book_1948_John Hazelrigg_Astrosophia_being metaphysical astrology.pdf 1,2 MB
1887-1968_Charles E.O. Carter 5,8 MB
Book_1900_C.O. Carter_Some Principles Of Horoscopic Delineation.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_1925_Carter, Charles E. O._The principles of astrology.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_1946_C.E.O. Carter_Essays on The Foundations Of Astrology.pdf 1,9 MB
1941_Michael Erlewine-Matrix 28,2 MB
Book_2006_Michael Erlewine_How to Learn Astrology.pdf 11,7 MB
Book_2008_Michael Erlewine_Astrology of the Heart_Shamanism.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_2008_Michael Erlewine_How To Use Astrology Part 1.pdf 7,1 MB
Book_2008_Michael Erlewine_How To Use Astrology Part 2.pdf 7,7 MB
1942_Donna Cunningham 9,0 MB
Book_1978_Donna Cunningham_Astrological Guide to Self Awereness.pdf 2,3 MB
Book_1999_Donna Cunningham_How to Read Your Astrology Chart.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_2005_Donna Cunningham_Selected Topics in Chart Interpretation.pdf 1,7 MB
Book_2013_Donna Cunningham_SolarFire_the Stellium Handbook_Part 1.pdf 1,3 MB
Book_2013_Donna Cunningham_SolarFire_the Stellium Handbook_Part 2.pdf 1,4 MB
Ancient Astrological Works before 1400.pdf 134 KB
Book_2007_Kris Brandt Riske_Llewellyn's Complete Book of Astrology.pdf 5,0 MB
Celtic Astrology_A modern Hoax.pdf 304 KB
Chiristians_masons and rosicrucians 249,2 MB
astrology and bible 88,8 MB
It Is The Sun And Not The Earth That Moves.pdf 36 KB
article_Astrology and the Old Testament.pdf 55 KB
Astrology in the Bible_Ralph Ellis.pdf 462 KB
Biblical Astrology.pdf 212 KB
Book_1543-1908_Foster Watson_The zodiacu...e of Marcellus Palingenius Stellatus.pdf 1,0 MB
Book_1877_Anna Johnson_Iconoclasm or Astrology of the Bible.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1877_Woolley_Science of the Bible_Hebrew mythology.pdf 10,7 MB
Book_1882_J.A. Seiss_Gospel in the Stars or primeval astronomy.pdf 4,0 MB
Book_1886_Collingwood_Astrology in the Apocalypse_Biblical allusions.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_1901_Francis williams_The wise men...were and how they came to Jerusalem.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_1910_Rev. George V. Leahy_Astronomical essays_from Bible viewpoint.pdf 3,2 MB
Book_1919_Ludwig B. Larsen_key to the Bible and Heaven_original.pdf 5,3 MB
Book_1919_Ludwig B. Larsen_key to the Bible and Heaven.pdf 3,8 MB
Book_1932_Prophetic time Of The Ages.pdf 1,0 MB
Book_1976_Jeane Dixon_Yesterday, today, and forever_12 Bible signs.pdf 7,8 MB
Book_2004_Gerardus D. Bouw,_A geocentricity primer from Bible.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_2010_John A. Bridge_The heavens declare_Zodiac and Bible.pdf 2,0 MB
Book_2010_Lyman E. Stowe_Stowes Bible Astrology.pdf 9,9 MB
Book_2012_Michael Tsarion_Astro-Theology and Sidereal Mythology.pdf 4,8 MB
Book_2016_Dieter Koch_The Star of Bethlehem.pdf 8,2 MB
Book_Karl Anderson_The astrology of the old Testament.pdf 8,9 MB
Cosmology Religion and Philosophy_Steiner Rudolf.pdf 99 KB
essay_ Attitude to Astrology in Eariy Christianity.pdf 6,7 MB
Origen on Astrology.pdf 83 KB
Stefan Grossmann - 3 Jesus & His Gnostic School.pdf 2,8 MB
the Bible and astrology.pdf 121 KB
The Koran--Like the Bible--Refutes Copernicanism.pdf 47 KB
Book_1817_ freemasons_Celestial Science of Astrology.pdf 32,2 MB
Book_1909_Gladys Dickson_A Jerusalem christian treatease on astrology.pdf 831 KB
Book_1911_Max Heindel_The Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception.pdf 7,6 MB
Book_1950_Max Heindel_The Rosicrucian mysteries.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_1977_Samuel Weiser_A guide to qabalistic astrology_ADVANCED STUDENTS.pdf 716 KB
Book_2007_Daniel Vandinja_RAEL The Masonic Messiah.pdf 3,5 MB
Book_2007_Mladen Popovic_Reading the Huma...and Astrology in the Dead Sea Scrolls.pdf 8,3 MB
Book_2015_Rav Sha'ul_Creation cries out_The book of the Mazzaroth.pdf 10,7 MB
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Book_Robert Powell_Christian Hermetic Astrology_The Star of Christ.pdf 4,7 MB
Masonic and Kabbalistic Symbols In the Washington D.C.pdf 3,4 MB
Sibly_Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology 86,3 MB
Book_E. Sibly_illustration of the celestial science of astrology_1788 ed.part 1.pdf 12,0 MB
Book_E. Sibly_illustration of the celestial science of astrology_1788 ed.part 2.pdf 28,3 MB
Book_E. Sibly_illustration of the celestial science of astrology_1788 ed.part 3 & 4.pdf 11,8 MB
Book_E. Sibly_illustration of the celestial science of astrology_1826 ed.full.pdf 34,2 MB
Djwhal Khul_Alice Bailey_1880 6,3 MB
1900s Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul Esoteric_Astrology_The_Zodiac_and_the_Rays.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_1951_Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul_Esoteric Astrology vol.3.pdf 2,1 MB
Booklet_Astrology and the Devas of the Planes_2009.pdf 1,8 MB
Jyotish_The Teaching of Djwhal Khul.pdf 489 KB
Jyotish_1955_R.M. Mody_Some Aspects Of Western And Indian Astrology.pdf 2,7 MB
Klaudio Zic-alternative 6,3 MB
1008 planets_ophiuchus ascendant.pdf 3,0 MB
Klaudio Zic free e-books 3,4 MB
20_minutes_astrology___predicting_toddler.pdf 935 KB
dwarf_planets_astrology_services.pdf 661 KB
m_a_r_s_.pdf 37 KB
personal_future_maker.pdf 1,5 MB
pluto_and_feminism.pdf 183 KB
potential_planets_and_largest_transneptunian_asteroids_update.pdf 41 KB
your true ascendant.pdf 19 KB
Lauren Delsack study guides 27,8 MB
Book_Lauren Delsack_Study Guides _Birth Time Rectification.pdf 8,1 MB
Book_Lauren Delsack_Study Guides_ Event Planning.pdf 5,7 MB
Book_Lauren Delsack_Study Guides_ Relationship.pdf 6,6 MB
Book_Lauren Delsack_Study Guides_ The Lunation Cyle.pdf 2,1 MB
Book_Lauren Delsack_Study Guides_ The Saturn Cycle.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_Lauren Delsack_Study Guides_ When Outer Planets Change Signs.pdf 3,6 MB
others ASTRO WESTERN 897,0 MB
1869_lecture_Chimeras of science_Astrology etc.pdf 557 KB
1942_The Interpretation of a Horoscope_Marc Edmund Jones.pdf 130 KB
2011_Hamish Saunders_Introduction to Medieval Astrology.pdf 163 KB
A 'politick engine'_astrology and politics 1678-1715.pdf 4,6 MB
articles from 7,4 MB
A Dialogue between Astrology and Science.pdf 249 KB
a Little Astrology_Natabara dasa Prabhu.pdf 6,4 MB
Astrology Considered as a Potential Science of Time.pdf 129 KB
On the Metaphysical Basis of Astrology.pdf 116 KB
Philosophic Decades.pdf 183 KB
Some Aphorisms upon Astrology.pdf 175 KB
The Problem of Astrology.pdf 107 KB
Why Astrology Works.pdf 58 KB
Astrology and the Old Testament_Edgar Goodspeed_extract.pdf 55 KB
Astrology in education_an ethnography.pdf 5,4 MB
Astrology in mid-seventeenth-century Englan...l analysis_Wright, Peter William George.pdf 4,9 MB
astrology interpretation_ presentation.pdf 761 KB
Book_1520_Paul Choisnard_The Proofs Of Astral Influence On Man.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_1545_Johannes Shoener_On the judgment of nativities_book 1 of 3.pdf 4,2 MB
Book_1564_John Dee_The Hieroglyphic Monad.pdf 386 KB
Book_1581_John Maplet_The diall of destiny.pdf 5,6 MB
Book_1593_Oger Ferrier_the judgment of nativities_arabic parts.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_1602_Kepler_Fundamentals of Astrology.pdf 158 KB
Book_1650_Christopher Heydon_An astrologica...g the influence of the planets_retyped.pdf 300 KB
Book_1650_Christopher Heydon_An astrologica...e_proving the influence of the planets.pdf 2,1 MB
Book_1650_Gaffarel_Talismans_Persia_Jews.pdf 10,9 MB
Book_1651_Agrippa_occult philosophy_in 4 books_retyped.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1651_Agrippa_occult philosophy_in 4 books.pdf 11,9 MB
Book_1652_Joshua childrey_Indago Astrologica.pdf 259 KB
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Book_1652._The Mag-astro-Mancer or the Magical Astrological diviner.pdf 13,7 MB
Book_1657_Rosa Baughan_The Influence of the Stars.pdf 7,6 MB
Book_1658_Robert Turner_Astrological institutions.pdf 4,6 MB
Book_1663_Jack Adams_Perpetual Almanack.pdf 980 KB
Book_1679_William Salmon_Horae mathematicae_The soul of astrology.pdf 16,2 MB
Book_1680_Bernard Francis_Nativities and Decumbitures_manuscript.pdf 8,4 MB
Book_1687_Richard Kirby_The Marrow of Astrology.pdf 11,2 MB
Book_1694_William Eland_A Tutor to Astrology.pdf 5,4 MB
Book_1696_William Hunt_Demonstration of astrology.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1704_William Eland_A Tutor to Astrology.pdf 10,6 MB
Book_1723_Richard Ball_Astrology Improved.pdf 7,8 MB
Book_1785_Mensforth George_The Young Student's Guide in Astrology.pdf 3,6 MB
Book_1792_Heydon_The Wisdom of Solomon_nativities_predictions.pdf 3,4 MB
Book_1806_Erra Pater_The book of knowledge... of the wisdom of the ancients_4 parts.pdf 2,1 MB
Book_1811_Thomas White_Celestial intelligencer.pdf 8,7 MB
Book_1818_The refutation of all heresies_Hyppolitus_Mount Athos_Greece.pdf 16,1 MB
Book_1819_J. Wilson_Dictionary of Astrology_directions_progressions_questions.pdf 14,4 MB
Book_1819_J. Worsdale_Astronomy and Eleme...y Philosophy_ex. Of Charlotte Augusta.pdf 2,7 MB
Book_1825. Merlinus Anglicus_Astrologer of the nineteenth Century.pdf 10,8 MB
Book_1830_T. Oxley_Celestial Planispheres.pdf 4,6 MB
Book_1833-48_Zadkiel_Grammar of Astrology 8,6 MB
Book_1839_Ebn Shemaya_The Star_complete system of astrology.pdf 4,0 MB
Book_Zadkiel_Grammar of Astrology_1833 ed.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_Zadkiel_Grammar of Astrology_1849 ed.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_1834_Zadkiel_Tables to be Used in Calculating Nativities.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1835_Zuriel_Series of Lectures on the Science of Celestial Philosophy_part 1.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_1836_J. T. Hacket_The student's assistant in astronomy and astrology_phrenology.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_1838_ Moody T.H._A complete refutation of astrology.pdf 3,6 MB
Book_1839_J. D. Parkes_The star_being a com... of theoretical and practical astrology.pdf 4,2 MB
Book_1847_Simmonite_Celestial Philosopher_nativities_vol.1 & 2.pdf 8,2 MB
Book_1851_Hermes_The Astrologer's Vade-Mecum.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_1851_O.M. Mitchell_the orbs of Heaven.pdf 7,2 MB
Book_1854_C.W. Roback_The mysteries of astrology.pdf 7,8 MB
Book_1854_Cooke_A Plea for Urania_A popular sketch of celestial philosophy.pdf 6,3 MB
Book_1862_Christopher Cooke_astrology in a nutshell.pdf 291 KB
Book_1863-78_C. Cooke_Curiosities of Occult Literature.pdf 10,2 MB
Book_1870_Broughton_ Luke Dennis_The elements of astrology.pdf 8,9 MB
Book_1875_Casael_Your Future Foretold.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_1876_ Proctor_ Richard Anthony_Our place among infinities_essays.pdf 7,6 MB
Book_1887_Broughton_Why I Am An Astrologer.pdf 973 KB
Book_1887_Hiram E. Butler_Solar Biology_original.pdf 8,4 MB
Book_1887_Hiram E. Butler_Solar Biology_retyped.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_1889_Rosa Baughan_Influence of the Stars_astrology_chiromancy_physiognomy.pdf 2,8 MB
Book_1890_Chaney_Primer of Astrology.pdf 10,1 MB
Book_1890_W. J. Simmonite_complete arcana or astral phylosophy.pdf 12,0 MB
Book_1891_Raphael's Key to Astrology.pdf 2,0 MB
Book_1891_Rosa Baughan_The Influence of t...s_original + chiromangy & Physiognomy.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_1897_Ellen Bennett_Astrology_Science of Knowledge and Reason.pdf 8,4 MB
Book_1898_ Vale_Lessons in astrology.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1898_J.Mac Donald_How to Succeed.pdf 920 KB
Book_1899_ Graves P. A_Stellar dust.pdf 3,4 MB
Book_1899_ Merton_ Holmes Whittier_Heliocentric astrology_banned.pdf 3,0 MB
Book_1899_Hingston James_Gospel of the stars.pdf 2,1 MB
Book_1900_Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul_Esoteric Astrology.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_1900_The esoteric ephemeris for solar...Calculated for mean noon at Washington.pdf 988 KB
Book_1901_Albert Raphael_Earthology.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_1902_Irene M. Smith_The science of pal...s relations to astrology and phrenology.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1904_Fredrick White_A Guide to Astrology.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_1907_Robert Fludd_Traite d'Astrologie Generale.pdf 6,5 MB
Book_1910_H.S. Green/ Alan Leo_Astrologica...uals No. 7_The reason why in astrology.pdf 7,3 MB
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Book_1913_J.F. Leroy_Social science in the light of the solar system.pdf 3,0 MB
Book_1915_David Nutt_An Irish Corpus Atronomiae.pdf 3,6 MB
Book_1917_Astrology_Its Technics and Ethics.pdf 8,5 MB
Book_1917_S. Randall_An abc of the Old Science of Astrology.pdf 5,0 MB
Book_1919_Florence Marie Grimm_Astronomical Lore in Chaucer.pdf 3,4 MB
Book_1919_Max Heindel_Simplified Scientific Astrology_original.pdf 6,1 MB
Book_1919_Max Heindel_Simplified Scientific Astrology.pdf 621 KB
Book_1919_Neville Spearman_Everyman's Astrology.pdf 4,8 MB
Book_1920_God-man_the word made flesh.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_1920_Theodore Wedel_The Mediæval Attitude toward Astrology.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_1922_Magnus Jensen_Everybodys Astrology.pdf 542 KB
Book_1926_Chaucer and the mediaeval sciences_Walter Clyde Curry.pdf 4,2 MB
Book_1927_W. Frankland_Astrological Investigations.pdf 655 KB
Book_1928_W.Frankland_New Measures In Astrology.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_1937_Pupert Gleadow_Astrology In Everyday Life.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_1938_Edward Lyndoe_Complete Practical Astrology.pdf 6,8 MB
Book_1940_Grant Lewi_Astrology For The Millions.pdf 4,6 MB
Book_1942_David Berlinski_The secrets of the vaulted sky.pdf 4,7 MB
Book_1943_E. Benjamine_Beginners Horoscope Maker And Reader.pdf 2,9 MB
Book_1946_Robert Eisler_The Royal Art Of Astrology.pdf 6,1 MB
Book_1948_Hazelrigg_astrosophy_metaphysical astrology.pdf 4,0 MB
Book_1949_E.S. Drower_The Book of the Zodiac.pdf 5,3 MB
Book_1950_Tracy Marks_The Art of Chart Interpretation.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_1950_Tracy Marks_The Art of Chart Interpretation2.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_1960_Edward Lyndoe_Astrology for everyone.pdf 3,7 MB
Book_1964_ Louis MacNeice_Astrology.pdf 25,6 MB
Book_1964_Ronald C. Davison,_Astrology.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_1967_Jerryl Keane_Practical astrology_how to make it work for you.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_1968_Joseph Goodavage_Write your own horoscope.pdf 6,4 MB
Book_1970_John Anthony West & Jan Gerhard Toonder_The case for astrology.pdf 6,4 MB
Book_1971_Dane Rudhyar_Person Centered Astrology.pdf 3,6 MB
Book_1972_Fred Gettings_The book of the zodiac_an historical anthology of astrology.pdf 15,3 MB
Book_1972_Isabel Hickey_Astrology a Cosmic Science.pdf 10,7 MB
Book_1973_Thomas G. Aylesworth_Astrolog...tomancy_domino_teacups_useless book.pdf 684 KB
Book_1974_Michael R Meyer_A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer.pdf 12,1 MB
Book_1974_Noel Tyl_Astrology and personality - astrological and psychological theories.pdf 4,6 MB
Book_1974_Saul P. Lamer_Astrological assistance_MUST READ.pdf 3,2 MB
Book_1975_Dane Rudhyar_From humanistic to transpersonal astrology.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_1975_Landis Knight_ Green_The astrolog...l - modern insights into an ancient art.pdf 5,0 MB
Book_1975_Martin Schulman_Karmic Astrology_vol.1.pdf 3,7 MB
Book_1976_Aleister Crowley_The Complete Astrological Writtings.pdf 5,7 MB
Book_1976_Marion_The Only Way to Learn Astrology_vol.1.pdf 7,5 MB
Book_1976_Marion_The Only Way to Learn Astrology_vol.3_1981.pdf 6,3 MB
Book_1976_Ned Ballantyne & Stella Coeli_You...nd your dreams - 25,000 interpretations.pdf 12,8 MB
Book_1977_Michelle Adler_ Astrology and Your Future.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_1981_Were You Born Under a Lucky Star_A. Alpheus.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_1983_Michel Gauquelin_Birthtimes - a sc...nvestigation of the secrets of astrology.pdf 3,5 MB
Book_1984_Michael Mayer_The mystery of personal identity.pdf 4,3 MB
Book_1985_Manly P. Hall_Planetary Influence and the Human Soul.pdf 382 KB
Book_1986_Tim Lyons_Astrology beyond ego.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_1987_Dennis Elwell_Cosmic loom.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_1987_Liz Greene & Howard Sasportas_The development of the personality.pdf 4,4 MB
Book_1990_Peter Roberts_The message of astr...talism and what it means for our future.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_1991_Doe Donovan_Do you speak astrology + rectification.pdf 4,7 MB
Book_1992_Percy Seymour_The scientific basis of astrology.pdf 3,7 MB
Book_1993_Mc Mullin_Astrology as a New Model of Reality.pdf 844 KB
Book_1995_Timothy Curley_How to read your own horoscope.pdf 2,1 MB
Book_1996_Carole Golder_Success through the stars.pdf 3,9 MB
Book_1996_Joseph Goodavage_Astrology_the space-age science.pdf 5,0 MB
Book_1996_Papus_Astrology and the authentic self.pdf 2,7 MB
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Book_1996_Principia of Polyzodiacal Astrology_Thesis.pdf 718 KB
Book_1996_Richard Idemon_The magic thread.pdf 3,9 MB
Book_1997_Peter Malsin_The eyes of the sun_astrology in light of psychology.pdf 4,4 MB
Book_1999_William W. Hewitt_Astrology for beginners.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_2000_Noel Tyl_The creative astrologer_effective single session counseling.pdf 6,2 MB
Book_2000_Rae Orion_Astrology For Dummies.pdf 5,4 MB
Book_2000_Sacred Language of Astrology_Kelly Lee Phipps.pdf 5,5 MB
Book_2000_Susan Miller_Planets and possibilities.pdf 7,3 MB
Book_2001_Alyce Renee_Astrology anyone.pdf 3,1 MB
Book_2001_Kevin Burk_Astrology_ Understanding the Birth Chart.pdf 6,4 MB
Book_2001_Liz Greene_Apollo's Chariot_ The Meaning of the Astro.pdf 5,4 MB
Book_2001_Paul Joseph Rovelli_The Whole Astrology Workbook.pdf 620 KB
Book_2002_Gary Goldschneider_Charting the times of your life.pdf 3,0 MB
Book_2002_John Frawley_The real astrology a...chings from the Astrologer's apprentice.pdf 3,2 MB
Book_2003_Caitlin Johnstone & Simon Hobbs_The complete book of astrology.pdf 7,1 MB
Book_2003_Lisa Lenard_Complete Idiot's Guide to Astrology.pdf 6,1 MB
Book_2005_Benjamin N. Dykes_Using medieval astrology_part 1_get other parts.pdf 11,6 MB
Book_2006_Alan Oken_Complete Astrology.pdf 17,1 MB
Book_2006_Ray Douglas_Astrology and the Inner Self.pdf 4,4 MB
Book_2007_Steven Forrest_The Inner Sky.pdf 574 KB
Book_2008_Demetra George_Astrology and the Authentic Self.pdf 2,0 MB
Book_2010_David Cammegh_The Astrology of God.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_2010_Divination and interpretation of signs in the ancient world.pdf 3,0 MB
Book_2010_Jan Spiller_Spiritual Astrology_Path to Self-Fulfillment.pdf 8,8 MB
Book_2011_Aletheia_Astrology in the New Aeon for Thelemites_cakras.pdf 1,3 MB
Book_2011_Gina Lake_Astrology_Symbols of the Soul_5 pages missing.pdf 774 KB
Book_2011_Lauren Delsack_Study guides_Horoscope preparation.pdf 3,6 MB
Book_2012_David Todd_Astronomy_The Science of the Heavenly Bodies.pdf 3,9 MB
Book_2013_Kelli Fox_The Big Book of Astrology.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_2013_Tom Lescher_Astrology 101_A Jo...hrough the Signs, Planets and Houses.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_2013-ASTROLOGICAL LATTE_Roberta Chapin.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_2014_Art Ashton_The Art of Astrology.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_2014_Helen Garrett_Karma in the Horoscope.pdf 727 KB
Book_2014_L. Steven Cheairs_Twelve_ The Ori...nar Zodiacs from the Bible's view point.pdf 5,9 MB
Book_2014_Military Astrology in Late Medieval.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_Alan Gripton_Malvern zodiac.pdf 707 KB
Book_Anyara Dwads.pdf 267 KB
Book_Astrocourse by Karl Hans Welz.pdf 325 KB
Book_Barbara Hand Clow_Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini.pdf 4,8 MB
Book_Blair Gorman (a scammer)_Practical Astrology.pdf 553 KB
Book_Bradford Gearhart_ The Art of Astrology.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_Christopher Warnock_Picatrix Liber Atratus Books 1 and 2.pdf 468 KB
Book_Christopher Warnock_Picatrix Liber Atratus_ Books 3 and 4.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_David Bolton_Understanding astrology.pdf 400 KB
Book_Dorian Greenbaum_The Daimon in Hellenistic astrology_Origins and influence.pdf 4,5 MB
Book_Dr.A.K Nagar_Gnostic Astrology.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_Henrik Gullfoss_The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology.pdf 3,1 MB
Book_Liz Greene_The Horoscope in Manifestation- Psychology and Prediction.pdf 3,7 MB
Book_Michael Mc.Mullen_Astrology as a New Model of Reality.pdf 844 KB
Book_Philip Plait_Bad Astronomy_Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed.pdf 2,7 MB
Book_Robert Zoller_Tools and Techniques of the Medieval Astrologer_Part 1.pdf 1,5 MB
Book_Rudhyar_Readings_Astrology.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_Suzanne White_The new astrology pocket guide.pdf 439 KB
Book_Tamsyn Barton_ANCIENT ASTROLOGY_Sciences of Antiquity.pdf 5,7 MB
Book_The Proofs Of Astral Influence On Man.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_Weslynn McCallister_Timing is Everyt...trology is the Key_Book 2_+ GOOD QUIZ.pdf 620 KB
Book_western astro_beginners.pdf 2,4 MB
Celtic meets Vedic astrology.pdf 464 KB
Dane Rudhyar_The Astrology of Transformation.pdf 534 KB
French_Book_1570_Pontus de Tyard_Mantice ou vérité de divination par astrologie.pdf 5,9 MB
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French_Book_1637_James Hume_La théorie des planettes.pdf 9,2 MB
French_Book_1645_Jean Bonneau_Abrégé de l'astronomie inférieure des sept métaux.pdf 4,6 MB
French_Book_1657_Blaise Francois_La theorie des planètes du Comte de Pagan.pdf 1,4 MB
French_Book_1659_Blaise Francois_L'astrologie naturelle du Comte de Pagan.pdf 4,5 MB
French_Book_1663_David Derodon_Discours contre l'astrologie judiciaire.pdf 868 KB
French_Book_1668_Jean-Baptiste Denis_Disco...logie judiciaire et sur les horoscopes.pdf 1,3 MB
French_Book_1906_Luc Orion_L'astrologie dévoilée.pdf 2,9 MB
French_Book_1908_A. de Thyane_Petit manuel pratique d'astrologie.pdf 2,0 MB
Giovanni Antonio Magini (1555-1617) and late Renaissance astrology_Clarke, Angus G.pdf 4,6 MB
Nick Campion_The Traditional Revival in Modern Astrology.pdf 290 KB
Overview Of The Astrological Work Of Cyril Fagan.pdf 97 KB
Reiner_1985_JAOS105_the_uses_of_astrology.pdf 174 KB
the astrological architecture of Zanadroandrena Land in West Bezanozano, Madagascar.pdf 6,9 MB
The decline of astrology in early modern England 1642-1800.pdf 4,9 MB
Astro-numerology 5,7 MB
Book_1998_Pamela Bell & Jordan empowerment using stars and numbers.pdf 5,7 MB
astronomy_time_history_ayanamsa 3,0 GB
about jyotish 449 KB
astrologer's qualifications_Gauranga Das.doc 29 KB
astrologer's qualifications_Gauranga Das.pdf 43 KB
Astrology conference_Markandeya Rishi .doc 113 KB
Astrology conference_Markandeya Rishi .pdf 153 KB
Study on vedic astrology_Syamasundara.doc 103 KB
astrolabes 17,8 MB
ASTROLABE_ Rumen Kolev's Placidus and Porphyrius Magus.webarchive 1,1 MB
Astrolabe_Book_Announcement_2013_July_10.pdf 2,7 MB
Astrolabe_Mini_Model.pdf 690 KB
Book_1620_D. Henrion_explication de l'usage de l'astrolabe.pdf 1,5 MB
Book_1880_Geoffrey Chaucer_A Treatise on the Astrolabe.pdf 3,8 MB
Book_1880_Geoffrey Chaucer_The Astrololabes of Samuel Champlain.pdf 316 KB
Book_1910_A. Anthiaume_L'Astrolabe-quadrant.pdf 4,3 MB
Historical Astrolabes of Delhi.pdf 455 KB
Koch_J._NABU_And_The_Astrolabe_Part_I.pdf 62 KB
Koch_J._NABU_And_The_Astrolabe_Part_II.pdf 76 KB
Koch_J._NABU_And_The_Astrolabe_Part_III.pdf 83 KB
Sultan Suri and the astrolabe.pdf 689 KB
Vol32_3_3_Early History Of The Astrolabe In India.pdf 1,7 MB
Vol34_2_6_Yantraraja_The Astrolabe In Sanskrit.pdf 411 KB
Astrology A Science Or Myth - Arvind Gupta.pdf 98 KB
astronomy 2,0 GB
Articles 71,5 MB
Antardvipa 577 KB
A tale of two zodiacs.pdf 114 KB
Surya_Revolutions of the Sun_Antardwip.pdf 457 KB
Aryabhata and Albiruni_M. S. Khan.pdf 398 KB
Aryabhata and Lokayatas_heliocentric.pdf 293 KB
Aryabhata and the table of Sines_B. N. Narahari Achar.pdf 163 KB
Astronomers and reasons_Christopher Minkowski.pdf 140 KB
astronomical Concept in Vishnupurana_B. N. Narahari Achar.pdf 212 KB
ASTRONOMICAL DEFINITIONS and calculations.doc 93 KB
ASTRONOMICAL DEFINITIONS and calculations.pdf 112 KB
Astronomical definitions of grahas and the zodiac.pdf 110 KB
Astronomy and Astrology in India and Iran.docx 221 KB
Astronomy and Astrology in India and Iran.pdf 157 KB
astronomy in India.pdf 4,5 MB
Astronomy or Astrology_A. Losev.pdf 147 KB
astronomy_ planets.doc 305 KB
astronomy_ planets.pdf 349 KB
Bernard R. Goldstein_Astronomy and the Jewish Community in Early Islam.pdf 1,0 MB
Book_1881_Sandford Fleming_The adoption of a prime meridian.pdf 4,1 MB
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Calculation of tithis_Surya Siddhanta formulation.pdf 82 KB
description of the universe_7 worlds_Visvananda Tirtha.pdf 232 KB
description of the universe_7 worlds_Visvananda Tirtha.rtf 126 KB
Distance Sun_Moon.doc 62 KB
Distance Sun_Moon.pdf 56 KB
Eclipse period of 3339 in Rigveda.pdf 92 KB
Eclipse period of 3339_another view.pdf 89 KB
Enigma of the 5 year Yuga of the Vendanga Jyotisha.pdf 362 KB
essay_2007_transmission of astronomical knowledge in the middle ages.pdf 1,4 MB
External influences on Ancient Indian astronomy.pdf 432 KB
F.A. Mesmer_Cosmology and Scientific Astrology.pdf 741 KB
Glimpses from the Aryabhata Siddhanta.pdf 261 KB
Greek and Indian astronomy relation.pdf 375 KB
Hindu Astronomical Sciences in Mithila.pdf 343 KB
Indian National Science Academy 33,9 MB
A Self-Taught Sky Watcher And His Contributions.pdf 534 KB
Account By Joseph Dubois Of Astronomical Work Under Jai Singh.pdf 209 KB
Accuracy Of Measurements In Indian Astronomy.pdf 132 KB
Ahargana And Weekdays As Per Modern Suryasiddhanta_Vol36_1_2 & 3_.pdf 187 KB
Ahargana And Weekdays As Per Modern Suryasiddhanta_Vol38_1_3.pdf 129 KB
Analysis_Mahasiddhanta Of Aryabhata.pdf 186 KB
Ancient Indian Astronomy And The Aryan Invasion Theory.pdf 487 KB
Ancient Indian Astronomy_Planetary Positions And Eclipses.pdf 216 KB
Archaeo Astronomy Of Nataraja.pdf 281 KB
Astronomical Concept In Visnupurana.pdf 122 KB
Astronomical Instruments In Classical Siddhantas.pdf 2,4 MB
Astronomical Observation In Vedic And Post-Vedic India.pdf 1,2 MB
Astronomy And Mathematics In Ancient India_Vol24_4_1.pdf 133 KB
Astronomy And Mathematics In Ancient India_Vol44_3_9.O.pdf 59 KB
Astronomy And Mathematics In Ancient India_Vol44_3_9.pdf 59 KB
Astronomy In Ancient India.pdf 145 KB
Astronomy In Ancient India2.pdf 405 KB
Astronomy In India In 18-19 Centuries.pdf 899 KB
Astronomy In India In The 20Th Century.pdf 656 KB
Astronomy In Indus Civilization And During Vedic Times.pdf 190 KB
Astronomy Of Parâsara And Vriddha Garga.pdf 245 KB
Astronomy Of The Satapatha Brahmana.pdf 364 KB
Babylonian Source Of Aryabhata'S Planetary Constants.pdf 72 KB
Book review_Indian Astronomy - Concepts And Procedures.pdf 41 KB
Bookreview_Parāśaratantra.pdf 78 KB
Brahmasphutasiddhanta_Ch.21.pdf 2,2 MB
Calculations Of Tithis_An Extension Of Surya Siddhanta Formulation.pdf 438 KB
Connections Between The Vedanga Jyotish And Vedic Literature.pdf 48 KB
Copernican Heliocentric Theory And Indian Astronomy.pdf 464 KB
Copernicus And Modern Astronomy.pdf 163 KB
Cult Of Sacrifice And Indian Astronomy.pdf 155 KB
Dhruva-Rasi Technique In Jaina School.pdf 122 KB
Eccentric Circle Planetary Model In India.pdf 237 KB
Eclipses And Planetary Positions In Mahabharata.pdf 1,3 MB
Eighth Century Chinese Compilation.pdf 303 KB
Epicyclic Eccentric Planetary Theories In Ancient India.pdf 335 KB
History Of Indian Astronomy_1830-1860.pdf 590 KB
Impact Of Modern European Astronomy On Raja Jai Singh.pdf 199 KB
Indian Astronomical And Time-Measuring Instruments.pdf 496 KB
Indian Astronomical Observatory.pdf 688 KB
Jagannath Samrat'S Contribution To Indian Astronomy.pdf 178 KB
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Jesuit Astronomers On The Astronomy Of India And China.pdf 184 KB
Julian Days in Astronomy.pdf 114 KB
Jy0Tisa In Kerala.pdf 218 KB
Lost Knowledge_Accurate Positioning Of Planets.pdf 86 KB
Lunar Model In Ancient Indian Astronomy_part 1.pdf 418 KB
Lunar Model In Ancient Indian Astronomy_part 2.pdf 50 KB
Mathematics And Astronomy In Medieval India.pdf 37 KB
Mean Planetary Positions According To Grahala Ghavam.pdf 599 KB
Mean Sun And Moon In Ancient Greek And Indian Astronomy.pdf 78 KB
Methods Of Interpolation In Indian Astronomy.pdf 183 KB
Palm Leaf Manuscripts In Orissa.pdf 85 KB
Parasara'S Six Season Solar Zodiac_Agastya.pdf 444 KB
Phases Of The Moon_Rising And Setting Of Planets And Stars.pdf 705 KB
Planetary Revolutions In Indian Astronomy2.pdf 139 KB
Planets In The Vedic Literature.pdf 187 KB
Pluto And A Transplutonian Planet.pdf 256 KB
Polar Longitudes Of The Soryasiddhanta And Hipparchus Commentary.pdf 617 KB
Post-Vedic Astronomy.pdf 289 KB
Pratibimba Siddhanta Of Jai Singh'S Library.pdf 93 KB
Pre-Copernican Astronomy In Europe.pdf 338 KB
Problem For Determining The Place Of A Planet.pdf 129 KB
R.N.Iyengar.pdf 476 KB
Rahu And Ketu In Mythological And Astronomological Contexts.pdf 46 KB
Rik-Jyotisa Verses On 19-Year Yuga.pdf 375 KB
Romaka Siddhanta In The Panca Siddhantika_Vol13_2_7_.pdf 197 KB
Romakasiddhanta Epoch_Vol41_3_2.pdf 459 KB
Sayana'S Astronomy.pdf 96 KB
Seminar On Indian Astronomy And Jai Singh_A Report.pdf 31 KB
Siddhantakaustubha Of Jagannathapandita.pdf 1,2 MB
Solution Of The Astronomical Triangle As Found In The Tantrasamgraha.pdf 237 KB
Some Geological Aspects Of The Suryasiddhanta.pdf 136 KB
source materials concerning astronomy and mathematics.pdf 84 KB
Spherical Astronomy_Tensor Method.pdf 62 KB
Standardization Of Time Unit Muhurta.pdf 299 KB
Star Catalogues And Star Tables In Mediaeval Oriental And European Astronomy.pdf 268 KB
Surya Siddhanta Dating.pdf 133 KB
Tantrasamgraha Of Nilakantha Somayaji.pdf 1,6 MB
The Extant Siddhanta Sekhara.pdf 82 KB
The Gnomon In Early Indian Astronomy.pdf 73 KB
The Manda Puzzle In Indian Astronomy.pdf 330 KB
The Method Of Science In Astronomy.pdf 407 KB
The Prime Meridian In Indian Astronomy.pdf 126 KB
The Siddhanta Sekhara Of Sripati_11Th Century.pdf 31 KB
The Yuga System And The Computations Of Planetary Longitudes.pdf 825 KB
Three 19Th Century Calcutta Astronomers.pdf 161 KB
True Rationale Of Surya Siddhanta.pdf 169 KB
Unequal Naksatra Divisions In Jain Astronomy.pdf 103 KB
Varahamihira_The Best Sanskrit Source Of Al-Birunl.pdf 458 KB
Vedanga Jyotisa 5 Year Yuga_Vol39_2_5.pdf 94 KB
Vedanga Jyotisa Revising Date_Vol35_3_1.pdf 172 KB
Vedanga Jyotisa Two Important Provisions_Vol37_3_1.pdf 156 KB
Vedanga Jyotisa_Where And When_Vol43_3_1.pdf 272 KB
Versified Sine Tables In Jnanarajas Siddhantasundara.pdf 317 KB
Zodiacal Circumference As Graduated In Jaina Astronomy.pdf 325 KB
Kerala Temple Astrology.o.pdf 694 KB
Mean Motions and Longitudes in Indian Astronomy Dennis W. Duke.pdf 323 KB
Mystical Mathematics of Ancient planets_R. C. Gupta.pdf 685 KB
obliquity of the ecliptic 850 KB
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Equation of Time.webarchive 758 KB
obliquity.pdf 76 KB
obliquity.rtf 16 KB
physical forces and differential calculus in ancient India.pdf 289 KB
planets perihelion to the sun and 2012.pdf 110 KB
Roots Of Hindu Astronomy_Iyengar.pdf 561 KB
Sadaputa 5,0 MB
Advanced Astronomy - by Sadaputa das.pdf 3,3 MB
Astronomy and Antiquity of Vedic Culture.rtfd 479 KB
Cosmography by Sadaputa.doc 602 KB
Cosmography by Sadaputa.pdf 466 KB
Vedic Cosmography & Astronomy_Sadaputa.pdf 106 KB
Vedic Cosmography & Astronomy_Sadaputa.rtf 50 KB
Simplified Astronomy for Astrologers_David Williams.pdf 295 KB
Simplified Astronomy for Astrologers.pdf 251 KB
The Ancient Astronomers of Timbuktu.pdf 486 KB
the Electric Universe confirmed.webarchive 3,2 MB
The Electric Universe.webarchive 2,4 MB
The story of the indic cosmology_kosla Vepa.pdf 2,4 MB
Understanding Precession in Ancient India.pdf 18 KB
Values for the mean synodic month.pdf 87 KB
Zodiacal circumference in Jain astronomy.pdf 512 KB
Book _1981_R. Grossinger_The Night Sky.pdf 9,9 MB
Book_1572_Tycho Brahe_the astronomer.pdf 708 KB
Book_1649_V. Weigelius_Astrology Theologised_original.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_1649_V. Weigelius_Astrology Theologised_retyped.pdf 278 KB
Book_1789_.Sibly_Astronomy_Placidus de Titus.pdf 7,2 MB
Book_1824_S. Mackey_Mythological Astronomy of the Ancients Demonstrated.pdf 11,8 MB
Book_1860_O.M. Mitchell_Popular astronomy.pdf 9,0 MB
Book_1862_Lewis_An Historical Survey of the Astronomy of the Ancients.pdf 21,1 MB
Book_1871_Elias Colbert_Star studies_What we know of the universe outside the earth.pdf 1,0 MB
Book_1875_J. Rambosson_Astronomy.pdf 7,7 MB
Book_1877_Astronomical myths_based on Flammarion's_History of the heavens.pdf 10,2 MB
Book_1877_J.N.Lockyer_Astronomy.pdf 6,4 MB
Book_1878_R.Ball_Astronomy.pdf 5,6 MB
Book_1878_Woodwell Hunt_The new idea of astronomy and the sight of the eye.pdf 464 KB
Book_1881_G. H.Chambers_A Cycle Of Celestial Objects.pdf 15,8 MB
Book_1881_Simon Newcomb_Astronomy for High Schools and Colleges.pdf 26,5 MB
Book_1886_Astrology theologized_Weigel.pdf 3,4 MB
Book_1888_Lockyer Norman_Elements of Astronomy.pdf 25,5 MB
Book_1888_R. A. Proctor_Old and new astronomy.pdf 42,0 MB
Book_1889_Charles A. Young_A text-book of general astronomy.pdf 17,4 MB
Book_1890_J.L.E. Dreyer_Tycho Brahe_life and work.pdf 7,0 MB
Book_1892_Isaac Sharpless_Astronomy for S... General Readers_pictures incomplete .pdf 8,2 MB
Book_1893_Burgess_Notes on Hindu astronomy_extracts.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_1894_Camille Flamarion_Popular astronomy.pdf 13,1 MB
Book_1894_Charles Young_A list of books in the Public library on astronomy.pdf 369 KB
Book_1895_Astral Worship_J.H. Hill.pdf 572 KB
Book_1895_Great Astronomers_retyped.pdf 3,0 MB
Book_1899_Occultism Simplified - W Whitehead.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_1903_George Comstock_A Text-book of Astronomy.pdf 3,9 MB
Book_1903_Richard A Proctor_Myths and Marvels of Astronomy.pdf 4,6 MB
Book_1903_Simon Newcomb_The Reminiscences of an Astronomer.pdf 4,2 MB
Book_1904_E.Walter Maunder_Astronomy Without a Telescope.pdf 11,8 MB
Book_1905_Oliver Lodge_Pioneers of science_astronomy.pdf 8,1 MB
Book_1907_A field book of the stars_astronomy.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1907_G. E. Mitton_The Children's Book Of Stars.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_1908_E.Walter Maunder_The astronomy of the Bible_original.pdf 10,3 MB
Book_1908_E.Walter Maunder_The astronomy of the Bible_retyped.pdf 3,6 MB
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Book_1908_Garret P. Serviss_Astronomy with the naked eyes.pdf 3,2 MB
Book_1911_Maria King_The new astronomy and laws of nature.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_1913_Harold Jacoby_Astronomy.pdf 17,2 MB
Book_1914_A day in the moon_Abbé Th. Moreux.pdf 2,8 MB
Book_1914_Stellar movements and the structure of the Universe_A. S. Eddington.pdf 6,1 MB
Book_1918_G.R. Kaye_The Astronomical Observations Of Jai Singh.pdf 8,3 MB
Book_1919_H. Macpherson_Practical Astronomy With The Unaided Eye.pdf 1,0 MB
Book_1921_D.N. Mallik_The Elements of astronomy.pdf 5,2 MB
Book_1921_J.C. Crowther_Six Great Astronomers.pdf 2,0 MB
Book_1922_Isabel Martin Lewis_Astronomy for Young Folks.pdf 2,7 MB
Book_1923_Eugene L. Richards_Elementary T... on Navigation and Nautical Astronomy.pdf 5,1 MB
Book_1928_Garret P. Serviss_Round the year with the stars.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_1928_James L. Hicks_The Aquarian age_astronomy and astrology.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_1946-Ernest Agar Beet_A Text Book of Elementary Astronomy.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_1954_Giorgio Abetti_The History Of Astronomy.pdf 5,1 MB
Book_1977_Seymour Simon_Look to the night sky_an introduction to star watching.pdf 1,3 MB
Book_1981_D. Pingree_Jyotihsastra_Astral and mathematical literature.pdf 5,1 MB
Book_1985_History Of astronomy in India.pdf 11,8 MB
Book_1985_J.W. Dauben_The History of Mathematics from Antiquity to the Present.pdf 5,7 MB
Book_1988_J.V. Field_Kepler's Geometrical Cosmology.pdf 4,2 MB
Book_1989_Patrick Moore_Astronomy for the beginner.pdf 1,7 MB
Book_1991_Charles A. Schweighauser_Astrono...tionary of celestial objects and ideas.pdf 3,7 MB
Book_1997_Robert Wilson_Astronomy Through the Ages.pdf 2,7 MB
Book_1997_S.Carboni_Following the Stars_Images of the Zodiac in Islamic Art.pdf 3,9 MB
Book_2000_Helaine Selin_Astronomy across cultures.pdf 11,7 MB
Book_2001_Geddès, David_Guide to astronomy.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_2003_Simon Newcomb_side Lights on Astronomy.pdf 580 KB
Book_2005_C. Ruggles_Ancient Astronomy_An Encyclopedia of Cosmologies and Myth.pdf 4,8 MB
Book_2005_Encyclopedic Survey of Archaeoastronomy.pdf 11,5 MB
Book_2007_revolution in astronomy_Braham Kitiarai_must read.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_2008_Michael Erlewine_The Astrology of Space_must read.pdf 4,5 MB
Book_2011_Astronomy among Jews in the Middle Ages_Bernard R. Goldstein.pdf 270 KB
Book_2011_David H. Kelley_Exploring Ancient Skies_Ancient Astronomy.pdf 13,2 MB
Book_2011_Jordan Maxwell_Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy.pdf 3,2 MB
Book_2011_The story of astronomy_Peter Aughton.pdf 845 KB
Book_2012_H.W. Warren_Recreations in Astronomy.pdf 6,0 MB
Book_2013_R. S. Westman_Copernicus and the Astrologers_book review.pdf 313 KB
Book_2013_R. S. Westman_Copernicus and the Astrologers.pdf 2,8 MB
Book_2014_John Philip Hunter_Astrology and Astronomy_ Cosmic Cousins.pdf 395 KB
Book_Cosmology Religion and Philosophy_Steiner Rudolf.pdf 91 KB
Book_Guido Bonatti_Book of astronomy_Dykes transl.pdf 350 KB
Book_M. Sarkar & B.B. Dutta_Astronomy-4th Ed.pdf 5,5 MB
Book_Tofigh Heidarzadeh_A History of Physic...ies of Comets_From Aristotle to Whipple.pdf 229 KB
Brahma Sphuta Siddhanta 80,3 MB
Jyotish_Brahma Sphuta Siddhanta_Vol.1.pdf 21,7 MB
Jyotish_Brahma Sphuta Siddhanta_Vol.2.pdf 21,0 MB
Jyotish_Brahma Sphuta Siddhanta_Vol.3.pdf 19,7 MB
Jyotish_Brahma Sphuta Siddhanta_Vol.4.pdf 18,0 MB
By Danavir Goswami 25,3 MB
Jyotish_2003_Danavir Goswami_Vedic Cosmology.pdf 7,1 MB
Jyotish_2007_Danavir Goswami_Bhu gola tattva.pdf 18,3 MB
essay_ Astronomy in the early 13th century.pdf 1,3 MB
In french 335,2 MB
French_Book_1592_W. S. Girault_Globe du monde contenant un bref traité du ciel.pdf 8,3 MB
French_Book_1781_J.S. Bailly_Histoire de ...ancienne depuis son origine_see p.421.pdf 15,5 MB
French_Book_1781-1802_Jérôme de La Lande_Bibliographie astronomique.pdf 23,9 MB
French_Book_1834_Herschel_Traité d'astronomie.pdf 21,2 MB
French_Book_1864_Alexis Boillot_L'Astronomie au XIXe siècle_2nd. ed.pdf 4,7 MB
French_Book_1865_Joseph Bertrand_Les fondateurs de l'astronomie moderne.pdf 3,8 MB
French_Book_1867_M. Ponsard_Le Galilée ...sard ou le Polyeucte de l'astronomie.pdf 1,2 MB
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French_Book_1879_P. A. Secchi_Les étoiles_essai d'astronomie sidérale.pdf 6,7 MB
French_Book_1899_Ernest Lebon_Histoire abrégée de l'astronomie.pdf 5,7 MB
French_Book_1899_Gabriel Dallet_Astronomie pratique_le soleil_les étoiles.pdf 11,8 MB
French_Book_1908_Camille Flamarion_Initiation astronomique.pdf 5,4 MB
French_Books_Camille Flamarion_Astronomie 163,1 MB
French_Book_1873-77_Camille Flamarion_...t lectures sur l'astronomie_Tome 1.pdf 4,4 MB
French_Book_1873-77_Camille Flamarion_...t lectures sur l'astronomie_Tome 2.pdf 5,6 MB
French_Book_1873-77_Camille Flamarion_...t lectures sur l'astronomie_Tome 3.pdf 17,9 MB
French_Book_1873-77_Camille Flamarion_...t lectures sur l'astronomie_Tome 4.pdf 8,8 MB
French_Book_1873-77_Camille Flamarion_...t lectures sur l'astronomie_Tome 5.pdf 5,0 MB
French_Book_1873-77_Camille Flamarion_...t lectures sur l'astronomie_Tome 6.pdf 5,5 MB
French_Book_1873-77_Camille Flamarion_...t lectures sur l'astronomie_Tome 7.pdf 5,9 MB
French_Book_1873-77_Camille Flamarion_...t lectures sur l'astronomie_Tome 8.pdf 8,7 MB
French_Book_1873-77_Camille Flamarion_...t lectures sur l'astronomie_Tome 9.pdf 7,7 MB
French_Book_1875_C. Jourdain_Nicolas O...strologues de la cour de Charles V.pdf 882 KB
French_Book_1875_Camille Flamarion_Les merveilles célestes.pdf 6,6 MB
French_Book_1878_Camille Flamarion_Astr...rale_catalogue des étoiles doubles.pdf 10,4 MB
French_Book_1881_Camille Flamarion_Astronomie populaire.pdf 40,1 MB
French_Book_1892_Camille Flamarion_Qu'est-ce que le ciel.pdf 4,0 MB
French_Book_1894_Camille Flamarion_Les terres du ciel.pdf 31,7 MB
French_Books_François Arago_Astronomie 63,9 MB
French_Book_1856_François Arago_Astronomie populaire_tome 1.pdf 15,3 MB
French_Book_1856_François Arago_Astronomie populaire_tome 2.pdf 17,0 MB
French_Book_1856_François Arago_Astronomie populaire_tome 3.pdf 11,4 MB
French_Book_1856_François Arago_Astronomie populaire_tome 4.pdf 20,3 MB
interesting ones 144,7 MB
Book_Atlas of Messier Objects.pdf 30,0 MB
Book_Atlas of the Universe.pdf 35,3 MB
Book_BEST_Philip's Astronomy Encyclopedia.pdf 17,8 MB
Book_BEST_Pocket Sky Atlas.pdf 14,2 MB
Book_Eclipse_Duncan Steel.pdf 5,2 MB
Book_Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics 3rd Ed.pdf 9,4 MB
Book_Introduction to Astronomy and Cosmology.pdf 7,6 MB
Book_Jayant Narlikar_A Journey Through The Universe.pdf 5,5 MB
Book_Jon Erickson_Asteroids_Comets and Meteorites.pdf 8,5 MB
Book_Stephen Hawking - A Brief History Of Time.pdf 980 KB
Book_The Handy Astronomy Answer Book2AAA.pdf 7,2 MB
Book_Vitaly Adushkin_Catastrophic Events Caused by Cosmic Objects.pdf 3,1 MB
Jyotish_1500_1977_Nilakanta Somayaji_Jyotir...Investigations on astronomical theories.pdf 4,4 MB
Jyotish_1814_Maria Graham_letters on India_ Old Astronomy chapter Extracted.pdf 213 KB
Jyotish_1817_Brahmagupta and Bhaskara_Algebra.pdf 9,8 MB
Jyotish_1825_A Historical View of the Hindu Astronomy_full.pdf 8,9 MB
Jyotish_1896_Hindu Astronomy.pdf 9,2 MB
Jyotish_1917_G. R. Kaye_The Astronomical Observatories Of Jai Singh.pdf 5,1 MB
Jyotish_1932_C.P.S. Menon_Early Astronomy And Cosmology.pdf 2,2 MB
Jyotish_1968_Dr. S. Prakash_Brahmagupta And His Works.pdf 6,0 MB
Jyotish_1969_Bharatiya Jyotish Sastra_part 1.pdf 12,4 MB
Jyotish_1969_Bharatiya Jyotish Sastra_part 2.pdf 13,8 MB
Jyotish_1969_Kalinath Mukherji_Popular Hindu Astronomy_MUST READ.pdf 22,5 MB
Jyotish_1988_Saint Vadiraja_Madhva Sampradaya_Bhugola Varnanam.pdf 5,8 MB
Jyotish_1998_Arun Kumar_Upadhyaya_Siddhanta Darpana_Vol.1_SANSKRIT MOSTLY.pdf 17,5 MB
Jyotish_1998_Arun Kumar_Upadhyaya_Siddhanta Darpana_Vol.2.pdf 15,0 MB
Jyotish_2001_Subhash Kak_Birth and Early Development of Indian Astronomy.pdf 300 KB
Jyotish_2002_Astronomy Encyclopedia.pdf 17,4 MB
Jyotish_2014_Sri Harsha Indrasena_Vedic Astronomy And Astrology Through Science.pdf 1,7 MB
Jyotish_Ancient Astronomy_Encyclopedia Of Cosmologies And Myth.pdf 4,8 MB
Jyotish_Astronomy and Cosmology_vol.2.pdf 2,7 MB
Jyotish_Astronomy relevant to astrology_V.P. Jain.pdf 2,9 MB
Jyotish_Bharatiya Jyotish Sastra_Ancient Indian Astrology 2006.pdf 2,8 MB
Jyotish_Elements of astronomy_V. P. Jain.pdf 6,9 MB
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Jyotish_Krishna Ramadas_Ancient Skies and Astronomy Now.pdf 1,3 MB
Jyotish_Laghu_Bhaskariya part3.pdf 5,3 MB
Jyotish_Learn astrology calculations.pdf 625 KB
Jyotish_Sri Harsha Indrasena_Vedic astron...rough science, wisdom and commonsense.pdf 2,5 MB
Jyotish_The Aryabhatiya of Aryabhata.pdf 3,1 MB
Jyotish_The Science of Planets Around Stars_Cole & Woolfson.pdf 6,3 MB
Siddhanta Deepika 13 vol. 1897 354,4 MB
Siddhanta Deepika 13 vol. INDEX 24,8 MB
index.idx 5 KB
index1.idx 24,8 MB
Siddhanta Deepika 13 vol. INDEX.log 4 KB
Siddhanta Deepika 13 vol. INDEX.pdx 437 bytes
Siddhanta Deepika_Vol. 1.pdf 27,8 MB
Siddhanta Deepika_Vol. 2.pdf 26,9 MB
Siddhanta Deepika_Vol. 3.pdf 23,6 MB
Siddhanta Deepika_Vol. 4.pdf 28,6 MB
Siddhanta Deepika_Vol. 5.pdf 21,1 MB
Siddhanta Deepika_Vol. 6.pdf 16,8 MB
Siddhanta Deepika_Vol. 7.pdf 17,0 MB
Siddhanta Deepika_Vol. 8.pdf 29,1 MB
Siddhanta Deepika_Vol. 9.pdf 20,4 MB
Siddhanta Deepika_Vol. 10.pdf 30,3 MB
Siddhanta Deepika_Vol. 11.pdf 23,3 MB
Siddhanta Deepika_Vol. 12b.pdf 22,6 MB
Siddhanta Deepika_Vol. 13.pdf 30,4 MB
Siddhanta Deepika_Vol. 14.pdf 11,7 MB
Surya-siddhanta and Siddhanta-siromani 90,2 MB
3 Strange Verses in Surya Siddhanta.pdf 307 KB
Book_1924_R. Sewell_The siddhantas and the Indian calendar.pdf 23,7 MB
French_Jyotish_Surya Siddhanta_Burgess_french translation by Biot_1861.pdf 1,8 MB
Jyotish_Siddhanta Shiromani _Bapu Deva 1861.pdf 4,7 MB
Jyotish_Siddhanta Shiromani _Bhaktisiddanta 1913.pdf 3,1 MB
Jyotish_Siddhanta Shiromani _quotes only.txt 211 bytes
Jyotish_Siddhanta Shiromani_D. Arkasomayaji_1980 trans.pdf 15,9 MB
Jyotish_Surya siddhanta and Siddhanta siromani full_english text only.txt 855 KB
Jyotish_Surya siddhanta and Siddhanta siromani_Bhaktisiddhanta_1890.pdf 23,1 MB
Jyotish_Surya siddhanta and Siddhanta siromani_extracts only.pdf 634 KB
Jyotish_Surya siddhanta and Siddhanta siromani_Quotes only.txt 42 KB
Jyotish_Surya siddhanta discussion.pdf 339 KB
Jyotish_Surya Siddhanta_Bapu Deva 1861.pdf 2,9 MB
Jyotish_Surya Siddhanta_Burgess.pdf 11,8 MB
Jyotish_Surya's Vedic Cosmography And Astronomy_ Sadaputa.pdf 134 KB
Physical Astronomy and Surya Siddhanta.pdf 228 KB
Rationale Of Surya Siddantha.pdf 573 KB
The Copernican Question Revisited_A Reply.pdf 189 KB
Useless 187,0 MB
Book_Ben Evans_Space Shuttle Columbia.pdf 6,0 MB
Book_Claudio Vita_Finzi_The Sun_A User's Manual.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_Dave Prochnow_101 Outer Space Projects for the Evil Genius.pdf 21,7 MB
Book_David Arditti_Setting up a Small Observatory.pdf 4,1 MB
Book_David Brodie_Ice Rock and Beauty.pdf 14,1 MB
Book_David Woods_How Apollo Flew to the Moon.pdf 4,5 MB
Book_Exploration of the Solar System by Infrared Remote Sensing.pdf 2,7 MB
Book_Finding the Big Bang.pdf 3,8 MB
Book_Graham SwinerdHow Spacecraft Fly.pdf 6,8 MB
Book_How to Photograph the Moon and Planets with Your Digital Camera.pdf 6,0 MB
Book_Jamey L. Jenkins_The Sun And How To Observe It.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_John W. McAnally_Jupiter & how to observe it.pdf 8,3 MB
Book_M.M.Woolfson_Small Bodies in Planetary Systems.pdf 5,7 MB
Book_M.M.Woolfson_The Origin and Evolution of the Solar System.pdf 4,0 MB
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Book_Mark Moldwin_An Introduction to Space Weather.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_Michael H. Carr _The Surface of Mars.pdf 9,3 MB
Book_Michael K. Gainer_Real Astronomy with Small Telescopes.pdf 2,0 MB
Book_Mystery of the Tunguska Fireball.pdf 967 KB
Book_Nadine Barlow_mars_an Introduction.pdf 4,6 MB
Book_Paleomagnetism_Continents and Oceans.pdf 12,2 MB
Book_Philip Pugh_The Science and Art of Using Telescopes_2009.pdf 8,3 MB
Book_Polar Lakes and Rivers.pdf 7,6 MB
Book_Ruben Kier_The 100 Best Targets for Astrophotography_2009.pdf 17,1 MB
Book_Sarah H. Parcak_Satellite remote sensing archaeology.pdf 5,4 MB
Book_Ted twietmeyer_What Nasa Isnt Telling You About Mars.pdf 6,1 MB
Book_Therese Encrenaz_Searching for Water in the Universe.pdf 13,9 MB
Book_Tom Zoellner_uranium.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_Vladimir Rubtsov_Tunguska Mystery.pdf 2,2 MB
vatesvara siddhanta 15,7 MB
Calculation Of Ahargana In The Vatesvara Siddhanta.pdf 358 KB
Jyotish_Vatesvara Siddhanta and gola_miss p. 243-308.pdf 14,7 MB
Observations On Vrddha- Vasistha Siddhanta.pdf 110 KB
The System Of The Vatesvara Siddhanta.pdf 221 KB
Vatesvara Siddhanta Sine Values.pdf 302 KB
astronomy_maths_geometry 119,4 MB
1831_Elias Colbert_The lunar apsides.pdf 139 KB
Book_1840_B. Pierce_An Elementary Treatise on Plane Spherical Trigonometry.pdf 11,6 MB
Book_1847_Simmonite_Mathematical and Astronomical Tables.pdf 4,3 MB
Book_1848_T. Oxley_Gem of the Astral Sciences.pdf 6,3 MB
Book_1869_R.Shortrede_Azimuth and Hour Angle for Latitude and Declination.pdf 7,1 MB
Book_1873_C.A. Grimmer_The Voice of stars or the effects.pdf 717 KB
Book_1892_C.W.C Barlow_Elementary Mathematical Astronomy_vol.2_good graphics.pdf 18,9 MB
Book_1903_I.Thodhunter_Spherical Trigonometry_For College And Schools.pdf 5,2 MB
Book_1914_Mathematical recreations and essays.pdf 20,0 MB
Book_1931_W.M. Smart_Text-book on spherical astronomy.pdf 8,1 MB
Book_1942_J. E. Thompson_Elements Of Spherical Trigonometry.pdf 2,1 MB
Book_1943_H.L.C. Leighton_Solid Geometry and spherical trigonometry.pdf 5,6 MB
Book_1960_M.L. Khanna_Spherical Astronomy.pdf 9,6 MB
Book_1965_Gorak Prasad_Text-book on spherical astronomy.pdf 6,0 MB
Book_1970_Jeff Mayo, faculty of astrological studies_How to cast a natal chart.pdf 4,3 MB
Book_Daniel FLeisch_A Student's Guide to the Mathematics of Astronomy.pdf 5,2 MB
Indian Mathematics.pdf 89 KB
Jyotish_A book on Mathematical astrology_Bansal.pdf 3,1 MB
Jyotish_Birth Chart_Mathematics.pdf 703 KB
Mental Astrological Calculations — Part 1_Charles Drutman.pdf 76 KB
astronomy_time_calendars 41,9 MB
Book_1903_Emmeline M. Plunket_Ancient Calendars and Constellations.pdf 6,0 MB
Book_1920_Martin P. Nilson_Primitive time reckoning.pdf 5,9 MB
Book_1923_Reginald C. Couzens_The stories of the months and days.pdf 782 KB
Book_David Wilcock_Shift Of The Ages.pdf 3,6 MB
Calendars 19,0 MB
2018 calendar.pdf 16 KB
2019 calendar.pdf 16 KB
Attacks on Indian Calendar.pdf 292 KB
calendar 2018.pdf 35 KB
calendar 2019.pdf 83 KB
calendar 2020.pdf 83 KB
calendar 2021.pdf 83 KB
India’s Calendar Reform.doc 151 KB
India’s Calendar Reform.pdf 245 KB
INDIAN CALENDARS systems.pdf 393 KB
Jyotish_History of Calendars.pdf 8,6 MB
Nachum Dershowitz_Indian Calendrical Calculations.o.pdf 364 KB
Ready Reckoner For Indian Eras.pdf 2,7 MB
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Scientific Vedic calendar.txt 6 KB
The 13 Moon Calendar.webarchive 5,9 MB
French_Book_1973_Nicolas Copernic ou la Révolution astronomique.pdf 2,5 MB
Jyotish_1971_Book Of Indian Eras_With Tables For Calculating Indian Dates.pdf 3,5 MB
Local Apparent Time.pdf 239 KB
Time Measurements Systems In Ancient India.pdf 360 KB
ayanamsa_topical-sidereal 126,2 MB
Ayanamsa topics 38,9 MB
Starry night precesion animation.m4v 8,2 MB
Axial precession_Wikipedia.webarchive 1,2 MB
Axial tilt_Wikipedia.webarchive 1,2 MB
Axial tilt.webarchive 845 KB
Ayanaamsa_Hariprasad.pdf 180 KB
Ayanamsa controversy_K. Chandra Hari.pdf 245 KB
Ayanamsa Statistical Study.pdf 530 KB
Book_Paul Vandemeer_The Missing Link in Astrology_a MUST.pdf 5,7 MB
Book_Sri Yukteswar_The Holy Science_ebook.pdf 351 KB
Book_Sri Yukteswar_The Holy Science_original.pdf 4,2 MB
Brahma Ayanamsa.pdf 554 KB
divya test-drik and Surya siddhanta .doc 88 KB
divya test-drik and Surya siddhanta .pdf 66 KB
Dulakara Ayanamsha.pdf 241 KB
Ernst Wilhelm Ayanamsha_Yukteswar.webarchive 1,3 MB
Invariance of the Tropical Zodiac.pdf 172 KB
Jyotish_2009_Usha Shashi_Vedic astrological calculations.pdf 10,3 MB
Kala settings.pdf 31 KB
Kala settings.rtf 1 KB
Obliquity of the Ecliptic.webarchive 113 KB
polestar have an orbit called Sishumara.pdf 19 KB
polestar have an orbit called Sishumara.rtf 1 KB
PVR Rao using Pushya-paksha Ayanamsa 78 KB
Introducing Pushya_paksha Ayanamsa.pdf 72 KB
Resolving the Ayanamsha with Jupiter_sun conjunctions.pdf 364 KB
Sidereal or Tropical _Sayana_Nirayana_Systems.pdf 156 KB
Sidereal or Tropical.pdf 138 KB
solstice_equinox 2,5 MB
Josefina Rodríguez Arribas_significance...oxes in Abraham Ibn Ezra’s cosmology.pdf 141 KB
midnight sun_solstices.pdf 444 KB
Spring Equinox_all 2 Parts.o.pdf 327 KB
The solstices and astrology.pdf 149 KB
the solstices and equinoxes.webarchive 1,3 MB
Vedic Astrology - Precession of the Equinoxes.pdf 82 KB
Study of ayanamsa.pdf 42 KB
Book_1866 Drummond_Œdipus Judaicus_Siderial-Tropical zodiac.pdf 7,7 MB
Did Bhaktisiddhanta use a Tropical Zodiac?.webarchive 5,9 MB
Garga-Jyotisha or Vruddha Garga Samhita_Part1_tropical ayanas.pdf 255 KB
History of the zodiac_Babylonian sidereal zodiac.pdf 1,1 MB
Jyotish_Muddle of ayanamsa.pdf 1,9 MB
Nature of The Sidereal Zodiac.pdf 418 KB
precession 69,3 MB
Historical perspectives on copernicus's account of precession.pdf 295 KB
How the galactic center replaced the constellations.pdf 38 KB
Precession animation 65,7 MB
@10' Hindu mistake_krittika ayanamsa.mp4 61,6 MB
Astronomy - Ch. 2 Understanding the Nig...(1 of 23) The Motions of Earth.mp4 alias 729 KB
krittika on equinox 2200BC.pdf 3,3 MB
precession explained in graphics 1,4 MB
25700 years cycle.gif 86 KB
25700 years cycle2.gif 27 KB
ages.png 589 KB
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earth wobble.jpg 68 KB
Galactic Alignment.webarchive 204 KB
precession circle.jpg 45 KB
precessionnal circle_BEST.gif 55 KB
secrets in plain sight.rtfd 358 KB
Precession of the equinox_The Ancient Truth.pdf 559 KB
R.N. Iyengar_Ancient Indian Astronomy in Vedic Texts_precession.pdf 1,2 MB
Vedic Astrology - Precession of the Equinoxes.doc 27 KB
Reconciliation of the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs.pdf 234 KB
The Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac Systems.pdf 83 KB
Tyson's Zodiac_Are There Really Fourteen Signs_tropical zodiac nothing to do with stars.pdf 189 KB
Vol33_4_Origin Of Sidereal Zodiac.pdf 204 KB
western sidereal astrology.pdf 91 KB
Book_1919_Frank C. Higgins_The cross of the magi_sarvatobhadra.pdf 4,0 MB
earth_concave 14,6 MB
Bendy light – the evidence.webarchive 1,4 MB
Horizon_on concave hearth.webarchive 13,2 MB
earth_flat 67,9 MB
200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning.pdf 4,1 MB
Book_1865_Earth Not a Globe (Samuel Rowbothan).pdf 4,0 MB
Book_Eric Dubay_Atlantean Conspiracy.pdf 5,9 MB
Book_Rectangle_1899_Zetetic Cosmogony_geocentric flat earth.pdf 3,3 MB
Flat Earth Facts.pdf 247 KB
flat earth.pdf 128 KB
flat earth.rtf 26 KB
gleason Earth map_HD.png 36,8 MB
gleason Earth map_wind_animated.webarchive 3,8 MB
Sampradaya Sun_Earth is Not a Globe 9,6 MB
Earth is Not a Globe_part 1.pdf 4,4 MB
Earth is Not a Globe_part 2.pdf 5,1 MB
Earth is Not a Globe_part 3.pdf 62 KB
earth_geocentricity 62,0 MB
Book_Gallileo was wrong. Evidence for Geocentrism.pdf 6,8 MB
Decoding the 5th Canto.pdf 83 KB
Decoding the 5th Canto.rtf 20 KB
downloaded 11,1 MB
Ancient Indian geocentric Astronomy.pdf 56 KB
Animation Movies Concerning the Geocentric–Heliocentric Debate.pdf 510 KB
Arguments for geocentricity.webarchive 66 KB
epicycle conference_bible_3_final.pdf 2,2 MB
From geocentric to heliocentric model of the universe.pdf 325 KB
Geocentric versus Heliocentric Models.pdf 26 KB
geocentric_heliocentric.pdf 470 KB
Geocentricity and the Catholic.pdf 18 KB
Geocentricity.pdf 44 KB
Presentation_astronomy - Copernicus - Ptolemy..etc.pdf 1,5 MB
Presentation_Copernicus.pdf 612 KB
Presentation_heliocentric vs geocentric.pdf 4,5 MB
Presentation_history of astronomy upto Newton.pdf 596 KB
Scientific Reconsideration of geocentricity.pdf 24 KB
Stellar parallax_aberration is geocentric.pdf 85 KB
geocentricity & retro motion_diagrams 29,8 MB
Earth non rotation.doc 83 KB
Earth non rotation.pdf 90 KB
Equinoxes precession.pdf 95 KB
Equinoxes precession.rtf 31 KB
Fall of star Vega 12000 BC.txt 2 KB
Graphic_1753_Homann Heirs_Solar System Astronomical Chart.jpg 1,9 MB
Graphic_Ptolemy Geocentricity.pdf 21 KB
Indian Astronomy calculations.doc 6 KB
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Lord Krishna Existed.rtfd 355 KB
quotes from scriptures 14,2 MB
from bible and koran 4,3 MB
all quotes.odt 13 KB
Moving-Earth DECEPTION!! - The Earth is NOT Moving.webarchive 4,0 MB
Proof of Geocentric Correctness.rtfd 102 KB
sixty-seven bible references.htm 8 KB
The Earth Is Not Moving.rtfd 148 KB
The Koran--Like the Bible--Refutes Copernicanism.htm 8 KB
from vedas 9,9 MB
about Rahu & Sankhacuda_ Tulasi synopsys.doc 60 KB
about Rahu & Sankhacuda_ Tulasi synopsys.pdf 37 KB
about Rahu & Sankhacuda_ Tulasi.doc 245 KB
about Rahu & Sankhacuda_ Tulasi.pdf 60 KB
dates.odt 19 KB
highlight from Surya Siddhanta Burgess.doc 3,6 MB
highlight from Surya Siddhanta Burgess.pdf 426 KB
highlight from Surya's Vedic Cosmography And Astronomy_ Sadaputa.doc 1,4 MB
highlight from Surya's Vedic Cosmography And Astronomy_ Sadaputa.pdf 672 KB
sankacuda cousin of rahu.doc 282 KB
sankacuda cousin of rahu.pdf 104 KB
SB refutes heliocentricity 2p.pdf 94 KB
SB refutes heliocentricity short.pdf 1,7 MB
SB refutes heliocentricity_full.doc 170 KB
SB refutes heliocentricity_full.pdf 153 KB
SB refutes heliocentricity.doc 161 KB
SB refutes heliocentricity.pdf 156 KB
The hoax called Vedic Rashichakra.pdf 328 KB
Vipracitti became Jarasandha_Rahu-ketu_The Mahabharata.pdf 143 KB
Wrong Makara Sankranti.doc 13 KB
wrong sankrantis.pdf 83 KB
retro planets maps 292 KB
Ptolemy epicycles.pdf 32 KB
Retrograde_Wikipedia.pdf 86 KB
wiki_ Deferent and epicycle.pdf 34 KB
wiki_Geocentric model.pdf 134 KB
Site Map.html 54 KB
Vedic planetarium Diagram 12,7 MB
IMAG0042.jpg 2,2 MB
IMAG0043.jpg 2,2 MB
IMAG0044.jpg 2,8 MB
IMAG0045.jpg 2,7 MB
IMAG0046.jpg 2,8 MB
Heliocentric theory is wrong.rtfd 10,7 MB
Jyotish_Ancient Indian Geocentric Astronomy_ban.pdf 1,1 MB
Moving the Earth_THE GEOCENTRIC VIEW.pdf 526 KB
Vedic Cosmology pictures_sadaputa 1,4 MB
bhumandala_and_brahmanda.jpg 31 KB
cakra_chart copy.jpg 71 KB
cakras_planetary_heights.jpg 57 KB
Distance.jpg 396 KB
generic_world_disk.jpg 78 KB
higher_planets.jpg 32 KB
jambudvipa_mapped_to_globe.jpg 77 KB
Jambudvipa.jpg 75 KB
lower_lokas.jpg 52 KB
mahavisnu_and_supersoul.jpg 55 KB
Meru and base (still).jpg 118 KB
meru on top.jpg 103 KB
meru_enoch.jpg 57 KB
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planets boundaries.jpg 90 KB
sundvipa.jpg 40 KB
Svarga and garbhodaka ocean.jpg 33 KB
World Description_Visvananda Tirtha.pdf 401 KB
earth_hollow 116,2 MB
Antarctica/ Hollow Earth Agartha.webarchive 4,6 MB
Eidetic Geocentrism.webarchive 6,0 MB
Electric Sun_magnetic hearth.webarchive 2,8 MB
Heliocentric theory is wrong_pt1.webarchive 9,8 MB
Heliocentrism Is Dead_There Is No Stellar Parallax by Anthony Migchels.webarchive 5,2 MB
Holes near the poles.webarchive 21,6 MB
hollow hearth_sampradaya.webarchive 1,8 MB (click on index to view all site offline) 19,7 MB
1815.htm 48 KB
a_brok13.jpg 11 KB
a_broken_auroral_ring.htm 8 KB
a_terra_oca_e_os_puranas.htm 17 KB
abduction_of_duryodhana.htm 13 KB
Alice!.htm 20 KB
Alice!1.gif 5 KB
Alice!4.jpg 7 KB
Alice!5.gif 8 KB
Almas_of_Asia.htm 22 KB
American_Indian.htm 14 KB
Antarc8.jpg 18 KB
Antarc9.jpg 19 KB
Antarc10.jpg 19 KB
Antarc11.jpg 20 KB
Antarc12.jpg 20 KB
Antarc13.jpg 20 KB
Antarc15.jpg 45 KB
Antarctic aurora.htm 11 KB
AntarcticAurora123.htm 12 KB
antartic_ozone_image.htm 6 KB
Apache_Underground.htm 22 KB
Arctic_Home_Vedas.htm 64 KB
Arctic_Home.htm 10 KB
Ariana.htm 32 KB
aryan_1.jpg 51 KB
aryan_3.jpg 56 KB
aryan_invasion.htm 19 KB
aurora_absence_of_solar.htm 6 KB
aurora_shoots_up.htm 7 KB
aurora12.jpg 17 KB
balls_of_light.htm 9 KB
br-lgflag.gif 6 KB
Canals_Mars.htm 11 KB
capitu1.gif 63 KB
capitulo_iv.htm 31 KB
cavern_worlds.htm 9 KB
cavern1.gif 111 KB
cavern3.jpg 9 KB
Chandore_Port.htm 5 KB
Chapte_Four_of_Marshall_B.htm 25 KB
Chinese_Cave Heavens.htm 8 KB
circul1.gif 30 KB
circular.htm 8 KB
Crater4.jpg 110 KB
CraterOrigin.htm 8 KB
Curvat8.jpg 30 KB
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Shambala.htm 9 KB
smoky_god_home.htm 1 KB
Sons_of_Sagara.htm 53 KB
the_sm1.jpg 94 KB
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the_sm3.jpg 104 KB
the_sm4.jpg 112 KB
the_sm5.jpg 105 KB
the_sm6.jpg 6 KB
the_sm7.jpg 99 KB
the_sm8.jpg 95 KB
the_sm9.jpg 99 KB
the_smokey_god.htm 117 KB
Three Dog Night - Shambala.mp3 3,3 MB
Thunderbirds!.htm 12 KB
Ubajara.htm 16 KB
underg1.gif 59 KB
underg2.jpg 26 KB
underground_abductions.htm 19 KB
underground_brazil.htm 62 KB
Underground_UFOs.htm 19 KB
Vedic_3.jpg 44 KB
Vedic_4.jpg 51 KB
Vedic_Culture_Remains.htm 19 KB
Venezu1.jpg 8 KB
Venezuela.htm 14 KB
Venus.3.jpg 23 KB
Venus.4.jpg 33 KB
Venus.5.gif 867 bytes
Venus.htm 30 KB
VenusDoubleVortexII.jpg 11 KB
Venusi1.gif 127 KB
Venusi2.gif 64 KB
Venusi3.gif 112 KB
Venusi4.gif 95 KB
Venusi4.jpg 9 KB
Venusian_Cusps.htm 11 KB
ZR-1.h12.jpg 19 KB
ZR-1.htm 21 KB
Jyotish_hollow earth in puranas.pdf 1,3 MB
Newton's Theory of Gravity and the Hollow Earth.webarchive 8,1 MB
Parallel world hidden inside Earth.doc 30 KB
Parallel world hidden inside Earth.pdf 52 KB
Seven_Days north of tibet_ hollow earth.webarchive 240 KB
Symmes hollow hearth 16,4 MB
Book extract_Duane A. Griffin_Hollow Earth.pdf 176 KB
Book_1826_Symmes theory of concentric spheres.pdf 1,7 MB
Hollow Earth - Subterranean Bases.webarchive 3,9 MB
Hollow Earth Theory.docx 22 KB
Hollow Earth Theory.pdf 69 KB
Hollow Earth_A Study of the Hollow Earth.webarchive 2,2 MB
NASA Receives Radio Signals from the Center of the Earth.webarchive 5,1 MB
Stories of a Hollow Earth.webarchive 3,2 MB
Symmes pledge.rtfd 134 KB
The Hollow Earth in Science by Duane Griffin.webarchive 11,0 MB
The Smoky God_A Voyage to the Inner World.rtfd 2,0 MB
The Sons of Sagara in the Hollow Earth.webarchive 55 KB
World Top Secret_Our Earth Is Hollow.pdf 5,5 MB
flaws in modern theories 78,7 MB
Gravity – observations and theory.webarchive 1,7 MB
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How Far Can the Hubble See.webarchive 7,1 MB
Human Space Travel Investigated.webarchive 12,9 MB
Is the moon an optical illusion.webarchive 16,1 MB
Space machines do not orbit the Earth – The Wild Heretic.webarchive 35,9 MB
The Astrolabe/ the original astronomical computer.webarchive 4,9 MB
History 370,6 MB
Al Biruni 49,8 MB
Jyotish_1000_Al Biruni_The Chronology of Ancient Nations 1879.pdf 13,5 MB
Jyotish_1888_Alberuni's India_vol1.pdf 11,6 MB
Jyotish_1888_Alberuni's India_vol2.pdf 11,6 MB
Jyotish_1910_Alberuni's India_vol.1.pdf 6,6 MB
Jyotish_1910_Alberuni's India_vol2.pdf 6,5 MB
articles 35,4 MB
5 year yuga in vedanga.pdf 139 KB
5 year yuga of the Vedanta Jyotisa.pdf 146 KB
19 Year Yuga of Rik Jyotish.pdf 543 KB
A brief history of astrology.doc 17 KB
About Parasara Siddhanta.pdf 413 KB
AL_BIRUNI One of the greatest scientists.pdf 99 KB
Ancient Astrology.pdf 248 KB
Ancient silk road.png 2,7 MB
Archaic Astronomy of Parasara and Vriddha Garga.pdf 1,2 MB
Astrology and the Ramayana by H R Shankar.pdf 53 KB
Astrology and the Ramayana by H R Shankar.rtf 13 KB
Astrology history.pdf 965 KB
Astronomy and Astrology in India and Iran_David Pingree.pdf 441 KB
Dates of Indian astronomy Texts.pdf 481 KB
Dating of Rohini Sakata Bheda.pdf 226 KB
Gotras of Rishis.pdf 380 KB
Graham hancock_Fingerprints of the Gods.pdf 5,6 MB
Graphic_Ancient map of India in 600 BC.jpg 28 KB
Graphic_Ancient map of India.jpg 785 KB
Hindu Predictive Astrology.rtfd 149 KB
History of Astrology_Barbara Giles.pdf 613 KB
Horoscopes and Public Spheres Essays on the History of Astrology.pdf 10,2 MB
How many kinds of Yugas are there.rtfd 4,6 MB
Introduction of Persian Astronomy into India.pdf 333 KB
Jyotish In Ramayana.pdf 204 KB
kalaganana.pdf 285 KB
Krishna & the Unicorn of the Indus Seals_Mahabharata.pdf 256 KB
Medieval Chartres - The Zodiac of the cathedral stained glasses .webarchive 611 KB
medieval history.pdf 134 KB
Origin and Development of Jyotisha Sastra.pdf 269 KB
Origin Of Astrology.pdf 88 KB
Origin Of Astrology.rtf 26 KB
Post Vedic Astronomy_S.D. Sharma.pdf 425 KB
rishis lineage_gothras.pdf 1,1 MB
Sarasvati River and Chronology.pdf 806 KB
The Emperor Hadrian & Astrology.pdf 97 KB
The Influence of Astrology and Stellar Religion on Early Christianity.pdf 169 KB
Tradition of Aryabhatiya in Kerala.pdf 255 KB
Yojanas_Meru is the Great Pyramid.pdf 198 KB
Astrology in the early Byzantine empire and th...nti-astrology stance of the church fathers.pdf 223 KB
Book_1800_John Barrett_ An Enquiry into the Origin of the Constellations_Zodiacal.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_1821_Iamblichus_Mysteries of the Egyptians_Chaldeans and Assyrians.pdf 3,9 MB
Book_1849_Zadkiel_Astrology and the Popish Priestcraft.pdf 622 KB
Book_1872_Dupuis_Origin of All Religious Worship.pdf 8,9 MB
Book_1877_M.S.S. Singh_History Of Nepal.pdf 10,3 MB
Book_1900_ Brief History of Astrology.pdf 74 KB
Book_1901_J. F. Hewitt_History and chronology of the myth-making age.pdf 11,3 MB
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Book_1901_Jermain G. Porter_The Stars in Song and Legend.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1911_Cumont_Astology & Religion Among the Greeks and Romans.pdf 4,8 MB
Book_1919_Bessie Leo_The Life and Work of Alan Leo Theosophist.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_1942_Astrology_its history and influence in the western world_Ellen McCaffer.pdf 6,5 MB
Book_1949_Ernest Busenbark_symbols_sex_and the Stars.pdf 9,4 MB
Book_1954_catalogue of the persian_turkish_hindustani and pushtu manuscripts_part 3.pdf 6,4 MB
Book_1954_P. Moore_Suns Myths & Men.pdf 5,2 MB
Book_1969_George Bayer_Turning 400 Years of Astrology.pdf 4,0 MB
Book_1971_R.C. Majumdar_History Of Ancient Bengal.pdf 15,9 MB
Book_1984_J.L. Shastri_vol.26_Ancient Indian Trradition and Mythology.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_1984_Stephen Arroyo_The practice and ...g our lost connections with the cosmos.pdf 3,2 MB
Book_1989_Warren Kenton_Astrology The Celestial Mirror.pdf 7,5 MB
Book_1998_Robert Hand_Chronology of the A...he Middle East and the West by Period.pdf 714 KB
Book_2005_Benson Bobrick_The Fated Sky_Astrology in History.pdf 2,0 MB
Book_2010__Christians And Astrology.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_2011_Michael Ryan_A Kingdom of Starga... astrology in Spain_Aragon_Inquisition.pdf 564 KB
Book_2013_Milan Monica Azzolini_The Duke and the Stars.pdf 3,0 MB
Book_2013_Monica Azzolini_The Duke and the...logy and Politics in Renaissance Milan.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_2013_Pat Holliday_Astrology_stairway to heaven.pdf 310 KB
Book_A Brief History of Ancient Astrology_Roger beck.pdf 1,3 MB
Book_George Curtis_Ancient Knowledge.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_J. H. Hill_Astral Worship.pdf 767 KB
Book_J.holden_five medieval astrologers.pdf 2,7 MB
Book_William R. Newman and A. and Alchemy in Early Modern Europe.pdf 2,8 MB
dating Mahabharata Kali-yuga etc._ 60,5 MB
1938_Tables for the Reduction of Hindu Dates from the Data of the Surya-Siddhanta.pdf 1,3 MB
A Fresh Glimpse of the Date of Mahabharata_1995.pdf 104 KB
Astrology and the Ramayana by H R Shankar.pdf 53 KB
Astrology and the Ramayana by H R Shankar.rtf 13 KB
Astronomical_References_in_Mahabharata.pdf 149 KB
Book_1915_E. W. Hopkins_Epic Mythology_Indian Gods.pdf 9,4 MB
Book_1972_C.Mabel Duff_The Chronology Of Indian History.pdf 14,7 MB
Book_1978_A.N. Chandra_The Date Of Kurukshetra War.pdf 4,3 MB
Eclipses And Planetary Positions In Mahabharata (dragged).pdf 93 KB
Indian Planetary Models From Aryabhata to Nilakantha_2008.pdf 499 KB
Jyotish_1931_N. Jagannada Rao_The age of the Mahabharata war.pdf 2,4 MB
Jyotish_1942_K. L. Dafkari_Astronomical method to the chrolology of India.pdf 6,5 MB
Jyotish_1969_Srinivas Raghavan_Date of Mahabharata war and Kaili Yugadhi.pdf 845 KB
Jyotish_2007_Kosla Vepa_Astronomical dating of events from Indian history.pdf 10,2 MB
Jyotish_Dating of Mahabharata.pdf 4,0 MB
Jyotish_The Scientific Dating of the Mahabharat_P.V. Vartak_1981.pdf 2,2 MB
Jyotish_The Scientific Dating Ramayana and the Vedas_P.V. Vartak.pdf 2,4 MB
Krsna mahabarata date.doc 25 KB
Krsna mahabarata date.pdf 55 KB
Krsna Samhita_Bhaktivinoda thakur.pdf 530 KB
Lord Krishna – An epic hero or a historical reality.pdf 210 KB
Mahabharata reference to Sidereal system.rtfd 106 KB
next krita yuga_Pusya star.rtf 3 KB
note on Kali era.pdf 267 KB
Jyotish_1903_Tilak Lokamanya_The Arctic Home In The Vedas.pdf 1,7 MB
Jyotish_1925_B.G. Tilak_Vedic Chronology and Vedanga Jyotisha.pdf 3,8 MB
Jyotish_1927_Bently_A Historical View Of The Hindu Astronomy.pdf 6,1 MB
Jyotish_1947_P.C. Senagupta_Ancient Indian Chronology.pdf 7,6 MB
Jyotish_1964_R. V. Vaidya_Astronomical Light On Vedic Culture.pdf 2,2 MB
Jyotish_Ancient Astronomy.pdf 9,4 MB
Jyotish_Babylon Horoscopes_Sreenadh.pdf 533 KB
Jyotish_History of Indian Astronomy part1.pdf 10,4 MB
Jyotish_History of Indian Astronomy part2.pdf 26,9 MB
Jyotish_Marriage and Divorce of Astronomy and Astrology.pdf 1,2 MB
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Jyotish_Ptolemy's geography 1908.pdf 2,0 MB
Varahamihira's epoch 25,2 MB
India as seen in the brhatsamhita of Varahamihira_1969.pdf 17,0 MB
Varahamihira and His Times.pdf 8,2 MB
Jyotish_The greatness of Sri Gayatri _Origin of astronomy and astrology.pdf 2,8 MB
we'll know our disinformation program is comple...verything the american public believes is1,8 false
Isn’t this a conspiracy too far.webarchive 1,8 MB
birth rectification_nashta 600,2 MB
Astrological Techniques and Uncertain Birth Times.pdf 112 KB
Birth rectification_ Pancha Tattva 512,7 MB
Birth Time Rectification And The 10th House In Navamsa.pdf 422 KB
Birth Time Rectification_Michael Jackson.pdf 132 KB
Birth Time Rectification_The Chandra Navamsa Paddathi System.pdf 379 KB
Birth time rectification.pdf 250 KB
Books for Birth Time Rectification.pdf 11 KB
horoscope without date and time_find them.pdf 117 KB
Jyotish_1959_Nadi birth Rectification.pdf 7,7 MB
Jyotish_1995_Sumeet Chugh_Horary Astrolog...arauday Shastra_prasna with 5 tattvas.pdf 1,3 MB
Jyotish_2015_B. Bosmia_Easy Way To Learn KP Birth Time Rectification.pdf 3,4 MB
panca tattva theory 13,9 MB
French_Book. 1910_Rama Prasada.La science...souffle et la philosophie des Tattvas.pdf 5,3 MB
PANCA TATVA copy.pdf 178 KB
Pancha Pakshi extract.pdf 2,7 MB
Pancha Pakshi software 5,7 MB
Panch Pakshi Software exampple report.pdf 143 KB
Panch Pakshi Software.webarchive 5,6 MB
Pancha Tattva Theory.pdf 26 KB
Rayadhu about nadi & rectification 7,0 MB
Birth rectification_Tatwa Siddhanta.pdf 225 KB
Interpretation Of Varga Charts And Nadi Chart.pdf 4,2 MB
Interpretation Of Varga Charts And Nadi Chart.rtf 1,9 MB
Nadi astro.pdf 84 KB
Nadi astro.rtf 80 KB
Tattvas_150 Nadi amsas.pdf 395 KB
Tattvas_150 Nadi amsas.rtf 199 KB
Tattwa and Birthtime Rectification_Visti Larsen.pdf 102 KB
Tattwa and Birthtime Rectification_Visti Larsen2.pdf 273 KB
using progressions for rectification_videos 477,5 MB
Astrology Testing the Accuracy of a Birth Time (Part 1 of 3).mp4 31,6 MB
Astrology Testing the Accuracy of a Birth Time (Part 2 or 3).mp4 35,8 MB
Astrology Testing the Accuracy of a Birth Time (Part 3 of 3) .flv 6,0 MB
Sarastrology - How to Rectify a Chart in 10 Steps .flv 58,9 MB
Sarastrology - How To Rectify Your Birth Chart (Part 1 of 4) .flv 53,7 MB
Sarastrology - How to Rectify Your Birth Chart (Part 2 of 4) .flv 77,7 MB
Sarastrology - How to Rectify Your Birth Chart (Part 3 of 4) .flv 59,2 MB
Sarastrology - How to Rectify Your Birth Chart (Part 4 of 4) .flv 153,5 MB
Testing the Accuracy of a Birth Time_divyapurusa.doc 498 KB
Testing the Accuracy of a Birth Time_divyapurusa.pdf 580 KB
Visti Larsen_Tattva rectification.pdf 208 KB
Birth Rectification_Complete_Sreenadh.pdf 673 KB
Birth Time Rectification through KP Astrology.pdf 81 KB
Book_1798_Genethliacal astrology comprehendi...enquiry into_Worsdale John_rectification.pdf 4,4 MB
Book_1930_Robert de Luce_Rectification Of The Horoscope.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_2008_Carol Tebbs_the Complete Book Of Chart Rectification.pdf 3,4 MB
Book_Ciro Discepolo_The Protocol for Correction of Birth Time.pdf 46,0 MB
Gender Determination and birth rectification using KP_Astro 2.5 to 4.1.pdf 1,8 MB
Jyotish_A Text book of astrology_Anil Kumar Jain.pdf 10,6 MB
Jyotish_Astrology for Beginners_Anil Kumar Jain_rectification.pdf 495 KB
Jyotish_Moles or Birthmarks.pdf 1,2 MB
Jyotish_R. Santhanam_Nasta Jatakam_lost horoscopy.pdf 4,8 MB
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Jyotish_Rectification of birth time.pdf 2,4 MB
Jyotish_Rectification of BirthTime_P.S. Sastri.pdf 2,4 MB
Jyotish_Secrets of birth time rectification.pdf 2,5 MB
male female chart 923 KB
KP rectification 917 KB
A Gender Determination Technique_Kadirvelu.pdf 485 KB
Birth Time Verification – A Study.pdf 167 KB
Horoscope_Male or Female.pdf 204 KB
male female chart.pdf 55 KB
Marana Karaka Sthana.pdf 177 KB
Need for Accurate Lagna.pdf 119 KB
New approach to birth time rectification.pdf 70 KB
Presentation_venus in rectification_nadi method.pdf 1,3 MB
rectification of Birth Time with KP method.pdf 200 KB
Rectification of Birth Time with KP.pdf 70 KB
Rectification of Birth Time_ Sampath Kumar.pdf 37 KB
rectification with jigsaw_birth and countries.pdf 350 KB
Rectification with sirius? - Astrologers' Community.pdf 269 KB
Rectifying Charts using Astrology Software.pdf 178 KB
Tantra Jyotisha_Kunda..pdf 154 KB
Visti Larsen_Nashta Jataka_lost_horocope.pdf 160 KB
D-charts_ kalacakra_sarvatobhadra 159,6 MB
articles 6,7 MB
A Few Points On Varga Charts In Chart Delineation.pdf 54 KB
Concept Of Bhavottama.pdf 333 KB
D charts Dasa periods.pdf 170 KB
D charts predictions_seshadri_Iyer.o.pdf 183 KB
D7 D9_using saptamsa and navamsa charts in tropical charts.pdf 1,6 MB
Dasas in Divisional Charts.pdf 766 KB
Divisional Charts.pdf 184 KB
Divisional Reference.xlsx 10 KB
How to judge the effects from divisional charts.pdf 156 KB
Parashara Shodashavarga Observations - Sanjay Prabhakaran's jyotish page.pdf 106 KB
Presiding Deities of Vargas.pdf 82 KB
Role of Navamsa and Drekkana in Prediction.pdf 366 KB
shodas vargas_use of divisional charts.pdf 80 KB
shodasavargas.pdf 72 KB
Shodasha Varga Charts.pdf 113 KB
Shodashavarga Observations - Sanjay Prabhakaran's jyotish page.webarchive 2,0 MB
Systems and Divisions of Vedic Astrology_Christina Collins.pdf 87 KB
the Secrets Of Varga Charts.pdf 74 KB
The Sixteen Divisions.pdf 61 KB
visti_Divisional Interpretation.pdf 78 KB
visti_Divisions in horoscope interpretation.pdf 85 KB
Book_2012_The First 32 Harmonics_David Cochrane.pdf 4,3 MB
Book_John Addey_Harmonics in Astrology.pdf 3,3 MB
D2 1,4 MB
Definition of Hora_S.Rath.pdf 114 KB
Hora Chart Decoded.pdf 228 KB
hora varga_D 2.pdf 474 KB
Hora, the Least Understood Divisional Chart_Bhaktivedanta college.pdf 187 KB
Hora, the Least Understood Divisional Chart.pdf 61 KB
Parasaras Hora Chart Decoded_PVR Narasimha Rao.pdf 190 KB
Personal Finances from Hora Chart_P.V.R. Narasimha Rao.pdf 147 KB
D3_decanates 37,2 MB
36 decans 23,9 MB
benebell wen_learning the thirty six decans.pdf 257 KB
Book_1998_ Jacqueline Stallone_Star power-an astrological guide to supersuccess.pdf 8,0 MB
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Book_2012_God's Voice in the Stars Zodiac Signs and Bible Truth_decans.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_Stephen Pugh_ The 72 Faces of Man_decanates.pdf 1,9 MB
decanates and body parts.jpg 33 KB
decanates_The Faces, According to Ramesey and Coley – 41 KB
French_Book_1549_Jean de Hayn_Chiromance et physiognomie_sun in decanates.pdf 5,0 MB
Gadre Karine_thèse_astronomie egyptienne-decans.pdf 6,3 MB
learning the 36 decans.pdf 519 KB
results for ascendant_midheaven and nadir in decanates.pdf 658 KB
about stars rising with the 12 signs according albumasar great introduction.pdf 99 KB
D3_drekkana.pdf 390 KB
D3_Drekkhan.pdf 341 KB
David Pingree_The Indian Iconography of the Decans and Horas.pdf 1,9 MB
Decanate_G.K. Goel.pdf 220 KB
Description of decanates.pdf 131 KB
drekkana and body parts_sarajit poddar 149 KB
Drekkana and Body Parts.pdf 143 KB
Feminine Pecularities Based on Trimsamsa.pdf 178 KB
Introduction to Drekkana_slides.pdf 1,8 MB
Jagannatha Drekkana.pdf 312 KB
Jyotish_The Drekkana_A.K. Gour.pdf 5,9 MB
Presentation_drekkana_north_indian.pdf 1,8 MB
Uttama_Drekkanas.pdf 151 KB
D4 382 KB
chatuthamsa_conversion.pdf 269 KB
Turyamsa D4_chart.pdf 106 KB
D5_Trishansh_character of a woman 294 KB
Trishansh Chart and Inauspicious Times.pdf 294 KB
D7_Children, grandchildren 245 KB
Children, grandchildren, etc._Saptamsa Varga.pdf 164 KB
Saptamsa_Ernst Wilhem.pdf 81 KB
D9_navamsa 22,5 MB
64th navamsa 551 KB
Dispositors 64Th Navamsa Nidhanamsasthah Asthamamsa.pdf 259 KB
the use of the 64th navamsa.pdf 45 KB
Transits On 64th Navamsas.pdf 246 KB
Brihat Parashari_principles Operating On Navamsha By Shridhar Govind Joshi.pdf 1,3 MB
concepts of navamsa_D9 chart.pdf 2,9 MB
D9_find Ishta_Devata.pdf 141 KB
D9_visti_Navamsa_Karma_and God.pdf 60 KB
dispositors of rasi and navamsa.docx 112 KB
dispositors of rasi and navamsa.pdf 164 KB
Effects Of Navamsa.pdf 93 KB
Jyotish_Raj Kumar_Charisma of navamsha.pdf 4,8 MB
Navamsa and marriage topics.pdf 2,6 MB
Navamsa Calculation.pdf 130 KB
Navamsa in astrology 7,9 MB
extracts from navamsas in astro.pdf 79 KB
Jyotish_Navamsa in astrology_C. Patel.pdf 7,8 MB
p.36 & 48 Amitabha Bachchan.jhd 147 bytes
p.36 Rama rao.jhd 153 bytes
p.42 Nathuram vinayaka godse.jhd 140 bytes
p.43 Bhutto_ Zufilkar Ali.jhd 146 bytes
p.44 and 92-Gandhi_ Indira.jhd 145 bytes
p.44 B.V.Raman.jhd 67 bytes
Navamsa in astrology_extract_Bad place in D9.pdf 126 KB
pushkar navamsa_Blue Lotus Technique.pdf 332 KB
Pushkar Navamsa_Thy experiments towards truth_The Blue Lotus Technique.pdf 453 KB
Pushkara Navamsha.pdf 79 KB
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Pushkara Navamsha.rtf 42 KB
rasi tulya navamsa.pdf 117 KB
Rasi_Tulya Navamsa.pdf 291 KB
The use of Navamsa in Horary Astrology.pdf 78 KB
D10- Kalachakra 23,1 MB
Dasamsa use.pdf 56 KB
Kalacakra 21,8 MB
D10_ kalacakra_Puja_ dasa 3,6 MB
how to use Kalachakra Dasa.pdf 70 KB
Kāla Chakra dasa.pdf 622 KB
kalacakra & Karakas2.pdf 121 KB
kalacakra and dasamsa.pdf 121 KB
kalacakras puja & dasamsas deities.pdf 256 KB
KALACHAKRA DASA & birth rectif..pdf 394 KB
Kalachakra mandala.pdf 12 KB
MY Analysis_ yogini_ D10_ Kalacakra2.pdf 274 KB
Nine Mandalas of the Shri Yantra.pdf 43 KB
Prana in the Kalachakra.pdf 113 KB
PRASNA MARGA part I by B.V.Raman.doc alias 901 KB
Time and the Kalachakra By Maha Yogi Paramahamsa Dr.Rupnathji.pdf 442 KB
Workshop on dasamsa.pdf 261 KB
Eight petal lotus of the Heart Chakra.pdf 86 KB
Explanation of the Kalachakra initiation.pdf 695 KB
Jyotish_Kaala chakra dasha system_Shakti Mohan Singh.pdf 13,5 MB
Kaal Chakra Dasha_Best of all dashas 2,6 MB
Kaal Chakra Dasha_Best of all dashas_K.N. Rao.pdf 226 KB
Kalacakra Astrology.pdf 184 KB
Kalachakra Dasa System_A New Research.pdf 465 KB
Kalachakra Dasa Tutorial_original2.pdf 301 KB
Kalachakra Dasa_a critical review_Shakti Mohan Singh.pdf 132 KB
Kalachakra Dasha.pdf 560 KB
Part-1 & 2_Transit Jupiter Impact on Jupiter Mahadas_Kalachakra Rashi Dasa.pdf 683 KB
Reasoning for President Putin_Kalachakra Rashi Dasa.pdf 64 KB
Kalacakra Astrology_E. Henning.pdf 184 KB
kalachakra_4 directions & Vastu.pdf 498 KB
Kalachakra_Assimilation of Astrology in Tibet.pdf 257 KB
Kalachakra_Dasa Calculations_Telugu Book_English Translation.pdf 256 KB
Secrets of dvi graha blessings_Zodiac directions.pdf 51 KB
Presentation_Dasamsa_Loss and Gain in Career.pdf 388 KB
Role of dasamsa and vimshottari dasa2.pdf 291 KB
The Fascinating Dashamamsha.pdf 537 KB
D12_family-parents 934 KB
A Less Known Technique of Prediction_R.Santhanam_kind of D12.pdf 90 KB
How to analyze about Parents from Native_D12.pdf 573 KB
Use of Dwadasamsa chart in prediction via padma Chakra method.pdf 272 KB
D20 286 KB
D20_Upasanamsa_Vimsamsa3.pdf 279 KB
D24 407 KB
Correct Siddhamsa _D24_ of Pararsara.pdf 260 KB
D24_Siddhamsa.pdf 141 KB
D30_Trimsamsha_zodiacal degrees 5,3 MB
Book_1494_Angelus-Astrological optics_360 types of ascendants_must read.pdf 3,8 MB
Book_1879_Raphael_A Description of the Fa...and Degrees of the Zodiac_Raphael_D30.pdf 258 KB
Book_Esther Leinbach_Degrees Of The Zodiac.pdf 822 KB
Rediscovering The Trimsamsha Chart.pdf 276 KB
Zero Degree Aries Point.pdf 108 KB
D60 1,2 MB
Chapter 11_th Analysis of shashtamsha_Nieizv.pdf 282 KB
D60-importance of Shastiamsa.pdf 38 KB
Decoding of Nadiamsha_Jitender Kumar.pdf 433 KB
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Secrets of Shastiamsa_1 & 2.pdf 301 KB
Secrets of Shastiamsa_3_D60 and BCP.pdf 114 KB
Secrets Of Shastiamsa_preface.pdf 49 KB
Harmonic charts_western 2,8 MB
Age Harmonics_ solfire.pdf 196 KB
Bob Marks_Harmonics.pdf 2,4 MB
essay_Planetary Harmonics_Interview with Larry Berg.pdf 212 KB
Jyotish_1990_V.K. Choudhry_How to Study Divisional Charts.pdf 2,1 MB
Jyotish_2009_N.N. Sharma_Interpreting Divisional Charts.pdf 2,7 MB
Jyotish_a study of the Vargas_K.S. Charak.pdf 490 KB
Jyotish_Delineation & dynamic configuration_M.N. Kedar.pdf 3,1 MB
Jyotish_J.S. Venkatachala Sastri_The seven aspects of life_Sapta Varga Phala.pdf 593 KB
Jyotish_Krishna Kumar_Secret of Vargas.pdf 5,2 MB
Jyotish_Raj Kumar_Vargas_a Vedic approach_Kindle available.pdf 5,9 MB
pancha Koshas and all D charts 288 KB
Upanishadic Pancha Koshas And Vedic Astrology Charts.pdf 261 KB
What Srila Prabhupada said about pancha Koshas.pdf 21 KB
Sarvatobhadra 19,2 MB
anka syllables_ sarvatobhadra 2,9 MB
anka syllables & sarvatobhadra.pdf 459 KB
Jyotish_Mystics of sarvatobhadra cakra.pdf 1,5 MB
pada sounds.pdf 270 KB
sanskrit alphabet.pdf 72 KB
sarvathobhadra cakra drawing.jpg 188 KB
sarvatobhadra & navamsa chart.doc 150 KB
sarvatobhadra & navamsa chart4.pdf 181 KB
Sarvatobhadra Chakra.pdf 98 KB
Introduction to Sarvatobhadra Chakra.pdf 332 KB
Jyotish_Sarvatho bhadra chakra.pdf 2,3 MB
Nakshatra Gochara with Sarvato Bhadra.pdf 178 KB
Sangatta-Nakshatra-Chakra.jpg 191 KB
Sarvatobhadra chakra_basics.pdf 194 KB
Sarvatobhadra color chart.pdf 568 KB
Sarvatobhadra_Chakra_1 to 5_Prof. Anthony Writer.pdf 1,2 MB
Sarvatobhadra_Chakra.pdf 201 KB
Sarvotobhadra Example - Sanjay Prabhakaran.webarchive 2,0 MB
SBC BW.jpg 2,0 MB
SBC Color.jpg 1,9 MB
Shata Pada Chakra - Sanjay Prabhakaran.webarchive 2,0 MB
Varaha Mihira's Sarvato Bhadra .pdf 2,0 MB
Varaha Mihira`s SarvatoBhadra Chakra.pdf 1,4 MB
Using saptamsa & navamsa charts in western tropical astrology_Fei Cochrane.pdf 851 KB
Varga cakra (s.rath) 8,8 MB
Ex 1 from p.279 (ex 34).jhd 142 bytes
Jyotish_Varga chakra_S. Rath.pdf 8,8 MB
Dashas_transits_astakavarga 336,2 MB
astakavarga 56,3 MB
Articles 4,2 MB
Ashtakavarga introduction.pdf 46 KB
Ashtakvarga and The Financial Astrology.pdf 79 KB
Ashtakvarga Thumb Rules.pdf 133 KB
Cycles within Cycles.pdf 527 KB
Karanam Ramakumar_Understanding Ashtakavarga in astrology.pdf 168 KB
Krushnas Ashtakavarga System.pdf 502 KB
The Use Of Asthakavarga As A Predictive Technique.pdf 1,5 MB
Use of Ashtaka varga in transit.pdf 1,0 MB
Use of Ashtakavarga in prediction.pdf 117 KB
Using Kakshyas Effectively_astakavarga.pdf 92 KB
Ashtakavarga Wheel software- KAS Astrology 9,0 MB
Ashtakavarga system - KAS Astrology.webarchive 732 KB
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Ashtakavarga Wheel - KAS Astrology.rtfd 1,9 MB
Krushnacharts-Southern 6.1.exe 6,4 MB
exel calculators 314 KB
Ashtakavarga 1.0.xls 302 KB
ashtasiddhi.xlsx 12 KB
Jyotish_2011_Vinay Aditya_Practical Ashtakavarga.pdf 2,5 MB
Jyotish_AIFAS_Saral ashtak varg siddhant.pdf 3,2 MB
Jyotish_Ashtakavarga system of prediction_Neelakantan.pdf 4,7 MB
Jyotish_Ashtakavarga_C.S. Patel_1957 ed.pdf 7,9 MB
Jyotish_Ashtakavarga_C.S. Patel_1996 ed.pdf 9,1 MB
Jyotish_Ashtakvarga_Metha_K.N.Rao.pdf 1,5 MB
Jyotish_Ashtakvarga_Metha-K.N.Rao-retyped.pdf 2,7 MB
Jyotish_Krushna's Lessons_Ashtakavarga.pdf 2,3 MB
Jyotish_Secrets of ashtakavarga_P. S. Sastri.pdf 7,1 MB
Jyotish_Secrets of astakavarga_ P. S. Sastri_retyped.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_1998_Brady Bernadette_The Eagle and the Lark.pdf 9,1 MB
Dashas 139,7 MB
arabic planetary timing_dasha.pdf 241 KB
Dasha systems_ Saptarishis magazine 2,1 MB
New Dimensions in Vimshottari Dasha System.pdf 252 KB
Observations on Ashtottari Dasha System.pdf 248 KB
Observations on the Vimshottari Dasha System_all 2 parts.pdf 330 KB
Simplifying dasas.pdf 379 KB
Sthiradasa_Concepts and Illustrations.pdf 341 KB
Tara Dasa.pdf 227 KB
Vimshottari Dasha Logic_Krushna.pdf 275 KB
Dasha talks .txt 16 KB
death inflicting dasas.pdf 89 KB
Jyotish_2015_Kapiel Raaj_Mahadashas at The Speed of Light.pdf 1,9 MB
Jyotish_Crux of vedic astrology_S.Rath_retyped.pdf 5,4 MB
Jyotish_Crux of vedic astrology_S.Rath.pdf 13,7 MB
Jyotish_Encyclopedia of vedic astro_dasa systems_Shanker Adawal.pdf 9,1 MB
other Dasas 1,1 MB
Sudarsana Chakra Dasa of any D chart 1,1 MB
Predicting Timing of Marriage Using Sudarshana Chakra Dasa.pdf 491 KB
Reasons for Delayed Marriage_Using Sudarshana Chakra Dasa.pdf 368 KB
Sudarshan Chakra Dasa_A New Approach.pdf 211 KB
RASI DASAS_phalita dasas 17,9 MB
jaimini Sthira dasha 922 KB
jaimini astrology_sthira dasha with case study_23 may 2014.docx 146 KB
jaimini astrology_sthira dasha with case study_23 may 2014.pdf 186 KB
Sthira Dasa of Parasara.pdf 589 KB
Analysing Narayana Dasa_Sarajit Poddar.pdf 203 KB
Brahma & Maheswara in Ayur Jyotisha_Sarajit Poddar.pdf 51 KB
Brahma dasa nd death.pdf 298 KB
Brahma_Rudra_Mahesh.docx 23 KB
Brahma_Rudra_Mahesh.pdf 70 KB
Drig Dasa_Rangacharya.pdf 236 KB
Drigdasa of Parasara_PVR.Rao.pdf 1,3 MB
Gangadhar Dasha_A Rasi Dasha.pdf 334 KB
Jyotish_Sumeet Chugh_Timing of events_Yogini Dasa_upto P.47.pdf 2,4 MB
Kaala Dasa and Chakra Dasa_P.V.R. Narasimha Rao.pdf 107 KB
Narayana -dasa 11,3 MB
interpretation of Narayan Dasa_Divya.doc 33 KB
interpretation of Narayan Dasa_Divya.pdf 74 KB
Jyotish_Narayana Dasa_S.Rath ban.pdf 3,4 MB
narayan dasa ex.Rao.doc 688 KB
narayan dasa ex.Rao.pdf 153 KB
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Narayan dasa examples.Rao.pdf 251 KB
Narayan dasa_Rafal Gendarz.pdf 277 KB
Narayana Dasa _Sanjay Rath_original.pdf 2,2 MB
Narayana Dasa _Sanjay Rath_retyped.pdf 2,6 MB
Narayana Dasa analysis.pdf 255 KB
Narayana Dasa_Narayana Dasa_varahamihira.blogspot tuition.pdf 245 KB
Narayana Dasa_varahamihira.blogspot.pdf 1,1 MB
Niryana Shoola Dasa.pdf 104 KB
sudasa_SJVC.pdf 53 KB
Timing of Events_using Jaimini Rashi Dashas.pdf 175 KB
Timing of Spiritual Events.pdf 339 KB
Towards an Understanding of Dasas.doc 200 KB
Towards an Understanding of Dasas.pdf 182 KB
UDU DASAS_naksatra dasas 87,0 MB
Concept of vargottama.pdf 912 KB
Dashas Primer_Rohiniranjan.pdf 798 KB
Graha Samaya Cheshta-Missing Links.pdf 217 KB
Graha samaya_kuja dosha_udu dasa.pdf 403 KB
Jyotish_1963_Robert De Luce_Constellatio...rology_According to the Hindu System.pdf 5,0 MB
Jyotish_2000_S.S. Chatterjee_Advanced predictive astrology_vol-2.pdf 8,0 MB
Jyotish_AIFAS_Prediction through Dasha & yogini.pdf 2,9 MB
Jyotish_Predicting through chatursheeti sama dasha_10th lord in 10.pdf 4,1 MB
Jyotish_Predicting Through Dwadashottari Dasha.pdf 1,9 MB
Jyotish_Predicting Through Shasti hayani dasha_2004_V.P. Goel.pdf 3,4 MB
Jyotish_Predicting Through Shodashottary dasha.pdf 1,8 MB
Jyotish_Sumeet Chugh_Conditional Dasas of sage Parasara.pdf 1,4 MB
Jyotish_synchronization of period_S.K.Metha.pdf 2,7 MB
Jyotish_Udu Dasa Phala Padhati_Missing Links of Hindu Astrology.pdf 277 KB
Jyotish_V.P. Goel_Predict effectively throught Yogini Dasha.pdf 1,6 MB
Jyotish_Yogini & kalacakra dasa.pdf 2,7 MB
Lagna Kendradi Graha Dasa or Moola Dasa; 790 KB
AK Kendradi Graha Dasa_P.V.R. Narasimha Rao.pdf 114 KB
Karaka Kendradi Dasha.pdf 333 KB
kendra,panaphara and apoklima_Moola Kendradi_3 Stages Of Life.pdf 223 KB
MOOLA DASA & lagna kendradi.pdf 84 KB
Moola Dasa_lagna kendradi Graha dasa.pdf 36 KB
Parasara Udu Dashas.pdf 78 KB
Parasara Udu Dashas.rtf 98 KB
tripapa chakras.pdf 61 KB
Udu Dashas - Sanjay Prabhakaran's jyotish page.webarchive 2,0 MB
Vimsottari 43,1 MB
A Novel Approach to Vimshottari Dasa System.pdf 143 KB
Basis of the Vimshottari Dasha System found in Rig Veda.pdf 153 KB
Book_Dean Dominic De Lucia_Astro Vedica Series_ Stellar Horoscopes.pdf 1,9 MB
Dasa Interpretation_by Hank Friedman.pdf 215 KB
Dasa Nirnaya_The Major periods.pdf 35 KB
Interpreting Vimshotari Dasha_Sarajit Poddar.pdf 67 KB
Jyotish_advanced study of vimshottari dasha_KK Pathak.pdf 7,7 MB
Jyotish_Dasha Nirnay_Vimsottari dasha_KN.Rao_ Z. Anzari.pdf 3,8 MB
Maha Dasha Ruler At Birth_Most Ignored Secret.pdf 247 KB
The Passage of Rahu in the Context of the Spiritual Life_Rahu Dasha.pdf 164 KB
timing vimsottari 28,2 MB
Analysis of Maha Dasha_Part 1_Born Leader.pdf 112 KB
Analysis of Maha Dasha_Part 3_Born to be Rich.pdf 109 KB
Analysis of Maha Dasha_Part 4_Successful Career_.o.pdf 217 KB
Chhadakas_Jupiter & Saturn obscuring houses in mahadasha.pdf 211 KB
Chhadakas.pdf 34 KB
Chhadakas.rtf 2 KB
Dashaphala_Nirupana.pdf 83 KB
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Helpful Hints on Predictive Astrology.pdf 66 KB
Helpful Hints on Predictive Astrology.rtf 17 KB
Jyotish_1935_V.G. Rele_Directional Astrology of the Hindus_Vimsottari.pdf 3,7 MB
Jyotish_Hindu dasa system.pdf 3,9 MB
KN Rao_Timing events through Vimshottari dasha 3,3 MB
charts 93 KB
1 USA lady p.34.jhd 155 bytes
9 pittsburgh lady p.64.jhd 154 bytes
11 boy p.75.jhd 141 bytes
13_ex.1 p.86 to 92 (BEST).jhd 145 bytes
13a_ex.2 p.92.jhd 138 bytes
13b_ex.3 p.96 (wrong moon on book).jhd 145 bytes
14 BV Raman.jhd 142 bytes
15 Vrajesvari Raman.jhd 140 bytes
16 american.jhd 166 bytes
17 male p 106.jhd 143 bytes
18 Gandhi_ Indira.jhd 147 bytes
18a Cayce_ Edgar.jhd 145 bytes
18a Cayce_ Edgar2.doc 35 KB
18a Cayce_ Edgar2.pdf 56 KB
20 Swami Purnananda.jhd 143 bytes
Jyotish_KN Rao_Timing events through Vimshottari dasha.pdf 3,2 MB
vimshottari_longevity S.Rath.pdf 49 KB
Vimsottari & udu dasa's by S. Rath 15,9 MB
charts in book page number 215 KB
vimsottari dasa p.135_OFFICER.jhd 138 bytes
vimsottari dasa p.138_ Krishnaraj.jhd 139 bytes
vimsottari dasa p.141_ death of brothers.jhd 141 bytes
vimsottari dasa p.143_ property.jhd 138 bytes
vimsottari dasa p.145_ education.jhd 142 bytes
vimsottari dasa p.146_Taylor_ Elizabeth.jhd 135 bytes
vimsottari dasa p.146_Taylor_ Elizabeth.pdf 205 KB
vimsottari dasa p.146_Taylor_ Elizabeth.txt 7 KB
vimsottari dasa p.156_illustration.jhd 142 bytes
vimsottari dasa p.164_S.Rath.jhd 142 bytes
vimsottari dasa p.180_ Ashok Yadav.jhd 145 bytes
vimsottari dasa p.183_ warangal.jhd 142 bytes
vimsottari dasa p.188_ Krsna.jhd 141 bytes
vimsottari dasa p.188_ Krsna2.jhd 141 bytes
vimsottari dasa p.196_ Aurobindo.jhd 140 bytes
vimsottari dasa p.201_telecom.jhd 145 bytes
vimsottari dasa p.204_ dancer.jhd 138 bytes
vimsottari dasa p.208_ businessman.jhd 142 bytes
vimsottari dasa p.212_ Prabhupada.jhd 140 bytes
vimsottari dasa p119_ Dhirubhai.jhd 141 bytes
vimsottari dasa p124_ Mahajan.jhd 144 bytes
vimsottari dasa p128_ Rao_ P.V..jhd 144 bytes
vimsottari dasa p132 NAVEEN PATNAIK.jhd 141 bytes
Jyotish_Vimsottari & udu dasas_S. Rath_retyped 2nd version_ban.pdf 4,5 MB
Jyotish_Vimsottari & udu dasas_S. Rath_retyped_ban.pdf 4,5 MB
Jyotish_Vimsottari & udu dasas_S. Rath.pdf 6,0 MB
Snap Shooting Vimshottari_part 1_from BPHS_Santhanam.pdf 257 KB
Vimsottari & udu dasas_ NOTES.doc 153 KB
Vimsottari & udu dasas_ NOTES.pdf 202 KB
vimsottari dasa SJVC.pdf 87 KB
Year lenght in Vimshottari 2.pdf 45 KB
Year lenght in Vimshottari 2.rtf 6 KB
Year lenght in Vimshottari.pdf 384 KB
Transit of Nakshatra Dasa Lord_P.V.R. Narasimha Rao.pdf 98 KB
Transits and Vimsottari Dasa Progression_P.V.R. Narasimha Rao.pdf 124 KB
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Understanding Dasas and Bhuktis_Ronnie Gale Dreyer.pdf 64 KB
Vimsottari_SJVC lesson.pdf 110 KB
What happens during Rahu Dasha.rtfd 41 KB
Yogini Dasha intro.doc 173 KB
Yogini Dasha intro.pdf 218 KB
Yogini Dasha.pdf 147 KB
Yoginis - Sanjay Prabhakaran's jyotish page.webarchive 2,0 MB
VDasa-Link_all in one_JHora based.ods 334 KB
Jyotish_AIFAS_Timing of events through Dasha and transit.pdf 1,7 MB
Jyotish_Anthony Writer_notes on predictive astrology_part 1.pdf 1,4 MB
Jyotish_Anthony Writer_notes on predictive astrology_part 2.pdf 864 KB
Jyotish_Essentials of Predictive Hindu Astrology_R. Santhanam.pdf 3,7 MB
Jyotish_Finer Techniques of Astrological Predictions_K.N.Rao.pdf 8,9 MB
Jyotish_How to time an event_ D.S. Mathur.pdf 3,8 MB
Jyotish_Know about Predictive Techniques_Shanker Adawal.pdf 9,6 MB
Jyotish_Learn Successful Predictive Techniques_KN Rao_ban.pdf 1,5 MB
Jyotish_Predicting through navamsa and nadi.pdf 6,6 MB
Jyotish_Raj Kumar_Charisma of Planets_ Timing Events.pdf 3,9 MB
Jyotish_Transits of the West – Dashas of the East – James Braha.pdf 4,9 MB
Obtaining and Commencing a Job Via Astrology.pdf 796 KB
Predict Sudden Rise In Life.pdf 263 KB
Predictive astro_M.N.Kedar 14,0 MB
Book. Predictive astro. M.N.Kedar.doc 6,7 MB
Book. Predictive astro. M.N.Kedar.pdf 412 KB
chart 1 p 84 & 87.jhd 138 bytes
chart 2 p 84 & 87.jhd 138 bytes
Jyotish_Predictive astrology_M.N.Kedar.pdf 6,9 MB
The Cycles System-Aavartan Paddhati.pdf 150 KB
Transits_gochara 69,0 MB
Bob Marks_Saturn & Pluto transits.pdf 6,7 MB
Bob Marks_Saturn and Pluto story_Grim reaper.pdf 5,4 MB
Book_1928_Transits_What days favor You_Reinhold Ebertin.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1974_Ima Roberts_Transits in plain English.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_1978_Lois Rodden_Modern transits.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_2011_Lauren Delsack_Study Guides_Transits-Timing and Events.pdf 1,3 MB
Book_2015_April Elliott Kent_Astrological Transits_The Beginner's Guide.pdf 6,3 MB
Conjunction Of a Planet and its star or rasi dispositor in transit.pdf 153 KB
Dasa Lord Transit _PVR Rao.pdf 76 KB
Gocharapala from moon.pdf 164 KB
Importance of TRANSIT Astrology.pdf 80 KB
Important Planetary Transits.pdf 177 KB
Jyotish_Gochar Phaladeepika_Dr. U.S. Pulippani.pdf 7,9 MB
Jyotish_Gochara phala_K.N. Saraswathy.pdf 1,9 MB
Jyotish_Know about Transit of Planets_ Shanker Adawal.pdf 8,4 MB
Jyotish_L.R. Chawdhri_Transit of Planets.pdf 5,1 MB
Jyotish_Scientific Astrology_Gochara_1958_S Somasundram.pdf 1,6 MB
Jyotish_The celestial delivery boy_Transit_A.K. Gour.pdf 4,6 MB
Jyotish_Transit of planets_Vinay Garg.pdf 2,3 MB
Jyotish_What The Stars foretell_1960_D. B. Taraporevala.pdf 6,7 MB
Life Pattern In The Light Of Major Planets Transits.rtfd 122 KB
Mars and Saturn tour Virgo.pdf 245 KB
Pada longitudes and Transit _PVR Rao.pdf 107 KB
padamsa_transit.pdf 136 KB
Padamsas and Transits.pdf 129 KB
Panoti Yoga.pdf 268 KB
Results of the Transiting Moon.pdf 61 KB
Results of the Transiting Moon.rtf 17 KB
Results of Transiting Moon_Niranjan Raut.pdf 64 KB
Results of Transiting Moon_Niranjan Raut.rtf 16 KB
Saturn transits & Sadhe sati 1,4 MB
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My Guru Deb_Saturn transit.pdf 931 KB
Sadesathi_A Bane Or A Boon.pdf 163 KB
saturn & remedies.txt 8 KB
Saturn and transit in Leo.pdf 233 KB
Saturn transit in Square houses - Time as a Process.pdf 91 KB
Stationary Planets in Transit _PVR Rao.pdf 57 KB
The Good Bad Years Months In Sidereal Astrology Shubha Abde Krura Abde.pdf 17 KB
Towards a Deeper Understanding of Transits.rtfd 119 KB
Transit Conjunctions on Natal Points_PVR Rao.pdf 83 KB
Transit of Nakshatra Dasa Lord.pdf 88 KB
Transit Short-Cuts_A Practical Tool_Bepin Behari.pdf 100 KB
Transits and Nakshatra Dasa Progression.pdf 1,2 MB
Transits and the Path of Transformation.rtfd 141 KB
Transits Of The Sun And Jupiter Through Shuba And Krura Signs.pdf 216 KB
Transits.doc 74 KB
Transits.pdf 142 KB
Two Novel Transit Principles.pdf 182 KB
Yearly Transits and Progressions for George W Bush.pdf 141 KB
Dictionaries_manuals_encyclopedias 130,6 MB
AstroDatabank Reference.pdf 746 KB
Book_1923_Charles Carter_Encyclopaedia Of Psychological Astrology.pdf 2,4 MB
dictionaries_glossaries_encyclopedias 107,5 MB
Astrology Dictionary.pdf 2,9 MB
Book_1819_James Wilson_A complete dictionnary of Astrology.pdf 15,8 MB
Book_1894_Harry Ezekiel Wedeck_Dictionary of astrology.pdf 4,0 MB
Book_1969_Dal Lee_Dictionary of astrology.pdf 3,0 MB
Book_1976_Nicholas deVore_ Encyclopedia of Astrology_ORIGINAL.pdf 6,6 MB
Book_1976_Nicholas deVore_ Encyclopedia of Astrology.pdf 1,7 MB
Book_1982_Jean Louis Brau_Larousse encyclopedia of astrology_A must.pdf 7,6 MB
Book_1985_Fred Gettings_Dictionary Of Astrology.pdf 16,4 MB
Book_1994_James R. Lewis_The astrology encyclopedia.pdf 15,7 MB
Book_2007_The little giant encyclopedia of the zodiac_western & chinese.pdf 7,4 MB
Book_greek astronomy dictionary.pdf 704 KB
Book_James R Lewis_Encyclopedia of Heavenly Influences.pdf 16,5 MB
Book_Sepharial_New Dictionary of Astrology.pdf 4,1 MB
encyclopedia of astrology.pdf 921 KB
Glossary of Astrological Terms_by Benebell.pdf 655 KB
glossary of astrology terms-2014-cunningham.pdf 121 KB
Jamini Dictionary.pdf 355 KB
Jyotish_Dictionary of astrology.pdf 3,1 MB
software manuals 19,9 MB
GJ 4,5 MB
Brochure.PDF 1,1 MB
Jyotish _basics.PDF 391 KB
Jyotish.PDF 302 KB
Jagannatha Hora features.pdf 75 KB
JHORA all help files.pdf 740 KB
JHora precise predictions.pdf 941 KB
Leo99 Manual.pdf 1,5 MB
PL 6.1 manual.pdf 1,9 MB
Solar Fire Gold.pdf 3,4 MB
Timepassage Astrology Software User Manual.pdf 6,9 MB
Example horoscopes_prophecies 577,0 MB
An Astrological Analysis of US School Shooting Massacres.pdf 262 KB
Astrological poetry of Ameer Khusro.pdf 348 KB
Bob Marks_Astrology of murderers & Serial Killers.pdf 9,0 MB
Book_1644_William Lilly_A prophecy of the white king.pdf 891 KB
Book_1645_William Lilly_collection of prophecies.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_1647_William Lilly_Worlds catastrophe.pdf 8,9 MB
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Book_1650_Placidus de Titis_A Collection of 30 nativities.pdf 3,7 MB
Book_1652_William Lilly_The dangerous conditions of the united provinces.pdf 220 KB
Book_1659_John Gadbury_Nativity of King Charles.pdf 3,1 MB
Book_1660_Lilly_Monarchy of the nations.pdf 190 KB
Book_1661_John Gadbury_Britains royal star.pdf 957 KB
Book_1677_William Lilly_Strange news from the east_comets.pdf 128 KB
Book_1684_John Merrifield_Turks lies and defeat_Sultan Mahomed_Louis XIV_.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_1812_P. Swift_Destiny of Europe_Napoleon chart.pdf 607 KB
Book_1884_ The Crisis in Egypt & How it Was Foretold.pdf 133 KB
Book_1917_Alan Leo_1001 Notable Nativities.pdf 2,8 MB
Book_1985_Sylvia Delong_Guideposts to mysti...and mundane interpretations_52 examples.pdf 3,2 MB
Book_Ciro Discepolo_Arts & Stars_examples.pdf 7,6 MB
Book_Gary Lorentzen_Reading a Chart.pdf 5,1 MB
Book_John Gadbury_Collection of Nativities.pdf 10,0 MB
Book_Moon Sign House Aspect_examples.pdf 4,1 MB
Book_Vladimir Petrov Kostov_History and Planetary Influences.pdf 1,0 MB
booklet_1897_5000 years after Kali_facts of science_global events.pdf 248 KB
Car Accidents.pdf 140 KB
Charts of Conflict and Battles_Bernadette Brady_Guido Bonatti’s methods.pdf 151 KB
D.Ambani discussion with Narayan Iyer - Sanjay Prabhakaran's jyotish page.webarchive 2,0 MB
Doomsday Predictions Sadam Hussein.doc 13 KB
Jyotish_Dhiraj Bakshi_The Case Studies and The Karmic Law.pdf 1,2 MB
Jyotish_Notable Horoscopes_BV.Raman.pdf 4,2 MB
Jyotish_Raj Kumar_765 Notable Horoscopes.pdf 11,1 MB
Lilly yearly predictions 117,8 MB
Book_Predictions for 1644_England_William Lilly.pdf 4,7 MB
Book_Predictions for 1644_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 788 KB
Book_Predictions for 1645_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_Predictions for 1646_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_Predictions for 1647_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_Predictions for 1648 to 1850_William Lilly.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_Predictions for 1648_William Lilly.pdf 2,7 MB
Book_Predictions for 1649_William Lilly_death of king.pdf 153 KB
Book_Predictions for 1649_William Lilly.pdf 2,7 MB
Book_Predictions for 1650_William Lilly.pdf 2,3 MB
Book_Predictions for 1651_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_Predictions for 1652_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,3 MB
Book_Predictions for 1653_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,3 MB
Book_Predictions for 1655_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_Predictions for 1656_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_Predictions for 1657_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_Predictions for 1658_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_Predictions for 1659_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,8 MB
Book_Predictions for 1660_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,9 MB
Book_Predictions for 1661_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,7 MB
Book_Predictions for 1662_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_Predictions for 1663_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,1 MB
Book_Predictions for 1664_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_Predictions for 1665_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,1 MB
Book_Predictions for 1666_William Lilly.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_Predictions for 1667 observations_William Lilly.pdf 278 KB
Book_Predictions for 1667_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,1 MB
Book_Predictions for 1668_William Lilly.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_Predictions for 1673_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_Predictions for 1676_England fires_William Lilly.pdf 207 KB
Book_Predictions for 1676_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 6,5 MB
Book_Predictions for 1677_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 7,3 MB
Book_Predictions for 1678_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 6,9 MB
Book_Predictions for 1680_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_Predictions for 1681_William Lilly.pdf 2,1 MB
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Book_Predictions for 1682_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 7,0 MB
Book_predictions for 1683_Catastrophe Mundi_William Lilly.pdf 11,8 MB
Book_Predictions for 1683_William Lilly.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_Predictions for 1684_William Lilly.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_Predictions for 1685_William Lilly_Anglicus.pdf 2,4 MB
Nostradamus 27,7 MB
Book_1891__Charles A. Ward_Oracles of Nostradamus.pdf 5,1 MB
Book_1891_Chas. A. Ward_Oracles of Nostradamus.pdf 5,5 MB
Book_2002_David Ovason_The secrets of Nostr...terpretation of the master's prophecies.pdf 11,8 MB
French_Book_1611_Nostradamus propheties_full_in old french.pdf 5,0 MB
Horoscope of Nostradamus by Yeluripati Krishna Rao.pdf 52 KB
Horoscope of Nostradamus by Yeluripati Krishna Rao.rtf 11 KB
Nostradamus on the Past and Future Political Career of Hillary Clinton.pdf 51 KB
Predicting Global Disasters_Rohini_Nostradamus.pdf 200 KB
people's horoscopes 84,1 MB
1957_Abraham Lincoln before 1860_Birth and Astrological Predictions.pdf 174 KB
2010_Gubernatorial_Election.pdf 566 KB
2014 Lok Sabha Elections in India_.pdf 137 KB
2014 Republic of India_Between June and Dec 2014.pdf 266 KB
A Character Study of Timothy McVeigh_Marguerite dar Boggia.txt 17 KB
Abraham Lincoln Assassination.pdf 210 KB
Active astrology1.pdf 89 KB
Actor James Gandolfini_Death Analysis.pdf 181 KB
Analyzing Life Events of Late Javid Iqbal-Retd. Supreme Court Judge_Pakistan.pdf 342 KB
Angelina Jolie_Margaret George.pdf 170 KB
Angelina Jolie_Ray Sette.pdf 114 KB
Astrobiographical Sketch of B.V. Raman_KN Rao_all 2 Parts.pdf 716 KB
Astrological biography of Savarkar the Great.pdf 156 KB
Astrological psychology in the hubert method.pdf 227 KB
Atal Behari Vajpai_K.N. Rao.pdf 316 KB
Batman And James Eagen Holmes.pdf 177 KB
Best Of Ancient Indian astrology classes.pdf 1,0 MB
Betty Ford_Joni Patry.pdf 77 KB
Bill Clinton and the Lewinsky Scandal_Solar Return.pdf 115 KB
Bill Clinton_Rogue, Raja, or Somewhere In Between_Robert A. Koch.pdf 136 KB
Bollywood actress Jiah Khan found dead.pdf 71 KB
Bombay Astrological Society.pdf 128 KB
Book_1651_Lilly_Observations on life and de... of Charles 1st_King of England_retyped.pdf 324 KB
Book_1662_John Gadbury_collection of nativities in 60 genitures.pdf 10,3 MB
Book_1721_William Lilly_Autobiography_King Charles_King James.pdf 9,6 MB
Book_1824-25_London astrological society_the Spirit of Partridge_charts examples.pdf 5,7 MB
Book_1990_Joan Quigley_What does Joan sa...strologer to Nancy and Ronald Reagan.pdf 4,2 MB
Book_2004_Min's Judicial Horoscopes of famous persons.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_John Gadbury_Nativity of Lewis XIV_French king.pdf 916 KB
BP Oil Spill In Gulf.pdf 91 KB
C.S. Patel 1,2 MB
C.S. patel_Tribute To A Genuine Researcher In last 150 Years.pdf 185 KB
C.S.Patel_nostalgic lanesGandhi death.pdf 417 KB
C.S.Patel_The uncrowned king.pdf 607 KB
Car Accidents_Linda Johnsen.pdf 38 KB
Casey and Caylee Anthony_Joni Patry.pdf 198 KB
Charlie Chaplin.rtfd 98 KB
Chart of Paramhansa Yogananda.pdf 109 KB
Christ 1,8 MB
About the Magi star.pdf 109 KB
Christ birth_About the Magi star.pdf 113 KB
Christ_Astrology of Jesus And Mary Magdalene.pdf 1,3 MB
the star of Bethlehem, a comet in 5 BC and the date of Christ’s birth.pdf 226 KB
Confluence Planets for Ascendants.pdf 550 KB
Criminal behavior and astrology.pdf 1,0 MB
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Debilitated Neecha Planets_Lifes Interesting Challenge.pdf 119 KB
Deceptive Horoscopes of Indian Politicians_Atal Behari Vajpai_K.N. Rao.pdf 207 KB
Elisabeth Kubler Ross.pdf 320 KB
From the gaths of Benares.pdf 460 KB
Gayatri Devi Vasudev_KN Rao.pdf 92 KB
Horoscope of Aleister Crowley.pdf 72 KB
Horoscope of Peshwa Bajirao_the Great.pdf 169 KB
Horoscope of Saints_all 2 parts.pdf 192 KB
Horoscope Of Shri Ram_Dr S.S. Gola.pdf 90 KB
James Holmes_Joni Patry.pdf 108 KB
Julia Roberts’ Horoscope.pdf 120 KB
Julian Assange.pdf 236 KB
K. Guru Rajesh_Blind Chart Analysis.pdf 748 KB
Karmic Horoscope of Berlusconi.pdf 251 KB
key notes_1.pdf 182 KB
Lahiri Mahasaya.pdf 230 KB
Lai Krislina Advani.pdf 163 KB
late Ha Namantasa Nemasa Katwe_1.pdf 74 KB
Linda McCartney_The Time Factor_Nalinikanta Dasa.pdf 35 KB
Magi Analysis_Franklin D. Roosvelt.pdf 418 KB
Mahatma Gandhi_Some Nakshatra Observations.pdf 102 KB
Margaret Thatcher and Chandra swami_K.N. Rao.pdf 133 KB
Marvels From Jyotish Ratnakar-Part1.pdf 228 KB
Military Officer_Usha Saxena.docx 15 KB
Military Officer_Usha Saxena.pdf 98 KB
Mozart’s Life from the Perspective of Esoteric Astrology and Rayology.pdf 466 KB
Nawaz Sharif Swearing In Chart Analysis.pdf 150 KB
Nokias new ear_challenges and chances.pdf 197 KB
O. J. Simpson, Algol and Regulus.pdf 67 KB
Obama in Saptarishis astrology.pdf 802 KB
Obama’s Raja Yogas & U.S. Affairs .pdf 147 KB
Obamas Oath Chart_2013_A Vedic Muhurt Analysis.pdf 143 KB
Osama Bin Laden_Joni Patry.pdf 122 KB
Placidus de Titus_30 remarkable Nativities 16,2 MB
Book_1789_Placidus de Titus_30 remarkable Nativities_John Cooper.pdf 11,1 MB
Book_1789_Placidus de Titus_Supplement.pdf 5,1 MB
prediction by Seshadri Lyer.pdf 182 KB
Presentation_Sun & Astrologer's Karma.pdf 1,5 MB
Presidential_Elections_USA_2012_Ancient_Astrology_Examination.pdf 5,8 MB
Princess Diana born near 2 00 PM.pdf 94 KB
Rabindranath Tagore_Chart Analysis.pdf 82 KB
RK Dalmia chart.pdf 184 KB
Ronald Reagan and the 1984 Presidential Election.pdf 91 KB
Rupert Murdoch Horoscope Analysis_Joni Patry.pdf 112 KB
Santhanam Memoir_K.N. Rao.pdf 173 KB
Saptarishis Facebook Research Group Technique_full 3 parts.o.pdf 672 KB
Sex Scandal Experiment.pdf 252 KB
Steve Jobs_Another Look_Steven Stuckey.pdf 288 KB
Steve Jobs_Joni Patry.pdf 133 KB
The 25 Countries With the Most Billionaires – InvestmentWatch.webarchive 2,6 MB
the 2000 us presidential election.pdf 81 KB
The art of Synthesising different systems in astrology.pdf 545 KB
The Astrological Saga of Mozart.rtfd 165 KB
The beast from the debt of the chaos_Bush gang.pdf 106 KB
The Election of Jesse Ventura.pdf 109 KB
The Fated Accident_John Kennedy Junior_Joni Patry.pdf 58 KB
The Fixed Stars Report for Frederic Chopin.pdf 157 KB
The Guaranteed Astrologer_all 5 Parts.pdf 1,2 MB
The Nativity Of A Lady.pdf 206 KB
The Problems with Passion.pdf 139 KB
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The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.pdf 154 KB
Twin Births Analysed.pdf 96 KB
Twin Births.pdf 24 KB
Twin Births.rtf 11 KB
U.S. Chart_Ron Grimes.pdf 112 KB
Vol 8 Publitorial_examples.pdf 1,0 MB
Vol 7 Publitorial_parts 1 & 2.pdf 1,0 MB
Where Should Obama Spend His Birthday.pdf 171 KB
Woman in a Coma_Marguerite dar Boggia.pdf 62 KB
Would Obama be Re_elected as President.pdf 153 KB
Yashodhar Mehtas Research in Astrology.pdf 319 KB
predictions_events 19,7 MB
19th verse and obama.pdf 494 KB
1232 AD_Narpatijaycharya_1.pdf 263 KB
2008 presidential elections_Who wins.pdf 413 KB
2012_Brazil Predictions.pdf 77 KB
A World in Crises_Egypt_Turkey and the US.pdf 117 KB
Beware late august 2008.pdf 97 KB
Blasts in India1.pdf 823 KB
Blasts in India2.pdf 255 KB
Book_1915_Prophecies Of Paracelsus.pdf 864 KB
Book_1931_Cheiro's World predictions.pdf 2,2 MB
Canadian Federal Elections 2008.pdf 336 KB
Chakrapani_2011_2012 Predictions.pdf 199 KB
Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster.pdf 212 KB
Comet Hale-Bopp's Foci_The Hidden Schedule Of World Disasters_1-2.pdf 440 KB
Comet Hale-Bopp's Foci_The Hidden Schedule Of World Disasters_preface.pdf 176 KB
comet Lulin gives green light to planet Earth.pdf 88 KB
comet Lulin_Comet Hale-Bopp's Foci_The Hidden Schedule Of World Disasters.pdf 99 KB
Doomsday Predictions.doc 26 KB
Doomsday Predictions.pdf 57 KB
Earthquake Prediction Model_Jagdish Maheshri.pdf 93 KB
Egypt_Israel and Money_Robert Gover.pdf 143 KB
French_Book_1621_Jean Belot_Centuries prophétiques.pdf 445 KB
Hunger And Poverty In The World.pdf 83 KB
India _Central Asia_reflexions from astronomy and astrology.pdf 391 KB
Is 2012 A Tsunami Year for India_Gayatri Devi Vasudev.pdf 170 KB
Joni Patri predictions 3,3 MB
2012-USA Birth Chart-Joni Patry.pdf 101 KB
April Predictions 2012_Joni Patry.pdf 92 KB
April Spiritual Insights_2014_Joni Patry.pdf 171 KB
Astrological Predictions July 2011_JoniPatry.pdf 143 KB
Astrological Predictions May2011_Joni Patry.pdf 117 KB
August Predictions 2011_Joni Patry.pdf 124 KB
August Predictions 2012_Joni_Patry.pdf 105 KB
August Spiritual Insights_2013_Joni Patry.pdf 112 KB
December Spiritual Insights_2013_Joni Patry.pdf 104 KB
Feb Predictions 2012_Joni Patry.pdf 91 KB
Feb.2013 Predictions_Joni Patry.pdf 76 KB
February Spiritual Insights_2014_Joni Patry.pdf 134 KB
How to Predict a Sudden Rise In Life_Joni Patry.pdf 263 KB
Jan. Predictions 2012_Joni Patry.pdf 91 KB
January Spiritual Insights_2014_Joni Patry.pdf 112 KB
Journey to India_Joni Patry.pdf 109 KB
July Predictions 2012_Joni Patry.pdf 95 KB
July Spiritual Insights_2013_Joni Patry.pdf 102 KB
June Predictions 2012_Joni Patry.pdf 89 KB
June Spiritual Insights_2013_Joni Patry.pdf 114 KB
March Predictions 2012_Joni Patry.pdf 87 KB
May Predictions 2012-Joni Patry.pdf 94 KB
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Oct.Predictions_2011_Joni Patry.pdf 69 KB
Oct.Predictions_2012_Joni Patry.pdf 132 KB
October Spiritual Insights_2013_Joni Patry.pdf 77 KB
Politics In America_The 2012 Elections.pdf 162 KB
Sept.2011 Predictions_Joni Patry.pdf 116 KB
Sept.2012 Predictions_Joni Patry.pdf 101 KB
September Spiritual Insights_2013_Joni Patry.pdf 142 KB
K.C. Saksena And Venus In PoorvaBhadrapada.pdf 287 KB
Kali-yuga and Sakabda.doc 30 KB
Kaliyuga prediction.doc 13 KB
Lunar Returns on Airliners.pdf 129 KB
March Spiritual Insights 2014B.o.pdf 74 KB
Mars Dasha Predictions for USA.pdf 96 KB
Medieval astrology and US elections.pdf 701 KB
Mumbai Blasts By Pt. Sanjay Rath - Sanjay Prabhakaran's jyotish page.webarchive 2,0 MB
Oil Spill In Gulf2.pdf 76 KB
Predictions for Earth Quakes and Japan.pdf 152 KB
Predictions Of World Events_2013.pdf 264 KB
presentation_Mastering Politics through Astrology and Compassion_WW1, 2 3.pdf 639 KB
Rudras Army Attacks Mumbai.pdf 284 KB
Saptarishis Astrologys Newsmaker_Steve Jobs.pdf 133 KB
Saptarishis Astrologys Newsmaker_Whitney Houston.pdf 97 KB
Some Predictions_Tricia.pdf 68 KB
Starry Night_An Astrological Portrait Van Gogh.pdf 161 KB
The Divine Michelangelo.pdf 465 KB
The Future of Aam Aadmi Party_AAP.pdf 118 KB
The Inauguration Chart_2013_Of USA.pdf 98 KB
The Rebirth Celebration May 9-11, 2009.pdf 106 KB
The Secret After 38 Years.pdf 147 KB
Timing Terrorist Strikes on India.pdf 276 KB
Transits and switchphrases_1.pdf 100 KB
Transits and switchphrases_2_may-sept 2008 + hawaian.pdf 78 KB
Union Carbid and the mills of God.pdf 127 KB
Vikriti Year 2010_2011.pdf 183 KB
What will happen to Sadam Hussein.pdf 333 KB
Who Will Be Indian PM in 2014.pdf 396 KB
Sastry Karra’s Astrological Series 25,3 MB
Sastry Karra series_2012 Alignment of Planets_Birth of Zodaic Twins.pdf 573 KB
Sastry Karra series_2015 Transit Analysis.pdf 288 KB
Sastry Karra series_Actor James Gandolfini Death Analysis.pdf 151 KB
Sastry Karra series_Analyzing Life Events Retd Supreme Court Judge in Pakistan.pdf 768 KB
Sastry Karra series_Ariel Sharon 2014 Analysis.pdf 211 KB
Sastry Karra series_Article 1_Astrological Reasoning For Predicting Off Springs.pdf 775 KB
Sastry Karra series_Article 4_Astrological Combinations for a Male to Be a Womanizer.pdf 1,5 MB
Sastry Karra series_Article 6 Saham Calcula...redicting Abroad Settlement permanently.pdf 637 KB
Sastry Karra series_Article 8_Astrological C...ns for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Sids.pdf 1,4 MB
Sastry Karra series_Article 11_Astrological at Birth Part 4_Born to Be Successful.pdf 227 KB
Sastry Karra series_Article 11_Astrological A...lanet at Birth Part 1_Born to Be a Leader.pdf 251 KB
Sastry Karra series_Article 11_Astrological A...ha Planet at Birth Part 3_Born to Be Rich.pdf 207 KB
Sastry Karra series_Article 13_Astrological ...tunate Event in Uttarkhanda in June 2013.pdf 236 KB
Sastry Karra series_Article 13_Astrological A...t Jupiter Impact on Natives Career Part 2.pdf 1,0 MB
Sastry Karra series_Article 15_Astrological An... Khan s Birth chart during Jupiter transit.pdf 473 KB
Sastry Karra series_Article 17 Graha Aragala Explanation With Examples.pdf 641 KB
Sastry Karra series_Article 22A Analyzing ...iage Event Using Sudarshan Chakra Dasa.pdf 580 KB
Sastry Karra series_Article 22B Analyzing ...age Event Using Sudarshana Chakra Dasa.pdf 942 KB
Sastry Karra series_Article 22C Predicting ...iage Event Using Sudarshana Chakra Dasa.pdf 1,2 MB
Sastry Karra series_Article 23 Unmarried Male Bachelor Astrological Reasonings.pdf 786 KB
Sastry Karra series_Article 24 Astrological ...Transit Jupiter in CANCER June 2014 2015.pdf 482 KB
Sastry Karra series_Article 26 Sir Richa...ath Analysis ASTROLOGICAL REASONINGS.pdf 179 KB
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Sastry Karra series_Article 27 Analyzing Sun Impact at 32nd Year.pdf 362 KB
Sastry Karra series_Article 27_US Supre... Analysis ASTROLOGICAL REASONINGS.pdf 234 KB
Sastry Karra series_Article 28 Chhadakas – Astrological Analysis with Examples.pdf 378 KB
Sastry Karra series_Astrological Analysis be...en June and Dec 2014 Republic of India 1.pdf 715 KB
Sastry Karra series_Astrological combinations for female to remain as a lesbian.pdf 1,4 MB
Sastry Karra series_Astrological Reasoning For Predicting OffSprings.pdf 775 KB
Sastry Karra series_Astrological Reasoning for President Putin.pdf 113 KB
Sastry Karra series_Bhrigu Sarala Padatthi From Rule 1 Thru Rule 30 Part 1.pdf 371 KB
Sastry Karra series_Fall of Jiah Khan.pdf 162 KB
Sastry Karra series_Frequent Earthquakes in Indonesia_My Astrological Analysis.pdf 207 KB
Sastry Karra series_Kalachakra Planentary D...lations Telugu Book English Translation.pdf 650 KB
Sastry Karra series_Mars Dasha Predictions for United States of America.pdf 195 KB
Sastry Karra series_People s Astrological Magazine 2015Q1 Final.pdf 1,6 MB
Sastry Karra series_People s Astrological Magazine 2015Q2.pdf 1,8 MB
Sastry Karra series_People s Astrological Magazine 2015Q3.pdf 1,1 MB
Sastry Karra series_People s Astrological Magazine 2015Q4.pdf 952 KB
Sastry Karra series_Rabindranath Tagore_Chart Analysis.pdf 185 KB
Sastry Karra series_Reverse Engineering For...ause of Accidental Death of Paul Walker.pdf 162 KB
Sastry Karra series_Tragic Accident of Mr Michael Schumacher.pdf 161 KB
Sastry Karra series_When It Comes to Marriage Age DOES NOT Matter.pdf 154 KB
Solar Writer Report 24,6 MB
Lee Lehman's Classical.pdf 99 KB
Amy Winehouse.pdf 1,1 MB
Annie Lennox.pdf 989 KB
Barak Obama_fixed stars.pdf 1,3 MB
Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton.pdf 387 KB
bill clinton.pdf 210 KB
Bill Gates.pdf 531 KB
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.pdf 1,4 MB
CharlesCamillaSynastry.pdf 788 KB
David Helfgott.pdf 711 KB
George W. Bush.pdf 731 KB
Hillary Clinton.pdf 1,2 MB
Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake.pdf 1,0 MB
Jodie Foster.pdf 821 KB
John Lennon_Yoko Ono Synastry.pdf 629 KB
John Lennon_Yoko Ono Synastry2.pdf 430 KB
John Lennon.pdf 950 KB
Johnny Depp.pdf 2,0 MB
Katie Holmes.pdf 1,4 MB
Kylie Minogue.pdf 2,1 MB
Lee Lehman's Decumbiture.pdf 81 KB
Michael J. Fox.pdf 614 KB
Michaelangelo.pdf 1,1 MB
Prince William.pdf 745 KB
Stephanie Johnson's Synastry.pdf 116 KB
Susan Boyle.pdf 456 KB
Whitney Houston.pdf 1,2 MB
Woody Allen.pdf 1,6 MB
Suicide 3,1 MB
Jyotish_M.C. Jain_Karmic control planets_suicides_murders.pdf 2,5 MB
Suicidal Tendencies.pdf 61 KB
Suicide_an astrological investigation.pdf 342 KB
Sun (The effect of geomagnetic storms on suicide).pdf 139 KB
the astrological ceiling of Villa Farnesina in Rome.rtfd 820 KB
The revolt of Masaniello_riots of Neapolitan people in 1647.pdf 225 KB
Thèmes des premiers empereurs romains, julio-claudiens et flaviens.webarchive 761 KB
What the Planets are Really Doing_example charts.pdf 165 KB
world prophecies 34,5 MB
10_000 years of Golden Age.doc 30 KB
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Book_1881_C.A. Grimmer_The Coming Catastrophe.pdf 5,7 MB
Book_1897_ Judkins_ Benjamin_Facts of science_ new and ancient knowledge.pdf 270 KB
Book_1900_ Hippocrates Junior_ pseud_The Predicted Plague.pdf 15,1 MB
Book_1914_Sepharial_The great devastation_prophecy for Europe.pdf 292 KB
Book_1917_Tereze Zalinski_Noted prophecies_predictions omens and legends.pdf 1,9 MB
Chart of ISKCON.doc 36 KB
Doomsday Predictions Sadam Hussein.doc 13 KB
Golden age_ how and when.docx 26 KB
Golden age_ how and when.pdf 63 KB
Kali yuga predictions.doc 14 KB
palm leaf world Predictions till 2080.pdf 109 KB
Prediction_2011_2050.pdf 99 KB
predictions discussions.doc 216 KB
predictions discussions.pdf 228 KB
Book_Adrien Peladan_Dernier mot des prophéties.pdf 2,6 MB
Darkness On Earth Will Be June 17-19, 2016.webarchive 5,3 MB
Prophéties liées au Grand Monarque et au Saint Pontife.pdf 1,9 MB
The Solar Eclipse of 1999 from the Vedic Perspective.doc 61 KB
The Solar Eclipse of 1999 from the Vedic Perspective.pdf 98 KB
Yugoslavia Bombing - Vedic Astrology.docx 19 KB
Yugoslavia Bombing - Vedic Astrology.pdf 43 KB
Yugoslavia Bombing - Vedic Astrology.doc 21 KB
Yugoslavia Bombing - Vedic Astrology.pdf 34 KB
Zodiac & Swastika How Astrology Guided Hitler Germany (1973) 153,5 MB
Book_1973_Wilhelm Wulff_Zodiac and Swastika.pdf 820 KB
Zodiac and Swastika.mp3 152,7 MB
zodiac.nfo 2 KB
Horary_Prasna 320,5 MB
articles 21,7 MB
Astamangala Deva Prasna.pdf 141 KB
Authoritative Statements in Kerala Temple.pdf 403 KB
benebell wen_horary-checklsit.pdf 189 KB
Chris Brennan_The Katarche of Horary.pdf 203 KB
essay_Deborah Houlding_questioning our horaries.pdf 73 KB
from kala 57 KB
Prasna_general principles for success and failure_from Kala.pdf 45 KB
Prasna_general principles for success and failure_from Kala.rtf 6 KB
Horary Analysis.pdf 337 KB
Horary at its Best.webarchive 4,5 MB
horary lessons_Anthony Louis.pdf 121 KB
Horary Pages 1,9 MB
A Horary by Henry/ Who shall I bet on, Ha...n or Cleveland?(1893) – 85 KB
A Horary from Astrolabus (1898) – 92 KB
Alan Leo_A Personal Horary Example (1898) – 82 KB
Charles Hatfield/ A Horary from 1891 – 39 KB
Ebinezor Sibly/ QUESTION 1. On the LENGTH OF LIFE (1790) – 124 KB
Ebinezor Sibly/ QUESTION II. On the FATE...a SHIP at SEA (1790) – 123 KB
Ebinezor Sibly/ QUESTION III. Of an ABS...EAD or ALIVE (1790) – 131 KB
Ebinezor Sibly/ QUESTION IV. On the PRO...T of RICHES. (1790) – 121 KB
Ebinezor Sibly/ QUESTION V. On the Succ...of a JOURNEY (1790) – 123 KB
Ebinezor Sibly/ QUESTION VI. On PATER...NHERITANCE (1790) – 119 KB
Ebinezor Sibly/ QUESTION VII. On a CHA...f SITUATION (1790) – 114 KB
Edwin Casael/ A Job Horary (1893) – 77 KB
Edwin Casael/ Is the English nation the lo...ouse of Israel? (1893) – 83 KB
Edwin Casael/ Three Horaries (1893) – 80 KB
Edwin Casael/ Two Partnership Horaries (1893), Part 1 – 77 KB
Edwin Casael/ Two Partnership Horaries (1893), Part 2 – 81 KB
Excerpt from/ The Martial Art of Horary Astrology – 55 KB
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Glossary of Terms – 84 KB
Horary Astrology and Divination, by Alan Leo – 45 KB
John Partridge (1679)/ The Qualities of the Planets – 69 KB
Richard Ball/ [On the Application of Aspect...g to Perfection] (1697) – 44 KB
The Aphorisms of William Lilly , provided by Clive Kavan – 59 KB
W.J. Simmonite/ Of the time of erecting a horary figure (1851) – 35 KB
Horary prasna_ Saptarishis magazine 2,7 MB
A New Approach to KP.pdf 120 KB
Amazing Astro experiences and Prashna.pdf 141 KB
Bhava results in Prashna.pdf 204 KB
Horary astrology_be your own oracle.pdf 294 KB
Horary Astrology.pdf 51 KB
Lessons in Vedic Electional Astrology_full 2 Part.pdf 168 KB
new horary system revealed.pdf 68 KB
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Signals In The Hand.pdf 66 KB
Prashna_A unique approach.pdf 208 KB
Prediction Providence and Power of Self in Horary.pdf 177 KB
Rakshashi_Vidya.pdf 112 KB
Rendezvous with John Frawley_the real astrologer_horary.pdf 208 KB
Tatkalin Bhrigu Prashna_Part 1.pdf 250 KB
Vakya Prashna Saaram_1.pdf 127 KB
When Will I Find My Next Job.pdf 157 KB
When Will I Own a House_G.H. Visweswara.pdf 355 KB
Karakas for HORARY CHARTS_KP system.pdf 108 KB
Marriage Prashna_P.S. Iyer.pdf 217 KB
prashna astrology_Nalini.pdf 75 KB
Prasna about cheating_having affair.pdf 303 KB
prasna about receiving payment.pdf 193 KB
Prasna and other divination methods_Syamasundar Das.pdf 33 KB
PRASNA Chart Analysis.pdf 73 KB
Presentation_Horary 2016.pdf 933 KB
Presentation_Horary or Natal chart.pdf 196 KB
Presentation_horary_Forum on Astrology_Oct 2010.pdf 46 KB
Presentation_Horary2009.pdf 1,3 MB
Presentation_Horary2014.pdf 2,9 MB
Presentation_Personal Danger in horary.pdf 594 KB
presentation_Real Estate_horary and electional.pdf 1,3 MB
presentation_What is Horary.pdf 536 KB
Principles of Prasna_Varachakra_Visti Larsen.pdf 569 KB
Principles of Prasna_Visti Larsen.pdf 145 KB
Question on missing or stolen objects.pdf 34 KB
The Safety of a Ship at Sea - Horary judged by Palchus, 479 AD.webarchive 380 KB
what is horary - Western astro.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_1647_ Lilly_ Horary_Querries_comments.pdf 96 KB
Book_1647_ Lilly_ Horary_Querries.pdf 5,4 MB
Book_1654_medieval electional _horary.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_1654_Nicholas Culpepper_Opus Astrologicum_retyped.pdf 186 KB
Book_1654_Nicholas Culpepper_Opus Astrologicum.pdf 1,7 MB
Book_1658_John Gadbury_Doctrine of Horary Questions_retyped.pdf 443 KB
Book_1658_John Gadbury_Doctrine of Horary Questions.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_1664_John Heydon_Theomagia_The temple of wisdom_2/3rd is horary.pdf 21,8 MB
Book_1665_Anthony Griffin_An Astrological Judgement Touching Theft_retyped_original.pdf 3,6 MB
Book_1665_Anthony Griffin_An Astrological Judgement Touching Theft_retyped.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_1671_William Thrasher_Jubar Astrologicum.pdf 15,1 MB
Book_1676_Henry Coley_Clavis Astrologiae Elimata_questions 29,2 MB
Book_1676_Henry Coley_Clavis Astrologiae Elimata_original.pdf 24,6 MB
Book_1676_Henry Coley_Clavis Astrologiae Elimata_retyped_different from original.pdf 3,1 MB
Clavis Astrologiae Elimata_ch.20.rtfd 1,5 MB
Book_1679_1692_John Partridge_Mikropanastron_Questions_elections.pdf 8,2 MB
Book_1679_John Middleton_Practical astrology.pdf 5,0 MB
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Book_1697_Richard Ball_ an astro physical compendium_horary_must read.pdf 4,0 MB
Book_1710_John Gadbury_Nauticum Astrologicum_questions for ships.pdf 10,5 MB
Book_1794_Richard Ball_An astro-physical compendium_Horary or Prasna + electional.pdf 4,3 MB
Book_1832_Rupertus Stella_Astrologian's Guide in Horary Astrology.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_1834_Raphaels Sanctuary of the astral art_Prasna.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_1851_Simmonite_Horary astrology.pdf 3,9 MB
Book_1883_Raphael's Horary Astrology 1883_Questions for future.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_1894_Raphael_Pythoness Of The East_prasna.pdf 5,2 MB
Book_1896_W.J. Simmonite_John Story_Horary Astrology.pdf 5,3 MB
Book_1909_Alan Leo_Astrological manuals No. 7_Horary astrology.pdf 32,9 MB
Book_1932_Robert DeLuce_Horary astrology.pdf 4,4 MB
Book_1973_Barbara Watters_Horary Astrology.pdf 3,4 MB
Book_1975_Michael R. Meyer_The astrology of c...astrology and its humanistic applications.pdf 3,1 MB
Book_2000_Robert Hand_Horary Astrology_Whole Sign Houses.pdf 586 KB
Book_2007_John Frawley_Sports Astrology_Horary.pdf 7,0 MB
Book_2011_B. N. Dykes_Al-Kindi_all 40 chapters_Horary_electional.pdf 6,0 MB
Book_2012_Barbara Dunn_Horary Astrology Re-Examined.pdf 6,5 MB
Book_2014_Anthony Louis_Horary Astrology_Plain And Simple.pdf 5,7 MB
Book_John Frawley_best horary astrologer_the Horary Textbook.pdf 4,0 MB
Book_John Gadbury_The Doctrine of Horarie Questions.pdf 341 KB
Books on Horary.webarchive 402 KB
Jyotish_1956_R. L. Vishnu_Most Reliable Practical Astrology.pdf 1,2 MB
Jyotish_1970_B.V. Raman_Prashna Tantra_Sri Neelakanta.pdf 91 KB
Jyotish_1978_P.S. Sastri_Shatpanchashika.pdf 1,8 MB
Jyotish_1990_Prashna Deepika_L.R. Chawdhri.pdf 5,6 MB
Jyotish_1995_S.S. Sareen_Prasnagnana of Bhattotpala.pdf 12,1 MB
Jyotish_1999_B.V. Raman_PRASNA MARGA_vol.1.pdf 921 KB
Jyotish_1999_B.V. Raman_PRASNA MARGA_vol.2.pdf 782 KB
Jyotish_1999_B.V. Raman_PRASNA MARGA_vol1_ NOTES.pdf 115 KB
Jyotish_2002_V.K. Choudry_Application of Prasna astrology.pdf 2,9 MB
Jyotish_2006_Gayatri D. Vasudev_practical horary.pdf 1,7 MB
Jyotish_2009_Raj Kumar_Prasna_a vedic approach_KP system_Kindle avail.pdf 3,9 MB
Jyotish_2009_Rangacharya_Bhuvana Deepika.pdf 789 KB
Jyotish_Anga vidya_Prasna_Varahamihira.pdf 880 KB
Jyotish_B.S. Rao_1946_Chappanna or Prasna Sastra.pdf 1,7 MB
Jyotish_Bhrigu Prashna Nadi_R.G. Rao.pdf 463 KB
Jyotish_Brighu prashna nadi_RG Rao.pdf 2,9 MB
Jyotish_Horary for beginners_Kursija.pdf 2,4 MB
Jyotish_Prasanagnana_S.S. Sareen.pdf 1,7 MB
Jyotish_Prashna hora.pdf 9,3 MB
Jyotish_Prasna Arudhaphala.pdf 3,7 MB
Jyotish_Prasna Tantra_B. V. Raman_no Sanskrit.pdf 977 KB
Jyotish_Prasna Tantra_B. V. Raman_original with Sanskrit.pdf 3,8 MB
Jyotish_R. Bhat_Essentials of horary astrology or Prasnapadavi.pdf 6,8 MB
Jyotish_Satyanarayana Naik_Prashna Hora_Classical and Nadi.pdf 4,2 MB
Jyotish_Shatpanchasika_P.S. Sastri_ 1978.pdf 2,8 MB
Jyotish_V.A.K. Ayer_Shatpancasika _Indian Horary astrology_lost objects.pdf 1,5 MB
Prasna KP method 11,5 MB
Jyotish_Prasana A Contemporary Treatise_Umang Taneja_using KP prasna.pdf 3,3 MB
Jyotish_Prashna jyotish_K.P_ B.Bosmia.pdf 8,1 MB
Prasna_Upanishad_intoduction.pdf 128 KB
Prasna_Upanishad.pdf 769 KB
Horary-electional_Muhurta_Panchang_Hours_time 227,0 MB
Auspicious Tithis.doc 27 KB
Auspicious Tithis.pdf 31 KB
electional-Muhurta 132,8 MB
articles 3,0 MB
General Rules for Electional Charts.pdf 40 KB
Marriage Muhurta .pdf 64 KB
Marriage Muhurta .rtf 14 KB
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Muhurta Yogas_ Ernst Wilhelm.pdf 431 KB
Muhurta_A concept to be amended as per Modern Times.pdf 87 KB
Muhurta_An Introduction to Electional Astrology_Christina Collins.pdf 84 KB
muhurta_Fateful Voyage_The Titanic.pdf 16 KB
Muhurta_Panchaka suddhi.pdf 49 KB
muhurta_travel_sneezing.pdf 56 KB
Muhurta, and the Columbia_Space Shuttle Disaster.pdf 389 KB
Nakshatras for different Muhurtas.pdf 29 KB
Panchanga_Foundation for a Good Muhurta_Ernst Wilhelm.pdf 157 KB
Perils of a Wrong Muhurta.pdf 248 KB
Presentation_different Muhurtas_DR A,P. Rao.pdf 335 KB
Presentation_electional.pdf 29 KB
Presentation_Logic of Electional.pdf 256 KB
The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage.pdf 502 KB
Winning Times_The Astrology of Luck.pdf 12 KB
Yatra_travelling Muhurta.pdf 233 KB
Asta Siddantha Sara_Sukra Ghati And Its Results.pdf 75 KB
Book_1491_Bonatti on Elections_Treatise 7_Transl. B. N. Dykes.pdf 851 KB
Book_1641_John Gadbury_Nauticum Astrologicum_elections for ships-travel.pdf 8,0 MB
Book_1857_ Egelmann_ Charles F._The USA farmers almanac.pdf 5,1 MB
Book_1909_Marriage Ceremonies_ In India and orient.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_1920_ Seward_ Alfred Francis_Planting...ting and surgical operations_with moon.pdf 100 KB
Book_1937_Vivian E Robson_Electional Astrology_must read.pdf 339 KB
Book_1971_Jesss Stearn_A time for astrology.pdf 5,1 MB
Book_1978_Omarr_astrology and the man_electional in 2nd half.pdf 6,6 MB
Book_1998_Cunningham & many authors_Llew...ook and gardening almanac_electional.pdf 8,3 MB
Book_2005_Joann Hampar_Electional Astrology_the art of timing.pdf 7,2 MB
Book_2005_Joann Hampar_Electional Astrology_the art of timing2.pdf 8,9 MB
Buy Or Not To Buy_property.pdf 200 KB
Electional Astrology_Mary Fortier Shea.pdf 163 KB
Electional Pages 783 KB
Alfred John Pearce/ Chapter I on Electiona...ok of Astrology (1889) – 50 KB
Alfred John Pearce/ Chapter II on Election...ok of Astrology (1889) – 68 KB
John Partridge/ Bethem, his Centiloquium, ...isms Rendred into English (1679) – lee.pdf 68 KB
John Partridge/ Hermes, his Centiloquium, ...isms Rendred into English (1679) – lee.pdf 80 KB
John Partridge/ On Elections – Aphorisms (1679) – 64 KB
John Partridge/ On Elections – First Section (1679) – 79 KB
John Partridge/ On Elections – Second Se...with examples (1679) – 251 KB
John Partridge/ The Qualities of the Houses (1679) – 59 KB
July 2016 – 65 KB
Electional_1_day.pdf 360 KB
electional_presentation.pdf 1,7 MB
Favorable times.doc 683 KB
Favorable times.pdf 766 KB
Horary astrology_John Warouw presentation lecture 29 nov. 2012.pdf 460 KB
Horary checklsit_by Benebell.pdf 77 KB
Houses in Horary Astrology.pdf 128 KB
Jyotish_1982_N.P. Subramania Lyer_Kalaprakasika.pdf 6,9 MB
Jyotish_2003_Muhurta Traditional and Modern_K.K. Joshi.pdf 2,6 MB
Jyotish_A.L. Bhagwat_How is Today For You.pdf 2,2 MB
Jyotish_Classical Muhurta_Ernst Wilhelm.pdf 10,5 MB
Jyotish_Electional Astrology_Arun Kumar Bansal.pdf 1,1 MB
Jyotish_Hindu electional astrology.pdf 14,8 MB
Jyotish_Muhoorta sangraha vol.1.pdf 6,7 MB
Jyotish_Muhoorta sangraha vol.2.pdf 7,6 MB
Jyotish_Muhurta Chintamani_ch.12_relocation.pdf 9,8 MB
Jyotish_Muhurta prakarana_Kusum Vashistha.pdf 2,7 MB
Jyotish_Muhurta_B.V. Raman.pdf 225 KB
Jyotish_muhurtha sindhu.pdf 3,2 MB
Jyotish_Shuba jaya muhurtha.pdf 3,0 MB
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Jyotish_The astrological mirror_B.S. Rao.pdf 1,5 MB
Rahukaal_Yamaghantak & Gulika.rtf alias 1 KB
Hours_Hora 14,7 MB
Book_1676_Henry Coley_Clavis Astrologiae_Planetary Hours extract.pdf 25 KB
Book_1908_ Astrology the key to roulette_game with planetary hours.pdf 5,8 MB
Book_1914_ Phillips_ Karen M_planets influenc...children at birth_planetary hour at birth.pdf 216 KB
Book_1924_Hora_A.E. Partrige_Fortunate Hours.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_1924_Hora_Gregorius_The Master Key Of Destiny_ancient Hora.pdf 5,3 MB
Book_2013_Anthony Louis_Power Secrets of Astrology_How to Use Planetary Hours.pdf 537 KB
Experimenting with Vaara Chakra and Hora Chakra.pdf 303 KB
Planetary Hours calculator.xls 119 KB
Planetary hours.pdf 107 KB
Sanjay Prabhakaran_A for Astrology_part 2_Hora and zodiac.pdf 135 KB
The Punch of Hora and Sub Hora.pdf 241 KB
Jyotish_2015_Ram Babu Sao_Perfect Astrology_Nakshatra_Panchang.pdf 603 KB
Jyotish_2015_S.Narasimha Rao_Basics of Panchangam.pdf 2,1 MB
Jyotish_Basics of Panchanga_S.N. Rao.pdf 1,3 MB
Jyotish_Predictions through horary_S.C. Kursija.pdf 5,3 MB
Panchang 43,7 MB
Astrological table and timing.pdf 65 KB
Book_1932_A.C. Mukerji_Ancient Indian fasts and feasts.pdf 2,0 MB
Controversy on Vaisnava Calendar.webarchive 477 KB
Jyotish_1899_C. Venkata Rao_Astrology and its connection with Vedanta.pdf 977 KB
Jyotish_1912_R. Sewel_Indian Chronography_panchanga.pdf 6,7 MB
Jyotish_1924_Atharvana Jyotisham_on divisions of time.pdf 815 KB
Jyotish_1993_U.S. Pulippani & K.N. Rao_Biorhythms Of Natal Moon.pdf 2,6 MB
Jyotish_A.K. Gour_Introduction to astrology_Ganita, Hora, Samhita .pdf 5,0 MB
Jyotish_HINDU PANCHANGAM & muhurtas.pdf 180 KB
Jyotish_Panchang And Horoscope_1985_no OCR.pdf 5,1 MB
Jyotish_Panchanga Tantra_Regulagedda Akshay.pdf 572 KB
Jyotish_Panchanga_A Brief Overview of Vedic Astrology_Colin R Shearing.pdf 492 KB
Jyotish_Personal Panchanga and the Five Sources of light_ K.Sutton.pdf 2,4 MB
Lordship of Tithi_amavasya.pdf 34 KB
Lordship of Tithi_amavasya.rtf 2 KB
muhurta_ panchang.pdf 65 KB
muhurthas timing.doc 19 KB
Pancānga Lords and the Zodiac Halves Ch.1.pdf 506 KB
Panchang And Horoscope.pdf 8,9 MB
panchang Presentation.pdf 340 KB
panchanga items.pdf 168 KB
Panchanga_5 properties of Time.pdf 104 KB
Panchangam Calculations.pdf 531 KB
Sunya tithi_Usha Saxena.pdf 91 KB
Tithi - Karana.pdf 761 KB
Tithi Calculations.pdf 91 KB
tithi devatas 3,8 MB
The Tithi Devatas from Narada purana.webarchive 3,4 MB
Tithi-Devata.pdf 261 KB
Tithis and Naksatra Lords _Bhavishya Purana.pdf 207 KB
What is Panchanga.pdf 119 KB
What is Panchanga.rtf 32 KB
What isTithi_nakshatra_tara_soma.pdf 48 KB
What isTithi_nakshatra_tara_soma.rtf 4 KB
Yogi-avayogi planets 333 KB
Dagdha or Shoonya Tithi Siddhant_Usha Saxena.pdf 87 KB
yogi and avayogi.pdf 20 KB
Yogi Avayogi and Dagdha Rasis_T.S. Vasan.pdf 60 KB
Yogi Avayogi and Dagdha Rasis_T.S. Vasan.rtf 8 KB
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Yogi_ Avayogi and Dagdha Rasis.pdf 23 KB
Yogi-Avayogi Technique.pdf 136 KB
Time division 24,0 MB
Adhika Maasa.docx 18 KB
Adhika Maasa.pdf 79 KB
Astrology fraud on the Vedas.pdf 94 KB
astrology fraud_sankrantis_Makara Sankranti.pdf 63 KB
astrology fraud_sankrantis_Makara Sankranti.rtf 4 KB
astrology fraud_sankrantis.pdf 107 KB
Book_1833_Proctor_the Great pyramid_origin of week-days.pdf 4,1 MB
Division of Time.pdf 61 KB
Jyotish_1899_Venkatarava C._Astrology and its connection with Vedanta_vol.1.pdf 1,3 MB
Jyotish_1925_vedic chronology and vedanga Jyotish_astronomy_time_move book.pdf 7,0 MB
Jyotish_1984_Vedanga Jyotish_of Laghadha _P.Sastri_K.V. Sharma.pdf 1,5 MB
Jyotish_1985_Vedanga Jyotisa of Lagadha_T.S. Kuppanni.pdf 2,2 MB
Jyotish_1989_Vedanga Jyotisha_Prabhakar Vyankatesh Holay.pdf 3,5 MB
Jyotish_2003_Vedanga Jyotisham_Dr. S.C. Mishra.pdf 4,0 MB
Two Halves of a Horoscope.pdf 33 KB
Vedic Month Names.webarchive 1,9 MB
western Horary Astrology lessons from web.pdf 268 KB
western Horary Astrology lessons from web.rtf 179 KB
Jaimini_arudhas-argalas_HL_GL_SL 114,8 MB
Argala 402 KB
Formation Of Argala A Birds Eye View.pdf 69 KB
Graha Aragala Explanation.pdf 285 KB
Planetary interventions in jaimini_argala.pdf 49 KB
articles 19,4 MB
550AD_Jaimini_Krishna Mishra Navamsa – Karakamsa.pdf 221 KB
Introductary notes on jaimini.pdf 105 KB
ishta devatha.pdf 118 KB
Jaimini Astrology and Marriage.txt 6 KB
Jaimini astrology calculation of longevity kakshay vridhi and kakshya hrasa.pdf 81 KB
Jaimini Clues to Spirituality in a Chart_Gary Gomes.pdf 89 KB
Jaimini discussions.pdf 1,1 MB
Jaimini Navamsa_An Update.pdf 47 KB
Jaimini System of Astrology - condensed - P S Sastri.pdf 60 KB
Jaimini Ten Astro Tips.pdf 15 KB
Jaimini_ Saptarishis magazine 3,0 MB
Death By Snake Bite_Jaimini Sutras.pdf 113 KB
Dwara and Bahya in Jaimini Dasas.pdf 83 KB
Jaimini system_a revelation.pdf 144 KB
Manipravala Raja yoga of Jaimini.pdf 457 KB
Matching Horoscopes_Jaimini Style.pdf 273 KB
New light on Jaimini astrology_part1.pdf 297 KB
New light on Jaimini astrology_part2.pdf 133 KB
New light on Jaimini astrology_part3.pdf 166 KB
New light on Jaimini astrology_part4.pdf 147 KB
Rishi Jaimini on eye ailments.pdf 388 KB
Timing of Marriage by Transits and Jaimini Astrology.pdf 339 KB
Vajra and Yava in the light of Jaimini_Rangacharya.pdf 333 KB
Vemuri Sastri_The Doyen In Jaimini.pdf 119 KB
Jnana yoga.pdf 545 KB
Jyotish_Collected Papers In Vedic Astrology_ S.Rath.pdf 13,2 MB
Links to files on jaimini astrology.pdf 19 KB
Longevity in jaimini astrology revised kakshy...idhi and kaksha hrasa with 2 case studies.pdf 80 KB
Notes on jaimini astrology an introduction.pdf 182 KB
Relationships with parents.pdf 29 KB
Salient Features of Jaimini system.pdf 157 KB
Structure of Jaimini Astrology.pdf 84 KB
The Bar and the Bench According to Jaimini.pdf 68 KB
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Uniqueness of Jaimini Astrology_B.V. Raman.pdf 45 KB
Yogas and raja yogas in jaimini astrology.pdf 41 KB
yogas and raja yogas in jaimini astrology2.pdf 61 KB
Arudhas_ AK 11,0 MB
AK and Chara_Karakas role_G. das.pdf 382 KB
Arudha 7,3 MB
Arudha and Upapada Chapter_BHPS Compilation.o.pdf 120 KB
Arudha And Its Evaluation.pdf 138 KB
Arudha concept_S.Rath.pdf 199 KB
Arudha lagna and padas-jaimini vargas.pdf 80 KB
Arudha lagna_S.Rath.pdf 39 KB
Arudha Lagna.pdf 1,2 MB
Arudha Pada_Sarajit Poddar.pdf 123 KB
Arudha_Upapada_Argala.pdf 38 KB
Arudhapada_S.Rath.pdf 68 KB
Bhava Arudha.pdf 113 KB
Jyotish_Arudha system of prediction_C.S. Patel.pdf 3,1 MB
Karakamsa_results of planets from AK in D9.pdf 51 KB
Morphology of the Pada Lagna_Suresh Chandra Mishra.pdf 175 KB
Saamakkol Arudam upto ch14 + ex.pdf 905 KB
Swamsa Lagnamsa and Karakamsa.pdf 20 KB
Tampering With Special Arudha Rules Of BPHS.pdf 169 KB
The Enigma called Arudhas_BPHS series_2 parts .pdf 727 KB
what is arudha.txt 2 KB
Atmakarak karakamsa and swamsa in jaimini astrology.pdf 36 KB
Atmakaraka role.doc 896 KB
Atmakaraka role.pdf 522 KB
Atmakaraka_S.Rath.pdf 1,6 MB
Jaimini astrology calculation of arudha cs patel a case study.pdf 43 KB
Parasara's Teachings on Chara Karakas..pdf 193 KB
The significance of karakas in jaimini astrology.pdf 57 KB
Bhava reckoning in Jaimini_Graha Chakra.pdf 128 KB
Jaimini dashas 19,3 MB
Jaimini chara dasha_Best of Jaimini Dashas 4,2 MB
Chara dasa_ Saptarishis magazine 3,9 MB
Chara Dasha Part 1.pdf 144 KB
Chara Dasha Part 2.pdf 69 KB
Chara Dashas Journey From Puzzling Aphorisms To Sizzling Computers.pdf 108 KB
Chara Karaka Scheme.pdf 139 KB
correct Procedure for Computing Jaiminis Chara Dasa.pdf 230 KB
Death By Snake Bite_Nitan Charan Ray.pdf 75 KB
Jaimini Chara dasa 1_calculating Dasa Period of Signs.pdf 68 KB
Jaimini Chara dasa 2_Computing jaiminis chara dasa.pdf 212 KB
Jaiminis Chara Dasas & Predictions.pdf 103 KB
Jamini chara dasa_all 4 parts_K.N. Rao.pdf 1,4 MB
Nature And Characteristics of Signs.pdf 443 KB
Unlocking the Power of Parasaras Chara Dasa.pdf 725 KB
Unrevealed Usage Of Karakas Via Chara Dasha Final.pdf 196 KB
Chara dasha with the use of vargas in jaimini.pdf 203 KB
Chara Karaka Dasa_P.V.R. Narasimha Rao.pdf 152 KB
Jaimini astrology sthira dasha calculation with a case study.pdf 82 KB
Jaimini mandook dasha 6,5 MB
Jaimini astrology calculation of mandook dasha with a case study.pdf 69 KB
Jaimini astrology calculation of mandook dasha.pdf 54 KB
Jyotish_Mandook dasa of Jamini.pdf 3,6 MB
Jyotish_Predicting through Karakamsha and Jaimini's mandook dasha.pdf 2,2 MB
Mandook dasa_U.K. Jha.pdf 401 KB
Mandooka dasa_a proper exposition.pdf 147 KB
Jaimini navamsha dasha 2,2 MB
Jaimini navamsha dasha salient features and calculation.pdf 56 KB
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Jyotish_Predict through Jaimini navamsha dasha.pdf 1,7 MB
Real Jaimini Navamsa Revealed_part1.pdf 244 KB
Real Jaimini Navamsa Revealed_part2.pdf 213 KB
Jaimini Sthira Dasha 3,8 MB
Jyotish_Predicting Through Jaimini's Sthira Dasha.pdf 2,4 MB
Jyotish_Predicting through Jaimini’s Chara Dasa_K.N. Rao.pdf 1,4 MB
Jaimni astrology a case study of a systems analyst chara dasha.pdf 112 KB
Jyotish_Jaimini dasha prediction.o.pdf 1,7 MB
Mandook dasha a case study jaimini astrology.pdf 56 KB
Method of calculation of jaimini chara dasha.pdf 74 KB
Padanadhamsa Dasa_Rangacharya.pdf 66 KB
Padanadhamsa Dasa_Yelluripati Krishna Rao.pdf 134 KB
Timing Events Using Various Jaimini Rashi Dashas.pdf 185 KB
Jaimini examples 247 KB
Kanad Rishi Bhatnagar_A Memoir_K.N. Rao.pdf 247 KB
Jaimini Karakas.pdf 25 KB
Jaimini sutras 33,2 MB
600AD_Jaimini Sutras interpretation_Kalpal... 1_Somanathacharya son of Krishnamisra.pdf 503 KB
Hidden Count Of Jaimini Sutras Spread Over Three Chapters.pdf 80 KB
Jaimini sutras_Commentary.pdf 376 KB
Jyotish Vidya_Jaimini Sutras_Rodolfo Veronese.pdf 712 KB
Jyotish_Ersnt Wilhem_Jaimini's Sutras Raw_Vol.1.pdf 2,6 MB
Jyotish_Ersnt Wilhem_Upadesa Sutras_full 3 parts.pdf 1,4 MB
Jyotish_Jaimini sutram P.S. Sastri.pdf 9,8 MB
Jyotish_Jaimini Sutramritam_Iranganti Rangachan.pdf 4,5 MB
Jyotish_Jaimini sutras_2014_Dr S.P. Bhagat_.pdf 397 KB
Jyotish_Jaimini upadesa sutras_S.Rath ban.pdf 9,7 MB
Jyotish_Jaiminisutras_B.S.Rao_no sanskrit.pdf 271 KB
Jyotish_Jaiminisutras_B.S.Rao_original_5th. ed.1955.pdf 2,9 MB
Jaimini System of Astrology by Prof. P S Sastri.pdf 62 KB
Jyotish_721 AD_Raghavendra Rao_Vaanchanadhiyam all 4 Parts_comments on Jaimini.pdf 1,6 MB
Jyotish_A Manual of Jaimini Astrology_Iranganti Rangacharya.pdf 914 KB
Jyotish_Advanced Techniques of Astrological Predictions.pdf 5,3 MB
Jyotish_An introduction to Jaimini astrology_Prabhakara Murthy.pdf 1,4 MB
Jyotish_An Introduction to Jaimini System_Shalini Dhasmana.pdf 1,6 MB
Jyotish_Introduction to Vedic Astrology_S.Rath.pdf 2,5 MB
Jyotish_P.S. Sastri_Jaimini Astrology.pdf 957 KB
Jyotish_studies in Jaimini_B.V. Raman.pdf 2,7 MB
lagnas-HL-GL-SL_tara 1,8 MB
Calculation Of Varnada Lagna.pdf 292 KB
Ghati lagna.doc 35 KB
Ghati lagna.pdf 53 KB
HORA LAGNA Part1_For Raj Yoga Predictions.pdf 134 KB
Hora Lagna_Yenbeeyes.pdf 76 KB
Narasimha PVR Rao_Use of special lagnas in vedic astrology.pdf 68 KB
Savayava Hora Lagna_Yenbeeyes.pdf 120 KB
Tara Lagna_its Role in Determining Wealth.pdf 248 KB
True Varnada Calculation.pdf 751 KB
PVR Rao class 12,4 MB
arudhas and argalas_extracts_PVR Rao.doc 28 KB
arudhas and argalas_extracts_PVR Rao.pdf 41 KB
tithi pravesh1-arudhas and argalas PVR rao.mp3 12,3 MB
Karakas_ characteristics 17,2 MB
benebell wen_quick reference sheets_Karakas.pdf 727 KB
houses 504 KB
12 Ascendants Table_Karakas.pdf 36 KB
House karakas.pdf 81 KB
Houses.pdf 287 KB
LAGNA & houses significations.pdf 93 KB
Jyotish_Das goravani_Karakas_from software.pdf 405 KB
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Jyotish_Dasa Goravani_Karakas.pdf 1,4 MB
KP karakas 470 KB
karakas_house grouping_how to find events r...o houses and related cusps-KP astrology.pdf 47 KB
KP compilation_all karakas.pdf 423 KB
MEMORY IN ASTROLOGY_Tracy Porter.pdf 310 KB
own sign_moola_exaltation.pdf 24 KB
planets 12,7 MB
astrology-planet-meanings.pdf 99 KB
Brihaspati_Jupiter in the chart.pdf 87 KB
Graha karakas in detail.pdf 677 KB
Grahas.pdf 465 KB
Jyotish_Graha sutras_Ernst Wilhelm.pdf 727 KB
Jyotish_Graha sutras_full_Ernst Wilhelm.pdf 9,3 MB
Karakas of planets for Career and profession.pdf 17 KB
Karakas_natural rulers of vedic houses.pdf 43 KB
Karakas_natural rulers of vedic houses.rtf 8 KB
Nava grahas_the Nine planetary systems.pdf 124 KB
Planetary Characteristics_S. Poddar.pdf 100 KB
Planètes, Couleurs et Métaux par Patrice Guinard.pdf 650 KB
Planets and their significations_ from Hora sara.pdf 74 KB
Planets significations_as western astrology.pdf 18 KB
planets vices and virtues.jpg 32 KB
The Celestial Bodies – benebell wen.pdf 78 KB
Secret Usage Of Karakas_Laura Barat.pdf 155 KB
signs 266 KB
astrology-sign-meanings.pdf 68 KB
Birth Signs_ divisions & qualities.pdf 191 KB
The Role Of Karakas.pdf 132 KB
Understanding Jyotish Principles_Part1_marana Karakas.pdf 94 KB
Lal Kitab 44,1 MB
Effects of Colors of Pen Ink on Persons as per Lal Kitab.pdf 381 KB
Glimpses of Lal Kitab_chaudhary.pdf 239 KB
Jyotish_Lal kitab remedies.pdf 136 KB
Jyotish_Principles of Lal Kitab_Umesh Sharma.pdf 408 KB
lal kitab versions 38,7 MB
Jyotish_Horoscope reading_U.C. Mahajan.pdf 5,0 MB
Jyotish_Lal Kitab BEST_ U.C. Mahajan.pdf 9,5 MB
Jyotish_Lal Kitab_B.M. Gosvami.pdf 15,0 MB
Jyotish_Lal Kitab_D.P. Saxena.pdf 3,3 MB
Jyotish_Lal Kitab_Radhakrishna Shrimali.pdf 5,7 MB
Lal Kitab Horoscope.pdf 224 KB
Predictions by Progression of Ruler of Band of Years.pdf 672 KB
Ravana Samhita_ Saptarishis magazine 3,3 MB
1_Ashwini Nakshatra Padas in Ravana Samhita.pdf 278 KB
2_Bharani Nakshatra in Ravana Samhita.pdf 235 KB
3_Kritika Nakshatra in Ravana Samhita.pdf 218 KB
4_Rohini Nakshatra Padas In Ravana Samhita.pdf 303 KB
5_Mrigashira Nakshatra in Ravana Samhita.pdf 325 KB
6_Ardra Nakshatra Padas In Ravana Samhita.pdf 603 KB
7_Punarvasu Nakshatra Padas in Ravana Samhita.pdf 1,3 MB
The Greatness of Ravana_Forgotten Astrologer.pdf 93 KB
the mystic red book_Lal Kitab.pdf 127 KB
Travel in Human Life as Per Lal Kitab.pdf 137 KB
Mundane_meteo_cities_countries_world 209,4 MB
astro-meteorology 85,1 MB
1917_McCormack, George_Some Weather Fundamentals.txt 24 KB
A History and Test of Planetary Weather Forecasting.pdf 2,3 MB
An interview with Ken Paone_Astro-meteorologist.pdf 345 KB
Analyses_Unfortunate Event in Uttarkhanda_June 2013.pdf 273 KB
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Astro Meteorology Revelations.pdf 386 KB
Astrological WEATHER FORECAST_Year1630.pdf 109 KB
Book_.Parapegmata_astrometeorology in the ancient world_greek.pdf 3,0 MB
Book_1665_Wilsford_Natures secrets_stars_calamities.pdf 5,2 MB
Book_1670_William Cock_meteorologiae.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_1686_J. Goad_Astrometeorologica.pdf 19,6 MB
Book_1826_Sibly_part 3_Astro-Meteorology.pdf 4,7 MB
Book_1835_M. Hemann_L'astronomie et la météorologie récréatives.pdf 6,0 MB
Book_1844_W.J. Simmonite_The Meteorologist...he Mundi_Sat.-Jup. conj. for 200 Years.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_1848_Simmonite_Astro-Philosopher and Meteorologist.pdf 8,3 MB
Book_1875_John H. Tice_Elements of Meteorology_Part 2.pdf 2,7 MB
Book_1880_A.J. Pearce_The Textbook of Astrology_Vol.2_Book 3_weather guide book.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_1881_A.J. Pearce_Science of the Stars.pdf 3,0 MB
Book_1909_Gladys Dickson_A Jerusalem christian treatease on astrology.pdf alias 1 KB
Book_2012_Daryn Lehoux_Parapegmata_astrometeorology in the ancient world.pdf 5,3 MB
Book_2012_Daryn Lehoux_Observation And Prediction In Ancient Astrology.pdf 990 KB
Book_2014_Kris Brandt MA Riske_Predicting Weather Events with Astrology.pdf 4,5 MB
Book_Saxby_1862_Foretelling weather_Lunar weather system.pdf 584 KB
Book_Saxby_1864_Saxby's Weather System_Lunar influence on weather.pdf 2,0 MB
dissertation_History and Test of Planetary Weather Forecasting.pdf 1,7 MB
Forgotten Techniques of Vedaanga Jyotisha_Vinay Jha_forecast.pdf 5,0 MB
How astro meteorology works.pdf 527 KB
Jyotish_Astrology in Forecasting weather & earthquakes_ Raman.pdf 951 KB
Krushi Parasharaha_1.pdf 234 KB
Meteorology_Aristotle_350 B.C.pdf 235 KB
Meteorology_Aristotle_350 B.C.rtf 240 KB
earthquakes 585 KB
Aircraft crashes_Famous earthquakes.pdf 130 KB
Earthquake in Haiti.pdf 347 KB
Frequent Earthquakes in Indonesia.pdf 103 KB
Extraterrestrial Astrology 1,7 MB
Book_1997_John Brody_Extraterrestrial Astrology.pdf 1,2 MB
extraterrestrial Astrology.pdf 247 KB
orbital_Extraterrestrial Astrology.pdf 229 KB
Jyotish_2009_K.B.Gopalakrishnan_Mundane astrology book.pdf 949 KB
Jyotish_2013_James A. Eshelman_Sidereal Mundane Astrology.pdf 2,4 MB
World_Countries_Cities_Mundane charts 118,5 MB
Bob Marks_Helping astrology Clients through Wolrld Crises.pdf 3,2 MB
Bob Marks_The Astrology of World Events.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_1650_John Russel_ Predictions on Commonwealth.pdf 1,3 MB
Book_1682_John Holwel_Catastrophe mundi.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_1683_John Holwel_Othoman family_nativities.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_1684_Richard Kirby_A Diurnal Speculum_Britain chart for 1684 .pdf 1,1 MB
Book_1911_Alain Leo_Mundane or National Astrology.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_1917_John Hazelrigg_Astrosophic princ...roscope of Declaration of independence.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_1929_L .Edward Johndro_The Earth In The Heavens_Ruling Degrees of Cities.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_1932_Raphaels Mundane Astrology_in 3 parts.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_1932_Raphaels Mundane 3 parts_best.pdf 615 KB
Book_1984_Doris Chase Doane_Accurate World Horoscopes 7,8 MB
Book_1984_Doris Chase Doane_Accurate World Horoscopes.pdf 7,6 MB
Booklet_1968_Parallels to midheaven & as...King Keyes_use with world horoscopes.pdf 125 KB
Book_1986_Stan Barker_The signs of the tim...e Neptune factor and America's destiny.pdf 7,5 MB
Book_1996_Noel Tyl_Predictions for a new millennium.pdf 6,2 MB
Book_2005_3 books by H.S. Green_Raphael and Carter_Mundane Astrology_of Nations.pdf 4,0 MB
Book_2009_Anne Whitaker_Jupiter Meets Ura..._Feb. 1997 Jupiter Uranus conjunction.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_2013_Lisa Mendes, Harold Wigglesworth_The New Astrology of Towns and Cities.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_3_Mundane Astrology for cities_nations_groups_from kindle.pdf 3,5 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_3_Mundane Astrology for cities_nations_groups.pdf 8,2 MB
Book_C. C. Zain_13_Mundane Astrology.pdf 3,4 MB
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Book_Guido Bonatti_Bonatti on Mundane Astrology.pdf 6,0 MB
Book_Mundane Astrology_countries.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_Van K. Golay_POLITICAL of Western Imperialism_countries.pdf 9,3 MB
charts of WW3_USA_trump_Russia_Putin.png 227 KB
How to Calculate Zodiacal Sign of A Place_Country_State.pdf 252 KB
Israel's Chart.webarchive 80 KB
Jyotish_Joni Patry_Secrets of Prediction_World and Personal Cycles Using Jyotish.pdf 3,0 MB
Jyotish_Mundane astrology_ M.N. Kedar.pdf 2,2 MB
Jyotish_Mundane astrology_Manik Chand Jain.pdf 4,9 MB
Jyotish_Practical mundane astrology_ how to judge.pdf 9,0 MB
Jyotish_Significant mundane events through transit navamsa.pdf 3,0 MB
Jyotish_Time tested techniques of Mundane Astrology_K.N.Rao.pdf 7,4 MB
Jyotish_Time Tested Techniques of Mundane Astrology_M.S. Metha.pdf 3,9 MB
Planetary Aspects and Terrestrial Earthquakes.rtfd 324 KB
Predicting Mundane Affairs through Annual Chart.pdf 65 KB
Predicting Mundane Affairs through Annual Chart.rtf 13 KB
Re-defining the Lunar New Year Chart_P.V.R. Narasimha Rao.pdf 1,2 MB
Robert Glasscock_Astrologys and humans Future_2014.pdf 616 KB
Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.png 482 KB
Searching for the horoscope of Portugal.pdf 487 KB
The Foundation Chart of Baghdad.pdf 36 KB
The Foundation Chart of Baghdad.rtf 4 KB
Yearly chart 66 KB
Vedic Yearly Chart_New Moon In Pisces.pdf 59 KB
Naksatras_stars_special Chakras 389,1 MB
27_28 Naksatras 117,3 MB
3 gunas_ 4 goals of Naksatras.doc 442 KB
3 gunas_ 4 goals of Naksatras.pdf 270 KB
27 naksatras 164p.pdf 2,3 MB
27 nakshatras 15p.pdf 77 KB
27 nakshatras 28p.pdf 228 KB
27 nakshatras and profession.txt 7 KB
27 nakshatras_in Zodiac wheel picture.jpg 6,3 MB
27 nakshatras_in Zodiac wheel.jpg 1,9 MB
27 stars_big table.pdf 476 KB
28 Nakshatras_and padas.pdf 411 KB
28 stars_arabic_chinese 1,3 MB
27 star names in India, China, Arabs.pdf 293 KB
27 star names_arabs.pdf 127 KB
HERMES ZODIOLOGION_The 28 moon mansions.pdf 70 KB
Jyotish Book extract_Origin of naksatras_ Chinese & Vedic.pdf 832 KB
108 padas results for moon.doc 940 KB
108 padas results for moon.pdf 609 KB
Abhijit Muhurta_VK Shridhar.pdf 116 KB
all about the 27nakshatras.txt 52 KB
besf of the naksatras_long divya.doc 172 KB
besf of the naksatras_long divya.pdf 188 KB
besf of the naksatras.doc 243 KB
besf of the naksatras.pdf 310 KB
Book_Merlin the Wizard_Tishya_ Lunar Mansions in Vedic Astrology.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_Michael Santangelo_27 Stars_ Discovering Your True Self.pdf 5,9 MB
Characters of Humans born in different lagnas_stars_day_S. Padhy.pdf 262 KB
Esoterics Of The Pleiades.pdf 126 KB
French_article_J. B. Biot_Sur les Nakshatras ou Mansions de la lune.pdf 727 KB
Fruits of worshipping each nakshatra.pdf 66 KB
Gifts when moon is in Naksatras_Mahabharata.pdf 86 KB
Indian Star Names.pdf 208 KB
Indian Star Names.rtf 57 KB
Jyotish_27 Stars_ 27 Gods - DiCara.pdf 2,5 MB
Jyotish_2002_Bepin Bihari_Revelations of Zodiacal Signs and Lunar Mansions_retyped.pdf 1,1 MB
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Jyotish_2002_Bepin Bihari_Revelations of Zodiacal Signs and Lunar Mansions.pdf 3,3 MB
Jyotish_2014_Dr S.P. Bhagat_introduction to nakashatra astrology.pdf 1,3 MB
Jyotish_2016_Secrets of Nakshatras_Deepak Vishwanathan.pdf 317 KB
Jyotish_Brhat Naksatra_S.rath banned.pdf 10,1 MB
Jyotish_Raj Kumar_Role Of Nakshatra In Astrology.pdf 4,6 MB
Jyotish_Salient Features Of Indian Astrol...hajan_3.o_BAD SCAN_to order amazon US.pdf 1,9 MB
Jyotish_Shil Ponde_Hindu astrology-planets in stars_A MUST.pdf 3,0 MB
Jyotish_significance of nakshatras _NVRA Raja.pdf 454 KB
Jyotish_The book of Nakshatras_P. Trivedi.pdf 7,5 MB
Jyotish_Vashisht Vaid_The Secrets of Cosmic Energy Portals _Nakshatras_vol 1.pdf 5,1 MB
Jyotish_Vashisht Vaid_The Secrets of Cosmic Energy Portals _Nakshatras_vol 2.pdf 5,0 MB
Karma Vipak Samhita_Lord Siva_8 parts_upto punarvasu_Naksatra atonement.pdf 2,0 MB
Kumara Swamiyam_2 to 4_A Tamil classic about nakshatras_Ghatis.pdf 714 KB
naksatra names in Tamil_Telugu_Simhalese.pdf 20 KB
Naksatras one by one 27,8 MB
01 Ashvini.pdf 527 KB
02 Bharni.pdf 512 KB
03 Are You Born in Krittika Nakshatra_M Krishnan Potti.pdf 57 KB
03 Are You Born in Krittika Nakshatra_M Krishnan Potti.rtf 7 KB
03 Krittika In Tamil Manuscripts.pdf 295 KB
03 Krittika.pdf 1,0 MB
03 Predictive Nakshatra Astrology_Krittika Nakshatra.pdf 336 KB
04 Aldebaran Or Rohini.pdf 222 KB
04 Rohini.pdf 751 KB
05 Mrigasira.pdf 663 KB
06 Ardra.pdf 1,8 MB
07 Punarvasu.pdf 654 KB
08 Pushya.pdf 471 KB
09 Ashlesa.pdf 3,6 MB
10 Magha.pdf 2,1 MB
10 Regulus Or Magha The Mighty The Heart Of The Lion.pdf 167 KB
11 Purva Phalguni.pdf 2,2 MB
12 Utara Phalguni.pdf 2,4 MB
13 Hasta.pdf 4,1 MB
14 Spica Or Chitra Bright The Pearl.pdf 262 KB
14_Chitra nakshatra.pdf 2,2 MB
15 Swati The Independent One.pdf 190 KB
16 Vishaka The Star Of Purpose..pdf 98 KB
17 Anuradha Disciple Of Divine Spark Calling To Action.pdf 231 KB
18 Jyestha Oldest.pdf 188 KB
19 Moola The Root The Original Or Foundation.pdf 262 KB
19_Moola.pdf 197 KB
20 Purva Ashada Early Victory Or The Undefeated The Invincible Star.pdf 154 KB
21 Uttara Ashada The Universal Star.pdf 110 KB
22 Shravana Hearing The Star Of Learning.pdf 341 KB
23 Dhanishta.pdf 109 KB
24 Satabhisha Hundred Healers The Veiling Star.pdf 29 KB
25 Purvabhadrapada The Former Happy Feet.pdf 340 KB
26 Uttara Bhadrapada Latter Happy Feet The Scorching Pair.pdf 232 KB
27 Revati The Welthy One The Keeper Of The Flock The Nurturer.pdf 169 KB
Bellatrix The Conqueror.pdf 83 KB
Canopus Or Agastya.pdf 76 KB
Charles Chaplin The Gifts Of The Fixed Stars.pdf 233 KB
Great Gifts Immortality Ofsachin Tendulka...ame Fame Wealth Glory The Fixed Stars.pdf 202 KB
Rishi Agastya.pdf 94 KB
Sirius The Star Of Success.pdf 119 KB
The Solar Eclipse On Krittika Pleiades Constellation And Many Planets In Taurus.pdf 20 KB
Naksatras Sadaputa.pdf 92 KB
nakshatra devatas.doc 50 KB
nakshatra devatas.pdf 38 KB
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Nakshatra Examples on celebrities.pdf 1,0 MB
Nakshatra lists in Rig Veda.pdf 118 KB
Nakshatrams and Vedic Astrology Deities and Descriptions_table.pdf 138 KB
nakshatras and professions_extract from dhruva nadi.pdf 28 KB
Nakshatras and Professions.pdf 57 KB
nakshatras body parts.pdf 19 KB
nakshatras body parts.rtf 1 KB
nakshatras features.pdf 89 KB
Nakshatras in Astrology.pdf 92 KB
Nakshatras on the palm.pdf 38 KB
Nakshatras or asterisms in hindu astrology.pdf 148 KB
planets in nakshatras.pdf 85 KB
Plant Species Useful in Each Nakshatra.pdf 1,4 MB
presentations 4,2 MB
part 1_navataras.pdf 1,1 MB
part 2_VTN yogas_puskar__.pdf 2,3 MB
uṣṇa amṛta and viṣā ghaṭikā.pdf 147 KB
uṣṇa amṛta and viṣā ghaṭikā2.pdf 640 KB
significance of nakshatras.pdf 5,3 MB
Signification_of_Nakshatras.pdf 422 KB
The Legend of the Southern Cross_naksatras.pdf 239 KB
The Real Secret of Vedic Astrology_Nakshatras_Acharya Bharat.pdf 256 KB
Untitled.txt.pdf 55 KB
Untitled.txt.rtf 1 KB
Which Nakshatra is YOU_YouTube.pdf 20 KB
Which Nakshatra is YOU_YouTube.rtf 2 KB
Why study Geo-Centric Astronomy_Satya Sarada Kandula.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_Komilla Sutton_The Nakshatras_The Stars Beyond the Zodiac.pdf 3,1 MB
Drawing_Nakshtra_KP_Wheel.pdf 67 KB
Drawing_sideral zodiac and galactic center.pdf 68 KB
Drawing_signs & nakshatra wheel.jpg 41 KB
Drawing_signs_Stars chart.pdf 61 KB
Gandanta Dosha_Sarajit Poddar,.pdf 67 KB
Gandantha Case studies.pdf 291 KB
gunas of stars_how to use.htm 108 KB
Jyotish_Anthony Writer_the use of fixed stars in astrology.pdf 1,9 MB
Jyotish_Nakshatra based predictions_part1_K.T. Shubhakaran.pdf 8,4 MB
Jyotish_Nakshatra based predictions_part12_K.T. Shubhakaran.pdf 7,4 MB
Jyotish_The Naksatras_Dennis Harness_extract.pdf 160 KB
Jyotish_The Naksatras_Dennis Harness.pdf 2,6 MB
Nakshatra Sutras from the Taittiriya Brahmana 13,6 MB
My new Free eBook on Nakshatras with Taittirya Brahmana translation.3gp 11,9 MB
Nakshatra Sutras of Taittiriya Brahmana.pdf 1,7 MB
Nakshatras from 10,000 BCE to 10,000 CE.pdf 273 KB
Nakshatras in sidereal astrology.pdf 118 KB
Predictive Nakshatra Research_full_Parts 1 to 6.pdf 1,1 MB
Result of Moon in different Nakshatras 6,0 MB
birth in padas.doc 37 KB
birth in padas.pdf 62 KB
Jyotish_Krishna Rau_Nakshatra_Tithi_and_Gochara_Phala_retyped.pdf 710 KB
Jyotish_Krishna Rau_Nakshatra_Tithi_and_Gochara_Phala.pdf 650 KB
Jyotish_Your Star_Mrs.K.N.Saraswathy_original.pdf 1,6 MB
Jyotish_Your Star_Mrs.K.N.Saraswathy.pdf 363 KB
moon nakshatras_celebrities examples.pdf 65 KB
naksatras results (for moon).doc 109 KB
naksatras results (for moon).pdf 106 KB
Nakshatra Pada effects for Moon.pdf 88 KB
natal NAKSATRAS_sun _moon & signs.doc 885 KB
natal NAKSATRAS_sun _moon & signs.pdf 847 KB
results of Moon in 27 Nakshatras.pdf 374 KB
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symtoms for moon in 27 Nakshatras.pdf 188 KB
Result of Nakshatras from sun 315 KB
Meaning of Suryaat Nakshatra bindus_part 2.pdf 315 KB
Secret of Nakshatras.pdf 262 KB
special Chakras 4,2 MB
Chandra Kalanala Chakra_28 stars_Prasna_gain- loss, success- defeat.pdf 53 KB
Dimba Chakra as per Jataka Bharanam_27 stars.pdf 230 KB
Dimba Chakra As Told To Me_27 stars.pdf 124 KB
Kota Chakra_28 stars_and Professional Setback_Imran.pdf 290 KB
Kota Chakra_28 stars_timing misfortune.pdf 63 KB
Pataki Chakra_12 signs + Yamardhas and dandas_vedhas for health at birth 2,4 MB
Jyotish_2004_Pataki Rishta Chakra_K.N. Rao .pdf 2,4 MB
Pataki Chakra.pdf 63 KB
Rahukalanal Chakra & 28 Nakshatras_for important muhurtas/ travel.pdf 93 KB
Rahukalanal Chakra.png 22 KB
Simhasan Chakra_27 stars_Muhurta for Swearing in Ceremony.pdf 605 KB
Surya Kalanala Chakra_28 stars_on monthly s...ys for outcome of problems, health- war.pdf 124 KB
stars 220,9 MB
all medieval 32,6 MB
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HEALTH.html 82 KB
HOBBIES.html 31 KB
Introd.html 11 KB
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MONEY.html 83 KB
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Occupations.html 207 KB
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SECRETS.html 17 KB
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Stars_in_magnitude_order.htm 735 bytes
Stars_in_Right_Ascention.htm 725 bytes
Stars_Latitudes.htm 722 bytes
Stars_Michael_Erlewine.htm 721 bytes
stars.htm 719 bytes
starslist.htm 49 KB
Sualocin.html 12 KB
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Terebellum.html 7 KB
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Zubenelshamali.html 15 KB
ZubenHakrabi.html 5 KB
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1547_Girolamo Cardano_The meaning of fixed stars.pdf 35 KB
A discourse on the fifteen stars.pdf 197 KB
Agastya_Star Canopus.pdf 86 KB
algol 328 KB
Medusa's Head_caput algol.pdf 225 KB
South Node Algol Conjunction In Taurus.pdf 104 KB
Ann Wright_Fixed Stars list and features.pdf 2,5 MB
article_1500__Andrea Argolus_On Fixed Stars.pdf 951 KB
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Constellations, Fixed Stars And The Zodiac In Islamic astronomy.pdf 484 KB
Diana Rosenberg_Fixed stars and contellations.pdf 204 KB
essay_origins of the constellations_1_Mesopotamian tradition.pdf 1,7 MB
essay_origins of the constellations_2_Meditteranean tradition.pdf 921 KB
Fixed Stars_Interview with Diana K. Rosenberg.pdf 1,3 MB
fixed stars_pronounciation.pdf 155 KB
fixed stars.pdf 187 KB
Macedonian Folk_Constellations.pdf 459 KB
Ophiuchus_Sign and Symbol.pdf 18 KB
Origins of the ancient constellations_Chapter 6.pdf 4,8 MB
Pointers To Profession Timing Of First Salary.pdf 195 KB
profile of a marine engineer with a stellar mission.pdf 95 KB
Stars in Zodiac.jpg 424 KB
stars list_alphabetic.htm 168 KB
stars rising and setting.webarchive 158 KB
The 290 Fixed Stars in different cultures_Naksatras.pdf 1,4 MB
The meaning of fixed stars according Girolamo Cardano.pdf 34 KB
The Milky Way and Soma.pdf 75 KB
The Milky Way and Soma.rtf 26 KB
Book_1652_William Ramesey_The voice of the Starres.pdf 2,7 MB
Book_1814_G. Beaumont_Fixed stars_or An analyzation and refutation of astrology.pdf 3,4 MB
Book_1835- kelvin McKready_A Beginners Guide To The Stars.pdf 1,5 MB
Book_1882_The Gospel in the Stars_Joseph A Seiss_retyped.pdf 3,5 MB
Book_1882_W. H. Higgins_the names of the st...onstellations_in Latin, Arabic & Hebrew.pdf 2,1 MB
Book_1885_Aratos_the Phainomena or heavenly display_constellations in antiquity.pdf 2,9 MB
Book_1887_William Peck_The Constellations and How to Find Them.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_1893_Bullinger_Witness of the Stars.pdf 4,4 MB
Book_1896_W.Upton_Star Atlas Containing Stars Visible to the Naked Eye.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_1899_Richard Hinckley Allen_Star Names and Their Meanings.pdf 10,7 MB
Book_1901 Joseph G. Dalton_The sixteen principal stars_ & positions1824_1948.pdf 1,3 MB
Book_1905_ M.M.Macgregor_Astrology_ the influence of the stars.pdf 2,7 MB
Book_1907_Tyler Olcott_A Field book of the Stars.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_1908_Geoge F. Chambers_The Story of the Stars.pdf 5,9 MB
Book_1911_A.R. Parsons_The Road map of the stars.pdf 1,9 MB
Book_1911_J. Alexander_The Friendly Stars.pdf 6,4 MB
Book_1911_William Tyler Olcott_Star Lore of All Ages.pdf 22,1 MB
Book_1913_The Stars and Their Stories.pdf 9,9 MB
Book_1915_Ptolemy's catalogue of stars_ form Almagest.pdf 4,6 MB
Book_1919_Willis I Miham_How To Identify The Stars.pdf 659 KB
Book_1923_Vivian Robson_The Fixed Stars And Constellations_MUST read.pdf 2,7 MB
Book_1928_A Guide To The Constellations.pdf 7,5 MB
Book_1928_L. Edward Johndro_The Stars_How And Where They Influence.pdf 1,5 MB
Book_1930_Evangeline Adams_Your Place Among the Stars.pdf 11,4 MB
Book_1940_Paul Councel_Your Stars And Destiny.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_1957_Ernst Zinner_The Stars Above Us.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_1963_Richard Hinckley Allen_Star Names Their Lore And Meaning.pdf 9,9 MB
Book_1976_E. Raymond Capt_The glory of the stars.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_2010_Abd al-Raḥmān al-Ṣūfī_the Fixed Stars_thesis.pdf 8,3 MB
Book_2010_Michael Ledo_The Bible Astrology handbook.pdf 664 KB
Book_2012_B.D. salermo_Forensics by the Stars_Astrology Investigates.pdf 577 KB
Book_2015_Nick Anthony Fiorenza_An Intro... to Astronomical Astrology_MUST READ.pdf 3,6 MB
Book_2015-Thomas Chaote - Book of Stars.pdf 197 KB
Book_Bernadette Brady_Brady's Book of Fixed Stars.pdf 9,6 MB
Book_Project Hindsight_The Treatise on the Bright Fixed Stars.pdf 672 KB
Carnac Megaliths in FRANCE deciphered.webarchive 190 KB
French_Book_1806_C.F. Dupuis_Mémoire exp...odiaque chronologique et mythologique.pdf 4,8 MB
French_Book_1821_Svante Arrhénius_Le destin des étoiles.pdf 7,9 MB
Sidereal Horoscopes By Count Gramalkin.pdf 2,6 MB
Tarabala_Chandrat Nakshatra Bindus 523 KB
Tarabala table.png 33 KB
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Tarabala_8 Chandrat Nakshatra Bindus 271 KB
Dr. Paresh Desai_Chandrat Nakshatra Bindus_1.pdf 53 KB
Dr. Paresh Desai_Chandrat Nakshatra Bindus_2.pdf 84 KB
Dr. Paresh Desai_Chandrat Nakshatra Bindus_3.pdf 134 KB
Tarabala_Dharak & Dharakansha Horoscope.pdf 172 KB
Tarabalam_Muhurta_Table.pdf 37 KB
Planets_upagrahas_combust_retro 462,2 MB
Asteroids_Meteors_comets 9,2 MB
asteroids 1,9 MB
5 asteroids.txt 8 KB
45 asteroids.txt 595 bytes
Asteroids and Mythic Astrology.pdf 55 KB
Book_Emma Belle Donath_Asteroids in Synastry.pdf 1,1 MB
Ceres.html 8 KB
Chiron psychological astrology.pdf 68 KB
grazers.html 24 KB
Interpreting the Asteroids in the Natal Chart.pdf 386 KB
Interpreting the Asteroids in the Natal Chart.rtf 44 KB
Juno.html 8 KB
Main Asteroid Belt.pdf 8 KB
Pallas.html 8 KB
The Asteroid Abbott-Key Of Interpretation In A Case Of Disease.pdf 142 KB
Vesta.html 8 KB
Book_Impact - The Threat of Comets and Asteroids.pdf 6,4 MB
Hidden Faces of the Asteroid Goddesses_Jessica Murray.pdf 135 KB
Spiral Of Time And Comets In The Era Of Great Celestial conjunction.pdf 416 KB
spiral Of Time And Comets.pdf 383 KB
Avasthas 294 KB
7 Avasthas.pdf 39 KB
Avasthas of Planets.pdf 206 KB
Avasthas That Are Important.rtf 1 KB
Lajjitaadi Avasthas Ernst Wilhelm.rtf 3 KB
Badhaka 294 KB
Badhaka has a big role.pdf 54 KB
Badhaka.pdf 191 KB
Bob Marks_singleton_isolated planet.pdf 4,0 MB
Book_1993_Liz Greene_The Inner Planets Build...locks of Personal Reality_Vol.4 Seminars.pdf 3,1 MB
Book_1995_Robert Hand_Night and Day_must read.pdf 913 KB
Book_1998_Shirley Soffer_The astrology sourcebook_planets.pdf 3,9 MB
Book_2008_Michael Erlewine_Mother Moon_Astrology of The Lights/ Luminaries.pdf 4,7 MB
Book_2011_Keiron Le Grice_The Archetypal Co...discovering the Gods_planets psychology.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_2014_Sasha Fenton's Planets in Astrology.pdf 1,0 MB
Book_20111-Dava Sobel_the planets.pdf 1,0 MB
combust_retro 12,1 MB
combustion 636 KB
Combust Planets.pdf 69 KB
combustion of planets.pdf 42 KB
combustion.pdf 304 KB
Interpretation of Stationary Points in Astrology_Seenu S. Reddi.pdf 33 KB
retrograde 11,4 MB
A brief Note on Retro Planets.pdf 69 KB
Book_2000_Erin Sullivan_Retrograde planets_Traversing the inner landscape.pdf 4,9 MB
Book_2008_Michael Erlewine_Burn Rates Retrogrades in Astrology.pdf 3,9 MB
Jyotish_Retograde planets_Grace Inglis.pdf 1,2 MB
mercury retrograde.pdf 25 KB
Natal Retrograde Planets.pdf 47 KB
Retrograde Jupiter_Change of Place And Increase in Income and Status.pdf 85 KB
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Retrograde Mercury.doc 8 KB
RETROGRADE PLANETS About Past Lives.pdf 45 KB
Retrogrades and past lives.pdf 72 KB
Retrogrades.rtfd 21 KB
Vakri_ retrograde Planets_essay.pdf 987 KB
Dosha 1,2 MB
Dosha Samyam.pdf 933 KB
doshas & Gandanta.pdf 66 KB
Doshas and remedies are the part and parcel of vedic astrology.pdf 37 KB
doshas_ Flaws in Time_Vedic Remedies in Astrology extracts.pdf 147 KB
French_Book_1675_C. Gadroys_Le systeme du monde.pdf 4,5 MB
French_Book_1921_F. Cumont_Le Jupiter héliopolitain et les divinités des planètes.pdf 188 KB
Functional Malefics_Parashara's Light.pdf 31 KB
How to judge debilitated planets_nieizv.pdf 103 KB
Hymns To Surya The Sun And Soma The Moon.pdf 105 KB
Jupiter & Saturn_Dharma and Karma.pdf 145 KB
Jyotish_Know About Jupiter & Saturn_Shanker Adawal.pdf 4,5 MB
Jyotish_Know About Mars & Mercury_Shanker Adawal.pdf 5,2 MB
Jyotish_Shanker Adawal_Know about Luminaries.pdf 5,9 MB
10 Paths to Creative Freedom_planets indications.pdf 95 KB
Definition of a Graha.pdf 120 KB
essay_gender in astrology.pdf 102 KB
Functionalism in Astrology.pdf 76 KB
Navagraha Strotra And Mantra Raha Celestial Bodies.pdf 51 KB
Observations on livelihood_age of planets.pdf 297 KB
Planets_ Colors and Metals.pdf 259 KB
Presentation_Mercury-Moon Mind-intellect.pdf 4,7 MB
Rahu Mars and Saturn.pdf 132 KB
Some Basics of Astrology Revisited - I.pdf 87 KB
Some Loud Thinking on Planets.pdf 52 KB
Spirituality And Outer Planets.pdf 127 KB
table-planets.jpg 81 KB
The Solar System_What is a Planet in Astrology.pdf 221 KB
Thesis_1983_Richardson John_The signes of heaven to ken_planets description.pdf 13,9 MB
Venus and Jupiter as Functional Malefics.pdf 65 KB
Where are the Nine Planets _ by Prof. P S Sastri.pdf 41 KB
Planetary strenght_dignity_age 22,1 MB
age of planets 533 KB
age_cycle des planetes.png 116 KB
Ali Ben Ragel_Age of the planets.pdf 132 KB
Maturity Age of Planets.pdf 136 KB
Planet Age and Maturity Table.pdf 39 KB
Planetary Ages of Man.pdf 16 KB
The Cycle of 119 Years In Astrology_planetary ages.pdf 95 KB
Angry Planets.pdf 29 KB
detriment_fall.pdf 71 KB
DigBala_Sam Geppi.pdf 91 KB
dignities 5,3 MB
Essential Dignities from Lilly_Leehman.pdf 192 KB
Essential Dignities from Lilly.pdf 197 KB
Essential Dignity.pdf 163 KB
Exalation of Planets_Sharad Joshi.pdf 61 KB
exaltation and debilitation_astronomically.pdf 104 KB
planets in signs_day/night ownership.gif 55 KB
Presentation_Dorothean Table of Essential Dignities.pdf 144 KB
Presentation_Table of Almutens by Day and night_according to Lilly.pdf 4,4 MB
Hidden Messages In Vimshopak.pdf 356 KB
Jyotish_Best way to use Shad bala_K. Jaya Sekhar.pdf 4,5 MB
Jyotish_Bhava and Graha Balas_B.V.Raman 1996.pdf 1,3 MB
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Jyotish_Shadbala Rahasyam_Anil Kumar Jain_А TextBook on Shadbala_miss p.26.pdf 1,1 MB
Jyotish_Shadbala rahasyam_Mystery of Sixfold Potency of Planets_Krihna Kumar_2002.pdf 5,4 MB
Jyotish_text book for shadbala and bhavabala_V.P. Jain.pdf 1,3 MB
Naisargika bala or natural strenght.pdf 187 KB
Naisargika Rashi Dasa(Natural years of signs) - Sanjay Prabhakaran.pdf 215 KB
SHAD BALA_ishta phalal and kastha-phala.pdf 79 KB
Shad_Bala.pdf 344 KB
shadbala_sixfold potency with case study.pdf 881 KB
Sthan Bala A Case Study Of Planetary Potency.pdf 173 KB
Strong Planets.pdf 9 KB
Vedic Shadbala Analysis (strengths of planets).pdf 115 KB
Planetary war 1,5 MB
Graha Yuddha_Edith Hathaway.pdf 1,3 MB
Planetary War by Vinay Jha.pdf 146 KB
1_Sun 13,4 MB
French_Book_1876_R. A. Proctor_The sun_ruler_fire_light.pdf 11,2 MB
midnight sun.pdf 444 KB
Sun results in Sign_House_Aspects.pdf 1,7 MB
The Sun In The Puranas And The Vedas.pdf 39 KB
2-Moon 35,5 MB
Black Moon Lilith_Midnight Ephemeris for the 20th century.pdf 3,9 MB
Book_1878_R. A. Proctor_The moon_her motions_aspect.pdf 7,9 MB
Book_1885_Timothy Harley_Moon Lore_in cultural beliefs.pdf 3,1 MB
Book_1974_A.Volguine_Lunar Astrology.pdf 3,3 MB
Book_2011_Laura Walker_The Astrology of ...n_A Guide to Healing the Shadow Side.pdf 996 KB
Book_2015_Patsy Bennett_Astrology Secrets of the Moon.pdf 922 KB
Book_Alexander Kolesnikov_Moon Sign discover your true self.pdf 162 KB
Book_Irène Andrieu_L’astrologie Soli-lunaire_partiel.pdf 555 KB
Book_Jan Spiller_New Moon Astrology.pdf 1,2 MB
Evaluating Horoscopes and Predicting Events_with moon.pdf 78 KB
French_Book_1937_Pierre Saint Yves_L'astrologie populaire_La Lune.pdf 8,3 MB
Jyotish_Dhiraj Bakshi_the planet moon and the karmic law.pdf 2,3 MB
Lilith_The Black Moon_in signs and Cojunction.pdf 71 KB
Lilith_The Black Moon.pdf 118 KB
Moon results in Sign_House_Aspect.pdf 1,5 MB
Moon_receptor of the Sun.pdf 200 KB
Moon's States And Constellations.rtf 29 KB
Moons Water Type in Various Houses_Quality Level of Education.pdf 137 KB
official Space programs 153 KB
official Lunar Explorations_missions.pdf 40 KB
Space Data/ Human Flight.pdf 81 KB
Space Flight Locations Data.pdf 31 KB
Predicting Presidential Elections US/ Use Past Elections to Predict Future Outcomes.pdf 155 KB
Predicting Presidential Elections_A Sports Model_using moon.pdf 101 KB
The Debilitated Moon_Alison Berker.pdf 73 KB
The Moon_Michael Laughrin.pdf 101 KB
Void of course Moon 201 KB
Lee Lehman_The Void of Course Moon.pdf 143 KB
the Void of course Moon.pdf 58 KB
waxing-waning.jpg 37 KB
3_Mars 30,9 MB
11th from Mars_a master key.pdf 317 KB
Book_1915_Alan Leo_Mars the War Lord.pdf 2,0 MB
Book_1988_Donna Van Toen_The Mars book...our personal energy and motivation.pdf 4,5 MB
French_Book_1909_Camille Flamarion_La Pla...ars et ses conditions d'habitabilité.pdf 22,0 MB
Mars in different houses.pdf 381 KB
mars in houses.pdf 40 KB
Mars in Roman culture.pdf 109 KB
Mars in Virgo.pdf 240 KB
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Mars_Spiritual Energy of the Mighty Malefic_Gary Gomes.pdf 93 KB
The jouney of mars_the driver of desires.pdf 383 KB
4_Mercury 1,6 MB
Jyotish_Mercury the alchemist_Sri K. Parvathi Kumar.pdf 616 KB
Mercury in 12 Houses_Predictive Techniques.pdf 90 KB
Mercury results in Signs_Houses_Aspects.pdf 897 KB
5-Jupiter 17,2 MB
Book_1917_Alan Leo_Jupiter_the preserver.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_2003_Madalyn Aslan's Jupiter signs_results of jupiter in signs.pdf 7,6 MB
Book_Hanne Klein_Jupiter The Planet Of Luck.pdf 985 KB
Exalted Jupiters Punch.pdf 269 KB
Is Jupiter Universally Benefic _ by Pronab Das.pdf 54 KB
Is Jupiter Universally Benefic _ by Pronab Das.rtf 10 KB
Jupiter Hampered by North Node.pdf 141 KB
Jupiter in Bhavartha Ratnakara by M D Trivedi.pdf 50 KB
Jupiter in Bhavartha Ratnakara by M D Trivedi.rtf 11 KB
Jupiter In Dual Signs.pdf 209 KB
Jupiter in Movable Sign_Nieizv.pdf 171 KB
Jupiter in movable signs.pdf 392 KB
Jupiter results in Sign_House Aspects.pdf 925 KB
Jupiter_ Saturn and the Judiciary by P S Sastri.pdf 52 KB
Jupiter_Saturn Nexus_ an Exposition.pdf 82 KB
Jyotish_L.R. Chawdhri_The fascinating Jupiter.pdf 3,9 MB
Thy experiments towards truth_exalted jupiter.pdf 343 KB
6-Venus 3,3 MB
Eclipse Of The Sun By Venus.pdf 84 KB
Space Dance Of Venus.pdf 157 KB
Tereza Burns_The Little Book of Black Venu...d Transformation of Hermetic Astrology.pdf 405 KB
Venus in Trine with Malefics_Part 1 & 2_R. G. Krishnan.pdf 329 KB
Venus results in Sign_House_Aspects.pdf 1,4 MB
Venus; Its Curious Orbital Relationship to Earth.pdf 933 KB
7-Saturn 34,1 MB
Book_1916_Alan Leo_Saturn the reaper.pdf 1,5 MB
Book_1976_Liz Greene_Saturn_a new look at an old devil.pdf 4,5 MB
Book_1991_Erin Sullivan_Saturn in Transit Boundaries of Mind, Body, and Soul.pdf 1,7 MB
Book_2015_R. Grossinger_Pluto New Horizo... Astronomy, Astrology, and Mythology.pdf 2,1 MB
Book_French_1865_R. A. Proctor_Saturn and its system.pdf 7,1 MB
Jyotish_1953_R. Svoboda_The greatness of Saturn.pdf 3,2 MB
Jyotish_1998_D.P. Saxena_Saturn_ friend and guide.pdf 3,4 MB
Jyotish_2000_L.R. Chawdhri_Saturn_a Friend or Foe.pdf 6,9 MB
Magnificent Saturn_Chakrapani Ullal.pdf 108 KB
Making Peace with Saturn_Robert Svoboda.pdf 48 KB
Saturn Determines the Course of Destiny.pdf 64 KB
Saturn results in Sign_House_Aspects.pdf 1,0 MB
Saturn return 1,4 MB
effects of Saturn Return.pdf 70 KB
How to Calculate Your Saturn Return.pdf 375 KB
Saturn Return Calculator - Astrocal.webarchive 885 KB
Saturn Return Calculator.webarchive 57 KB
Saturn_the karmic clean-up planet.pdf 1,1 MB
8-Rahu-Ketu_ eclipses 136,4 MB
Book_1979_Zipporah Pottenger Dobyns_The node book.pdf 2,7 MB
Book_2003_Kevin Burk_The Complete Node ...k_Understanding Your Life's Purpose.pdf 1,3 MB
Book_2008_Celeste Teal_Lunar Nodes- Discover Your Soul's Karmic Mission.pdf 7,7 MB
Book_2008_Michael Erlewine_Astrology Interface Planetary Nodes.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_2012_Agneta Borstein_The Moon's Nod...rstanding the Dynamic Ties that Bind.pdf 17,7 MB
Book_2012_Diane Ronngren_Lunar Nodes_Keys To Emotions and Life Experience.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_2012_Kathy Allan_When Worlds Collide- Another Look at the Lunar Nodes.pdf 11,7 MB
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Book_2015_Anne Whitaker_The Moons Nodes in action.pdf 1,9 MB
Combinations of Power_Rahu and Ketu.pdf 624 KB
Combinations of Power_Rahu Ketu.pdf 452 KB
Dane Rudhyar_Lunar Nodes.pdf 258 KB
eclipses 36,8 MB
2009 Triple Eclipses.pdf 134 KB
Book_1645_Lilly_The starry messenger_eclipses.pdf 1,7 MB
Book_1652_Lilly_ Easy method of judging eclipses.pdf 976 KB
Book_1652_Lilly_Annus Tenebrosis_Dark year_eclipses.pdf 2,0 MB
Book_1652_Nicholas Culpepper_The fall ...onarchy_predicted_Sun eclipse 1652.pdf 1,8 MB
Book_1667_John Gadbury_Vox Solis_sun eclipse of june 1666.pdf 771 KB
Book_1684_S. Trigg_Strange and terrible predictions_1684 sun eclipse.pdf 418 KB
Book_1898_R. Sewell_Eclipses Of The Moon In India_300 AD to 1900.pdf 2,9 MB
Book_1915_Sepharial_Eclipses_Astronomically and Astrologically.pdf 409 KB
Book_2008_Michael Erlewine_Eclipse Charts from 1750 to 2200.pdf 12,8 MB
Book_2015_Michael Erlewine_vision of the eclipse_lunations.pdf 607 KB
Eclipse.pdf 36 KB
Eclipses 1900-2050_Moon.pdf 65 KB
Eclipses 1900-2050_Sun.pdf 66 KB
Jyotish_1938_R. Shamashastri_Drapsa_The...c cycle of eclipses_vedic treasures.pdf 10,0 MB
KN Rao_The Menace of Mars Activating Eclipse.pdf 77 KB
Solar & Lunar Eclipses_NEVER to watch them.pdf 490 KB
Solar and lunar eclipses.pdf 128 KB
The revolt of Masaniello_riots of Neapoli...eople in the year 1647_due to eclipse.pdf 208 KB
The Solar Eclipse of 1999 from the Vedic Perspective.pdf 79 KB
Total Solar Eclipse Crosses Traverses USA On August 21, 2017.pdf 856 KB
Visti Larsen_Analysing Nodal Transits_eclipses.pdf 344 KB
Gripping of planets by the Nodes_full.pdf 598 KB
How to Read Rahu Ketu in KP Astrology.pdf 368 KB
Illusive Effect of Nodes_Shadow of Moon.pdf 132 KB
Impact of Mysterious Rahu.pdf 64 KB
Jyotish_1957_Rahu Pimma Yama Kalaya_Cyrus D. F Abayakoon.pdf 2,0 MB
Jyotish_1977_Mohan Koparkar_Lunar Nodes.pdf 2,2 MB
Jyotish_2001_The Lunar Nodes_ Crisis and Redemption_Sutton Komilla.pdf 2,2 MB
Jyotish_2003_Prash Trivedi_The Key of Life_ Astrology of the Lunar Nodes.pdf 4,6 MB
Jyotish_2006_Prem Kumar Sharma_Rahu and Ketu in predictive astrology.pdf 2,8 MB
Jyotish_2008_Know about Rahu & Ketu_ Brighu_ Shanker Adawal_keep to recopy.pdf 12,1 MB
Jyotish_2009_Manik Chand Jain_Rahu and K...Moon's Nodes in Predictive Astrology.pdf 1,7 MB
Jyotish_2016_The Rahu Ketu experience_P. Trivedi.pdf 9,9 MB
Jyotish_2018_Srinivasan Shastry_Rahu & Kethu in Bhrigu astrology.pdf 1,9 MB
Jyotish_Prem Kumar Sharma_Rahu and Ketu in predictive astrology.pdf 127 KB
Jyotish_Rahu and Ketu in transit_extract.pdf 123 KB
Kala Sarpa Yoga 428 KB
12 Types of Kal Sarpa Yoga & Its Remedies.pdf 212 KB
Kal Sarpa Yoga.pdf 29 KB
Kala Sarpa Yoga_Can Money Buy Happiness_Joni Patry.pdf 126 KB
Kalsarpa_Trimbakeshwar TEMPLE.pdf 54 KB
Ketu only 1,3 MB
Horoscopic Influences of Ketu by R M Banerjee2.pdf 60 KB
Ketu and the various Forms.SJVC.pdf 530 KB
Ketu Dasha.pdf 82 KB
Lessons of Ketu Dasha.pdf 39 KB
Timing of Renunciation-Understanding Charts of Sankaracharyas.pdf 624 KB
Moon Nodes in Signs and Houses.pdf 155 KB
Moons Nodes axis.pdf 546 KB
Moons Nodes.pdf 40 KB
Nodal Afflictions.pdf 74 KB
observations of the Effects of the Moons Nodes on the Personality.pdf 55 KB
Presentation_Nodal Cycle.pdf 227 KB
Rahu & Ketu in vedic astrology_Sourabh Soni.pdf 1,1 MB
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Rahu and Ketu.pdf 53 KB
Rahu Ketu story_ aspects.pdf 72 KB
Rahu only 5,0 MB
3rd from dragon head_A master key.pdf 442 KB
Book_North Node Astrology_Elizabeth Spring.pdf 793 KB
Jyotish_Shiv Raj Sharma_the Mystery Of Rahu In a Horoscope.pdf 2,9 MB
north node compass.jpg 329 KB
North Node Through Signs and Houses.pdf 25 KB
Rahu in 3rd House_A New Observation.pdf 118 KB
Rahu kalas.txt 199 bytes
Rahu_Ketu_Extract from ch. 3 & 6_Nieizv.pdf 1,0 MB
The Divine Demons.pdf 94 KB
The Lunar Nodes in Natal Astrology.pdf 44 KB
the lunar nodes on the solar makers.pdf 115 KB
The Lunar Nodes_A New Reading of its Traditional Meaning_2009 Clelia Romano.pdf 215 KB
The Moons Nodes At Birth.pdf 27 KB
The North and South Nodes.pdf 105 KB
Transit of Rahu-Ketu & the Fortunes of Politicians.pdf 47 KB
9-trans-Saturnians_Uranus_Neptune_Pluto 61,2 MB
Aspects between Saturn and Neptune.pdf 468 KB
Astro grabbies_Uranus Pluto_and the money game.pdf 366 KB
Book_1993_Joy Michaud_The Saturn Pluto phenomenon.pdf 7,3 MB
Book_2004_Donna Cunningham_The Outer Planets and Inner Life_ Vol.1.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_2008_Mary Shea_Making Choices with the Outer Planet Transits.pdf 844 KB
Book_Joy Michaud_The Uranus Neptune Influence.pdf 3,7 MB
Book_Mark Jones_Healing the Soul_Pluto, Uranus and the nodes.pdf 5,1 MB
Hora Sarvam/ The Outer Planets.pdf 807 KB
Jeffrey Green_Trauma and the Outer Planets.pdf 226 KB
Mid-life astrology_Transformation and evolution.pdf 165 KB
Neptune 8,8 MB
Book_1996_Liz Greene_The astrological Neptune and the quest for redemption.pdf 8,4 MB
Neptune_Sign House Aspect.pdf 428 KB
outer planet combinations.pdf 67 KB
Pluto 18,1 MB
Book_1986_Donna Cunningham_Healing Pluto Problems.pdf 2,3 MB
Book_1999_Bil Tierney_Alive and well with Pluto.pdf 4,7 MB
Book_2015_Richard Grossinger_Pluto_New...izons for a Lost Horizon Astronomy.pdf 2,3 MB
Book_Steven Forrest_The Book of Pluto.pdf 5,0 MB
Mars and Pluto_Rulers of Mate Signs.pdf 210 KB
Pluto results in Signs_Houses_Aspects.pdf 3,3 MB
Pluto_A Neo Vedic View.pdf 121 KB
Pluto_A Neo_Vedic View_Dennis M. Harness.pdf 81 KB
Presentation_Astrology of Sustainability_trans-saturnians.pdf 1,2 MB
The dramatic role of the outer planets.pdf 429 KB
the trans-Saturnian Planets.pdf 43 KB
Uranian astrology and cosmobiology.pdf 175 KB
Uranus 11,2 MB
Black Swans And Uranus_Robert Gover.pdf 208 KB
Bob Marks_Uranus the Shocker.pdf 2,8 MB
Book_1999_Bil Tierney_Alive and well with Uranus_transits of self-awakening.pdf 4,8 MB
Book_2016_Jeffrey Green_Uranus Freedom from the Known.pdf 1,3 MB
Jyotish_Uranus The Alchemist of the Age_Sri K. Parvathi Kumar.pdf 964 KB
Uranus results in Sign_House_Aspects.pdf 764 KB
Uranus_Article.pdf 376 KB
Uranus.pdf 26 KB
Uranus_ Neptune_ Pluto.pdf 203 KB
Uranus_Neptune and Pluto cycles in history.rtfd 350 KB
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Vedic Astrology and the trans-Saturnian Planets.pdf 36 KB
birth of planets in nakshatras.txt 675 bytes
Book_1990_Vivian B. Martin_Astrocycles_how ...the major planetary cycles work for you.pdf 11,5 MB
Rahu, Mars, and Saturn the Villain Stars.pdf 142 KB
singletons in astrology_isolated planet.pdf 77 KB
The Outer Planets in Astrology.pdf 27 KB
Precautions For Each Planet In Various Houses 1,0 MB
Precautions For Each Planet In Various Houses_1 Sun.pdf 76 KB
Precautions For Each Planet In Various Houses_2 Moon.pdf 130 KB
Precautions For Each Planet In Various Houses_3 Mars.pdf 185 KB
Precautions For Each Planet In Various Houses_4 Mercury.pdf 155 KB
Precautions For Each Planet In Various Houses_5 Jupiter.pdf 120 KB
Precautions For Each Planet In Various Houses_6 Saturn_.pdf 165 KB
Precautions For Each Planet In Various Houses_7 Venus.pdf 99 KB
Precautions For Each Planet In Various Houses_8 Rahu_ketu.pdf 83 KB
Tables_on_Vedic_Astrology.xlsx 76 KB
The Importance of Determining Sect_diunal-nocturnal_Doug Noblehorse.pdf 130 KB
Upagrahas 6,6 MB
Aprakash Grahas_ Upagrahas & Pranapada_Sarajit Poddar.pdf 439 KB
calculation and interpretation of gulika and mandi.pdf 148 KB
Divya_upagrahas compilation.doc 639 KB
Divya_upagrahas compilation.pdf 404 KB
Divya_upagrahas exalt_debil.pdf 551 KB
Divya_upagrahas_results_print ready.pdf 86 KB
Divya_upagrahas_results.rtf 61 KB
gulika & Mandi.PNG 233 KB
Gulika Kala.pdf 63 KB
gulika symptoms.pdf 74 KB
Gulika_A Compilation.pdf 359 KB
Jyotish_Importance of Maandi.pdf 2,4 MB
Kalas for Rahu, Gulika & Yamakantaka .pdf 338 KB
Pranapada Lagna_Ancient Indian Astrology Classes.pdf 145 KB
Pranapada Lagna.pdf 304 KB
Rahukaal_Yamaghantak & Gulika.pdf 50 KB
Significance of Gulika.pdf 161 KB
Sun based_Muhurta-Velas or Kala-Velas 65 KB
dhooma etc. position according to sun.xlsx 65 KB
Vedic Planetary Deities_Dennis M. Harness.pdf 71 KB
Relocation_astro-cartography_geomancy 92,2 MB
An Introduction to Astrocartography.rtfd 360 KB
Astrocartography & locational astrology.pdf 38 KB
Astrocartography & locational astrology.rtf 4 KB
Book_1986_Steve Cozzi_Planets In Locality.pdf 4,4 MB
Book_2008_Michael Erlewine_Local Space Relocation Astrology.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_2011_Ciro Discepolo_Astro & Geography.pdf 5,0 MB
Evaluating Astro CartoGraphy.pdf 136 KB
Foreign Travel_relocation.pdf 29 KB
Geomancy 65,7 MB
1824 Magazine_Straggling Astrologer_omens_prophecies_geomancy.pdf 12,6 MB
article_1180__Gerard Cremonensis_Astrological Geomancy_Prasna.pdf 169 KB
article_1516_ H.C. Agrippa_Of Geomancy.pdf 246 KB
Book_1520_Agrippa_occult philosophy_book 4_Astronomical geomancy.pdf 5,6 MB
Book_1608_ The Geomancy of Christopher Cattan.pdf 6,9 MB
Book_1825_Astrologer of the 19th century_geomancy_occult.pdf 16,6 MB
Book_1889_Franz Hartmann_Astrological geomancy.pdf 1,5 MB
Book_1889_Hartmann_Principles of Astrological Geomancy.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_Gerard Cremonensis_Astronomical Geomancy.pdf 166 KB
Book_Liber Gaias_A handbook of geomancy.pdf 270 KB
Book_Liber XCVI GAIAS-A Handbook of Geomancy_ Aleister Crowley.pdf 160 KB
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Book_Stephen Skinner_Terrestrial Astrology_Divination by Geomancy.pdf 4,0 MB
Book_Terrestrial Astrology Stephen Skinner.pdf 13,4 MB
Geomancy.doc 28 KB
Geomancy.pdf 29 KB
Gerard of Cremona Astronomical Geomancy (E.V.).webarchive 175 KB
Islamic Geomancy and a Thirteenth Century ... Savage Smith & Marion B Smith .webarchive 2,6 MB
Jyotish_Astrolocality Astrology_Martin Davis.pdf 6,8 MB
Jyotish_From Here To There_Astromapping_Martin Davis.pdf 6,6 MB
local Space Charts_like astrocartography.pdf 164 KB
Napoleons Astrocartograhphy.pdf 63 KB
Sergey Kurapov_the Second Great War.pdf 162 KB
Vedic Chart Relocation.rtfd 393 KB
remedies_gems-Yantras-rudraksas 208,5 MB
Book_1880_Raphael_Art of Talismanic Magic_manuscript.pdf 2,8 MB
flowers 190 KB
Edwadd Bach and the power of flowers.pdf 50 KB
Integrating Astrological and Bach Flower Remedies Counselling.pdf 140 KB
gems_gemology 166,4 MB
articles 40,1 MB
23 Gemstones and Their Powers.pdf 84 KB
64 Crystals Database_healing.pdf 433 KB
A-Z _Book_Michael Gienger_Gem Water_Pre... and Use Crystal Waters for Therapy.pdf 2,4 MB
A-Z guide Book_Michael Gienger_Healing Crystals.pdf 2,4 MB
A-Z guide_Crystals-Gemstones_healing properties.pdf 265 KB
A-Z guide_Gemstone Healing Properties.pdf 404 KB
A-Z guide_technical_Handbook of Gems_Brazilian government.pdf 4,4 MB
A-Z_Healing Gemstones and Crystals.pdf 1,7 MB
A-Z_technical_Colored Stone Essential Reference Guide.pdf 3,3 MB
Bucherer_gemstone Brochure.pdf 1,9 MB
Chakras and medical properties of stones.pdf 938 KB
Chakras_A-Z_Gemstone and Crystal.pdf 266 KB
clearing and cleansing gemstones and crystals.pdf 13 KB
CRYSTAL MAGICK_healing properties.pdf 1,1 MB
Description of Gems.pdf 379 KB
discussion on gems.pdf 43 KB
French_L'astrologie populaire_gemology.pdf 834 KB
Gemology.pdf 274 KB
Gems and Remedies.pdf 39 KB
Gems and vedic Astrology.pdf 67 KB
Gems Science in Islam_its Medicinal & Mystical Value.pdf 142 KB
Gemstones for each of the Zodiac Signs for moon.pdf 548 KB
Gemstones for each of the Zodiac Signs for sun.pdf 478 KB
Gemstones for each of the Zodiac Sun Signs.pdf 167 KB
gemstones in jyotish.pdf 134 KB
how to wear gemstones.pdf 43 KB
how to wear gemstones.rtf 8 KB
in Horoscope_Wear Pearl to Mitigate the Negative Effects of Moon.pdf 28 KB
in Horoscope_Wear red coral to Mitigate the Negative Effects of Mars.pdf 88 KB
in Horoscope_Wear ruby to Mitigate the Negative Effects of Sun.pdf 49 KB
Joseph Blagrave/ The Rulerships of Minerals and Stones (1682) – 37 KB
Jyotish_A complete book on gems and stones.pdf 2,0 MB
Jyotish_The Healing Power of Gemstones.pdf 9,0 MB
Mars_Red Coral.txt 5 KB
Moon_pearl.txt 4 KB
MUST READ BEFORE_gems in vedic astrology.pdf 164 KB
Navratnas/ Navaratnas-The sacred Nine Gem... per Vedic texts and Indian Astrology.pdf 1,0 MB
Opal-Gemstone_VENUS.pdf 162 KB
Planets And Gems.pdf 17 KB
Planets ruling deity over ruler stones.pdf 68 KB
precious indian stones.pdf 881 KB
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Ratna Jyotish.pdf 76 KB
Sun_ ruby.txt 3 KB
Synthetic Stones.pdf 640 KB
The best kept secret of Pukhraj_topaz-citrine.pdf 87 KB
The Truth About Gems.pdf 448 KB
Therapeutic-Gemstones.pdf 2,3 MB
Vedic astrology and Gems.pdf 39 KB
vedic origin-names of gems.pdf 236 KB
Book_1922_Isodore Kozminsky_The magic an...ience of jewels and stones_good book.pdf 6,9 MB
Book_1922_W. Thomas_Kate Pavitt_Book of Talismans_Amulets and Zodiacal Gems.pdf 5,3 MB
Book_1941_W.J. Colville_significance of birthdays.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_1948_Rihard M. Pearl_Popular gemology.pdf 10,3 MB
Book_1985_Christa Faye Burka_Clearing crystal consciousness.pdf 699 KB
Book_2006_Crystal healing_therapeutic power.pdf 236 KB
Book_2007_Geoffrey Keyte_Crystal Dreams.pdf 2,0 MB
Book_2015_Mandi Konesni_Mandi's Metaphysical Gems.pdf 1,6 MB
Book_Anonymous_The book of 24 stones_gemology.pdf 888 KB
Book_Color Encyclopedia of Gemstones2_auto cleaned till 30.pdf 56,1 MB
Book_Gems_Michael O’Donoghue.pdf 12,7 MB
Book_Marina Costelloe_Crystal Astrology.pdf 2,5 MB
Book_Michael Gienger_Purifying Crystals.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_Michael O Donoghue_Gems-Their Sources Descriptions and Identification.pdf 9,5 MB
Jyotish_1980_Saha_Precious Stones that heal.pdf 6,8 MB
Jyotish_Ancient Astrological Gemstones & Talisma_Richard Shaw Brown.pdf 8,0 MB
Introduction to Islamic Remedies_all 2 Part.pdf 232 KB
jyotish remedies.pdf 67 KB
Jyotish_2014_Dr S.P. Bhagat_Practical Astrological Remedies.pdf 571 KB
Jyotish_Encyclopedia of astrological remedies_Arun Kumar Bansal.pdf 11,9 MB
Jyotish_Practical Astrological Remedies_S.P.Bhagat.pdf 1,0 MB
Jyotish_Raj Kumar_Astro Remedies_ A Vedic Approach.pdf 4,6 MB
Jyotish_Remedial measures in astrology_G.S. Kapoor.pdf 2,6 MB
Jyotish_Remedies of astrological science_Tilak Raj.pdf 2,5 MB
Jyotish_Vedic remedies_S.Rath ban.pdf 11,2 MB
Lal Kitab Remedies For the Uninitiated.pdf 188 KB
Mantras 757 KB
Jyotish_2008_Swami Shantananda_Infallible Vedic Remedies_Mantras.pdf 453 KB
Sri Durga saptashati_remedies.pdf 304 KB
Nakshatra Remedies 249 KB
Easy To Do Nakshatra Remedies.pdf 109 KB
Unknown Simple Remedial Measures for Each Nakshatra_birth or prasna problems.pdf 140 KB
Occultism in astrological remedies.pdf 323 KB
Palmistry_Astrology Remedies.pdf 362 KB
planets karakas_ gems _yantras_mantras.pdf 546 KB
Remedies In Palmistry Mudras.pdf 502 KB
Rudraksas 411 KB
Rudraksha Deepika.pdf 411 KB
Seven Planets Rite and How To Use it_all 2 Parts.pdf 499 KB
Some astrological remedies Of Saturn.pdf 50 KB
The Seven Planets Rite & How To Use it_2 parts.pdf 401 KB
Yantras 50 KB
other Yantras.pdf 15 KB
Yantras.pdf 28 KB
Stock market_trading_commodities 174,8 MB
Alphee Lavoie_Astrology Points the Way for Our Future Economic Outlook.pdf 445 KB
Book_1936_Langham J.M_Planetary Effects on Stock Markets.pdf 3,7 MB
Book_1938_Louise McWhirterW_Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting_.pdf 8,3 MB
Book_1938_Mark Mellen_how to play the races and win.pdf 1,3 MB
Book_1942_Georgia Stathis_Business Astrology.pdf 4,5 MB
Book_1982_David Williams_FINANCIAL ASTROL...recast Business, and The Stock Market.pdf 8,0 MB
Book_1984_David Williams_Financial Astrology.pdf 5,9 MB
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Book_1994_Henry Weigarten_Investing by the Stars.pdf 10,8 MB
Book_1997_Larry Pesavento_Planetary Harmonics of Speculative Markets.pdf 5,8 MB
Book_1999_The PATTERNS of GANN_Granville Cooley.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_2006_Kaye Shinker_The textbook for Financial Astrology.pdf 3,5 MB
Book_2009_Victor Ledeboer_The Master of Time.pdf 2,7 MB
Book_2012_Robert Lee_timing solutions for swing traders.pdf 5,5 MB
Book_2013_Larry Jacobs_Gann Trade Real Time.pdf 5,5 MB
Book_Larry Pasavento_A Traders Guide to Financial Astrology.pdf 11,1 MB
Book_Raymond Merriman_Technical Analysis and Price Objective.pdf 5,5 MB
Book_Sepharial_2004_The Earliest Financial Astrology Manuscripts.pdf 731 KB
Book_Sephariel on Markets.pdf 247 KB
Book_The Lost Science_Esoteric Math and Astrology Techniques for the Market Trader .pdf 1,7 MB
Commodities And Vedic Astrology.pdf 429 KB
Financial Astrology Almanac 2017 (2016).pdf 3,2 MB
gambling 531 KB
Jyotish_1958_Butaney-T-G_Winners in Horse Races.pdf 310 KB
Playing the horses astrologically_gambling.pdf 221 KB
Gann method 41,0 MB
Book_1978_Gann_Astro Cycles And Speculative methods.pdf 2,0 MB
Book_2012_Gann Trading Methodologies_Hima Reddy.pdf 3,4 MB
Book_Gann_2010_Commodities Course_Compiled_watermaks.pdf 12,3 MB
Book_Gann_2010_Master Stock Market Course_watermarks.pdf 14,5 MB
Book_Gann_master-stock-market-course.pdf 5,6 MB
Book_Gann_The basis of my forecasting method_vol.2.pdf 395 KB
Book_Gann_The basis of my forecasting method_vol.3.pdf 440 KB
Book_Gann_Trading the Square of Nine.pdf 814 KB
Gann's Pyramid Trading Method.pdf 529 KB
William Gann’s Square of Nine.pdf 1,1 MB
Intraday_Planetary Lines.pdf 835 KB
Jyotish_1958_Forecasting Prices_T.G. Butaney.pdf 2,3 MB
Jyotish_1998_Vedic astrology in money matters.pdf 8,9 MB
Jyotish_Astro-commercial guide_ crops_ rain etc.pdf 1,1 MB
Jyotish_Planetary influence on markets by Mars_N.L. Patel.pdf 1,2 MB
Jyotish_Stock Market Astrology_I. Banerjee.pdf 4,2 MB
Jyotish_Vedic astrology in money matters_P.K. Vasudev.pdf 12,3 MB
Mercury Retrograde Effect in Capital Markets_ Truth or Illusion.pdf 187 KB
Predicting Mundane Affairs through Annual Chart copy 2.pdf 65 KB
Predicting Mundane Affairs through Annual Chart copy 2.rtf 13 KB
presentation_financial astrology.pdf 1,6 MB
presentation_The Incredible Analysis of W.D.Gann.pdf 4,4 MB
Punishing Victims_Robert Grover.pdf 149 KB
Saptarishis magazine_money 5,6 MB
An astrological history of hyper inflation.pdf 174 KB
Analysis of a Stock Market Crash and Predictions for 2012.pdf 140 KB
corporate Persons Money and the Planets.pdf 185 KB
Economic Meltdown & Banking System.pdf 223 KB
Economic forecast.pdf 170 KB
Fate And Fortune_all 2 Parts.pdf 446 KB
Financial Astrology_Micha Felner.pdf 84 KB
get Your wedding date right_Muhurta.pdf 437 KB
Grand cross and great depressions.pdf 758 KB
How To Predict Forex.pdf 64 KB
How To Predict Stock Market Crashes & Great Depressions.pdf 161 KB
Hyperinflation_Astrological Outlook 2010.pdf 252 KB
Mackenna's gold.pdf 444 KB
Money Chapter.pdf 250 KB
Predict gold prices.pdf 542 KB
Robert Gover_Great depression or not.pdf 53 KB
Robert Gover_The Great depression and now .pdf 96 KB
The gann wheel is a square root calculator.pdf 692 KB
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The stock market crash_2008.pdf 198 KB
Usage of Gann SQ9 Hexagon Chart.pdf 185 KB
Tim Bost’s Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course.pdf 222 KB
U.S. Stock Market in 2000.pdf 105 KB
Tamil years_ samvatsara 6,8 MB
5 Year Yuga in the Vedanga Jyotisa.pdf 85 KB
Book_1974_Ruth Q. Sun_The Asian animal zodiac_60 year Cycle.pdf 2,3 MB
Effects of Samvatsaras.pdf 99 KB
Jyotish_Vedanga Jyotisham_Dr. S.C. Mishra.pdf alias 232 KB
predict with tamil years 3,4 MB
1927_2047 Gcal.txt 2,2 MB
predict with tamil years.doc 1,2 MB
Shaka and Samvatsara.pdf 118 KB
Tamil Calendar.pdf 252 KB
tamil Years.pdf 46 KB
Tibetan cal. 60 years cycle.pdf 244 KB
tips 2,8 MB
Astrology & Human Fate.pdf 50 KB
Astrology & Human Fate.rtf 8 KB
Evaluating Horoscopes and Predicting Events.pdf 70 KB
Evaluating Horoscopes and Predicting Events.rtf 16 KB
Functionalism in Astrology.pdf 77 KB
Functionalism in Astrology.rtf 14 KB
Gentlemen of the Long Robe by V A K Ayer.pdf 49 KB
Gentlemen of the Long Robe by V A K Ayer.rtf 8 KB
Honour Health & Happiness.pdf 81 KB
Honour Health & Happiness.rtf 17 KB
How to Avoid Pitfalls.pdf 54 KB
How to Avoid Pitfalls.rtf 12 KB
Predictive Tools for Accuracy.pdf 160 KB
Slimming Tips from Astrology.pdf 139 KB
The amazing C.S.Patel arc and politicians.pdf 1,1 MB
Thy experiments towards truth_Lomesha Degree Methodology Experiment.pdf 578 KB
V.R.Rayudu tips 449 KB
My journey into Hindu astrology.pdf 138 KB
Navamsapada Lords And Predictions.pdf 73 KB
Navamsapada Lords And Predictions.rtf 91 KB
Problems In Predictions.pdf 36 KB
Problems In Predictions.rtf 20 KB
Some Predictive Techniques.pdf 33 KB
Some Predictive Techniques.rtf 12 KB
Stellar Effects.pdf 32 KB
Stellar Effects.rtf 14 KB
Tithi pravesh 54,1 MB
example charts 2 KB
Rao PVR narasimha (JH).jhd 158 bytes
story line of the examples.txt 1 KB
tape 4 griha pravesh muhurta.jhd 158 bytes
tape 4 kapoor marriage-mundane.jhd 154 bytes
tape 5 Bush swearing in.jhd 172 bytes
tape 5 Vajpayee swearing in.jhd 160 bytes
Re-defining Tithi Pravesha Chart.pdf 766 KB
Tithi Pravesh Chakra.pdf 25 KB
Tithi pravesh guide 134 KB
Tithi Pravesh study guide 61 KB
Tithi Pravesh study guide.pdf 66 KB
Tithi Pravesh2.mp3 16,4 MB
Tithi Pravesh3.mp3 6,6 MB
Tithi Pravesh4.mp3 16,7 MB
Tithi Pravesh5.mp3 13,6 MB
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The Inner Dimensions of Cosmic Rebirth.pdf 67 KB
A Conjunction Which Makes Us Reflect_Part1_Lilith.pdf 168 KB
A Game Of Chance.pdf 88 KB
Analyzing Your Organizations Astrological Chart_Part1.pdf 137 KB
Ancient Horoscope..pdf 195 KB
Astrological Aspect of Honour Health & Happiness2.pdf 69 KB
Astrology_a road map of our life.pdf 81 KB
Astrology-Sarajit Poddar pages_Sept. 22, 2004.pdf 1,4 MB
Basic Information/Tables For Various Systems of Vedic Analysis.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_2012_Gee Teri_Strategies of Defending Astrology_thesis.pdf 5,0 MB
chronicle of a Debate.pdf 122 KB
Discover The Child Within.pdf 84 KB
Dispelling Myths About Astrology.pdf 41 KB
dog astro_Cosmic Canine_The dogs tale.pdf 881 KB
Esoteric Astrology_Sharad Joshi.pdf 93 KB
extract 1899_Snyder, Monroe B. - Survivals of Astrology_Vol. 3.pdf 237 KB
Gentlemen of the Long Robe by V A K Ayer.pdf 48 KB
God stopped making men like Him.pdf 87 KB
Gossip and Grahas.pdf 32 KB
Harassed by the Wild Dogs of Doubt.pdf 66 KB
Helpful Hints on Predictive Astrology.pdf 63 KB
How Parasara Differs From Others.pdf 224 KB
How to Avoid Pitfalls in Predictive Astrology.pdf 49 KB
How To Beat Time.pdf 129 KB
Interview with C.S.Patel.pdf 244 KB
Jyotish_2011_Dr. T.M. Ra_Aostrology For Layman.pdf 1,3 MB
Khannar Vachan_1_omens_farming.pdf 210 KB
paribhraman padathi_a unique system of prediction.pdf 645 KB
Qualification of an Astrologer.pdf 31 KB
Russian Orthodox Church view of Astrology.pdf 193 KB
Semi-Divine Beings or Upadevas_ Sanjay Prabhakaran.pdf 113 KB
The Cosmic Harmony of Time Space.pdf 394 KB
the original teachings of yoga_from Patanjali.pdf 80 KB
the power of image in astrology.pdf 92 KB
The Precision of a Prediction.pdf 69 KB
Upanishadic Pancha Koshas.pdf 413 KB
Why Astrologers Must Also Apologize.pdf 41 KB
Why Astrology is a Super Science.pdf 68 KB
Why Predictions go wrong_Part1.pdf 104 KB
Varsaphal_Tajik_saham_midpoints._progr. 202,8 MB
Directions_Progressions 71,7 MB
An Introduction to Progressions and Directions.pdf 223 KB
Book_1955_R. C. Davidson_The technique of ...complete system of secondary directing.pdf 4,2 MB
Directions 5,7 MB
A short guide to Ptolemaic primary directions.rtfd 266 KB
Book_1928_W. Frankland_New Measures In ...logy_A Symbolic Basis in Directions.pdf 961 KB
Book_1930_Vivian E Robson_Radix System.pdf 1,3 MB
Book_1947_Charles Carter_Symbolic Directions In Modern Astrology.pdf 2,0 MB
Placidean directions under the pole.rtfd 572 KB
Technical Notes on Primary Directions.pdf 294 KB
William Lilly Primary Directions_Houses_Rumen Kolev.pdf 245 KB
Progressions 61,6 MB
64th Navamsa_lecture on Brighu progression_Koch.pdf 189 KB
Applied progressions in jyotish.pdf 933 KB
Bhrigu Bindu Progression.pdf 49 KB
Bhrigu Bindu Progression.rtf 11 KB
Book_1906_The Progressed Horoscope_Alan Leo.pdf 8,7 MB
Book_1930_O.H.W. Owen_The Primary Progressed Horoscope.pdf 1,1 MB
Book_1971_Cyril Fagan_Primer Of Sideral Astrology.pdf 2,0 MB
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Book_1979_William Lonsdale_Dane Rudhya...ythms_about progressions & aspects.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_1998_Maritha Pottenger & Zipporah D...your future - progressions made easy.pdf 7,7 MB
Book_1999_Celeste Teal_Predicting Events With Astrology_Must read.pdf 11,0 MB
Book_2000_Celeste Teal_Identifying planet...echniques for prediction4_A must read.pdf 6,6 MB
Book_2001-Christine Shaw_Predictive Astrology_progressions_MUST READ.pdf 2,4 MB
Book_2002_Carol Rushman_The art of predic...strology_forecasting your life events.pdf 2,2 MB
Book_Progressions appliquees en jyotish_Robert Koch.pdf 711 KB
Book_Sophia Mason_Delineation of Progressions.pdf 4,8 MB
Book_Steven Forrest_The Changing Sky._transits and progressions.pdf 1,6 MB
Five New Progressions.pdf 850 KB
J. Casulleras and J. P. Hogendijk_Progressi...astrology_a mathematical classification.pdf 988 KB
Jyotish_Vedic progression_secrets of Brighu.pdf 5,9 MB
Lifes Awkward Years When The Saturn Moon Cycles Overlap.pdf 141 KB
Progression Goravani.txt 12 KB
Progressions_SJVC.pdf 18 KB
Remaking our life_the outer planets in motion.pdf 932 KB
Secondary Progressions_Western.pdf 50 KB
Tertiary Progression And Trigger Transits.pdf 231 KB
The Land Lady And The Tenant.pdf 130 KB
Transits and Progressions_Liz Greene.pdf 160 KB
Transits and Vimsottari Progression _PVR Rao.pdf 99 KB
western progressions.html 12 KB
midpoints_vertex 13,4 MB
Book_1990_M. Munkasey_Midpoints_Unleashing the Power of the planets.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_2001_Michael Munkasey_Midpoints_Unleashing the Power Of The Planets.pdf 1,4 MB
Book_2007_Don Mcbroom_Midpoints.pdf 4,5 MB
Book_2015_Sasha Fenton_Understanding the Astrological Vertex.pdf 1,2 MB
Book_Don Mc.broom_ Midpoints.pdf 4,6 MB
The Vertex Destiny And Attraction.pdf 295 KB
Vertex.pdf 51 KB
On Annual Solar Progressed Chart_Shivaji Bhattacharjee.pdf 79 KB
On Annual Solar Progressed Chart_Shivaji Bhattacharjee.rtf 20 KB
Predicting Mundane Affairs through Annual Chart_P.R. Chandna.pdf 71 KB
Predicting Mundane Affairs through Annual Chart_P.R. Chandna.rtf 14 KB
Sahams_tajik arabic parts_fortuna 9,3 MB
Arabic Parts or Lots_a Collection.pdf 144 KB
Arabic Parts.pdf 385 KB
Book_1029_Al Biruni_extract_arabic parts.rtfd 665 KB
Book_1491_Bonatti on lots_Parts_Treatise 8.2_Transl. B. N. Dykes.pdf 715 KB
Book_Liber Astronomiae_1980_Robert Zoller_Bonatti on the arabic parts.pdf 1,8 MB
Clelia Romano_Part of Fortune and Part of Spirit_Part 2.pdf 1,1 MB
Jyotish_1980_R. Zoller_The Arabic Parts In Astrology.pdf 3,4 MB
My Experiences With Tajika_Usha-Saxena.pdf 245 KB
Part of Fortune + other lots_Robert Hand.pdf 67 KB
Part of Fortune + other lots_Robert Hand.rtf 28 KB
Part of fortune_the Seven Hermetic Lots_Brennan.pdf 234 KB
Presentation_Fortuna and other parts.pdf 185 KB
The Lot or Part of Fortune_Robert Hand.pdf 210 KB
using Sahams to time events_J.K. Dasgupta.pdf 64 KB
solar return_Varshaphal_tajika 106,2 MB
1996_Solar Arc Directions_Hamish Saunders.pdf 138 KB
A Complete Guide on Solar Returns.docx 83 KB
A Complete Guide on Solar Returns.pdf 268 KB
Active astrology2_Where Should We Domificate The Solar Return.pdf 92 KB
Bob Marks_Solar Returns.pdf 2,6 MB
Book_1958_The Technique of solar returns_W. Alexandre Volguine.pdf 5,3 MB
Book_1966_Physics of the solar system, vol.3.pdf 13,7 MB
Book_2008_Shea Mary_Solar Returns_A Study.pdf 937 KB
Book_2009_Ciro Discepolo_Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns.pdf 6,2 MB
Book_2011_Juan Estadella_Predictive Astrology_Directions_returns_transits.pdf 2,5 MB
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Book_2012_Lauren Delsack_Study Guides_ Interpreting Solar Arcs.pdf 7,3 MB
Book_Mary Shea_Planets in Solar Returns_Yearly Cycles of Transformation and Growth.pdf 4,2 MB
Combining Varshaphal and birth charts.pdf 406 KB
Dane Rudhyar_Official Birthday and Solar Return Time.pdf 63 KB
Girolamo Cardano_The meaning of solar returns.pdf 347 KB
Jupiter of SR in the Houses of the Solar Return.pdf 98 KB
Jyotish_1995_Sumeet Chugh_Varshaphala or annual horoscopy.pdf 4,1 MB
Jyotish_2001_Solar Arcs_ Astrology's Most Successful system_Noel Tyl.pdf 23,4 MB
Jyotish_2005_the Solar return or Varshaphal_Ojha.pdf 6,5 MB
Jyotish_A Textbook of Varshaphala_K.S.Charak_2006.pdf 4,2 MB
Jyotish_Annual Horoscope_Varshaphala_M.S. Mehta.pdf 3,0 MB
Jyotish_Annual horoscopy Your future_ solar return_M.N. Kedar_2003.pdf 2,5 MB
Jyotish_Encyclopedia_Tajik Satra and Annual Horoscopy_Shanker Adawal.pdf 2,3 MB
Jyotish_Varshaphal_B.V. Raman.pdf 3,3 MB
Jyotish_Varshaphal_B.V.Raman_1941.pdf 3,1 MB
Jyotish_Varshaphal_B.V.Raman_1992.pdf 2,7 MB
On Annual Solar Progressed Chart ....continued..pdf 22 KB
On Annual Solar Progressed Chart.pdf 27 KB
Predicting Future Presidential Elections from Past Ones_using solar arcs.pdf 94 KB
Predicting Mundane Affairs through Annual Chart_P.R. Chandna copy.pdf 71 KB
Predicting Mundane Affairs through Annual Chart_P.R. Chandna copy.rtf 14 KB
Presentation_solar return etc...pdf 582 KB
Re_defining Tajaka Varshaphal Charts.pdf 802 KB
Tajika 4,8 MB
Jyotish_2001_D.P.Saxena_Tajik Neelkanthi.pdf 4,7 MB
Tajika_a cross between Vedic and Greco-Arabic.pdf 59 KB
Tajika_a cross between Vedic and Greco-Arabic.rtf 24 KB
Varshaphala Astrology_G.N. SAXENA_presentation.pdf 310 KB
Varshaphala Introduction - G.N. SAXENA.pdf 130 KB
What is Solar Return.pdf 83 KB
varsha pravesha - Sanjay Prabhakaran's jyotish page.webarchive 2,0 MB
Yogas 74,1 MB
for house results 18,6 MB
Jyotish_Sarvarth chintamani_12 houses_J.N. Bhasin.pdf 6,8 MB
Jyotish_Sarvartha cintamani_12 houses_B.S. Row_1899_original.pdf 8,6 MB
Jyotish_Sarvartha cintamani_12 houses_B.S. Row_1899_with OCR.pdf 3,1 MB
Jyotish_Jataka Tatva – S.S. Sareen.pdf 6,3 MB
1001 yogas_Parasara Light.pdf 2,7 MB
1860_Jyotish Kalpadruma_1_Maharana Shambhu Singh.pdf 127 KB
Adhiyoga_M.D. Trivedi.pdf 48 KB
Akhanda Sambrajya Sumangali Yoga.pdf 189 KB
Aristha Yogas_Robert A. Koch.pdf 94 KB
Auspicious Yoga.pdf 114 KB
Bandhana Yoga.pdf 166 KB
Bookshelf all yogas.pdf 347 KB
Combinations for Astrologers_Prabir Chatterjee.pdf 68 KB
combinations for successful astrologers.pdf 216 KB
Combinations for Successful Lawyers.pdf 71 KB
Dhana Yoga.pdf 127 KB
Exchange of Planets_5th and 7th_rajayoga_not so.pdf 26 KB
General Principles of Yoga Formation.pdf 90 KB
Jataka Yogavali_Venkatesa Sharma.pdf 101 KB
Kalsarpa Yoga mystic powers.pdf 28 KB
Kemadruma Yoga & Moon-Mind.pdf 221 KB
Lunar Yogas_ a Verification.pdf 51 KB
Nabhasa Yogas.pdf 411 KB
Nabhash Yogas_Sarajit Poddar.pdf 249 KB
New Light On Yogada.pdf 140 KB
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Planetary yogas in astrology.pdf 364 KB
Rare Yogas Of Jyotish Sangraha_full 4 parts.pdf 792 KB
Sapta Sunya Yoga Chakra.pdf 56 KB
Shakti Yoga_Visti Larsen.pdf 319 KB
Shrimanth Yoga_determinant of prosperity or poverty_Jagdish Ratra.pdf 340 KB
Srinkhala.pdf 31 KB
Vipareeta Rajayoga_article.pdf 106 KB
vipareeta rajayoga_S.Rath.pdf 65 KB
Yeddyurappas Rajayoga Bhanga Yogas.pdf 121 KB
Yogada – Giver of Yoga.pdf 64 KB
yogada_Narasimha Rao_SJVC_2000.pdf 51 KB
Yogas and Viyogas_applying and separating aspects.pdf 141 KB
Yogas in JHora.pdf 85 KB
Yogas in Vedic Astrology.pdf 138 KB
Business Yogas in Astrology.pdf 112 KB
Jyotish_ 300 important combinations_B.V. Raman.pdf 4,1 MB
Jyotish_2016_Andrew Foss_Yoga Of The Planets.pdf 7,5 MB
Jyotish_Core Yogas_Ernst Wilhelm.pdf 1,2 MB
Jyotish_Encyclopedia of Yogas_Shanker Adawal_banned.pdf 5,1 MB
Jyotish_Yogarnava_ 800 Yogas_V.S. Kalyanraman.pdf 10,5 MB
Jyotish_Yogas the marvels of Hindu astrology.pdf 10,1 MB
Pancha Mahapurusha yogas 1,3 MB
Mahapurusa yoga bhanga_an attempt.pdf 558 KB
Pancha Mahapurusha yogas_C. Sharma.pdf 435 KB
Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas_Sarajit Poddar.pdf 291 KB
Parivartana Yoga 640 KB
parivartana Yoga_Exchange of Planets.pdf 26 KB
Parivartana Yoga_Visti Larsen_FAQ.pdf 202 KB
Parivartana Yoga_Visti Larsen_SJC Europe Conference 2005.pdf 278 KB
parivraja yoga_Shyamasundara Das.pdf 127 KB
raja yogas 201 KB
Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga.pdf 86 KB
Raja Yogas and Political Power.pdf 47 KB
Subtle Interpretations of Raja Yogas_Robert Koch.pdf 62 KB
Yogakarakas_Sarajit Poddar.pdf 186 KB