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Where the bird can be found:

- the chillest land: in the poem, it means a place with many difficulty

- storm: it presents a difficulty someone is facing

-the strangest sea: it is apace that you know no one. You separate with outside. It also
represents difficulty of isolation and desperation

-the gale + the storm: when storm come, people can be hurt or can be died . It means
challenges as well as difficulties , obstacle in life.

- the soul: hope can be found in each person.

Why do hope compare to little bird?

- Like bird can fly everywhere, hope exist everywhere, hope exist in the people’soul

-bird is small but it can fly everywhere that it want to come. Hope is small but it can
overcome difficulty

- when bird sings, sound make people happy. Hope is the little in mind , bring optimistic
and happiness to people.

- Stanza 1:

- Hope is metaphorically compared with a “ little bird” that “ perches in her soul”.

-the verb “perches” is typically used to describe a bird’s settling or resting after alighting.
Here, the resting-place is the soul, or the spiritual entity of a human being. Hope exist in
mind . when people alive, hope will continue. This is a figurative way of saying that
people carry their hope in that part of themselves which has no physical or material
reality, but which is the center of thought and will.

-Songbirds are famous for their beautiful songs. Although there are no “words” to be
understood, people relate to and are deeply affected by bird songs. In fact, the sound of
birds singing renews many people’s sense of possibility and wonder. On a spring day, the
sound seems everlasting, regardless of the conditions outside.

- Hope last forever “never stops – at all”.

Stanza 2: Hope brings us confidence, motivation and power overcome difficulty.

When people hear a bird continue to sing even during fierce winds, it is comforting to
know that these brave little creatures are not afraid. “sweetest” –it is voice , sound of
bird, express the power as well as the role of hope.

Likewise, when life is most difficult, hope is an even greater solace. It would take a
“sore,” or distressingly intense storm, to “abash,” or upset, the tranquillity of the little
“Bird,” which is mentioned by name for the first time on line seven. Like “Hope,” the
bird’s courage and perseverance in the face of difficult circumstances is heartening. Like
the bird, “Hope” “kept so many warm” by offering a way to look beyond the harsh reality
to the promise of something better to come.

There is a contrast between little bird and storm. The little bird can overcome the strong
wind. It express the power of hope.

Stanza 3

“it” in stanza 3 is hope.

“ crumb” – too small and can’t see clearly.

“yet” it means “but” . it express contrasting idea. Hope can be found everywhere and it
give us alot. But hope receive nothing from us.

The little bird continues to sing beautifully even in conditions of extreme cold and
barrenness. It accompanies the speaker “on the strangest sea,” a setting that could be
lonely and dangerous. However, even in moments of “Extremity,” or extreme necessity
and great risk, the little bird has never asked the speaker for anything in return. Likewise,
“Hope” is a joyous gift with no conditions or strings attached to it.

Stanza 1: The poet believes that life is not meaningful until she falls in love

“I bring thee Proof” – she want to show her love , demonstrate rule of love.

“That till I loves. I never lived- enough”=> the love is very important, it makes poet’ life

=>Before, she lived a mostly introverted and reclusive life. She doesn’t show emotion
outside. But after she fall in love, she want to talk feelings to everyone.. Now, she can
live with true feeling.

Stanza 2: The poet argues that love is external

The shift of the verb from “ bring” in line 2 to “ argue” in line 6 and “ then have I nothing
to show”=> emphasize significance of love in her life.

Stanza 3: The poet might use her death to prove her love if it was doubted

Calvary: the outside the old city wall of Jerusalem.

Jesus was crucified. =>Calvary is the symbol of holy death who sacrifice for love, for
human. The want to show her love to prove with men that although she die, her love last

1. Describe Mrs. Mallard ‘s process of reaction after receiving the news of her
husband’s death and analyze her abnormal reaction?

- Mrs. Mallard was afflicted with a heart trouble. People afraid that she can be died whe
she receive bad news that her husband had died. But nothing serious happen, this is
normal situation to her.

-She did not hear the story as many women have heard the same, with a paralyzed
inability to accept its significance. She wept at once, when the storm of grief had spent
itself she went away to her room alone.

- “ grief” – is a short time. It can come and go quickly, very fast. Sad is dismiss anf the
love for husband is shallow.

-Image “ there stood, facing the open window , a comfortable, roomy armchair”=> She
feel comfortable, good’ mood and positive thinking. She press down to relax because she
feel tired and physical exhausted ( health’s problem).

2.In para 5&6, nature is frequently used to open a symbolic level for the story.?
How did Mrs.Mallrd absorb herself in the open air spring with her senses?

She sees: open square=> feeling of freedom, no limitation

trees were all aquiver=> Trees are moving, see a lots of buds or new leaves. It
beginning of new life. It express that new life is welcoming and inviting her . It is new
source of life.

Taste: delicious breath of rain.:. Spring is the first season of year, fresh. The rainy in
spring give cool, fresh atmosphere . It is new feeling as well as fresh life

Hear: peddle, someone singing, sparrows twittering.=> The different sounds as well as
different actions, everything are moving and creating sound alive. It makes life more
active. From that, she feel life is excited, elated . I give her new source of life.

3. How did she feel and what was she waiting for through the “ open window”?

There was a dull stare in her eyes, whose gaze was fixed away off blue sky. =.> the her
emotion, feeling focus on blue sky with hopeful thinking about hopeful life.
It was nor reflection of image” blue sky” but it a suspension of intelligent thought. The
thinking about new life which something is hopeful appear in her mind.

“ There was something coming to her and she was waiting for it, fearfully.”. She didn’t
know what is it, so she call “ something”. She wait for new feeling of new life but newly
happen right after husband’ death, she wonder is it or not, she afraid that the truth can
similar to her thinking or not. It exist with her or not.

“ her bosom rose and fell tumultuously” . Some thing come closer her feeling is stronger.
She start recognize i. She strive to beat it back

“ She said “ free.. Free.. free”=” She call name of it. It demonstrate that she identify ,
give definition of it.

“ She did not stop ask if it were or were not a monstrous joy”=> she welcome it, full of
happy and excited., she feel it is hopeful and happy life.

- When she receives the news about husband’ death, She want to have a hopeful life.
Contrast to the sadness , she don’t feel sad, she feel happy. This is a sinful feeling ,
against human moral. She want to dispel her thinking that she should not have this
feeling. She know that she is a wife, she should feel sad when husband died

=>this is the conflict between her reason and emotion. But, she can’t control her feeling.
She said “free…Free…free”.

=> Symbol of “open window” is freedom, it is a key to match Mrs. Mallard to new life

4. What is the relationship between husband and wife revealed by Mrs. Mallard in

- men and women : it express private will, personalize, Each person has own work, own
passion, dependent life and individual life.

- the person has a right to impose a private will upon other people. It means the
marriage require the sacrifice from 2 sides. But with the circumstances of Mrs. Mallard,
men . it is husband dominate family, she sacrifice most of her life for family, she can’t
do what she want, her self-reliance is suppressed to death by lack of use. In this marriage’
life, she is husband’ possession.

- If she continues live with husband, she won’t have self –control. She want to live for
herself, she don’t want to live because of her husband. She had sacrifice for family too
much. . This intention is kind or cruel. And the act seem no less a crime as she looked
upon it in that brief moment of illumination.. She aware of new life after she has
freedom, and it also brings self-reliance for her.

5.What did she find out for herself in para 15?

- after she has self-reliance, she find out her self- assertion which she suddenly
recognized as the strongest impulse of her being.. She will not depend on her husband,
she can what she want to do, she has self-assertion, her freedom, her dependent new life.
She want to affirm that her exist because of her, she don’t depend on other people.

6. What is the author’s purpose for calling Mrs. Mallard “ LOUISE”?

-People call Mrs. Mallard it means she married, her name follow her husband.

- “ LOUISE”- She is single, self-identity. She completely free from husband. She has
freedom ‘ life. She can take responsible for herself. It is her triumph of gaining freedom.

Besides, the name express no link, no connection with her husband.

7. What is the symbol of “ latchkey, grip-sack, umbrella”

- latchkey: it is a key lock outside, only have people outside can open it. Latckey
emphasize she have to live in the limited space, depend on her husband to open window.

- Umbrella: It is used for cover people. It is symbol of her husband cover Mrs. Mallard.
Like latchkey, people stand under umbrella , so under limited space and control
domination of her husband.