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1. Which word CANNOT go in the c. What time you did arrive? a. He works in his office.

space? b. He’s working in his office.

____ were talking loudly when the 11. Where can you write lives? c. He is work in his office.
teacher came into the room.
a. We
b. They a. Alice and Emma ____ in 21. Which sentence is correct?
c. He Ireland. a. I’ve saw that film before.
b. My aunt ____ in Scotland. b. I’ve see that film before.
2. Complete the sentence. c. I ___ near Birmingham. c. I’ve seen that film before.
Ellen ___ listening when the
teacher spoke to her. 12. Where can you write don’t? 22. Which word completes this
a. were sentence?
b. was a. It ___ rain much in Tom ____ worked here for long.
c. weren’t
Mexico. a. haven’t
b. I ___ have a car. b. ‘s not
3. Complete the sentence.
c. Paul ___ like coffee. c. not
Helen and I ____ looking when we
crossed the road.
13. Which word goes in the space? 23. Which question is correct?
a. weren’t
b. wasn’t ___ you live near here? a. What you have done with my
c. didn’t dictionary?
a. Do b. Where has James put my bag?
4. Which question is correct? b. Does c. Who they’ve written to?
a. Where was she living? c. Are
b. What you were doing? 24. Which sentence does NOT use the
c. Where they staying? 14. Which sentence is correct? present perfect in the correct
5. Which sentence has the same a. Tom goes to work on a. Maria has worked here for
meaning? Sundays. many years.
I got into the bath, and then the b. Maria haves a brown dog. b. William has gone to the doctor
phone rang.
c. My parents does the last week.
a. I was having a bath when the shopping on Saturdays. c. My children have been to
phone was ringing. France twice.
b. I had a bath because the 15. Which is the correct answer to this
phone was ringing. question? 25. How can you complete this
c. I was having a bath when the Does your sister work here?
phone rang.
question correctly?
6. Which word is a correct past Have you seen Karen ____?
a. Yes, she have. a. last week
simple verb?
b. No, she doesn’t. b. today
a. studyed
c. Yes, she do. c. yesterday
b. taked
16. Which word CANNOT go in the
c. made
space? 26. Which sentence uses will
7. Where can you write the word
____ are talking very loudly! incorrectly? (Which sentence is
a. She not a prediction?)
a. We ____ to France next
b. You a. Electric cars will become more
c. They and more popular.
b. We ____ France last
month. b. James won’t be on time.
17. Complete the sentence. c. I will go on holiday to France
c. We ____ to France every
The girl ___ cycling to school. next week.
a. am
8. Which word goes in the space?
b. are 27. Which sentence uses will
What time did you ____ lunch?
c. is incorrectly? (Which sentence is
a. had
b. have not an offer?)
18. My husband and I ____ staying
c. haved
here for a long time. a. James will help you make the
a. don’t dinner.
9. Which sentence is correct?
b. aren’t b. I’ll bring you a chair.
a. We didn’t go out last
c. isn’t c. Sarah will go to a meeting in
b. Tom didn’t met Anna. Brussels next week
19. Which question is correct?
c. Sally didn’t got my email.
a. Where you are staying? 28. Which sentence is correct?
b. What you doing? a. Paul will to give you a receipt.
10. Which question is NOT correct?
c. Where is she working? b. Sorry, I’ll late for the meeting.
a. Where did your parents
meet? c. Harry won’t enjoy the concert.
20. Which is the correct reply?
b. Did you like the gift?
Where’s James? 29. Which is the correct reply?
Sorry, the director isn’t here at the c. Okay, I come back later. b. What time will the party start?
moment. c. When you will get the results?
a. Okay, I’ll come back later. 30. Which question is NOT correct?
b. Okay, I will to come back later. a. Where will you live?

Read the Instant Messaging Conversation. Choose True, False or Not in text.
Tiffany writes: Jack writes:
Saturday 7th April - 10.43 am Saturday 7th April - 11.02 am
Are you free this afternoon? Do you want to go out? Make it half past. I have to write a few emails first. See you
Jack writes:
Saturday 7th April - 10.45 am 31. Jack is doing his homework this morning.
I just have to finish my homework, but I think I can finish it True
this morning. What do you want to do? False
Not in text
Tiffany writes:
Saturday 7th April - 10.48 am 32. Jack and Tiffany went shopping together last Saturday.
Let’s go into town. We can go shopping and then get a True
coffee. We can go to the new cafe near the library. The False
cakes look great there. Not in text

Jack writes: 33. Tiffany wants to go to the library.

Saturday 7th April - 10.50 am True
You know I hate shopping. Why don’t we go to the park? False
Kev and Rob will be there skateboarding. We can have Not in text
meet up with them.
34. Jack wants to take his skateboard to the park.
Tiffany writes: True
Saturday 7th April - 10.52 am False
I don’t want to spend my Saturday afternoon watching Not in text
boys skateboarding! That’s so boring! But we can go to the
park for a game of tennis if you like. 35. Tiffany wants to play tennis, but Jack doesn’t.
Jack writes: False
Saturday 7th April - 10.55 am Not in text
I’m not really in the mood for tennis. I don’t want to do
anything too active. I want to just relax. You could come to 36. Tiffany has already watched a film today.
my house, and we could watch a movie. We’ve got lots of True
good food. False
Not in text
Tiffany writes:
Saturday 7th April - 10.56 am 37. They decide to play board games at the new cafe this
I could watch a film on my own. Why don’t I bring some afternoon.
board games round? That’ll be a bit more fun. True
Jack writes: Not in text
Saturday 7th April - 10.57 am
Okay, that sounds alright, but my little brother will 38. Four people will play board games this afternoon.
probably want to play too. Is that okay with you? True
Tiffany writes: Not in text
Saturday 7th April - 10.58 am
Sure. Shall I invite anyone else? I think Sophie is free this 39. Jack’s brother is younger than Jack.
afternoon. True
Jack writes: Not in text
Saturday 7th April - 11.00 am
Okay, you can invite her, but no-one else. I don’t want too 40. Tiffany will meet Jack at half past twelve.
many people round. True
Tiffany writes: Not in text
Saturday 7th April - 11.01 am
Fine. I’ll come round after lunch. Is one o’clock okay?