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BMC® Remedy® IT Service Management Suite 7.1.

00 Compatibility Matrix

The BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 7.1.00 consists of the following applications and versions:

® ®
• BMC Remedy Service Desk 7.0.03
® ®
• BMC Remedy Asset Management 7.0.03
® ®
• BMC Remedy Change Management 7.0.03
® ®
• BMC Remedy Knowledge Management 7.2.00
® ®
• BMC Remedy AR System 7.1.00
® ®
• BMC Remedy Migrator 7.1.00
® ®
• BMC Remedy Encryption 7.1.00
® ®
• BMC Remedy Developer Plus 6.0.00
® ®
• BMC Remedy IT Service Management Data Migration Utility 7.0.00
• BMC Service Request Management 2.2.00
• BMC Service Level Management 7.1.00
• BMC Service Management Process Model for Service Support and Service Delivery 7.1.00
• BMC Analytics for BSM 2.0.00
• BMC Dashboards for BSM 2.0.00

® ®
There are other components such as the BMC Atrium™ CMDB 2.1.00 and BMC Atrium™ Integration Engine
7.1.00 are included as foundational elements with the suite.

Product Compatibility Matrices

Please ensure you carefully review the product compatibility matrix for the applications in the suite. The
compatibility matrices can be found either by using the Product Availability/Compatibility tool
(,,00.html), or by referencing the Remedy Product Compatibility
Matrices page (

Language Offerings for Applications

All applications in the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite support English. Other supported languages are
determined by the individual applications within the suite. Please refer to the specific compatibility matrix for a list
of languages supported.

System Requirements and Notes

The detailed system requirements, including supported client, mid-tier, server and application version
combinations, are outlined in the compatibility matrix of the specific applications within the suite.

Virtual Environments Support for Applications

For information on support of virtual environments, please refer to the BMC Support Policy for Virtualized
Platforms page (,,19097_4736154_71856212,00.html).