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Ref: lRADI '] , / I Of-S- August 13 ,2018

Announcement for the 78 th BARe Radiography Testing Level-2 Training Programme

Radiography Testing Level-2 Training Programme (Course No. 78) as per

AERB/BISIISO Scheme will be held in collaboration with Institute for Design of Electrical
Measuring Instruments (lDEMI, an organization established by the Government of India) at
IDEMI, Swatantryaveer Tatya Tope Marg, Chunabhatti, Sion, Mumbai - 400022, IN DIA.

(A) Course No. 78

Duration: Sep 17-0ct 16, 2018
Examination: Oct 11-13, 2018
Last datefor receipt offilled-in applicationforms: Aug 31,2018
Last date for receipt offilled-in applicationformsfor re-examination: Aug 31,2018

Please find e-copies of revised information brochure, syllabus and forms for application
and re-examination valid for 2018 courses available herewith. The course details may also be
downloaded from websites of BARC, Mumbai (hnp :llwww.barc.! .html ) in
addition to IDEMI, Mumbai ( http ://ww~ .id mi .org). Prospective applicants are advised to read
the instructions carefully and use the latest application forms only. Course and examination
dates are liable to be revised under unavoidable circumstances.
The above guidelines and information are applicable to candidates of Indian nationality
and whose applications are received from within the country only.

This is for information to all concemed.
/ j
Wsh Kumar) - (3/5fIY
Course Convener
~. ~ ~. tmrn ~/~I-
Encl: 1. Information Brochure 3r~r. 3rG t l & 3l~ 3f](Wf/ Wll 3lR ~ tl
ITfIlT q"\.,I"j 3!:fi"lR "$i:, ~ 85
2. Copy of syllabus and application forms

Shri S. V. Rasal, Managing Director, IDEMI, Mumbai:

with a request to display the announcement on IDEMI website

Cc: Dr. P. K. Pujar;, Assoc. Director, RC&lG. BARC, Mumbai.