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TLED 430

TPACK Template Mobile Applications Assignment

C Mobile Application for Creating Mobile Application for Collaborating

on Subject English
nt Grade Level 4th Grade 4th Grade

Learning Objective 4.5 The student will read and demonstrate  4.1 The student will use effective oral 

comprehension of fictional texts, narrative  communication skills in a variety of settings. 
nonfiction texts, and poetry.  e) Use grammatically correct language and 
c) Identify the main idea.  specific vocabulary to communicate ideas. 
d) Summarize supporting details.  f) Communicate new ideas to others. 
e) Identify the problem and solution.  g) Demonstrate the ability to collaborate with 
diverse teams. 
h)  Demonstrate the ability to work 
P Activity After the teacher reads a series of texts to Students will be divided into equal groups.
ed the class, students will use the Emojily app The teacher will assign topics to each group.
ag to create their own Emojis that retells a Each student will have to contribute to
og story. The created Emojis has to be able to making a Google slide show presentation.
y identify the main idea, use supportive After submission of presentation each
details, and identify the problem and student will complete a self evaluation and
solution. Student must create enough peer evaluation reflecting on quality
Emojis to fully explain their developed idea, participation.
which will reflect upon grade given.
TLED 430

Te Technology Emojily app Google Slides


Creating Apps from My Peers Collaborating Apps from My Peers

P Please record the 1. Hannah 1. Hannah

ee apps your peers -Pic Collage, I like that you can use pictures -Whiteboard, this tool is neat because it
r shared with you and to demonstrate the understanding of an allows students to help each other all in one
C a simple rating of idea, place, or theme. place. This is a good place for creativity and
oll what you liked about differentiation
ab the app. 2. Danielle
or -Resume Star, seems like a great tool for 2. Danielle
at high school students who are just applying -Hubl Technique, I really like the slow motion
io to jobs that provides a convenient way to feature so that you can visualize and reflect
n access the final product. on what needs fixing.

3. Arron 3. Arron
- Photomath, is a good resource to use when -Google Classroom, a way to keep students
a student is behind or struggling on a topic. organized by teams and a location to store
Also a useful homework tool to check your all materials.

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