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Mohammad Ali


The University of Texas at Dallas December 2019
B.S., Accounting and Finance GPA 3.2/3.3


BestBuy February 2015 – September 2018

Inventory and Merchandising Associate
 Perform weekly price audits on approximately 2500 store products.
 Demonstrate high attention to detail when managing changes to item disposition in the product database.
 Ensure consistency of inventory levels in the product database and research discrepancies.

Robinson Accountancy LLC. January 2017- December 2017

Accounting Intern
 Created QuickBooks accounts for 75% of the firm’s small business clients.
 Researched bank transaction information on Excel spreadsheets to determine personal and business transactions
and prepared timely monthly income statements.
 Completed monthly bank reconciliations for each client.
 Analyzed and recorded weekly revenues of approximately $10,000 for the firm’s clients.

Business Communication January 2018 – April 2018
 Led a 3-person team in Business Communications class to create a business proposal to teach homeless and at-
risk individuals the fundamentals of financial planning.
 Generated a budget depicting total projected costs to fund the proposal.
 Presented in front a group of peers about the potential positive impact financial planning classes can have on the
homeless and at-risk individuals.

Islamic Association of North Texas
Sports Coordinator June 2015 – December 2016
 One of 10 students chosen for competitive organization designed to create a more nurturing and welcoming
atmosphere for youth.
 Hosted sports related events where children (ages 12 and up) can compete against each other and form
lasting bonds.
Logistics Coordinator
 Responsible for the logistics and guest services of a youth conference attended by an estimated 500 people
with internationally known guest speakers.
 Coordinated reservations for on-site areas intended for social events.

Technical: MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS SQL Server, Tableau, Xero, FactSet, Bloomberg Terminal
Languages: Fluent in Urdu and Gujrati
Eligibility: Eligible to work in the U.S. with no restrictions