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2003 FUN with FLEECE
TEAM SPlRIT ......... .Project Time .. .....Page
Mohawk Fleece Flyer ......... One Hour . . . .. .. .4
"Give It A Twist" Boa ...... . . . .Evening . . . . . .. . . .5
Team Twister ......... . ..... Two Hours or less . .5
Tri-Colored Braid Hat .. . .. . . .. One Hour ... .. .. .6
Team Spirit Fringed Blanket . . . Weekend ..... ... .8
Lion Scarf .......... . .. . ... .30 minutes .. . . . . .9 We have put together our favorite tips,
Fantasy Fleece Football . . . . . . .One Hour ...... .. 10 techniques and over thirty FREE project
ideas for you to use while woridng with
Car Wash Cap ............. .One Hour ....... . 10
our fabulous fleece fabrics. Fleece is a
HOME DECOR . ... .. ... .Project Time .. ...Page great comfort fabric that can be used
Looped Fringe Throw ......... Two Hours or less .. 14 year-round in most areas of the count/}'.
No-Sew Fleece Carriage Pillow @ .Two Hours or less . .16 Projects include home decor, baby items,
Warm & Snugly Pillowcase ..... One Hour .. . ... .. 16 great gift ideas, team spirit fundraising
Cuddly Fleece Blanket ... . .. . .Two Hours or less . .17 ideas and so much more!
Rail Fence Fleece Throw ... . . .Weekend ...... . .. 18 All of the projects are labeled with icons
Star Fleece Throw . . . . . . .. . . .Weekend . . .. . .... 20 for quick reference as to the amount of
A la Carte Easy Flange Pillow ... Two Hours or less . .21 time it will take to make them.
Fleece On The Round . . . .. . . Weekend . . .. . . . . .24 Hancock Fabrics stores are filled with a
ACCESSORIES &... GIFTS ...Project Time ... . .Page wonderful selection of outerwear fleece
Snuggle Slippers .. . . . . . .. . . .One Hour . .. . . . .. 26 maidng us your "FLEECE H£A~UAR­
No-Sew Beaded Fringe Scarf . @ .30 minutes .. .. ... 28 TERS". You will find solids from pastels
to brights, prints for all ages, including
Zip-Up Scarf . ... .. . . . . . .. . . .30 minutes .. . ... .29
border prints and ombre looks for fun
Something On My Mind ....... One Hour ... . . . .. 29
and fashion interpretation. New addi-
No-Sew Fringed Locks Hats. @ .One Hour . . .. .... 30 tions to our "FLEW H£A~UARTERS "
Chemo Caps . . . .. . . . . ..... .30 Minutes . ... ... 31 are great fleece panels for any age.
Fleece Yam Knit Set ... . ...... Weekend ..... .. .. 32
Convertible Mittens . . . ... .. .. .One Hour . . .. .... 33 HAVE FUN WITH FLEECE!
Melody Good, Corporate Home Economist
APPAREL . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .Project Time . . . . .Page
Fashion Wrap . . .. . . . ... .. . . Weekend . . . ... ... 36
No-Sew Fleece Poncho .... @ .One Hour ..... .. .37
Pintuck Vest . . . . .. . ... ..... Weekend . . . ... ... 38
No-Sew Bolero Sweater .... @ .One Hour ...... . .40
INFANTS &.. CHILDREN ....ProjectTime ... ..Page
"Lettuce" Do Fleece ......... .Two Hours or less . .42
Infant Carrier Cover .......... One Hour . . . .. .. .43
Baby's First Fleece ..... . .. ... Two Hours or less .. 44
We have made avory effort /0 ensure thai thase/nstfllctions are
accurate end complete. We cannot, however; be f&sponslble for
human error. typographical mista Kes, or veria/Jons in individual
~. Copyright 2003 • All rights f9sslV9d. Individuals may use
these designs 10 craate products for fun. You may teach from
this publication. However; no ins/ructions or photographs con-
4 hours 5-7 hours No-Sew la/ned In this publica/ion may be reproduced mechanically with-
out written permission o( the publisher. Hancock Fabrics, Inc.
Fun With Fleece 2003
Use this wild faux fur and fleece cap in your school
colors to create a unique way to show your 'Team Spirit".
6. Topstitch ;.{" from edge of cap, starting and slopping at edges of fur.
Materials: NOTE: Do 1l01lOpstitch ol'er fllr.
• Myd. outerwear fleece 7. hook ponion of Velcro' 10 end of one S(rap. S.ilCh loop ponion of
• ~ yd. long hair faux fur Velcro* 10 opposite side of other strap.
• I" Sofl and Flexible Velcro·
• .hread RST · Right Sides Tog,'her IVOF . lVid.h or Fabric
OPTIONAL: Myd. cOlllraS( OUlerwear neece
(curled neece hair) I Square = I"

For Curly Fringe: Refer to tip

on page 30 before beginning this project. v ........
Cut: pattern I i"-
• as directed on pattern piece
• (I) 3W X 14" piece neece and rur
OPTIONAL: (5) 5" x 14" pieces conlraS( neece f-.

NOTE: 14" measuremell1 is along se/llage edge. YOII will .

/leed all additional 3 ~" x 14" piece fleece and eliminate 1\ I
the jllr piece for the cllrled fleece hair rersioll. /..-U . ' T

Directions: ~"seam allowance

I. RST, stitch fur strip to one side of cap along lap edge,
easing cap 10 fl. Repeal for o.her side.
2. OPTIONA L: Evenly space and conlraS( neece pieces V
to one 3 112" strip of fleece, staying within the seam yo
allowance. Repeat step I for Ihis version, keeping contrast /
fleece out of seanl. When cap is complete, cut 3/8" fringe
to wi thin 1/2" of original stitching on contrast pieces, then I J
pull on each piece of fringe, causing it to curl.
3. Repeal step I with remaining fleece pieces, leaving a 4"
I /
opening on one side. II
4. RST, place cap to lining, matching raw edges and seams.
Stitch around entire cap.
5. Turn through opening. Stitch opening.
This boa is fast to make - fold, stitch, cut and twist.
FUN to wear!
2. Bring top line down to meet the other, folding fleece 5. Wrong sides IOgether, fold fleece so remaining long
wrong sides together as shown. raw edge just covers stitching from step 4. Zigzag
Materials: makes 3 raw edge
over Ihis edge Ihrough ali layers.
6. On each section, make W' wide c ulS about 2W' deep
• I" yds. oulerwear fleece
• Ihread fonning loops. NOTE: eulS should end
approximmeJy ~" · W'/rom stitching.
• CHACO PEL marking pencil
• OPTIONAL: rolary cuner, mat, ru ler

l'lIwedge ..

• (3) IS" X 60" pieces fleece 3. Bring raw edge to fold, maki ng a second fold over
NOTE: 60" length is (Jural/elto selmge edge the first as shown.
alld /8" is gremesf degree of stretch. I:::::::::::::::I

Directions: for each Boa raw edge

7. Twist the end of each loop to bring the inside to the
outside as shown. Taking care not to stretch loops
I. Using a CHACO PEL pencil, mark a line 6" from 100 much.
cnch long edge on the wrong side as shown. 4. Using a wide, medium length zigzag, stitch over
fold and raw edge from steps 2 and 3 as shown.

This scarf is constructed so the rectangles of color end up on the bias to

give it a "twist". Try it in your favorite team colors or red and white for a
candy cane effect.
Directions: v." seam allowance 3. Slitch from Ihe poi nt of Ihe fold down 10 Ihe second
seam. SlOP wilh Ihe needle in Ihe fabric and lift
I. RST and alternating colors A and B, stitch pieces presser fool. Bring raw edges together. NOTE:
along long edges to form one long piece. Fabric will seem to twiS! alld bUllch. It will settle
2. RST, bring a comer over 10 match Ihe end of the dOWII after seam is finished.
second seam as shown. 4. Continue matching raw edges and seam lines and
resume stitching. Leave a 5" opening in the seam
and conlinue stitchi ng 10 Ihe end, folding fabric up
as in step 2.
5. Tum. Slipstitch openi ng. Adjust scarf so il lays flat.
Materials: 7!4" X 68" scarf
yd. each Iwo solid colors (A and B) outerwear
HINT: Usillg a pressillg cloth, lightly steam iron 10
assist ill shaping.
• Ihread RST· Righi Sides Togelher WOF • Wid th or Fabric

• (S) 6" X II ~" pieces each A and B fleece

Create this colorful hat in your
school or team colors for both
children and adults.

Excellent Project for Fundraising

Materials: makes 8 (child or adult)
• I yd. each three solid colors outerwear neece
• I yd. printed outerwear neece (child, adult
or combination)
• thread
• OPTIONAL: Ms. Designer Multipurpose Point
and Tube Turner

Cut: pattern on page 7

• as directed on pattern pieces and followi ng
layout diagram
• (I) 9" X 19W' (chi ld) OR (I) 9" X 22W' piece
(adult) piece printed neece for each hat (cuff) '-....I._ _""'...z.<!:.o_ ...
• (I) I" X 9" lengthwise piece solid neece for
each hat (braid tie)

layout diagram fold

Directions: X" seam allowance
1. RST, fold and stitch each braid end of hat from "X"
to narrow end. Turn braid sections right side out.
NOTE: Use multipurpose poilll alld wbe /lima 10
make this /ask easiel:
2. RST, stitch three different color braid sections, from
the straight bottom edge to the "X", forming the hal
body. NOTE: Be slIre alilhe braid wils are goillg
ill Ille sallie direction.
3. Braid the three braid sections together. Tightly lic
the I" X 9" piece close to the ends. Trim any uneven
ends of braid.
4. RST, fold each cliff so 9" edges are matchi ng. Stitch
the 9" edges, form ing a ring. Wrong sides together,
fold cuff in half, matching seams and raw edges.
Pi n bastc.
5. Place cuff to wrong side of hat, matching raw edges.
Pin and stitch. Turn cuff to right side.

6 RST· Right Sides Together WOF · Width or Fabric selvages

fuftWIthFLiECE L

Ever wonder how to tell
which is the right side of
+-- + fleece fabric?
To find out, gently stretch
the fleece along the cut edge
of the fleece that has the
greatest degree of stretch

~+ -L t (crossgrain) . The fleece will

r- i
i roll or curl to the wrong side.

-----< s:::: -
...... + t- 1=1-
Q) -
t e<:I
Q) -c- ~
3 Most .5+~+c:..t=-
. 5 ""fleece will melt if
...... ..en. . touched by a warm/hot iron.
~ - ~ If you want to add a fusible
T l~
t 1
-,-- -.~
Tb'o -+1 r
applique to your fleece
project, use Steam-a-Seam
2TM fusible adhesive. After
..... applying it to the applique,
simply remove the paper and
+ t t-
-t finger press the applique to
-, -+----
the fleece . It's pressure-sen-
sitive - no need for heat.
For each hat:
Then stitch the edge of the
1 I LeaclL
Cut: T th"l 1

3 colors fleece
applique as usual.
contact of an iron on the

fleece can "emboss" a perma-

nent imprint of the iron on the
!J~r~~1J Z~UL~a:t­
1 X

1 X
1 1tt X
-- t
Pre-washing fleece is not
necessary unless it is very
~ wrinkled. ~ _'­


I, .1 'Tt

When laundering outerwear
fleece, best results are
achieved with the use of
powdered detergent. Since
.. fleece is a by-product of
plastics, liquid detergent does
not remove the dirt, but simply
coats the fibers.
Show your colors in this
easy throw that is large
enough to cover a twin bed.

Materials: makes a 63" X 73" throw

• I Myd. each three colors outerwear fleece
• thread

• (10) 15" squares each color fleece
--+ Indicates directions of greatest streIch (cross grain)

Directions: l W' seam allowance, Diagram 2

using a narrow stretch
OR zigzag stitch
I. Cut a IW' square frolll each corner of each block.
1_[1 1_11 I_I
1 _11 1_11
1_1 1_11 I_
II _11 1_11
2. Wrong sides together, stitch six rows of five blocks each as shown.
NOTE: YOIl (Ire slitcl,illg!rom imide comer /0 inside comer. See
Diagram 2.
1_1 1_11 I-
3. Wrong sides together and matching seams, stitch rows in order shown
4. To fringe: Make culS ~ It to W' apan and l!i" in depth 011 all seam
allowances and outside edges.
II _11 1_11
• x yd. each 1\\'0 color.;; outerwear fleece
• " yd. Soft and Rmble Velcro'
• CHACO PEL marlung penCil
• thread
•june ta ilor Shnpe Cut'" ruler. 45mm rotary cutter
and Illat
30 MIN
• (I) 9" X IS" (adull) OR (I) S" X 14" (d.ild) picce
each fleece
• (113" ladlil" Oil (II ~ '. (child) plCce Ve lcro'

I. On nght Sldi: of one fleece. mark :l. line )" 111 from both long edges
.., Wrong \iidcs together. \I![ch fleece picce'! together along IlIlcs marked 111 step I.
3 Cut :~ " Wide fringe all hoth long edges up to lines of 'it itching with the Shape CUI'
ruler. rotary culler and l11a1.
-! Stitch Velcro to ~ ho n e nd ~ (between fringe). making sure to stitch piccl!~ un oppmitt'
side of scarf. ROAR
You 'll with excitement as you
cheer your team on when you wear
our "tamed" lion scarf.

Corne Meet The Whole Pc
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a wide selection of Europea n qu ality products for the most di sce m ing sewer. And you ca n 't find a better zipper any-
whe re than ollr H'orld fa mous YKK· Zippers_ All of these quality b ra nds arc ofTered with prid e from American
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fa.ntaA~ ,f 'lee"ce
Make this soft and squeezable football,
designed in two different sizes, in one or two
colors. Add a team applique ' to personalize
your creation.

Materials: Directions: xnseam allowance

·• *thread
yd. one OR IWO colors oUlerwear neece
I. Attach applique' to one or more of Ihe foolball shapes. if desircd.
2. Aliemating colors (if using more Ihan one color) and RST, slilch Ihree
pieces from lip to lip. of each piece. Stitch remaining sides. leaving a 4" 10
• polyeSier fiberfill 5" opening.
• OPTIONAL: learn applique'(s)
3. Tum. SlulT lighlly wilh fiberfill. Slipslilch opening closed.
Cut: pattern on page II
• as directed on pattern pieces
RST · Righi Sides Together WOF · Width Of Fabric

Make this easy-to-sew, one seam

cap in the size of your choice.
Materials: makes 2
• ~ yd. oUlerwear neece (small · child size 4 . 8)
~ yd. oUlerwear ncecc ( medium · child size 10/12)
~ yd. oUlcrwear necce ( large· Icenladuli)
• Ihread 10 malch
• mtary cuuer.mat and ruler
• OPTIONAL: june lailor Shape CUI" ruler
Cut: for eac,h cap
NOTE: Greatest degree oj stretch sholiid be along
longest length oj fabric.
size small:
• (I) 17" X 18" piece neece
size medium:
• (I) 19" X 20" piece neece
size large:
• (I) 21" X 22" piece neece
• (I) I" X IS" slrip neece

Directions: xnseam allowance

I. CUI I" fri nge along longest edge on onc side of fleece picce. NOTE: The j l/lle /(litnr
Shape Cw"" will make this taskjmt, eas), alld (leCt/rale . The depth of the fringe should be
4W' to 6" depending on hal size and personal preference.
2. RST, slilch Ihe shon edges of hal. This wi ll form a "lube" wilh fringe on one end.
3. Fold up (3 for size small and medium and 3W' for size large) bottom edge of cap to the

inside (wrong side). Slitch W from Clit edge of fabric. NOTE: This will form a dOl/ble
thick band of fleece arol/lld the ears for extra warmlh.
4. Securely tie 1" strip around fri nge to complete cap.

RST · Right Sides Together WOF . Width or Fabric

• •

full size pattern

Large Football

Cut: 4 fleece

place on fold
• • 11
Homo Hohhy JObIt Home Hobby lObio
lron;ng Cove: _1 Ironing Cover
::. "':-~i:" -

Sullivan's Iran Glide

Iron all your fabrics without worry!
fits like a glove on your i
from delica te
!'III_.IIioIlll!"",!!!!!'lerat,,,. setti ng
and withou t pressing The smooth
surface and edges w ill not damage fabrics. t

cJam, Xin and J:nish

tn One :1.o/essional Jep
Janome Harmony 91020-
Now available at Hancock Fabrics!

• 3 and 4 thread sergi"g functions.

• Pre-threaded with 4 spools of thread - you're ready to

serge right out of the box.

• Professional finished edges, rolled hems, narrow hems,

lettuce edges, overlock, flatlock, and decorative effects.

• Differential feed for gathering and smooth, pucker-free

seams on difficult fabr ics

• Quick, easy lay- in threading with color coding

• Quick conversion to rolled hemming with no plate changes.

• Convenient length and width settings.

• Janome quality.
• 1Myds. outerwear fleece
• ~ yd. contrast outerwear fleece
• thread
• OPTIONA L: Wash away" Wonder Tape, applique' scissors
•june tailor Shape Cut'" ruler. rotary Cliller. mat, and ruler

• (1) 60" (length) X 50" (width) piece neecc (throw)

• (2) 9" X 52" pieces contrast neece (fri nge)

Directions: W' seam allowance

1. Turn long edges of blanket Y.I " lowards wrong side
twice. Pin. Stitch.
t- 2. RST, place and stitch a fringe piece to one short end
of throw, Fold fri nge piece away from the scam and

<]fiI~~W HOURS bri ng to back side, extending raw edge W' beyond
seam. Pin or OPTIONA L: Baste with Wonder Tape.
or less If pinning. \Urn over and fe-pi n from the front.
removing pins from the backside. Stitch-i n-the-di tch
from front. Tri m any excess fabric on back close to
the stitchi ng line. OPTIONA L: Use appliq ue'
scissors to tri m. Repeat this step at opposite end.
Add a looped fringe accent 3. Lay folded contrast end nat and carefully cut fri nge
of contrasting outerwear into ~" strips. DO NOT cut into the scant
OPTIONAL: Use Shape Cut" ru ler and rotary
fleece to this blanket. equi pment 10 cut fringe.
14 RST, Right Sides Toget her WOF - Width or Fabric
America's # 1 Igloo Fleece Supplier

" Running Together Night of the Indian Master of th e Herd

F03·319 3· 105 RUST F03·3 177·250 RED F03·3 198·92 1 NATURAL

Fl y Fisherman Crafty Fox

F03·3 178· 138 DENIM F03·3 15 1·490 BROWN
" Hunter & his Best Friend
F03·3 179·92 1 NATURAL

W inter Cabin Snowman Bright Chri'

F03·3 138·92 1 NATURAL F03·3 190·999 •

**Available at your local Hancock Fabr i c~

Selections may vary in all stores .
Also available online - www.hancockfabrics .col
This no-sew fleece pillow
features a row of knots
across the center,

Materials: Directions:
• I yd. oulerwear fleece I. Measure lind mark J" from IWO opposite edges of fleece square.
, CHACO PEL pencil NOTE: Mnrkillgs shuuld be along llol/-srrNrfl edges.
' (I) 16" pillOlv form 2. To fri nge: Using rotary clI tting equ ipment, CU I up 10 marked line eve ry ~" along
02-3 large safety pins both edges.
• rotary CUller, mat. ruler OPTIONA L: Use Shape Cut' ruler.
o OPTIONAL: june tailor Shape Cut" ruler 1 (('mer pillow fonn on wrong side of fleece, Wrap unfringed liides over the top of
pillow (onn. SJfcty pin in place.
Cut: 4. Rring fringed edges toget her. Evenly match parallel fringe and tie !'quare knots
across cen ter of pillow, Tuck unused fri nge to underside of knot s,
o (I) 36" square neccc

Note: See Tips & Techniques on nexi page.

WArr~M &-
This fleece pillowcase is sure to
become a bedtime favorite,

Materials: makes one

Directions: W' seam allowance
1. Wrong sides together and raw edges matching, fold band lengthwise.
o ~ yd. (standard, queen) OR IXyds. (king) OR IX
2. RST. stitch band to one 41" OR 47" side of neece. Serge or clean
yd,. (body pillow) pri nt/solid outerwear neece
finish raw edges.
• Ya yd. cont rast outerwear fleece (band)
3. RST. fold piece from step 2 to measure 32W X 20W (standard) OR
o thread
36~" X 20W (queen) OR 42W' X 20W (king) OR 61W' X 23W'
(body pillow).
Cut: 4. Stitch long seam then shan seam. Serge or clean finish raw edges. Turn.
0 (1) 28" X 41" piece (standard) OR (I) 32" X 41" 5. Insert your pillow and snuggle up to your warm ncece pillowcase.
piece (queen) OR (I) 38" X 41" picco (k ing) OR
(I) 47" X 57" (body pillow) neece
16 o (I) 9" X 41'· contrast neecc piece (band) for Note: See Tips & Techniques on next page.
standard - king OR (I) 9·· X 47" contrast neecc
piece (band) for body pillow RST - Right Sides Together WOF - Width or Fa bric
This simple, easy to sew double
layer blanket, with fringe on the
two shorter ends can be made
in a variety of sizes. Solids,
prints OR even fleece panels
may be used to complete this
cuddly and warm chill chaser.

or ess

for small size:
• I ~ yds. each two colors/prints outerwear fleece
for large size:
• 2 yds. each two colors/prints outerwear fleece
(I) fleece panel print AND 1%yds. outerwear
fleece to coordinate with panel
• thread
• june tailor Shape Cut" ruler
• 45mm rotary cutter and mat

for small size:
• (I ) 45" X 54" piece each fleece
Directions: W' seam allowance for large size:
I. RST, place two fleece pieces, and stitch the two !mm sides of the blanke!. • (I) 58" X 70" piece each fleece
2. Tum piece right side QU!. Topstilch along seamed sides ~" from seamed edge. OR
3. Topslitch 4" - 6" from raw edges through both layers on the two remaining sides of the blanket. • For Danel: trim off selvage from both sides of
NOTE: Lellgth offringe will depend 011 blanket size, a print repeal 01/ the fab ric, or size of borders 011 fleece panel and measure piece (i t should be about
the fleece panel. 48" X 58"); cut lining the same size as the panel.
4. Using Shape Cut'" ruler, cut 3W' - 5" long. and 1" wide fringe across the two short ends of the blanket. NOTE: When cll1ting lining, the longer
NOTE: Be care/li /IIO! to cllllhrollgh the IOpstitching done in step 3. lIleasuremelll should be cut along the more stable
{less stretchy! side oj the fleece.
RST· Right Sides Together WOF . Width or Fabric


Carriage Pillows Warm ~ Snugly Pillowcase
Be sure to cut th e fringe on the Use your imagination and add a decorative touch to your fleece projects:
fleece carriage pillow on th e length- add an applique, embroider a child's name. add a fleece yarn edge finish or
wise of the piece so when you tie ch annel stitch the band for an elegant touch. These creative ideas make
the knots around the pillow, th ey great gifts!
won't stretch out of shape.
lRArrn TlEN~lE
nlElE~lE TiI~VW
Create this easy-to-make
traditional quilting design
throw using our outerwear
fleece fabrics.

Materials: makes 60" X 72" throw

• 1* yds. solid outerwear fleece (color "An strips,
• y. yd. solid outerwear fleece (color "s" strips)
• Y. yd. solid outerwear fleece (color "c" strips)
• thread (NOTE: Depending upon type or style of
stitch you may need more than one spool)
• 7* yds. binding (ie., blanket binding OR see
finishing techniques for binding options)
• rotary cutter, mat and ruler

NOTE: Trim selvage edges prior to clllling strips.
All strips are cut on the lengthwise grain. Be careful
not to stretch fleece while hondling/culling. 3. Cut twenty 12" squares from step 2 sets.
4. Layout squares as shown. Stitch squares into rows,
of fleece "An: then stitch rows together as described in step I and 2.
• (2) 5" X 60" strips (side borde,,)
• (2) 5" X 58" strips (top & bottom borde,,)
• (10) 4" X 27" strips A A

of each fleece "B" , "e": • C

• A , C
• A

• (10) 4" X 27" strips

Directions: C
• A
• C
• A

NOTE: Be careful not to stretch fleece while C C

handling/sewing. Keep fabric right sides lip dllring A A

constructioll process. • C , A , C , A

I. Set machine for a bridging stitch (zig-zag, three step C C

zig-zag, feather stitch, etc). Adjust settings/tensions
as necessary.
2. To make ~ strip set: Sutt lengthwise cut edges C • A
• C
• A

together and stitch as shown. Make a total of ten C C

strip sets. A A

A B c • C
• A
• C
• A


5. Stitch side borde" to top~8escribed in step 2.

6. Stitch top and bottom borde" to top as described in
step 2.
7. Finish outside edges of top using blanket binding OR
binding technique of choice.

rtfie perfect trims for every project!
Fleece Trims available online at
This fleece throw features a
classic four-patch star block
with the distinctive piano
keys border.

Materials: makes approximately 53"

square throw
NOTE: AI/ fabrics (A, B, C, alld D) used ill pillllO
keys bord"
• 2* yds. outerwear fleece "A" (backing, binding, slar
• Myd. outerwcar fleece "B" (star points,
• ~ yd. outerwear fleece "C" (star center)
Directions: W' seam allowance. Ease pieces to fit as
necessary. Serger recommended for ease and
0* yd. outerwear fleece "0" (narrow border)
speed in piecing.
• thread to match "A"
I. Cut all 10" squares of "A" and "B" in half diagonally from opposite
OPTIONAL: Wash Away ' Wonder Tape
comers to make eight triangles of each.
2. RST, and matching all edges, stitch an HA" triangle 10 each ';8" triangle
Cut: along diagonal. Repeat for remaining pieces.
*elll these pieces with 6" length cuI 011 lengthwise 3. RST, stitch block as shown.
of "A":
0(4) 9 'f," squares
0(4) 10" squares
o (28) 2" X 6" pieces'

0(1 ) 58" square

of "B":
• (4) 10" squares
• (4) 6" squares (cornerstones)
• (28) 2" X 6" pieces'

of "C":
• (4) 9 'f," squares
o (28) 2" X 6" pieces'
4. RST, stitch a 36" strip "0" to the top and bOllom edges of block.
of "0": 5. RST, stitch a 42" strip "0" to each side of block.
o (2) 3" X 36" strip 6. Piann keys bnrder: RST, stitch long edges of 6" pieces in sequemial
o (2) 3" X 42" strip
order (A, B, C, 0) um il piece measures 42". Repeat three times for a total
• (28) 2" X 6" pieces' of four border pieces.
7. RST, stitch a piano keys border to each side of block.
8. RST, stitch a 6" sq uare "B" to each of remain ing two piano keys borders
for cornerstones.
9. RST, stitch these borders to lOp and bOllom of block.
10. Wrong sides together, center block over backing. Trim backing so I;";"
extends beyond block.
11. Wrap backing to front. mitering corners. Baste. HINT: Use \lvl/der Tape
for ease.
12. Using a long, wide zigzag, stitch edge of binding through all layers.

20 RST · Right Sid" Together IVOF . Width or Fabric

tl h <CAli~n
lfmW TUNG'[
Make this easy fleece pillow with a minimum
of sewing. Let the fabric speak for itself or
add an applique' of your choice. Select a
pillow form from 12" to 36".

Cut: *refer to chart* or ess

• 2 fleece squares(') using decorative blade
• Flower Sets: Pattern on page 22
NOTE: Cut tile same Illlmber (*) offlowers
from each color offleece.
• Evergreen Tree: Pattern on page 22. Cut tree, adjust ing size
(enlarge/decrease on a photocopier) as desired to fit pillow top
allowing at least a 3" - 4" border on each side.

Directions: Complete applique ' of choice then complete

Materials: pillow as listed below
Version A: Basic Pillow
• I square pillow form and fabric yardage as listed Version A: Basic Pillow
below. I. Wrong sides together, stitch squares 2" from raw edges on three sides, leaving
one edge open. TIP: Leave ope/! 0/1 a side that has the least amoullt of
12· 1/2 d. stretch.
14· 112 d. 2. [nsert pillow form. Stitch opening closed 2" from edge. UP: Use zipper foot
16· 5/8 d.
18· 213 d.
when stitching. Push pillolV form toward celller of pillow alld pill fleece
20· 3/4 d. squares together to have a flatter, easier surface 01lwllicll to machille stitch.
24· 7/8 d.
36· 2 1/4 ds. Version B: Flower Power
• thread For each nower set:
• 45mm Ergonomic rotary culler AND Olfa~ Pinking 3. Wrong side to right side, center and layer a small flower to each medium
Blade OR Olfa· Wave Blade , mat, ruler flower. Repeat with a medium flower 10 a large flower.
4. Starting 3" - 4" from edges, randomly arrange flower sets on pillow top.
Version B: Flower Power Aoplique' 5. Center and sew a button to each flower set, stitch each set to the pillow top.
• ~ yd. each three colors solid outerwear fleece 6. Complete pillow following steps I and 2.
• X" - I " button for each 3-nower petal set (see chart')
• hand sewing needle Version C: Evergreen Tree
7. Using basti ng spray, baste applique'pieces to pillow top.
Version C: Evergreen Tree Appliq ue' 8. Machine straight stitch around outside edges of each applique'piece.
• li yd. dark green outerwear fleece 9. Complete pillow follow ing steps I and 2.
• ~ yd. OR 2" square dark brown outerwear fleece
· Ihread
• temporary basting spray
A La' Carte
Flange Pillow green
(Evergreen Tree)
(Flower Power)


color C


Available ONLY at

;..:. •~ I "- I -;

.. ,"".


• • 1:1

. .

.. ,,,
Quick-cut circles sewn together make this fleece
blanket quick and easy. You will make either a crib

~.~~;"-'lid 0r lap size depending upon the cutting technique
For Crib Size: Following manufacturer's
directions and using Circle Cutter and mat:
• (20) 6 Wcircles each color fleece
NOTE: Spray bottom of the circular culter with
the silicolle spray
before clItting.
For Lao Size: Using plate as template and wave
• (20) 8 W circles each color fleec

Directions: for either side

"'~•..J I. Wrong sides together, stitch two circles as shown.

stitching li ne
- 6" for Lap size
- 4" for Crib size

2. Wrong sides together, alternating colors, continue adding cir-

cles in same manner as described in step I, until you have
eight circles sewn together, keeping all "seams" facing the
same side (top) to make a row.

1 Repeat step 2 for a total of ten rows.

Materials: makes a crib size 36" X 48" 4. For each row, stitch all "seam allowances" down with a
OR lap blanket 48" X 60" decorative or straight stitch.
• Xyd. each four colors outerwear fleece (crib size)
OR I yd. each four colors outerwear fleece
(lap size)
• thread
• rotary cutter, mat and ruler
Crib size:
• Circle Cutter by Quilter's Rule Int'l· stilching. ___ _
• Silicone spray by Sullivans line ~ 6" for Lap size
Lap size: ~ 4" for Cnb size
• OLFAe 45 mm Ergonomic Rotary Cutter
• OLFA· Wave Blade 5. Wrong sides together,
• 8W' salad plate stitch rows together as
described in steps I - 4.

OLFA's 45mm Deluxe Rotary Cutter, 45mm Wave Blade, & Polarfleece® .

says awa rd-winnin g author and 'Po lar Princess' Nancy Cornwell.

45m01 RTY-2/ DX
De luxe Rotary Cutter
w/ WAB45 Wave Blade

wit:l-vmy OLFA ~bLade-rotaYy cutter,

I tr~ t:he- edje- oftV ba-by . . . _--.r----....

!tOt only ClJulri I ~ iWV effici-eJti: M-fy

bLutri: cui: 011/ my.fieece' fYoject ... bui: tV very pre#f OM, too!

Ufe- t:he- ~ blade-for Lovely traditionai ClJIiar a;uJ., fiuud ClJIiar

edje- fotMheo.

For fYeti:y parcJv pocketr. For 1uick.,-a;uJ.,-M-fY mJ.i:telt£. For a;uJ.,

p-iLLow- edje-fotMheo.
fCeece- ric/(yac/c," triA4v or~.

M~ oftlte.e- ideM wor/c 011/ fwedr/Urtinj, veMUI'j orjeft.

Ijt:he- cui: edje- Looh fYeti:y, ClJlt£ider u,riltj it M u'! Cornwe/t
AutfwYj fp-eder; televUwl1/ f~ perroitALity

OLFA- extend s a speci al thanks to N ancy Cornwe ll for the use of these pi ctures.
® For more information, please refer to Adventures with Polarfleece· ,
More PoJarfleec~ Adventures, Polar Magic, and
Embroidery Machine Essentials - Fleece Techniques by Nancy Cornwell

Available at Hancock Fabrics! I ~.o"o.comJ

@nu88fe S(iyyers
These easy, slip-on style slippers are double layered
and feature a non-skid sale.
Directions: !4" seam allowance
NOIe: Lining is same fabric as sole and lOp, but is labeled to reflect
its positioll.
For each slipper:
I. Sandwich layers as follows. matching tip of each piece and edges,
a.TOP (lining) - right side down
Materials: makes one pair b, SOLE - right side up
yd, (large) OR (medium) OR
outerwear fleece
~ yd,
c, SOLE (lining) - right side up
d,Jiffy Grip· - right side down
e, TOP - right side up
NOTE: If /Ising contrast binding. pllrchase ~ yd, less, Stitch from dot to dot along curve, easing as needed and
• I pkg, Ji ffy Grip' backstitching al begi nning and end. Trim seam allowance to X",
• thread
2, Tum so top pieces are wrong sides together and seam allowance is
• OPTIONAL: ~ yd, contrast fleece OR I~ yds,
concealed. Baste close to raw edges around slipper opening.
(large) OR I ~ yds, (medium) OR I yd, (small)
Lycra' tri m. fur strips or wide bias tape (binding)
3. For each fleece binding piece: RST, stitch diagonal seam on short
ends of binding. Trim and finger press open. Wrong sides together,
fold binding in half lengthwise, With raw edges match ing and fold
Cut: pattern on page 27 of binding to outside of slipper. pin and stitch binding in place.
easing as necessary. Trim seam. Wrap binding to inside and hand
• as directed on pattern pieces
Note: Be SlIre to pre-shrink Jiffy Grip· before stitch folded edge to slipper,
clltting. liffy Grip~ pieces afe /lot cll1 011 rhe
straight of grail!. RST - Right Sides 'Il)geth" WOF - Width or Fabric

The ~EST
Available at Your Local

~=- ...
rnarcus brot-hers
• ~~~~~~~>I:!I;~~~
=- =
1 Square = 1" or SNUGGLE SLIPPERS
En larJ ,e ( DI ho occ ~pic r 40Q('b


- ._._.._._. -_. 1--'-- ---
~ -- ._- _ ..
- - _.-
/ I 1\.; 1\ e eJ

V i
I '\ \ I
I / iI
, )

i :."r'\" L' ".,,. ~T'\

- ---I ... '- '.1.

~ _-_ -_.-+-- _._.- si le s ze lar ~~-. ..-,-- .-- ._.- --_.- ._- -_._. _.__. ._-

~:el ;ef - ._._._.. ._.._. ._._._.... -- ---- -- - ---
.. ..
'- -'--
~ C llt: Ct t: to Iofi !ee e
2 J~ff)
; I \ .. a /
~ UI1pTof l1li
~ I I \ ~rn n:r, J
I /
~ \ ... I "
....... -'

~ \ ~.tre teH /1
"' ........... .v~ I



~ I

~ " l~ ~

~ NG I
~ C It:
~f eeee

stre tet

' l m I"diu
...-f,,\ " ,
ri'\. ~

Ii sm~ll \.
Ir-- I


~ T
t- V !
1-- ~
----r- i I --- --- _.._- --_.. I -
1/ e e I Ie e)


/ '\ I 71 I' II
\ 1

\ SC tLI, ; J i T OF ! I TC P

siz en led Lunl I

si le ne· "1111 si~ :.e Sm~ II I
I \ ':u :4 fi~ eeel J
eu I.: 4 fie ece I

I C ut: 4£ ee :e I
I ........
I !
2 Jii fy
i I
\ / \ V
~ .... \ :.rt' ~Il+ j
l. nI 1M ~
"'- ./
I ~..... ~ ret' ~h , J / I
\ ~ ...
.... J I I /

\ s. !'~Il
• /: II SO .JE J
/: si ze )m ill
" .......
-'" ! I
(~u1 :4 fie ece
- JII.....
~M'" TM


: I i I
I .... I
! \ .r-~
.: /
l :r I
"- -
I /
_or~.l- -

'- ~

Prin8e Scar
A quick no-sew scarf with the
added interest of beaded fringe.

• x yd. outerwear neecc
• I pack pony beads
• seam sealant
• rotary culter, mat, ruler

• J" X WOF slrip neecc

I. CU I ~ " wide and 3" deep fringe on bolh shon ends of scarf.
2. String three beads on each fringe, with first bead about one
inch from start of fringe. Him: Use {/ needle to push lip of
frillge through the bead.
3. lie an overhand knol jusl below Ihe Ihird bead on each
fringe. Tie a second knot over the fi rst knot on each fringe.
4. Apply a small amounl of seam sealant 10 each knot. leI dry.
S. Trim edge of fringe below knot as desired.

RST - Right Sides Together wor -Width or Fabric


~-ruy Scar
This adult sized scarf will keep your neck warm from the
winter's cold. You can wear it zipped for a snug fit under
your coat or wrapped traditionally around your neck.
t '. I. OPTIONAL: Clean fi nish all edges of fabric piece.
2. Finger press pieces of WonderTape to riglli side of each zip-
30 MIN per tape. Finger press right side of tape to wrong side of
fleece as shown. Tum top of zi pper tape W' to wrong side.

• ~ yd. outerwear fleece
NOTE: Not suitable fo r IlIlevell plaidl',
diagonals or directiollal pri1l1s.
• (I) 20" sepamting zipper
• I pkg. Wash Away" Wonder Tape

• (I) T' X 60" piece neece
(with selvages removed) 3. Using a zipper foot, edgestitch zipper, then
• (2) 20" pieces tape lopslitch X" from first stitching.

11 rA A
) 1 VL"
1na.f valuable items in this secret pocket. Your
treasures will always be on your mind.
• Xyd. outerwear fleece 2. Using Wonder Tape, baste zipper tape to
• 7" zipper seamallowance of opening, with zipper pull
• I pkg. Wash away" Wonder Tape at one end of opening. Top stitch zipper. Trim
• thread excess zipper at bonam.
3. Wrong sides together, and keeping raw edges
evell, fold tube in half bringing aile end of
Cut: tube through to the other.
4. With zipper facing out, match seamson lube.
• 24" X 26" piece ncece
NOTE: Tlie greatest degree of Slreteli 5. To make "pocket": refer to diagram and
sliould be along tlie 24"side. sti tch as shown.

,;~ \3!fi",
, r,
, ,
Directions: W' seam allowance ,, ,,
I. With raw edges even, fold piece in half along " ,
26" side, forming a tube. Stitch seamas _T _ _2!-:-1
shown, forming tube. 5'
6. Tum hal wrong side out. Raw edges even,
VI and keepi ng zipper alld pocket centered on
r<lld tube, stitch across top of hat.
7. Tack the corners of the hat together. Turn.
Fold brim up about 3". 29
This no-sew novelty hat, sized for an
older child, is easily made by tying the
front to the back. Fringe maybe
stretched to create the curls,

Materials: makes 2
• 1yd. outerwear fleece
• crochet hook - between size H-8 and K-!O
• OPTIONAL: rotary cutter, mat, ruler
Cut: for each hat Some outerwear fleece fabrics have the inherent
characteristics of curling when cut with the cross-
• 2 pieces as shown. wise grain and stretched . This will create a unique
decorative treatment on your finished project if
desi red. We have not been able to come up with a
"rule of thumb" to determine the results other than to
just try it. Cut a strip of fleece %" wide across the
crosswise grain then stretch it and see if and how
34- 34" much it will curl. We have tried to use a stretch
gage in the back of the pattern books as a guide for
the answer but we have found some fleece fabrics
greatest streIch that have great stretch still would not curl when we
cut them for fringe.
15 " If you want "Curly Fringe" on your project you
will need to ask a Sales Consultant in the store to
Directions: determine for you if thee fleece you selected will
I. Wrong sides together, lay first piece on top of curl. This will ensure that you know before you pur-
second. chase the fabric and complete the project if the
2. Cut the same number of W' wide X 3" deep fringe fringe wi ll curl or not.
on long edge, of ~ side, through both layers.
3. Using an overhand or square knot, tie the
corresponding fringe on each side together. REMEMBER: The easiest way to determine the right
4. Turn bottom raw edge 3" to inside. or wrong side of fleece is to stretch it on the crosswise
S. Use crochet hook to pull each inside fringe and and the edge will roll to the wrong side .
knot to the outside at corresponding spaces.
6, Pull each fri nge piece to stretch and curl fringe. Most fleece is more water resistant on the right side
7. Wear hat with fringe at the sides of your head. of the fabric. Make sure you are using this side out
for mittens, hats and jackets where it can be exposed
to moisture.
Although an all-cotton knit makes these caps
comfortable on sensitive skin, fleece is also perfect
for cooler climates and seasons. We feature sizes
from infant/ toddler to adult large.

Materials: makes 2 of chosen size

Note: Yardage is based on 60" fab rics.
• Myd.(aduh mediumllarge). (teenladuh small),
(child medium) OR ~ yd. (child small) OR
X yd. (infanUtoddler) .
• thread

Cut: Directions: W' seam allowance 2. Fold band in half, wrong sides together, matching
seamand raw edges. Quarter mark and pin along
Note: l.JJrger meaSllreme1l1 ill ~ is gremesl For each cap:
amount of stretch in fabric. I. RST. fold band to measure as shown. Stitch as doubled raw edge.
shown. Finger press seam open.

for aduh mediumllarge:
• (2) 17" X 21 W' pieces (band)
• (4) 7X" circles (crown) ==-:A T
for teenladuh small:
• (2) 15" X 19" pieces (band)
• (4) 6Wcircles (crown)

for child medium:

17 "


- I

8 112"
7 112"

• (2) 14" X 18" pieces (band) 0

14" 0
• (4) 6 ~" circles (crown) U.
13" I-- lO3f.t , 91h" , 9", 8 112", 71/l' ~
for child small:
• (2) 13" X 17" pieces (band) 11"
• (4) 5W' circles (crown)

for infanUtoddler:
• (2) II " X 15" pieces (band)
• (4) 5" circles (crown)
1 L - - - ' "- - - - - ! J
I-- 10314" , 9th" , 9", 8112", 7Jh" ~
3. Lay two crown circles wrong sides together. Quarter
mark and pin crown. RST, matching marks, pin
crown 10 inside of band. Stitch, easing as necessary.
4. To wear: Fold up band as desired 10 create a com-
fortable fit.


_ Adult Medium/Large _ Child Small

_ Teen/Adult Small _ lnfantfToddler

_ Child Medium

eece Yarn
Xnit Set
The slightly oversize cap features a
matching brim and muffler knitted
from yarn that you make from the
fleece yardage.

• I~ yds. outerwear fleece
• thread
' size 10 knitting needles
, size 22 tapestry needle
, yam needle threader
...._ '_rotary cutter, ruler and mat
-~......, FUN with FLEECE
Cut: pattern on page 35
• as directed on pattern piece
1. Trim selvages from fleece.
2. Fold fleece in half lengthwise.
Directions: v." seam allowance. 3. Using a rotary cutter, mat, and ruler, make %" or l>"
Gauge: 4 sts. = 1", 4 rows = 1" wide crosswise parallel cuts through the fold to
1. Following general direct ions for Fleece Yarn article within about 1" of the open lengthwise edges.
(to the right), make yam using W' wide cuts from crosswise grain (streIch)

1111~1," hWi"
the remaining yard of fleece.
2. For hat crown: RST, stitch two hat pieces along
one curved edge. Repeat with remai ning two hat
3. RST, and matching seams, stitch the two sections
along curved edges.
ol"",d,,, U fold

4. For rib knit brim: Cast on 80 stitches. Knit 2, purl

2 across for row one. Repeat this row until pieces
measures 7", Cast off. Using yam and lapestry nee- 4. On one length wise edge and usi ng scissors, cu t
dle, stitch ends together. through the first and all odd numbered cuts.
5. Match the seam of the ribbing to the right side and 5. On the opposite lengthwise edge, cut through the
center of one crown sections. Pin the ribbing to the second and al l even numbered cuts.
crown, matching edges and stretching to fi t. With 6. At the "tab" where the yarn
the crown next the the machine and stretching doubles back, trim to within a scant X"
slightly to fit, stitch. NO/e: If usiug II sflge~ /Ilke
care not to cllt the knit brim. Turn brim up about 4" and trim off the shaded
10 wear. corners as shown.
6. For mumer: Cast on 30 stitches. Row one: kn it 2, 7. Stretch the yarn so it lengthens and
purl 2 across, ending with a knit 2. Row two: purl curls as you wind it into a bali.
2, kn it 2 across, ending with a purl 2. Repeat rows TIP: Use size 10 knitting needles for %" wide yarn.
one and two until muffler measures 78" long, or
Use size 13 needles for If'' wide yarn, % yd. fleece
desired length. Cast off. Block.
cut into %" yarn will make a muffler.
32 RST . Right Sides Together WOF • Width Of Fa bric
onverti6fe Mittens
Materials: makes one pair
• ~ yd. outerwear neecc
• Xyd. ~" wide clear elastic
(Stretch-ri te' #SS237 clear)
• thread
• OIYr\ONAL: 45mm Ergonomic Rotary Cutter.
Olra' Wave Blade OR Olra" Pinking Blade

Cut: pattern on page 34

• as directed on paucm pieces
• (2) 6" pieces elastit: Teens as well as adults will love the
Directions: ~"seam allowance
convenience and versatility of these
J. Trim off one thumb on wavy line from each mittcn. open-top gloves with a "convertible"
NOTE: As YOII rrim. be Jure YOll r('l'erJI' llil' pieces mitten top that covers the fingertips.
so YOII have one righ, {/lid Dill' left lIIil1t'1I bOl(Y
2. RST. fold thu mh on ~ach mitten body. matching
raw OHler edges. Stitch a!l shown. NOTT:: OPTIONAL: Tri m straight. raw edge of glove near wriSI and/or stra ight, raw edge near !lnger openings wilh
UlISl'(IIlIN/ p~r' of IlIlImb will be the to/} .~ idl' of ,he wave blade OR pinking blade. if desired.
mil/t'1/. alld the Jide of lilt' ,11l1l11b 1r! be sl'omed will S. On wrong side of each body piel'c. place clastic on placement line, a~ shown. USing a multi·step zigzag,
he Oil 'he nalm Jidl' of the mil1t'II, secure elastic alone end. Stretching clastic 10 li t. stitch across minen. Secure al end.
NOTE: Take ('(Ife /0 keep millell tof' frn

wrong ..... " -mng
nghl ~ Ilk
side or " side of
" ecce ,,/
ciao,l ;c place me n! lin~

.... .... ...... ,lill·hinl! line

6. RST. place each mitten body together matrhing Taw edges, as shown. and sti tch abO\'e and below thumb, as
3. RST. stitch IWO millen top pieces matching raw indicated. keepi ng l'ol1vert ible rninc n top pieces frce.
edges and leaving stra iglu edge open. Turn. Repeal.
4. RST. place one raw, straight edge of millen top on
placememline. as iihown. Stitch across layer that is
next to the millen on the wrong side. keeping the
upper layer free. Zigzag stitch th is seam all owance
down [0 prevent bulk. wrun~
sidl.' of
n~ •
• Topsli lch on
under lave r of
conven iblc
lOp un i!.


7. Hand whip stitch thu mb raw edge to raw edge of millen, keepi ng under layers free.
8. Turn right side out. including thumb. Topstilch each mitten (having wrong sides of mitten bodies together) on
fi nger separation li nes indi cated on pattern.

RST - Right Sid" Together WOF - Width or Fabric 33

~'essor~es ~Bi :5

topsti tching lines

fo r fingers
I / '" .1 ~----m-1

Trim off thumb on

one side
_ . _ .top _ placement
. _ . -1 \ (see s~ep # 1)
line II n
GQ .j::>
n Convertible @ :>
t: 0 <
~ ~
.. ~ t: ~
Mitten ~
~ >-l :::'.
IV ~
~ 0 c;;
0 '"
r-::IdIiOC ~
~ '"0 ~
:> --- - ~
@ ~
..., 3
~ BODY (") ~
::!l ~
:l~stic pl~ceme~t line . _
f ~

greatest stretch
... . L -_ _ _ _- - -

Enlarge 200%
Neckline Guide
Fashion Wrap
-+ shoulder line
- --

Easy Fl ce
Vest ever-up ------------- ,


ear Fleece

Faux Fleece - Yam Knit Set


Cut: 4 fleece

greatest stretch

Fashion Wrapr41"';.
Fringe adds a touch of glamour to
this traditional wrap.

• 2 yds. solid or all-over print fleece OR 2 Xyds
double border fleece
• thread
• rotary cutter, mat, mler

For Curly Fringe: Refer to tip on page 30

before beginning this project.

Cut: refer to diagrams

Solid or all-over print Directions:
1. Fold fleece on lengthwise grain. CUI 27" along fold.
(til out neckline per guide on page 35 .
• n' •
6- { Fnn£e

{ Fringe
Frin);c 6

' 'd _ 'm _--l

2. Round all corners.
3. For fringe: Make X" spaced cuts on both sides of
each fringe piece, leaving a ~" section uncut down
'-- center. NOTE: YOII Ifilll/eed approximately
5..\ " 7 Y; yards of dou/lle fringe.

Double Border

+-_ ___
SI " _ _ __ _....
I -0

:WLW'/ "w////h Fringe

~ _j6"6"
0 =j6" 4. Fold fringe strips in half lengthwise. Overlap fold
6" of fringe W' O\'cr raw edge of wrap and lopsti tch
6" in place using a serpentine or olher decorative
0 6" stitch. Overlap ends of fringe W' as additional
6' strips are added.
6" 5. Stretch each fringe to curl.
J"{ oV//////h
Fleece Poncho

• IXyds. outerwear fleece
• june tailor bape Cut '~ ruler. rotary cutter, mal

NOTE: ReI1lOl'f! sel\'{/ges thell ell/lellgthwise.
• (2) 28" - 30" X 45" pieces neece. then remove a
4" square from each corner
I. Right sides up. lay the two pieces ~ i dc by side a~
shown. Label the ends and edges as I;hown.

A end ~
~ A edges

B edges

2. Wrong sides together. match the pieces as shown.

essentially fonning a ci rcle.

FUN with FLEECE Acd gl'


Olfa®Pinker &..Wave Blades
For a quick and easy way to finish the edges of your fleece projects try the
alta · Pinker or Wave Cutter. These bulk reducing methods will result in a
professional look with no more hemm ing or facings needed. Cut fringe 4" long and X" - I" wide along these two
areas. Tie the pieces together. using a square knot.
3. Using Sh:lpe CUI '~ mleT and rotary cutler. cut 4"
frin,e arou nd outer ed ... OPTIONAL: Cut 4"
fringe al neck line edgc~
To milkc reversihle • Ooublr Poncho:
I. Purchase 1 W' yds. eac h two ou terwear fieece.
2. Make two ponchos. following cutti ng instructions
and steps 1-3.
3. Wrom! ~ ides to!.!.ethcr. match cd!!cs of neckline. CUI
4" fri nge as before. Tie the layers together at the
neckl ine.

Pintuck Vest
Dress to impress! Use a twin needle to
create a subtle impression on the border
of this easy-to-make fashion accessory.

Materj3ls ~
- ! vd otllerweaI fleece-
• Y, :"d lulll ' "edr (hmdmg)(for II'" XS & 5) OR ~
vd (fo, mes M. I.. & XI .)
• I yd 60" OR ) Xvd, 45" fabric (lmmg)
• CfW)}PEI n,,"king pencil
• 4.0ns metch (IV," needle
I !tneac. to match fleecr
• '2 5poOJ£!hrearl to maich/comfUsl necci.'

• as directed on pattern piece

of fleece:
for border: (seleci one of .he appropri ale sile)
• (I) II'" X WOF piece (sile L & XL)
• (I) II " X 54" piece (sile M)
• (I) II " X 50" piece (size S & XS)
• (3) 2" SlripS kni. suede for SilCS XS & S OR
(4) 2" slrips for siles M. L. & XL (binding)

Directions: ~"seam allowance

I. On .he righ. side using a CHACO PEL pencil. mark
border piece with I" crosshatch pattern al a 45°
FUN with FLEECE 2. SCI up machine with twin needle and contrast
thread. Tum needle tension 10 highest selling. Stitch
crosshatch lines on border.
TIPS &... TECHNIQUES l Trim border piece 10 9" width.
4. RST. stitch border to bottom of vesl. Trim border
Pin tucks are raised welts or tucks ends even with vest front.
of fabric that normally form between 5. Usc neece vest as 11 pattern to cut out lining. NOTE:
the stitching lines of double needles . IJ /lsillg 45" Jabrir, CIlI piece cro.mvise 10 elimillme
They add subtle texture and depth to piefing of fillinM·
your fleece sewing. Use a
6. RST. SliJeh veSl fron! back", shoulders. Repeal
with lining.
CHACOPEL marker to draw design 7. Wrong sides together. and matching raw edges.
lines on the fabric before it is cut from ........;. baste vest to lining.
the pattern/piece . 8. RST, stitch short ends of binding stri ps together to
Using a twin needle, (two spools of thread threading form one long strip.
the machine and both needles) and increased needle 9. Refer to Lycraa binding technique. secolld method to
tension. sew on the drawn lines. bind (sec page 46), mitering corners.
Twin needles are available in 4.0mm widths .

TIP: Use a three or five groove pintuck presser foot

or applique/satin stitch foot to prevent from distorting the
stitching. Pintucks may be used to create faux ribbing
(refer to More Polarfleece®Adventures).
sculpturing/meandering designs, and/or grid designs.


Finished Bust ~
Measu re ments til

XS =
S =
l- M =
\ I
~ l- L -- 4"0 "
I \ ( Ir i I
I I XL = .50 "
i /
j I- (I
, Front I
I, \
T-+-~ I1 1 II I~ \\\
' .I -i ::::I
, ,I I I -+ I ! I I 1 "..--
Ix l ! I !x = 1(f)
' lx '
G I I,"'"
I r- Ir- I:s: II en I I J J ,'- :
.j I + i I I +- I , ! ! , "~
I I' I I ! I I
" ~ I " -il- , +-, ~
'1 I I , I
Match Front to Back at Cor respond ing size on broken lines before cuttin g.
* ..l
Bolero Sweater
This mufti-sized, easy cover-up will keep
you or your child warm when the
weather is chilly!

Materials: makes one child size or

\\'0 adult
·*ORyd. oUlcrwcar ncccc (child dgCS3·6)

• 2~ yds. (adult small)

• 2" yds, (ad ult medi um)
• 270 yds. (adult largrl
• june tai lor Shape CUI mler, rotary cutter, mal

for child Size'
$r~mo\"C scl\'agcs
for adult size:
• re1110ve selvage ..
• splillcngl h of fabric piece at fold li ne to crea le
\\\"o piece" 18"· 30" X the yardage purcha<;cd
For e:Jch sweater:
1. Pin Illark cenler of aile long edge (top). Lay !leec..:
oul nal.
1. Wrong sides together, fold boltom wmcrs {Q\\ard
center lOp as showli. NOTE' £(1('/' \'Ide should lilli/fir
the fOp et/g(' 1111IIill gelS close Ihe the folded edge
alld l rol/'I layflm,


Scalloped Edges "%, ,,3'
Create an easy defined edge I I
L ___ _ __ :______ ..J
on any straight raw edges of
fleece without cutting. You'll
ce nt ~ r bJc k
need pearl cotton , embroidery
floss, or other novelty yarn, J. Usi ng Shape Cu t'" ru ler :lI1d rotary equipmcnt, cut
size 22 chenille needle and doublcd edges Into fringe -t" deep and I" wide.
yarn threader. Every 1W', take bC1!innin!! near center and worklll!! (lut to "wrist"
op~l1Ings~ NOTE: [lit frillge ollly 70 fa r us fabriC
a stitch W' from the edge and lays fairlyj1m (mel yu" cal! still elll.J. •drep.
tie, pulling in edge creating a 4. Tie fri nge toget her. \vorking from the center aliI on
scallop as shown double knot each side Tnm away Ihe shaded .1" unlied secllon:ll
and trim ends. ce ruer back. The wrist ends can be tnm med or
turned back to creale a cuff.
j . OI)TIONAL: If dt!3Ift!d, the trimmed sel\'age can
he lI ~cd to make ill'S for the fro lll Trv s\vealer 011 .
~ I ark. thell cui ~Iib (like bunonhoh.· )) where desired
on t!:lch front edge. Pull irimmed p,cce of selvage
40 through slits to clost! sweater.
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Finc!o. l Qnnlit)TL:ICC
and Trim Since 19 J2

illej:ce, berber, fur and

pile fashion fabrics.

This new binding is made

with the same high quality
as tradirional bias tapes
by Wrights" .

It is available in 12 colors
to compliment all
solid and printed
fleece fab ri cs.

m. Wright Co. 85 South Street, West Warren, MA 01092 - 0398 www . wrights . com

do fleeee
This sweet baby blanket is trimmed
with a flat ''lettuce'' edged ruffle and
fleece yarn.

• 1yd. outerwear fleece prinl
• ~ yd. contrast outerwear fleece solid "A" (ruffle)
• ~ yd. contrast outerwear fleece solid "B" (yarn)
• thread to match
• Wash Away" Wonder Tape
• 45 mm Olra· ergonomic rotary cutter, Olra· Wave
Blade, mat, ruler
• sewing gauge or small ruler
OPTIONAL: Fray Block"

Cut: 6. Remove the release paper from the Wonder Tape. With wrong side
• (I) 36" X 50" piece print down, position straight edge of rume on blanket so it just covers the
• (3) 3" X WOF strips solid "A" (rentove selvage) Wondcr Tape"'. Make small tucks in the rume so it lies nat as it
• (3) W' X WOF strips solid "B" (remove selvage) goes around the corners. NOTE: Take care /101 to Jlrefc/J straighl
edge of ruJ]1e whell a{)plyillg il to blallket edge.
Directions: 7. Overlap the remaining ends of the rume, trimming the length 10 fit.
I. Using a plate, round each corner or the print piece. Stitch and trim ends as in step 4.
2. Trim edge of print piece using Wave Blade in ergonomic culler. 8. Stretch each piece of yarn so it curls. With the curled edge down
3. Apply Wonder Tape" to right side or print, W' in rrom cut edges. and using a long, wide zigzag, stitch yam over the raw edge of the
NOTE: Gem/y eWie ta{Je around comers, rakillg care to flot stretch ruffle, overlapping ends or yarn slightly.
4. Joi n ruffle strips to form one long piece in this manner: with wrong
side of second strip O\"er right side of first strip, overlap short ends
three inches. Using a narrow zigzag, stitch diagonally as shown.
Trim excess on each side close to stitching. Repeat, add ing third

,. ~ ~~~
blanket f !

5. With right side up, "Jettuce" one long edge or ruffle by stretching TIP: Pm Fray Block" Oil exposed ellds of [ellllce edgil/g clll ill step 7.
rume as you satin stitch or serge over the edge. RST· Right Sides Together WOF· Width or Fabric


In the interest of safety, fringe on
baby/toddler fleece blankets should be
cut at least 1" wide and no deeper than
2" to prevent a choking hazard.

infant earrier eover
Keep your baby snug and warm while in their
carrier with this cover. The cover also has a
flap for checking on your baby or allowing
, them to see out.


1 square = 1"

~~/~I~I~I~I~I~I~I~~I~I~I~I~I~~ Materials:
• x yd. outerwear neece
• I yd. Lycra' binding OR ~ yd. streich fabric
(swimwear, interlock, elc.)
• (I W') W' sew-on Velcro-
Or inli e • 1* yds. W' elastic
• bodkin
• Ihread

Cut: patterns
• as directed on pattern piece
of neece:
• (2) 3W' X 41W' pieces (side)
• 2W' X 3" piece (lab)
T~R··--~4--+--~+--+~~+--+~-­ • (2) W pieces Velcro'
• (2) 2" strips slretch fabric NOTE: elll 011/)' if 1101
~~~+-~~-+-+ICu~l+-~~-+-+~--~+-4-~-- Ilsing Lycra· bindillg.

Directions: X" seam allowance

I. RST, fold tab in half lenglhwise, sti lch long edge.
2. Wilh seam aliowance finger pressed open and cen-
(ered, stitch one short end. Trim corners and tum.
T b P ase n eqt 3. On side with seam, center and stitch loop side of
Velcro' W from finished end.
4. RST and raw edges even, baSICtab piece to opening
as indicated on pattern.
5. RST and raw edges even, stitch binding to nap and
"1 <rut , ut had d area opening. Finish ends as desired. Wrap bi nd ing to
wrong side. On right side, stitch·in-the·ditch, catch·
00 jng binding on wrong side. Trim excess binding
' i'.elel·i?i.""I!!L.~-1
I-+.:v close to stitching.
pIa ement 6. Stitch one hook piece and the remaining loop piece
of Velcro· to the right side of top as indicated on
panem. NOTE: The seCOlld/lOOk piece of Velcro'
WillI/Of be used.
7. RST, slilch side at shon ends, crealing a circle.
8. RST and raw edges even, stitch side to top.
9. Fold unsewn edge of side I" to wrong side. Stitch
close to raw edge, forming a casing and leaving a 2"
F91~~®~--t--r-+--~-1-­ 10. Using bodkin, insert elaslic through opening in cas-
ing created in step 9. Overlap ends of elastic and
I-'tacen 'e n slitch. Slilch opening.

RST • Right Sides Togelher WOF . Width or Fabric

baby's first fleeee
/ ~
~ Materials:
or ess

• X yd. oulenvear necce

• Xyd. X" elastic
• Xyd. OR (2") ¥," sew-on Velcro·
• thread
• rDlary cutter, mat and ruler

Cut: pattern on page 35

This infa t~ha and mittens set is adorable • as directed on pattern piece (mitten)

•• ~_ aActpractical. Use outerwear fleece in a

.novelty print or appropriate solid color!

Directions: ~"seam allowance

Note: See fabric

of Oeece:

' (I) 9"X 17W' piece (hat)


• (I) 5 ~" X 17W piece (hat cull)

• (2) 9"X I W' pieces (hat ties)
• (2) I ~" X 12W pieces (mitteu bi nding)
• (I) 9" X ~" piece (fringe tic)

I. Hat: CUI W fringe on hal as shown.
171h" of clastic:
~ • (2) 2"pieces
• (4) I V," pieces
• (2) I" pieces Velcro·
L.1)'oUI Diagram
~. ~

,·l 11l1l1111111l1111111111l111 14
RST, stitch 9" edge of hm, ending at fringe. Tum. Securely tic ~" strip around base of fringe.
Trim ends as needed.
3. RST, fold and stitch hat lies lengthwise. leaving both ends open. Turn. Wi th raw edges even,
place seam side of lies to inside of hat, each 3W' from seam. Baste. FUN with FLEECE
4. RST, stitch short ends of cuff. RST, and malching seams, stitch single layer of cuff to hat. TIPS &.. TECHNIQUES
Tum culT to inside, turning raw edge under X", Slipstilch, covering seam allowance. Note:
Keep lies (Iml frillge 0111 of Iile Iray. HANosrrrcH
5. Tic a knot at the end of each tie. Cuff can be turned up as needed. BLANKEr EDGING
6. Mittens; CUI slit in IWO mitten pieces (palms). A blanket stitch edge gives a nice finishing touch
7. Along placement line. stretch and zigzag a 2" elast ic piece to wrong side of each mi tten piece to raw edges or traditional seamed edges on
without slit (lap). Repeat with each IW' piece on either side of slit on remaining pieces blankets, vests, jackets, pockets, hat bands,
(palms). appliques, and scarves. Use embroidery floss,
8. On right side of each palm, stitch hook side of Velcro· . as shown, placi ng it approximately X" pearl cotton or yarn and a large eyed, sharp
from slit and top of paint sized 22 chenille needle.
Bring threaded needle up through fabric at 1.
Push needle down at 2. Bring up at 3. Push
down at 4, leaving out enough thread to be
caught in a loop when needle comes up at 5.
left When done, secure last loop with tiny stitch.
mi tten TIP: Use Collins Needte Grabber" to grip the
needle, aiding to pull the stubborn needle
through the fleece with ease.

On inside (wrong side) of each palm and opposi te the hook side, stitch loop side of Velcro· .
9. RST. stitch each mitten, leaving top edge open. \
10. Beginning in the middle of the top edge. bind each mitten as follows: 4 8
a. RST, sti tch binding strip to mitten. slightly curving at corners and stretching as necessary
along slit. Overlap raw ends trimming any excess.
b. Wrap binding to inside, pinning in place from outside of mitten. Stitch·in·the-ditch from 3 2 5
9 11 ~
the outside. Trim excess bi nding close to sti tching. Turn mittens.
RST - Right Sides Together WOF - Width or Fabric

Beaded Trims
$ . Designer Concepts
Outerwear Fleece - Lycra™Binding Edge Finish by Melody Good
Outerwear fleece has bee n on the market in read y- lo-wear for severa l years and you can recreate its look. We carry it fro m several vendors
in many solids and great designs. Our solids run the gam ut of soft pastels, sherbe rt colors, primary colors (Q brigh t jeweilones. The selection
of priIlls offer someth ing for everyone's taste. There are juvenile prints, plaids, scen ics, abstracts, florals, co nversational 's, Nordic the mes
and more.

Sewing with fleece is easy and there are 2. Serge or sew with an exact 1/4" seam.
many patterns and books to help give you Serging wi ll compact the fl eece to make the
th e confidence needed. You can create wrapping step easier and more consistent.
beautiful projects from vests, jackets, coats, If yo u don ' t have a serger then zigzag over
jumpers, robes, pillows, bla nkets, hats, the seam allowance.
scarves, the list goes on and on.

The fo llow ing Lycra™ binding edge fini sh

tec hniqu es will give your creation a ready-
to-wear appearance. It can be used on
apparel, craft and home decora ting projects.
3. Wrap the folded edge of the binding
T here are two methods that can be used to over the 'stitching ' to encase the raw
give the " loo k" of thi s ready- to-wear edges to th e right side. Position the fold
tec hni que. COl11meri ca l patt ern s th at lise to j ust cover the stitc hing and pin.
traditi o nal sewing techniqu es ca n be
changed to this tec hn ique. Trim away the
seam or hem allowance from th e pattern
pieces where you plan to use the Lycra™
binding before pinning th em to fabric.

Th e first method is to use the 2 'h" wide 3. Wrap the binding over the stitchin g to the
Lycra™ binding wh ich is the me thod used wrong side, encasing the seam allowance
on ready-to-wear garments. and pin.

4. Us ing a ball-point needle, edge stitch on

1. Fold the 2 'h" Lycra'" bindi ng in half
the fold of the binding on the ri ght side
lengthwise and press to fo rm a sharp
of th e garme nt.

4. Sewing from the right side, stitch-in-the-


2. Pin th e binding with raw edges together Using thi s technique gives the ready-to-
on the "wrong" sides of fl eece. You may wear look without any raw edges showing.
either serge or sew with an exact 1/4" We carry the 2 'h" Lycra'" binding in black
seam . Sergi ng will co mpact th e fl eece and several colors by the yard.
to make the wrappi ng step easier and
5. Trim excess binding from wrong side of
more co nsistent.
Til e secolld method is the speed techniqu e,
whi ch has the raw edge of the binding
showing on the wrong side. We carry the
Lyc ra™ bindings pre-packaged in a I 112"
width in several colors for th is tech nique.

I. Pi n, ri ght sides together, a single layer

of Lycra™ bi nding to the garment, with
raw edges even.
Island Scenic
Fleece Border Print

Fleece Fabric by
David Textiles
Patterns by McCall's
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