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Hewlett-Packard 9825A Calculator

Quick Reference Guide

The 9825A uses HPL, a high level programming language, designed especially for
scientists and engineers.. HPL offers power and efficiency for handling equations, data
manipulation , and inpuVoutput operations, yet it is easy to learn and use. This Quick
Reference Guide summarizes all the HPL mnemonics associated with the 9825 and
rts optional Read Only Memories (ROMs) .

'" '"


r 0 Bo ~ 30 1, Lovpl"'l(I. Colot"do 80537. rlJ l. (3031 6675000
Fu nctions ............................................. Page 15
absolute value (abs)
Generallnformatlon ................................... Page 6 arccosine (acs)
Special Keys ............ .............................. . Page 7 arcsine (asn)
Operators . ............................................ . Page 8 arctangent (atn)
cosine (cos)
Special Flags .......................................... Page 9 digit rounding (drnd)
Commands ........................................... Page 10 exponential (exp)
continue (cant) flag (fig)
d"ete line (del) fraction (frc)
erase integer (int)
fetch common logarithm (log)
run natural logarithm (In)
list maximum value (max)
minimum value (min)
Statements .........................•.......•......... Page 12
power-a,-ten rounding (prnd)
beep result (res)
clear flag (efg) random number (rnd)
complement flag (cmf) sign (sgn)
clear simple variables (csv) sine (sin)
degrees (deg) square root (Y )
dimension (dim) tangent (tan)
display (dsp) ten-to-the-power (tnt)
enter print (enp) Tape Cartridge Operations .......................... . . Page 16
enter (ent) auto-verify disable (avd)
float (fit) auto-verify enable (ave)
fixed (fxd) erase tape (ert)
greds (grad) find file (fdf)
go to subroutine (gsb) identify file (idf)
go to (gto) load binary program (Idb)
~ load file (Idfj
jump Omp) load keys (Idk)
list load memory (Idm)
live keyboard disable (Ikd) load program (Idp)
live keyboard enable (Ike) mark (mr1<)
normal (nor) record file (ref)
print (prt) record keys (rck)
radians (rad) record memory (rem)
return (ret) rewind (rew)
set flag (sfg) tape list (tlist)
space (spc) track (trk)
stop (stp) verify (vfy)
trace (trc)
wait •

2 , 3
String Rom ..................•........................ Page 19 General 1/0 Rom ...........................•......... Page 26
capital (cap) convert characters (conv)
character (char) lormat (Imt)
concatenation (&) list to select code (list #)
lenglll (len) read (red)
number (nurn) read binary (rdb)
position (pos) read status (rds)
string (str) write (wrt)
value (val) write binary (wtb)
write control (wtc)
Advanced Programming Rom ..... .. ... . .... ....... ... Page 21
Extended 1/0 Rom .. ....• . .... ....... . ........ ........ Page 28
call (ell)
cross·reference (xref) add poll configure (polc)
10( binary and (band) poll unconfigure (polu)
full-to-integer (fti) bH read interlace (rdi)
full-to-split (fts) buffer (bul) remote (rem)
integer-to-Iull (itt) clear interface (eli) require service (rqs)
next cocnmand (cmd) return from interrupt (iret)
return (ret) COfnplement (cmp) rom (rom)
split-to-Iull (stt) conversion table (ctbl) rotate (rot)
elear (elr) shift (shl)
Matrix Rom .............. ....... .•............... . .. .. Page 23 decimal mode (mdec) time
array arithmetic (ara) decimal-to-octal (dto) transfer (tfr)
array print (aprt) device (dev) Irigger (Irg)
identity (idn) enable interrupt (air) write interlace (wti)
initialize array (ina) equale (equ)
inverse (inv) error line (erl)
matrix multiply (mat) error number (em)
redimension (rdm) exclusive or (ear)
scalar multiply (smpy) extended read status (rds)
transpose (tm) inclusive Of (ior)
Plotter Rom ........... ..... . . ..... •.. .... •..... ...... . Page 24 110 Ilag (io~
110 slafus (ios)
axis (axe) local (Icl)
character plot (cplt)
local lockoul (110)
character size (csiz)
oclal mode (moct)
incremental plot (iplt) octal-to-<:tecimal (otd)
labal (Ibl) on error (on err)
letter (Itr) on interrupt (ani)
offset (ols) parity (par)
pen pass conlrol (pcl)
plot (pit) parallel poll (pol)
plotter select code (psc)
plotter typewriter (ptyp) Disk ROM . ........... . ... ..... ..... . ... . ... ... ...... . Page 32
scale (sci) 9872A Ploner ROM ................................... Page 37
• Systems Programming ROM . ...... ....... ....... ..... Page 40
Error Messages . ..................................... Page 43

4 5
When an error occurs, the calculator beeps and an error number appears in the
The programming information in this booklet serves as a handy reference for users of display.
the Hewlett-Packard 9825A Calculator. Use it as a pocket reference or keep it in a
place near your calculator.
To turn the 9825A Calculator ON , set the power switch on the right-hand side of the Control Keys
calculator to the .,1" position.
(cu...) Clears the display.
Available Read/Wrtte Memory
Standard 6844 bytes Opt. 002 23228 bytes €c~",uJ Automatical ly continues a program from where it was stopped.
Opt. 001 15036 bytes Opt. 003 31420 bytes
[ ) E)(ecutes the single or mUlti-statement line which is in the display.
Range and Accuracy
The storage range of the 9825A is - 9.99999999999xl0" through - lxl0-", 0,
1xl0 - 99 through 9.99999999999xl099 . The calculating range is
8 Runs the program beginning at line O.
- 9.99999999999xl0 511 through - 1xl0 _ 511 ,O, and lxl0 _ 511 through
9.99999999999x 10" , .
8 Stops the program at the completion of the currently e)(ecuting line.
All numbers are represented internally with 12 significant digits accuracy. B Stores an individual program line or special function key definition in memory.
Display and Line Length When used with an alphanumeric key, the shifted form of the character or
The 9825A has a 5 x 7 dot matrix, 32-character LED display. Even though only 32
characters can be seen at one time, up to 80 characters can be keyed into the display.
8••", symbol is typed . The SHIFT key also releases shift lock.
Locks the keyboard into the shifted state so that multiple shifted characters
After 67 characters are entered, the calculator beeps to indicate approaching end of
line. Up to 73 characters can be stored in a program line.
G~ or symbols can be typed . The small light above the key indicates that shift
lock is in effect.
Character Set LIne Edlllng Keys
The 1&character thennal strip printer and the 32-character LED display provide the :...... ) Deletes the program line in the display from the program in memory.
following upper and lower case character set.
I'~""l Inserts a line into a program before the fetched line when used in place of
Gbcd2f9f11 j~: IM nOp qr· ~t. ll'JWX)·z
~:::1 1 2:3 4 56789:; {;::;> ?! "#$\t' (:!*+,- ../ l[Jrfi _l~ (..<."JRecalls the two previous entries back into the display. Press once for the
With the String or General 1/0 ROMs, the following characters are available: most recent keyboard entry, and twice for the previous entry.
A.:l.f=IIJ. Ij b UuIf (i! r'l PI . j 0: f.; r ,~, 8 8 >', .1.' (T: 'f l O x Z £ p. I ..:..;. ,l·r- ~ :~::
8 This typing aid key is used with the fetch command .
Mathematical Hierarchy
Character Editing Keya
highest priority functions, flag references, r-variables
t (e)(ponentiation)
implied multiplication
a Moves the replacelinsert cursor backwards in the display.
unary minus
• / mod
G Moves the replacelinsert cursor forward in the display.
+- :.. "..1Deletes the character under the replacelinsert cursor.
relational operators (= ,> ,< ,<=,>= ,#)
not Changes the rep(ace cursor ( I) to an insert (~ ) cursor and vIce versa. When
and !"'.....) the rapace Cllsor is present, each character typed replaces the character
lowest priority or )(or under the cursor. When the insert CtXSOI' is present, each character typed is
inserted before the character under the CIlSOf'.

6 7
Special Fu nctlon Keys Relational
To define a special function key: P ~Q Equal 10
Press FETCH > X=Y Greater than
Press tn, the special function key < S< T Less than
Enter the key definition in the display >= or => B >~ C Greater than or equal to
Press STORE <= or =< C <~ D Less than or equal to
• Immediate Execute Keys are created when the contents of the key begins with an lIor >< or <> M#N Not equal to
asterisk H.
• Immediate Continue Keys are created when the contents of the key begins with a Logical
slash (/). and
• Typing Aid Keys are aeated when the contents of the key begins with a character Of
other than the asterisk or the slash. XOf
System Command Keys Truth Table '•
~ Returns the calculator and 110 cards to the power-on state without erasing
t..::::.:..J programs or variables.
3 A B A and B A or B A xor B notA
0 0 0 0 0 t
0 T 0 t t 1
Sets the print-aU mode on or off. When "on", all executed lines, stored lines,
messages and commands which are normally displayed, are also printed. T 0 0 1 1 0
T T 1 1 0 0
(.' '''00) Automatically rewinds the tape cartridge to its beginning. T = Any non-zero value or 1 = True
O ~ False
8 Steps through the program executing one line at a time.

E) This typing aid is used with the erase command. SPECIAL FLAGS

EJ This typing aid is used with the load file (Idf) statement. The following flags are controlled automatically as described when special conditions
are met.
[.,eo••) Th is typing aid is used with the record file (ref) statement. Flag 12 Automatically set to 1 when Extended 1/0 data
transfer (tfr) is completed .
B This typing aid is used with the list statement.
Automatically set to 1 if no data is entered at an ent
Flag 13
or enp statement, and the CONTINUE or STOP key
OPERATORS is pressed. Automatically cleared to 0 if data is
entered at an ent or enp statement.
Flag 14 When set to 1 by the user, math errors (e .g., square
5 ~A Assigns values to variables root of a negative number) do not cause termin-
ation of the program.
+ A+B Add Flag 15 Automatically set to 1 when a math error occurs.
- X- 2 Subtract
• A·B Multiply
AB Implied multiply
I T/6 Divide
1 218 Exponentiate
mod Amod4 Mooulus

8 9
COMMANDS list list fn Lists the special function key. This command is executed
immediately when the special function key is pressed.
Commands are operations which cannot be stored as part of a program . Each is
followed by EXECUTE unless otherwise noted.
run run Runs the program in memory from the beginning.
cont cont Continues program execution from current position in
This command is immediately executed when the RUN
key is pressed.
This command is immediately executed when the CON-
TINUE key is pressed. run 15 Runs the program beginning at the specified line.
run "update" Runs the program beginning at the specified label.
cont 7 Continues program execution from the specified line
cont "loop" Continues program execution from the specified label.

del del 9 Deletes a single program line.

del 2,20 Deletes lines of program between and including the
specified Jines.
del 1,15" Deletes lines of program between and including the
specified lines. If the deleted lines are referenced in the
remaining program lines, references to deleted lines are
changed to the next line following the deleted lines.

erase erase Erases programs and variables from memory.

erase a Erases the entire calculator memory.

erase v Erases variables and flags from memory.
erase k Erases all special function keys from memory.

erase fn Erases the special function key from memory. This

command is executed immediately when the special
function key is pressed.

fetch fetch Fetches line 0 of the program into the display.

fetch 8 Fetches the specified program line into the display.

fetch fn Fetches the special function key into the display. This
command is executed immediately when the special
function key is pressed.

10 11
STATEMENTS gsb gsb 15 Goes to the subroutine beginning at the specified line.
Upon return, program execution continues at the next
beep beep Causes the calrulator to output an audible beep_ line.
gsb + 2 Goes to the subroutine beginning at the specified tine
cfg elg Clears all flags (0 IIlrough 15) to O. gsb - 4 relative to the current line.
cfg 3,B,T Clears the specified flags to O. gsb "loop" Goes to the subroutine beginning at the specified label .
eml eml Complements all flags (0 IIlrough 15). If flag ~ 0 , it is set
to 1; if flag = 1, it is cleared to O. gto gto 23 Goes to the specified line.
gto + 5 Goes to the specified line relative to the current line.
eml A,B Complements specified flags. gto - 1
esv esv Clears simple variables A through Z to O. 910 " totals" Goes to the specified label.
deg deg Specified degrees will be used for all calculations involv- il il AlI'B If the statement is true, continues execution on the same
ing angles. line; if the statement is false, the program branches im-
dim dim S[1,6],T,I ,[J] Reserves space for simple variables and arrays having :3 mediately to the next line.
dim A[ - 5:15,0 :3] the specified dimensions.
dsp dsp " Sum ~" ,S Displays values or text on the calculator display.
:3 imp imp 2 Jumps the relative number of lines specified, either for-
imp - 4 ward or backward.
imp 0 Jumps back to the beginning of the current line.
dsp "He said""NO""I" Quote marks can be displayed within text if they are
imp XJ3 Jumps the relative number of lines indicated by the ex-
end end Causes the program to stop and resets the program line pression.
counter to O.
list list lists the entire program .
enp enp P Causes the program to wait for values to be entered from
the keyboard. The values are printed and displayed as list 50 lists the program beginning at the specified line to the
entered. end.
list 12,17 lists the program between and including the specified
enp " Price?",P Prompts the user to enter values from the keyboard. .~ lines.

Prompts and entered values are printed and displayed
as entered. list k lists the special function keys.
ent ent V Causes the program to wait for values of variables to be I Ikd Ikd Disables the live keyboard feature.
entered from the keyboard . Ike Ike Enables the live keyboard feature. The live keyboard
ent " Value" ,V Prompts the user to enter values of variables from the feature is enabled when the calculator is turned on .
keyboard .
lit lit 3 Sets floating point (scientific notation) format for numeric nor nor Clears the master flag so that the program does not stop
outputs with the specified number of decimal places (0 to or trace on flags, but resumes normal program execu-
11 ). tion.
Ixd Ixd 2 Sets fixed point format for numeric outputs with the nor 5 Clears the master flag and stop and trace flags for the
specified number of digits to the right 01 the decimal (0 to specified line.
11 ). nor 10,20 Clears the master flag and stop and trace flags for the
grad grad Specifies grads will be used tor all calculations involving lines between and including the specified lines.

12 13
prt prt " Tolal ~" ,T Prints values or text on the calculator printer. FUNCTIONS
prt "say''' 'please'''''' Quote marks can be printed within text if they are dou -
bled , abs abs(Y·X) Returns the absolute value of the expression.
rad rad Specifies radians will be used for all calculations invelv- acs acsA Returns the principal value of the arccosine of the ex-
ing angles, pression in the current angular units.
reI reI Returns program execution at the end of a subroutine to asn asnT Returns the principal value of the arcsine of the expres-
the line following the gsb statement which called the sion in the current angular units.
subroutine. aln atn A Returns the principal value of the arctangent of the ex-
sfg sfg Sets all flags (0 through 15) 10 1. pression in the current angular units.
sfg A,6 Sets specified flags to 1 . cos cosX Aeturns the cosine of the expression in the current angu-
lar units.
spe spe3 Causes the printer to space the number of blank lines
speT indicated by the expression. drOO drOO (0 ,2) a
Returns the number rounded to the specified number
of digils. If 0 ~3 . 14159, drnd (O,2) ~ 3 . 1 .
sIp sIp Causes the program to stop. , :3 exp exp( - R) Returns the naperian e raised to the specified power.
SIp 5 Sets the master flag and the stop flag for the specified exp 1 ~ 2 . 71828 .
fig fig T Returns 1 if flag is set; 0 if flag is cleared.
sIp 10,20 Sets the master flag and the stop flags for the lines be- , :3
tween and including the specified lines. fre fre(NB) Returns the fractional part of the expression.
Ire Ire Sets the master flag controlling individual line stop and int inl(NB) Returns the integer part of the expression.
trace flags. log log A Returns the base 10 (common) logarithm of the expres-
trc 5 Sets the master flag and the trace flag for the specified sion.
line. In In A Returns the base e (natural) logarithm of the expression.
Ire 10,20 Sets the master flag and the trace flags for the Hnes
, :3 max max(A,99) Returns the largest value in the list of expressions and
between and including the specified lines. , :3 max (AI']) arrays.
units units Displays the CtJrrent specification for calCtJlations invelv- min m in(X,Y,O) Returns the smallest value in the list of expressions and
ing angles: degrees, grads or radians. min(I[ .] ) arrays.
wait wait 2000 Causes the program to wait the specified number of mil- pmd pmd (X,-2) Returns the number X rounded to the power of ten posi-
liseconds before per10rming the next step, up to about lion spec~ied . lf X ~ 3 . 14159 , prOO (X, - 2 ) ~ 3 . 14 .
33 seconds. res res Returns the result of the last numeric keyboard operation
which was not assigned to a variable.
roo roo T Returns a pseudo-random number greater than or equal
to 0 and less than 1. If T is a negative number, a new
seed is generated from the value of T.
sgn sgn X Returns: - 1 if X is negative, 0 if X is zero, and 1 if X is
sin sin A Returns the sine of the expression in the current angular
V V (5X) Returns the square root of the expression.
Ian tan X Returns the tangent of the expression in the current an-
gular units.
Int In tX Returns the number ten raised to the specified power.

,. 15
· .~ . . . ----------------------------------------------------------~--------------------------~

TAPE CARTRIDGE OPERATIONS Idk Idk K Loads the special function keys from the specified file
into memory .
NOTE: If a file number is not specified , file 0 is assumed in all cases .
Idm Idm F Loads the entire read/write memory from the specified
avd avd Disables the automatic tape file verification feature. file into memory.
ave ave Enables the automatic tape file verification feature. Au-
Idp Idp 3 Loads the program from the specified file into memory
tomatic tape file verification is enabled when the cal- and runs it.
culator is turned on.
Idp 7,15 Loads the program and renumbers it beginning at the
ert ert F Erases everything on the current track beginning at and specified line number and runs it beginning at that line.
including the specified file. It takes about 40 seconds to
erase an entire track. Idp 3,10,5 Loads the program and renumbers it, then runs it begin-
ning at the specified line.
Idf Idf N Finds the beginning of the specified file on the current
track. mrk mrk X,Y Marks the number of files specified by X , each having
the length in bytes specified by Y.
idl idf A,B,C ,O,E Returns identifying information about the file where tape
idl F is currently positioned to the specified variables. The first mrk S,1S0,T Marks the files and returns the last usable file num ber to
idl F,X,X,X,T variable receives file number. the second a file type code the specified variable .
(see tlist, below), the third the current file size in bytes,
the fourth the absolute file size in bytes, and the fifth the
current track number. The second through the fifth return rei rcf 3 Records the entire program in memory on the specified
variables are optional. file.
Idb Idb3 Loads a binary program into memory from the specified rei F,5O Records the program lines after and inc lud ing the
file. [ specified line number on the file.
, ~ Records the program lines between and including the
Idf Idf F Loads the file specified by F into memory. If the file con- rei F,10,20
tains a program, execution continues at the beginning of
the program if loaded under program control. If the file
~ rei F,"SE"
specified line numbers on the file.
Secures the recorded program lines so that when the
contains data, the values are loaded into r-variables be-
ginning with rO until all data is loaded .
~ rei3,1,S," SE " program is later loaded back into memory. it cannot be
listed or displayed.
Idf F,X Loads the file specified by F into memory. If the file con- !~ rei F ,5O ," OB" Includes stop and trace flags for debugging the program

Idf F,rS tains a program, it is renumbered beginning with the line on the recorded copy of the program .
number specified by X, and, if loaded under program reI F,A,B,C Records the values for the specified variables on the file.
control, execution continues at the specif ied line
number. If the file contains data, a value is loaded into
the variable specified by X, or , if an r-variable is
l:, reI F,X(.] Records the values for all elements in the specified array
on the file.
specified , values are loaded into r-variables beginning ref F, r2 ,r5O Records the values for r-variables between and includ-
with the specified r-variables until all data is loaded. ing those specified on the file.
Idf F,X,Y Loads the file specified by F into memory. If the file con- rei F,rO Records the values for all r-variables in memory begin-
Idf F,rS ,r9 tains a program, it is renumbered beginning with the line ning at the specified r-variable on the file.
number specified by X, and execution continues at the rek rck 7 Records the special function keys on the specified file.
line number specified by Y. If the file contains data. val-
ues are loaded into the variables X and Y, or , if rem rem X Records the entire read /write memory on the specified
r-variables are specified , values are loaded inlo file.
r-variab les between and in clud ing the spec ified Rewinds the tape cartridge. It takes 19 seconds to re-
r-variables. "'" "'" wind the entire cartridge.
Idf F,X,Y,Z Loads the values for any number of listed variables , in-
Idf A(·],X ,I(.] cluding entire arrays when [ -] is indicated.

16 17
tlist tlist Lists tape cartridge information in the form: STRING ROM
Track number
F ~e number Statements
File type Current fil e size Absolute size
File type ccx:les : dim dim A$(100],B$(100] Reserves storage space for strings.
O· Null o r empty file dim A$(N,C] Space for a string array can be reserved , with the
1 . Binary program number of strings represented by N, ead'! having the
2 · Numeric data file number 01 characters represented by C.
3 • Data file including String data
4 • Read/Write memory lile NOTE: In all of the following statements and functions, a complete string is referred to
5· Special function key file as A$,B$, etc. When string arrays are used, an extra subscript is needed in each
6 · Program file statement or function to indicate whid'! string within the array is being referenced. For
example, A$(I] refers to the complete Ittl string within the array A$. Substrings there-
Irk trk X Sets all tape cartridge activity to the specified track (0 or
• I ).
fore also have different appearance when string arrays are used , as follows:

vfy vfy R Verifies the contents of the fil e where tape is currently :3 Siring Siring Array
A$[N] A$[I ,N] The subslring beginning al the
positioned. If th e contents of the file is the same as the
contents in memory the return variable receives th e :3 Nth character of the string and
ending at the end of the string .
value 0 ; if not, the value 1 is returned . This verification of
a recordi ng is done automatically when the automatic :3 A$[N,M] A$[I ,N,M] The substring between and
tape file verification feature is enab led (see ave, above) . including the Nth through the
:3 Mth characters of the string .
dsp dsp X,A$,B$(N] Displays the specified strings or substrings, numbers or
constants as listed.
enp enp"NAME?",A$ Enters and prints values assigned to strings from the
keyboard . Prompts (enclosed in quotes) are optional .
ent ent"COlOR?'''C$ Enters values assigned to strings from the keyboard.
Prompts (enclosed in quotes) are optional.
ff ifASlI'BS Compares alphabetical (collating) sequence of charac·
ters based on standard ASCII codes. If the statement is
true, continues execution on the same line; if the state-
ment is false, the program branches immediately to the
next line. Any of the relational operators can be used: = ,
II , > , <, etc.
prt prt AS,BS,A,B Prints the specified strings or substrings, numbers or
constants as listed.
Idf Idf F,AS,BS,A,B Loads the values for the listed variables, including
strings and substrings, into memory from the data file
indicated by F.
ref ref F,XS,YS,X,Y Records the values for the li sted variables, including
strings and substrings, on the file indicated by F.
AS ~ B$ Assigns a value to a string or substring.
, "Yes" ~S A string or substring may receive its value from another
string or substring.

,. 19
len len (AS) Returns the total character length of the string.
POs POs (AS:T ') Returns the position of the spectfied character or charac-
pos (AS,CS) ters in the string. If the character (5) Is nOi found, 0 is for for I= MtoN Estab ~s hes I having the va/ue M. Each time next I is
returned . executed, I is incremented by 1, until I reaches a value
greater than N.
val val (AS) Returns the value of the string to be used In oomputa-
tions. Strings themselves cannot be used in oomputa- for 1= MloNbyX Establishes I having the value M and increments I by X
tions. each time net I is executed, until I has a value greater
than N.
& A$&B$ Concalenales the slrings: If A$ ls "AN" and BS is "DY",
A$&B$ returns Ihe sIring, "ANDY". next next I Causes increment and test of I: tor I = M to N by X , I is
incremented by X and compared to N. It I is between M
num num(FS[3,3D Returns the decimal equivalent of the ASCII code for the and N, the program goes to the statement aUer the for
specified character. statement; if I is between M and N, the program goes to
sIr sIr (X) Converts a numeric value into a string based on the the next statement.
current fxd/flt setting. xref xref Prints a cross-reference listing at program variables and
line numbers where used for the program currently in
char char (38) Generates ASCII or non-ASCII characters. memory.

cap cap (A$) Converts lower-case alphabetic characters to upper Subroutine Subprograms
ell ell 'loop' Calls the subroutine having the specified label. Upon
return, program execution continues at the next state-
ell 'loop'(A,B,C) Calls the subroutine and passes the values of A, B, and
C for 1cx:aJ use within the subroutine. Within the sub-
routine the listed parameters are called p-numbers. (A,
B, and C will be called p', p2 , and p3 , respectivefy.)

Function Subprograms

l' When a function subroutine name appears in single

quotes, the program goes to the specified label and con-
tinues execution. When ret (return) is encountered, the
val ue is returned to the expression where the function
name appears. For example, A+'f'-A.

'SUM ' (A,B,C) Calls the function and passes the values of A, B, and C
for local use within the function. Within the function the
listed pa rameters are called p-numbers. The 1st
parameter passed is p1 , the 2nd is p2, and so on, ac-
cording to their positions in the parameter list.

20 21
ret X Returns the value of X to the expression containing the
function can . MATRIX ROM
dim dim A(50],B[I,25] Reserves space for arrays having the specified dimen-
p-numbers dim X[1 972:1982] sions. Multidimensional arrays can be specified, but mat-
dim S[J,K,L] rix operations (inv, trn, idn and mat) cannot be performed
p-numbers may be used within subroutines or functions. Within a on arrays having more than 2 dimensions.
function or subroutine p1 is the 1st parameter passed, p2 is the 2nd,
and so on. pO contains the number of passed parameters after the Idf IdfF,A(-] Loads the values tor the entire array A from the file
functkm or subroutine is called. Additional p-numbers beyond those specified by F.
passed are allocated from free memory and are local to the function ra ra G,B[ -] Reoords the entire array B on the file specified by G.
or subroutine. inv inv A ... B Computes the inverse of matrix A and stores it in matrix
Functions inv A ...B,O B. If return variable 0 is specified, the determinant of
inv A ... A matrix A is returned.
fts (A) ~A$[I , 1+3] Changes the full precision number to split precision and
stores the packed form of the number in a 4-character mat mat A -B -toC Performs matrix multiplication; if matrix A has dimen-
field. During packing, only 6-digit accuracy, or numbers matAB ... C sions m,n and B has dimensions n,p then matrix C has
within the range ± 9.99999E ± 63, is maintained. dimension m,p.
sH sH (A$[I,I +3]) ~X Unpacks the split precision number produced by the Its trn trn A- B Transposes matrix A so that the rows in matrix A be-
function from the 4-character string and returns the value come columns in matrix B, and the columns in matrix A
to be used in computations . become rows in matrix B.
fti fti (A) ~A$[I , I + 1] Changes the full precision number to integer precision idn idn A,B,X The listed matrices become identity matrices. An identity
and stores the packed form of the number in a matrix contains all zeros except on the major diagonal,
2-character field . During packing, only integer accuracy, which is all ones. An identity matrix must have the same
or numbers wighin the range - 32768 and + 32767, is number of rows as columns.
maintained. ara ara A + B ... C Performs the arithmetic operation element by element
iH iH (A$[I,I + 1D ~X Unpacks the integer precision number produced by the ara A- B ... C on the array. The first element of array A and the first
fti function from the 2-character string and returns the araA"B ... C element of array B are added, subtracted , multiplied, or
value to be used in computations. araAB ...C divided, and the result is stored in the first element of
ara A/8 ...C array C. Arithmetic operation can be performed on an
ara A ... C array in place. and implied multiplication and array copy-
ara A+ B ... A ing can also be performed with the ara statement.
smpy smpy S-A ... B Multiplies each element of the array A by the scalar
smpy SA ... B value S. Implied multiplication is allowed, and the origi-
smpy 10A ...A nal matrix can be used to store the result.
ina ina A Initializes each element of the array A to O.
ina A:S,B:10 Initializes array A to the value specified by the variable S.
aprt aprt A,B Prints the elements in the specified arrays on the 16-
character strip printer.
rdm rdm A[25],B[25,3] Redifines the dimensions of the specified arrays. so that
the size or shape is altered.

22 23
cp~ cplt X,V Plots a point the specified number of character units
away from the current point. To center a character over
the ClMTerlt pen position, for example, cplt - .3, -.3 is
sci scl - l00,I00,O,50 Establishes the user's scale range for the plotting area: used.
sci A,a ,C ,D the minimum and maximum values for ~otting on the X
axis and on the V axis. The minimum and maximum psc psc 5 Establishes the select code for future outputs to the piot-
values on the X axis are represented by A. and B, re- ter. If no psc statement is used, the default select code is
spectively, and on the V axis by CandO, respectively. 5.
pscO If plotter is disconnected or a plotter program is being
NOTE : All of the X- and V-coordinates in the following statements must be within
the range of the specified scale statement. Therefore, the sci statement must debugged, all output to plotter is bypassed for testing
precede other plotter statements. plotter statements.

Draws axes through the point X, V. Itr Itr X,V Moves the pen to the point X,V for the purpose of printing
axe axe X,V
a label. Pen is up before movement.
axeX ,V,A Tic marks are placed A units apart on the X axis and B ~r X,Y,HWD
axe X,Y,A, a units apart on the V axis, if specified. If HWO is specified, it establishes the relative height,
width, and direction of the characters. H and Ware inte-
pen pen Raises the pen. gers in the range 1 to 9, and D is in the range 1 to 4,
pit pit X,Y Moves the pen to specified X,V point and plots a point. If specifying one of the four cardinal directions.
pit X,Y ,P pen control is used, the pen can be raised or lowered ptyp ptyp Establishes plotter typewriter mode. The calculator
before or after movement to the X,V point depending on keyboard becomes a typewriter with the plotter as the
the value of P: output writer. The STOP key terminates plotter typewri-
Even - Lowers pen ter mode.
Odd - Raises pen NOTE: "PLT DOWN" flashes in the display whenever the calculator is not able to
Positive - Actk>n before movement to X,V point. send data to the plotter, such as when power to the plotter Is turned off.
Negative - Action after movement to X,V point.
ofs ofsX,V Offsets the origin point 0,0 to the point X,V. For example,
two or more functions may be plotted around the point
0,0, each taking only a portion of the paper.
iplt iplt X,V Plots a point the specified number of incremental X and
iplt X,Y,P V units away from the current point. Pen control ,
specified by P is the same as for the pit statement.
Ibl Ibl"SINE XIX" Prints the specified label on the plotter using the plotter
Ibl X ," DEGREES" character set. The allowable items in the list are the
same as for the standard prt (print) statement.
CSIZ csiz H Establishes the size and shape of characters to be used
csiz H,A with the plotter character set. If no csiz statement is used
csiz H,A,P the following default values are used :
csiz H,A,P,R H - Height of character as a % of total paper height -
A - Aspect ratio (heighUwidth ) - 1
P - Paper ratio (heighUwidth) - 1
R - Angle of rotation - a (gives normal left to right

GENERAL 1/0 ROM list # list #6 Lists the entire program or part of the program to the
list *6, tOO specified select code. Line numbers following the list #
Statements list *6,25,50 parameters are as described under the standard list
Imt Im!1016.2 Establishes a list of format specifications to be used for list *6.1 Lists aU or part of a program, suppressing automatic
output (with wrt statements) or input (with red state- CRILF and checksum.
ments), and assigns these specs to format number O. conv conY Cancels previously defined conversion tables.
Imt 9,316.2 Assigns the listed format specifications to the spectfied oonv A,B Sets up a conversion table for use with red and wrt
format number (0 through 9). corlV A,B, t2 ,51 statements. For both input and output. whenever the
The following format specifications can appear in character represented by A is encountered the character
theforrnat list: represented by B is substituted. Up to 10 pairs of charac-
f • fixed point numeric ters can be defined.
e - exponential (scientific) numeric Functions
fz - fixed point numeric with leading zeros
b • binary code rdb rdb(4) Returns one 16·bit binary character code from the
c - character (string) data specified peripheral select code.
x - space rds rds(6) Returns the current status conditions (not data) from the
I - carriage return & line feed (CRlLF) specified interface card and peripheral.
z - suppress CR/LF
"text" - Quote field
Imt4 Cancels previous format specifications assigned to the
format number.
wrt wrt 6 Writes a carriage return and line feed to the specified
peripheral select code.
wrt 6,A Writes the specified variables and constants, numbers
wrt 6,"X" ,X and strings to the peripheral. The format number 0
specifications are applied to the output; if no format 0 is
fmt no., specified, Imt 4f18 is used for numeric outputs.
wrt 6.3,A Writes the data to the peripheral, using the format
wrt 6.9,"X" ,X number specified.
red red 5 ,R Reads values into the specified variables from the
red 5 ,AS,A peripheral specified by select code S. The format
number 0 specifications are appfied to the input; if no
format 0 is specified, numbers are assumed to be sepa-
rated by commas and terminated by a line feed.
red 6.3,X,Y Reads values into the variables from the peripheral
using the format specified.
wtb wtb 5 ,33 Writes the 16-bit binary code or codes to the peripheral
wtb 5,33 ,"A" ,4 specified by select code S. Characters within quotes are
output as they appear. CRIlF is not automatically output
at the end of the wtb statement.
wtc wtc 4,64 Writes control bits (not data) to change conditions on the
HP 98032A Interface Card or a peripheral.

26 27
EXTENDED 1/0 ROM HP-IB Control Statements
Binary Mode Statements I''''!j Establishes a user name for a peripheral device. Once
dev dev " punch" ,703
moct moct Establishes octal mode for certain General 1/0 and Ex-
te~ded 1/0 ROM operations. In octal mode, all 16-bit
oriented parameters are assumed to be expressed as
!~ dev"scan ",715 established, device names can be used in place of select
octal numbers.
!~ cmd cmd
7, " ?U$" ," L10"
"scan" ,"l10"
Sends the first set of characters to specify addresses
and the second set of characters to instruct the device. A

mdec mdec Re-establishes decimal mode (decimal mode is set
cmd 7, " ?U$" ,"home" device (dev) name can be used to set up the bus, and an
when calculator is reset) . In decimal mode, all 1f3.bit
cmd "scan" ,"home" equate (equ) name can be used to instruct the device.

oriented parameters are assumed to be expressed as
decimal numbers. equ equ "home"," l1 0" Equates the sequence of ASCII characters or codes with

a user name, for use with the cmd statement.
Bft Functions trg trg 7 Sends a trigger message (GET) to the specified device.
ior ior (A,B) Returns the l6-bit result of combining A and B, bit by bit,
in a logical "inclusive or" operation. L3 elr
trg 711
elr 7 Sends Clear message (DCl ) to al l devices.
eor ear (A,S) Returns the 16·bit result of combining A and B, bit by bit,
in a logical "exclusive or" operation.
~ clr711 Sends Selective Clear (S OC) to device.

bane! band (A,B) Returns the 16-bit result of combining A and S, bit by bit, L3 cli
eli 7
rem 7
Sends Abort message (IFC) to all devices.
Sends Remote message (REN) to all devices.

in a logical "and" operation.
rem 711 Sends Remote message to selected device.
cmp cmp A Returns the 16-bit complement of A, taken bit by bit, in a

rot rot (A,P)

logical " not" operation.
Returns the 16-bit result of binary right rotation of the bits
L3 lei lei 7
lei 711
Sends local message (GTl) to all devices.
Sends Clear lockout{Local message (REN) to selected
in A, the number of positions indicated by P. If P is nega- I device.
Sends local lockout message (llO) to all devices.
tive, the bits are rotated P places to the left. 11 0 110 7
shf shf (A,P) Returns the 16-bit result of binary shift to the right of the polc pole S,B Sets parallel -poll bits on device S.
bits in A, the number of positions indicated by P. If P is
negative, the bits are shifted P places to the left.
I polu polu S Clears parallel-poll bits on device S .
pol pol 7 Conducts a parallel poll on bus.
add add (A,B) Returns the result of addition of A and B. If octal mode
pel pel72t Pass bus control to device 21 on bus .
(moct) is in effect, octal numbers are added , giving octal
results. In decimal mode, results are the same as for rqs rqs 7,5 Request Service from controller and send serial byte 5
A+B. for response to a serial poll.
bil bil (N ,AI Returns the value of the Nth bit in A(O or 1). rds rds (7 11 ) Conduct serial poll from device 11 on bus.
bil ("tOtXX",AI Returns 1 if the mask matches the bit pattern in A, or 0 if Conversion Statements
the mask does not match . X or other character in the
mask indicates bit which is not checked. elbl elbl A$ Establishes a conversion table using a string for all Gen-
eral 1/0 and Extended 1/0 input and output operations.
dto dtoA Returns the octal equivalent of the decimal value The value of each string character represents ASCII ,
speeHied by A. while the position of each character represents the value
old old A of the foreign code. ctbl cancels the conversion table.
Returns the decimal equivalent of the octal value
specified by A. par par X Establishes the parity to be used when data is output
and to check data on input. The possible values of X are :
0, parity not checked ; 1, parity always one; 2 , even pari-
ty ; and 3 , odd parity.

28 29
Conversion Protocol
Hr Hr " prt",O Transfers data from buffer "prt" to device D.
Hr tfr D,"dvm " Transfers data from device 0 to buffer "dvm ".
When more than one conversion statement is in effect, they are referenced in this
order : Hr tfr 0, "dvm" ,X Transfers X number of words or bytes from device X to
buffer "dvm".
Icalculalor I o.ut - . . conv
In _.__ •
• ctbl -~. par -~. device I tfr 0 , "dvm" ,X,A Transfers data until either X number of words (or bytes)
are input or character A is input.
Interrupt Statements
Time Statement
ani oni S,"shutotf" Establishes the service routine where program execu.
tion will branch to interrupt from the peripheral specified
time time T Specifies a maximum limit of time (in milliseconds) to
by select code S.
wait for a device to become ready before exiting the 1/0
.Ir eir S Enables the calculator to accept an interrupt from the operating and displaying error E4.
peripheral specified by select code S.
eir S,M Enables interrupt according to byte M. eir S,O disables Interface Control Statement
iret iret Signals the end of a service routine. During the interrupt
service routine, the interrupt for the peripheral being ser- wti wti R,A Writes A to the control register R on the interface Card.
viced is automatically disabled to prevent cascading of
interrupts. Interface Control Functions
Error Recovery
rdi rdi (R) Returns the value from the control register specified by R
on err on err " restart" Establishes a routine to be followed in case a calculator on the interface card .
error condition occurs. The following three functions are iot iot (5) Examines the flag line on the interface card. Returns 1 if
assigned values when the specified error recovery peripheral is ready or 0 if peripheral is busy.
routine is reached .
105 ios (5) Examines the status line on the interface card . Returns 1
rom The ROM in which the error occurred . O== mainframe er- if interface card is functional or 0 if interface card is in
ror. Other ASCII·decimal numbers indicate letter of error condition.
plug-in ROM .
ern The error number.
erl The line in which the error occurred .
Buffered 1/0 Statements

but but "prt",A,T Establishes a readlwrite buffer, in either a special mem-

but "dvm"A$,T ory area or a string, for buffered interrupt, DMA and Fast
ReadlWrite operations. The buffer name can be used in
place of select codes for 1/0 operations. The type of
buffer is established by the code specified in T. The
buffer types are :

Fast Read/Write 2 3
OMA 4 -
30 31
FLEXIBLE DISK ROM cat 16 Outputs co mplete information to the calculator
printer about all user files on the disk, including in-
formation listed above, plus -
File location (Number of records used and location
by Track and Record number.)
cat 9 Outputs complete information about all user files to
The HP 9885 Disk Drive is a mass storage device that uses a flexible di sk as the
cat X the selected device when a select code (2 thru 15)
storage medium. Information stored on flexible disks can be accessed much
follows cat.
faster than information stored using tape cartridges . In addition , disks have
more than tw ice the storage capacity of tape cartridges . The flexible disk sys- cat " buffer" Outputs complete information about all user files 10
tem can accommodate up to eight 9885M Drives . (An HP S87SA 1/0 Expander is the calculator buffer when a buffer name (str ing) fo l-
required when more than three 1/0 devices are connected to a calculator, in- lows cat.
cluding 9885 Drives.) Each 9885M can accommodate up 10 three additional save save " Name" Stores the entire program , or the li nes between and
9885S Drives . save N$ ,X including the specified line numbers , in the fil e
save N$ ,X, Y named .
Disk Capacity and Speed get get " Name" loads the program specified from the disk into the
468 ,480 bytes of storage space per disk get N$ calculator memory. (Variable values are lost.)
1830 records (256 bytes/record) per disk get " Name", 5 loads the program specified from the disk and re-
352 files maximum per disk get N$ ,X
360 revolutions per minute
3 numbers it starting with the line number specified by
X. (Variable values are lost.)
267ms average access time get " Name", 5,99 loads the program specified from the disk, renum-
23,000 bytes/second transfer rate for numerics get N$,X ,Y bers it starting with the first line number spec ified
and automatically executes it from the second line
Disk ROM Statements number specified . (Variable values are lost.)
All disk statements are prog rammable . In addition, all disk statements are chain chain " Name", 5,99 Loads the program specifi ed from the disk into the
executable from the keyboard and in the live keyboard mode , ex cept for 1E-1:. , chain N$,X,Y calculator memory and retains the values of all vari-
c ~- " i n and -3':::·1:. k which are not allowed in live keyboard mode. ables . Same line number rules apply as for the -=;I E- 1:.
statement .
resave res ave " Name" Stores a new program , or the lines indicated by the
drive drive 0,8 Specifies the drive (0 thru 3) to be used and option - resav e N$ ,X,Y li ne numbers, on the disk usi ng a previous file name.
drive X, Y ally, the select code (8 thru 15). indicating the Same line number rules apply as for the .c:. oJ. 1..1 E-
9885M drive being addres sed. Defau lt va lues are statement.
0 ,8 . savek savek " keys " Stores all present special funct ion key definitions in
cat cat Outputs abbreviated information to the calculator savek K$ the named file on the disk.
cal 0 printer about all user files on the disk, including - getk getk " keys " Loads all special function key definition s from the
File name getk K$ specified fi le of the disk to the ca lculator special
File Iype function keys .
File size - in bytes for program , binary, memory or open open " Data", 10 Creates a data file on the disk with the indicated
key file s and in records for data files . open D$ ,10 number of re co rds and assigns it the name
Number of available record s and bootstraps version . specified . End of file (EOF) marks are writt en in the
beginn ing of each record .
File type cod es -
P - Program file kill kill " Data" Erases the program , data, mem ory, binary or key file
K - Key file kill D$ specified from the disk and makes the file space av-
D - Data file ailable.
M - Memory file
B - Binary program file
o . Other
32 33
files files Data :1, Assigns file numbers (1 thru 10) to the liles named rread rread I , I ,A,B$ ,C[-] Reads data from the specified file (F) starting at the
Names :1 and indicates optional drive numbers lor each file . rread F ,R,A ,B$ ,C[-] beginning of the specified record (R) .
Ii les • An asterisk may be used for the file name, or names , rread F ,R Repositions the file pointer to the beginning of the
if an G.::-'":-'n statement follows, to reserve a space specified record in the file indicated.
lor a file or to enable use of a string variable for a file Iype Iype X Identifies the type of the next item in a specified file .
name, or names,
Iype - X Used to detect an EDR mark.
asgn asgn " Data", Assigns a file number (1 thru 10) to a single file (F)
and indicates optional drive number (D) for the file Type codes
2,0 ,X
specified . A return variable (X) can be used for 0- Type unknown , undefined
a5gn D$ ,F ,D,
X further file information . 1 - full precision number
2 - string that doesn 't overlap record bound-
Variable Value aries
0- file is available and assigned 2.1 - first part of a string that overlaps record
1 - file doesn 't exist boundaries
2 - program file 2.2 - intermediate part of a string that over-
3 - key file laps record boundaries
4 - fi Ie type not defined 2 .3 - end part of a string that overlaps record
5 - memory file boundaries
6 - binary program file 3 - end of file (EOF) mark
7 - file type not defined 4 - end of record (EDR) mark
8 - file number out of range
renm renm " Did ", " New " Changes the name of a file from the original name
sprt sprl I ,A,B$ ,C[-] Prints specified data items in the file number (F) in-
renm O$ ,N$ (0$) to the new name (N$) specified .
sprt F,A ,B$ ,C[ -] dicated after the last item printed or read , An end of
record (EDR) mark is prin ted after all data stored, on end on end 3 ,55 Sets up a branching condition which changes the
on end 3 , " Label " program flow to a specified new location (by line
sprl I ,A,B$ ," end " If "E'nd" is the last parameter , an EDF mark is
number or label) when an EDF mark is encountered
sprt F,A,B$,"end " printed after all data stored .
during an ::-P (1:. or ::- t-E',J,d or an EOR or EDF
If "E' n::," is the last parameter , no EDR or EDF
sprt 1,A ," ens "
sprt F,A,"ens"
mark is printed ; for th is reason the E- -I::, " parame -
mark is encountered during an tOP tot or t- t"E"J,d .
savem savem " Memory " Stores the calculator 's entire read/write memory into
ter should be used w ith care . savem M$ the file specified.
sread sread I ,A,B$ ,C[ - ] Reads data from the specified file (F) starting after
getm getm " Memory " loads the calculator 's entire read / write memory
sread F,A ,B$ ,C[ -] the last item printed or read . gelm M$ from the specified file and returns the calculator to
rprt rprl I , I ,A,B$ ,C[-] Prints specified data items in the file number (F ) in- its state before ::,0, ,.,.' E' ('I was executed .
rprl F,R,A ,B$ ,C[ -] dicated starting at the beginning of the record copy O,B, " 10", I ,B Duplicates the entire contents of a specified source
-:;, copy
number (R) indicated and prints an EDR mark at the copy X,S, " lo" ,Y,S disk (X) to a specified destination disk (Y) which has
end of all data. as many or more usable tracks as the source disk,
rprt 1, l ,A,8$ ," end " Prints specified data items in the file number (F) in- using optional select codes (S), if necessary.
rprl F ,R,A,B$ ," end " dicated starting at the beginning of the record copy " Old ", O,B, Duplicates the contents of a specified source file
number (R) indicated and prints an EDF mark at the " New" ,0 ,8 (D$) into the specified destination file (N$) indicat-
end of all data, copy O$ ,D,S,N$ , ing optional drive numbers (D) and select codes (8),
rprt 1,l ,A, " ens " Prints specified data items in the file number and D,S if necessary.
rprt F ,R.A ,"ens " record number indicated without printing an EDR or copy I,I ,B, I , IO Duplicates a specified source file (D) , beginning at
EDF mark; for this reason it should be used with copy O,R,N,T,X the indicated record number (R), into the specified
care , destination file (N), beginning at the indicated record
rprt 1, I ," end " Erases the specif ied record by placing an EDF mark number (T). for the number of records specified (X) .
rprt F,R, " end" in the beginning of it. dump dump X Stores the entire disk onto up to three tape car-
dump-X (where X = tridges . Optional parameters , if negative, suppress
I or 1~) automatic tape marking ; 1 or 10 ind ica tes the
number of disk records to be stored per tape file .
dump " File " ,8,X Stores named data file from the disk into the
dump FS ,F,- X (where specified tape file . Optional parameter same as for 9872A Plotter ROM
X = l orIO) d U i"il F-' disk.
The HP 9872A Plotter can be used to provide hard copy graphic sol utions to
load load Loads entire disk from the tape files on the tape car- problems solved by the HP 9825A . In add ition to plotting , the 9872A can be used
tridges used to dump the disk starting with track 0, to draw axe s with or without tic marks and labels, to label alphanumerics and
file 0 of the first tape . symbols, and to provide digitized data to the calculator. It is connected to the
load " Fi le" ,8 Loads data from the specified tape file (F) to the disk calculator via the HP 98034A HP,IB Interface.
load FS,F lile named (FS) ,
Rearranges user files on the disk for more efficient The 9872A Plotter ROM uses 104 bytes of user Read/Write Memory when instal-
repk repk led,
use of available space and for faster statement
execution .
Plotter Default Conditions
von von Enables the verify mode which does a read after
write under stricter specifications and compares Plotter select code 705 (not changed with pclr or " DF" )
what was read with what's in memory . Scale Centimeter unit of measure from Pl
voff voff Disables the verify mode , as when the system is (not changed with pclr or " DF " )
turned on . Line type Solid line
Loads a binary program from the disk into the binary Line pattern length 4% of the distan ce from P1 to P2
getb getb " Name"
gelb NS program area of the calculator memory . 3 limit
Character size
Total platen area
t ,5, 2, 1, 0
Automatic pen pickup On
The follow ing statements are available us ing the binary programs on the Disk Pen velocity 36 cm/sec
System Cartridge . See the Disk Programm ing Manual for further information . Adaptive pen velocity Off
Symbol mode Off
Tic length .5% of/Pl-P2IIength lor each ha ll
init Loads initializat ion routine and bootstraps . Standard c haracter set Set 0 (Set 1 lor pelr)
A lternate c haracter set SetO
boot Loads bootstraps only .
Character slant O·
vlyb Verifys bootstraps . Mask value 223 ,0,0
killall Kills all user fil es only .
Plotter ROM Statements
dtrk Dumps a bad track during Error Recove ry Routine.
tinit Reinitial izes a bad track during Error Recove ry sci sci XP2, XP1 , YP1 , YP2 Locates the origin (point 0,0) and specifies the scale
Routine . sci - tOO , tOO ,O,50 un its to be used for plotting by assigning X and Y
Itrk Returns corrected data to a reinitialized track during coo rdinate values to the scaling points P1 and P2 .
Error Recovery Routine .
Copies the spare directory into the main directory. psc psc 806 Specifies the interface select code (one or two digits ;
psc 1515 range 2 through 15) , and pl otter address (two digits ;
range 0 through 30). psc 705 is set at power on , reset
and erase a.

pSC 0 All plotter ROM statements in a program are by-

passed for use in testing program statemen ts.

pelr pclr Sets all parameters that have been sent to th e plotter
to their default values except scale units, select code ,
P1 , P2 , pen location, and pen selection .

36 37
lim lim Restricts programmed pen movement to a specific
xax xax 5 Draws a horizontal axis wh ich crosses the Y axis lim - 4,4, - 5 ,2 rectangular area on the platen . This area is called the
the specified coord inate . lim XLL , XUA, YLL, " window ". The parameters specify the X and V coor-
YUR dinates of the lower left and upper right co rners of the
xax 5, 1 If tic marks are to be drawn, the parameter specifies window. If the parameters are omitted, the window is
xax 5, 1, - 10 the spacing in scale statement units . automatically set to the mechanical limits of the piot-
xax 5, 1,- 10,10 ter.
x8x5. 1,- lQ,10,2 The start and end points of the axis can also be
specified. Labels , and the number of tic marks be- Ibl Ibl " 9872" Allows characters to be lettered on the plotter. It is
tween them, are specified by the last parameter. If IbIX,X+1 used like the prt statement to letter text, expressions
negative, neither the axis or tic marks are drawn . If D, Ibl " X -", X or string variables (a string variables ROM is required
no labels are drawn . Ibl A$ to letter strings).

yax vax 0 Draws a vertical axis which crosses the X axis at the csiz CSIZ Specifies the size , shape and direction of characters
specified coordinate. Tic marks, ends of the axis and csiz 5 which are to be lettered. The parameters (in order)
Vax 5,1
labels are specified as in the xax statement. csi z 5,2 specify height (% of scale height) , aspect ratio
Vax 5, 1, - 10 (heighVwidth) , paper ratio (heighVwidth) and angle of
csi z 5 ,2 ,2/3
Vax 5,1, - 10,1 0 csiz 5 ,2,2/3 ,45 rotation (i n current angular units) .
yax5 ,1.- 10,10,2
The default values, set when any or all parameters
pen pen Raises the pen without moving it to a new location. are omitted, are:
Height: 1,5%
penN panll 2
Selects the pen to be used. The range of the number
is 0 through 4. or no number returns the current pen
to a storage location . ~
Aspect rat io: 2
Paper ratio : 1
Angle of rotation : 0
pn X,Y,P Moves the pen to the specified X,V coordinate posi-
Moves the pen the specified number of character
pit 2,2 tion . Pen co ntrol is determined by the value of P : cplt cplt space 'ields: widths and heights. If no parameters
Even : Lowers pen cplt 20, - 5 are specified , the pen is moved one character height
pn 2,2,P
Odd : Raises pen down and to the left margin (defined by the last pit, iplt
Posit ive: Action before movement or front-panel operation) .
Negative : Action after movement
0: No change Sets a manual lettering mode. All characters typed on
ptyp ptyp the keyboard are lettered on the plotter. To end the
ptyp mode, press the stop key . The following keys
perform these function s in ptyp mode :
ofs afs X,Y Moves the origin (point 0,0) by the number of scale
units specified by the incremental values of X and Y.
cfs 4,4
Moves the pen to a point that is the specified
( . )
iptt iplt - 3,5 backspace
iplt - 2,2,P of X and V units away from the current point. Pen
control , specified by p, is the same as for the
iplt X,Y, P inverse linefeed
(SIOAE) carriage return
line tine Specifies the type of line that will be uses with pit, iplt,
line 4 xax and yax statements. A solid line is specified by
parameter. The range of the pattern number is
line 4,10 through 6. The range of the pattern length (one
ment ; percentage of diagonal distance between
and P2) is ± 127,999949999 ; 4% is default.
wsm wsm 6,123 Specifies a mode word to be written to the R4C regis-
dig dig A,B Enab les the dig itizer mode ; this lights the ENTER
ter of the 98036 Serial Interface at the specified
dig A,B,P light on the plotter. Pre ssing ENTER then assigns the select code .
X and Y coordinate values of th e pen position to the
specified variables , respectively. The opt ional third wsm 6,123,39 A co ntrol word can also be added to the mode word
variable returned specif ies pen status : syntax. The defau lt value is 5 if not specified .
° ~ up
1 = down rkbd rkbd 11 Enab les a remote keyboard at the specified select
code to control the calculator , without disabling the
To cancel a dig itize statement without entering val-
9825A keyboard .
ues , press the STOP key .
rkbdll ,1 The code type , 1 or 0, specifies 9825A keycode-type
keyboard or ASCII-type keyboard , respectively . Zero
(ASCII) is the default.
Systems Prog ramm ing ROM
store store AS Stores program lines from an executing program . The
The 98224A Systems Programming ROM extends the 9825A language to include store " prt A " line number determines which program line the line
capabilities for remote keyboard operation , program self-modification , run-time store AS ,5 will be stored at. The String ROM must be installed to
read/write storage allocation, and intelligent terminal emulation . It uses 160 bytes store " prt A " ,nat use a string variable.
of user read/write memory and can 't be used concurrently with the 98211 Matrix

Systems Progra mm ing ROM Statements Functio ns

on key on key " kbd " Enables keyboard interrupt capability and spe cifies key key Return s the earliest entered unprocessed keycode in
on key " kbd ", 7 serv ice rou ti ne nam e . A fl ag c an opt ionally the key buffer. Zero is returned when all keycodes
specified to be set if the key buffer overflows . have been processe d.

on key Without parameters, the on key statemen t i asc asc 38 Returns the ASCII equ ivalent of a 9825A keycode.
the service routine , c lears the key buffer and asc key
the calculator to normal keyboard operation .
bred bred (" Buff" ) Returns the contents of the specified buffer. The buf-
kret kret Returns program execution to the main program fer specified must be an active , interrupt type , byte
after emptying the key b uffer. inp ut buffer (Extended I/O type 1).

eol eol13 Specifies one to seven c haracters to be used as rss rss 6 Returns the contents of the 98036A status register
eoI13 ,10 ,32,32 end-of-line seq uen ce , repl acing all General I/O (register R4E) .
of-Ii ne del i miters.
nal nal Returns the value of the last program line number
eo1 13,10,32 ,32, Specifies the delay (in milliseconds) between plus one. When used with the store statement , it over-
- 1000 of the last character of the eol sequence and the sta"- rides the line number profix of the string to be stored .
of the next line of output.

wsc wsc 6,39 Specifies the R4D USART c on t ro l word at

specified select code . The range of the se lect code i
2 through 15 and must specify a 98036 Serial
face .

40 41
avm avm Returns the number of unused bytes remaining in the Mainframe Error Messages
9B25A 's read/write memory.

cln cln Return s the value of the current line number at the
An error in a program sets the program line counter to line O. Pressing the
point of execution .
continue key will continue the program from line O. Execute the continue com-
mand with a line number to continue at any desired line (such as : ,:::. ;::. n t ':; ~:i ),
Miscellaneous The free text prefix is used to store all text following it ,:::. ;." ;," t" , :,"
.... : , ..... , Description
into memory without any syntax checking . Free text
.,' ...
% % text protection is term inated by a semicolon or new pro- ,,' ii,"
': ..' ::.. ' System error .
gram line.
.i/i.... .:
..... . ..
.; Unexpected peripheral interrupt.
..... ..... ....
'.....'-' ,....
.•.. . Unterminated text.
.......... ..
..... .....
l. ··i .. :
Mnemonic is unknown.
... . System is secured .
..... , .....
,..... ... ..
... ...... Operation not allowed : line cannot be stored or executed
with line number.

Syntax error in number.

... .....*
l .. : .. '
': .. ' i Syntax error in input line .
... ...
i .·i ' ... '
':..' ... ' ' Internal representation of the line is too long (gives cursor
... ...
i .. j
':.. ' ....
' ... :
gto , gsb , or end statement not allowed in present context' .
· ... *
.., .'.',.
gto or gsb statement requires an integer.
.i. ': ..'

·i .!
.:. . i. Integer out of range or integer required . Must be between
- 32768 and +32767.
'i ...., ....
.i. ,:::. Line cannot be stored: can only be executed .
., . ,
.1. ..::: Enter (ent) statement not allowed in present context.
.,, .,
•i. ...,. Program structure destroyed .

.'i:. i:::;
..... Printer out of paper or printer failure .

, See also Advanced Progr amming ROM Error Messages.

• These e rrors give a cursor when th e IRECAlL! key IS p re ssed. Indicating the location of the e rror in the line

42 43
.. ..•.. Str ing Variables ROM not present for the string comparison . Spec ial functio n key not defined.
Argument in re lationa l comparison not allowed .
.,, .-:'
1 Non-existent program line.
.:. , .'
Paramete r out of range .
. " -,
Imp rope r data type' .
i .::::; '.:' .::.
~. .... Incorrect parameter.
Data types do not match in an assignment statement.
': '-~
•L .... Bad line number .
_. ... -c, 4 Disp lay overf low due to pressing a spec ial function key .
· .• ' , "j
,~ .. ':..' M issing ROM or binary prog ra m. The second number ind i-
cates the missing ROM . In the pr ogram mode, the line Imprope r flag reference (no such flag) ,
number is given instead of the ROM number.
") .-
'_' t, Attempt to delete destinatio n of a gto or g sb statement.
Number in .':' -?
Display ROM ,,_, i Display buffer overflow caused by display (dsp) statement .

1 Bina ry Prog ram Insuff icient memory for subroutine return pointer' .
4 Systems Prog ramming
.~:. .:::!
6 Strings ..... -" Insufficient memory for variable allocation or b inary pro-
8 Extended 110 gram .
9 Advanced Pr ogramming
10 Matrix Insufficient memory for operat ion' .
11 Plo11er (9862A or 9872A)
12 General 1/0 No cartr idge in tape transport.
15 9885 Disk
Tape c artr idge is wr ite protected . (Slide record tab to othe r
· , .: position for recording .)
~:. .i. Line is too long to sto re .
.•. .......
·.... - .; ,-,
~ ... '_.. Improper d imension specification . "T ..:, Une xpected Beg inni ng -a I-Tape (B OT ) or End- a I-Ta pe
...., ...., (EOT) marker encountered : or a tape transport failure .
." " .. Simple variable a lready allocated .
44 Ve rify has failed .
Array al ready dimensioned. ~i1" ~:;
... ..... Attempted exec ution of idf statement w ithout parameters or
....' .'''',_.'
:.... Dimensions of array d isagree w ith number of subscripts. mrk statement when tape p osition is unknown.
..... ." --
~ j . I:",
.•.. i·.. .
,........ . Subsc ript of array e lement ou t of bounds 1. , -- Read error 01 lile body _(See Appendix F_)
... . ...
- - - -I --,
,:... " ,~: ( Read error of fi le head . (See Appendix F.)
; Undefined array.

Ret statement has no matching gsb statement . End-Of-Tape (EOT) encountered before specified number of
..•...... files were marked.
·.... ',-;
: ..- .. ' Cannot execute line because a ROM or binary program is .; ,-,
missing . "T::' File too small.

Ldf statement for a program file must be last slate ment in the
'See also Ad'lanced ProgrammIng ROM Error Messages

, See also Ad'lanced ProgrammIng ROM ErrOl" Messages.

44 45

i• Default values associated with errors 66 through 77 when you set flag 14 are
I ... ,
~. A ROM is present but was not when the memory was reM
c.orded . Remove the ROM indicated by the number to the explained in Chapter 5 of the operating and prog ramming manual.
fight of the error number in the display, and reMexecute the
Idm statement. In the program mode, the line number is
given instead of the ROM number. See error 20 lor a list of .- .-
ROM numbers.
~M. ~~I
.~ M. Division by zero. A mod B, with B equa l to zero.

,.~ ~'.
?:. ~::'
, Square root o f negative number.
'.~' '-~ The ROM indicated by the number to the right of the error '-'

number was present when the memory was recorded but is .- .·.M·
now missing. Insert the indicated ROM and reMexecute the 'M.' '.M' Tan (n"1Tf2 radians);
Idm statement. See error 20 for a list of ROM numbers. Tan (n 090 degrees)
Tan (n OI 00 grads):
i::' .'M,
·.-i . ...
", Negative parameter in cartridge statement. where n is an odd integer.
..... .
::::i ,:::. Binary program to be loaded is larger than present binary ...., ....
~.. ' ... i
Ln or log 01 a negative number.
program and variables have been allocated . ..... .. .
.. ' , .• j
Ln or log of zero.
i i:.. '
........, ,.......'. Illegal or missing parameter in one of the cartridge stateM .... , .,
ments. ,... .i,. A sn or acs of number less than - lor greater than + 1.
.. '
Data tist is not contiguous in memory for one of the cartr idge i ,:... Negative base 10 a non-integer power.
statements. ..... .-
.. '
....' Ze ro to the zero power (OrO).
;:::- .-~

· i i' Improper file type . 'M~ •• j

.,' 'M,'. Storage range overflow .
~- '-.
...... _.
' - ' '-' Invalid parameter in rcf statement : " SE" or "DB" expected . .. '-'. '
; ·M.' Storage range underflow.
C. , ,M'...,,
..... M '
Attempt to record a program or special function keys wh ic h
do not exist. Calculation range overflow .
h k1
.. Calculation range underfl ow .
Allempllo load an emply file or the nuillile (type ~ 0).

The line referenced in an Idf or Idp statement doe s not exist.

If the line containing the Idf or Idp statement has been over-
laid by the load operation , the line number in the display may
be incorrect.
· . .
J:::, ,~:: Specified memory space is smaller than cartridge file size .
.. ...
,:.. ' ..'
'M.' ....' Cartridge load operation would overlay subroutine return
address in program; load not executed .
.- "
..... , ~.!.
Attempt 10 execute Idk, Idf (program file), or Idp during live
keyboard statement.

'-' '-' File not found , or file specified in the previous fdf statement
does not exist.

46 47
Advanced Programming Systems Programming ROM
ROM Error Messages Error Messages

;." .....r-
i'" ;""",
: Description t:;"
.- .-r :"" ...u, r". Description
...... -',
!, .• ; ; .., ;-. ~.;
, : ..... Relational operator in for statement not allowed . No closing '-" -' Missing General or Extended 110 ROM.
apostrophe .
Incorrec t number of parameters.
A for statement has no matching next statement.
i'-' .-:,
i ...i . ..:
" .. ,..". .. :~ Improper parameter spec ified.
i ; ,:... A next statement encountered w ithout a prev ious for state- ·.... .'-,"
ment. ,,._. ....' Wrong parameter type .
!...i . .J
; i·.... Non-numeric parameter passed as a p -number. Iltegal buffer type for bred statement.
·,.... ,...•.....
No return parameter for a function call. ,.... .••J Key buffer overflow.
... .....
:...! ,•. ..
: : ....' No functions or subroutines running . Improper p·number. Too large or wrong sign of parameter.

Attempt to allocate loca l p·number s from the keyboard . r": .::;=

••• 1 Improper execution of store statement.
..... ...
... .. ~
,.'. ,-,
,: ,: , ' Wrong number of parameters in fts, stf , fl i, or itf func tion. stf '-.,<::, Illegal use of krel.
or itf parameter must be a string (not a numeric) . stf or if! •
... ... • 1 •
parameter contains too few charac ters . i._. :-:. M issing 98036A Interface card .
,.'-'1 Overf low or underflow in fls function or overflow in ftj func·
Extended 1/0 ROM Error Messages
Str ing Var iables ROM m issi ng for stf or itf fu nc tions.
_.. .
.- ...
_. ... ...
Descript ion
_... -
,.... .I.';
~. .
.... General 1/0 ROM m iss ing .
These mainframe error s have an add itional mean ing with the AP ROM install ed . HP·IB error under interrupt.
,..:, ,. ", ,...
r '" ·1,
;.'... i":'
.. Attempt to execute a next statement from keyboard wh ile ,.... .,. Wrong number of parameters
for/next loop using same variables is executed in program or ..... ...
i··· ,....
I.... ....' Improper buffer device or equate table usage.
from program while forl next loop using same variable is
exec uted from keyboard . Attempt to c ali func tio n or sub· Multiple· liste ners error.
routine from keyboard. Buffer bu sy,
... .. ·L...... '..._'
·,:::.'.'!::. P-number reference is negative . L... .••.' Wrong parameter type .
..... .
· •. ' • .J
'._' ,~- Non·numeric value in for statement or in fts or ft i func tion. E::. ~i· Timeout error.
.'-, ,-, •.. - ._-
L. 1_..
") '::' Memory overf low during function or su brout ine c al l. L._ '_J Buffer underflow or overflow.
r-' I.--

,L_ • •" _
Memory overf low while using for statement or while al locat· Paramete r va lue out of range .
ing local p·numbers.

Matrix ROM Error Messages
:::' .:::'
.... , Parity failure . .. ... ... •.. . ..
: - · " " "'._'.
'_.' 'i' , Description
Improper use of iret statement. hi i *
i , .L Syntax error.
Attempt to OMA with an HP-IB .
Buffer or select code is busy . . . ..
"! ....' Improper dimensions. Array dimensions incompatible with
! ,,--
... ..,
.. .. ~
each other or imcompatible w ith the sta ted operation.
... ..'
Illegal HP-18 operation.
,. .'-.
!, " ! ....•
..: Improper redimension specificat ion: New number of d i-
mensions must equa l original number: new si ze cannot ex·
ceed original si ze .

General I/O ROM Operation not al lowed. An array wh ich appears to the left of '
cannot also appear on the right.
Error Messages
','j ;;;:;
... ... ... ... . .. , ..... Matrix cannot be inverted . Computed determinant = O.
... . . ....
:····r,·:,!' Description
... . .
,'..:! "

.i. Incorrect format numbers. 9862A Plotter ROM

..... .....
Error Messages
...., ,.. ..
i .. ... .
Referenced format statement has an error.
... ... ,.. ... ...
,"....., .........".,
... . . ...,
~"'!'!'ii" Description
Incorrect 1/0 parameters .
,P .!.,. Wrong state . Statements executed out of order. (See Ap·
Incorrect se lect code . pendix in ROM manuaL)
.'.. ,•.. .-;-.."
•..., ...'
J • '-'.
Incorrect read parameter. .-'
, ,.- Wrong number of parameters.
.. ..
i '::".
'.2'...' Improper conv statement parameters. Wrong type of parameters. Parameter s for a label statement
.. .....
i . ...
must be expressions, text, or string variables .
'.:i i Unacceptable input data .
Co .··l Scale oul of range . Maximum value is less than or equal to
..... .-'. i "
.... , ....
i .. : ... ;
Per ipheral device down . the minumum value .
,... ,.", ,,-" .....
r· " ....•_., Integer out of range . Pen control parameter is out of the
i ..:! ::;' Interface hardware prob lem.
range - 32768 to +32767 or the select code is not 0 or in the
range of 2 through 15.
,,h'..., ."..
Character size out of range . Width or height in leUer state-
! ' ... '
ment is zero or there is an integer overflow in csize calcula-
tions or results .
.r·, ....,
r" ;' Not used .

Axes origin off·scale. X, Y spec ified for aXLS statement

doesn't fall on plotter surface.

An explanat ion of the error message PL T DC: l·j t·i is in the manua l.
-These errors give a cursor when Ine I/I!CAUJ key IS pressed . Indicating the locallon of the error In the IlOe

50 51
Transmission error. The calcul ator has receive d an ill egal
9872A Plotter ROM AS CII input from the plotter .
Error Messages Instru c tion not recognized . The p lotter has rece ived an it·
legal character sequence.
:... '
....:... Wro ng number of parameter s. Too many or too lew
, .~ Attempt to store in to constant . Occ urs when one or more parameter s ha ve been sent with an instruc tion .
parameters in a d i -'3 instruction are constants rather than
variab les. ,........' Bad parameter. The parameters senl to the ploller with an
r··· .~.'
,.... .... .
;.... .. . instru c tion are out of range for that instruc tion .
, ,.... Wrong number of parameters. Occu rs on instruc tions with
numeric~only parameter lists ( -=. C 1. .:. f' 5 , pIt , i pIt ,
Illegal character. The character specified as a parameter is
CP 1t , ::<0.>:: , ·/C'.::< , 1i f'l , d 1 -'::1 . C5 i Z, 1i nE' , PE'n#,
not in the allowab le set for that instruct ion.
and p::;. q . In c erta in unusual cases where a parameter list
contain s user·level funct ion c alls, an in stru c tion having an :.... ,.....
• •••: Unknown cha racte r set. A character set out of the range 0
incorrec t number of parameter s may be executed . thru 4 has been designated as either the standard or alter·
... ... nate cha racter set.
...' .....
' Wrong type of parameter or ill egal parameter va lue.
.... . Posi tion overflow. An attempt to draw a c harac ter or perform
:•.. ' ..-1
: ""1" No HP· IB device number spec ified . Occu rs on a P ::·c in· a c plot that is loc ated outside of the plotter s numeric limit of
struc tion when the parameter is between 0 and 14 inclusive - 32768 to +32767 .
and an HP-IB card is at the cor resp onding select code.
Error messages generated by wr ite ( 1-,.1 r t ) and read ( t- E d) statem ents will typ. i ~
Pen con trol value not in -32768 thru 32767 range . Occur s c ally be displayed as an error in the next executed plotter ROM state ~~~t. :.h~s
on pIt and i pIt. May also occur if hardware tran smis- can be avoided by using an output error c ommand ( !",! t- t se lec t code , U E , )
sion err or occu rs between p lotter and calculator. followed by a read statement ( t-E d selec t code, variab le) to c he ck for errors
,",, .....".
~. . !... .
No HP·IB c ard at specified select cod e. Occu rs on p .=. C
after read or wr ite statements that address the plotter.
instruction when the interface card set to the specified
sel ec t code is not an HP·I B ca rd .
String Variables ROM
,......' ...'
' ~
Error Messages
, ,
(I, ,'e, 1 t t- instru c tions exe cuted . Occ ur s on 'J. :e and
1 t t- instructions bec ause the ROM recognize s the se in- ... . .r" (....
~=' !'~ '; !." Description
stru c tions but c annot execute them . Th is error flags al l (I,>:: E" ... ,..
'..: j ..;
and 1 t t" instruc tions for the purpose of converting 98251 ....' ': ..' Invalid set of st rings in data list of load fille (Idf) statement.
9872 prog rams .
':::. ' j
,,'''..... .....'''.. .... , .!. Improper argument for string function or string var iable .
; '...' Calculator STOP key cancelled operation . Occurs on any
instru c tion when the p lotter fai ls to re spond for 3 second s
.:::: .)
•...' ,.... More parameters than expected for string func tion or string
after the STOP key has been presse d . Thi s efror is most variable.
li ke ly to occur when the pen is trave ling slowly , ... ".
'..: . ..'
·M.' '_' Accessi ng or assigning to non-contiguous sIring . num func·
tion of null sIring .
•• •
'-' : Try ing to find the valu e of non-numeric str ing or null st ring .
• Exponen t too large . Exponent formal invalid (e .g ., 1e+ +5) .

·... ......,....
·... .. . .... Invalid destin ation type for string ass ignment. Software Errors
... ..
'..: ,:..
·••• " M., Parameter is zero, negative, exceeded d imen sio ned size . ·~=.....j'- ,V' . ,
""j ;."
"," Description
Invalid se quen c e of parameters for str ing variable . - ..
U ~"l Improper argument.

M •• ,

,..' String not yet allocated .

... ... n
.~ Argument out 01 range.
'-', '_.'
.... '_.' String previously allocated .
r-, .-,
··.... .
'... ........; i--'' .- ..... Improper file size (negative, 0 or > 32767).
·.... ..' Maximum string length exceeded; add itional str ing leng th ,-, ....,
must be specified in d im statement. ·, ".
L· ..•.• Invalid fil e name.

File not found .

Disk ROM Error Messages ".. .....
; i:"',
I ... . .. Dup lic ate fite name.
,.... ."
Hardware Errors ,.... .
; ! i···.
.•.. Wrong file type .
... ... ... . ..
... ,.,.j'i" ·i ...j .....
... , , ..... Description .• '
!... ' i Directory ove rflow .
.. " ., Firmware/driver out of synchronization . More than
.... ...
i'ii", SIX defec- Insufficient storage space on disk.
tive trac ks in a row. (Press ImET I)
,'-. z···
,.... ..'
! ; "'i
Verify error due to cable, calculator or drive prob lem. Bad
All drives in system not powered . data (Repr in t data .)
.•.. j . ..,
... ,-_. ,.,
'.-, ~.- Door opened while d isk is be ing acc essed . r- V! File overflow when read or pr int executed.
.. ,. ,
U ..:> Disk not in drive or no such drive number. Bootstraps nol found . (Reload bootstraps)
.. i . ~ ·•.... .. -
i ..:: "'1" Wr ite nol allowed to protect disk. , ,_..
String read but wrong data type encruntered .
· .....
.·· .i ,•••.
Record header error . (Use Error Recovery Routine.)
~ ....'-...:
'...i ....' ,
.•... Attempt to read data item but type doesn't matCh .
,...,i !."•..•
' ..., ..... Track not found . (Use Error Recovery Routine.) Ava il ab ili ty table overflow. (Repack)
· ..... .....
." .i .• '
Data Checkword error. (Use Error Recovery Rou tine.) ·,.....
i··· .....,
'...i i Attempt on end branch from other than running program.
,.... ...
· " .' ' .. J
' ...i ' .. J Hardware failure . (Press Im n ) ·,...
, .. Unassigned data file po inter.
....... ,"', ,.... ....,
..'... , Verify error due to drive problem. Marg inal data. (Reprint ,i··· ,..' Disk is down so line cannot be reconstructed .
data) ..... ...
L. '._'
; ' •.J Disk is down and (STO~ pressed .

, ····i ' System error. (Save files individually and reinitialize .)

The se errors may resu lt during the binary In itiali zat io n and Error Recovery
Rou tines.

ROM now missing wh ic h wasn 't when savem was executed .

Wrong syntax , argument out of range or variable not prop-
erly dimens ioned . ... .- ,
h ..:, Disk load operation would over lay gsb return address so
load no t execu ted .
More than six defective tracks on the disk.
._. _.
:... ' ...'
,_, Lf
:...' ,:... Get, chain or getk not al lowed from live keyboard mode or
Verify error . Boots on the d is k not identic al to boots on the
during an en ! statement.
cartr idge.
,.... .......; ,-.
___i~, ,~', ,,"~' ~", T "-,
..., .... L.. "1""
'_'i !.!··.L_.!._' ... I·." is pr inted when the spare directory in the bac kup
,.... .....
dtrk or tinit nol allowed because er ror information lost or
track automatic al ly replaces the main d irectory .
error not dS, d6, d7 or d9. -_.-
".',, '...."... ,.,.... ,........
.... . ,-
.. ~
,.: I.·....
..... : .. ~ "",.'., ..,
. ........... is displayed when runn ing a program that uses a
.... . Attempt to access record for error correc tion wh ic h isn't part drive number of a drive that is not connec ted to the
o f data file, system , not powered or whose d oor is op ened .
,.... ,....
i"'; .... ,
,.... .... . Improper string leng th (inconsistent w ith length given in
,.... .i."
,.... ..·.
.... Not enough space in calcul ator buffer for data item or item
c an 't be p laced in th is part of buffer .
,.-!...'' .......
Missin g Disk or String RO M .
!...' '_.' Track still bad after tinit.

These mainframe errors take on add itiona l meaning when the Dis k ROM is
instatled .
,!.'.-.,. ... ;
! . ",
... ... Mnemonic not found because d is k may be d own .
..... .....
.. ' ....!
,.... ..' Line c an 't be executed bec au se ROM (usually Str ing ) is
..' "
....' .f. Line not foun d .
..... .... .
....' ,.',
':..' Get or c hain should be last statement in a line .
...., .
..... .. ROM now in sta lled which was n't when savem was executed .