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Jl. Lintas timur kampung lebuh dalem menggala
Mata pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris Guru : Dania, S.Pd
Kelas/ semester : XII/ Ganjil
Jurusan : MM/AP

Text 1
A few years ago a shortage of natural gas drove prices sky high. Likewise gasoline prices rose when demand exceeded
supplies. A large supply in the oil market drove prices back down. The law supply and demand functioned according to textbook
description in the case of oil. But the situation is different in the current natural gas market. Natural gas consumers are finding
their heating bills more of a burden than last year. In spite of a dramatic increase in supplies. There is so much natural gas
available that many suppliers are closing down their plants for lack of a market and it is rumored that some supplier are even
burning off their surplus gas now.

1. The text tells us about ….

(A) The effect of supplies and demand of natural gas
(B) The gasoline prices rose
(C) A large supply in the oil market
(D) The difference of natural gas market
(E) A large supply of oil

2. . …. made prices higher and higher.

(A) A surplus of natural gas
(B) The decrease in demand
(C) The increase of supplies
(D) The law income
(E) A lack of natural gas

3. . One of the causes of supplier are closing down their plants is …

(A) Demand exceeded supplies
(B) So much supplies than demand
(C) The shortage of market
(D) Dramatic increase in supply
(E) The increase in their heating bills

4. . In spite of dramatic increase in supplies. The synonym of the underlined word is …

(A) Instead of
(B) Despite
(C) More over
(D) Nevertheless
(E) Otherwise

Text 2
The mighty, warlike Aztec nation felt that its existence depended upon human sacrifices. The sun would not shine, the
crops would not grow, and wars would not be won if the gods were not calm. As brutal as the ceremonies were, the victims
(usually taken from among captures from battles) accepted their fate passively, having been previously indoctrinated and heavily
drugged (sedated).

5. Why did the Aztecs offer human sacrifices ?

(A) They were cruel an inhuman
(B) They believe they had to pacify the gods
(C) They wanted to force the citizen to obey
(D) They wanted to discourage crime
(E) They wanted to prevent violence

6. before the sacrifices the victims were …

(A) Beaten and attacked
(B) Fed and entertained
(C) Brainwashed and drugged
(D) Introgated and drugged
(E) Taught and seated
Directions : Questions 22 – 31 are incomplete sentences. Choose the correct one of four words or phrases , marked (A), (B),
(C), (D), or (E).

7. Receptionist : Good afternoon, Garuda reservation desk. Can I help you?

Caller : I hope so. I booked 2 tickets to Singapore with GIA 007 taking off
At 8 a.m. on Sunday, but……
Receptionist : That’s all right, but only 75% refundable, sir.
(A) I have to confirm them
(B) I will go by them
(C) I could not cancel them
(D) I can not pay them
(E) I must cancel them

8. Teacher : What’s your plan for next year ?

Student : If my father....enough money, I will continue my study at the English Technical College.
(A) Have
(B) Has
(C) Had
(D) Had had
(E) Had no

9. Customer : ……..the television you repaired yesterday is broken again.

Technician : Is it ? I really apologize. Let me check it again.
Ida : It is still under the guarantee, isn’t it ?
(A) I must be responsible that
(B) I don’t want to let you know that
(C) I am glad to inform you that
(D) I am sorry to tell you that.
(E) I could not tell you that.

10. If you want to tighten the nut, turn it……….

(A) Anticlockwise
(B) on the left
(C) On the right
(D) Otherwise
(E) Clockwise

11. Officer : ……..this cancellation form ?

Buyer : No problem. Thank you for your service.
Officer : It is my pleasure. Please come back again next time.
(A) Would you like completing
(B) Would you mind completing
(C) Can you to complete
(D) Would you to complete
(E) Will you complete

12. Anne : Hello. Is that Mr Simon’s secretary ?

Lucy : Speaking
Anne : I’m calling on behalf of Mr Andreas. ……….Mr Andreas’s appointment
with Mr Simon this afternoon. He’s been held up in London. Maybe it can be
changed to another day.
Lucy : Yes of course. Just a moment, please.I’ll check the appointment list. What
date would you prefer ?
Anne : Mr Andreas will be free on next Monday after lunch. Is it suitable ?
Lucy : What about 11:30 a.m on Monday?
Anne : Yes, that’s fine.
Lucy : I’ll make a note of it. Thanks for calling.
(A) I regret to tell you that I have to cancel
(B) I’m sorry I have got something to do
(C) I think that’s all I need to know
(D) Thanks for the information
(E) I have got something to do

13. Tuti is studying hard now. She ……have a test tomorrow.

(A) Should be
(B) Ought to
(C) Can
(D) Would rather
(E) Will

14. Tora : Do I need to apologize for something that I never do ?

Tery : …………….
Tora : But she will be angry if I don’t apologize.
(A) If I am you, I will not apologize
(B) If I were you, I would not apologize
(C) If I had been you, I wouldn’t have apologized
(D) I wish I were you, so I would ask for agreement
(E) I wish I am not you, so I would not ask for agreement

15. John …….drink coffee than Coke.

(A) Wil be
(B) Would rather
(C) Prefer
(D) Like
(E) Will not be

16. Ladies and gentlemen, on this ……..I would like to extend my best regards to those
who have participated in this nice program.
(A) Participant
(B) Grateful
(C) Congratulation
(D) Opposition
(E) Occasion

In questions 32 – 41, each sentence has four words or phrases underlined (A), (B), (C), (D). Choose the underlined word
or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten.

17. The new actor is amazed. He did his part greatly on the newest best seller film. Many
critics say that he will be the best actor in the film industry.

18. Maria : What do you think of the hotel staff ?

Dany : If you asked me, I think they are quite diligent.
Maria : I disagree. Besides, they are very helpful.

19. Applicant : Are you interested in the post of public relation ?

Applicant 2 : What’s the require ?
Applicant 1 : A university graduate and she must be still single and a friendly woman.

20. Ajeng : Travel is interesting.

Reni : Have you travelled around the world ?
Ajeng : No, but I have travelled almost all over the towns in Indonesia.
21. Receptionist : Cimahi Intercity transportation. Can I help you ?
Traveler : I want reserve 4 seats to Cirebon for next Saturday at 9 a.m.
Receptionist : Certainly, madam. Please come here an hour before departure. And
may D
have your name ,please ?

22. Nia : Good morning. It’s Nia speak. May I have a talk to Arel ?
Mrs Broto : I am sorry.S he’s out of town. Will you leave a message ?
Nia : Yes, please tell her to call back later.

23. Accepting a job that is not within your career path will not give you the training for
experience your need or want the better advice is to think carefully before accepting any
position and make sure the job is one you want to have.

24. A : Should I help you with your math?

B : Sure, I appreciate it

25. The robbers of CIMB Bank whom were suspected as terrorists had been shot last night.
The operation was successfully held based on the information from community

26. Boy :What does your sister look like?

Girl : Well, She has tall, slim, and has long wavy hair

Questions 42 – 44 refer to the following advertisement

Have you ever thought that vegetables you eat everyday contain
pesticides? Not to worry!
Sehat farm produces vegetables free from pesticides. We provide you with
healthier and fresher vegetables by using a hydroponics system without
additional chemical substances.
So your food is free from pesticides. You can get our products in your
nearby supermarket and hypermarket in your town. Start your life with
healthy food and say goodbye to pesticides now.

27. What is the advantage of the products?

(A) Healthier and fresher vegetables.
(B) Cheaper and healthier vegetables.
(C) Cheaper and fresher vegetables.
(D) Hydroponics vegetables.
(E) Cheaper and fresher vegetables.

28. How are the vegetables grown?

(A) By adding chemical substances.
(B) By using chemical system.
(C) By giving certain pesticides.
(D) By giving Sehat Farm pesticides.
(E) By using a hydroponics system.

29. Where can the customer get the product?

(A) Nearby Supermarket.
(B) Sehat farm.
(C) Traditional Market.
(D) Grocery.
(E) Black market.

Questions 45 - 47 refer to the following information.


To access streaming data, such as real-time audio and video, you must set network and
proxy settings for the Real Player application. To modify Real Player settings, select
Connection, then select Real Player settings. On the Network and Proxy pages, define the
Connection timeout – specify how long Real Player waits before reporting a network
connection failure. Increase the time if you frequently receive a time-out error.
Server timeout – specify how long Real Player waits for a response from the media
server before disconnecting.
Port range – Specify the port range that is used for receiving data.
Use proxy – Select Yes, if you internet service provider requires that a proxy server
is used to connect to the internet.
Host address – Enter the proxy server address.
Port – Enter the port number the proxy number.
30. What do we have to do to access streaming data?
(A) Select the video.
(B) Set the media.
(C) Use the internet.
(D) Play the media.
(E) Set the network.

31. How can we overcome the frequent connection failure?

(A) By adding the amount of time.
(B) By waiting for a timeout error.
(C) By reselecting the settings.
(D) By specifying the network.
(E) By setting the network.

32. “To modify Real Player settings, ...” (2nd sentence)

The synonym of the underlined word is ...
(A) disconnect.
(B) Connect.
(C) provide.
(D) access.
(E) Change.

Questions 48 - 50 refer to the following CV.

Hanif Dwinanto
0 899 0909 0111
2004-2007 Hotel and Tourism Academy “Mandiri”
2006 English for Tourism training
2005 Hotel training
2001-2004 “Pariwisata” Vocational School
2001-2004 “Happy English” English Course
2006-present Waiter in Cozy Restaurant
2005-2006 Kitchen partner in Ambarrukmo Restaurant
2004-2005 Waiter in Luxurious Restaurant
33. What is kind of text is this?
(A) A business letter.
(B) An inquiry letter.
(C) An application letter.
(D) An educational background.
(E) A curriculum vitae.

34. Where does Hanif work now?

(A) In Ambarukmo Restaurant.
(B) In an English course.
(C) In Cozy Restaurant.
(D) In Mandiri Hotel.
(E) In luxurious restaurant.

35. For how long did Hanif join an English course?

(A) One year.
(B) Two years.
(C) Three years.
(D) Four years.
(E) Five years.