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N479 Leadership Management Shadowing Activity Form

Your Name: Meseret Patterson Date of Activity: 09/19/18 Faculty name: Karen
& Tess

Who did you shadow (add their credentials too)

Tess, Certified Wound Care Nurse

Karen, Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (Change nurse)

Role of this leader and where do they practice? (Be specific)

Tess is a wound nurse who educates nurses on how to care for wounds as well as educate
on how to properly chart wounds. She also assesses any wounds, especially pressure injuries that
patients are found to have between being admitted and discharged. The wound nurse, Tess, must
be consulted if any wounds or change of skin condition are found on patients. Tess works with
all the patients the facility houses, if they present with a wound. Although, wound care nurses
can work in many areas, such as home health, hospice, ICU and other hospital settings, Tess
worked at a rehab facility.

The role of the charge nurse is to supervise nurses on the unit as well as support them
with their assignments. The charge nurse plans, coordinates and evaluates activities that occur on
the unit. Karen planned where the new admits were placed, ensured there was enough staffing on
the unit, and assisted nurses with difficult tasks. Charge nurses can be found in hospital setting,
clinics or any healthcare facilities.

Discuss the benefit and value of this experience to you (Be specific).

Following the wound nurse was beneficial for me because I was able to see how to
properly document wound assessment findings. During my preceptorship rotation, I have been
documenting my assessments and some of my patients have wounds that are somewhat difficult
to document. Seeing the wounds with Tess, assessing the wounds and documenting, showed me
the importance of proper wound management. I feel more equipped to take care of my patients as
well as document appropriately. I had the opportunity to see how wounds progressively heal
when proper care is given. I also was able to witness Tess educate patients about avoiding
wounds in the future. This was valuable to me because I saw how she taught the patients in a
way they could understand. At one point, she sat on the bed and showed the patient to roll from
one side to the other when sitting on his wheelchair in order to provide relief on the buttocks.

Would you recommend this specific shadowing experience in the future; why or why not?
(Describe why or why not)
Yes, I would. I think it’s important for nurses to be aware of wounds and how proper
wound care can prevent infection and other complications. Also, I have noticed that wounds can
easily be overlooked or not properly cared for. Having this experience has opened up my eyes on
the importance of thorough skin assessments.

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