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Bharatanatyam and Yoga

Article · January 2010

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2 authors, including:

Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani

Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (Deemed University)


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Yoga ~i'm-md,
Vol.X U No.4 :388-408 J q 2010



Yogaand BhamhmZ~yamare both spiritual and elevated art fonns, whose simple ainipmfound
aim is to reach a union with the Divine. In Bharatmiifyam however, the= is much emphasis on
comm~l~l'cahon, not solely behveen the dancer and the Divine, but also between the audience
and the Diwbe. The adi'cle delves into all aspects of the dance, exposing the mynoadqualities a
dancer must aspire to acquire. TTbe daacer is requid to rightly aod Mtidly m everytiung at
his &r disposal to pmperIy guide the audience to the Divine. So a dancer may MfdI t6is h~&
impottant and diflcult goal, hdshe has scores ofpointsto consider, to study, and to contemplate.
These specific attributes are explained and presented in all thme levels of existence:physical,
emotional and mental. One of Yo@-Zjali NZtt-layam's aim is to =store the depiction of the
integral Na'fya K q a s to Bhamtmiifyam. We may here dentand the benefits of studfig
Yoga to this end. In addition however, the mutual study of Yoga with BhmtanZ~tpmoffers
many other gains. The dancer may cultivate and develop oneself through the study of Yoga, to
acquk the necessary character traits and physical aptness the dance calls for, such as sbength,
flexibility, endurance, awareness, concentration and coordnation of both tbe miad add the body,
to dame a few.

Keywords :muh-, dance, mythology, bhaatanZtyam, marnip

k q a s , att, yoga, yogagan"jali
m-tya'layam, na!mija, nava rasas

Bhmh&yam and Yoga are two ways that exist to help us understand the madestation of
the Divine in the human form. Both of these wonderfbl arts are products of Saniitana Dharma,
which is the bedruck of Indian culture. The N f y a Sastra of Bharata Muni lays emphasis on not
merely the physical aspects of Bharataniifyam,but also on the spiritual and esoteric nature of
this art form. Both of these arts arc also evolutionary sciences for the spiritual evolution of the
human being to the state of the super human and finally the Divine.
1. ChairmatlICYER and Yoganjali NS tyalayam, Pondicheny,
2. General Secretary and Head Deptt of Dance, Yoganjali NZ tyalayam, Pondicherry,

YM,Vol. XLI No.4 388 Bhavanani cC d., (2010)

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