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Polly Borland – Morph

Perimeter Editions 2018 ISBN 9780648262862 Acqn 28986
Pb 22x29cm 92pp 92col ills £45

Published in conjunction with an exhibition of Polly Borland's work at the National Gallery of
Victoria in Melbourne, this book provides an incisive new perspective on the photographer's
explorations of anthropomorphic soft-sculpture and abstracted portraiture. The series, produced
in collaboration with model Sibylla Phipps, serves as a dramatic, almost surrealistic expansion of
Borland's visual language. Especially prominent are her attention to colour and reimagining of
form. The works that populate 'Morph' are poignantly human and pointedly not, and her images
are at once tender and troubling. Phipps also contributes a compelling psychoanalytic text to the


Sarah Walker - Second Sight

Perimeter Editions 2018 ISBN 9780648262848 Acqn 29007
Pb 21x29cm 104pp col ills £37

Grounded in the adage that seeing is believing, Sarah Walker's debut book assumes a cynical
appraisal of our collective relationship with spirituality, faith, ritual, and the search for meaning.
Utilising the trickery of photography in relation to simple phenomena such as light, forms, and
movement, Walker reframes and appropriates fragments of the everyday to imbue them with the
loaded atmosphere of the ephemeral and the arcane. The project interprets the supernatural in a
contemporary space, looking into our ability to have faith in something that is intangible and
beyond our comprehension. The images unveil the many elements that help us fathom the world
beyond what we see.

Erik Steinbrecher - Lago Mio
Taube 2018 ISBN 9783945900161 Acqn 29023
Pb 21x30cm 148pp 150col ills £19

In the artist's book 'Lago Mio', Erik Steinbrecher turns the world upside down and plays with the
unstable and delicate practice of balancing umbrellas on the water, or - depending on the
perspective - balancing the lake on an umbrella. This simple shift in viewpoint and the irritation it
causes to our conditioned visual perception ends up charging this mundane object with unusual
energy. Steinbrecher's extensive body of work includes sculptures, video, photographic
installations, graphics, works in public space, and numerous artist's books.

Citizen Of Two Worlds By Samuel And Henk Otte

Fw 2018 ISBN 9789490119652 Acqn 28972
Hb 17x21cm 264pp 190ills 140col £41.50

Brothers Samuel and Henk Otte follow in the footsteps of their great-grandfather, Rev. Gerrit
Hendrik Kersten, an influential Dutch Protestant minister who travelled to the United States in
1939 to give emigrant members of his church encouragement and support. The book's narrative
is woven through archive photographs and diary entries, resulting in a visual journey to the towns,
families, churches, and farmsteads that Kersten visited. The book is designed by Amsterdam-
based graphic designer Hans Gremmen.


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Bert Teunissen – Dazzle

Fw 2018 ISBN 9789490119638 Acqn 28973
Pb 17x24cm 96pp 64ills £26

Bert Teunissen has created a distinctive series of photographs while walking the streets of New
York City and London. Using an analogue camera and a unique way of printing, his images
become a collection of stripes and dots in which we see no faces, just gestures and the patterns
of clothes. People become the lively wallpaper of the bustling city. This book brings Teunissen's
work together for the first time in a jazzy sequence with an additional layer of highly pigmented
white ink, in the process creating patterns within patterns. It is a dizzying, dazzling, and vibrant
abstract portrait of urban life.

We Always Need Heroes By Rosie Heinrich

Fw 2018 ISBN 9789490119669 Acqn 28977
Pb 21x30cm 136pp col ills £33

We construct our reality by telling stories. When faced with something that is inconsistent with our
story, we most often find ways to reframe it, construe it to our convenience, or dismiss it. Yet
sometimes events take place that differ so profoundly from our story that the entire thing seems in
danger of collapsing. When the banking crisis hit Iceland in 2008, the country fell into a deep
recession. Its citizens also found themselves in a "cultural crash", as their collective reality turned
out to be an illusion. Rosie Heinrich constructs a meta-dialogue containing the building blocks of
a story that she combines with a tangible cultural landscape: images of sand, clay, lava, rock, and

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Bredaphoto 2018 - To Infinity And Beyond
Eriskay Connection 2018 ISBN 9789492051400 Acqn 28971
Pb 22x30cm 232pp 320ills 200col £30

BredaPhoto Festival shows the state of affairs in contemporary photography based on an

internationally relevant, social theme. The title of the 2018 edition is 'To Infinity and Beyond',
focusing on the fundamental change technology and science bring to the world around us. But
will it induce nothing but progress? Or are we at risk of opening a Pandora's box full of
unwelcome surprises? Clustered in six domains; Cosmos, Intelligence, Biology, Society, God and
Image, the festival's publication explores the opportunities, the dangers, and the dilemmas of
technological progress.

Max Aguilera-Hellweg

Peter Dekens - Shaky Ground

Eriskay Connection 2018 ISBN 9789492051394 Acqn 29002
Pb 20x29cm 112pp col ills £38.95

Peter Dekens' first memory of the First World War dates from 1979. His cousin died while
dismantling an old projectile. The traces of the Great War have been almost completely erased
from the Belgian landscape, but to this day, human remains and projectiles are still found along
the former front line in Ypres. With 'Shaky Ground' Peter Dekens tells the story of these remains
and offers a reflection on the current European situation in which the awareness of the
importance of unity stands on shaky ground again.

Robert Pufleb – Transformer

Eriskay Connection 2018 ISBN 9789492051417 Acqn 29006
Hb 24x32cm 172pp col ills £38.95

In 2017, The New York Times revealed that the American ministry of Defence had been investing
millions of dollars in secret UFO investigations for years. At that time, the photographer Robert
Pufleb had already recorded numerous mysterious flying saucers for his series 'Transformer'
(2015-2018). He first encountered them in the Chinese megacity Chongqing and since then
photographed dozens of UFO's in China and several European cities. But are we really seeing
the vessels of extraterrestrial visitors? With his series, Pufleb dares the viewer to discover
unexpected layers of perception in his images of everyday objects.

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Natascha Libbert - I Went Looking For A Ship

Eriskay Connection 2018 ISBN 9789492051387 Acqn 29035
Pb 21x30cm 160pp col ills £35

'I Went Looking for a Ship' is a navigation through the landscape of shipping, following the major
renovation of the sea lock in IJmuiden, the most important access to the port of Amsterdam.
Natascha Libbert documents the life inside the technical zone on and around the locks, the port of
Amsterdam, and the ships. She focused on themes such as destruction and construction, the
increasing public invisibility of maritime transport, and the way in which the landscape is
constantly changing as a result of shipping. She decided to look for a ship to be able to observe
everything from another perspective and to get a grip on this landscape in transformation.


Sven Martson - Taking Sides Berlin And The Wall 1974

Lecturis 2018 ISBN 9789462262614 Acqn 28682
Hb 20x22cm 112pp col ills £33

Walker Evans' 'American Photographs' and Robert Frank's 'The Americans' provide the DNA for
many photo books including those by Rene Burri and Sven Martson. It is useful to view Martson's
work in the context of earlier and like minded books. Martson spent September of 1974
photographing in East and West Berlin. In what was undoubtedly a stifling context, he captured
those timeless occupations and preoccupations common to us all - labour, joy and loneliness,
vanity and pride, lust and love. He served up a faithful visual journal of an inhibited culture.

Filippo Zambon - The Komi Diary

Lecturis 2018 ISBN 9789462262812 Acqn 28861
Hb 21x27cm 112pp col ills £38.95

Through a strange twist of fate, Filippo Zambon has made the remote city of Syktyvkar in
northern Russia his second home. It is the capital of the Komi Republic and home to the Komi
people, a Finno-Ugric ethnic group who originally inhabited land which was colonised by the
Russians centuries ago. During tsarist times it was a place of political exile, and during World War
II the Red Army forced hundreds of German prisoners to the region. Many of their descendants
are still living there. The Soviets used it as a gulag, and many of these prisoners survived and
remained as well. Zambon explores the complexity and variations of this isolated community in
this photo series.