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conventional (100) based on accepted practice; traditional; customary;

normal; ordinary; orthodox (convention,

2. undermine (99) to hurt, weaken, or destroy, often in an

underhanded or sneaky way

3. dismissive (90) rejecting another’s thoughts or ideas, usually as not

worthy of consideration; condescending (dismiss)

4. aesthetic (86) relating to what is beautiful; beautiful; pleasing

(aesthetics, aesthete, unaesthetic)

5. objective (77) based on facts rather than personal feelings;

unbiased; not personal; not subjective; true

6. reconcile (75) to adjust the differences between things; to reach

an agreement, especially after an argument; to
make up; to overcome discord; to try to be inclusive
(reconciliation, conciliatory, irreconcilable)

7. speculative (74) taking a chance; risky; uncertain; cannot be

confirmed (speculate, speculation)

8. accessible (71) being able to enter or approach a place;

approachable; friendly; genial; gregarious (access,

9. decorum (68) proper; correct behavior or etiquette; good

manners; refinement (decorous, indecorous)

10. impulsive (67) tending to act on impulse and without thought;

rash; impetuous; unrestrained; capricious

11. deride (67) to ridicule something; to laugh at something as

ridiculous; to mock; to satirize (derision, derisory,

12. suppress (67) to stop something from rising or coming out by

holding it down; to repress (suppression)

13. complacent (66) overly pleased with an accomplishment;

overconfident; self-satisfied; so unwary as to be
foolish (complacency)

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14. reverent (66) deeply honoring or respectful—and so not joking
around; venerating (revere, reverence, reverential,

15. disparage (65) to insult or put down; to offend

16. relevant (65) relating to the subject at hand; important or

significant; pertinent (relevance, irrelevant)

17. prudent (62) careful; cautious, especially about money; having

good judgment; circumspect; wary (prudence,

18. refute (62) to prove wrong or false (refutation, irrefutable)

19. inevitable (61) certain to happen; unavoidable (inevitability)

20. innocuous (60) harmless; not dangerous at all; not likely to provoke
a strong reaction; inconsequential

21. convey (60) to make something known; to reveal; to

communicate; to depict

22. profound (59) wise; deep; beneath the surface (profundity)

23. ironic (59) a statement or situation that conveys a second

meaning at odds with the apparent meaning;
humorous (irony)

24. ambivalent (58) undecided; feeling positively and negatively towards

something (ambivalence)

25. pragmatic (58) getting things done in an effective way; practical;

emphasizing the practical; expedient (pragmatism,

26. innovative (58) new; revolutionary (innovation)

27. rational (57) based on reason rather than emotions; logical;

sensible (irrational, rationale, rationalize)

28. abstract (57) based on general ideas; not solid or concrete; vague;
hypothetical (abstraction)

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29. distinct (57) clearly separate from others; not identical;
different; clear; conspicuous; lucid (distinction,
distinctive, indistinct)

30. felicitous (56) well-chosen; especially appropriate; pleasing

(felicity, infelicity)

31. resolute (56) determined to succeed; not easily discouraged;

persistent; tenacious (resolution, irresolute,
resolve, unresolved)

32. diverse (55) varying; something composed of distinct or unlike

elements or qualities (diversity, diversify)

33. trivial (53) unimportant; insignificant; negligible;

inconsequential (trivialize, triviality)

34. discern (53) to notice; to see clearly; to distinguish; to

discriminate (discerning, discernment,

35. enhance (53) to strengthen; to improve (enhancement)

36. redundant (52) extra, so not needed; extraneous (redundancy)

37. tempered (52) mild; not severe or extreme; controlled; moderate;

restrained (temperate, temperance, intemperate)

38. dubious (52) doubtful, and probably untrue; implausible

39. depict (51) to represent in words or pictures; to describe a

scene or situation; to show; to convey (depiction)

40. compelling (51) to arouse a feeling irresistibly; forceful; incisive;

provocative; engaging (compel, compulsion,

41. indifferent (51) not caring about something—such as an outcome—

one way or the other; apathetic (indifference)

42. embellish (50) to decorate; to make beautiful or aesthetic; to make

additions to, especially as in adding fictitious
details to a story (embellishment)

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43. supplant (50) to replace as better

44. fabricate (49) to make or devise something; to make up an

elaborate story, as in to lie (fabrication, fabricator)

45. plausible (49) believable; probably; likely (implausible)

46. parallel (49) something equivalent; a comparison; an analogy


47. eradicate (49) to wipe out; to eliminate; to destroy (ineradicable)

48. dominant (49) having great or complete power or influence over

someone or something; primary (dominate,
domination, predominant)

49. deleterious (49) harmful

50. discord (48) disagreement; disharmony, especially among

people; tension or unease between people, and
often the resulting confusion (discordant, concord,

51. futile (48) completely useless or ineffective; so hopeless that

effort to change a situation is wasted (futility)

52. indulgent (47) giving in to another’s wishes; permissive; lenient;

tolerant; condoning (indulge, overindulge, self-

53. indignant (47) annoyed or insulted, especially about one’s dignity;

angered (indignity)

54. eclectic (47) selecting the best from different sources; selective;

55. vindicate (47) to prove someone right in the end; to free him or
her from blame; to exonerate (vindication)

56. exemplary (46) showing by being great example; outstanding

(exemplar, exemplify)

57. inhibit (46) to block; to hold back; to impede or suppress


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58. discredit (46) to harm someone’s reputation; to show something
should not be trusted or believed (credit)

59. contemporary (46) occurring at the present time; occurring at the

same time in history; modern (contemporaries,

60. provoke (45) to arouse strong feelings in someone; to anger

(provocative, provocation)

61. solicitous (45) eager to help; asking if one can help; sympathetic
(solicit, solicitude)

62. daunting (45) discouraging; intimidating; scary (undaunted)

63. skepticism (44) doubt (skeptical, skeptic)

64. coherent (44) sticking together in a unified whole; orderly;

logically understandable; lucid (incoherent)

65. autonomy (44) independence; self-government (autonomous)

66. comprehensive (44) all-inclusive; thorough; complete; encompassing a

great deal

67. ambiguous (44) unclear; capable of being interpreted in more than

one way; uncertain; doubtful; dubious; not
definitive (ambiguity, unambiguous)

68. pretentious (43) believing oneself to better than others; boastful;

affected; not modest or reserved (pretense,

69. rhetoric (43) impressive sounding, though sometimes empty,

words; a formal speech (rhetorical)

70. ephemeral (43) short-lived; present so fleetingly as barely to exist;

transient; evanescent

71. spurious (43) not genuine; fake; false; inauthentic

72. valid (43) well-grounded; sound; logical; effective; legal;

legitimate (validity, invalid)

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73. contempt (43) looking down on others or feeling superior to them;
to feel that someone or something deserves great
disrespect; condescension (contemptuous)

74. restrained (43) calm and collected; controlled; not impulsive;

reserved (self-restraint)

75. mundane (43) relating to everyday life; uninspired; banal; prosaic

76. impetuous (43) rash; impulsive; capricious; not retrained


77. repudiate (42) to reject a person or an idea completely; to have

nothing to do with any longer (repudiation)

78. definitive (42) settling a disputed matter finally; no longer

tentative; conclusive; authoritative; decisive
(defining, indefinite)

79. debunk (42) to prove wrong or false; to invalidate

80. divergent (41) to separate; to split away from; to move apart; to

travel in different directions (diverge, converge)

81. digress (41) to wander away from a topic; to change the subject
of a discussion momentarily (digression,

82. sustain (41) to hold up; to support; to keep something going


83. incongruous (41) not fitting or matching; seeming out of place

(incongruity, congruent)

84. diffident (40) lacking confidence; shy; reserved; apprehensive;

wary (diffidence)

85. subtle (40) so slight as to be hard to notice; hard to

distinguish or discern (subtlety)

86. transient (40) passing through a place quickly; not lasting; short-
lived; transitory; ephemeral; evanescent

87. serene (40) not disturbed; peaceful; quiet; tranquil (serenity)

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88. inconsequential (40) not worth noticing; unimportant; so insignificant
as to have no consequences; negligible; trivial; trite

89. scrutinize (40) to examine something closely and completely,

especially with an aim to finding faults (scrutiny,

90. assert (40) to state a belief positively; to claim, often without

proof (assertion, assertive)

91. foster (40) to promote; to encourage; to contribute to

something’s growth

92. perplex (40) to confuse; to mystify (perplexing, perplexity)

93. narrative (40) an account, story, or history about something

(narrate, narrator, narration)

94. prosaic (39) ordinary; matter-of-fact; lacking imagination;

uninspired; hackneyed; mundane; banal (prose)

95. substantiate (39) to offer supporting evidence; to help prove; to

corroborate (unsubstantiated, substantive,
substantial; insubstantial)

96. optimistic (39) hopeful; looking on the bright side; expecting the
best; sanguine (optimism, optimist)

97. tranquil (39) calm; peaceful; quiet; relaxing; serene (tranquility)

98. denounce (39) to put someone down, often publicly; to blame

someone; to accuse (denunciation)

99. condescend (38) to talk down to; to act superior to; to dismiss; to
treat with contempt (condescending,

100. partisan (38) supporting one side in a dispute, especially over

political matters; biased; not detached or objective
(bipartisan, nonpartisan)

101. prosperity (38) success, especially financial (prosper, prosperous)

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102. lucid (38) clear; easily understood; transparent; coherent
(elucidate, pellucid)

103. advocate (38) someone who supports a cause; a supporter; a

champion; a proponent (advocacy)

104. distinguish (38) to notice; to pick something out, as a person in a

crowd; to see something as different; to
discriminate; to discern (distinguished,

105. superficial (37) only on the surface; shallow; unimportant

106. illusory (37) seemingly real but not; deceptive; false; inauthentic
(disillusion, illusive)

107. apprehensive (36) having great doubts; nervous; fearful; diffident

(apprehension, apprehend)

108. nostalgia (36) fondness for and missing the past, especially one’s
own; missing the good old days (nostalgic)

109. benevolent (36) kind; generous; tending to help others; solicitous


110. sympathy (36) sharing feelings; showing concern for another;

harmonious; solicitude (sympathetic, sympathies,

111. corrupt (36) to ruin something, especially a person’s morals; to

make impure; to decay (corruption, incorruptible)

112. polemical (35) arguing a position, especially a radical one

(polemics, polemicist)

113. belie (35) to contradict; to fail to confirm (belied, belying)

114. mock (35) to ridicule; to make fun of, often as something fake;
to satirize (mockery)

115. compromised (35) to make insecure or to place in danger; to come to

an agreement by settling differences; agreeing to
something partially (uncompromising)

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116. disdain (34) considering someone or something beneath oneself;
to have contempt for; to despise; condescension

117. presumption (34) a bold assumption; being overly bold with someone
to the point of disrespect (presume, presuming,

118. caustic (34) burning; sarcastic

119. deferential (34) respectful; reverent; venerating (defer, deferred,


120. subjective (34) open to interpretation; reflecting someone’s

perspective; biased; not objective

121. capricious (34) unpredictable; whimsical; to act with complete

spontaneity; impulsive; impetuous; acting without
restraint (caprice)

122. animated (34) lively; vigorous (animation)

123. endorse (34) to support; to approve; to champion; to authorize;

to advocate; to commend (endorsement)

124. auspicious (34) promising; favorable (inauspicious)

125. exacerbate (33) to make a bad situation worse; to worsen

126. obscure (33) not easily noticed; dark or shadowy; unclear; vague

127. dogmatic (33) stubbornly opinionated; arrogantly inflexible; close-

minded; intractable (dogma, dogmatism)

128. extravagant (33) fancy; luxurious; immoderate (extravagance)

129. venerate (33) to honor above others; to revere (venerable)

130. gregarious (33) friendly; outgoing; genial

131. attain (33) to achieve, especially a goal; to get

132. elude (33) to avoid being found or caught, usually by being

clever (elusive)

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133. tenacious (33) persistent, especially in the face of continuing
challenges; stubborn; resolute; rarely if ever
resigned (tenacity, pertinacious)

134. mediate (33) to try to help two arguing sides reach an

agreement; to reconcile to parties (mediator,

135. meticulous (32) careful; thorough; painstaking; scrupulous;


136. negligible (32) extremely small; so unimportant that it can be

ignored; inconsequential; trivial

137. equanimity (32) calm; composure, especially under difficult


138. mitigate (32) to lessen the severity or force of something,

especially of something bad or harmful; to
moderate; to alleviate (mitigating, unmitigated)

139. transitory (32) of short duration; brief; ephemeral; transient;


140. immutable (32) unchanging; not able to change; everlasting


141. evoke (32) to inspire; to arouse; to bring forth (evocative)

142. cursory (32) hurried and superficial; quick; perfunctory; not


143. rancor (32) extremely bad feelings about something; bitterness


144. authentic (32) genuine; true; real; valid (authenticity, inauthentic)

145. reserved (32) generally quiet and reserved in behavior; modest

(reservation, unreserved)

146. intuitive (31) knowing by instinct as opposed to rational thought;

what you would expect without having to give much
thought to the matter (intuit, intuition,

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147. satirize (31) to imitate so as to make fun of; to mock, especially
in writing (satire, satiric)

148. devoid (31) lacking; free from; empty (void)

149. concise (31) expressing a lot using few words; short and clear;
to the point; terse (concision, conciseness)

150. erroneous (31) wrong; mistaken; incorrect (err)

151. collaborate (31) to work together with someone as equals on a

project, as with a colleague (collaboration,

152. thwart (31) to block or impede, often for a long time or


153. spontaneous (30) happening without being planned; making

decisions suddenly and without thought;
happening naturally, or without human effort;
impulsive (spontaneity)

154. implement (30) to put into practice; to begin to use something

(implements, implementation)

155. underscore (30) to emphasize, as if by drawing a line under; to


156. explicate (30) to explain or analyze logically; to clear up any

misunderstanding; to make explicit; to elucidate
(explication, inexplicable)

157. exasperate (30) to annoy someone to the point of frustration


158. momentous (30) extremely important; major; unprecedented

159. pertinent (30) important; relevant (impertinent)

160. conspicuous (29) obvious; easily seen; in plain sight; extremely

noticeable; easily distinguished or discerned;
prominent (inconspicuous)

161. amiable (29) friendly; nice; genial; gregarious; amicable

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162. widespread (29) widely spread out or shared; commonly held;
pervasive; abundant

163. pervasive (29) appearing or being everywhere; widespread;

abundant; prevalent (pervade)

164. prophetic (29) foretelling events; predicting or anticipating the

future (prophet, prophesy)

165. cynical (29) looking at the bad side of people’s actions; lacking
faith in humanity; lacking any optimism (cynic,

166. tenuous (29) thin; insubstantial; unable to support anything else


167. innate (29) inborn; inherited; naturally belonging; inherent

168. explicit (29) clearly stated; in plain view; clear; lucid;

unambiguous; conspicuous (implicit)

169. distort (29) to twist something out of shape; to misrepresent; to

give a false or misleading impression

170. challenge (29) to question or dispute the truth or validity of


171. acclaim (28) high praise; fame; renown (acclamation)

172. moderate (28) not extreme; reasonable; tempered

173. legitimate (28) justified by some rule or law; legal; real; true
(illegitimate, legitimacy)

174. patronize (28) to be a customer; to treat rudely, condescendingly,

or contemptuously (patron, patronage)

175. exacting (28) demanding; insisting on; meticulous

176. contentious (28) to fight; to deal with difficulty; to argue a point

(contention, contend, contender)

177. conscientious (28) careful; diligent; prudent; scrupulous; meticulous

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178. diligent (28) always careful and hardworking; thorough;
persistent; assiduous (diligence)

179. deter (28) to prevent; to discourage; to impede; to daunt

(deterrent, undeterred)

180. initiate (28) to begin; to start; to introduce (initiative,


181. champion (28) to support; to fight for; to endorse; to advocate; to


182. mediocre (28) second-rate; average-to-poor quality (mediocrity)

183. domestic (27) relating to the home; relating to one’s country;

fitting in at home; indigenous (domesticate,

184. pedantic (27) overly academic about minor matters; being a

stickler for academic correctness (pedant,

185. wary (27) cautious; careful; prudent; circumspect;

apprehensive; diffident

186. vulnerable (27) able to be hurt; weak (vulnerability, invulnerable)

187. opportunist (27) someone who takes advantage of opportunities,

often exploiting them selfishly (opportunistic,

188. discriminating (27) selective; making a clear distinction between

things; to treat differently; discerning;
distinguishing (indiscriminate, indiscriminant,

189. adept (27) skillful (inept)

190. anachronistic (26) out of date; extremely old-fashioned way of doing

something; dated and no longer needed; obsolete;
no longer contemporary (anachronism)

191. provincial (26) relating to a region or province; narrow-minded;


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192. obstinate (26) stubborn; intractable (obstinacy)

193. heresy (26) a statement, action, or belief that goes a dominant

religion or system of beliefs; more generally, any
belief that goes sharply against the accepted
viewpoint on a subject; a radically unconventional
idea or action (heretical, heretic)

194. articulate (26) able to express ideas clearly; coherent; lucid


195. formal (26) standard; following rules; proper; ceremonial;

conventional; relating to superficial conventions
(formality, informal)

196. detached (26) unemotional; unbiased; objective almost to the

point of being indifferent; neutral (detachment)

197. conformist (26) someone who follows rules or conventions

(conform; conformity; nonconformist)

198. complement (26) to fit well with; to complete something


199. intrepid (26) brave; fearless; undaunted (trepidation)

200. feasible (26) possible; workable; likely to happen (feasibility)

201. proponent (26) a supporter; a champion; one who endorses; an


202. reprehensible (26) deserving great blame; wicked; evil

203. extol (26) to praise highly; to commend

204. compatible (26) able to exist with something else; well-matched;

harmonious (incompatible)

205. radical (26) not moderate; extremely unconventional, and

almost heretical

206. erratic (26) moving in an unpredictable way; unpredictable;


207. inherent (26) inborn; essential; innate

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208. resilient (26) quickly bouncing back; flexible under pressure;
resolute (resilience)

209. tractable (26) obedient; easily controlled; amenable (intractable)

210. clandestine (25) secret; surreptitious

211. commend (25) to praise; to extol (commendable)

212. adversity (25) a difficult, harmful, or dangerous situation


213. convoluted (25) complicated; twisted; incoherent

214. empathy (25) ability to see and feel things from another person’s
point of view; sympathetic (empathetic)

215. inundate (25) to flood; to overwhelm with overabundance

216. genial (25) friendly; good-natured; kind; sympathetic;

gregarious; amiable; amicable (congenial)

217. insolvent (25) unable to pay; out of money (solvent, solvency,

soluble, insoluble)

218. impede (25) to block; to hinder; to delay; to inhibit


219. equivocal (25) intentionally unclear or ambiguous; duplicitous;

obscuring one’s meaning, often in response to a
question (unequivocal, equivocate)

220. decisive (25) quick to decide; definite or definitive; determined;


221. transcend (25) to move beyond and often to overcome; to surpass


222. prohibitive (25) tending to prevent or impede; precluding

223. dilatory (25) delaying; not prompt

224. divisive (25) tending to divide parties; creating or stirring up


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225. tolerant (25) accepting of differences with others; able to deal
with; amicable (tolerance, tolerable, tolerate)

226. cerebral (25) intellectual; relating to the brain

227. cantankerous (24) bad-tempered; irritable

228. consensus (24) general agreement; concord (consensual)

229. notion (24) an idea or concept, usually unproven; a hypothesis

230. compound (24) to combine; to increase (compounded)

231. circumscribe (24) to draw a line around; to restrict; to define


232. tentative (24) not final; dependent; unsure; not definitive or


233. enigmatic (24) puzzling; mysterious; obscure (enigma)

234. colleague (24) a coworker, especially in a particular business or

profession; a collaborator (collegial)

235. regenerate (24) to grow back; to regain health (degenerate)

236. hackneyed (24) unoriginal; overused; banal; prosaic; mundane;


237. preclude (24) to prevent; to make impossible; to prohibit

238. attribute (24) to claim something as a cause, a characteristic, or

an aspect of something (attribution)

239. naïve (24) unsophisticated; innocent; childlike; ingenuous


240. abundant (24) plentiful; not scarce (overabundant)

241. chronological (24) in order of time (chronology)

242. exorbitant (24) excessive; unreasonable

243. didactic (24) intended to instruct; instructive

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244. idiosyncratic (24) a quirky or highly individualistic way of doing
something or behaving; relating to an odd personal
habit or characteristic; oddly or extremely
unconventional (idiosyncrasy)

245. banal (24) ordinary; commonplace; unoriginal; uninspired;

trite; mundane; prosaic; hackneyed (banality)

246. static (24) not moving; remaining in the same state of being

247. extraneous (24) unnecessary; irrelevant; not pertinent; not


248. notorious (24) widely known or famous, usually in a bad way


249. salutary (24) beneficial

250. ardent (23) extremely eager and enthusiastic (ardor)

251. impenetrable (23) unable to be penetrated or understood; obscure;

enigmatic (penetrating)

252. amicable (23) friendly, especially after a dispute; amiable; genial;

tractable; gregarious; conciliatory; amenable

253. trite (23) not original; done many times already; boring;
banal; hackneyed; trivial; inconsequential

254. toxic (23) extremely harmful; poisonous; deleterious (toxin,


255. disparity (23) inequality (disparate)

256. incisive (23) sharp; clear; clever; keen; perceptive;

discriminating; astute

257. allude (23) to hint at; to refer to indirectly (allusion)

258. verbose (23) wordy (verbosity)

259. account (23) a report, description, or explanation; a narrative

(accountable, unaccountable)

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260. anecdote (23) a brief personal story, account, or illustration, often
humorous (anecdotal)

261. affectation (23) a pretentious or inauthentic way of behaving;

pretending to be something; not typical behavior
(affected, unaffected)

262. resignation (23) reluctantly accepting a less than ideal situation;

reconciling oneself to a bad but apparently
inevitable situation; giving in (resigned)

263. composure (23) extreme calm and confidence; equanimity

(composed, composition)

264. florid (22) overly decorated; flowery

265. amenable (22) cooperative; willing; tractable; amicable

266. condone (22) to allow to happen; to forgive or overlook something

wrong; to indulge

267. tedious (22) boring; monotonous; so dull and repetitive as to be

tiring (tedium)

268. officious (22) bossy; overly asserting one’s authority; using one’s
position or authority to force others; authoritarian

269. exploit (22) to use to advantage; to take advantage of (exploits,

exploitative, exploitation, unexploited)

270. assiduous (22) hard-working; dedicated; persistent; diligent

271. neutral (22) not taking sides, especially in a dispute; detached;

objective (neutralize, neutrality)

272. scrupulous (22) principled; highly moral; conscientious; assiduous,

especially when dealing fairly with others (scruple,
scruples, unscrupulous)

273. laconic (22) habitually using few words; tight-lipped

274. authoritarian (22) demanding absolute obedience; domineering;

peremptory; officious (authoritative)

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275. refinement (22) elegance; improving something, often by making it
more pure; urbanity; decorum (refine, unrefined)

276. incorporate (22) to include as a part within a larger whole; to

encompass; to comprehend

277. predator (22) a hunter, especially an animal hunting other

animals (predatory)

278. incredulous (22) disbelieving; highly if not completely skeptical

(credulous, incredulity)

279. hypothesis (22) something supposed to be true, but not yet proven;
a tentative theory; an educated guess; a likely
explanation (hypothetical, hypotheses)

280. duplicity (22) deceitfulness; double-dealing; equivocation


281. languid (22) lazy; lacking energy; apathetic (languish, languor)

282. orthodox (21) traditional; conservative; commonly accepted;

conventional (orthodoxy, unorthodox)

283. ominous (21) threatening, as an omen; dangerous; inauspicious


284. tacit (21) understood without needing to be said; implied;


285. astute (21) insightful; clever; wise; discerning; discriminating

286. aspect (21) the look or appearance of something, especially

from a particular viewpoint; an attribute

287. peremptory (21) bossy; tending to cut others off; dismissive;

officious (peremptorily, preempt)

288. vignette (21) a brief description of a scene

289. intrusive (21) butting in; joining in without being wanted;

tactless (intrusion; intruder)

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290. prevalent (21) common; existing everywhere; widespread;
abundant; pervasive (prevail, prevailing)

291. indisputable (21) certain; absolute; beyond doubt dispute

(disputatious, disputant)

292. merit (21) praiseworthy excellence (merited, meritorious,


293. lament (21) to regret deeply, sometimes to the point of grief

(lamentable, lamentation)

294. exonerate (21) to free from blame; to vindicate

295. terse (21) brief and often abruptly to the point; concise

296. sensibility (21) preferences; awareness; tastes; delicacy or

refinement of tastes; discernment

297. evanescent (21) fleeting; lasting only a very short while; transient;
ephemeral; transitory

298. renowned (21) famous in a good way; distinguished; prominent;


299. indigenous (21) native; belonging to a particular region and not

usually found elsewhere; domestic

300. repressed (21) held down or held back; inhibited; suppressed

(repressive, repression, irrepressible)

301. ingenuous (21) naïve; childlike; naive (disingenuous)

302. adulation (21) deep and perhaps excessive admiration (adulatory)

303. expedient (21) practical; useful; helpful; simple and efficient;

pragmatic (expedite, inexpedient)

304. vapid (20) bland and uninteresting; unexciting; dull;

uninspired; prosaic; banal; trite; hackneyed

305. encompass (20) to include; to encircle; to incorporate

306. exclusive (20) shutting out; limited, sometimes to a select few;

elitist (inclusive)
307. scarce (20) rare, and often less than required; not abundant
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308. engaging (20) interesting almost to the point of exciting; tending
to attract and occupy someone’s attention;
compelling (engaging, disengaged)

309. urbane (20) sophisticated; having highly refined manners;

decorus (urbanity)

310. sanguine (20) hopeful; buoyant; optimistic

311. sarcasm (20) biting and often ironic and caustic remarks or
attitude; contemptuous or condescending humor

312. adversary (20) an opponent (adversarial)

313. surreptitious (20) not out in the open; sneaky; clandestine

314. vicarious (20) living through the experience of another; second-


315. parochial (20) narrow-minded; having a limited outlook;


316. revival (20) returning to life or to use; reawakening (revive)

317. improvise (20) to deal with things as they come, without planning

318. apathetic (20) not caring about something or an outcome, one way
or the other; indifferent (apathy)

319. corroborate (20) to support or back up; to confirm; to provide

evidence for; to substantiate (corroboration,

320. unprecedented (20) without precedent; highly unusual; remarkable;

never seen before; momentous (precedent)

321. alleviate (20) to lessen the pain or severity of something; to make

something more bearable; to alleviate; to mitigate

322. prominent (20) standing out; well-known; renowned; acclaimed;


323. circumspect (20) careful; cautious; prudent, wary (circumspection)

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